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Lassic David : What? (0:00:06.25)
Lassic David : Mesto Meadrich lost his Crest
and his territories, you say?
Lassic David : And to whom? (0:00:11.84)
Moreno Dorutousu : A wandering Lord by the name of Theo. (0:00:13.47)
Moreno Dorutousu : Also, he's making it known that he's joining
the Alliance rather than the Federation.
Lassic David : Oh? How fortunate. (0:00:21.14)
Lassic David : Just when we're on the brink of war,
a Crest and territoy come falling into our laps!
Lassic David : No time to lose, we move to attack! (0:00:32.36)
Moreno Dorutousu : I have no objections... (0:00:34.99)
Moreno Dorutousu : But you're talking about
a cross-border invasion.
Moreno Dorutousu : The Lords of Clovis will be sure
to give you an earful.
Lassic David : Once I seize that Crest and land,
it won't matter!
Lassic David : I can take one wandering Lord in my sleep! (0:00:51.80)
Theo Cornaro : You're telling me that
all this territory is mine now?
Siluca Meletes : The three villages in this territory
have recognized you as their Lord.
Siluca Meletes : They welcome you, in fact. (0:02:39.07)
Siluca Meletes : It seems they were being taxed too heavily. (0:02:41.41)
Theo Cornaro : There's no need to collect taxes! (0:02:44.99)
Siluca Meletes : But that's not how it works.
You'll need funds to run your territory.
Theo Cornaro : All I wanted was a court rank
high enough to govern my hometown.
Siluca Meletes : In terms of court rank,
you've likely met that goal.
Siluca Meletes : Though I have no idea how big your village is. (0:03:00.39)
Theo Cornaro : It's a small, impoverished town. (0:03:05.56)
Theo Cornaro : We struggle just to survive there.
And still, too many end up dying.
Theo Cornaro : I couldn't take it anymore, so I left the island. (0:03:15.28)
Siluca Meletes : And you see that as having fled
your hometown?
Theo Cornaro : Sometimes I feel that way. (0:03:25.91)
Siluca Meletes : And you suspect that becoming stronger
to save your village is just an excuse?
Theo Cornaro : You really are relentless. (0:03:33.84)
Siluca Meletes : Well, that sets my mind at ease a little.
I'll stoop to any means to achieve my goals.
Siluca Meletes : And if you were the overly scrupulous type,
Lord Theo, that might not sit well with you.
Siluca Meletes : What are the neighboring Lords up to? (0:03:52.27)
Irvin : Most likely, they're all vying
to be the first to seize this land.
Siluca Meletes : Well, I'd be worried otherwise. We wouldn't
stand a chance if they joined forces.
Siluca Meletes : So tell me... (0:04:04.37)
Siluca Meletes : Who do you think will make the first move? (0:04:05.74)
Irvin : The Lord whose territory lies to the east.
The ruler of Savis, Lassic David, I would think.
Irvin : Although he's of modest means,
he's extremely ambitious.
Irvin : He's already bolstered his troops for battle,
and even hired some mercenaries.
Irvin : Should we bring in
some mercenaries of our own?
Siluca Meletes : No. (0:04:24.43)
Siluca Meletes : Under these circumstances,
I doubt anyone decent would show up.
Siluca Meletes : I'm not crazy about the idea,
but I'm considering calling a friend.
Irvin : Lady Siluca, you have friends? (0:04:35.52)
Siluca Meletes : Of course I do!
Don't look so surprised.
Siluca Meletes : I want you to continue monitoring our territory
and what's brewing nearby.
Siluca Meletes : You may not have time to rest,
but I'm counting on you.
Irvin : I accepted that the moment
I decided to serve you, Lady Siluca.
Irvin : Because I knew you'd run me into the ground. (0:04:52.79)
Siluca Meletes : Thanks. (0:05:04.30)
Siluca Meletes : Now then... (0:05:06.76)
Siluca Meletes : Our worlds exist infinitely,
and shall never intersect.
Siluca Meletes : Still, dimensions will distort,
casting a shadow onto a parallel world.
Siluca Meletes : Converge! (0:05:23.99)
Siluca Meletes : Cait Sith of Tír Na nÓg! (0:05:27.45)
Cait Sith : Long time no see. (0:05:37.54)
Siluca Meletes : It's been a long time, Sir Balgary. (0:05:40.21)
Cait Sith : I grant you permission to pick me up. (0:05:43.63)
Cait Sith : And to rub me behind my ears. (0:05:46.59)
Siluca Meletes : I am honored. (0:05:49.85)
Cait Sith : So why did you summon me? (0:05:58.56)
Siluca Meletes : I want you to deliver a message
to Aishela for her to come here.
Cait Sith : Aishela? (0:06:05.32)
Cait Sith : That woman makes me uncomfortable. (0:06:07.11)
Siluca Meletes : I am aware of that. (0:06:09.74)
Siluca Meletes : But I will thank you with
all your favorite foods on your return.
Cait Sith : That so? (0:06:17.83)
Cait Sith : In that case, I shall carry out your wish. (0:06:22.38)
Theo Cornaro : I see things look pretty hectic here. (0:06:33.64)
Siluca Meletes : Well, since there's no telling when
a neighboring Lord will attack us, so...
Theo Cornaro : What's your intention in all this, exactly? (0:06:42.40)
Theo Cornaro : I sort of get that you didn't want
to enter a contract with the Lord of Artuk.
Siluca Meletes : Truth is, I didn't want
a contract with anybody.
Siluca Meletes : Those Lords always lust for Crests and power,
so it's a vicious cycle of conspiracy and war.
Siluca Meletes : I believe that whoever completes
the Emperor's Holy Seal,
Siluca Meletes : and restores order to this world... (0:07:06.92)
Siluca Meletes : ...must be someone like the First Lord Leon. (0:07:09.43)
Theo Cornaro : You mean the legendary hero? (0:07:13.81)
Siluca Meletes : Yes. A Lord like Leon,
who will never lose sight of his ideals.
Siluca Meletes : That's who I wish to serve. (0:07:20.31)
Theo Cornaro : Well, but my ideals are pretty trivial. (0:07:22.23)
Siluca Meletes : Trivial? (0:07:24.98)
Siluca Meletes : Wanting to bring bliss to an entire village
is not trivial at all.
Siluca Meletes : And my goal is to make sure that happens. (0:07:30.86)
Theo Cornaro : And what's in it for you? (0:07:35.20)
Siluca Meletes : The chance to revel in my own talent! (0:07:38.00)
Theo Cornaro : Even after I've gained power, and I never
forget my ideals, you'll be fine with that?
Siluca Meletes : That will do! (0:07:47.88)
Siluca Meletes : I'll take care of the rest. (0:07:49.42)
Siluca Meletes : What is it? (0:07:56.47)
Theo Cornaro : Nothing. I'll leave everything to you. (0:07:57.85)
Theo Cornaro : I'll do whatever you say. (0:08:01.23)
Siluca Meletes : Thank you very much. (0:08:07.28)
Lassic David : At last, the first step toward my ambition! (0:08:12.11)
Moreno Dorutousu : The enemy seized Meadrich's castle
with scant numbers.
Moreno Dorutousu : I'm sure they've got some
skilled ones on their side.
Lassic David : If we're talking sword skills,
I'm no slouch either!
Lassic David : Behold the might of
these fifty expert troops I've trained.
Lassic David : Plus five mercenaries in the fold! (0:08:28.46)
Moreno Dorutousu : These forces are more than you can afford. (0:08:30.97)
Moreno Dorutousu : Then again, you did give up most of
the fortune your predecessor built up.
Lassic David : I just have to take Meadrich's land
to make the money back.
Lassic David : So I'm going all-in! (0:08:42.69)
Moreno Dorutousu : But if you lose, it all goes down the drain. (0:08:45.40)
Lassic David : I just have to win. Am I wrong? (0:08:49.28)
Moreno Dorutousu : You're not wrong. (0:08:52.24)
Lassic David : The issue is our opponents also have a mage.
So you're gonna have to pitch in, too.
Moreno Dorutousu : Siluca Meletes, right?
I happen to know that one.
Moreno Dorutousu : I mean, sure, she's gifted,
but nowhere near my level!
Lassic David : I knew I saw something special
in a mage like you!
Lassic David : Moreno, I'm asking you
to lend me your power.
Moreno Dorutousu : I understand. Leave it to me. (0:09:18.05)
Lassic David : Mobilize! (0:09:23.02)
Siluca Meletes : Ah, here they come now. (0:09:36.78)
Theo Cornaro : What should I do? (0:09:39.20)
Siluca Meletes : Please stand here. (0:09:40.99)
Theo Cornaro : Huh? (0:09:42.37)
Theo Cornaro : Are you saying I don't have to fight? (0:09:43.71)
Siluca Meletes : Yes. Now I know the battle's a surefire win! (0:09:53.76)
Theo Cornaro : So you actually have a friend? (0:10:01.77)
Siluca Meletes : She was my senior
when we were apprentices.
Siluca Meletes : Though, in the end,
she never did become a mage.
Aishera : Siluca! (0:10:14.53)
Siluca Meletes : Sir Balgary! (0:10:18.95)
Aishera : Siluca! (0:10:21.66)
Aishera : Siluca! (0:10:27.33)
Aishera : Lord Theo? (0:10:32.00)
Aishera : Hey, who are you? What are you to Siluca? (0:10:34.30)
Theo Cornaro : My name is Theo. (0:10:37.88)
Theo Cornaro : I'm the unfortunate Lord
she's under contract to.
Aishera : You signed on with a loser like this? (0:10:43.35)
Siluca Meletes : Lord Theo happens to have
magnificent ideals.
Aishera : And what else? (0:10:48.56)
Siluca Meletes : S-Such magnificent ideals, and uh... (0:10:49.94)
Aishera : Oh! My poor Siluca! (0:10:55.24)
Siluca Meletes : Stop! Please! (0:10:57.28)
Aishera : I'm won't ask why Siluca
would serve someone like you.
Aishera : However... (0:11:04.66)
Aishera : If you do anything unsavory to her
just because you're her master,
Aishera : you're a dead man! (0:11:08.83)
Siluca Meletes : How are you feeling now, sir? (0:11:15.09)
Cait Sith : I'll live. I saw stars for
a moment, that's all.
Theo Cornaro : Who's that? (0:11:20.97)
Siluca Meletes : This is Sir Balgary. (0:11:22.85)
Siluca Meletes : He'll become king of the Cait Siths one day. (0:11:24.39)
Cait Sith : See to it that you make no blunders. (0:11:27.64)
Theo Cornaro : N-Nice to meet you. (0:11:30.48)
Aishera : Lucerne Hammer. (0:11:32.44)
Aishera : You're my choice today. (0:11:34.86)
Aishera : Now, then... (0:11:44.58)
Aishera : Shall we dance? (0:11:45.87)
Aishera : By the way... (0:12:04.14)
Aishera : What's up with the outfit? (0:12:06.35)
Siluca Meletes : I don't have anything else
that's easy to move in!
Aishera : It's all right, it's all right! (0:12:11.69)
Aishera : You're adorable no matter what you wear! (0:12:13.40)
Irvin : I do not see the enemy mage. (0:12:16.94)
Siluca Meletes : He's using an Invisibility Spell. (0:12:20.20)
Siluca Meletes : I'm sure he's planning to swoop in
and attack after evaluating the situation.
Lassic David : Attack! (0:12:29.62)
Siluca Meletes : Aishela, to the right. Irvin, take center. (0:12:35.46)
Siluca Meletes : And I'll thwart them from the left. (0:12:38.17)
Aishera : I'm off! (0:12:43.93)
Irvin : All right, see you later. (0:12:48.06)
Theo Cornaro : You sure about this? (0:12:56.19)
Siluca Meletes : The earth is unmoving.
Yet is not invariably so.
Siluca Meletes : The sea becomes land,
the land becomes mountain.
Siluca Meletes : Rise up! (0:13:05.99)
EXTRA : Let's go around! (0:13:13.75)
Siluca Meletes : Surge forth! (0:13:19.34)
Siluca Meletes : Sorry about that. (0:13:30.89)
Moreno Dorutousu : Oh? You evaded that? (0:13:37.56)
Moreno Dorutousu : I was trying to go a bit deeper. (0:13:40.82)
Siluca Meletes : It's been a while, Moreno. (0:13:44.90)
Moreno Dorutousu : You seem to be doing well, little Siluca. (0:13:48.66)
Siluca Meletes : Was he targeting me from the start? (0:13:52.83)
Siluca Meletes : Do you have time for this? (0:13:56.33)
Siluca Meletes : While you dawdle here,
your Lord could get himself defeated.
Moreno Dorutousu : I'm aware of the situation.
You've got some formidable allies.
Siluca Meletes : Fortunately, yes. (0:14:07.09)
Moreno Dorutousu : But if I take you hostage,
victory will be ours.
Moreno Dorutousu : You see, I'm hard to beat
in situations like these.
Moreno Dorutousu : You might as well surrender, little Siluca. (0:14:17.60)
Siluca Meletes : You really think I'd surrender? (0:14:20.86)
Moreno Dorutousu : You haven't changed at all, huh? (0:14:23.78)
Siluca Meletes : Parry! (0:14:28.28)
Moreno Dorutousu : Abjuration Magic, huh?
But how long you can keep it up?
Siluca Meletes : If you're already spent after just this,
it proves you have no talent as a mage!
Aishera : Allow me to guide you to the afterlife! (0:14:44.63)
EXTRA : Don't provoke her without thinking! (0:14:50.35)
Aishera : What? Not attacking? (0:14:52.26)
EXTRA : Fall back! (0:14:53.93)
Aishera : All I want is to make short work of them
so I can go to Siluca's aid.
Aishera : So annoying! (0:15:00.73)
Aishera : So this is your doing, eh? (0:15:11.95)
Aishera : You put up a good fight! (0:15:25.17)
EXTRA : Pierce her by going through me! (0:15:44.86)
Aishera : Whoa, whoa. (0:15:51.16)
EXTRA : F-Fall back! (0:15:55.79)
Aishera : Beyond annoying...
But I think I like him!
Aishera : When this battle's over, let's be friends, okay? (0:16:05.13)
Lassic David : You bastard! Are you a Shadow? (0:16:29.61)
Irvin : I am a footman. (0:16:31.99)
Lassic David : So that's the toughest one to beat. (0:16:36.74)
Lassic David : Captain Gluck! (0:16:40.04)
EXTRA : Hoo-haw! (0:16:45.13)
Irvin : Just as I thought,
it didn't work on him.
Lassic David : Damn you! (0:17:16.95)
Moreno Dorutousu : You seem pretty winded, little Siluca. (0:17:24.21)
Siluca Meletes : Right back at you.
Your strikes are becoming more labored.
Moreno Dorutousu : Right, then I'll end this now. (0:17:31.59)
Theo Cornaro : Siluca! (0:17:35.59)
Siluca Meletes : Lord Theo! (0:17:38.85)
Siluca Meletes : What are you doing here? (0:17:40.43)
Theo Cornaro : This may be my first battlefield,
but even I can tell which side is losing.
Theo Cornaro : I should've made my move sooner. (0:17:46.48)
Theo Cornaro : After all, as your Lord, this is my battle. (0:17:49.11)
Siluca Meletes : Right... (0:17:53.45)
Theo Cornaro : I'm your opponent! (0:17:57.24)
Moreno Dorutousu : Fine by me. (0:17:59.37)
Theo Cornaro : So I guess you have
no intention of surrendering?
Moreno Dorutousu : You actually think you can beat me
with these skills?
Theo Cornaro : Sure I can! (0:18:12.96)
Theo Cornaro : You're out of breath! (0:18:14.47)
Theo Cornaro : And you're beginning to stumble! (0:18:16.89)
Moreno Dorutousu : Not now... I can't... (0:18:25.48)
Moreno Dorutousu : ...allow myself to lose now! (0:18:28.19)
Lassic David : Why don't you attack, damn it? (0:18:37.32)
Irvin : Because I haven't found any openings. (0:18:39.99)
Lassic David : In that case, allow me to– (0:18:42.99)
Theo Cornaro : Lord of the neighboring nation! (0:18:44.75)
Theo Cornaro : I have captured your mage! (0:18:46.96)
Lassic David : Moreno! (0:18:52.00)
Moreno Dorutousu : This is absurd. (0:18:53.63)
Moreno Dorutousu : Lord Lassic wouldn't even flinch
over having his mage caught.
Lassic David : I surrender! (0:19:21.70)
Lassic David : I wish to become your subordinate. (0:19:27.04)
Theo Cornaro : Subordinate? (0:19:29.29)
Siluca Meletes : I think you can go ahead and accept. (0:19:30.58)
Moreno Dorutousu : Are you throwing away your ambition? (0:19:32.54)
Lassic David : I would never. (0:19:34.38)
Lassic David : If we serve this Lord, we'll never
be defeated at the hands our neighbors.
Lassic David : If we play our cards right, Savis, Clovis, (0:19:41.05)
Lassic David : as well as Forvis to the south,
could all be conquered.
Lassic David : My ambition is not to become emperor. (0:19:47.14)
Lassic David : Even if I'm serving another,
being able to reign over one nation is enough.
Moreno Dorutousu : Your ambition is so paltry... (0:19:54.48)
Lassic David : That's all I'm capable of. (0:19:57.07)
Lassic David : Even so, it's something I can't do alone. (0:20:00.32)
Lassic David : That's why I brought you onboard. (0:20:03.28)
Moreno Dorutousu : Lord Lassic... (0:20:06.20)
Siluca Meletes : I see you're under contract
to a fine Lord yourself.
Theo Cornaro : That robe certainly becomes you. (0:20:12.58)
Theo Cornaro : Sir Lassic, I accept your proposal. (0:20:16.96)
Lassic David : I, Lassic David, offer my Crest
to you as your own.
Theo Cornaro : I, Theo, accept they Crest
and receive it as my own.
Siluca Meletes : Congratulations! (0:20:50.12)
Siluca Meletes : Lord Theo has reached
the court rank of Baron,
Siluca Meletes : and a subordinate Crest
has been granted to Sir Lassic.
EXTRA : AMBITION (0:20:59.01)
Viraaru Konsutansu : That girl is prone to audacious action. (0:22:34.31)
Maruguretto Odeiusu : How would you have me deal with her? (0:22:38.19)
Maruguretto Odeiusu : To think an ignorant girl
would dare insult you, Lord Villar.
Viraaru Konsutansu : Could you start by investigating
what her motivations could be?
Viraaru Konsutansu : Then, if necessary, proceed to punish her. (0:22:49.66)
Maruguretto Odeiusu : Understood. (0:22:53.33)
Viraaru Konsutansu : Won't you have a drink with me? (0:22:57.75)
Maruguretto Odeiusu : I truly appreciate the offer, my Lord, (0:23:00.17)
Maruguretto Odeiusu : but this issue with the Meletes girl
is of utmost urgency.
Viraaru Konsutansu : I see. That's unfortunate. (0:23:06.55)
Viraaru Konsutansu : No other man worships women as much as I. (0:23:18.85)
Viraaru Konsutansu : So why can't anyone live up
to my expectations?
Viraaru Konsutansu : Meeting a woman like my mother
is no small feat, I see.

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