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Priscilla Farnese : Good evening! (0:00:01.50)
Priscilla Farnese : We come to you from the Order of the Crest!
I'm Priestess Priscilla Farnese!
Siluca Meletes : We're good, thanks. (0:00:08.76)
Priscilla Farnese : Oh, wait a minute, please! (0:00:09.84)
Siluca Meletes : The same last name as the former pope.
Is that the Farnese Crest?
Siluca Meletes : No way, right? (0:00:15.26)
Priscilla Farnese : I wish to support Lord Theo
in his divine battle to subdue the Chaos.
Siluca Meletes : Please leave now. (0:00:23.35)
Theo Cornaro : Company? Are you letting them in? (0:00:24.98)
Siluca Meletes : It's a priestess from
the Order of the Crest.
Siluca Meletes : There's no need to welcome the pawn
of an annoying religious sect.
Theo Cornaro : But they appear to have many followers. (0:00:35.03)
Theo Cornaro : And I hear they go around
healing wounds and illness.
Siluca Meletes : Rumor has it that you've been
trying to confiscate Crests.
Siluca Meletes : A Crest is the manifestation
of its Lord's will.
Siluca Meletes : Not something granted by
this so-called god you created!
Priscilla Farnese : So you're a mage, I see! (0:00:53.80)
Priscilla Farnese : A slave to the villainous demon
who controls the Chaos!
Siluca Meletes : It's far more villainous to manipulate
human souls with your sketchy teachings!
Siluca Meletes : - Make yourselves–
- Oh, let them stay.
Theo Cornaro : - Make yourselves–
- Oh, let them stay.
Theo Cornaro : They take care of my people, too, after all. (0:01:06.15)
Priscilla Farnese : Lord Theo! (0:01:08.57)
Priscilla Farnese : So you're Lord Theo! (0:01:11.07)
Priscilla Farnese : I'm Priscilla,
a priestess of the Order of the Crest.
Priscilla Farnese : I look forward to getting to know you! (0:01:20.08)
Theo Cornaro : Nice to meet you. (0:01:23.41)
Lassic David : That was a huge win for us today! (0:03:05.22)
Lassic David : I'd say we've got the pick of
the free Lords around here,
Lassic David : either to defeat or join our side! (0:03:10.85)
Moreno Dortous : Getting the local aristocrat, Sir Neyman,
to submit to us was a real coup.
Lassic David : Meaning that western Savis is now ours! (0:03:19.11)
Lassic David : It won't be long before
you're crowned King of Savis, right?
Siluca Meletes : Lord Theo's goal
is not to expand his territories.
Lassic David : - Huh?
- Lord Theo is from Systina.
Siluca Meletes : - Huh?
- Lord Theo is from Systina.
Siluca Meletes : He strives to defeat Systina's Lord,
Viscount Rossini, and to save his people.
Lassic David : But that island belongs to the Union. (0:03:40.01)
Lassic David : If we take out Rossini, would that make it
difficult to maintain status in the Union?
Siluca Meletes : Yes. (0:03:47.72)
Siluca Meletes : For that reason, he'll first have
to switch to the Alliance eventually.
Siluca Meletes : Afterwards, he'll make his return to Systina,
and take on Viscount Rossini.
Theo Cornaro : That's the first I've heard of this plan. (0:03:57.28)
Siluca Meletes : Please forgive me. (0:04:00.07)
Siluca Meletes : I was planning to propose it to you
when the possibility became more realistic.
Siluca Meletes : And now I have a recommendation
for you, Lord Theo.
Theo Cornaro : What is it? (0:04:10.29)
Siluca Meletes : Lord Theo, as you're a Baron now... (0:04:11.29)
Siluca Meletes : let's choose a family name for you. (0:04:14.54)
Theo Cornaro : Family name? (0:04:16.71)
Siluca Meletes : Yes. (0:04:18.05)
Siluca Meletes : From here on in, Lord Theo,
I'd like you to call yourself Cornaro.
Theo Cornaro : Cornaro? (0:04:23.59)
Lassic David : Who's this Cornaro? (0:04:25.47)
Siluca Meletes : It's the family name of a hero of Systina. (0:04:27.26)
Siluca Meletes : One who unified the island, and brought
the magical borders under control,
Siluca Meletes : only to be betrayed by the Rossinis,
and struck down before completing his work.
Lassic David : I see! (0:04:39.65)
Lassic David : It's clear why anyone from Systina
would want to take him out.
Lassic David : So he's gonna proclaim himself
a descendant of that hero?
Moreno Dortous : Which will raise the people's hopes
for their hero's return, eh?
Theo Cornaro : You weren't kidding when you said
you'd stop at nothing.
Siluca Meletes : I'm not being rash. (0:04:58.88)
Siluca Meletes : I wouldn't want to tarnish your name
in any way, Lord Theo.
Theo Cornaro : But now I know what
you've got in mind, and I like it.
Theo Cornaro : Especially the part
about taking on that Rossini guy!
Siluca Meletes : Well then, let's begin laying the groundwork
for your transfer to the Alliance.
Siluca Meletes : Moreno. (0:05:16.15)
Siluca Meletes : I'd like you to negotiate
with Viscount Naville, the King of Savis.
Moreno Dortous : Negotiate? (0:05:21.78)
Siluca Meletes : To switch sides to the Alliance, (0:05:23.53)
Siluca Meletes : Lord Theo will need to go
bearing the gift of his current territories.
Siluca Meletes : So I want you to get the King of Savis
to recognize Lord Theo's independence.
Moreno Dortous : Since Viscount Naville
is itching to rule over all of Savis,
Moreno Dortous : announcing our independence
is not going to sit well with him.
Siluca Meletes : I have the utmost faith in your abilities! (0:05:41.76)
Siluca Meletes : So, Viscount Shakes, the King of Clovis,
has agreed to our secret pact?
EXTRA : So long as Lord Theo stays out of his lands, (0:05:53.18)
EXTRA : he'll recognize his
court rank and independence.
Siluca Meletes : Thank goodness. (0:05:58.81)
Siluca Meletes : Thank you very much, Sir Sartorus. (0:06:00.65)
EXTRA : Aren't you overstepping a bit, though? (0:06:03.82)
Siluca Meletes : Huh? (0:06:06.07)
EXTRA : Even though you've been
viciously defeating the opposition,
EXTRA : I've heard no mention of Lord Theo's name. (0:06:11.20)
EXTRA : On the contrary, (0:06:15.37)
EXTRA : I've heard rumors that your Lord is just
decoration, while you're the real mastermind.
Siluca Meletes : No way... (0:06:22.96)
Siluca Meletes : But I'm only thinking of Lord Theo. (0:06:24.30)
EXTRA : I'm not doubting your loyalty. (0:06:27.38)
EXTRA : But don't you think you might
be ignoring Lord Theo's wishes?
Siluca Meletes : Well, I... (0:06:37.85)
Theo Cornaro : Who's there? (0:06:43.98)
Siluca Meletes : It's Siluca. (0:06:45.44)
Theo Cornaro : Is it something urgent? (0:06:49.49)
Siluca Meletes : No, I wouldn't say that, but... (0:06:51.87)
Siluca Meletes : Um... (0:06:55.33)
Irvin : Sorry to interrupt you two. (0:07:00.25)
Theo Cornaro : What is it? (0:07:03.09)
Irvin : I've been informed that a Chaos Disaster
has occurred in the castle town.
Siluca Meletes : - Let's go!
- R-Right!
Theo Cornaro : - Let's go!
- R-Right!
Theo Cornaro : What happened? (0:07:16.64)
EXTRA : The coal suddenly exploded. (0:07:18.06)
EXTRA : Damn Chaos! (0:07:20.40)
EXTRA : - Out of the way!
- Wounded coming through!
EXTRA : Boss! (0:07:24.36)
Siluca Meletes : I'll tend to him! (0:07:25.65)
Siluca Meletes : This is going to hurt,
but please bear with me.
Theo Cornaro : Follow me!
We'll put out that fire!
Siluca Meletes : This should help a little... (0:07:40.46)
Siluca Meletes : This feeling... (0:07:43.88)
Aishera : Siluca! (0:07:51.09)
Aishera : What is that thing? (0:07:52.76)
Siluca Meletes : A Salamander from Aether? (0:07:55.60)
Theo Cornaro : Is that a Chaos demon? (0:07:58.60)
Siluca Meletes : Yes. And it's extremely dangerous. (0:07:59.89)
Theo Cornaro : Then I'm taking it out! (0:08:02.35)
Siluca Meletes : You mustn't, Lord Theo! (0:08:04.44)
Aishera : Slashing at a projection
from Aether with a sword...
Aishera : Is he an idiot or what? (0:08:18.37)
Siluca Meletes : Lord Theo! Please get away! (0:08:19.62)
Siluca Meletes : Aishela, draw him towards you for now! (0:08:22.83)
Aishera : Leave it to me! (0:08:24.96)
Siluca Meletes : Lord Theo, Irvin,
help the townspeople evacuate.
Theo Cornaro : Got it! (0:08:40.85)
Siluca Meletes : As for the boss... (0:08:42.27)
Priscilla Farnese : Allow me to heal him. (0:08:44.31)
Siluca Meletes : Do you have the ability to? (0:08:46.98)
Priscilla Farnese : Please leave it to me. (0:08:49.15)
Siluca Meletes : A Crest? (0:08:54.36)
Priscilla Farnese : It's all right. Please stay with me. (0:08:56.41)
Siluca Meletes : I'm counting on you. (0:09:01.08)
Siluca Meletes : I'll take out the demon. (0:09:03.67)
Siluca Meletes : Water flows from up high to low depths. (0:09:06.42)
Siluca Meletes : Yet at times, its course is reversed, (0:09:10.55)
Siluca Meletes : and it becomes a towering wall of water... (0:09:13.59)
Siluca Meletes : Climb! (0:09:16.14)
Aishera : Siluca! (0:09:18.76)
Aishera : Siluca! (0:09:27.44)
Siluca Meletes : Engulf! (0:09:30.19)
Siluca Meletes : Oh no! (0:09:52.17)
Aishera : Siluca! (0:10:22.62)
Aishera : Thank goodness!
You're finally awake!
Siluca Meletes : How long have I been asleep? (0:10:27.12)
Aishera : It's already noon! (0:10:30.13)
Siluca Meletes : Where's Lord Theo? (0:10:32.05)
Aishera : He's been dealing with
the aftermath of the fire since last night.
Siluca Meletes : Oh, no! I need to be there, too! (0:10:36.80)
Siluca Meletes : Lord Theo! (0:10:45.81)
Theo Cornaro : See you, then. (0:10:47.94)
Theo Cornaro : Are you feeling well now? (0:10:50.23)
Siluca Meletes : Yes. Thanks to you. (0:10:54.98)
Siluca Meletes : Those wounds... (0:10:58.49)
Siluca Meletes : You need to have them looked at right away! (0:11:00.16)
Siluca Meletes : Forgive me for leaving the cleanup to you. (0:11:06.54)
Siluca Meletes : Also... um... (0:11:10.79)
Siluca Meletes : Thank you so much for protecting me. (0:11:13.55)
Theo Cornaro : I'm glad you didn't get hurt. (0:11:17.09)
Siluca Meletes : Yes. (0:11:20.01)
Theo Cornaro : Concerning Clovis, I hear everything went
according to your plan.
Siluca Meletes : Well, Sir Sartorus gave me a talking-to
for ignoring your wishes.
Theo Cornaro : But I'm grateful for what you're doing. (0:11:32.48)
Theo Cornaro : If I hadn't met you, it never would've
occurred to me to defeat Rossini.
Theo Cornaro : But you showed me the way. (0:11:41.66)
Theo Cornaro : And now, I'm sure
it's exactly what I want to do.
Theo Cornaro : One day, I'm going to lead my forces
and arrive on Systina.
Theo Cornaro : Assuming the family name Cornaro. (0:11:54.92)
Siluca Meletes : Right! (0:11:58.42)
Siluca Meletes : That said, there are still many
trials and tribulations ahead.
Siluca Meletes : We'll also be negotiating with the Mage Leader
of the Kreische family, who head the Alliance.
Theo Cornaro : Who is he? (0:12:12.90)
Siluca Meletes : Mage Leader Aubeste. (0:12:13.90)
Siluca Meletes : My mentor, as well as adoptive father. (0:12:16.52)
Theo Cornaro : Adoptive father? (0:12:19.65)
Siluca Meletes : Children with magical potential are taken from
their biological parents at a young age,
Siluca Meletes : and raised by a mage
serving as their adoptive father.
Theo Cornaro : I see. (0:12:28.66)
Theo Cornaro : Then sending his daughter to negotiate
shouldn't pose a problem, right?
Siluca Meletes : I certainly hope not... (0:12:35.29)
Theo Cornaro : I'll leave it to you. (0:12:38.96)
Siluca Meletes : You can't just leave it to me, that won't do! (0:12:40.34)
Siluca Meletes : Because from here on in,
I'm going to consult you on everything first.
Theo Cornaro : I'm not sure that I'll be worthy
of your consultation, though.
Siluca Meletes : I'll see to it that you are! (0:12:51.98)
Moreno Dortous : Well, the negotiations were a bust. (0:12:55.52)
Moreno Dortous : The King of Savis ended up declaring
that he'd settle it on the battlefield.
Moreno Dortous : You wouldn't believe how furious he was! (0:13:01.90)
Moreno Dortous : "All territories in this nation belong to me, (0:13:04.24)
Moreno Dortous : and I can't recognize
anyone's independence," he said.
Siluca Meletes : He said that, did he? (0:13:10.95)
Moreno Dortous : In so many words. (0:13:13.16)
Siluca Meletes : We don't have much time. (0:13:15.00)
Siluca Meletes : Let's write to the free Lords
and ask them to ally with us, right away!
Lassic David : We won't stand a chance
if no one shows, huh?
Theo Cornaro : If it comes to that,
I'll charge the enemy lines alone.
Theo Cornaro : That way, your lives will be saved. (0:13:42.90)
Lassic David : Charging solo into enemy lines? (0:13:46.91)
Lassic David : I can't let my Lord
be the only one having such fun!
EXTRA : I, too, am fully prepared. (0:13:53.54)
EXTRA : After all, Lord Theo,
you spared my life in our recent battle.
Theo Cornaro : Sir Neyman... (0:14:00.67)
Theo Cornaro : Sir Lassic... (0:14:02.30)
Theo Cornaro : Thank you. (0:14:05.30)
Siluca Meletes : If they read our letters,
and realize the king's desires...
Siluca Meletes : I'm sure the free Lords of Savis
will take our side.
Moreno Dortous : Yeah, but recall on the way over here,
the Lords did let us pass,
Moreno Dortous : but they didn't offer any troops. (0:14:20.36)
Siluca Meletes : The fact we were allowed to pass
shows they have affinity for us.
Siluca Meletes : So now, as long as even one makes a move... (0:14:31.24)
Siluca Meletes : Please, somebody come. (0:14:36.41)
Siluca Meletes : That's... (0:14:46.97)
Siluca Meletes : Is that you, Boss?
What are you doing here?
EXTRA : It was Lord Theo and you, Lady Siluca,
who saved our town.
EXTRA : I can't just look away
during your own crisis.
Theo Cornaro : I'm glad you all feel that way. (0:15:07.07)
Theo Cornaro : But this battle's going to be very intense. (0:15:09.07)
EXTRA : Of course, we're ready to lay down our lives! (0:15:12.45)
Theo Cornaro : But it's my duty as a Lord
to protect my people's lives.
Theo Cornaro : Not make you lay them down! (0:15:21.00)
Siluca Meletes : Excuse me, my Lord, (0:15:22.84)
Siluca Meletes : but I believe it's also your duty as a Lord
to fulfill your people's wishes.
Theo Cornaro : Fulfill their wishes... (0:15:29.76)
Siluca Meletes : Please, raise your flag, Lord Theo,
and grant your people its divine blessing.
Siluca Meletes : So you won't lose
what you truly wish to protect.
Theo Cornaro : What I truly wish to protect... (0:15:45.23)
Theo Cornaro : Homeland. Family. (0:15:48.90)
Theo Cornaro : Unflinching courage against formidable foes,
when fighting for those very things.
Theo Cornaro : Trust that breeds unswerving solidarity. (0:15:56.24)
Theo Cornaro : Patience to not give up until the bitter end. (0:15:58.75)
Siluca Meletes : This is the Patriot's Flag! (0:16:25.57)
Theo Cornaro : I'll be responsible for all your lives! (0:16:31.40)
Theo Cornaro : Let's fight together! (0:16:34.24)
Lassic David : So this is Lord Theo's flag, huh? (0:16:49.96)
Siluca Meletes : Our allies are sure to come. (0:16:55.43)
Siluca Meletes : Since these people have come,
it is certain to create a massive wave.
Theo Cornaro : I feel the same way. (0:17:02.06)
EXTRA : I'll show you all! (0:17:27.34)
EXTRA : All forces, charge! (0:17:30.30)
Theo Cornaro : Do not fear! Follow me! (0:17:35.97)
EXTRA : Peter's squad, spreading out! (0:17:41.43)
Aishera : Allow me to guide you... (0:17:46.52)
Aishera : to the afterlife! (0:17:49.40)
Moreno Dortous : Flash of Light! (0:18:06.67)
Lassic David : We'll pulverize their flank! (0:18:13.13)
Lassic David : Now! Cut into them! (0:18:15.01)
Siluca Meletes : Let's go! (0:18:23.31)
Siluca Meletes : Surge forth! (0:18:27.81)
Theo Cornaro : Stand your ground!
Head for the main unit!
EXTRA : They're so pesky. (0:18:42.20)
EXTRA : You men head out!
Get them in one fell swoop!
EXTRA : Yes, sir! Count on us! (0:18:47.12)
EXTRA : Reinforcements? (0:18:55.09)
EXTRA : The free Lords have allied with Lord Theo! (0:18:56.38)
EXTRA : What? (0:18:59.68)
EXTRA : King of Savis! (0:19:00.97)
EXTRA : We've heard all about your ulterior motives! (0:19:03.01)
EXTRA : If you think you can subjugate our Crests,
let's see you try!
EXTRA : Lord Naville! (0:19:17.28)
EXTRA : It's futile. Please withdraw for now. (0:19:26.20)
Siluca Meletes : Elude! (0:19:34.05)
Siluca Meletes : Lord Theo! (0:19:36.80)
Siluca Meletes : The backup forces from
the free Lords have arrived!
Theo Cornaro : Now! All forces, charge! (0:19:41.64)
Lassic David : Follow me! (0:19:44.43)
EXTRA : You bastard!
I swear I'll get you for this humiliation!
Theo Cornaro : Did we... win? (0:20:08.66)
Siluca Meletes : Yes, it's a victory. (0:20:11.54)
Siluca Meletes : Lord Theo, you've defeated the King of Savis. (0:20:15.67)
Priscilla Farnese : So magnificent! (0:20:24.72)
Priscilla Farnese : Lord Theo must join the Order of the Crest,
no matter what it takes!
Siluca Meletes : Now, if only I can see
eye to eye with Valdrind...
Marrine Kreische : It's been a long time, Siluca Meletes. (0:20:42.86)
Marrine Kreische : I had a narrow escape in Aram,
thanks to you.
Siluca Meletes : I am truly sorry that I wasn't able
to save both archdukes, Lady Marrine.
Aubest Meletes : I know you only had an instant,
but surely there was a better method?
Siluca Meletes : It's been a long time, Father. (0:21:03.13)
Aubest Meletes : I will remind you that I am now
the Mage Leader of Valdrind's Margrave.
Siluca Meletes : My apologies, sir. (0:21:12.14)
Siluca Meletes : I've already explained my purpose here
in the letter I sent in advance.
Siluca Meletes : My Lord, Viscount Theo Cornaro,
has conquered the entire Savis region.
Siluca Meletes : Therefore, he wishes to join
the Factory Alliance.
Marrine Kreische : And pledge allegiance to me? (0:21:32.41)
Siluca Meletes : Yes. (0:21:34.29)
Siluca Meletes : My Lord intends to do everything in his power
to aid you, Lady Marrine Kreische,
Siluca Meletes : in your conquest of the continent. (0:21:39.38)
Marrine Kreische : I understand what it is you're proposing. (0:21:41.92)
Marrine Kreische : Please allow me some time to consider it. (0:21:45.26)
Siluca Meletes : Understood, my Lady. (0:21:49.76)
EXTRA : BATTLE FLAG (0:22:01.11)

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