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Guy : A Rubik's Cube? That takes me back. (0:00:05.60)
Girl : Getting one side is easy,
but getting two sides is hard.
Guy : That may be true. (0:00:13.57)
Guy : They are toys whose advent was spread
by the Six Great Gods 600 years ago.
Girl : So, what has happened
to bring the officers together?
Guy : There was a report submitted. (0:00:26.25)
Girl : I didn't read it. (0:00:28.50)
Girl : It's easier to just ask someone
who knows the situation.
Girl : Has 7th Seat's "Thousand Leagues
Astrologer" prediction gone awry?
Girl : They've gone forth to subjugate
the Catastrophe Dragon Lord, right?
Guy : They engaged an unknown
vampire-like undead,
Guy : and Cedran and Beaumarchais were killed, (0:00:46.02)
Guy : while Kaire was severely injured,
so they withdrew.
Girl : 8th Seat "Myriad Barriers"
and 9th Seat "Divine Chain," huh?
Girl : So, which one is stronger--that
vampire or me?
Guy : You are. (0:01:02.91)
Girl : I see. That's too bad.
I thought I might experience defeat.
Girl : Come to think of it, the Sunlight Scripture
has been wiped out, right?
Guy : Probably. (0:01:15.01)
Guy : Word is that they were done in
by a magic caster named Ains Ooal Gown.
Guy : However, not a single body was left behind. (0:01:19.97)
Girl : Oh? Are they strong? (0:01:23.47)
Guy : Good question. Their captain, Nigun,
was outdone by the Blue Rose.
Girl : That's no measure of strength at all, is it? (0:01:29.86)
Girl : Is there no man who can beat me? (0:01:32.86)
Girl : No matter how ugly
or how twisted they might be.
Girl : Even being inhuman is no matter. (0:01:39.16)
Girl : After all, they'd be a man
capable of beating me.
Girl : How strong would a child born of myself
and such a man end up being?
Rigrit : It has been a long time, Tsa. (0:02:00.26)
Rigrit : What's wrong? Have you even
forgotten how to say hello?
Tsa : Ha-ha, sorry, Rigrit. (0:02:10.02)
Tsa : I was trembling with emotion
at seeing my old friend again.
Rigrit : Friend, eh? My friend is that
empty suit of armor over there.
Tsa : I have been apologizing for that
for 200 years, haven't I?
Tsa : I can no longer travel with you
in this body, you know.
Tsa : So, you're still an
adventurer now, aren't you?
Rigrit : I've retired. I've let that girl
Inberun take over for me.
Rigrit : That crybaby! She kept carrying on, (0:02:43.35)
Rigrit : so I told her if I beat her,
she'd have to do as I say.
Rigrit : And I gave it to her good! (0:02:49.10)
Tsa : You're about the only human
who could beat her.
Rigrit : Well, I had my friends to help me. (0:02:55.82)
Rigrit : Not to mention, while that girl
may be strong, there are stronger.
Rigrit : Like you, for example. (0:03:04.12)
Rigrit : If you hadn't constrained yourself, (0:03:06.16)
Rigrit : you'd be the most powerful
being in the world.
Tsa : Hmm... (0:03:12.58)
Tsa : I'm not so sure. (0:03:15.17)
Tsa : There may be a power in motion
to corrupt the world once again.
Rigrit : An aftershock of 100 years ago... (0:03:31.48)
Rigrit : Is this one not working alongside the world? (0:03:33.77)
Tsa : No. I would consider this one evil in nature. (0:03:37.61)
Rigrit : I see. (0:03:40.90)
Tsa : Rigrit, I hate to do this after
you've given up being an adventurer,
Tsa : but may I request a favor of you? (0:03:45.74)
Rigrit : What is it? (0:03:47.91)
Tsa : I'd like you to gather information
on items that rival guild weapons.
Tsa : Or rather, special items from Yggdrasil. (0:03:54.12)
Tsa : By the way, (0:04:00.13)
Tsa : what happened to your ring? (0:04:01.47)
Tsa : I doubt there's anyone
who could have taken it from you.
Rigrit : I gave it to the youngster. (0:04:07.68)
Tsa : That's an item that transcends human bounds. (0:04:09.72)
Tsa : I'd rather it not fall into incapable hands. (0:04:12.56)
Tsa : Ah, but if you've made the decision,
that's good enough for me.
EXTRA : This is the year when we fight the Empire off (0:04:24.03)
EXTRA : and then proceed to take the fight to them! (0:04:26.45)
EXTRA : Absolutely. I am growing good and tired
of doing nothing but waging a war
EXTRA : of fighting off the Empire's invasions. (0:04:33.12)
EXTRA : The time has come for us to show those
imperial fools how terrible we are.
EXTRA : Without a doubt.
You are absolutely right, Count.
Gazef Stronoff : If our nation's strength declines, (0:04:48.14)
Gazef Stronoff : the Baharuth Empire will
attack us in earnest.
Gazef Stronoff : Do they really think that they can succeed (0:04:52.85)
Gazef Stronoff : with the kinds of skirmishing
we're now engaged in?
King : We need the nobles' help
to keep the Empire's incursions in check.
King : We must keep the nation from being divided. (0:05:01.40)
Gazef Stronoff : Right. (0:05:04.36)
King : However, be that as it may, (0:05:06.16)
King : I feel bad about not having been able
to defend you better before.
King : I was not able to arrange for
and send armaments as I should have.
King : Please forgive me. (0:05:21.13)
Gazef Stronoff : What are you saying, Majesty?
It is my duty to protect king and country.
King : I see. Oh...? (0:05:29.30)
King : Renner! (0:05:33.47)
Renner : Father! Head Warrior! (0:05:35.02)
Climb : --Princess!
--Your council meeting is finally over, is it?
Renner : --Princess!
--Your council meeting is finally over, is it?
King : Mm-hmm. (0:05:40.98)
Renner : I was thinking a little bit, (0:05:42.15)
Renner : and have been waiting,
wishing to speak with you, Father!
King : You have? You'll have to pardon me for that. (0:05:48.49)
Renner : But Father, it is now time for my stroll, (0:05:51.12)
Renner : so I will be leaving now with Climb
to wander around a bit.
King : Is that right? Well then, off you go. (0:05:57.87)
King : When you get back,
come call on me in my room.
Renner : Very well. All right, let's be off, Climb. (0:06:03.13)
Climb : Please excuse us. (0:06:06.01)
King : I would like to speak with
Master Ains Ooal Gown directly
King : to tell him that I am sincerely grateful
for saving my most loyal attendant.
Gazef Stronoff : As benevolent a gentleman as he is,
I think those words alone will gratify him.
Hamsuke : Master! Sorry to keep you waiting, I am! (0:06:37.08)
Hamsuke : This is a gigant basilisk, it is! (0:06:40.50)
Hamsuke : Your loyal servant Hamusuke
is driving it right to you!
Momonga : It's huge in size, but if it's
running away from Hamusuke
Momonga : it means its level is lower than his. (0:06:50.18)
Narberal Gamma : Mr. Momon... there is no need
for you to lower yourself to this.
Narberal Gamma : I will use my Lightning. (0:06:55.47)
Momonga : No, don't. With your magic,
you'll run through Hamusuke, too.
Narberal Gamma : Right. (0:07:00.39)
Momonga : Hmph, is that the best it can do? (0:07:14.91)
Hamsuke : Master! Impressive, that was! (0:07:16.45)
Narberal Gamma : Nicely done, Mr. Momon. (0:07:19.33)
Momonga : Nabe, I'll let you report back
to the adventurers guild.
Momonga : Take Hamusuke with you, as well. (0:07:24.34)
Narberal Gamma : As you wish. (0:07:25.67)
Hamsuke : What will you do, Master? (0:07:27.09)
Momonga : I'm going back to Nazarick. (0:07:29.30)
Mare Bello Fiore : W-Welcome back. (0:07:39.64)
Momonga : Mm-hmm. (0:07:41.94)
Mare Bello Fiore : Um, here you go. (0:07:43.40)
Momonga : Mm-hmm. (0:07:45.94)
Momonga : Has Albedo gone out, as well? (0:07:47.57)
Mare Bello Fiore : No, she's here. (0:07:50.11)
Mare Bello Fiore : Um, she said she would be
waiting for you in your room, Lord Ains.
Momonga : I see. She may have an urgent,
secret report for me.
Momonga : I will go there immediately. (0:08:01.87)
Albedo : Welcome home, Lord Ains! (0:08:09.76)
Albedo : Would you like to have dinner? (0:09:46.19)
Albedo : Would you like a bath? (0:09:47.85)
Albedo : Or, perhaps... would... you... like... (0:09:49.73)
Albedo : ...to have me? (0:09:53.36)
Momonga : What is the meaning of this, Albedo? (0:09:58.91)
Albedo : Newlywed role-playing. (0:10:01.33)
Albedo : I've heard that there is no better way
for a new bride to greet her husband
Albedo : after he has taken his pet with him
to work alone away from home.
Albedo : How do you like it? (0:10:10.63)
Momonga : So that's it. She hasn't gone outside today
because she wanted to do this.
Momonga : Who cares about the why? (0:10:17.22)
Momonga : Ugh, I've never even gone out with a woman, (0:10:19.35)
Momonga : let alone gotten married,
so what does she expect me to say?
Momonga : In this situation, what would a ruler--
or rather, a ladies' man do?
Momonga : It was quite appealing, Albedo. (0:10:28.81)
Albedo : I'm glad to hear it! (0:10:32.86)
Momonga : What's wrong?! (0:10:38.82)
Albedo : I messed up! (0:10:40.03)
Albedo : Ordinarily, etiquette dictates (0:10:41.49)
Albedo : that a new bride would greet
her husband for the final showdown
Albedo : dressed in nothing but an apron. (0:10:46.87)
Albedo : If you say the word, I
will correct it at once.
Momonga : Huh? (0:10:52.08)
Albedo : Of course, I will change
right before your eyes, Lord Ains.
Albedo : --No, if you desire,
we can start over from the beginning,
Albedo : --and this time I will
be the perfect new bride.
Albedo : --Yes, I will greet you as the
chaste new bride waiting for her husband.
Momonga : I think Albedo is like this now
because I rewrote her settings.
EXTRA : "She is deeply in love with Momonga." (0:11:06.52)
Momonga : Albedo, it's time we stopped goofing around. (0:11:11.98)
Momonga : We have to hold a debriefing
to resolve the data we've gathered.
Albedo : As you wish, Lord Ains. (0:11:20.65)
Momonga : This is a world map that
we finally acquired from E-Rantel.
Albedo : What, this? (0:11:30.46)
Momonga : I can understand your discontent. (0:11:31.67)
Momonga : It's sketchy, and only details
human nations around this area.
Momonga : But getting anything more than this
will prove to be difficult.
Albedo : Understood. I will make copies and
distribute them to the other guardians.
Momonga : Right. Before you do,
let me briefly explain something.
Momonga : This is Great the Tomb of Nazarick. (0:11:50.52)
Momonga : This nearby forest that spreads out so far
is the Great Forest of Tob.
Momonga : Is the construction of
the dummy Nazarick coming along?
Albedo : Yes, it is proceeding on schedule. (0:11:59.49)
EXTRA : Hmm? Is that...? Just a moment! (0:12:15.29)
Aura Bella Fiora : Okay, which team are you from? (0:12:21.59)
EXTRA : Lady Aura, I am Team "U," Number Three. (0:12:24.47)
Aura Bella Fiora : Team "U," which means
the storage warehouse. Okay, got it.
Aura Bella Fiora : Is there a problem? (0:12:31.81)
EXTRA : There is an issue with
the diameter of the wood.
EXTRA : It is time for lunch! (0:12:35.90)
Aura Bella Fiora : All right, Lady Bukubuku Chagama! (0:12:39.36)
Aura Bella Fiora : Okay, well, I hate to do this,
but since it's time to eat,
Aura Bella Fiora : would you mind coming back in an hour? (0:12:45.78)
EXTRA : Very well. (0:12:47.74)
Aura Bella Fiora : Pestonya, what is for lunch today? (0:12:54.75)
Pestonya : I have prepared a hamburger,
just as you asked, Lady Aura.
Pestonya : With two pickles and french fries
with the skins intact on the side.
Pestonya : There is a cola to drink. Er, woof! (0:13:04.17)
Aura Bella Fiora : Time to eat! Time to eat! (0:13:07.89)
Aura Bella Fiora : Thank you for this lunch! (0:13:12.85)
Aura Bella Fiora : Mm, it's good! But, while this
Grade A-7 100% ground beef isn't bad,
Aura Bella Fiora : I prefer ground beef and pork mixed together. (0:13:21.48)
Aura Bella Fiora : I'd like you to make three patties like that. (0:13:23.74)
Pestonya : All right, I'll relay that
to the head chef, woof.
Aura Bella Fiora : Mm-hmm, thanks. (0:13:29.37)
Aura Bella Fiora : I'd sure like to hear
Lady Bukubuku Chagama's voice some more.
Momonga : I see. So Aura has taken
a liking to that watch?
Albedo : Quite so. An item that lets her hear
Lady Bukubuku Chagama's voice,
Albedo : her being one of the 41 supreme beings
as well as Aura's own birth mother,
Albedo : would be a reward
more welcome than any other.
Albedo : Of course, the greatest reward
is to be here serving you, Lord Ains!
Momonga : M-Mm-hmm... Now, I was right
in the middle of explaining something.
Momonga : The area west of the mountain range
is the Re-Estize Kingdom.
Momonga : The capital is right here. (0:14:07.95)
Momonga : Sebas was collecting data. Where is he? (0:14:09.49)
Albedo : He is making regular reports,
never missing a single one.
Albedo : However, there still are no leads
on who controlled Shalltear's mind.
Momonga : I see. Continue to remain vigilant. (0:14:20.58)
Momonga : On the other side of the mountains
is the Baharuth Empire,
Momonga : which appears to engage
the kingdom in war every year.
Momonga : E-Rantel, which serves as Momon's home base, (0:14:30.84)
Momonga : becomes a military outpost in times of war. (0:14:33.26)
Momonga : And to the south, beyond the forest,
is the Slane Theocracy.
Momonga : They're the nation
that attacked Carne Village earlier.
Albedo : The three countries border
each other and are in conflict.
Momonga : Additionally, to the north of the kingdom
is the Argland Council State,
Momonga : made up of several races of demi-humans. (0:14:52.28)
Momonga : It's said that either five or seven dragons
serve as the nation's councilors.
Albedo : Dragons, you say? (0:14:59.33)
Momonga : Southwest of the kingdom
is a nation known as a holy kingdom,
Momonga : and in the wilderness next to that, (0:15:04.92)
Momonga : many different demi-humans
are engaged in daily disputes.
Albedo : That's where Demiurge went off to, right? (0:15:10.55)
Momonga : Yeah. He's conducting experiments
in parchment production for me.
Momonga : High-quality parchment is indispensable
when making scrolls, after all.
Momonga : That does it for my quick description. (0:15:22.15)
Momonga : Which of these nations
do you think we should be wary of?
Albedo : The Slane Theocracy, I would say. (0:15:28.11)
Albedo : They were foolish enough
to challenge you to battle, Lord Ains,
Albedo : and that blew up in their face. (0:15:32.57)
Albedo : It is possible that they are
waiting for a chance to take revenge.
Momonga : She might be right about that. (0:15:37.66)
Albedo : Begging your pardon! At present,
we should be wary of every nation!
Momonga : Y-You are correct. While there may not
be a serious threat from the states,
Momonga : there are individuals
who might take us by surprise.
Momonga : How is Shalltear doing? (0:15:53.72)
Albedo : There doesn't appear to be
any problem with her physical recovery.
Albedo : However, on the psychological side,
I do have some concerns.
Shalltear Bloodfallen : I'm a little bit drunk... (0:16:10.24)
Piki : As I recall, Lady Shalltear,
with your total resistance to poisons--
Piki : Then again, you did chug it down.
What can I say?
Piki : Why don't you retire for the day
and get some rest?
Shalltear Bloodfallen : No, I don't want to go back. (0:16:23.50)
Piki : I see. (0:16:26.63)
Piki : Welcome. (0:16:28.59)
Eclair : Hey, Piki! (0:16:29.71)
Piki : What can I get for you? (0:16:32.34)
Eclair : One of those. (0:16:34.72)
Piki : Very good. (0:16:35.97)
Piki : My original cocktail, a Nazarick. (0:16:38.97)
Eclair : You there, miss, this is for you. (0:16:42.81)
Eclair : I-It tipped over... (0:16:47.69)
Piki : Would you mind
not hitting it with your flipper?
Eclair : I'm really sorry about that. (0:16:54.95)
Shalltear Bloodfallen : Oh, if it isn't Eclair, the assistant butler. (0:16:57.70)
Eclair : Is something the matter?
You don't usually look like this.
Shalltear Bloodfallen : I just failed badly--
no, make that spectacularly.
Shalltear Bloodfallen : That's why I'm escaping into alcohol. (0:17:09.13)
Shalltear Bloodfallen : Just like a godforsaken floor guardian. (0:17:11.09)
Eclair : --Hmm?
--I don't know.
Piki : --Hmm?
--I don't know.
Shalltear Bloodfallen : Ah, Lord Ains, how could I do such a thing? (0:17:15.76)
Albedo : The fact that she turned on you
and went into battle against you
Albedo : has created an inexcusable
sense of guilt within her.
Momonga : Shalltear's mind control was due to
a world item, and my tactical slipup.
Momonga : I've told her that she is
not at fault many times.
Momonga : Are you telling me that not even
being resurrected from death
Momonga : can completely erase
the effects of a world item?
Albedo : Lord Ains, please excuse me
if I'm speaking out of turn...
Momonga : Go ahead. (0:17:46.71)
Albedo : Rewards and penalties
are the way of the world.
Albedo : Lord Ains, if you give
Shalltear a punishment,
Albedo : the sense of guilt within
her will be relieved.
Momonga : She's right. I guess a simple
office worker like me didn't realize that.
Momonga : All right. I'll consider it. (0:18:02.10)
Albedo : Please forgive me for overstepping my bounds. (0:18:04.60)
Momonga : What are you talking about?
It's suggestions like that one
Momonga : that befit the Great Tomb
of Nazarick's guardian supervisor.
Albedo : Thank you very much. (0:18:15.74)
Momonga : Now, Cocytus wished to see me, right? (0:18:18.61)
Albedo : Yes. He is waiting for
you in the throne room.
Momonga : Cocytus, is it ready? (0:18:29.42)
Cocytus : Yes. (0:18:33.88)
Cocytus : Everything is in order.
I will be departing at once.
Momonga : Mm-hmm. I leave you in charge of everything. (0:18:41.39)
Cocytus : I offer my sincerest gratitude
as a guardian and a warrior
Cocytus : for the unexpected delight (0:18:48.39)
Cocytus : of being allowed to serve
in such a capacity as being in charge
Cocytus : of Nazarick's first war. (0:18:53.94)
Momonga : Cocytus, I am sure that you will
live up to my expectations.
Cocytus : Yes, my lord. (0:19:02.20)
Momonga : Be sure not to neglect
keeping in regular contact with Cocytus.
Albedo : As you wish. (0:19:11.25)
Momonga : Now then, I still have a few tasks
waiting for me as an adventurer.
Momonga : I will return to E-Rantel now. (0:19:17.21)
Albedo : Please be careful. (0:19:19.34)
Albedo : Whoever possesses the world item
that took control of Shalltear
Albedo : may launch another attack against us. (0:19:23.64)
Momonga : Hmph, if they do, I will easily
turn it back--unless I can't, huh?
Momonga : Still, rest at ease, Albedo. (0:19:30.73)
Momonga : If I run into them, my
priority is to withdraw,
Momonga : and until I identify who they are, (0:19:34.48)
Momonga : I plan on drawing
as little attention as possible.
Momonga : There are magical items in this world (0:19:39.57)
Momonga : that are the same as the ones
in the game of Yggdrasil.
Momonga : There's nothing to say that
whoever attacked Shalltear
Momonga : isn't another Yggdrasil player, like me. (0:19:46.70)
Momonga : I should assume the worst-case possibility (0:19:49.75)
Momonga : and refrain from any actions
that might antagonize them.
Albedo : Lord Ains, I, Albedo, will be responsible (0:19:55.38)
Albedo : for watching over the Great Tomb
of Nazarick in your absence...
Albedo : ...as your wife. (0:20:03.72)
Zaryusu : This is no place for
the chief himself to come to.
Chief Shasuryu Shasha : Zaryusu... (0:20:30.08)
Zaryusu : Brother, you wouldn't be...
snitching food would you?
Chief Shasuryu Shasha : I just came to see
how the fish were growing up.
Zaryusu : Which means that you don't want to eat them. (0:20:39.80)
Zaryusu : They're good.
Fattier than the ones we catch fishing.
Chief Shasuryu Shasha : Ho... (0:20:47.26)
Zaryusu : When you bite into them, that prime,
greasy goodness fills your mouth.
Zaryusu : When you actually bite them in half,
it's like they melt in your mouth.
Zaryusu : Sister-in-law always said
your tail was too truthful, Brother.
Chief Shasuryu Shasha : What? Damn that woman,
making fun of her husband!
Chief Shasuryu Shasha : And what's so truthful about it, anyway? (0:21:04.41)
Chief Shasuryu Shasha : Ugh, if you ever nock that arrow,
you'll know how I feel.
Zaryusu : I can't get married. (0:21:10.37)
Chief Shasuryu Shasha : Hmph, nonsense. Is it because of that mark? (0:21:12.33)
Zaryusu : I once left the tribe
and went outside as a traveler.
Zaryusu : My knowledge may be respected, (0:21:19.96)
Zaryusu : but it doesn't change the fact that
I'll be an outsider the rest of my life.
Chief Shasuryu Shasha : The elders, huh? (0:21:24.65)
Chief Shasuryu Shasha : You know, this is truly magnificent--your... (0:21:26.93)
Zaryusu : ...fish farm? (0:21:29.93)
Chief Shasuryu Shasha : Yeah. No one in our tribe
has ever done anything like this before.
Zaryusu : It's all thanks to you, as chief, Brother. (0:21:36.02)
Chief Shasuryu Shasha : Hmm? What did I do? (0:21:38.40)
Zaryusu : I know that you
spoke to everyone on my behalf.
Zaryusu : Once they get a little larger,
you're the first one I'll bring them to.
Chief Shasuryu Shasha : Hmph, I'm looking forward to it. (0:21:48.95)
Chief Shasuryu Shasha : Hide the children! Anyone not a warrior,
take shelter in your homes!
EXTRA : Hear me! I have been sent
by the Great One, as a herald!
EXTRA : I declare death unto you! (0:22:32.95)

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