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EXTRA : We will return for your decision
the day after tomorrow.
EXTRA : Will that be all right, Mr. Sebas? (0:00:12.53)
Gazef Stronoff : Going out? (0:00:23.41)
Gazef Stronoff : --Yeah.
--Do you have any money?
Brain Unglaus : --Yeah.
--Do you have any money?
Brain Unglaus : No, but if I need to, I can sell an item-- (0:00:26.92)
Gazef Stronoff : Take that. (0:00:30.55)
Brain Unglaus : Thanks. I'll take it. (0:00:32.67)
Gagaran : Yo, virgin! (0:01:01.58)
Climb : It has been too long, Lady Gagaran. (0:02:35.00)
Climb : Er, I mean, Miss Gagaran. (0:02:38.34)
Gagaran : Yeah. (0:02:40.68)
Climb : And you, too, Lady Evileye. (0:02:41.43)
Gagaran : Long time no see.
What's up, you here to get lucky with me?
Climb : No, not that.
Lady Aindra is visiting Princess Renner,
Climb : and she asked me to give you a message. (0:02:53.48)
Gagaran : Hmm? Lakyus did? (0:02:55.27)
Climb : Yes. She says, "We're going to be
going into action on the double.
Climb : I want you to get ready
to go into battle at a moment's notice."
Gagaran : Okay, but you went to a lot
of trouble for such a minor chore.
Climb : Not at all. Also, I was fortunate enough (0:03:09.96)
Climb : to have Lord Stronoff
train me in swordsmanship.
Climb : He complimented me on that
strike from above that you taught me.
Gagaran : Oh, that? No kidding? Nice going! (0:03:22.47)
Climb : --Even so...
--I know. I will not become complacent,
Gagaran : --Even so...
--I know. I will not become complacent,
Climb : and wish to devote myself to further training. (0:03:30.48)
Gagaran : That's good and all, but I figure
that move could be countered.
Gagaran : It's time you came up with
another move you can transition to.
Climb : Oh, Lord Stronoff told me the same thing. (0:03:39.36)
Gagaran : I'll bet. Come to think of it, you asked
Evileye for something, too, right?
Gagaran : Magic training, was it? (0:03:47.79)
Climb : Yes. (0:03:49.75)
Evileye : Kid, you don't have the talent. (0:03:51.25)
Evileye : Direct your efforts elsewhere. (0:03:55.50)
Evileye : You don't seem convinced. (0:04:00.30)
Evileye : Those who possess talent
have it from the outset.
Evileye : Take Gazef Stronoff--he's a good example. (0:04:06.55)
Evileye : Can you ever catch up
to where he is on effort alone?
Evileye : I'm not telling you to give up;
just know what you're up against.
Evileye : Foolishness. Utter foolishness. (0:04:22.70)
Evileye : Those who chase after an unattainable dream (0:04:26.41)
Evileye : are certain to ruin themselves. (0:04:28.95)
Climb : I am aware of that. (0:04:31.20)
Evileye : You're the type bound for an early grave. (0:04:33.04)
Evileye : There are those who will weep for you
when you die, aren't there?
Gagaran : What's this, Evileye? (0:04:38.38)
Gagaran : You've been picking on Climb
because you're worried about him?
Evileye : Musclehead! Keep your voice down! (0:04:43.09)
Gagaran : Well it's true, isn't it? (0:04:44.72)
Evileye : First, gain some magic knowledge.
Once you increase your knowledge,
Evileye : you'll be able to tell what
your magic-using opponents are after.
Evileye : Then you can take the appropriate actions. (0:04:56.02)
Climb : Right. (0:04:59.02)
Evileye : Climb, don't do anything
to resign your humanity,
Evileye : just because you want more power. (0:05:03.99)
Climb : Huh? (0:05:06.45)
Evileye : Sure, it's not as though humans
as a species have all that much ability.
Evileye : In fact, many of the Thirteen Heroes
were species other than human.
Evileye : Black Knight, the former owner
of the cursed sword Kilineiram,
Evileye : now wielded by our leader,
had part demonic bloodlines.
Gagaran : Hmm... the cursed sword Kilineiram, huh? (0:05:26.72)
Gagaran : Tell me, is that business about it
having enough black energy
Gagaran : to swallow up a whole nation
when its power is released for real?
Evileye : Where did you hear that? (0:05:38.60)
Gagaran : Lakyus said it earlier, when she was by herself. (0:05:41.19)
Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra : This is the most powerful of dark swords, (0:05:46.28)
Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra : created by the concentration
of darkness unbound, all right.
Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra : Even with a maiden like me,
in the service of God,
Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra : restraining it with all I have,
I still wrestle with it!
Evileye : Hmm. (0:05:57.12)
Gagaran : Then, another time... (0:05:58.25)
Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra : Don't underestimate my dark power,
rooted in blackness!
Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra : I will dominate your flesh
and unleash my cursed sword power!
Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra : Tonight is the time when your power
is at its greatest, to be sure.
Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra : But I will not let you do as you wish,
even if it eats away at my own life!
Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra : Ring of the Holy Valkyrie,
grant me your protection!
Gagaran : Hey, Lakyus! (0:06:21.15)
Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra : Gah! (0:06:22.65)
Gagaran : I-I'm all right, don't worry! (0:06:24.90)
Evileye : Hmm, the priestess was embarrassed
to be controlled by a cursed item.
Evileye : So those pointless armor rings
weren't just for fashion's sake, then?
Climb : Princess Renner is in danger.
You two, come with me, right now!
Evileye : Don't panic! (0:06:42.63)
Evileye : This isn't something we can do
anything about anytime soon.
Gagaran : Either way, the only thing
that can stop adamantite is adamantite.
Evileye : Yeah. Hmm? That reminds me of something. (0:06:51.93)
Evileye : I hear that a third
adamantite class adventurer team
Evileye : has sprung up in E-Rantel. (0:06:58.64)
Gagaran : What? This is news to me. What's their name? (0:07:00.44)
Evileye : As I recall, it was Momon. (0:07:04.23)
Evileye : A warrior known as
the Raven Black Hero is their leader,
Evileye : and they're a party of two,
along with a magic caster named Nabe.
Gagaran : Huh? Just two of them?
So, what great exploits have they had?
Evileye : First, they resolved an incident in E-Rantel (0:07:18.08)
Evileye : where thousands of undead appeared. (0:07:20.83)
Evileye : Then, they exterminated the
Goblin Tribal Coalition headed northward,
Evileye : retrieved ultra-rare medicinal herbs
from the Great Forest of Tob,
Evileye : slayed a gigant basilisk, (0:07:31.22)
Evileye : as well as defeated a vampire
possessing tremendous power, I hear.
Evileye : Also, they subjugated the Wise King
of the Forest with their power,
Evileye : and are keeping him in submission. (0:07:43.77)
Gagaran : That's pretty awesome, isn't it? (0:07:46.02)
Climb : You mean, that would be hard,
even for you, Miss Gagaran?
Gagaran : Thousands of undead wouldn't be a problem, (0:07:52.78)
Gagaran : but a gigant basilisk,
with its petrifying gaze and toxic venom?
Gagaran : Without restorative measures,
that would be too much for me.
Gagaran : That is the ultimate foe for a warrior. (0:08:03.33)
Climb : I know how strong Blue Rose is. (0:08:06.59)
Climb : Miss Gagaran, there is no way you could
be outdone by any newcomers to town!
Gagaran : Whoo! Thanks for the high praise. (0:08:13.05)
Gagaran : --Okay, sleep with me.
--No, I must decline.
Climb : --Okay, sleep with me.
--No, I must decline.
Gagaran : See, this is why you're still a virgin! (0:08:18.72)
Evileye : This idle chit-chat has gone on a bit too long. (0:08:21.27)
Evileye : We need to go do as Lakyus said
and begin getting ready.
Climb : Please do. (0:08:28.40)
Climb : --Climb...
Gagaran : --Climb...
Gagaran : That sword on your hip--
that isn't your usual weapon, is it?
Climb : No, this is a backup sword. (0:08:34.53)
Gagaran : There's no telling what might happen. (0:08:37.16)
Gagaran : You should always keep a weapon on you. (0:08:39.45)
Gagaran : Also, you have the items I gave you? (0:08:41.87)
Climb : Do you mean those bells?
Yes, they are right here.
Gagaran : Good. (0:08:48.46)
Gagaran : Keep three healing potions on you, just in case. (0:08:49.55)
Climb : Understood. (0:08:53.05)
Evileye : You're a bigger mother hen
than I'd have expected.
Gagaran : Stop teasing me. (0:08:56.55)
EXTRA : You punk-ass brat! (0:09:03.81)
EXTRA : You're filthy! (0:09:05.81)
EXTRA : All he did was bump into him. (0:09:07.56)
EXTRA : They're going to kill him like this. (0:09:09.69)
Brain Unglaus : What kind of moves were those? (0:09:21.74)
EXTRA : Hey, old man, what are you trying to pull? (0:09:23.95)
EXTRA : Back off, if you know what's good for you. (0:09:26.00)
Climb : Let me through! (0:09:29.34)
EXTRA : Huh? What was that, old man? (0:09:32.09)
Sebas Tian : I will say it again. Depart from here. (0:09:34.26)
EXTRA : Why, you...! (0:09:36.47)
Sebas Tian : Shall we keep going? (0:09:45.60)
EXTRA : W-We're sorry! (0:09:49.27)
Climb : Hey there! (0:09:52.82)
Climb : Are you okay? Shake it off.
You have no broken bones.
Climb : I'm going to give you some medicine now. (0:09:59.11)
Climb : Here, can you swallow this? (0:10:02.28)
Climb : That's it. Nice and slow. Good. (0:10:04.87)
Climb : There's nothing to worry about now. (0:10:09.46)
Climb : Excuse me... (0:10:13.42)
Climb : Excuse me! (0:10:28.81)
Sebas Tian : Is there something you need? (0:10:31.40)
Sebas Tian : Who exactly are you? (0:10:36.74)
Climb : My name is Climb,
and I am one of this land's soldiers.
Climb : Thank you for doing what ordinarily
would have been my job.
Sebas Tian : It was no bother. Now, I must be going. (0:10:48.96)
Climb : Please wait! (0:10:52.33)
Climb : If you would not mind, could you
teach me that move you did back there?
Sebas Tian : How do you mean? (0:10:58.76)
Climb : I am trying to improve myself,
so that I can become stronger.
Climb : After seeing your outstanding moves, (0:11:05.14)
Climb : I was hoping that you might
teach me even a little of your technique.
Sebas Tian : Hmm, all right, please show me your hands. (0:11:12.86)
Climb : Sure. (0:11:16.53)
Sebas Tian : Thick and firm. Good hands for a warrior. (0:11:21.20)
Climb : Oh, no, I am no more than a negligible warrior. (0:11:25.41)
Sebas Tian : I do not think you need to be modest. (0:11:29.46)
Sebas Tian : Now, may I see your sword? (0:11:32.50)
Climb : Right. (0:11:35.21)
Sebas Tian : Hmm, is this your backup weapon? (0:11:38.51)
Climb : How did you know that? (0:11:41.26)
Sebas Tian : It has a number of dings in it. (0:11:42.76)
Climb : I am embarrassed that you had to see that. (0:11:45.26)
Sebas Tian : I see. I now have a rudimentary
grasp of your personality.
Sebas Tian : The hands and weapon are a mirror
which reflects who a warrior is.
Sebas Tian : You present an extremely favorable impression. (0:11:57.02)
Sebas Tian : Now, please allow me to ask you a question. (0:12:01.03)
Sebas Tian : Why do you want to become stronger? (0:12:03.11)
Climb : Huh? (0:12:06.45)
Sebas Tian : A moment ago,
you said you wanted me to train you.
Sebas Tian : While I credit you as being trustworthy, (0:12:10.91)
Sebas Tian : I would like to know
the reason why you seek more power.
Climb : Well... (0:12:18.34)
Climb : Because I am a man. (0:12:35.69)
Sebas Tian : Ho... (0:12:38.36)
Sebas Tian : Based on your answer, I have decided
what kind of training to give you.
Climb : Thank you very-- (0:12:43.49)
Sebas Tian : However, forgive me for saying so,
but in my view, you have no talent.
Sebas Tian : Let me be frank. (0:12:50.91)
Sebas Tian : You might die from this. (0:12:53.16)
Sebas Tian : It depends upon your heart.
If there is someone precious to you,
Sebas Tian : you should be fine. (0:13:03.01)
Climb : I am ready. Please proceed. (0:13:06.93)
Sebas Tian : You are confident you will not die, then? (0:13:10.06)
Sebas Tian : Very well. (0:13:15.98)
Sebas Tian : All right, I will train you here. (0:13:17.65)
Climb : What, right here? (0:13:20.48)
Sebas Tian : Yes. Please stand ready with your weapon. (0:13:22.11)
Climb : Right! (0:13:24.15)
Sebas Tian : Okay, here we go. Please hold fast to your wits. (0:13:33.20)
Sebas Tian : Is this the extent of your manhood? (0:14:00.15)
Sebas Tian : I am still merely getting ready. (0:14:04.44)
Sebas Tian : Now then, die, if you please! (0:14:09.62)
Sebas Tian : Congratulations. How does it feel
to overcome the fear of death?
Sebas Tian : You did well to avoid dying of shock.
That sometimes happens--
Sebas Tian : A person is prepared to die, and as a result, (0:14:50.28)
Sebas Tian : they go and abandon their hold on life. (0:14:52.83)
Climb : F-Forgive me for asking,
but who are you? What exactly do you...?
Sebas Tian : I am nothing more than an old man
who simply knows how to handle himself.
Sebas Tian : For now, anyway. (0:15:07.42)
Sebas Tian : Now, once again... (0:15:11.01)
Brain Unglaus : Hold on a minute! (0:15:12.76)
Climb : An acquaintance of yours? (0:15:16.64)
Sebas Tian : No. (0:15:18.77)
Sebas Tian : So then, he is not
an acquaintance of yours, either?
Brain Unglaus : First off, my name is Brain Unglaus. (0:15:28.74)
Brain Unglaus : Please allow me to again apologize
for interrupting you two.
Climb : Your name--I recognize it as that of a warrior (0:15:38.95)
Climb : who once fought
the royal head warrior toe-to-toe.
Sebas Tian : So then, what can I do for you? (0:15:44.67)
Climb : Wh-What is it? (0:15:48.67)
Brain Unglaus : How... How could you remain standing
with death so close at hand?
Brain Unglaus : I'd like to know. That went beyond
what a normal man could withstand.
Brain Unglaus : That was something not even I--
pardon, someone like me, could bear.
Brain Unglaus : Nonetheless, that wasn't true of you.
You held your own.
Brain Unglaus : How did you do something that great? (0:16:12.86)
Climb : I am not sure. (0:16:16.62)
Climb : However, it may be because
I was thinking about my mistress.
Brain Unglaus : Mistress? (0:16:23.33)
Climb : Yes, I was thinking about
the lady whose service I am in,
Climb : and got through it. (0:16:28.17)
Brain Unglaus : That's how...? (0:16:29.63)
Sebas Tian : Lord Unglaus... (0:16:31.51)
Sebas Tian : He had enough loyalty
to be able to overcome his fear.
Sebas Tian : People can muster
an unbelievable amount of power,
Sebas Tian : if it is for someone who is important to them. (0:16:41.31)
Sebas Tian : I believe that that is the strength of a person. (0:16:44.77)
Sebas Tian : If there is something else
that you refuse to concede,
Sebas Tian : then you can demonstrate a power
beyond what you perceive as yourself.
Brain Unglaus : The only ones I've had, I've already forsaken. (0:16:57.24)
Climb : That is all right! (0:17:00.08)
Climb : I could do it, and I have no talent. (0:17:01.41)
Climb : Knowing you, Lord Unglaus,
you definitely can, too!
Brain Unglaus : You are both kind and strong. Thanks. (0:17:08.34)
Brain Unglaus : I really have been... (0:17:13.76)
Sebas Tian : Lord Unglaus... (0:17:16.59)
Brain Unglaus : You can drop the "Lord" business. (0:17:18.51)
Brain Unglaus : I'm nobody that a person
such as yourself needs to pay respect to.
Sebas Tian : Then it would please me
for you to call me Sebas.
Sebas Tian : Now then, Unglaus, would you and Climb
both mind leaving here at once?
Sebas Tian : It appears I have some visitors. (0:17:34.45)
Sebas Tian : Over there, as well. (0:17:42.41)
Climb : Who are they? (0:17:48.25)
Brain Unglaus : Those are poisoned.
Climb, watch yourself. They're assassins.
Climb : Perhaps I will be in the way,
but I would like to fight, too.
Climb : As one who preserves the peace in the capital, (0:18:02.10)
Climb : it is only right that I defend its citizens. (0:18:04.39)
Brain Unglaus : In that case, I will help you, too. (0:18:06.69)
Sebas Tian : Well then, I will take on
those three over there,
Sebas Tian : so can I ask you two to take on this pair? (0:18:13.90)
Climb : --Yes!
Brain Unglaus : --Yes!
Sebas Tian : Now then, I am afraid that
I will be confronting all of you.
Sebas Tian : Would you mind not going after
these gentleman on the side?
Climb : That was amazing. (0:18:30.42)
Brain Unglaus : Yeah. If anyone claimed Lord Sebas
was the mightiest man in the kingdom,
Brain Unglaus : I'd agree with them. (0:18:35.30)
Climb : Even stronger than Lord Stronoff? (0:18:37.13)
Brain Unglaus : We wouldn't stand a chance against him
if we took him on together . Now,
Brain Unglaus : here they come. I'll take the one on the left; (0:18:44.18)
Brain Unglaus : you have the one on the right. (0:18:46.39)
Brain Unglaus : Now then, (0:18:50.15)
Brain Unglaus : I hate to ask, (0:18:51.27)
Brain Unglaus : but would you be the fall guy
who recoups my time spent out of practice?
Sebas Tian : Oh, so that is what the story is... (0:18:55.61)
Sebas Tian : You were out of practice. (0:19:01.12)
Sebas Tian : Then this might be just the thing. (0:19:07.75)
Sebas Tian : These opponents are perfect
for shaking the rust off.
Brain Unglaus : Don't get in too deep
until you've determined his reach.
Climb : Right! (0:19:21.89)
Sebas Tian : He seems like a fairly benevolent gentleman. (0:19:22.47)
Sebas Tian : Fright is an important emotion.
However, you cannot be bound by it.
Sebas Tian : If your physical abilities are not
up to the task, prevail with your heart.
Sebas Tian : There are times when
the mind outperforms the body.
Climb : If by chance, I die here...
please tell Princess Renner...
Climb : ...please tell Her Highness that I fought well. (0:20:01.68)
Climb : Martial Art! (0:20:07.18)
Climb : Slash! (0:20:08.72)
Brain Unglaus : Well done. (0:20:17.78)
Brain Unglaus : Nice going, Climb. (0:20:19.61)
Sebas Tian : Seeing as how they
followed me from the mansion,
Sebas Tian : I would venture that these are Succulent's men. (0:20:28.87)
Climb : What did you do to him? (0:20:36.96)
Sebas Tian : It is a skill called "Palm of the Puppeteer."
It appears to be working.
Sebas Tian : Now then, to begin interrogating him. (0:20:45.18)
Brain Unglaus : Eight Fingers is a relatively large
criminal society within the kingdom, right?
Climb : Yes it is. (0:20:53.48)
Climb : I have heard the name Succulent. (0:20:54.77)
Climb : Something about him being one of
the adamantite class Six Arms.
Brain Unglaus : So then, Lord Sebas,
what are you going to do now?
Sebas Tian : I have made up my mind.
The first thing I will do
Sebas Tian : is go and bring down the place
that is the source of this trouble.
Sebas Tian : He says that Succulent will be there, as well. (0:21:12.83)
Sebas Tian : Best to stamp out any sparks straight away. (0:21:16.04)
Sebas Tian : Can I ask you two to carry
this bunch to a guardhouse?
Brain Unglaus : Just a moment, please!
Would it be all right if I helped you?
Climb : Me, too, please! (0:21:26.68)
Sebas Tian : While I believe that
Unglaus would fare just fine,
Sebas Tian : you might find yourself in a bit of peril. (0:21:31.97)
Climb : Looking the other way,
just because of the danger,
Climb : would prove that I am a man
unfit to serve my mistress.
Sebas Tian : Then you have made your resolve? (0:21:41.61)
Sebas Tian : Very well. Then there is
nothing more to be said.
Sebas Tian : All right, both of you, please assist me. (0:21:51.87)

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