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Arisa : My name is Arisa, Satou-sama. (0:00:03.31)
Satou Pendragon : She actually pronounced Satou correctly! (0:00:08.81)
Satou Pendragon : Could she be... (0:00:11.10)
Satou Pendragon : I guess I can try a test. (0:00:13.28)
Arisa : Get it off! (0:00:20.18)
Arisa : I hate spiders! So gross! (0:00:21.80)
Satou Pendragon : I thought so... (0:00:24.94)
EXTRA : How about it? Step right up! (0:01:57.41)
EXTRA : Acquired Skill: Contract (0:02:00.64)
Satou Pendragon : I ended up forming the contract anyway... (0:02:01.30)
Satou Pendragon : You've got a spider in your hair. (0:02:06.44)
EXTRA : Character (0:02:08.81)
Satou Pendragon : I whispered to her in Japanese. (0:02:09.38)
EXTRA : Character
Shiga Kingdom Language
Satou Pendragon : And since she understood that... (0:02:11.68)
Arisa : My name is Arisa. (0:02:17.21)
EXTRA : Arisa
Lv. 10
Arisa : It has been eleven years since I was
born in the lost Kingdom of Kuvork.
Arisa : I hope you treat me well for
as long as you'll have me.
EXTRA : Lulu
Lv. 2
Lulu : I'm Lulu. I'm 14. (0:02:27.25)
Lulu : I'm from the Kingdom of Kuvork. (0:02:30.60)
Lulu : As you can see, I'm homely
and weak-looking,
Lulu : but I'm sturdy as horse or a heifer,
so please don't cast me aside.
Satou Pendragon : It's nice to meet you girls. (0:02:40.94)
Satou Pendragon : My name is Satou. (0:02:42.72)
Pochi : I am Pochi. (0:02:46.09)
Tama : Tama... (0:02:47.92)
Liza : I'm Liza of the Orangescale race. (0:02:49.24)
Liza : I was born in an Orangescale village that
was wiped out by the Weaselmen race,
Liza : and sold to the Shiga Kingdom as a slave. (0:02:55.66)
Liza : Luckily, I have come to serve
a wonderful new master...
Satou Pendragon : Liza... (0:03:01.21)
Satou Pendragon : Keep it short. (0:03:02.69)
Liza : I-I'm terribly sorry, sir! (0:03:03.84)
Arisa : It's quite rare to see
odd-eared races as slaves.
Satou Pendragon : Well, we've kind of bonded. (0:03:12.00)
Liza : They're good girls, so please,
be patient with them.
Arisa : Oh, how could I ever be upset
with such cute darlings?
Tama : Cute? (0:03:23.20)
Pochi : You are cute, Tama! (0:03:25.51)
Tama : You're cute, too, Pochi! (0:03:27.26)
Arisa : It's nice to meet you. (0:03:29.15)
Lulu : It's a pleasure to work with you. (0:03:30.33)
Pochi : The pleasure is ours! (0:03:31.72)
Tama : What she said. (0:03:33.05)
Liza : It's nice to have you two join us. (0:03:34.82)
Arisa : You all seem so wonderful! (0:03:36.32)
Satou Pendragon : She doesn't have any prejudice
against demi-humans?
Satou Pendragon : That's a relief. (0:03:39.20)
Satou Pendragon : Okay, let's head back to the inn. (0:03:41.08)
EXTRA : Yes! (0:03:42.56)
Pochi : 'Kay! (0:03:42.56b)
Tama : Me, too! (0:03:45.51)
Pochi : I want to hold hands, too! (0:03:47.08)
EXTRA : Excuse me, but... (0:03:49.45)
EXTRA : There you are! (0:03:50.89)
Satou Pendragon : Since the kids are around... (0:03:59.64)
Satou Pendragon : I'll bring up her knowing
Japanese some other time.
Satou Pendragon : Since something smells good, why don't
we grab some dinner before going home?
Satou Pendragon : What should we eat? (0:04:12.79)
Tama : Meat! (0:04:14.14)
Pochi : I'd like meat. (0:04:15.66)
Liza : We'll eat anything you offer us, Master, (0:04:17.64)
Liza : but if I had to choose,
my preference is poultry.
Satou Pendragon : That's about what I figured. (0:04:25.82)
Arisa : Should we not be grateful for
being fed at all, as slaves?
Satou Pendragon : So, what did you usually eat before? (0:04:36.96)
Lulu : All I can remember eating since
becoming a slave was rye bread...
Arisa : Hot soup was considered a feast. (0:04:44.27)
Liza : We'd be lucky to eat once a day, (0:04:47.43)
Liza : and when we frequently got hungry enough,
we'd look for wild fruit and flowers,
Liza : and basically anything edible in the park. (0:04:53.21)
Tama : Acorns! (0:04:56.40)
Pochi : And weeds! (0:04:57.98)
Satou Pendragon : R-Really? (0:05:00.29)
Satou Pendragon : I see her tail is reacting honestly. (0:05:11.72)
Satou Pendragon : Well, let's eat. (0:05:17.06)
Lulu : Thank you for the food. (0:05:18.69)
Arisa : Thank you for the food. (0:05:18.69)
Tama : Thank you for the food... (0:05:23.73)
Pochi : Thank you for the food... (0:05:23.73)
Pochi : Oh, so hot! (0:05:26.77)
Satou Pendragon : Try blowing on it with one long
breath, and then eating it.
Pochi : Okies! (0:05:33.63)
Tama : 'Kay. (0:05:35.42)
Arisa : Are you trying to murder me with moe? (0:05:36.41)
Tama : Chewy. (0:05:38.96)
Lulu : It's quite tasty. (0:05:40.28)
Pochi : This is really crunchy! (0:05:41.63)
EXTRA : Simmered Sheep Entrails (0:05:44.36)
Satou Pendragon : It's a little salty, (0:05:46.13)
Satou Pendragon : but it tastes pretty good. (0:05:47.96)
Satou Pendragon : There seems to be a lot of
manual laborers who eat here,
Satou Pendragon : so maybe it's tailored to their tastes. (0:05:52.09)
Satou Pendragon : Food made with entrails (0:05:54.16)
Satou Pendragon : is generally supposed to have a variety
of textures and flavors for you to enjoy,
Satou Pendragon : but there are some people who have
trouble with the unique aroma.
Satou Pendragon : I don't know if they were just
meticulous in preparing it,
Satou Pendragon : or if there's something unique about
the vegetables it was simmered with,
Satou Pendragon : but this doesn't have any foul odor! (0:06:06.83)
EXTRA : Would you like to try some of this? (0:06:07.93)
EXTRA : Grilled Intestines (0:06:09.76)
Satou Pendragon : This is just like tecchanyaki... (0:06:10.53)
Satou Pendragon : And this must be heart and liver. (0:06:14.21)
Pochi : It'sh sh-sho shpicy! (0:06:18.48)
Tama : Spicy good! (0:06:20.27)
Liza : It looks like the capsicum
has been cooked into it.
Liza : Pochi, Tama, if it's too hot
for you, don't force yourselves.
Liza : I can take care of it by eating
any you have left over.
Lulu : Here. (0:06:31.84)
Tama : Thanks. (0:06:33.13)
Pochi : Yes, thank you! (0:06:34.33)
EXTRA : Slave Clothes

Slave Clothes
Arisa : Eat up. (0:06:36.82)
Lulu : Please, enjoy. (0:06:37.77)
Liza : Where are you going, Master? (0:06:40.64)
Satou Pendragon : I wanted to make an extra order,
and do a bit of shopping nearby.
Liza : I-I can help with the shopping! (0:06:46.96)
Satou Pendragon : You should all keep eating. (0:06:48.97)
Satou Pendragon : Consider that an order. (0:06:51.19)
Satou Pendragon : Grilled chicken, huh? (0:06:58.60)
Satou Pendragon : Liza said she wanted some chicken, (0:07:00.04)
Satou Pendragon : so I'll buy some for a late night snack. (0:07:01.81)
EXTRA : Acquired Item: Grilled Chicken (0:07:04.52)
EXTRA : Naona Niani
Lv. 2 Lv. 2

Nyaoni Wauo Hauha
Lv. 2 Lv. 2 Lv. 2
Satou Pendragon : Want some? (0:07:16.36)
EXTRA : Is... okay...? (0:07:18.10)
EXTRA : Used Skill: Service (0:07:19.54)
Satou Pendragon : It tastes better when you
share it with someone.
Arisa : What do you think? (0:07:25.68)
Satou Pendragon : Looks good to me. (0:07:32.43)
Liza : You have quite an eye, Master. (0:07:34.17)
Tama : Cute! (0:07:36.51)
Pochi : It looks wonderful! (0:07:37.96)
Martha Marientail : Satou-san! (0:07:40.79)
Satou Pendragon : I'm back, Martha-chan. (0:07:42.15)
Tavern Owner : Miss Marientail told me what happened. (0:07:43.79)
Tavern Owner : Sounds like it was a rough stretch. (0:07:46.70)
Tavern Owner : Your room's still as it was, so you
can rest as soon as you want but uh...
Tavern Owner : Seems like you might need more space. (0:07:52.88)
Satou Pendragon : Yes. If it hadn't been for them,
I wouldn't have survived the labyrinth.
Arisa : Labyrinth? (0:08:00.40)
Satou Pendragon : I was hoping to get rooms for them, too.
Are there enough vacancies?
Tavern Owner : Unfortunately we're all booked up... (0:08:06.91)
Satou Pendragon : I get it... (0:08:11.62)
Satou Pendragon : Martha-chan, take the
two of them to my room.
Satou Pendragon : I'll camp out with the others. (0:08:17.52)
Arisa : Master, please, calm yourself. (0:08:21.58)
Arisa : Please, everyone, you're likely to
frighten us with those dreadful scowls.
Arisa : Ma'am, if it's all right, is there a shed or
a stable that we might be able to borrow?
Arisa : These children helped rescue countless
humans while in the labyrinth,
Arisa : and while they may receive
no medal or commendation,
Arisa : might you spare them some
mercy in lieu thereof?
Tavern Owner : Y-Yeah... (0:08:50.86)
Tavern Owner : the shed's full up, but not
many guests came on carriages,
Tavern Owner : so you can use the stable all you want. (0:08:56.97)
Arisa : Was I of some use? (0:09:02.39)
Satou Pendragon : Y-Yeah. You were a big help. (0:09:04.64)
EXTRA : Acquired Skill: Needlework (0:09:08.19)
Satou Pendragon : Okay, this should keep us from
getting needled by hay as we sleep.
Tama : Fluffy! (0:09:14.03)
Satou Pendragon : Why even include needlework? (0:09:14.90)
Pochi : It's like a bed from a castle! (0:09:16.26)
Satou Pendragon : Well, if it comes in handy, that's fine. (0:09:17.08)
Satou Pendragon : If any troublemakers try to sneak in, (0:09:20.44)
Satou Pendragon : let's take care of them without killing them. (0:09:23.00)
Satou Pendragon : If you need any help, just shout
out and I'll be there to help.
Liza : Right, understood. (0:09:29.06)
Tama : Aye aye. (0:09:31.21)
Pochi : Okies, sir! (0:09:32.43)
Satou Pendragon : I don't need any help. (0:09:37.40)
Satou Pendragon : Just see to your own clothes, okay? (0:09:39.65)
Lulu : R-Right. (0:09:41.60)
Satou Pendragon : Are you okay? (0:09:43.73)
Lulu : I-I'm fine! Everything's fine! (0:09:44.60)
Lulu : I'm fine, so... (0:09:46.70)
Satou Pendragon : Maybe Lulu's a bit uncomfortable around men? (0:09:48.36)
Arisa : Everything's ready. (0:09:52.88)
EXTRA : Used Skill: Poker Face (0:09:59.74)
Satou Pendragon : Why did you take everything off? (0:10:01.83)
Satou Pendragon : Are they nudists?! Do they have those here?! (0:10:04.77)
Satou Pendragon : Girls, the covers are on the thin
side, so you'll catch cold like that.
Satou Pendragon : Put something on, okay? (0:10:11.84)
Arisa : B-But what about our services? (0:10:13.17)
Satou Pendragon : Ugh, is it common for slaves to do
that kind of stuff in this world?
Satou Pendragon : Nah, that's fine. (0:10:22.02)
Arisa : It is?! (0:10:23.39)
Satou Pendragon : We're going to go pick up whatever
you all need in the morning,
Satou Pendragon : so get to sleep for now. (0:10:27.92)
Satou Pendragon : You don't ever have to do that
kind of work again, okay?
EXTRA : (0:10:44.41)
EXTRA : Acquired Skill: Psychic Magic (0:10:52.08)
EXTRA : Used Skill: Night Vision (0:10:59.30)
Arisa : Oh? Did I arouse you? (0:11:03.12)
EXTRA : The Crazy Princess That Started With a Death March (0:11:09.60)
Arisa : I gave you a kiss. (0:11:19.68)
Satou Pendragon : Something's off. I don't remember
falling asleep with Arisa...
Satou Pendragon : You're too lovely... I want you... Arisa... (0:11:27.30)
Satou Pendragon : Wait! Since when have I ever been a lolicon?! (0:11:32.04)
Satou Pendragon : It's weird for me to be thinking
this way about a young girl!
Satou Pendragon : It must be these! (0:11:38.72)
Satou Pendragon : Arisa, you are hereby forbidden
from using magic or skills.
Satou Pendragon : That's an order. (0:11:49.44)
Satou Pendragon : I have another order! (0:11:51.60)
Satou Pendragon : Any magic or skills that you've already
activated are to be released now!
Satou Pendragon : I repeat, this is an order! (0:11:57.19)
EXTRA : Psychic Resistance (0:12:01.57)
Arisa : Why? (0:12:05.97)
Satou Pendragon : I get it. This was the second time
you used psychic magic, right?
Satou Pendragon : You used it on the other inn guests, right? (0:12:14.06)
Satou Pendragon : Probably something to neutralize their
disdain for Pochi and the others.
Satou Pendragon : And these are the three
you were using on me...
EXTRA : ≻Acquired Skill: Service
≻Acquired skill: Needlework
≻Used skill: Poker Face
≻Status Effect: Charm
≻Status Effect: Enticing Atmosphere
≻Status Effect: Erotic Atmosphere
≻The effect of Charm was canceled
≻The effect of Enticing Atmosphere was canceled
≻The effect of Erotic Atmosphere was canceled
Satou Pendragon : What were you trying to accomplish
by controlling me with psychic magic?
Arisa : I'm not sure what you're asking... (0:12:29.65)
Satou Pendragon : You're not allowed to
avoid the subject, either.
EXTRA : Acquired Skill: Interrogation (0:12:34.77)
Satou Pendragon : These are orders.
Now, tell me what you wanted.
EXTRA : Character
Psychic Resistance
Satou Pendragon : Might as well see how effective this is. (0:12:38.82)
EXTRA : Character
Psychic Resistance
EXTRA : Used Skill: Interrogation (0:12:41.78)
Satou Pendragon : I'm going to ask again.
Tell me what you were after, without lying.
Arisa : I wanted to service you, Master. (0:12:45.62)
Satou Pendragon : I don't understand what you mean. (0:12:50.20)
Satou Pendragon : Could you try and explain more clearly? (0:12:52.36)
Arisa : Come on! (0:12:55.70)
Arisa : I already told you!
I fell for you the moment I saw you!
Satou Pendragon : You... fell for me? (0:13:03.88)
Arisa : The fine, soft, black hair! (0:13:07.00)
Arisa : An expression devoid of any tension! (0:13:09.02)
Arisa : That authentically Asian baby-face! (0:13:10.51)
Arisa : That slender body! (0:13:11.88)
Arisa : Those smooth limbs with no unwanted hair! (0:13:13.20)
Arisa : If only I could marry someone like you... (0:13:15.23)
Arisa : And now the man of my
dreams is my master,
Arisa : but he says he doesn't
want me to service him?!
Arisa : How can I accept that?! (0:13:23.71)
Arisa : That's why I used magic! (0:13:24.95)
Arisa : So that you'd want me! (0:13:26.97)
Satou Pendragon : So you tried to get me to fall for you,
and wanted to brainwash me afterwards?
Arisa : It's nothing like that! (0:13:36.12)
Arisa : It's a slave's duty to seduce her master,
and then make him feel good!
Satou Pendragon : What sense does that make?! (0:13:43.02)
Satou Pendragon : I get the general idea. (0:13:45.62)
Satou Pendragon : But what's the real reason? (0:13:47.23)
Arisa : I was waiting for you to come calling
on me, but you actually fell asleep...
Arisa : So I had to sneak into your bed instead.
That way I could watch you sleep...
Arisa : And I got turned on! Oopsie! (0:13:58.19)
Arisa : Thah hurs! Thah hurs! (0:14:01.82)
Satou Pendragon : You're trying to tell me that you were
overcome with lust and made a move on me?
Arisa : That's right... (0:14:08.46)
Satou Pendragon : Good grief... What is her deal? (0:14:10.87)
EXTRA : Arisa
Lv. 10
EXTRA : Arisa
Lv. 10
Age: 11 Years Old
Titles: Satou's Slave, Exiled Witch, The Crazy Princess
Skills: Psychic Magic
Gifts: Self-Status, Status Check, Hide Skill, Item Box
Abilities: Never Give Up, Over Boost
Satou Pendragon : I've never seen any of these skills before. (0:14:15.67)
Arisa : My name's Tachibana Arisa. (0:14:20.37)
Arisa : I'm Japanese, like you. (0:14:22.54)
Satou Pendragon : I knew it... (0:14:24.64)
Arisa : Well, more accurately, I'm formerly the
Japanese woman named Tachibana Arisa
Arisa : who was reincarnated in the Kuvork
Kingdom while retaining her memories.
Arisa : Were you reincarnated, too? (0:14:34.08)
Satou Pendragon : Reincarnated? (0:14:35.45)
Arisa : No, wait, with that black hair,
you were probably summoned as a hero,
Arisa : weren't you, Satou-san? (0:14:41.19)
Arisa : Why have you clammed up? (0:14:44.77)
Arisa : You're only the second Japanese person
I've met since being born here.
Satou Pendragon : The second? Then... (0:14:51.07)
Arisa : I don't mean Lulu. (0:14:53.67)
Arisa : But her great-grandfather was
a Japanese person, apparently.
Arisa : It's cruel how genetics works, isn't it? (0:14:58.88)
Arisa : If she had been born in Japan,
she could've become an idol.
Satou Pendragon : What's are you talking about? (0:15:03.88)
Arisa : The people here don't find
her attractive at all.
Arisa : Now, getting back to your
question from before...
Arisa : Satou-san, were you
reincarnated or a transfer?
Satou Pendragon : Stop calling me Satou-san. (0:15:14.80)
Arisa : Certainly, Master. (0:15:16.84)
Satou Pendragon : What's the distinction between the two? (0:15:19.19)
Arisa : People who are reincarnated died from old
age or accidents in our old world,
Arisa : before being reborn here. (0:15:26.40)
Arisa : People who are transported here (0:15:29.27)
Arisa : are forced to appear in this
world via summoning magic.
Arisa : They're either heroes or transfers. (0:15:34.22)
Satou Pendragon : And people who are reincarnated
always start as babies?
Arisa : In this world, that's how it works. (0:15:39.67)
Satou Pendragon : Do people who are transported
keep their original appearance?
Satou Pendragon : Do they keep their clothes, their belongings?
Keep the same features?
Arisa : From what I hear, (0:15:48.91)
Arisa : they appear wearing what they wore
at the time they were transported.
Arisa : Their features stay the same, too! (0:15:53.88)
Satou Pendragon : I don't think either applies to me, then. (0:16:04.10)
Arisa : You didn't meet God, then? (0:16:07.28)
Satou Pendragon : God?! No, I didn't. (0:16:09.21)
Arisa : Well, were you inside a summoner's
circle when you appeared in this world?
Satou Pendragon : No, I was in the wasteland, by myself. (0:16:16.24)
Arisa : Then... did you start out with a
high level? Or have infinite MP?
Arisa : Maybe a bunch of skills? (0:16:22.78)
Satou Pendragon : I started at level 1, and had zero MP. (0:16:24.92)
Satou Pendragon : No skills, either. (0:16:28.46)
Satou Pendragon : Wait, I had those disposable
Meteor Shower icons, didn't I?
Arisa : What the hell? Good luck
beating any game like that.
Satou Pendragon : Quick question, Arisa. (0:16:39.84)
Arisa : I'll tell you anything you want! (0:16:41.27)
Arisa : My bust size, for instance— (0:16:43.23)
Satou Pendragon : This isn't an order. (0:16:46.21)
Satou Pendragon : If you don't want to answer,
you can stay quiet.
Satou Pendragon : Can you tell me how you became a slave? (0:16:53.59)
Martha Marientail : Satou-san, are you awake? (0:17:07.71)
Martha Marientail : Your girlfriend's here! (0:17:10.48)
Zena Marientail : I-I'm not... (0:17:12.20)
Satou Pendragon : Good morning. (0:17:13.55)
Satou Pendragon : Sorry for being so messy. (0:17:15.63)
Satou Pendragon : I'll get changed right away. (0:17:18.32)
Martha Marientail : Hey, your body's pretty nice. (0:17:20.03)
Lulu : Master... if you're too
rough, you'll hurt me...
Zena Marientail : H-H... (0:17:37.86)
Zena Marientail : How salacious! (0:17:40.87)
Zena Marientail : Stupid Satou-san! (0:17:42.30)
Martha Marientail : Sorry to interrupt! (0:17:46.82)
Arisa : Aren't you going after her? (0:17:51.22)
Arisa : It'll only get more complicated
the longer you wait.
Satou Pendragon : It shouldn't be complicated in the first
place, since we're just friends...
EXTRA : Acquired Skill: Dancing (0:18:05.85)
Satou Pendragon : Zena-san... you've got the wrong idea. (0:18:06.16)
Zena Marientail : But you were sleeping with that cute girl! (0:18:09.81)
Satou Pendragon : She probably got into my bed
because she was half asleep.
EXTRA : Acquired Skill: Persuasion (0:18:15.74)
Zena Marientail : B-But Lilio said that men buy female slaves
so that they'll service them at night!
Satou Pendragon : Damn, Lilio! (0:18:22.64)
Satou Pendragon : That depends on the person. (0:18:24.12)
Satou Pendragon : I just thought they could
help with my daily business.
Zena Marientail : I-Is that true? (0:18:30.17)
Satou Pendragon : You're dressed differently today. (0:18:33.65)
Satou Pendragon : Your clothes are more frilly, and there's
an elegance in your sleek appearance.
Satou Pendragon : It really makes you look pretty, Zena-san. (0:18:40.78)
Satou Pendragon : A bit of praise can help
smooth mix-ups like this over.
Zena Marientail : Oh, no... it's just my clothes. (0:18:46.96)
Satou Pendragon : I know. (0:18:50.04)
Satou Pendragon : There's a store up ahead that
sells the most wonderful shawls.
Satou Pendragon : Would you like to check it out with me? (0:18:54.11)
Satou Pendragon : I think they'd look great on you. (0:18:56.00)
Zena Marientail : Really? Sure, I'd love to! (0:18:58.09)
Arisa : Welcome home, Master! (0:19:04.99)
Arisa : I'm glad you were able to straighten
out the misunderstanding!
Satou Pendragon : You make it sound like you
didn't cause the problem!
Satou Pendragon : I'm back. Could you get the others? (0:19:15.33)
Arisa : Sure! (0:19:18.84)
Satou Pendragon : Can you tell me how you became a slave? (0:19:24.10)
Arisa : I tried to use the knowledge (0:19:28.55)
Arisa : I had from before being reincarnated
to make my country wealthy, and failed.
Arisa : I was actually a princess, y'know. (0:19:34.16)
Arisa : At first things went smoothly, (0:19:37.51)
Arisa : but then things suspiciously
started to fail,
Arisa : the land took a turn for a worse,
conflict started to break out,
Arisa : and in the end a neighboring
country took over.
Satou Pendragon : You think someone's responsible? (0:19:46.81)
Arisa : I do. (0:19:48.87)
Arisa : But I didn't find out until much later. (0:19:50.19)
Arisa : At the time, I was depressed, (0:19:52.76)
Arisa : and chalked it up to the differences
between this world and Earth...
Arisa : After our country was taken over, (0:19:57.92)
Arisa : they publicly executed the
king, the crown prince,
Arisa : and their consorts to quell dissent. (0:20:04.40)
Arisa : Not only that, but they ordered
the imperial mages to force us,
Arisa : the only survivors, into slavery... (0:20:12.43)
Arisa : But one day, a demon
appeared from somewhere,
Arisa : destroying the castle and castle town. (0:20:24.83)
Arisa : The villa I had been staying
in was burned down,
Arisa : and together with Lulu,
we ran for the mountains.
Arisa : We were near death while hiding out there, (0:20:33.60)
Arisa : when that slave trader Nidoren picked us up. (0:20:37.21)
Arisa : Lulu wasn't feeling too well,
so I let her stay in the room.
Satou Pendragon : Okay, got it. (0:20:49.42)
Satou Pendragon : That should be fine. (0:20:50.86)
Satou Pendragon : Go and use this money to buy some clothes
and daily necessities for the others.
Satou Pendragon : Arisa, I'll let you handle the
negotiations and budgeting.
Arisa : Consider it done! (0:21:00.19)
Satou Pendragon : Liza, keep Arisa safe from
pickpockets and kidnappers.
Liza : Yes, sir. (0:21:05.93)
Pochi : I can keep her safe, too! (0:21:06.64)
Tama : Same! (0:21:08.16)
Satou Pendragon : Okay, you two protect either side of her. (0:21:09.55)
Arisa : Is it all right if I use local security
magic and concealment skills?
Satou Pendragon : I guess you were still
banned from using those.
Satou Pendragon : All right, permission granted. (0:21:23.93)
Arisa : Thank you! Now then, we'll be off! (0:21:25.63)
Pochi : Off we go! (0:21:28.51)
Tama : What to buy... (0:21:30.08)
Zena Marientail : They seem a lot more comfortable. (0:21:30.51)
Liza : We have a list already. (0:21:32.11)
Satou Pendragon : You're right... (0:21:33.29)
Satou Pendragon : They don't deserve to be treated like slaves, (0:21:34.92)
Satou Pendragon : but they seem more at ease that way. (0:21:37.53)
EXTRA : City Defense That Began With a Death March (0:23:35.01)

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Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

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