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What can one person do?!

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Darling in the FranXX - Episode 16

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Hiro : This is a beast princess's love story. Line ID
Hiro : One day, she meets a human prince
and wishes to become one with him.
Line ID
Hiro : "I want to live as a human.
I want to be united with him."
Line ID
Hiro : The witch replied like so: Line ID
Hiro : "I can help you if you offer me your wings. Line ID
Hiro : But keep this in mind. Line ID
Hiro : No matter how you disguise
yourself, you are a beast,
Line ID
Hiro : and you will consume the
prince's life one day."
Line ID
Hiro : The princess ripped off her wings Line ID
Hiro : and was assaulted by pain far more
intense than she had ever felt.
Line ID
Hiro : She could never fly again. Line ID
Hiro : Even so, she smiled happily,
with tears of joy streaming down her face.
Line ID
Hiro : "I'm human! I'm human! Line ID
Hiro : I'm the same as him now!" Line ID
EXTRA : Mobile Aerial Fortress: Cosmos Line ID
Droopy Hat : Our parasite reserves have dwindled
to 60 percent after the last battle.
Line ID
Flat Hat : Don't you think we went too far
by blowing those plantations up?
Line ID
Pointy Hat : The ends justify the means. Humanity
now has control of Gran Crevasse.
Line ID
Pointy Hat : Hringhorni's construction has
entered the final phase, too.
Line ID
EXTRA : Hringhorni Construction Site Line ID
Fancy Hat : The time has come. Line ID
Fancy Hat : I've already sent two
messengers to you-know-where.
Line ID
Fancy Hat : This will likely be our
final warning to them.
Line ID
Fancy Hat : There is no need for two keys. Line ID
Fancy Hat : Now, Klaxosaur Princess,
what will you choose?
Line ID
Hiro : That day, in the Battle of Gran Crevasse, Line ID
Hiro : our plantation was left in ruins. Line ID
Hiro : But we're still living here in Mistilteinn. Line ID
Hiro : We are to stand by and
wait for our next mission.
Line ID
Hiro : One month has already passed since
we were given those orders.
Line ID
Zorome : Oh, it's Papa! Line ID
Hiro : We children have always lived by ourselves, Line ID
Hiro : but some things have changed now. Line ID
Hiro : The damage to the plantation has
affected the water supply system,
Line ID
Hiro : and we've also had to restrict
our electricity usage.
Line ID
EXTRA : Save Energy Line ID
Hiro : And to top it all off, our mysterious
caretakers are gone now.
Line ID
Futoshi : One, two... Line ID
Miku : Talk about making a racket. Line ID
Kokoro : She's on messenger duty this week? Line ID
Miku : Looks like it. Line ID
Hiro : The only thing we were told Line ID
Hiro : was that food supplies would
be delivered to us once a week.
Line ID
Hiro : That was all. Line ID
Hiro : We're spending our days completely
in the dark about things.
Line ID
Mitsuru : The water's starting to go foul here, too. Line ID
Hiro : Yeah. Line ID
Hiro : But it might be drinkable if we filter it. Line ID
Mitsuru : That said, there's no telling
how long we can keep this up.
Line ID
Mitsuru : The water supply to this
area could stop at any time.
Line ID
Hiro : Yeah, you're right. Line ID
Zero Two : Found you. Line ID
Zero Two : Time for breakfast, you two. Line ID
Zero Two : Take care of this, darling. Line ID
Hiro : Doing okay? Line ID
Zero Two : Yep, all good. Line ID
Zorome : I'm starving! Line ID
Zorome : Man, this again? Line ID
Ichigo : What else can we do? Line ID
Ichigo : You don't have to eat it if you don't want it. Line ID
Zorome : Hey! I didn't say I wouldn't eat it! Line ID
Ikuno : Sorry. I'll help. Line ID
Ichigo : Nah, it's fine. Line ID
Ichigo : Anyway, has your fever gone down? Line ID
Ikuno : I'm used to it now. Line ID
Zero Two : 36.7 degrees... Line ID
Zero Two : Normal body temperature. Line ID
Zero Two : But don't push yourself, okay? Line ID
Ikuno : G-Got it. Thanks. Line ID
EXTRA : May Papa's heart be filled
with peace for eternity.
Line ID
EXTRA : Let's eat. Line ID
Zero Two : Morning laundry: okay. Line ID
Zero Two : Carrying the rations: okay. Line ID
Zero Two : Thirty minutes for breakfast. Line ID
Zero Two : After that... Line ID
Miku : You're awfully meticulous. Line ID
Miku : Nobody's going to complain
if you go a bit off-schedule.
Line ID
Zero Two : That won't do! We all agreed to these rules! Line ID
EXTRA : Everyone washes their own undies!
Put them in the laundry box, and you will die!
Line ID
EXTRA : Chore Wheel Line ID
Zero Two : We're the only ones here,
so we gotta obey them.
Line ID
Miku : Wow, look who's turned over a new leaf. Line ID
Ikuno : What happened to your wild side? Line ID
Zero Two : Exactly. That's why I wanna do things right. Line ID
Miku : Oh, really now? Line ID
Zero Two : Really. Line ID
Hiro : What's wrong? Do you not feel well? Line ID
Futoshi : Oh, no. Line ID
Futoshi : Just, uh... Line ID
Futoshi : You know! I'm dieting! Line ID
Zorome : You? Dieting? Line ID
Zorome : You ain't cut out for that. Line ID
Futoshi : Say what? Line ID
Zorome : Also, it'd just be a waste of time. Line ID
Futoshi : We don't— Line ID
Dr. Franxx : You haven't made contact, I hope? Line ID
Hachi : That's right. Line ID
Dr. Franxx : Good. Line ID
Dr. Franxx : If you intervene with the children,
this whole project will be ruined.
Line ID
Nana : Doctor, I fail to understand this. Line ID
Nana : If we keep this up, all our
efforts will have been in vain.
Line ID
Nana : They went to hell and came back alive. Line ID
Nana : I'm sure they'll continue to be
major assets to Papa and the rest.
Line ID
Nana : Even if we are to keep the test
going, we should at least—
Line ID
Dr. Franxx : Always so inflexible. Line ID
Dr. Franxx : You've been down this road too, you know. Line ID
Dr. Franxx : Keep it up, Hachi. Line ID
Nana : Wait, Doctor! Line ID
Nana : Good grief! What is with him? Line ID
Gorou : It's been one whole month. Line ID
Gorou : How long will we have to stand by? Line ID
Hiro : Do you want to get back
in the FRANXX already?
Line ID
Gorou : You know, we were fighting battles
in which we could die at any time,
Line ID
Gorou : but not having to fight makes
us all fidgety too, huh?
Line ID
Gorou : I'm surprised, though. Line ID
Gorou : I thought you were the one most
obsessed with piloting the FRANXX.
Line ID
Kokoro : You want me to cut your hair? Line ID
Kokoro : Where is this coming from? Line ID
Kokoro : Oh, I don't mind at all. Line ID
Kokoro : If you're okay with me, I'd love to! Line ID
Mitsuru : What was I even hoping for? Line ID
Mitsuru : Did I want him to apologize? Line ID
Mitsuru : Or was I searching for
a reason to forgive him?
Line ID
Mitsuru : I got it all mixed up. Line ID
Mitsuru : Both the promise we made,
and how he'd forgotten about it...
Line ID
Mitsuru : He'd done nothing wrong. Line ID
Mitsuru : Maybe I was using my grudge against
Hiro to carve out a niche for myself.
Line ID
Mitsuru : And now, I have nothing... Line ID
Kokoro : Look up, Mitsuru. Line ID
Mitsuru : Wh-What? Line ID
Mitsuru : Does my hair look weird? Line ID
Kokoro : No. You look very handsome. Line ID
Kokoro : If you understand that,
you can start all over again.
Line ID
Kokoro : Even after the misunderstandings, I believe
that the promise you two made is real.
Line ID
Mitsuru : Thank you. Line ID
Mitsuru : It's funny. Hearing that from you
makes me feel like I can do anything.
Line ID
Mitsuru : You're very kind. Line ID
Mitsuru : And you're gifted with your hands... Line ID
Kokoro : Wait, no... What... Line ID
Kokoro : I-I'm so sorry! Line ID
Hiro : Goro developed a fever last week, too. Line ID
Hiro : It must be the Child Fever. Line ID
Hiro : Everything changed in that battle,
like our environment and our lifestyle...
Line ID
Hiro : Zero Two? Line ID
Hiro : Oh, those are sakura buds. Line ID
Zero Two : Sakura? What are the flowers like? Line ID
Hiro : What are they like? Well... Line ID
Hiro : Oh, they're a really pretty color.
The same color as your hair.
Line ID
Zero Two : I can't wait to see them. Line ID
Hiro : What do you think of our lives right now? Line ID
Zero Two : I'm having fun. Line ID
Hiro : You don't find it a pain? Line ID
Zero Two : Not at all. Line ID
Zero Two : In fact, I'd love to live like this forever. Line ID
Hiro : I feel the same way, actually. Line ID
Hiro : I do have my worries, Line ID
Hiro : but all of this is new, and it's
so interesting and exciting.
Line ID
Hiro : And... Line ID
Zero Two : I was supposed to go bathing with the girls! Line ID
Hiro : Huh? Oh... Line ID
Zero Two : No peeking, darling. Line ID
Miku : Did you see Mitsuru's hair? Line ID
Miku : So you really did cut it for him, Kokoro. Line ID
Ikuno : He looked pretty good. Line ID
Ichigo : Yeah. Line ID
Zero Two : Fishie! Line ID
Miku : Hey, sit right! Line ID
Zero Two : Okay. Line ID
Miku : Your hair really is so pretty. Line ID
Zero Two : Darling also said it was
a pretty color earlier.
Line ID
Zero Two : He said flowers the same
color would bloom soon.
Line ID
Miku : Do you two always talk
about corny stuff like that?
Line ID
Zero Two : Now you've done it! Line ID
Kokoro : Sheesh. Line ID
Ikuno : Hey... Line ID
Zero Two : I'll wash your hair for you now, Miku. Line ID
Miku : I'll wash it myself! Line ID
Zero Two : Guess I'll take the body, then! Line ID
Miku : Wait, stop! Line ID
Miku : That tickles! Line ID
Ichigo : We have around five sources
we can use for drinking water.
Line ID
Mitsuru : And two of them are only
usable with filtering.
Line ID
Ikuno : Can't we repair the circulation
system ourselves?
Line ID
Hiro : Mistilteinn doesn't have the equipment
to get it back up and running.
Line ID
Futoshi : And our access to the
elevator is restricted, right?
Line ID
Hiro : Yeah. Line ID
Zorome : Why don't we just send a letter
to Papa and ask him to fix it?
Line ID
Gorou : I don't think there'd be any point to that. Line ID
Zorome : Huh? What makes you so sure? Line ID
Miku : Man, we never realized how big a part
the caretakers played in our lives, huh?
Line ID
Kokoro : Yeah. They always made sure we
had hot food and clean clothes.
Line ID
Miku : What'll become of us if we
stop getting rations, too?
Line ID
Zero Two : We could just cook our own food, then. Line ID
Hiro : Right. Line ID
Hiro : The river still had fish in it.
If we can cook them...
Line ID
Miku : But none of us have ever done that before. Line ID
Futoshi : We were never taught how to. Line ID
Mitsuru : Actually, I think that's a pretty good idea. Line ID
Mitsuru : I believe we had books about
cooking in the study.
Line ID
Kokoro : Then maybe we could do it after all. Line ID
Futoshi : Yeah. Line ID
Ichigo : I want to give it a shot, too. Line ID
Zero Two : That's that, then! Line ID
Futoshi : Look, Zorome! Line ID
Zorome : Aren't you dieting? Why are
you so gung-ho about this?
Line ID
Futoshi : But this is fun! Look at
this stuff burning up!
Line ID
Zorome : Wow, you're right! That's so cool! Line ID
Ichigo : Welcome back. Line ID
Zero Two : We're back! Line ID
Zorome : Wow, what a haul. Line ID
Zero Two : I caught eleven! Line ID
Miku : Really? Line ID
Futoshi : That's awesome. Line ID
Miku : How about you, Goro? Line ID
Gorou : Two fewer than Zero Two. Line ID
Kokoro : That's still amazing. Line ID
Mitsuru : Yeah. Line ID
Ichigo : And Hiro? Line ID
Hiro : I didn't catch any. Line ID
Zorome : Are you kidding me, Hiro? That's so lame! Line ID
Zero Two : I'll teach you all the tricks later. Line ID
Zorome : I'll go fishing next, then. Line ID
Miku : I wanna go, too! Line ID
Kokoro : Could you teach me how to fish, too? Line ID
Gorou : What's up? Line ID
Zero Two : Sure thing. I'll show you now. Line ID
Ichigo : Oh, I was just thinking
how the mood has changed.
Line ID
Zero Two : When the rod twitches,
you immediately reel that thing in!
Line ID
Kokoro : I don't know if I can... Line ID
Zero Two : It's easy! Line ID
Ichigo : Hiro was right. Line ID
Ichigo : I'd had it in my head that
Zero Two was different from us...
Line ID
Ichigo : That she had different reasons
and goals for fighting.
Line ID
Ichigo : I painted her as an unapproachable enigma Line ID
Ichigo : and never even tried to
see her for who she was.
Line ID
Gorou : Ichigo... Line ID
Ichigo : We'll probably never fully understand
what happened between them,
Line ID
Ichigo : but right now, she's an ordinary girl. Line ID
Ichigo : She's one of us, an irreplaceable
part of Squad 13.
Line ID
Gorou : Yeah, I agree. Line ID
Ichigo : I want what's best for both Zero Two Line ID
Ichigo : and Hiro. Line ID
Zorome : We're incredible! Line ID
Zorome : We actually cooked for ourselves! Line ID
Miku : Weren't you slacking at first? Line ID
Gorou : You never know what you're capable of, huh? Line ID
Hiro : Yeah. Line ID
Kokoro : The question is, how will it taste? Line ID
Mitsuru : We followed the book's instructions,
so it should be fine.
Line ID
Ichigo : Okay, take your seats. Line ID
Zorome : Forget about it. Line ID
Ichigo : Hey! Line ID
Zorome : Why should we have to pray when
we did everything ourselves?
Line ID
Zorome : This is pretty good! Line ID
Miku : Really? Line ID
Miku : Yeah, it's totally edible! Line ID
Kokoro : Yay! Line ID
Ikuno : This is good. Line ID
Gorou : Yeah. Line ID
Zorome : Hey, we just did something
awesome, don't you think?
Line ID
Zorome : I bet none of the other squads
actually cook for themselves, right?
Line ID
Zero Two : Yeah. I've never seen any others do that. Line ID
Zorome : See? We're truly geniuses! Line ID
Zorome : Come on, Futoshi! Eat up! Line ID
Ichigo : Someone's let this go straight to his head. Line ID
Zorome : Come on, eat up! This is really good! Line ID
Ikuno : In a way, that's so him. Line ID
Ichigo : Right? Line ID
Zorome : Eat already! What's the matter? Line ID
Gorou : Isn't he getting a bit too worked up, though? Line ID
Zorome : Eat, damn you! Line ID
Mitsuru : Are you okay? Line ID
Futoshi : Oh, I'm fine. Line ID
Futoshi : Sorry, my hand slipped. Line ID
Zorome : Hey. Line ID
Zorome : Quit forcing yourself. Line ID
Futoshi : It's fine. I can handle this myself— Line ID
Zorome : I know that you're forcing yourself
to eat and throwing it all back up.
Line ID
Futoshi : Of course I'm not. Line ID
Zorome : Don't lie to me! Line ID
Gorou : Hey, cut it out. Line ID
Futoshi : You're wrong. Line ID
Zorome : No, I'm not! Line ID
Futoshi : It's not like that! Line ID
Zorome : You'd better eat if you wanna survive! Line ID
Zorome : Otherwise... Line ID
Zorome : If you keep this up... Line ID
Futoshi : It's okay! I can eat! Line ID
Futoshi : I'll eat it all! Line ID
Zorome : Why? Why? Line ID
Zorome : Look at us. Why isn't Papa getting in touch? Line ID
Zorome : Why isn't he coming to get us? Line ID
Zorome : Do you think he cast us aside? Line ID
Futoshi : A part of me always thought
it wasn't our problem.
Line ID
Futoshi : Even after I saw what happened to Squad 26,
I was sure it wouldn't happen to me.
Line ID
Mitsuru : As FRANXX pilots,
there's a limit to our lives.
Line ID
Mitsuru : We've always received
constant reminders of that.
Line ID
Miku : I was worried the entire time, too. Line ID
Miku : But I was too scared to speak up. Line ID
Ikuno : Not just you. Line ID
Ikuno : I had my fears, too. Line ID
Ichigo : Yeah. Line ID
Gorou : I've been writing to Nana and Hachi
to let them know how we're doing.
Line ID
Gorou : But they never accepted the letters. Line ID
Zorome : What the heck? You'd already tried? Line ID
Hiro : Assuming we really have
been cast aside by Papa...
Line ID
Hiro : I think that's fine. Line ID
Hiro : I'm not worried as long as I'm with you all. Line ID
Hiro : As long as we're together,
we can work things out.
Line ID
Hiro : Look at today. We cooked our
own food, and it was a lot of fun.
Line ID
Hiro : Be it cooking together, or discussing
how to go about our daily lives,
Line ID
Hiro : we've never really spent much
time on these things before.
Line ID
Zorome : I never said I wasn't having fun. Line ID
Zorome : It's just, I... Line ID
Gorou : Fighting is all we've ever known. Line ID
Futoshi : I-I had fun, too! Though I couldn't eat it all... Line ID
Mitsuru : We can just cook again. Line ID
Hiro : Yeah, Mitsuru's right. Line ID
Hiro : Cooking as a group, taking baths,
and talking things out...
Line ID
Hiro : I'm finding all of it so enjoyable
and valuable right now.
Line ID
Hiro : It's making me feel like this
is where we truly belong.
Line ID
Ichigo : Where we belong? Line ID
Hiro : There's more to our lives
than piloting the FRANXX.
Line ID
Mitsuru : Futoshi... Line ID
Zorome : Oh, please! What are you crying for? Line ID
Futoshi : You're one to talk! Line ID
Zorome : Shaddup! Line ID
Futoshi : And now I'm hungry! Line ID
Miku : What the heck? Line ID
Zorome : Yeah, eat up! You need the energy! Line ID
Zorome : Being a fatty is what suits you best. Line ID
Futoshi : Seriously, stop calling me that! Line ID
Zorome : But you are a fatty! Line ID
Hiro : That day, we cried and laughed
more than we ever had before.
Line ID
Hiro : "Humans! Humans! Line ID
Hiro : They have neither the wings to fly
nor the claws or fangs to hunt.
Line ID
Hiro : Such weak and frail creatures, Line ID
Hiro : but they are so, so warm. Line ID
Hiro : Humans are wonderful!" Line ID
Hiro : Wait, isn't this... Line ID
Zero Two : Yeah. The picture book we read together. Line ID
Hiro : You remember it all? That's incredible. Line ID
Hiro : But this story is kinda sad, isn't it? Line ID
Zero Two : You think? Line ID
Zero Two : It was my first "pretty thing." Line ID
Zero Two : I met you and wanted to have
something beautiful with you.
Line ID
Zero Two : You showed me the outside world, after all. Line ID
Zero Two : But I understood nothing about
what being human meant.
Line ID
Zero Two : I was made to realize that it
wasn't about appearances at all.
Line ID
Zero Two : You guys shine too brightly in my eyes. Line ID
Zero Two : You cry, laugh, get mad,
and try to live as a group.
Line ID
Zero Two : And you let me be a part of that. Line ID
Zero Two : I realized that this was the kind of
humanity that I wanted all along.
Line ID
Hiro : Zero Two... Line ID
Hiro : Don't worry. Line ID
Hiro : We'll be together forever. Line ID
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