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He's gone!

- Akatsuki Ousawa

Darling in the FranXX - Episode 2

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Episode Transcript

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Hiro : The act of bringing two pairs of lips
together, which we'd never heard of,
Line ID
Hiro : was called a kiss, she said. Line ID
EXTRA : Commence connecting. Line ID
Hiro : The day after the klaxosaur attack, Line ID
Hiro : the startup ritual picked up where it left
off, but in much quieter circumstances.
Line ID
Hiro : Papa and the other adults weren't
around to witness it anymore.
Line ID
Hiro : I was told the huge FRANXX
I rode was named Strelizia.
Line ID
Hiro : I had no recollection of anything
that happened after I got in,
Line ID
Hiro : but I still believe that
it all really happened,
Line ID
Hiro : and that I was able to
fly under my own power.
Line ID
Hiro : I'm no longer a nestling. Line ID
Hiro : So I swore never to run away again. Line ID
EXTRA : Residential Quarter for Parasites: "Mistilteinn" Line ID
EXTRA : Parasite Boarding House Line ID
Ichigo : Meow? Line ID
Ichigo : Are mew from around here? Line ID
Hiro : Ichigo? Line ID
Ichigo : H-Hiro?! Line ID
Hiro : You didn't have to wait out here for me. Line ID
Ichigo : It's your fault for running off
first thing in the morning.
Line ID
Ichigo : Awkward as it is, you're staying here now. Line ID
Ichigo : Hold your head high,
and make yourself at home.
Line ID
Ichigo : I heard Naomi was all right.
She got taken to the hospital.
Line ID
Hiro : Yeah, I heard. Line ID
Ichigo : Were you the one piloting that FRANXX? Line ID
Hiro : I don't really remember. Line ID
Hiro : So I want to ride it again to make sure. Line ID
Ichigo : Again? That girl isn't part
of our squad, you know.
Line ID
Hiro : I don't care, as long as I get to pilot. Line ID
Ichigo : I heard the rumors about her. Line ID
Ichigo : None of her partners could ever ride
with her more than three times.
Line ID
Ichigo : They didn't make it out alive. Line ID
Ichigo : I don't know if that's true or not, Line ID
Ichigo : but I think you should stay away from her. Line ID
Hiro : But if I can't pilot,
I'm as good as dead anyway.
Line ID
Ichigo : Hiro... Line ID
Gorou : Hey, Hiro. Get inside quick. Line ID
Gorou : That girl's in our mess hall. Line ID
Miku : Why is she still here? Line ID
EXTRA : Zero Two Line ID
Kokoro : What a strange person. Line ID
EXTRA : Kokoro Line ID
Kokoro : I wonder if she likes sweets. Line ID
EXTRA : Miku Line ID
Miku : She's not a person. Not with
those things on her head.
Line ID
Ichigo : Cut it out. Line ID
EXTRA : Ichigo Line ID
Ichigo : She's our savior, you know. Line ID
EXTRA : Ikuno Line ID
Ikuno : Do you think she really has klaxosaur blood? Line ID
Ikuno : Besides, I thought nobody
had single-digit codes.
Line ID
Futoshi : She's nothing like the rumors said. Line ID
EXTRA : Goro Line ID
Gorou : She's ruining her good looks
with the way she's eating.
Line ID
EXTRA : Hiro Line ID
Hiro : I can't believe all her
injuries healed so quickly.
Line ID
Zorome : Hey, there! Line ID
EXTRA : Zorome Line ID
Zorome : It was a real treat to watch
your skills in action.
Line ID
Zorome : I, Zorome the Great, shall graciously
ride with you if you so desire.
Line ID
Zorome : I'm sure I can do a much
better job than that wuss.
Line ID
Zorome : Why don't we try... Eek! Line ID
Zorome : What do you think you're doing?! Line ID
Zorome : Aw, my Sunday best! Line ID
Zorome : What are you gonna do about this?! Line ID
Zero Two : This is really nice and sweet. Line ID
Zero Two : Let's eat together, okay? Line ID
Hiro : Tell me. Line ID
Hiro : Did I actually manage to pilot back then? Line ID
Zero Two : You sure did. Line ID
Zero Two : You were incredible , Line ID
Zero Two : darling. Line ID
EXTRA : D... Line ID
EXTRA : Darling? Line ID
Miku : What's that mean? Line ID
Kokoro : Beats me. Line ID
Kokoro : Do you know? Line ID
Futoshi : Doesn't sound like food. Line ID
Gorou : I wonder what it is. Line ID
Futoshi : Well, duh. Line ID
Hiro : I see. Line ID
Hiro : So I really did pilot that FRANXX back then! Line ID
Nana : Okay, keep it down, kids. Line ID
Kokoro : Nana! Line ID
Nana : I'll be your caretaker,
just like I was in Garden.
Line ID
Nana : APE HQ has assigned me to the
13th Plantation Corps. My name is Nana.
Line ID
EXTRA : APE Strategic HQ Parasite Caretaker Nana Line ID
Nana : I look forward to your cooperation. Line ID
Futoshi : Yes! We got lucky! Line ID
Miku : Yay! Line ID
EXTRA : Thanks! Line ID
EXTRA : Figures. Line ID
Zorome : For real? Line ID
Nana : We're awaiting orders from HQ
on what to do with Zero Two.
Line ID
Nana : But in general, she won't
be working with you guys.
Line ID
Nana : Come. You're sitting over here. Line ID
Zero Two : Aw, but this table felt more comfortable. Line ID
Hiro : W-Wait! Line ID
Hiro : Hey, Zero Two! Line ID
Hiro : Let me ride in your FRANXX again. Line ID
Hiro : There's something I want to be sure of. Line ID
Nana : That isn't for you to decide. Line ID
Nana : Papa and the rest will give you
your orders in due time, too.
Line ID
Nana : Sit tight until then, all right? Line ID
Zorome : Papa will? Line ID
Zorome : Give orders to him? Why? Line ID
Miku : What was with that girl? Line ID
Nana : We can't have you running off
as you please all the time.
Line ID
Zero Two : I just wanted to eat with my darling. Line ID
Nana : Avoid making contact with the parasites. Line ID
Nana : You're too much for them to handle. Line ID
Zero Two : I feel like I'm gonna suffocate in here. Line ID
EXTRA : Confirmed appearance of one
Mohorovicic-class klaxosaur at Plantation 13.
Line ID
EXTRA : Strelizia intercepted and neutralized it. Line ID
EXTRA : Fuel stockpile down to 54 percent. Line ID
EXTRA : Currently anchored in the area. Line ID
EXTRA : Requesting kissing with Plantation 26. Line ID
EXTRA : APE Central HQ Council Line ID
EXTRA : Authorized. Line ID
EXTRA : Lamarck Club Line ID
EXTRA : Roger. Line ID
EXTRA : Kissing will commence in 175 hours. Line ID
Droopy Hat : We've received word that Strelizia
has stayed back at Plantation 13.
Line ID
EXTRA : Another of that girl's whims?
Dr. Franxx spoils her too much.
Line ID
Pointy Hat : But in this case, if you
just look at the numbers,
Line ID
Pointy Hat : it seems to be a rare sample
without signs of physical aging.
Line ID
Flat Hat : It's Code 016. That's him, isn't it? Line ID
EXTRA : Unthinkable. Line ID
EXTRA : With no established cause, mixing with the
special specimen will taint her blood.
Line ID
EXTRA : She must be recalled at once. Line ID
Fancy Hat : But we saw how she shone in that battle. Line ID
Fancy Hat : It's worth investigating. Line ID
Fancy Hat : Let's wait and see. Line ID
Gorou : I'm amazed you managed
to fight that klaxosaur.
Line ID
Gorou : How was it? Line ID
Hiro : I don't remember anything about it. Line ID
Hiro : But I remember how it felt. Line ID
Gorou : I see. Line ID
Gorou : Either way, I'm glad you stayed. Line ID
Gorou : Maybe you're the type that comes
through when it matters most.
Line ID
Gorou : Man, you got the jump on me. Line ID
Zorome : Out of my way, dude. Line ID
Zorome : I don't believe for a second that
you piloted a FRANXX before we did.
Line ID
Zorome : Got that, you wuss? Line ID
Miku : Jeez, why are these so tiny? Line ID
Miku : So tight! Line ID
Kokoro : Connecting feels so weird. Line ID
Kokoro : I hope we get used to it soon. Line ID
Kokoro : It's not at all like how
our training units felt.
Line ID
Miku : It's like your body being
stirred up from the inside.
Line ID
Kokoro : Hey, Miku! Line ID
Miku : Here it comes! Are you ready? Line ID
Ikuno : Stop reminding me of it. Line ID
Ichigo : Was it really that rough for you guys? Line ID
Ichigo : It did feel a bit weird, but I dunno... Line ID
Ichigo : It kinda put me at ease, Line ID
Ichigo : like I'd become one with someone. Line ID
Miku : What? Line ID
Kokoro : Wow. Line ID
Kokoro : I wish my numbers were as high as yours. Line ID
Kokoro : You and Goro must be really compatible. Line ID
Miku : Good for you. You two double-digit
elites are made for each other.
Line ID
Ichigo : Gee, thanks. Line ID
Miku : Speaking of elite, how about that Hiro? Line ID
Miku : He brings home a girl out of nowhere,
and she's already calling him "darling."
Line ID
Miku : Maybe those two will actually
make a good coup—
Line ID
Miku : Wh-What was that all about? Line ID
Hachi : I'll be giving out your overall
strategic instructions.
Line ID
Hachi : But the decisions on the field must be
made by the leader unit, Delphinium.
Line ID
Ichigo : Roger. Line ID
Miku : Why does she get to be leader? Line ID
EXTRA : APE Strategic HQ Plantation Defense Commander Hachi Line ID
Hachi : If you're ready, we will now begin the drill. Line ID
Hachi : This will be your first drill
in a real FRANXX, but stay calm,
Line ID
Hachi : focus on your partner's movements,
and entrust yourself to them.
Line ID
Hachi : Commence connecting. Line ID
Kokoro : Here it is! Line ID
Zorome : Q-Quit making weird noises! Line ID
Miku : It's a natural reaction! Line ID
Hachi : If two partners are even
slightly out of sync,
Line ID
Hachi : their para-capacity will fluctuate wildly. Line ID
Hachi : The key is to trust your partners
and accept them wholeheartedly.
Line ID
Gorou : You okay? Line ID
Ichigo : I'm fine. Keep going. Line ID
Futoshi : Did I do it right? I didn't suck? Line ID
Kokoro : Nah, you were fine. Line ID
Kokoro : We're perfectly matched, huh? Line ID
Line ID
Zorome : Whoa, quit getting all
lovey-dovey over this crap.
Line ID
Line ID
Zorome : I was the first to finish, you know. Line ID
Zorome : Got that, double-digits? Line ID
Line ID
Zorome : And don't you forget it. Line ID
Gorou : Well, he's in high spirits. Line ID
Ichigo : What's the point of competing
among ourselves?
Line ID
Zorome : Hah! Sour grapes, much? Line ID
Zorome : Hup! Unf! Line ID
Miku : H-Hey, don't be rough! Line ID
Zorome : Huh? Line ID
Zorome : Wh... Whoa! Line ID
Ichigo : You okay? Line ID
Miku : Thanks. Line ID
Ichigo : The stamen has the initiative
when it comes to handling,
Line ID
Ichigo : so consider whether the pistil,
who's connected to the FRANXX, can keep up.
Line ID
Zorome : Thanks, Miss High-and-Mighty. Line ID
Hachi : Line up in formation with Delphinium
in the center and advance.
Line ID
EXTRA : Roger! Line ID
Hiro : I did manage to pilot back then. Line ID
Hiro : If I could just ride with
Zero Two in Strelizia again,
Line ID
Hiro : I... Line ID
Nana : A startup trial in an actual FRANXX? Line ID
EXTRA : Plantation FRANXX Parking Dock Line ID
Gorou : I'm this close to figuring out
the trick to connecting.
Line ID
Ichigo : Hey, tell me something. Line ID
Ichigo : Why'd it have to be Hiro? Line ID
Zero Two : Hiro? You mean my darling? Line ID
Ichigo : There you go, calling him that again. Line ID
Ichigo : I'm grateful to you for
defeating that klaxosaur.
Line ID
Ichigo : But I want you to stay away
from Hiro from now on.
Line ID
Zero Two : Why? Line ID
Ichigo : Because you're not part of our squad. Line ID
Ichigo : If you're gonna up and leave one day,
don't get Hiro's hopes up.
Line ID
Zero Two : Oh? Line ID
Zero Two : What are you to my darling? Line ID
Ichigo : I'm the leader of this squad. Line ID
Zero Two : Hmm... Line ID
Gorou : H-Hey... Line ID
Zero Two : Sweet. I like your taste. Line ID
Futoshi : Will we be able to fight like that one day? Line ID
Futoshi : Fight the klaxosaurs like the
FRANXX Hiro piloted, I mean.
Line ID
Zorome : Say what? Just so you know,
that doesn't count as piloting.
Line ID
Zorome : There's no way that loser
could pilot a FRANXX.
Line ID
Futoshi : But it did actually move around. Line ID
Futoshi : And Papa seems to have taken
an interest in Hiro, too.
Line ID
Zorome : Well... Line ID
Mitsuru : I hear that pistil called Zero Two Line ID
Mitsuru : has the special ability to
pilot a FRANXX by herself.
Line ID
Mitsuru : You two saw its four-legged form, didn't you? Line ID
Mitsuru : So basically, Hiro was only
taken along for the ride.
Line ID
Zorome : See? I'll never accept
that he did it before us.
Line ID
Zorome : Don't think you're hot stuff, you hear me? Line ID
Zorome : Bingo! I'm the best! Line ID
Zorome : Sorry about that. I really
expected you to dodge.
Line ID
Zorome : Were you cranking one out
all by yourself in a training unit?
Line ID
Zorome : That's perfect for you, Line ID
Zorome : a wuss who just hitched a ride with a girl! Line ID
Zorome : What? You wanna go? Line ID
Hiro : Zero Two said I piloted that thing. Line ID
Zorome : The real thing ain't anything
like the training units!
Line ID
Hiro : Once I get another chance,
I'll show you I can pilot!
Line ID
Zorome : Challenge accepted! Line ID
Ichigo : Hey, what are you doing? Line ID
Gorou : Come on! Line ID
Ichigo : Knock it off. Line ID
Zorome : Don't get in the way! Line ID
Gorou : Enough! Line ID
Gorou : Just calm down! Line ID
Ichigo : Don't let him get to you. Line ID
Zorome : Lemme go! Line ID
Hiro : I can pilot, too. I just need a chance. Line ID
Zorome : Tch. Line ID
Ichigo : Hiro... Line ID
Ichigo : It's Nana. Line ID
Hiro : A mock battle with me in a FRANXX? Line ID
Nana : That's right. Line ID
Hachi : Depending on how you do,
we're considering promoting you to parasite.
Line ID
Gorou : Grats! Line ID
Hachi : Pick your partner. Line ID
Zero Two : I'll do it. Line ID
Hiro : Zero Two... Line ID
Zero Two : I mean, you are my darling. Line ID
Ichigo : One moment. Line ID
Ichigo : Let me be his partner. Line ID
Gorou : Ichigo? Line ID
Ichigo : She doesn't belong to our squad. Line ID
Ichigo : Also, if you're only
measuring Hiro's aptitude,
Line ID
Ichigo : it should work with me as his partner, too. Line ID
Mitsuru : Then why does it have to be you? Line ID
Mitsuru : You already have Goro as a partner,
and you want to ride with Hiro?
Line ID
Nana : Pipe down. Line ID
Nana : Don't go running your mouths now. Line ID
Nana : Zero Two, HQ hasn't authorized
the use of Strelizia.
Line ID
Nana : So Hiro will have to take the test
with someone from his squad.
Line ID
Zero Two : Boo. That sucks. Line ID
Zero Two : Fine. My injuries haven't
healed completely yet, anyway.
Line ID
Hiro : Wait, what? Line ID
Zero Two : I'll let you have him this time. Go for it. Line ID
Zero Two : Take care of my darling, okay? Line ID
Nana : Then you'll handle it, right, Ichigo? Line ID
Ichigo : Sure. Line ID
Hiro : Wait! Line ID
Hachi : Does anyone want to volunteer
as their opponents?
Line ID
Zorome : Me! Line ID
Miku : Ack! Line ID
Miku : Hey, who died and made you boss? Line ID
Zorome : I'm gonna show 'em what I'm capable of. Line ID
Miku : We'll do it. Line ID
Nana : Done deal. Line ID
Hachi : The battle will be held tomorrow morning. Line ID
Zorome : Wait, wait, wait! Line ID
Zorome : Let us do it right now! Line ID
Gorou : Zorome's still mad about your fight today. Line ID
Hiro : Sorry. I know Ichigo's your partner. Line ID
Gorou : Everything ready? Line ID
Hiro : Yeah, I have to go. Line ID
Gorou : Sure. See you later. Line ID
Gorou : And Hiro, don't worry about it. Line ID
Gorou : She never takes no for an answer. Line ID
Hiro : I'm going to make this chance count. Line ID
Gorou : Yeah. I know you can do it. Line ID
Zorome : Hey, wuss! Let's settle the
score once and for all!
Line ID
Miku : Given who your partner is, I might
just beat you this time, Great Leader.
Line ID
Ichigo : Feel free. Line ID
Ichigo : This isn't about winning or losing, anyway. Line ID
Futoshi : Miku's totally up for it, too. Line ID
Ichigo : This isn't about winning. Line ID
Ichigo : I must prove to everyone that
Hiro can pilot the FRANXX!
Line ID
Ichigo : Just focus on connecting, Hiro. Line ID
Ichigo : I'll take care of the rest. Line ID
Hiro : Got it. Line ID
Hachi : Begin the mock battle. Line ID
Zorome : We're good to go. Line ID
Ichigo : Focus. Line ID
Ichigo : It'll be all right. I can draw
out Hiro's ability, too.
Line ID
Hiro : This feeling... Line ID
Hiro : I'm entering Ichigo's mind. Line ID
Ichigo : It's all right. Keep going. Line ID
Ichigo : Got you! Line ID
Zorome : Are you for real? Line ID
Hiro : We did it! Line ID
Gorou : Way to go, Hiro! Line ID
EXTRA : Huh... Line ID
EXTRA : Wow! Line ID
Nana : But... Line ID
Nana : This is where things get real. Line ID
Hiro : This is it! I recognize this sensation! Line ID
Ichigo : Let's do this, Hiro! Line ID
Hiro : Yeah! Line ID
Zorome : Bring it on! Line ID
Zorome : What?! Line ID
Zorome : What's going on? Line ID
Miku : They stopped? Line ID
Ichigo : No... Why? Line ID
Ichigo : This can't be! Line ID
Ichigo : Time out! Give us three minutes! Line ID
Zorome : What?! Line ID
Miku : What?! Line ID
Miku : You can't just call timeout! Line ID
Hiro : Why'd it stop? Line ID
Hiro : Move! Move! Line ID
Hiro : Damn it! Why is this happening? Line ID
Hiro : I was able to pilot back then! Line ID
Ichigo : What's wrong? Line ID
Hiro : I don't know. It just stopped. Line ID
Ichigo : Was it my fault? Line ID
Hiro : I don't think so. Line ID
Ichigo : What did she do differently? Line ID
Hiro : I don't know. I don't remember. Line ID
Ichigo : Calm down. No need to rush. Line ID
Ichigo : You might remember something. Line ID
Hiro : The kiss... Line ID
Hiro : Maybe it was the kiss. Line ID
Ichigo : "Kiss"? What's that? Line ID
Hiro : We stuck our mouths together, Line ID
Hiro : and everything turned bright, like, "Wham!" Line ID
Ichigo : What the heck? Line ID
Ichigo : That's what you were up to
during a klaxosaur attack?
Line ID
Hiro : It wasn't me! Line ID
Hiro : She did it as soon as I got in. Line ID
Hiro : I didn't understand what she was doing, Line ID
Hiro : but Zero Two said it was
a very special thing.
Line ID
Ichigo : Fine. Let's do it. Line ID
Ichigo : It's embarrassing, so keep your eyes closed. Line ID
Hiro : W-Wait a second! Line ID
Ichigo : We can't move unless we do it, right? Line ID
Hiro : U-Uh... Line ID
Ichigo : If that's what it takes,
I don't mind. This is nothing.
Line ID
Hiro : But... Line ID
Ichigo : Shut up. Line ID
Hiro : Ichigo, you're trembling... Line ID
Miku : Hey, hasn't it been three minutes already? Line ID
Zorome : Yeah. I don't see why we gotta wait any more. Line ID
Zorome : Sorry, but we're taking you out. Line ID
Ichigo : Well? Line ID
Hiro : I don't feel a thing. Line ID
Hiro : Looks like it didn't work. Line ID
Zorome : Hey, this is too easy. Line ID
Ichigo : Let's try it again, Hiro. Line ID
Zorome : Guess this proves that I'm really the best. Line ID
Zorome : I don't mind taking over as
pilot for the Delphinium, too!
Line ID
Miku : Excuse me? Line ID
Miku : You're hitting on another girl now? Line ID
Miku : Cut it out already, dude! Line ID
Futoshi : Huh? Line ID
Hachi : The trust between partners has a
direct influence on the handling.
Line ID
Hachi : Should it be thrown out of whack... Line ID
Zorome : What's going on? Line ID
Zorome : Move... Line ID
Nana : Status report, Ichigo. Line ID
Nana : Ichigo? Line ID
Miku : Get it up already! Line ID
Zorome : Shut up! I'm trying! Line ID
Nana : Ichigo, don't! Line ID
Nana : Piloting a FRANXX alone is dangerous! Line ID
Ichigo : Damn it all! Line ID
Nana : Of all the reckless stunts... Line ID
Nana : Since both FRANXX have been rendered
inoperable, this mock battle is over.
Line ID
Hiro : The gentle touch of her trembling lips Line ID
Hiro : filled me with guilt. Line ID
Hiro : The feeling that I'd gotten to fly back then Line ID
Hiro : quickly slipped through my fingers Line ID
Hiro : and eventually shackled me
to the ground once again.
Line ID
Hiro : It felt like I was being bound up
in a thousand invisible threads.
Line ID
Hiro : I'm sorry. Line ID
Ichigo : Don't apologize. Line ID
Ichigo : You were awful. Line ID
EXTRA : Episode 2 Line ID
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He's gone!

Akatsuki Ousawa
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