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Saichi Sugimoto : Sour. (0:00:27.03)
EXTRA : I'm so hungry. (0:00:28.09)
Saichi Sugimoto : I'm going to survive, even if it means (0:00:29.91)
Saichi Sugimoto : taking a bite out of the pale asses
of the Russian soldiers I kill.
EXTRA : Charge! Forward! (0:00:36.59)
Saichi Sugimoto : Just try and kill me! (0:01:28.66)
Saichi Sugimoto : Try and kill me! (0:01:35.14)
Saichi Sugimoto : Die! (0:01:40.66)
Saichi Sugimoto : I'm Immortal Sugimoto! (0:01:45.49)
EXTRA : Hokkaido,
Near Otaru
EXTRA : Episode One
EXTRA : Hey, Sugimoto-san! (0:01:59.34)
EXTRA : Sugimoto Saichi-san. (0:02:02.37)
EXTRA : You just came back from the
Russo-Japanese war, right?
EXTRA : I heard they call you "Immortal Sugimoto." (0:02:10.02)
EXTRA : You fought like a demon, they say. (0:02:14.40)
EXTRA : You were so badly hurt you
were almost at death's door,
EXTRA : and the next day you were
up and running around.
EXTRA : They said that bayonets, machine guns,
and even cannonballs couldn't kill you.
EXTRA : Is that true? (0:02:27.83)
EXTRA : Listen, if that were true, you would've
been given a medal for your heroics, right?
EXTRA : So why are you panning for gold? (0:02:39.91)
Saichi Sugimoto : I would've gotten a medal if I hadn't halfway
killed a superior officer I didn't like.
Saichi Sugimoto : Right now, I need money. (0:02:45.90)
EXTRA : I see. (0:02:50.73)
EXTRA : Hey, want to hear an interesting story? (0:02:56.34)
EXTRA : It's got to do with gold. (0:03:00.98)
EXTRA : Don't tell anybody about this. (0:03:07.19)
EXTRA : I'm only telling you because I like you. (0:03:09.61)
EXTRA : A long time ago, you used
to be able to find tons of
EXTRA : gold nuggets the size of soybeans
on the Hokkaido riverbanks.
EXTRA : Every day you could come back
with 30 monme's worth of the stuff.
EXTRA : It was what they call a "gold rush," you see. (0:03:25.37)
EXTRA : Around that time, (0:03:28.16)
EXTRA : some of the Ainu were storing up tons
of this gold to fight the Japanese,
EXTRA : who even after the Meiji Restoration were
oppressing them by forbidding them
EXTRA : to hunt salmon or deer,
and stealing their lands.
EXTRA : And then a single man stole it all, (0:03:45.69)
EXTRA : and killed the Ainu who owned it. (0:03:49.05)
EXTRA : Twenty kans of gold! (0:03:52.78)
EXTRA : Enough to buy every brothel in
Otaru and have money to spare!
EXTRA : The police were after the man, so he
hid the gold somewhere in Hokkaido.
EXTRA : But he was arrested before he
could tell anyone where it was,
EXTRA : and thrown into Abashiri Prison, (0:04:10.35)
EXTRA : the prison at the far end of
the earth, to be sentenced to death.
EXTRA : He wanted to tell his comrades on
the outside where the gold was,
EXTRA : but he never wrote a letter. (0:04:20.78)
EXTRA : The guards would just steal it, you see. (0:04:23.62)
EXTRA : Everybody was looking
for this gold, you know.
EXTRA : No matter what they did to him, he didn't
tell anyone where the gold was.
EXTRA : In the end, one of the guards
turned out to be a horrible man.
EXTRA : He cut the tendon of one of the
man's legs so he couldn't escape.
EXTRA : What would you do in
that situation, Sugimoto-san?
EXTRA : What would you do if you wanted to
get the location of the treasure
EXTRA : out of the most heavily-guarded
prison in Japan?
Saichi Sugimoto : What did he do? (0:04:57.89)
Saichi Sugimoto : Just tell me already. (0:04:59.42)
EXTRA : Tattoos. (0:05:02.73)
EXTRA : He tattooed the bodies of his fellow
death row inmates in his cell
EXTRA : with a code that revealed the
location of the treasure.
EXTRA : He mixed charcoal with saliva, (0:05:11.95)
EXTRA : and then slowly carved that ink in
with a needle he'd kept hidden.
EXTRA : It's said only his comrades on
the outside can decrypt the code.
EXTRA : And this is what he said
to the other prisoners:
EXTRA : "Escape from this prison. (0:05:23.84)
EXTRA : Whoever succeeds can have half the treasure." (0:05:25.87)
Saichi Sugimoto : A strange story. (0:05:30.60)
Saichi Sugimoto : Why go to all that trouble?
Why make a tattoo that stands out?
EXTRA : You'd think, right? (0:05:36.73)
EXTRA : It's what comes next that
explains the tattoos.
EXTRA : To crack the code, you need
all the prisoners' tattoos.
EXTRA : Some of the less reputable members
of the military heard the rumors
EXTRA : about the tattoos and dragged
the prisoners out of their cell,
EXTRA : saying they were going to "transport" them. (0:05:53.95)
EXTRA : The police and the military were
after the gold, too, you see.
EXTRA : But that was the prisoners' chance to escape. (0:05:58.96)
EXTRA : They knew that somebody would get
greedy and take them outside.
EXTRA : The prisoners killed all the soldiers, (0:06:09.17)
EXTRA : and every last one disappeared
into the forest.
Saichi Sugimoto : And then? (0:06:16.63)
EXTRA : Then what? (0:06:21.14)
Saichi Sugimoto : What happened to the escapees and the gold? (0:06:22.06)
EXTRA : That's the end of the story. (0:06:25.59)
EXTRA : Nobody's caught them. (0:06:27.18)
EXTRA : And nobody knows what happened
to the gold, either.
Saichi Sugimoto : Who told you that story? (0:06:34.92)
Saichi Sugimoto : You seem quite well-informed about it. (0:06:38.38)
Saichi Sugimoto : This is another tall tale, right? (0:06:41.25)
Saichi Sugimoto : I remember last time, you told me that
there was still an Ezo wolf out there,
Saichi Sugimoto : and those things are extinct. (0:06:47.90)
Saichi Sugimoto : It's cold. (0:06:59.30)
EXTRA : Saichi, you should come with me. (0:07:03.55)
EXTRA : You can still pan for gold in Hokkaido. (0:07:07.42)
EXTRA : You're not married, so it'll be easy for you. (0:07:10.61)
EXTRA : I have to make money for my family's sake. (0:07:13.85)
EXTRA : I want a good doctor to take a look
at Umeko's... At my wife's eyes.
EXTRA : Every day she loses more of her vision. (0:07:23.00)
EXTRA : It makes me sad to think she
might not see her kid grow up.
EXTRA : Don't you agree, Saichi? (0:07:29.39)
Saichi Sugimoto : Yeah. (0:07:31.66)
EXTRA : They say the doctors in America
are the best in the world.
EXTRA : Look at this. (0:07:36.04)
EXTRA : The boat tickets and the cost of
the surgery will be about 200 yen.
EXTRA : But one lucky find when panning,
and that's all you need.
EXTRA : Once the war's over, relations between Japan
and the United States will get worse.
EXTRA : I have to hurry. (0:07:53.83)
EXTRA : Saichi, take care of Umeko. (0:07:56.47)
EXTRA : Nobody will take a girl
with bad vision and a kid.
EXTRA : I've been your best friend forever,
and I'm begging you.
Saichi Sugimoto : Toraji, what are you talking about? (0:08:07.36)
EXTRA : I can't go back to Japan! (0:08:12.58)
Saichi Sugimoto : Wait! Don't go! (0:08:17.34)
Saichi Sugimoto : Are you going to make Umeko a widow? (0:08:19.51)
Saichi Sugimoto : Toraji! Hey! (0:08:21.55)
EXTRA : Damn it. (0:08:32.95)
EXTRA : I said too much. (0:08:35.22)
Saichi Sugimoto : Want to see if I'm really immortal? (0:08:42.41)
Saichi Sugimoto : Look. (0:08:57.17)
Saichi Sugimoto : Now, you can shoot it whenever you want. (0:08:58.27)
Saichi Sugimoto : How about that? (0:09:05.78)
Saichi Sugimoto : That tall tale is starting to
seem a little more credible.
Saichi Sugimoto : If I ignore him, he might
come back to kill me.
Saichi Sugimoto : I'll have to kill him before he kills me. (0:09:22.41)
Saichi Sugimoto : What the hell? (0:09:32.53)
Saichi Sugimoto : Hang on, I'll pull you out. (0:09:35.67)
Saichi Sugimoto : A bear. (0:09:52.82)
Saichi Sugimoto : A bear buried the rest of his meal here. (0:09:55.26)
Saichi Sugimoto : His neck's broken. (0:09:59.63)
Saichi Sugimoto : Looks like he died before he could scream. (0:10:01.61)
Saichi Sugimoto : You've got bad luck, too, huh? (0:10:04.33)
Saichi Sugimoto : Hey, come on, now! (0:10:08.94)
Saichi Sugimoto : What the hell is this? (0:10:12.85)
Saichi Sugimoto : Are you one of the prisoners
you were just telling me about?
Saichi Sugimoto : It wasn't a tall tale. (0:10:21.14)
Saichi Sugimoto : That explains how you knew so damn much! (0:10:23.49)
Saichi Sugimoto : So these tattoos lead to the treasure, huh? (0:10:27.26)
Saichi Sugimoto : I can't leave him here. (0:10:35.15)
Saichi Sugimoto : I need to get him somewhere else. (0:10:36.66)
Saichi Sugimoto : Or that bear will come back and
eat this part of the treasure code.
Saichi Sugimoto : What? A baby bear? (0:10:49.74)
Saichi Sugimoto : Wait, if there's a baby bear... (0:10:52.82)
Saichi Sugimoto : She'll eat me! (0:11:13.83)
Asirpa : Get back. (0:11:19.91)
Asirpa : That poison is a mix of
red stingray needles and wolfsbane root,
Asirpa : but a brown bear can take
ten steps after being hit.
Saichi Sugimoto : An Ainu... (0:11:29.23)
EXTRA : Golden Kamuy (0:11:33.75)
Saichi Sugimoto : Is it dead? (0:11:37.45)
Asirpa : Its hairs that were standing
on end have fallen.
Asirpa : It's dead. (0:11:41.55)
Saichi Sugimoto : What are you doing? (0:11:44.89)
Asirpa : Removing the meat from
around the poison arrow.
Asirpa : It's a strong poison, so if you don't,
it will ruin the meat and pelt.
Asirpa : Is he dead? (0:11:54.87)
Saichi Sugimoto : Yeah. (0:11:56.54)
Saichi Sugimoto : His whole stomach got eaten,
and he was buried.
Saichi Sugimoto : That mother bear got him. (0:11:59.69)
Asirpa : Mother bear? (0:12:01.68)
Saichi Sugimoto : It came charging out of the cave next
to a tree where a baby bear was hanging.
Asirpa : That's strange. (0:12:06.97)
Asirpa : When a bear has just come out
of its cave after hibernation,
Asirpa : its stomach has shrunk,
so it can't eat immediately.
Asirpa : Even if it attacked a human
to protect its child,
Asirpa : it couldn't eat them. (0:12:17.82)
Asirpa : See? The stomach is empty. (0:12:20.01)
Saichi Sugimoto : Then another bear ate him? (0:12:22.17)
Asirpa : This is bad. (0:12:25.39)
Asirpa : The only ones who can eat meat at
this time of year are Matakarip.
Asirpa : In the language of the Ainu,
"Those that wander in winter."
Asirpa : Very foul-tempered, dangerous bears
who failed to go into hibernation.
Asirpa : What will you do with that man? (0:12:38.94)
Saichi Sugimoto : I was going to, um,
take him to a nearby village.
Asirpa : Don't even try. (0:12:43.95)
Asirpa : He's been half-eaten by a Matakarip. (0:12:45.34)
Asirpa : If you steal food from one of them,
they'll chase you anywhere to get it back.
Asirpa : Are you going to lead a
dangerous bear into a village?
Asirpa : Leave it. (0:12:55.69)
Saichi Sugimoto : I can't do that! (0:12:56.46)
Asirpa : Is he part of your family? (0:12:58.70)
Asirpa : Is he that important to you? (0:13:01.05)
Saichi Sugimoto : No, that's not it. (0:13:03.23)
Asirpa : Then you can just shoot the Matakarip. (0:13:05.52)
Asirpa : If you're a soldier, then fight. (0:13:07.72)
Saichi Sugimoto : On the battlefield, I fought Russians, (0:13:10.14)
Saichi Sugimoto : not monster bears. (0:13:13.15)
Asirpa : It'll be pitch-dark soon. (0:13:15.98)
Asirpa : If you're not ready to fight, (0:13:18.03)
Asirpa : then you should leave him here and go. (0:13:19.81)
Asirpa : The weak get eaten. (0:13:23.59)
Saichi Sugimoto : I have an interesting story to tell you. (0:13:30.65)
Saichi Sugimoto : I still don't fully believe it, (0:13:43.87)
Saichi Sugimoto : but if what this man told me is true, (0:13:46.06)
Saichi Sugimoto : we can't let this corpse
be eaten by the bear.
Saichi Sugimoto : You're used to bear hunting. (0:13:51.26)
Saichi Sugimoto : Help me. (0:13:53.66)
Saichi Sugimoto : It was the last request from my
best friend ever since I was a child.
Saichi Sugimoto : I need money, no matter what. (0:14:02.61)
Saichi Sugimoto : Yeah... (0:14:07.35)
Saichi Sugimoto : I didn't believe it at first, either. (0:14:09.11)
Asirpa : I believe you. (0:14:12.45)
Saichi Sugimoto : Really? (0:14:13.75)
Asirpa : Because one of the slain Ainu was my father. (0:14:15.00)
Saichi Sugimoto : What? (0:14:20.24)
Asirpa : We'll talk later. (0:14:21.27)
Asirpa : Hurry, and gather firewood. (0:14:22.54)
Saichi Sugimoto : Do the bears fear fire? (0:14:28.41)
Asirpa : No. Brown bears don't fear fire. (0:14:30.52)
Asirpa : We'll use this light to shoot the bear. (0:14:33.71)
Asirpa : We'll use the corpse as a decoy to ambush it. (0:14:36.03)
Saichi Sugimoto : Should I bring it closer to the flames, then? (0:14:38.39)
Asirpa : Wait. (0:14:42.99)
Asirpa : These tattoos... (0:14:45.29)
Asirpa : I see, this is... (0:14:47.29)
Saichi Sugimoto : What is it? (0:14:48.92)
Asirpa : How cruel. (0:14:50.49)
Asirpa : He never intended to split the
treasure with the prisoners.
Asirpa : Look. (0:14:57.58)
Asirpa : The tattoos stretch around
the chest and arms,
Asirpa : and they're all cut off at
the body's median lines.
Asirpa : It's just like the lines you use (0:15:04.93)
Asirpa : to mark the cuts you'll make when
stripping the pelt from a deer or bear.
Saichi Sugimoto : You're saying he planned to
kill them and take their skins?
Saichi Sugimoto : Who was it who carved these tattoos? (0:15:15.48)
Saichi Sugimoto : Why was he so obsessed with entrusting
his comrades with the treasure?
Saichi Sugimoto : Could we just skin him before the bear comes? (0:15:22.56)
Asirpa : There's no time. (0:15:25.82)
Asirpa : The bears always stay near their prey. (0:15:27.28)
Saichi Sugimoto : So we have to defeat the bear? (0:15:29.98)
Asirpa : Once a brown bear kills someone, (0:15:32.85)
Asirpa : as punishment, they can no longer
eat anything but human flesh.
Asirpa : They become dangerous and
evil gods who don't fear humans,
Asirpa : Wenkamuy. (0:15:40.86)
Saichi Sugimoto : They find out that the humans they
feared are actually weak creatures.
Asirpa : The bear will come. (0:15:47.37)
Asirpa : Keep the fire going, no matter what. (0:15:49.08)
Asirpa : We can't fight if it's dark. (0:15:50.23)
Asirpa : Once it gets light in the morning,
we'll have the advantage.
Asirpa : Find sitat. (0:15:55.68)
Saichi Sugimoto : Find what? (0:15:57.25)
Asirpa : White birch bark. (0:15:58.66)
Asirpa : White birch bark is oily
and burns for a long time.
Asirpa : You can use it as a torch. (0:16:03.79)
Saichi Sugimoto : Twelve hours until sunrise, huh? (0:16:10.34)
Saichi Sugimoto : We'll need more firewood. (0:16:13.93)
Saichi Sugimoto : It's huge! (0:16:19.86)
Asirpa : Crap! It's already here! (0:16:21.25)
Saichi Sugimoto : Yeah, that wasn't going to work. (0:16:30.91)
Asirpa : Get below it and cling to its belly! (0:16:32.51)
Asirpa : It got him? (0:16:40.03)
Asirpa : It's too dark to see anything, (0:16:41.38)
Asirpa : but I know basically where it is. (0:16:43.06)
Asirpa : Even if I don't hit its vitals, (0:16:45.37)
Asirpa : if the poison gets into it... (0:16:46.70)
Saichi Sugimoto : Don't shoot! You'll hit me! (0:16:47.71)
Asirpa : He's not dead yet! (0:16:50.57)
Asirpa : I'll take the risk and shoot! (0:16:53.47)
Saichi Sugimoto : Wait! I'll handle this myself! (0:16:54.78)
Saichi Sugimoto : Just stay put while I stab you! (0:16:57.49)
Saichi Sugimoto : Wait! Don't run! (0:17:13.31)
Saichi Sugimoto : Ow! (0:17:22.39)
Saichi Sugimoto : A wild dog? (0:17:34.45)
Asirpa : Retar... (0:17:37.85)
Asirpa : From where you are,
the heart is under the armpit!
Asirpa : Watch for the shoulder blade
and aim carefully!
Saichi Sugimoto : Just try and kill me! (0:17:59.47)
Saichi Sugimoto : I'm Immortal Sugimoto! (0:18:00.98)
Asirpa : Hey, you alive, Sisam? (0:18:19.13)
Saichi Sugimoto : Yup. (0:18:22.50)
Saichi Sugimoto : Sheesh... (0:18:23.93)
Saichi Sugimoto : I survived again. (0:18:24.86)
Asirpa : That's a particularly dangerous way of
fighting bears that Ainu hunters used.
Asirpa : I'm surprised you knew of it. (0:18:32.25)
Saichi Sugimoto : I didn't! (0:18:33.42)
Saichi Sugimoto : My body just moved on its own. (0:18:34.61)
Saichi Sugimoto : Anyway, can you pull me out? (0:18:37.01)
Asirpa : You have courage and a talent for battle. (0:18:39.47)
Asirpa : You're a skilled warrior. (0:18:41.37)
Asirpa : Not bad, for a Sisam. (0:18:43.26)
Saichi Sugimoto : Sisam? (0:18:44.83)
Asirpa : A Japanese. (0:18:46.21)
Saichi Sugimoto : The name's Sugimoto Saichi. (0:18:48.91)
Asirpa : Asirpa. (0:18:51.23)
Saichi Sugimoto : That huge white dog... (0:18:54.89)
Saichi Sugimoto : What was that? (0:18:57.43)
Asirpa : It's over there. (0:18:59.45)
Asirpa : That's a wolf. (0:19:03.03)
Saichi Sugimoto : A wolf? (0:19:04.71)
Saichi Sugimoto : There's still some left? (0:19:06.00)
Saichi Sugimoto : It seemed to be protecting you. (0:19:08.08)
Asirpa : It happened five years ago. (0:19:18.34)
Asirpa : My father and seven men from the village
were killed while transporting the gold.
Asirpa : Their bodies were chopped up
and fed to the beasts.
Asirpa : Some of the pieces seemed
to be my father's.
Asirpa : That's all I know. (0:19:34.07)
Asirpa : We were never even told that
the man who'd killed my father
Asirpa : and the others was arrested
and sent to Abashiri prison,
Asirpa : let alone anything about
the tattooed prisoners.
Saichi Sugimoto : Hey, Asirpa-san. (0:19:48.46)
Saichi Sugimoto : Let's work together to find the gold. (0:19:51.01)
Saichi Sugimoto : It belongs to you to begin with. (0:19:53.25)
Saichi Sugimoto : I won't ask for an even split. (0:19:55.25)
Saichi Sugimoto : Just give me a small share. (0:19:57.35)
Asirpa : Find it how? (0:19:59.49)
Saichi Sugimoto : We'll find the tattooed prisoners. (0:20:01.35)
Asirpa : And then? (0:20:03.09)
Asirpa : Kill them and skin them? (0:20:04.73)
Asirpa : This is yours. (0:20:08.90)
Asirpa : Take it, Sugimoto. (0:20:10.14)
Saichi Sugimoto : What is it? (0:20:11.88)
Asirpa : A bear's gall bladder. (0:20:13.14)
Asirpa : If you dry it, you can sell it
as a medicine for a lot of money.
Asirpa : No part of the bear goes to waste. (0:20:18.07)
Asirpa : We can eat the meat, of course. (0:20:20.44)
Asirpa : And we can sell the pelt and use
the fat as salve for burns.
Asirpa : You killed it, so you have
the right to all of it.
Saichi Sugimoto : Half of it should be yours. (0:20:28.70)
Asirpa : I'll be satisfied with just the mother bear. (0:20:31.49)
Asirpa : This one killed and ate a person. (0:20:34.55)
Asirpa : The Ainu don't eat the meat
of a bear that killed someone.
Asirpa : We won't take its pelt, either. (0:20:39.74)
Asirpa : Bears that do bad things become evil gods (0:20:41.71)
Asirpa : and are sent to a hell
called Teyne Pokna Mosir.
Asirpa : I don't want to kill people, either. (0:20:49.41)
Saichi Sugimoto : If you kill people, you go to hell? (0:20:52.23)
Saichi Sugimoto : Then I'll be getting first-class
accommodations there.
Saichi Sugimoto : The fact that the man with the tattoos
was living in hiding means that
Saichi Sugimoto : it's likely the gold hasn't been found yet. (0:21:02.98)
Saichi Sugimoto : Asirpa-san, the man who killed your father
is probably still alive within the prison.
Saichi Sugimoto : The government won't want him
killed until they've found it.
Saichi Sugimoto : But the minute someone finds the gold, (0:21:17.21)
Saichi Sugimoto : he ceases to be valuable. (0:21:21.43)
Saichi Sugimoto : Finding the gold is a way to
avenge your father's death.
Saichi Sugimoto : Asirpa-san, you agree with that.
It's why you helped me, right?
Saichi Sugimoto : I'll be the one to dirty my hands. (0:21:38.13)
Saichi Sugimoto : You just lend me your wisdom. (0:21:40.45)
Saichi Sugimoto : I want the money. You want
revenge for your father.
Saichi Sugimoto : We have different goals, (0:21:47.34)
Saichi Sugimoto : but the same path. (0:21:48.80)
Saichi Sugimoto : If we join forces, (0:21:50.89)
Saichi Sugimoto : we'll be unstoppable. (0:21:52.81)

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