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Hitch Dreyse : Hey, don't you think we're a bit far out? (0:00:02.39)
Marlowe Freudenberg : No point in searching
if we're not spread out.
Hitch Dreyse : Why did I get stuck with you? (0:00:08.90)
Hitch Dreyse : Wait, Marlo... You just wanted
alone time with me, didn't you?
Marlowe Freudenberg : Hitch... I'm sorry, but you're
not my first choice either.
Hitch Dreyse : Oh, is that right? Well, good for you. (0:00:20.37)
Marlowe Freudenberg : But, don't you think it's odd? (0:00:23.62)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Why would the Scouts kill
a civilian and run for the hills?
Marlowe Freudenberg : They're the same group that's always
risking their lives for the sake of humanity.
Hitch Dreyse : I can't believe you... Did you forget? (0:00:36.18)
Hitch Dreyse : Remember what they did to Stohess District? (0:00:39.64)
Hitch Dreyse : How they turned it into a battlefield? (0:00:42.47)
Hitch Dreyse : All those corpses we had to carry? (0:00:45.35)
Hitch Dreyse : And how Annie's still missing? (0:00:49.61)
Hitch Dreyse : All of her junk is still in
my room... and it's annoying.
Marlowe Freudenberg : But they also uncovered that Titan in hiding
and somehow managed to capture it.
Marlowe Freudenberg : You think any other regiment could do that? (0:01:04.16)
Marlowe Freudenberg : If the Scouts get disbanded
like this, humanity can't...
Hitch Dreyse : Quiet. (0:01:11.46)
Hitch Dreyse : I hear water. (0:01:13.80)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Don't move! (0:01:19.64)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Slowly turn this way. (0:01:23.43)
Marlowe Freudenberg : You must be a scout. (0:01:28.65)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Just like that... Not a word. (0:01:32.65)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Now listen to me and do as I-- (0:01:35.65)
Levi Ackerman : That's right... Hand over your
guns to the one in front.
Armin Arlelt : And not a word, right? (0:01:51.04)
EXTRA : Sorry to keep you waiting, Erwin. (0:03:39.15)
EXTRA : I know it's sudden, but let's get
the interrogation over with.
Roy : So, it's unmistakable that the Scout
Regiment murdered a civilian?
Nile Dok : Judging by the evidence, at least. (0:03:56.71)
Nile Dok : Having said that, we can't say
for sure at the time being.
Peaure : Are you saying the Interior Police are
responsible for issuing the search--?
Roy : Hey, Peaure! (0:04:06.76)
Roy : Sorry about him, Commander Dawk.
He's still a rookie, through and through.
Roy : He doesn't know how we
do things within the walls.
Roy : Don't you worry about the Interior Police.
We won't write anything about 'em.
Roy : That goes for their new ODM gear, too. (0:04:20.90)
Nile Dok : I appreciate it, Roy. (0:04:24.07)
Nile Dok : Their new ODM gear... (0:04:27.53)
Nile Dok : That buckshot is useless against Titans,
but it's perfect for killing people.
Nile Dok : It's a weapon practically made
for killing the Scouts...
Nile Dok : Plus, its existence being hidden
even from us means...
Nile Dok : ...sooner or later, we might find ourselves
staring down their muzzles all the same.
Nile Dok : Anyways, we should hear a report
from them soon, so be patient.
Roger : Wait up, you fat-ass! (0:04:56.94)
Roger : You idiot! That way's a dead end! (0:05:06.61)
Flegel Reeves : Shit! (0:05:11.16)
EXTRA : Shit, he's gone! (0:05:20.92)
EXTRA : Find him! Find him! (0:05:23.05)
EXTRA : Don't let 'em escape! (0:05:25.22)
Zoe Hange : You're the son of Boss Reeves, right? (0:05:32.10)
Zoe Hange : What's your name? (0:05:34.98)
Flegel Reeves : Flegel. (0:05:37.98)
Zoe Hange : Nice to meet you, Flegel. (0:05:39.65)
Zoe Hange : I'm Hange Zoë. (0:05:41.44)
Zoe Hange : The thing is, if the Military
Police is after you,
Zoe Hange : that must mean you know the truth
about your father's death, right?
Zoe Hange : Can you tell me what happened? (0:05:50.45)
Flegel Reeves : While I was busy taking a piss,
the Interior Police got my old man.
Flegel Reeves : A tall guy wearing a black coat...
he killed my father.
Zoe Hange : In any case, it's great
that you're still alive.
Zoe Hange : Now we can make the truth public. (0:06:08.80)
Flegel Reeves : How's that?! Haven't you seen the paper?! (0:06:10.80)
Flegel Reeves : If the Military Police say the
Scouts did it, that's the truth!
Flegel Reeves : My testimony means jack shit! (0:06:17.52)
Flegel Reeves : They know I was there... The Interior
Police found out I saw everything...
Flegel Reeves : Now there's nowhere safe for me to go. (0:06:25.19)
Flegel Reeves : All I can do is run and hide
in these cramped walls...
Flegel Reeves : My life is... shit! (0:06:31.95)
Zoe Hange : Well, you have a point... (0:06:36.08)
Zoe Hange : The thing is, that doesn't
sound like living to me.
Zoe Hange : Look at it this way, Flegel. (0:06:43.67)
Zoe Hange : Instead of scampering around like
a scared little mouse your whole life,
Zoe Hange : wouldn't you rather face up to your enemy,
even if it means risking your life--?
Flegel Reeves : Like hell I would! (0:06:54.22)
Flegel Reeves : Not everyone has the same disregard
for their lives as you do!
Flegel Reeves : Not only that, but you have
no right to criticize me either!
Zoe Hange : Don't you care about telling your
company and family the truth?!
Flegel Reeves : Huh?! That's just what's best for you! (0:07:07.03)
Zoe Hange : Of course it is! (0:07:09.28)
Zoe Hange : You oughta start thinking
what's best for you, too!
Flegel Reeves : Who's that?! Who's making
a scene on my roof?!
Zoe Hange : Now then, you're coming with me, Flegel. (0:07:16.49)
Flegel Reeves : Hell no! Your gang already lost! (0:07:18.87)
Flegel Reeves : You've been defeated! (0:07:22.42)
Zoe Hange : What are you talking about? (0:07:24.50)
Zoe Hange : Defeat is all the Scout
Regiment has ever known!
Levi Ackerman : Disguise as Military Police
to get by the guards...
Levi Ackerman : Then figure out where Eren
was taken by snooping around.
Levi Ackerman : To think we'd have no better option... (0:07:38.72)
Levi Ackerman : We just don't have time...
We've got no choice but to do or die.
Jean Kirstein : Captain. (0:07:46.86)
Levi Ackerman : Now then... (0:07:49.32)
Levi Ackerman : Stohess District Military Police. (0:07:50.99)
Levi Ackerman : Private Marlo Freudenberg. (0:07:53.70)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Captain Levi! It's really him! (0:07:56.41)
Levi Ackerman : Same assignment, Private Hitch Dreyse. (0:07:59.24)
Levi Ackerman : As for how we'll dispose of you... (0:08:02.58)
Hitch Dreyse : Because of you guys, over 100 people
from Stohess District were killed!
Levi Ackerman : Huh? (0:08:11.42)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Hey! (0:08:12.55)
Hitch Dreyse : You people... You might think
that you're all heroes of justice,
Hitch Dreyse : but the victims and their families
were dropped straight into hell!
Levi Ackerman : Yeah, I know. (0:08:22.10)
Hitch Dreyse : You there... You're from the
Southern Cadet Corps, yeah?
Hitch Dreyse : Just like Annie Leonhart. (0:08:30.28)
Hitch Dreyse : Were you friends of hers? (0:08:32.82)
Hitch Dreyse : No... I doubt she had any friends.
Being as gloomy and aloof as she was.
Hitch Dreyse : It's like she was a kid
afraid of other people...
Hitch Dreyse : I never got the chance to
know anything about her.
Hitch Dreyse : And the reason they still
haven't found her...
Hitch Dreyse : ...is because she was pulverized
by a Titan into a puddle of jelly!
Levi Ackerman : No... (0:08:56.51)
Levi Ackerman : Because the Titan in hiding was...
Annie Leonhart herself.
Levi Ackerman : Goddammit, it makes me sick. (0:09:04.10)
Levi Ackerman : Nobody knows a damn thing about
this world... Not us or anyone else.
Levi Ackerman : Except for those bastards
at the center of it all.
Levi Ackerman : We'll release you both
as soon as we get out of here.
Hitch Dreyse : Annie was... (0:09:23.29)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Captain Levi! Please let me help you! (0:09:25.33)
Marlowe Freudenberg : I don't think what you
guys are doing is wrong!
Marlowe Freudenberg : If I can help correct this world's injustice,
I'll do whatever it takes!
Levi Ackerman : What's with this guy? (0:09:37.97)
Marlowe Freudenberg : I beg of you, Captain Levi! (0:09:41.60)
Levi Ackerman : Not a chance. (0:09:43.52)
Levi Ackerman : I can't tell how prepared you are about
making an enemy of the government.
Levi Ackerman : Let's go. (0:09:49.52)
Levi Ackerman : Sasha. Tie them up somewhere nearby. (0:09:50.94)
Sasha Blouse : Yes, sir! (0:09:53.94)
Jean Kirstein : Captain. (0:09:58.24)
Jean Kirstein : Please let me do it. (0:10:00.37)
Levi Ackerman : Knock yourself out. (0:10:06.46)
Jean Kirstein : Stop. (0:10:16.01)
Marlowe Freudenberg : We'll forget what we saw here. (0:10:20.64)
Jean Kirstein : Yeah, you will! Because both
of you will die here!
Marlowe Freudenberg : That's not what he said! (0:10:27.14)
Jean Kirstein : Letting you two run free is too dangerous. (0:10:28.44)
Jean Kirstein : I'll take it upon myself to kill you! (0:10:31.19)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Please, believe us! (0:10:33.69)
Marlowe Freudenberg : We know you guys are fighting
to try and save humanity!
Marlowe Freudenberg : Right, Hitch?! (0:10:38.99)
Hitch Dreyse : Mmm, mmm! (0:10:39.95)
Jean Kirstein : As if I could trust you.
Especially you, Mr. Bowl Cut.
Jean Kirstein : Who in their right mind
would cut their hair like that?
Jean Kirstein : You'll get no sympathy from this guy! (0:10:48.50)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Hitch, run! (0:10:55.75)
Jean Kirstein : My gun is faster, you know. (0:11:00.22)
Jean Kirstein : Wanna take your chances? (0:11:02.26)
Jean Kirstein : Your knife and my gun... Let's race! (0:11:04.39)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Wait! I'm really your ally! (0:11:07.52)
Jean Kirstein : Why the hell would anyone
believe you'd wanna join us?
Jean Kirstein : We're so severely outmatched,
you really think we can save humanity?
Marlowe Freudenberg : Then, why are you...? (0:11:19.40)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Why are you still with the Scouts then? (0:11:22.11)
Marlowe Freudenberg : I picked the wrong regiment to join. (0:11:27.16)
Marlowe Freudenberg : As long as you guys have it in you
to risk your lives and keep fighting...
Marlowe Freudenberg : ...I will trust you. (0:11:34.88)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Hitch! (0:11:42.47)
Hitch Dreyse : You damn horse face! (0:11:44.39)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Wait, Hitch! He was just testing us! (0:11:45.76)
Hitch Dreyse : Huh?! (0:11:49.89)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Hey, you. (0:11:53.27)
Marlowe Freudenberg : What would you have done
if I swung the knife at you?
Marlowe Freudenberg : Why did you trust me so much? (0:11:59.90)
Jean Kirstein : Somehow or another,
you remind me of a guy that I hate.
Jean Kirstein : A damn idiot. (0:12:07.53)
Marlowe Freudenberg : This idiot... Is it the same
one Annie talked about?
Jean Kirstein : Hell if I know. (0:12:16.29)
Jean Kirstein : Everyone's an idiot. (0:12:17.96)
Jean Kirstein : Fortunately, we're both just as dumb. (0:12:24.51)
Jean Kirstein : Marlo, I think you proved your dedication. (0:12:27.55)
Jean Kirstein : That should be enough
to convince Captain Levi.
Jean Kirstein : We're counting on you. (0:12:36.15)
Marlowe Freudenberg : That over there is the least
manned checkpoint around.
Levi Ackerman : All right. We'll handle it ourselves. (0:12:45.66)
Levi Ackerman : Get back to your squad
before it's suspicious.
Hitch Dreyse : Yes, sir. (0:12:51.70)
Levi Ackerman : Marlo, Hitch. (0:12:54.83)
Levi Ackerman : We're grateful. (0:12:57.84)
Marlowe Freudenberg : Sir! (0:13:00.71)
Levi Ackerman : Let's go! (0:13:02.63)
Levi Ackerman : It's our turn to pick a fight! (0:13:03.92)
Interior Police Captain : Hmm? (0:13:10.26)
Levi Ackerman : It's me. (0:13:30.53)
Armin Arlelt : Captain, he's... (0:13:34.66)
Levi Ackerman : With the Interior Police. (0:13:36.79)
Levi Ackerman : I've got a few questions for him. (0:13:38.92)
Levi Ackerman : Let's move. (0:13:41.88)
EXTRA : "Information Available for Public Disclosure"
"An institution which unifies and supervises the various public organizations of administration, justice, and military which act under the royal government's will. Although it officially outranks other organizations, its authority is under constant contention."
Roger : How dumb can you be?
Running into a deserted dump like this...
Flegel Reeves : Shit! (0:14:07.66)
Roger : But I owe you one, Flegel Reeves. (0:14:09.74)
Roger : When you got away and
gave us the slip, I really...
Roger : I thought I was screwed! (0:14:17.75)
Roger : For a minute there, I thought they'd kill me. (0:14:27.09)
Roger : Nice knowing you, Flegel. Thanks a bunch! (0:14:32.14)
Flegel Reeves : Ah, wait! (0:14:35.72)
Flegel Reeves : Why was my old man killed?! (0:14:37.48)
Flegel Reeves : Did the Interior Police do it?! (0:14:39.35)
Roger : Huh? What does it matter to you? (0:14:41.19)
Roger : You're about to be fresh corpse. (0:14:43.90)
Flegel Reeves : I-I wanna know before I die! (0:14:47.40)
Flegel Reeves : What did he ever do to deserve being killed?! (0:14:49.99)
Roger : Eh? You don't know? (0:14:52.70)
Roger : He betrayed us and sided
with those damn Scouts.
Flegel Reeves : Betrayed? (0:14:59.67)
Flegel Reeves : So you're saying it was the Interior Police
that made him kidnap those Scouts?!
Roger : Except it was a different squad than us. (0:15:05.30)
Roger : Guess he didn't say a damn thing. (0:15:08.13)
Roger : Not to his dimwit son. (0:15:10.97)
Flegel Reeves : And what if he would've refused? (0:15:14.14)
Roger : Well, he'd have known a bit too much,
so he would've had to die.
Roger : What a fool. (0:15:21.94)
Roger : Look where caring for the city
and workers got 'em.
Flegel Reeves : You would never understand. (0:15:29.57)
Roger : Hmm? (0:15:32.61)
Flegel Reeves : Talking like you're smart shit... (0:15:33.82)
Flegel Reeves : My old man taught me something. (0:15:36.95)
Flegel Reeves : That merchants gotta follow their nose. (0:15:39.58)
Flegel Reeves : And I'm damn glad that I did. (0:15:43.04)
Flegel Reeves : Because I found the people
who could avenge my old man!
Flegel Reeves : And I side with them! (0:15:48.42)
Roger : What's the matter, Flegel? Go on and
oink like a pig to be slaughtered!
Flegel Reeves : You had your time, but it's over! (0:15:54.01)
Flegel Reeves : Look above you, morons! (0:15:56.76)
Zoe Hange : Ouch! (0:16:12.45)
EXTRA : Section Commander! You're too wild! (0:16:14.11)
Zoe Hange : Hell yeah! Did you hear that, everyone?! (0:16:16.66)
Roger : The... Scout Regiment...? Why? (0:16:20.29)
EXTRA : Not so deserted, eh? (0:16:28.42)
EXTRA : Perhaps it looks that way to you. (0:16:30.67)
EXTRA : But, sorry. (0:16:32.97)
EXTRA : I know it doesn't look like much,
but we still live here.
EXTRA : We heard everything. (0:16:38.51)
EXTRA : The Interior Police and their schemes...
Everyone here is a witness.
Roger : S-So, what does it matter? (0:16:45.56)
Roger : It's the government that
decides what's the truth!
Roger : You fools... Don't think you can
do this and get away with it!
Roger : You're all in for a world of hu-- (0:16:55.24)
Flegel Reeves : Everyone... Don't worry. (0:16:57.87)
Flegel Reeves : The Reeves Company will protect this city. (0:17:00.95)
Flegel Reeves : As of today, I, Flegel Reeves... (0:17:03.91)
Flegel Reeves : I'm the boss. (0:17:06.63)
Flegel Reeves : So... from now... you can count... on me. (0:17:09.88)
EXTRA : We're counting on you, Boss. (0:17:20.85)
EXTRA : Speak up, man! (0:17:22.89)
Zoe Hange : Congrats on the job. (0:17:24.89)
Zoe Hange : Keep an eye on these Interior Police. (0:17:26.77)
Flegel Reeves : Right. (0:17:29.73)
Interior Police Captain : Stop it... (0:17:35.40)
Levi Ackerman : Where are Eren and Christa? (0:17:41.54)
Interior Police Captain : Oh, you're so brave. (0:17:45.37)
Interior Police Captain : That checkpoint back there was just recruits
who could barely wipe their own ass.
Interior Police Captain : You think you're some sort of hero,
beating them down?
Levi Ackerman : What an atrocious thing we've done. (0:17:56.05)
Levi Ackerman : But what's more atrocious
is this mouth of yours.
Levi Ackerman : I recommend you start talking
while you're still able to use it.
Levi Ackerman : Where are Eren and Christa? (0:18:09.06)
Interior Police Captain : It's no use! (0:18:14.49)
Interior Police Captain : All that's left for you now is to run and hide
inside these walls, covered in mud and shit!
Interior Police Captain : If you don't turn yourselves in, every last
Scout we captured will get the noose!
Interior Police Captain : Starting with the one most
guilty of all, Erwin Smith!
Levi Ackerman : Shut up. (0:18:35.71)
Levi Ackerman : That's for not answering my question. (0:18:37.26)
Levi Ackerman : Some Scouts' lives are
more valuable than others.
Levi Ackerman : Only those dumb enough
to acknowledge that join us.
Levi Ackerman : Tell me where Eren and Christa are at. (0:18:47.98)
Interior Police Captain : I-I don't know! (0:18:50.40)
Interior Police Captain : I'm not allowed to know! (0:18:52.15)
Interior Police Captain : Kenny Ackermann is a very cautious man! (0:18:54.19)
Levi Ackerman : Ackermann? (0:18:57.11)
Levi Ackerman : I know Kenny... Is that his last name? (0:18:59.20)
Interior Police Captain : It is, but... (0:19:02.16)
Levi Ackerman : True, there's a lot of things he doesn't
divulge... Especially the important stuff.
Levi Ackerman : But you must have a rough idea. (0:19:10.92)
Levi Ackerman : You best try to remember. (0:19:13.29)
Interior Police Captain : --Stop it! (0:19:15.38)
Levi Ackerman : --You still have plenty of bones left to break.
--Stop it!
Levi Ackerman : --You still have plenty
of bones left to break.
Interior Police Captain : You... You're insane! (0:19:19.88)
Levi Ackerman : Maybe I am. (0:19:23.35)
Sasha Blouse : Someone's coming from that way! (0:19:25.06)
Sasha Blouse : More than one! (0:19:29.39)
Interior Police Captain : Told you so, Captain. (0:19:32.40)
Interior Police Captain : It's no use. (0:19:34.69)
Interior Police Captain : One way or another, the Scouts
will soon come to an end!
Nile Dok : I've seen you in better shape. (0:19:49.66)
Nile Dok : And to think you were
lecturing me the other day.
Nile Dok : You're getting an audience with the King. (0:20:00.51)
Nile Dok : They'll decide how to dismantle the Scouts
and announce your final sentence.
Erwin Smith : Nile, huh? (0:20:07.77)
Erwin Smith : Where was your house? (0:20:11.56)
Erwin Smith : Stohess District, was it? (0:20:13.77)
Erwin Smith : Is Marie...? Is your family doing well? (0:20:17.40)
Nile Dok : They're doing fine. Both Marie and the kids. (0:20:25.32)
Nile Dok : I haven't been home in a while, but... (0:20:29.54)
Nile Dok : ...it's around Eastern Wall Rose. (0:20:32.46)
Erwin Smith : I see... (0:20:36.38)
Nile Dok : What's with the odd questions? (0:20:39.46)
Erwin Smith : I entrusted something to Commander Pyxis. (0:20:43.30)
Erwin Smith : When, and if the time comes... (0:20:47.30)
Erwin Smith : When it comes, I will only watch. (0:20:51.77)
Erwin Smith : It's up to you to decide. You... and them. (0:20:54.90)
EXTRA : So, I take it not much
came out of Erwin in the end.
EXTRA : Indeed... He must not have learned
any secrets from Pastor Nick.
EXTRA : Historia Reiss can make all the claims she wants
about her name, but they'll amount to nothing.
EXTRA : How silly. (0:21:19.25)
EXTRA : In any case, they're all nothing
more than birds in a cage.
EXTRA : Just waiting to die... (0:21:24.80)
EXTRA : Excuse me. (0:21:28.85)
EXTRA : Erwin Smith has arrived. (0:21:30.22)
EXTRA : Very well. We're coming. (0:21:32.77)
EXTRA : Once we finally execute him,
all will be according to plan.
EXTRA : And just like they always have,
the wall's secrets will stay safe.
EXTRA : We'll protect the peace within the walls. (0:21:45.28)
EXTRA : Forever... (0:21:49.53)
EXTRA : Erwin. (0:21:59.42)
EXTRA : Do you have any last words? (0:22:01.00)

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