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EXTRA : Phalanx (0:00:15.41)
Yuuto Suou : Phalanx... (0:00:15.83)
Yuuto Suou : "A tightly-packed formation of spearmen that (0:00:17.27)
Yuuto Suou : was used to great effect in Ancient Greece." (0:00:19.78)
Felicia : Sneaking off by yourself at night... (0:00:27.21)
Felicia : That seems suspicious. (0:00:29.78)
Yuuto Suou : I was just doing research. (0:00:32.45)
Yuuto Suou : Taking a dip in the dead of night
is all well and good,
Yuuto Suou : but don't scare me like that! (0:00:36.93)
Felicia : My job is to make your heart skip a beat. (0:00:40.20)
Yuuto Suou : That's news to me! (0:00:45.64)
Felicia : We have an important battle tomorrow. (0:00:48.63)
Felicia : So don't stay up too late, okay? (0:00:51.58)
Felicia : You are our patriarch, after all. (0:00:54.93)
Yuuto Suou : I know that. (0:00:58.83)
Yuuto Suou : I guess I'll get some rest. (0:01:01.06)
Yuuto Suou : Really... this is the one thing that
hasn't changed from my old world.
EXTRA : "The Oath of the Chalice" (0:02:42.01)
Yuuto Suou : "The Oath of the Chalice." (0:02:43.27)
EXTRA : Hey, are those spears iron? (0:03:10.66)
EXTRA : I-Impossible! (0:03:13.43)
Felicia : The tide's turned in our favor! (0:03:20.01)
Felicia : Well done, Big Brother! (0:03:21.88)
Felicia : You did a splendid job as commander. (0:03:24.10)
Yuuto Suou : The phalanx formation... (0:03:27.22)
Yuuto Suou : I didn't come up with it. (0:03:29.99)
Yuuto Suou : It's Alexander the Great and
Oda Nobunaga that deserve the credit.
Felicia : Alex...? (0:03:37.06)
Yuuto Suou : I'm just cheating. (0:03:38.37)
Yuuto Suou : Okay, the enemy's clearly
on the verge of breaking!
Yuuto Suou : Let's finish this! (0:03:45.07)
Yuuto Suou : Raise your banners high! (0:03:46.87)
Yuuto Suou : All troops, charge! (0:03:49.13)
Yuuto Suou : It's been two years since I
was summoned to Yggdrasil.
Yuuto Suou : In this world, people kill each
other over tiny pieces of land.
Yuuto Suou : The weak are oppressed and trampled down. (0:04:03.27)
Yuuto Suou : By some strange twist of fate, in this world
where I didn't even speak the language,
Yuuto Suou : I rose to the position of
Patriarch of the Wolf Clan.
Yuuto Suou : A position where a single order of mine
can determine whether someone lives or dies.
Felicia : Big Brother! (0:04:21.30)
Yuuto Suou : Thanks, Felicia! (0:04:28.04)
Yuuto Suou : You Einherjar are almost inhumanly strong. (0:04:30.01)
Felicia : It seems to have come from over there. (0:04:33.44)
Yuuto Suou : Horn Clan Einherjar! (0:04:36.21)
Felicia : Oh my. More of them. (0:04:40.57)
Yuuto Suou : Come on now... (0:04:42.59)
Felicia : Leave it to me! (0:04:44.12)
Felicia : Are you hurt? (0:04:54.65)
Yuuto Suou : Your skill with a rope is as amazing as ever. (0:04:56.63)
Yuuto Suou : You'd be a great queen. (0:05:00.25)
Felicia : You're the king, right, Big Brother? (0:05:03.22)
Felicia : Are you planning on marrying me? (0:05:06.28)
Yuuto Suou : Uh, I was talking about
a different kind of "queen."
Felicia : You're so silly, Big Brother. (0:05:15.06)
Felicia : Well, that's just part of your charm. (0:05:17.08)
Felicia : Anyway, if the battle's reached this far, (0:05:22.85)
Felicia : the fighting at the front
line must be truly fierce.
Yuuto Suou : Rún is safe, right? (0:05:29.01)
Felicia : I don't think there's any need to worry. (0:05:32.23)
Felicia : She is the strongest wolf, Mánagarmr. (0:05:35.14)
Felicia : I think it's just about time... (0:05:39.00)
Siegrune : Sigrún of the Wolf has defeated
the Horn Clan's commander!
Felicia : Just as I thought! Rún did it! (0:05:50.78)
Yuuto Suou : Yeah! (0:05:55.32)
Siegrune : Father! (0:05:57.83)
Siegrune : Are you all right? (0:06:01.81)
Siegrune : Did you get hurt? (0:06:05.19)
Yuuto Suou : I'm not going to get hurt if
I'm not on the front lines.
Yuuto Suou : What about you, Rún? You okay? (0:06:12.15)
Siegrune : Worry not. (0:06:14.37)
Siegrune : By the grace of our goddess, I am just fine. (0:06:15.94)
Siegrune : There isn't a scratch on me. (0:06:19.43)
Yuuto Suou : Good work. (0:06:22.21)
Yuuto Suou : What do you want for a reward? (0:06:24.29)
Yuuto Suou : I'll give you anything you like. (0:06:26.07)
Siegrune : Anything? (0:06:28.09)
Yuuto Suou : Anything I can give. (0:06:29.39)
Siegrune : Th-Then... um... (0:06:31.07)
Siegrune : Would... Would you pat my head? (0:06:35.65)
Yuuto Suou : What? Is that all? (0:06:38.96)
Siegrune : To me, it is the greatest reward
I could ever imagine!
Yuuto Suou : W-Well, if you insist... (0:06:45.21)
Felicia : Rún, you're just like a loyal dog. (0:06:52.18)
Siegrune : Father, is something funny? (0:07:01.32)
Yuuto Suou : No, nothing. (0:07:04.52)
Yuuto Suou : By the way, Rún, what did you do
with the Horn Clan patriarch you captured?
Siegrune : I turned her over to some of the soldiers. (0:07:12.17)
Yuuto Suou : Okay, put up the tents
and prepare for talks!
Yuuto Suou : This girl is the Horn Clan patriarch? (0:07:27.59)
Felicia : Yes. (0:07:29.85)
Felicia : This is Linnea. (0:07:30.96)
Yuuto Suou : She's still a kid... (0:07:33.30)
Linnea : You're not that much older than me! (0:07:34.77)
Yuuto Suou : I guess we'll start with introductions. (0:07:39.78)
Yuuto Suou : I am Yuuto, (0:07:42.71)
Yuuto Suou : Patriarch of the Wolf Clan. (0:07:44.54)
Yuuto Suou : I'm not a fan of honeyed words, (0:07:48.07)
Yuuto Suou : so I will simply come out and ask: (0:07:50.61)
Yuuto Suou : will you become my child? (0:07:52.24)
Linnea : I refuse! (0:07:54.01)
Linnea : Why would the mighty Horn Clan
serve under lowly dogs?
Linnea : You're dreaming! (0:07:57.80)
Felicia : If anyone's dreaming here, it's you. (0:08:00.31)
Linnea : What did you just say?! (0:08:03.92)
Felicia : Perhaps we were dogs before, yes, (0:08:05.86)
Felicia : but thanks to our patriarch, we were reborn... (0:08:10.55)
Felicia : Into true wolves, powerful and bold! (0:08:14.90)
Linnea : How much power could
a frail boy like him have?
Siegrune : Hold your tongue. (0:08:24.26)
Siegrune : I will not allow you to insult the patriarch. (0:08:25.77)
Yuuto Suou : Control yourselves. Both of you. (0:08:29.09)
Yuuto Suou : No matter what else she may be,
she is the Patriarch of the Horn Clan.
Yuuto Suou : You will treat her with respect! (0:08:34.27)
Siegrune : Yes, sir! (0:08:36.02)
Felicia : Yes, sir! (0:08:36.02)
Yuuto Suou : I apologize for their rudeness. (0:08:37.19)
Linnea : No, I'm sorry for calling you dogs. (0:08:39.41)
Yuuto Suou : "When one is antagonized
through threats and intimidation,
Yuuto Suou : they become more accepting of those
who offer them a helping hand."
Yuuto Suou : This negotiating tactic, which I read
about in a book, works great.
Yuuto Suou : Now, let's get back down to business. (0:08:53.57)
Yuuto Suou : Where were we? (0:08:55.74)
Yuuto Suou : Right. I asked you to become my child. (0:08:57.53)
Linnea : And I said no! (0:08:59.60)
Yuuto Suou : How about my little sister, then? (0:09:01.66)
Linnea : Little sister? (0:09:05.14)
Yuuto Suou : This is the only compromise
I'm willing to make.
Yuuto Suou : Unlike a child, a younger
sister or younger brother
Yuuto Suou : is not bound by absolute servitude. (0:09:12.98)
Linnea : But we of the Horn Clan... (0:09:15.36)
Yuuto Suou : I see. Then you leave me with no choice. (0:09:18.10)
Yuuto Suou : Your city will simply end up like Van did! (0:09:20.57)
Linnea : You'd slay every person in the city
and burn it to the ground?
Yuuto Suou : If you refuse my chalice, then yes! (0:09:30.61)
Yuuto Suou : Make your decision quickly. (0:09:34.92)
Yuuto Suou : I'm not a patient man. (0:09:36.42)
Linnea : All right. (0:09:51.54)
Linnea : I'll be your little sister. (0:09:53.29)
Linnea : But I won't be your child! (0:09:55.90)
Linnea : I'm just your little sister! (0:09:58.01)
Yuuto Suou : That will do. (0:10:00.42)
Felicia : A-Are you all right, Father? (0:10:07.87)
Felicia : Are you ill? (0:10:10.44)
Yuuto Suou : No, I'm just tired. (0:10:12.55)
Siegrune : I'm glad... (0:10:15.20)
Felicia : You certainly don't look like the infamous
man who put the city of Van to the torch.
Siegrune : Of course not. (0:10:22.74)
Siegrune : My father did no such thing. (0:10:23.77)
Siegrune : I refuse to accept it. (0:10:25.96)
Siegrune : You're really such a kind man, Father... (0:10:28.08)
Yuuto Suou : I'm not kind. (0:10:32.39)
Yuuto Suou : Just naive and soft. (0:10:35.08)
Yuuto Suou : Sometimes, having a story like that
out there can limit future bloodshed.
Felicia : I find your naivety a very precious thing. (0:10:46.28)
Felicia : Do not be so hard on yourself. (0:10:51.59)
Yuuto Suou : Thanks as always, Felicia. (0:10:58.47)
Felicia : There's no need to thank me. (0:11:01.14)
Felicia : It's the least I could do as the one
who summoned you to this world.
Siegrune : I-I respect you too, Father! (0:11:07.85)
Yuuto Suou : Yeah, thank you too, Rún! (0:11:11.76)
Siegrune : But of course! (0:11:14.30)
Yuuto Suou : Okay, let's head back home! (0:11:15.56)
Yuuto Suou : To our city, Iárnviðr! (0:11:17.07)
EXTRA : Moniker: Ráðsviðr, the Wise Wolf

Rune: Skírnir, the Expressionless Servant

Skills: All-rounder
(Jack of all trades, master of none)

Member of the Wolf Clan

Relationship to Yuuto: Sworn Little Sister

The one who summoned Yuuto to Yggdrasil,
and expert aria caster. Using her power and influence,
she stood by Yuuto and supported him
right from when he didn't understand the language
and was scorned by everyone. She has always considered him
a harbinger of victory and respected him, but
EXTRA : A formation in which heavy infantry, with a circular shield in their left hand and a spear in their right,
huddled together in an approximately 8x8 square. Mostly,
the rookies would be at its center, while the veterans lined up right in front or at the back, but the most battle-hardened solders were placed on the right, since half of their bodies were exposed. While attacking, a phalanx followed an audible rhythm to avoid breaking formation. In battle, around a hundred soldiers would huddle together in t
EXTRA : Seig patriarch! Seig patriarch! (0:11:32.07)
Felicia : You're always so popular, Big Brother. (0:11:38.79)
Felicia : Big Brother? (0:11:43.25)
Yuuto Suou : Y-Yeah? What is it? (0:11:44.69)
Felicia : Why not answer them? (0:11:47.53)
Yuuto Suou : Y-You're right. (0:11:50.55)
Yuuto Suou : We're finally home... (0:12:01.32)
EXTRA : Welcome back, Yuuto-dono. (0:12:02.98)
EXTRA : Congratulations. I heard your
victory was an impressive one.
Yuuto Suou : Thank you. (0:12:09.32)
EXTRA : We prayed to the goddess Angrboða
that you would triumph.
Yuuto Suou : Are they saying we won
because of their prayers?
Yuuto Suou : Sorry, I'm in a hurry. (0:12:19.77)
Yuuto Suou : We can talk later. (0:12:22.01)
EXTRA : Don't you think that's a rude
way to speak to your uncles?
EXTRA : We are the younger brothers
of the last patriarch.
EXTRA : Courtesy demands you treat us with respect. (0:12:31.80)
EXTRA : A relationship born out of the chalice
takes priority over all else.
Yuuto Suou : I'm in a hurry, damn it... (0:12:39.40)
EXTRA : That has been the tradition
since ancient times...
Felicia : I'd be happy to hear what you have to say. (0:12:41.63)
Yuuto Suou : Thanks, Felicia! (0:12:47.77)
Yuuto Suou : I should've put it out in the sun more... (0:13:01.84)
Yuuto Suou : There we go! (0:13:04.56)
Mitsuki Shimoya : Hello?! (0:13:09.93)
Mitsuki Shimoya : I'm so glad you're safe, Yuu-kun! (0:13:11.18)
Yuuto Suou : Sorry, I know you were worried. (0:13:13.90)
Yuuto Suou : But I'm just fine. (0:13:16.08)
Mitsuki Shimoya : Good. I really am glad you're okay. (0:13:18.66)
Mitsuki Shimoya : Welcome back, Yuu-kun. (0:13:24.42)
Yuuto Suou : Thanks, Mitsuki. It's good to be back. (0:13:27.03)
Mitsuki Shimoya : Hey, Yuu-kun, did you find a way home yet? (0:13:30.61)
Yuuto Suou : No, not yet. (0:13:34.14)
Mitsuki Shimoya : I see... (0:13:35.56)
Mitsuki Shimoya : But promise you'll come home, okay? (0:13:37.33)
Mitsuki Shimoya : I'm waiting for you. (0:13:40.01)
Mitsuki Shimoya : I'll always be waiting. (0:13:41.51)
Yuuto Suou : Yeah. (0:13:43.48)
Yuuto Suou : This place, Yggdrasil,
probably isn't another world,
Yuuto Suou : but actually somewhere on Earth. (0:14:02.27)
Yuuto Suou : Judging by the tools they use
and their culture,
Yuuto Suou : it's somewhere between 1300 and 2000 BC. (0:14:08.09)
Yuuto Suou : In other words, Earth in the late Bronze Age. (0:14:11.94)
Yuuto Suou : I can tell I'm still on Earth because
the stars are exactly the same here.
Yuuto Suou : I know I'm somewhere in
the Northern Hemisphere,
Yuuto Suou : but I don't know where exactly. (0:14:23.59)
Felicia : Wake up, Big Brother! (0:14:29.17)
Yuuto Suou : Morning... (0:14:34.50)
Siegrune : Good morning, Father. (0:14:36.10)
Felicia : Good morning, Big Brother! (0:14:38.03)
Felicia : I've brought breakfast. (0:14:40.40)
Yuuto Suou : It smells great... (0:14:44.33)
Felicia : Um... the rotor... (0:14:45.66)
Yuuto Suou : The rotary quern, yeah. (0:14:48.28)
Felicia : Ah, yes! (0:14:49.85)
Felicia : Thanks to that, we can bake
delicious bread every day!
Siegrune : You really do know about all sorts
of strange things, Father.
Yuuto Suou : It's all thanks to my smartphone. (0:14:57.77)
Siegrune : Smartphone? (0:14:59.46)
Yuuto Suou : It's been a while since
I've gotten a good night's rest.
Yuuto Suou : I'm full of energy. (0:15:03.82)
Felicia : Looks like you are! (0:15:05.25)
Felicia : If you like, I can help get rid
of some of that energy...
Yuuto Suou : No! I keep telling you, no, thank you! (0:15:13.41)
Felicia : Oh? But this part of you seems
to have a different opinion...
Siegrune : Felicia! (0:15:22.23)
Siegrune : Knock it off, or I'll execute you
for being impudent to our lord!
Felicia : Listen, Rún. (0:15:26.34)
Felicia : I've heard that men must clean out their
pipes once in a while, or it's bad for them.
Siegrune : What? Is that how it works? (0:15:32.99)
Felicia : We need to ensure he doesn't fall prey
to the wiles of some evil woman
Felicia : by providing him sufficient experience
beforehand, don't you think?
Siegrune : Hmm... That does make sense. (0:15:43.38)
Yuuto Suou : Don't let her fool you like that! (0:15:45.46)
Siegrune : Father, my body has little to offer you, (0:15:47.56)
Siegrune : but feel free to use it anyway! (0:15:49.57)
Yuuto Suou : I-I'm more hungry than horny right now! (0:15:52.24)
Yuuto Suou : I need to eat! (0:15:54.47)
Siegrune : True. You can't do anything
on an empty stomach.
Felicia : If only he'd learn to have enjoy his women, (0:16:00.48)
Felicia : it could help him have some
temporary respite from his worries.
Yuuto Suou : If we're going to make an oath
with the Horn Clan,
Yuuto Suou : we'll need lots of iron weapons for them. (0:16:10.03)
Yuuto Suou : Can Ingrid make them, you think? (0:16:13.09)
Ingrid : Okay, time to remove the slag! (0:16:18.12)
Ingrid : Y-Yuuto?! (0:16:22.33)
Yuuto Suou : It's been a while, Ingrid. (0:16:23.96)
Yuuto Suou : But why are you so shocked? (0:16:26.94)
Ingrid : O-Oh, it's good to see you. (0:16:28.92)
Ingrid : That's right. You did come back, didn't you? (0:16:31.81)
Yuuto Suou : Wow, that's cold. Aren't we friends? (0:16:33.99)
Ingrid : Shut up! (0:16:36.96)
Ingrid : I've been busy at the forge since yesterday. (0:16:38.01)
Ingrid : I-I don't have time to think about you. (0:16:40.58)
Yuuto Suou : I see. (0:16:43.42)
Yuuto Suou : If you're busy, I can come back. (0:16:44.29)
Ingrid : D-Don't worry about it. (0:16:45.95)
Ingrid : It's been a while since you've come around. (0:16:47.87)
Ingrid : Take your time. (0:16:49.85)
Felicia : Ahem. (0:16:51.00)
Felicia : Ingrid-dono,
as I've told you repeatedly,
Felicia : you need to show
the patriarch, well, respect...
Ingrid : I knew this guy... I mean... (0:17:00.42)
Ingrid : I knew F-Father before, so... (0:17:03.17)
Ingrid : Old habits die hard, I guess. (0:17:07.08)
Ingrid : I-I'm... (0:17:10.44)
Ingrid : I'm sorrwy! (0:17:11.88)
Ingrid : Ow! (0:17:14.17)
Yuuto Suou : D-Don't laugh, damn it! (0:17:15.09)
Ingrid : I mean... Please don't laugh! (0:17:16.60)
Yuuto Suou : There's no need to change a thing. (0:17:19.69)
Yuuto Suou : It would feel really weird if you
started being polite, Ingrid.
Felicia : That's right. (0:17:24.53)
Felicia : When it's just the two of you, (0:17:25.96)
Felicia : feel free to call each other
by your names.
Ingrid : J-J-Just the two of us? (0:17:29.96)
Yuuto Suou : Hey, don't take it in a weird way. (0:17:34.41)
Yuuto Suou : She just means we can make something
together again sometime.
Ingrid : Oh, that's all... (0:17:39.45)
Ingrid : I mean... Oh, I see, sir. (0:17:41.28)
Yuuto Suou : The Horn Clan's patriarch will soon
become my little sister.
Ingrid : The Horn Clan will be joining us? (0:17:48.56)
Yuuto Suou : And I figure we'll be using the same weapons. (0:17:50.38)
Ingrid : H-How about that... (0:17:54.20)
Ingrid : I mean... I understand, sir. (0:17:55.87)
Yuuto Suou : You're going to be even busier soon, (0:17:58.98)
Yuuto Suou : but I'm counting on you, Ingrid. (0:18:01.22)
Ingrid : R-Right... (0:18:04.00)
Ingrid : I mean... yes, sir! (0:18:05.47)
EXTRA : In the name of the Divine Emperor,
I, Alexis the Goði,
EXTRA : shall now perform the ritual
of the Chalice of Allegiance.
Yuuto Suou : In Yggdrasil, all the people
in a clan make an oath with
Yuuto Suou : the clan patriarch over the chalice
and become his children or younger siblings.
Yuuto Suou : The ties created by the chalice
are stronger than those of blood.
Yuuto Suou : It's a holy ritual called
the Oath of Allegiance
Yuuto Suou : meant to bind a patriarch
and his children and siblings together.
Yuuto Suou : That is how things are done in this world. (0:18:40.65)
Yuuto Suou : This ritual should make it possible to
rid the Wolf Clan of all opposition
Yuuto Suou : and bring peace. (0:18:47.39)
Yuuto Suou : In other words, (0:18:49.85)
Yuuto Suou : I can then search for a way to go home
without worrying about a thing!
Ingrid : Big Brother, would you please
come outside with me?
Yuuto Suou : Sure. I don't mind. (0:19:01.56)
Ingrid : I'm sorry for bringing you
out here like this...
Yuuto Suou : It's fine. What did you want to talk about? (0:19:09.11)
Ingrid : Please treat the Horn Clan's people
the same as you do the Wolf's!
Ingrid : Please, I beg you! (0:19:19.98)
Ingrid : You may do whatever you want with me... (0:19:25.41)
Yuuto Suou : Oh, uh... (0:19:31.08)
Yuuto Suou : I'm not going to do anything. (0:19:38.15)
Yuuto Suou : I'll listen to my cute little
sister's request for free.
Ingrid : Big Brother... (0:19:47.30)
Ingrid : Th-Thank you! (0:19:49.16)
Felicia : Big Brother! (0:19:54.26)
Yuuto Suou : What is it, Felicia? (0:19:56.18)
Felicia : We just got a messenger pigeon
from Fort Horn at the border!
Yuuto Suou : This is serious,
so I'll get right to the point.
Yuuto Suou : Four days ago, one of the largest
clans to the west, the Hoof,
Yuuto Suou : began an invasion of our
sister nation, the Horn,
Yuuto Suou : and captured a fort on the border. (0:20:17.65)
Yuuto Suou : Their forces number around ten thousand. (0:20:21.33)
EXTRA : Ten thousand?! (0:20:24.20)
Yuuto Suou : The Horn Clan are yet to recover
from their recent defeat.
Yuuto Suou : Linnea isn't there, either. (0:20:30.15)
Yuuto Suou : It's the ideal time for an invasion. (0:20:32.00)
Ingrid : I-It's my fault. (0:20:34.46)
Ingrid : It's because I lost... (0:20:37.06)
Yuuto Suou : This is an emergency. (0:20:39.00)
Yuuto Suou : We must go to rescue
the Horn Clan immediately.
EXTRA : B-But, Yuuto-dono, it was the Horn Clan
who were invaded. Not us wolves.
EXTRA : Bruno is right. (0:20:51.47)
EXTRA : I feel bad for the Horn Clan,
but we only just shared the Oath.
EXTRA : We haven't developed any kind
of friendship with them!
Ingrid : N-No... (0:20:59.05)
EXTRA : The Horn Clan have always been our rivals. (0:21:00.37)
EXTRA : We should've just made them slaves. (0:21:02.76)
EXTRA : But we offered them the chance to be siblings
out of the goodness of our hearts.
EXTRA : Yuuto-dono, you're still young. (0:21:08.94)
EXTRA : You simply don't understand. (0:21:11.17)
Yuuto Suou : Shut your mouths, you idiots! (0:21:19.37)
Yuuto Suou : Try and violate an Oath the same day
we make it, and see what happens!
Yuuto Suou : The Wolf Clan's reputation would be ruined! (0:21:32.94)
Yuuto Suou : We will save the Horn Clan. (0:21:47.95)
Yuuto Suou : The decision has already been made! (0:21:51.27)
Felicia : It's my mission to help Big Brother relax! (0:23:25.61)
Siegrune : No, it's my mission! (0:23:28.33)
Felicia : That won't work, Rún. (0:23:30.05)
Felicia : The minimum requirements
for this mission are...
Siegrune : Are what...? Gulp! (0:23:33.65)
Felicia : B-cup or bigger! (0:23:35.39)
Siegrune : Damn it! I'm not big enough! (0:23:37.18)
Felicia : Hang in there, Rún! (0:23:38.74)

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The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar

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