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So if I called you "Mizuki" just like back then,

- Yoshii Akihisa
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The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar - Episode 3

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

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Albertina : The Wolf patriarch is over there, right? Line ID
Christina : Yes... Line ID
Albertina : What's wrong, Chris? Do you have a cold? Line ID
Christina : No, Big Sis Al. Line ID
Christina : Come here. Line ID
Albertina : Why did you just hug me all of a sudden? Line ID
Albertina : You're such a little kid, Chris. Line ID
Christina : They say the quickest way to recover from
a cold is to pass it off to someone else.
Line ID
Albertina : Oh yeah, I've heard that a lot! Line ID
Albertina : Wait, do you want me to get it? Line ID
Albertina : Stop it! Line ID
Albertina : I'll catch your cold! Stop! Line ID
Christina : Oh dear, Big Sis Al! Line ID
Christina : Your darling little sister
is suffering from a cold,
Line ID
Christina : and you're not willing to help her
get better as quickly as possible?
Line ID
Christina : You're so cold! Line ID
Christina : So mean... Line ID
Albertina : Fine! Line ID
Albertina : I'll do my best! Line ID
Albertina : How's this? Line ID
Christina : You really are so cute, Big Sis Al... Line ID
Yuuto Suou : "Twin Runes and Twin Sisters" Line ID
EXTRA : "Twin Runes and Twin Sisters." Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Whew, we're done. Line ID
Linnea : Good work at the victory ritual, Big Brother. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Oh, thanks. Line ID
Linnea : B-Big Brother... please... Line ID
Linnea : Please marry me! Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Th-This is so awkward... Line ID
Linnea : That stuff's really good! Line ID
Linnea : I love it! Line ID
Linnea : Please give it a try. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : S-Sure. Line ID
Linnea : H-How is it? Line ID
Yuuto Suou : It's good, I think. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Probably... Line ID
Linnea : I'm so glad! Line ID
Linnea : It's a relief to know that
you enjoy the Horn Clan's cuisine.
Line ID
Linnea : Th-Then... Line ID
Linnea : Um, well... Line ID
Linnea : A-Aah... Line ID
Yuuto Suou : "A-Aah"?! Line ID
Rasmus : Oh, I see you two are
getting along splendidly.
Line ID
Rasmus : Like husband and wife. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Husband and wife?! Line ID
Linnea : Y-You shouldn't tease us like that, child! Line ID
Linnea : Th-This was your idea, Rasmus! Line ID
Yuuto Suou : It was? Line ID
Felicia : Big Brother... Line ID
Felicia : There are women in the Wolf Clan, too. Line ID
Felicia : Big Brother, put your arm
around my shoulders, please.
Line ID
Felicia : Oh, Big Sister Linnea, Line ID
Felicia : you're not jealous, are you? Line ID
Linnea : O-Of course not. Line ID
Linnea : That would be silly. Line ID
Felicia : Of course! Line ID
Linnea : W-Well, with a man as impressive
as Big Brother as my husband,
Line ID
Linnea : I suppose it would be my duty as legal wife
to let him have his fun with other women.
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Who's that guy? Line ID
Siegrune : Steinþór? Line ID
Siegrune : What's he doing here? Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Steinþór? Line ID
Felicia : The Patriarch of the Lightning Clan
that rules over northern Vanaheimr.
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : So he's the one I've heard about. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : The King with the Heart of a Tiger, Line ID
Yuuto Suou : the Dólgþrasir of Vanaheimr. Line ID
Rasmus : Alexis-sama! Why would you
bring someone like that here?
Line ID
Steinthor : Well, who cares about the details? Line ID
Steinthor : I'm here to offer my congratulations
as the ruler of a neighboring kingdom.
Line ID
Rasmus : You slew our last patriarch! Line ID
Rasmus : How dare you show yourself here?! Line ID
Steinthor : Who cares about the dead? Line ID
Rasmus : Damn you... Line ID
Rasmus : Do you insist on mocking us? Line ID
Rasmus : Don't think you can just waltz
in here alone and leave alive!
Line ID
Alexis : Now, now, Rasmus-dono. Line ID
Alexis : He is here as my guest. Line ID
Alexis : I hope, for my sake, that you can find
it in your heart to forgive him.
Line ID
Rasmus : You are a priest of the Ásgarðr Empire
that rules over Yggdrasil.
Line ID
Rasmus : If you say so, then I have no
choice but to retract my words.
Line ID
Steinthor : Looks like you get to live
another day, old man.
Line ID
Rasmus : Curse you, Steinþór... Line ID
Rasmus : You would still mock us? Line ID
Steinthor : I'm not here to talk to you, old man. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : You're... kidding me... Line ID
Linnea : That's Mjölnir. Line ID
Linnea : A unique rune that transforms all its
divine power into destructive energy.
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : But the way he moved was barely human! Line ID
Linnea : Yes. His arms and legs
are exceptionally strong...
Line ID
Linnea : because of his Megingjörð rune. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Impossible... Line ID
Yuuto Suou : He's got two runes? Line ID
Linnea : That's right. Line ID
Linnea : He's a twin-runed Einherjar, one of perhaps
three at most in all of Yggdrasil.
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : That's taking cheating too far! Line ID
Steinthor : Now then... Line ID
Steinthor : Ah, there you are! Line ID
Siegrune : Stop. Line ID
Siegrune : I won't let you get any closer to my father. Line ID
Steinthor : That silver hair... Line ID
Steinthor : You're the Wolves' greatest
champion, Sieg-whatsits, right?
Line ID
Siegrune : Siegrune. Line ID
Steinthor : Well, the details don't matter. Line ID
Steinthor : I like your fighting spirit. Line ID
Steinthor : Though you're no match for me. Line ID
Linnea : You've certainly made a mess
of everything, Steinþór-dono.
Line ID
Linnea : I guess a beast can't understand
the hearts of men.
Line ID
Steinthor : You're the new Horn patriarch, huh? Line ID
Steinthor : Your name's... Line ID
Steinthor : Um... Line ID
Steinthor : What was it? Line ID
Linnea : My name is... Line ID
Steinthor : I know! Borgbuild! Line ID
Linnea : You bastard...! Line ID
Yuuto Suou : You're here for me, right? Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Stop harassing the others. Line ID
Steinthor : Oh, you can make that face too, huh? Line ID
Steinthor : It's been a long time since
I've felt such a shiver!
Line ID
Steinthor : I think I like you. Honestly. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Being liked by you doesn't
make me happy at all.
Line ID
Steinthor : So cold! Line ID
Steinthor : Hey, Wolf patriarch. Line ID
Steinthor : What's your name? Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Yuuto. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Suou Yuuto. Line ID
Steinthor : Suou Yuuto, huh? Line ID
Steinthor : I won't forget it. Line ID
Felicia : My mouth is completely dry! Line ID
Yuuto Suou : He's an odd one, Line ID
Yuuto Suou : but he seems really strong. Line ID
Alexis : So, what did you think? Line ID
Alexis : You put yourself in great danger
coming here to meet him.
Line ID
Steinthor : The man who'll destroy the world, huh? Line ID
Steinthor : He was even more than I expected. Line ID
Alexis : So will you grant our request, Steinþór-dono? Line ID
Steinthor : Yeah. Line ID
Steinthor : I'll have a grand old time fighting him. Line ID
EXTRA : Moniker: Hildisvíni, the Crimson Lady Tiger

Rune: None

Skills: Deals with her subjects in earnest,
understands what people really want,
and is very efficient at planning and implementation.

Member of the Horn Clan

Relationship to Yuuto: Sworn Sister from another clan

A hereditary patriarch, an outlier in Yggdrasil.
Since she freely interacts with her subjects,
listens to their worries, and works harder than anyone else,
the people of the Horn Clan love her like she's family.
She is ut
Line ID
EXTRA : Carrier pigeons have a long and storied history, with references
going as far back as Sumerian clay tablets from around 5000 BC,
but the earliest confirmed record of them is from around
3000 BC, when Ancient Egyptian fishermen are said to have
used them to send word of their status back home. Reportedly,
the Egyptians tried using several birds to communicate, and in
the end, it was the rock pigeons that won out due to being
friendly and easy to domesticate with superior flight and homing
Line ID
Mitsuki Shimoya : Don't you understand how worried I was? Line ID
Mitsuki Shimoya : How could you say you were going off to war
and then not contact me for three weeks?!
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : I-I'm sorry! Line ID
Mitsuki Shimoya : I understand that you're dealing
with all kinds of problems
Line ID
Mitsuki Shimoya : that somebody like me could never understand. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Y-Yeah. Line ID
Mitsuki Shimoya : But you're managing a whole clan now,
so I'm sure you know how important
Line ID
Mitsuki Shimoya : the three Cs are. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Y-Yeah, uh... Contact, communicate, and c... Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Consult? Line ID
Mitsuki Shimoya : You have most certainly not
done any of those for me!
Line ID
Mitsuki Shimoya : You could've at least texted me, right? Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Yeah. Line ID
Mitsuki Shimoya : I'm so glad... you're alive... Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Mitsuki, I'm still alive. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : I'm sorry I couldn't call you earlier. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : I'm really sorry for worrying you. Line ID
Mitsuki Shimoya : Will things be peaceful for a while now? Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Yeah. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : They will. Line ID
Felicia : Things seem to be going great here. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Every once in a while, I need to act like
a patriarch and tour my city.
Line ID
EXTRA : These books of poetry were
imported from the Claw!
Line ID
Felicia : This prosperity is only possible
because of the "paper" you invented.
Line ID
Felicia : It is because our merchants
are selling it in other countries
Line ID
Felicia : that our economy is doing so much better now. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : I didn't invent it, though. I just cheated. Line ID
EXTRA : This mother and child are
my top items for today!
Line ID
EXTRA : Look at their snow-white skin,
unique to the people of the north!
Line ID
EXTRA : The girl will grow up to be
as pretty as her mother, I'm sure!
Line ID
EXTRA : Mom... Line ID
Felicia : A slave trader... Line ID
Yuuto Suou : A little girl like that? Line ID
EXTRA : Any takers? Line ID
Yuuto Suou : I'll buy them. Line ID
EXTRA : Oh, Patriarch. Line ID
EXTRA : Thank you. Line ID
EXTRA : Now... Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Felicia. Line ID
Felicia : Of course. Line ID
Felicia : Will this do? Line ID
EXTRA : Thank you! Line ID
Yuuto Suou : It's okay now. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : You. Guard. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Take them to my grand chamberlain. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : See that they're well taken care of. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : I'm probably only doing this
to make myself feel better.
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : I need to do the best with
the things I can do, don't I?
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : As patriarch. Line ID
Felicia : Yes. Line ID
Christina : I see. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : It's piled up this much? Line ID
Felicia : Well, we ignored dealing with the aftermath
of the fight with the Horn Clan
Line ID
Felicia : and immediately ran off
to fight the Hoof Clan.
Line ID
Felicia : So it all needs to be done now. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Sorry about this, Felicia. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : I'm sure you're tired, too. Line ID
Felicia : Not at all. Line ID
Felicia : This means I get you all to myself. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : I hope you do. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : You're... my... Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Well, um... Line ID
Yuuto Suou : My most trusted friend. Line ID
Siegrune : Excuse me, Father. Line ID
Siegrune : Envoys from the Claw are here,
and they request an audience with you.
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : In the audience chamber, then? Line ID
Siegrune : Yes. I've had one of the
servants show them there.
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Twins? Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Kids aren't allowed in here. Line ID
Siegrune : Albertina-dono, Line ID
Siegrune : Christina-dono, Line ID
Siegrune : I asked you to wait in the audience chamber. Line ID
Albertina : I just couldn't wait to see my husband's face. Line ID
Christina : I'm sorry. Line ID
Christina : I tried to stop her, but Big Sis Al insisted. Line ID
Albertina : You were the one who said
we should sneak after her!
Line ID
Christina : Don't try to blame me for this. Line ID
Christina : You were the one who said,
"I want to see him! I want to see him,"
Line ID
Christina : and pitched a fit. Line ID
Albertina : I did not! Line ID
Albertina : I mean, I did say that, but... Line ID
Albertina : You were the one
who brought it up first, Chris.
Line ID
Christina : You just slipped up right there. Line ID
Christina : You admitted you did say it, Big Sis Al. Line ID
Albertina : I-I did, but... Line ID
Albertina : But, but, but...! Line ID
Christina : Come on, Big Sis Al. Line ID
Christina : Apologize. Line ID
Christina : You're talking to the Wolf patriarch. Line ID
Christina : Don't you care what happens
to the Claw Clan's people?
Line ID
Albertina : I-I'm sorry! Line ID
Christina : I'm really sorry my sister
is such a screw-up.
Line ID
Albertina : Huh? Line ID
Albertina : It feels like it's turning
out to just be my fault.
Line ID
Christina : Big Sis Al, you really are a screw-up. Line ID
Christina : Let's start over. Line ID
Christina : I am the Claw patriarch's daughter by blood. Line ID
Christina : My name is Christina. Line ID
Albertina : I'm Albertina, her big sister! Line ID
Christina : At the order of our patriarch, Botvid, Line ID
Christina : we have come to become your wives. Line ID
Christina : I look forward to our lives together. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Wives?! Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Well, I never agreed to marry you, Line ID
Yuuto Suou : so you can't just show up at my doorstep. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : I'll have to ask you to leave. Line ID
Albertina : You can't do that after
we've come all this way!
Line ID
Christina : The whole way here,
she was saying things like,
Line ID
Christina : "I guess he's really amazing!
They say he's kind of scary, though."
Line ID
Christina : Or, "I hope he's cool!" Line ID
Christina : Or even acting out her own plays, like... Line ID
Christina : "Albertina, I love you. Now, be mine!" Line ID
Christina : "Oh, Yuuto-sama!" Line ID
Christina : Given how much she embarrassed herself
talking about you, I'd hoped you'd be kinder.
Line ID
Albertina : N-Now that I've had all of that revealed,
please be kind to me!
Line ID
Christina : Big Sis Al, you really are a screw-up. Line ID
Christina : But don't worry. Line ID
Christina : I'll never abandon you. Line ID
Siegrune : There they go again... Line ID
Albertina : Chris... Thank you! Line ID
Albertina : I'm sorry your sister's such a screw-up! Line ID
Albertina : Please don't ever abandon me! Line ID
Christina : You're so cute, Big Sis Al... Line ID
Yuuto Suou : These two are some real weirdos... Line ID
Felicia : You'd almost suspect they were sent here
simply to get rid of them.
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Agreed. Line ID
Christina : "To get rid of us"? That's not very nice. Line ID
Albertina : Not at all. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : You heard that? Line ID
Albertina : We are Einherjar, you know! Line ID
Felicia : If they are Einherjar,
we can't just ask them to leave...
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : But just like I said at the start, Line ID
Yuuto Suou : I never agreed to marry you two. Line ID
Christina : Because you're preparing to
marry the Patriarch of the Horn?
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : I guess you really do hear everything. Line ID
Christina : Indeed. Line ID
Christina : We also know the truth
about the massacre at Van,
Line ID
Christina : which you so often use in your negotiations. Line ID
Christina : Of course, we haven't told anybody about it. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Your information-gathering abilities
really are impressive.
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Frankly, I'd love to have you as children. Line ID
Christina : What a coincidence. Line ID
Christina : Honestly, I wasn't interested in all this
talk of wives and concubines, either.
Line ID
Christina : Nor did I have any intention
of letting anyone touch her.
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Then why did you come? Line ID
Christina : We wanted to test you, I'm afraid. Line ID
Siegrune : How dare you, child! Line ID
Siegrune : I held my tongue because you
were princesses of the Claw Clan,
Line ID
Siegrune : but it's incredibly rude
to try and test my father!
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Wait, Rune. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : If you're bringing this up,
it's because you're satisfied.
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Right? Line ID
Christina : Yes. Line ID
Christina : Patriarch of the Wolf Clan, Line ID
Christina : Yuuto-sama, Line ID
Christina : we sisters do not yet
have a father by the Oath.
Line ID
Christina : We have but one life to give, Line ID
Christina : and would give it to the
greatest chalice in Yggdrasil.
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : I'm happy I impressed you, Line ID
Yuuto Suou : but there's no need for compliments now. Line ID
Christina : We're speaking from the heart. Line ID
Christina : Please, allow us to join you. Line ID
Albertina : Please. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : These two still seem to be hiding something. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : But like Felicia said, Line ID
Yuuto Suou : when I think about that
idiot named Steinþór...
Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Okay. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Then bring me something to prove yourselves. Line ID
Christina : Prove ourselves? Line ID
Yuuto Suou : Good luck. Line ID
Yuuto Suou : The chalice of the Wolf patriarch
isn't an easy thing to earn.
Line ID
Albertina : I want boobs like Felicia-san's! Line ID
Christina : I hear they grow if
someone fondles them.
Line ID
Albertina : R-Really? Then, Chris... Line ID
Christina : No. Line ID
Albertina : What?! That's not like you!
Are you an impostor?!
Line ID
Christina : No. I just want to watch you
fret over your small breasts.
Line ID
Albertina : It's the real Chris. Line ID


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So if I called you "Mizuki" just like back then,

Yoshii Akihisa
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