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Ushi : I'm gonna go to the city! (0:00:05.69)
Ushi : I'm gonna go to my uncle's farm and
help one of the cows give birth.
Ushi : I'm going all by myself, too! (0:00:12.01)
Ushi : And once I'm done helping, (0:00:13.70)
Ushi : I can go shopping in the city.
My mom gave me some money.
Ushi : I wonder what I should buy. (0:00:21.59)
Ushi : Is there anything you want?
I'll buy you something.
Goblin Slayer : No. (0:00:26.77)
Ushi : There must be something. I mean— (0:00:29.07)
Goblin Slayer : I told you, I don't want anything. (0:00:31.02)
Ushi : Why do you have to say it like that? (0:00:33.80)
Ushi : I just wanted to buy you something
since you've never been to the city...
Goblin Slayer : Shut up! Just go to the city or wherever! (0:00:40.89)
Ushi : Why are you getting mad? (0:00:45.30)
Goblin Slayer : I'm not mad! (0:00:46.62)
Ushi : Yes, you are! (0:00:47.78)
EXTRA : Now, now. (0:00:48.90)
Goblin Slayer : Sis... (0:00:51.71)
EXTRA : You shouldn't be fighting. (0:00:53.09)
Goblin Slayer : We're not fighting. (0:00:55.31)
Goblin Slayer : Right? (0:00:57.63)
Ushi : Y-Yeah... (0:00:58.59)
EXTRA : What happened? (0:01:00.25)
Goblin Slayer : It's nothing. (0:01:01.89)
EXTRA : All right, then. (0:01:03.77)
EXTRA : Please take care of her. (0:01:08.55)
EXTRA : I will. (0:01:11.53)
EXTRA : How long are you going to keep pouting? (0:01:14.68)
EXTRA : Weren't you looking forward
to going to the city?
Ushi : I wanted to go with him... (0:01:19.64)
Ushi : But since he couldn't come,
I wanted to buy him something,
Ushi : and then he got really angry... (0:01:27.77)
EXTRA : I'm sure he wanted to come, too. (0:01:30.11)
EXTRA : Think about how he feels. (0:01:33.02)
EXTRA : Did you two make up? (0:01:35.51)
EXTRA : You should, once you get back. (0:01:38.68)
Ushi : I wanted to make up with him.
I wanted to apologize.
Ushi : But saying "I'm sorry"... (0:01:47.50)
Ushi : is hard, even now. (0:01:55.00)
Ushi : Good morning! (0:03:44.80)
Ushi : I see you're an early riser, as always. (0:03:46.40)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:03:48.67)
Ushi : It's such a nice day today. (0:03:49.56)
Ushi : The sun's so bright! (0:03:51.72)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:03:53.70)
Ushi : Is my uncle already up? (0:03:55.18)
Goblin Slayer : I don't know. (0:03:57.24)
Ushi : I see. I'm pretty sure he'll be up soon, though. (0:03:58.13)
Goblin Slayer : I see. (0:04:02.51)
Ushi : You must be hungry. (0:04:03.64)
Ushi : I'll go get breakfast ready,
so let's eat together.
Goblin Slayer : Okay. (0:04:08.27)
Ushi : He always checks to see if there
are any footprints at dawn.
Ushi : The goblins move around at night. (0:04:16.96)
Ushi : They return to their nests in the morning, (0:04:19.64)
Ushi : but they always scout before attacking. (0:04:21.95)
Ushi : He told me that those are the
footprints he's looking for.
Ushi : If he doesn't find any footprints, (0:04:30.16)
Ushi : he then carefully checks the fence to
see if any part is loose or damaged.
Ushi : If any parts are broken, (0:04:38.35)
Ushi : he gets out some wood and a stake to fix it. (0:04:40.45)
Ushi : This hasn't changed since
he came here five years ago.
Ushi : It's his daily routine. (0:04:48.94)
EXTRA : Goblin Slayer (0:04:50.18)
Ushi : Here you go! (0:04:52.19)
EXTRA : It smells great, as usual. Let's eat. (0:04:55.02)
Ushi : Let's eat! (0:04:57.91)
Ushi : Well? Is it good? (0:05:03.48)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:05:05.21)
Goblin Slayer : Here. (0:05:08.16)
Goblin Slayer : It's what I owe you for this month. (0:05:09.55)
EXTRA : It's pretty heavy. (0:05:14.93)
EXTRA : I guess being an adventurer
is pretty lucrative.
Goblin Slayer : I've had a lot of work lately. (0:05:19.63)
EXTRA : I see. (0:05:22.72)
EXTRA : Say, um... Are you going again today? (0:05:23.80)
Goblin Slayer : Yes. I'm going to the guild.
There's plenty of work there.
EXTRA : I see. Don't push yourself too hard. (0:05:31.93)
Goblin Slayer : Yes, sir. (0:05:34.94)
Ushi : Hey, I need to make some deliveries.
We should go together.
Goblin Slayer : Sure. (0:05:40.64)
EXTRA : Actually, I'll ready a wagon for that. (0:05:41.82)
Ushi : Oh, we'll be fine!
You're too protective, Uncle!
Ushi : I'm stronger than I look, you know. (0:05:49.07)
Goblin Slayer : Do you want me to take over? (0:05:56.16)
Ushi : Nope! I'm fine. (0:05:57.95)
Goblin Slayer : Okay. (0:05:59.93)
Ushi : Thanks. (0:06:01.08)
Goblin Slayer : It's nothing. (0:06:02.87)
Ushi : How are things lately? (0:06:04.42)
Goblin Slayer : There are more goblins. (0:06:06.42)
Ushi : Really? (0:06:07.98)
Goblin Slayer : Far more than usual. (0:06:09.39)
Ushi : Are you busy? (0:06:10.77)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:06:12.12)
Ushi : You do go out a lot more lately. (0:06:13.19)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:06:15.43)
Ushi : Having more work is a good thing, though. (0:06:16.50)
Goblin Slayer : No, it's bad. (0:06:19.53)
Ushi : Is it? (0:06:21.44)
Goblin Slayer : It's better when there are no goblins. (0:06:23.67)
Ushi : You're right. (0:06:31.96)
EXTRA : You gotta help me out! (0:06:35.12)
EXTRA : Li'l goblin critters done
showed up in my village!
EXTRA : They're gunna eat my cows an' burn my fields! (0:06:39.28)
Uketsuke : Ah, so you need an extermination. (0:06:43.68)
Uketsuke : Please submit your form and payment. (0:06:45.79)
EXTRA : Y-Yes'm. I got 'em right here. (0:06:49.22)
Uketsuke : Looks like your form is filled out correctly. (0:06:56.21)
Uketsuke : I'll just confirm your payment now. (0:06:58.69)
Uketsuke : Two, four, eight... (0:07:03.11)
Uketsuke : All right, it looks like it's all here. (0:07:07.02)
Uketsuke : An adventurer will head out there for
the extermination within a few days.
EXTRA : Is it true that them li'l goblin
critters rape women and eat 'em?
Uketsuke : There have indeed been cases like that. (0:07:18.63)
Guild Manager : Another goblin-slaying request?
That's the third one...
Guild Manager : What's the pay? (0:07:36.89)
Guild Manager : That's going to rule out
any experienced adventurer.
Guild Manager : Only newbies would... (0:07:44.54)
Uketsuke : There is one... (0:07:45.88)
Uketsuke : who's always willing to take care of them... (0:07:48.33)
EXTRA : Thank you again. (0:07:50.10)
Ushi : No problem! Thank you. (0:07:51.75)
Ushi : I'm going to get a signature
at the reception desk.
Goblin Slayer : All right. (0:07:58.52)
Lancer : So this troll was bearing down on me, (0:08:00.62)
Lancer : but I swung at it like this and dodged
its attack just in the nick of time.
Uketsuke : I see. Well done, sir. (0:08:08.28)
Uketsuke : I am very aware that
trolls are powerful foes.
Lancer : I faced a troll with just a single spear. (0:08:15.09)
Lancer : Don't you think I'm amazing? (0:08:18.22)
Uketsuke : Indeed. If you're feeling tired, (0:08:20.60)
Uketsuke : I'd recommend a stamina potion. (0:08:23.80)
Lancer : I'll take one. (0:08:28.00)
Lancer : The Goblin Slayer... (0:08:33.93)
EXTRA : That's him? (0:08:35.33)
EXTRA : That's the weirdo who only accepts
goblin-slaying quests, right?
Knight : He's a silver rank, just like us? (0:08:40.82)
Knight : If all he hunts is weak monsters, who knows
if he can even handle bigger prey?
Knight : Guess they'll let anyone
be silver these days.
EXTRA : Leave him be. We'll never
have to deal with him.
EXTRA : Look at him. I've never
seen such filthy armor.
EXTRA : Even our equipment is better than his. (0:09:00.23)
EXTRA : Stop it. (0:09:03.27)
EXTRA : He must be a newbie just like us. (0:09:04.64)
EXTRA : I'd feel bad if he heard you. (0:09:07.08)
Uketsuke : Good morning, everyone! (0:09:10.75)
Uketsuke : It's time to post all the
quests available this morning.
EXTRA : That's what we've been waiting for! (0:09:14.57)
EXTRA : Dragons! (0:09:16.93)
EXTRA : Is there one for dragon slaying? (0:09:18.09)
EXTRA : I need to gain some more experience
points by doing heroic feats.
EXTRA : Don't even try it.
You don't have the right equipment.
EXTRA : Just settle for taking out some bandits. (0:09:26.16)
EXTRA : The pay isn't bad, either. (0:09:28.54)
EXTRA : Quests for porcelain ranks... (0:09:30.05)
EXTRA : don't pay very much. (0:09:32.49)
EXTRA : I don't want to just clean ditches... (0:09:33.98)
EXTRA : You can't be too picky. (0:09:36.13)
EXTRA : Hey, how about this one? (0:09:38.79)
EXTRA : Goblin slaying. (0:09:40.71)
EXTRA : That seems made for rookies. (0:09:42.07)
EXTRA : No way. You heard the Guild Girl. (0:09:43.93)
EXTRA : We need to start with the sewers. (0:09:46.84)
Lancer : I can't see! Get out of my way! (0:09:49.23)
EXTRA : Stop it. Don't push! (0:09:51.53)
Knight : We're taking this quest. Look somewhere else. (0:09:55.40)
Lancer : That's no way to talk to
the best on the frontier.
Uketsuke : Come, now, everyone. You mustn't fight. (0:10:05.30)
Ushi : So he's really not going
to look at the quests...
Ushi : I guess he did say that there's no need
to rush, since no one likes goblin-slaying.
Priestess : Hello. (0:10:21.24)
Goblin Slayer : Hey. (0:10:22.25)
Priestess : A-About the other day... (0:10:23.06)
Priestess : I still think destroying a cave with
flammable liquid is going too far.
Goblin Slayer : What's your point? (0:10:30.53)
Goblin Slayer : It's a far better option than
letting the goblins live.
Priestess : Shouldn't you think more about consequences? (0:10:34.82)
Priestess : You might cause an avalanche doing that. (0:10:38.19)
Goblin Slayer : The goblins are a bigger problem. (0:10:40.70)
Priestess : Y-Yes, but... (0:10:42.61)
Priestess : What I'm trying to say is that
you shouldn't think that way.
Goblin Slayer : I see. (0:10:47.92)
Priestess : Don't you understand? (0:10:48.83)
Ushi : He said he'd formed a party with
someone about a month ago, but...
Ushi : I guess it was with a girl. (0:10:53.37)
Priestess : Also, couldn't we use something...
different... to cover our scent?
Goblin Slayer : Do you remember what time we're attacking? (0:11:00.15)
Priestess : E-Either early morning or early evening... (0:11:03.72)
Goblin Slayer : Now, tell me why. (0:11:07.96)
Priestess : Because early evening for goblins
is early morning for us.
Goblin Slayer : Correct. So during their afternoons,
or the middle of the night for us,
Goblin Slayer : they are the most guarded. (0:11:15.56)
Goblin Slayer : Next. What are the steps to approach them? (0:11:17.62)
Priestess : Um, if possible, light a
fire and smoke them out,
Priestess : because it's dangerous inside their nests. (0:11:25.06)
Goblin Slayer : Correct. (0:11:27.12)
Goblin Slayer : The only time we enter a nest is when
there's no other way, we don't have time,
Goblin Slayer : or we're certain we can kill them all. (0:11:32.02)
Goblin Slayer : All right. (0:11:34.67)
Priestess : Huh? (0:11:37.12)
Uketsuke : Oh, good morning, Goblin Slayer. (0:11:39.03)
Goblin Slayer : Goblins. Are there any quests? (0:11:43.66)
Uketsuke : Ah, yes, goblin-slaying. (0:11:50.09)
Uketsuke : We have three quests. (0:11:51.77)
Uketsuke : One is from a river village in the west, (0:11:53.81)
Uketsuke : one is a small nest in the southern forest, (0:11:55.78)
Uketsuke : and one... I guess you could call it an old fort. (0:11:58.09)
Uketsuke : It's a mountain castle in
the mountains to the north.
Goblin Slayer : They've settled there? (0:12:03.79)
Uketsuke : Yes, and there have already
been some casualties.
Uketsuke : The younger sister of the one who
put up the request was kidnapped,
Uketsuke : and a wandering adventurer who went
to find her hasn't come back yet.
Uketsuke : It's too late for them, then.
But I can't let the goblins live.
Goblin Slayer : If I take them out now,
there shouldn't be further casualties.
Uketsuke : We'll be counting on you, then, Goblin Slayer. (0:12:21.24)
Goblin Slayer : One question. Did anyone else
take a goblin-slaying quest?
Uketsuke : Yes, a party of rookies accepted one. (0:12:28.23)
Uketsuke : They took the request from the river village. (0:12:31.31)
Goblin Slayer : Rookies? What was their party like? (0:12:33.33)
Uketsuke : One warrior, one wizard, and one priest. (0:12:38.16)
Uketsuke : They're all porcelain-ranked. (0:12:42.87)
Goblin Slayer : Not a bad balance. (0:12:45.48)
Priestess : If it's the three who were in the lobby
earlier, they won't be able to handle it!
Priestess : Even my party had four members... (0:12:50.17)
Uketsuke : I explained that to them, but... (0:12:52.22)
Priestess : We can't leave them alone!
We have to go save them!
Goblin Slayer : Do as you please. (0:12:57.54)
Priestess : Huh? (0:12:58.64)
Goblin Slayer : I'm going to destroy the
mountain castle in the north.
Priestess : Y-You're just going to abandon them? (0:13:01.56)
Goblin Slayer : If you want to go save them, you can. (0:13:03.75)
Priestess : But that means you'll be facing
a horde of goblins on your own!
Goblin Slayer : I've done that many times. (0:13:10.55)
Priestess : Honestly, I can never get through to you. (0:13:12.50)
Goblin Slayer : Are you coming? (0:13:16.70)
Priestess : Yes! (0:13:17.65)
Goblin Slayer : I'm going. (0:13:22.23)
Ushi : Huh? O-Okay. (0:13:23.34)
Ushi : Be careful. (0:13:25.29)
Goblin Slayer : Be careful getting home. (0:13:26.68)
Ushi : He didn't come back that day. (0:13:41.53)
Ushi : Or the next day... (0:13:45.29)
Ushi : I wonder if he's still fighting. (0:13:47.65)
EXTRA : You're going to have a hard day
tomorrow if you stay up too late.
Ushi : Yeah. I'll go to bed after
I wait a little longer.
Goblin Slayer : Think about how it would feel (0:14:28.63)
Goblin Slayer : if your home was suddenly
attacked by monsters...
Goblin Slayer : Yes, if your home was suddenly
attacked by monsters one day.
Goblin Slayer : They act as though they own the
place and kill your friends,
Goblin Slayer : kill your family, (0:14:46.95)
Goblin Slayer : and plunder the rest of the village. (0:14:48.90)
Goblin Slayer : Another example would be if
your older sister was attacked,
Goblin Slayer : tormented, made a plaything, then killed... (0:15:04.32)
Goblin Slayer : Let's say that you witnessed
all this, from start to finish,
Goblin Slayer : in hiding as you held your breath... (0:15:13.26)
Goblin Slayer : There's no way you'd forgive them. (0:15:19.49)
Goblin Slayer : You would take up weapons and do
whatever you could to get revenge.
Goblin Slayer : You would hunt them all down and attack them. (0:15:27.24)
Goblin Slayer : You'd kill, kill, and kill even more. (0:15:30.12)
Goblin Slayer : Of course, there will be days
you're successful and days you fail.
Goblin Slayer : You'll try to figure out the
best way to kill them next time.
Goblin Slayer : You'll think about this for days and months. (0:15:45.85)
Goblin Slayer : You'll test every single idea you come up with. (0:15:50.44)
Goblin Slayer : As you continue to do that,
you start to enjoy it.
Goblin Slayer : A kind moron will suggest that
you let the children live,
Goblin Slayer : with a smug face, not realizing that
these things will attack villages
Goblin Slayer : and steal livestock to survive. (0:16:12.13)
Goblin Slayer : Young, aspiring adventurers as well as (0:16:14.88)
Goblin Slayer : new, porcelain-ranked adventurers
will confidently say,
Goblin Slayer : "I chased away a goblin that
came to my village once!"
Goblin Slayer : "They're weak." "They're easy to deal with." (0:16:23.88)
Goblin Slayer : The goblin that the proud youth
of the village had chased away
Goblin Slayer : was no more than a goblin that had been
smoked out and was trying to escape.
Goblin Slayer : This gives them confidence,
and they become adventurers.
Goblin Slayer : Meanwhile, the goblins that
survived and gained experience
Goblin Slayer : become Wanderers and continue to grow. (0:16:41.69)
Goblin Slayer : Eventually, the Wanderers become the
leaders or the bodyguards of nests.
Goblin Slayer : Which means... (0:16:51.82)
Goblin Slayer : I am, in turn, a goblin to them. (0:16:54.79)
EXTRA : He's one matter, but you need to remember... (0:17:01.96)
EXTRA : I let him stay here because he pays,
but you shouldn't get involved with him.
EXTRA : I know you were childhood friends,
but now matter how he was in the past...
EXTRA : Truth is, right now... (0:17:16.80)
EXTRA : He's completely lost it. (0:17:21.80)
EXTRA : You realize that, too, don't you? (0:17:24.49)
Ushi : Still... (0:17:28.24)
Ushi : I'm going to wait a little longer. (0:17:29.73)
Goblin Slayer : That makes five. (0:17:33.52)
Goblin Slayer : They'll be here any minute. (0:17:37.06)
Priestess : R-Right! (0:17:38.49)
Priestess : O merciful Earth Mother, (0:17:40.82)
Priestess : please protect us, the weak,
with the powers of the earth.
Priestess : Protection! (0:17:49.32)
Goblin Slayer : I'd heard that you'd been
granted a new miracle.
Goblin Slayer : That's six. (0:18:05.90)
Goblin Slayer : Thanks to that, we took care
of them pretty quickly.
Priestess : T-To think that I'd be using Protection, (0:18:09.61)
Priestess : the new miracle the merciful Earth
Mother bestowed upon me, like this.
Goblin Slayer : They might have a back door
or an alternate escape route.
Goblin Slayer : Don't let down your guard. (0:18:20.32)
Priestess : I'm amazed you could even think of that. (0:18:21.47)
Goblin Slayer : Imagination is a weapon. (0:18:25.28)
Goblin Slayer : Those who lack it are first to die. (0:18:27.28)
Priestess : Like the ones who dove in before? (0:18:30.46)
Goblin Slayer : Precisely. (0:18:34.15)
Priestess : Great Earth Mother, (0:18:46.34)
Priestess : why did you bestow this miracle upon me? (0:18:50.94)
Goblin Slayer : Now we don't have to put out the fire. (0:19:04.40)
Goblin Slayer : Once it goes out, (0:19:06.58)
Goblin Slayer : we're going to hunt down
any survivors and kill them.
Goblin Slayer : I won't let a single one survive. (0:19:10.32)
Uketsuke : People may call you a specialist
who only hunts weaklings,
Uketsuke : but you are doing something
that needs to be done.
Uketsuke : Please be more proud of yourself. (0:19:24.54)
Uketsuke : You're a silver-ranked adventurer. (0:19:26.78)
Goblin Slayer : As I figured, (0:19:36.90)
Goblin Slayer : it's hard to act more like a silver. (0:19:38.93)
Uketsuke : Good morning, everyone! (0:19:51.76)
Uketsuke : It's time to post all the
quests available this morning.
EXTRA : That's what we've been waiting for! (0:19:57.27)
Ushi : Welcome back. (0:20:17.79)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:20:19.12)
Ushi : Are you hungry? (0:20:21.89)
Ushi : Want me to make you something? (0:20:24.02)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:20:26.00)
Ushi : I'll make you something extra delicious! (0:20:27.58)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:20:30.39)
EXTRA : The Goblin Slayer swung swift and true, (0:22:07.29)
EXTRA : sending the goblins' heads into the sky. (0:22:11.85)
EXTRA : O, behold his blade blazing blue, (0:22:16.15)
EXTRA : tempered in true silver, (0:22:20.42)
EXTRA : never betraying its master. (0:22:24.66)
EXTRA : Finally, the Goblin King's
reign came to an end.
EXTRA : The rescued beautiful maiden
leans into our hero.
EXTRA : However, he is the Goblin Slayer. (0:22:37.91)
EXTRA : He is sworn to wander the
land, never to settle down.
EXTRA : The princess reached out her
hand, but only grasped air.
EXTRA : But of course, our hero continued
on his way, never turning around.
EXTRA : From the passage in "Goblin Slayer:
The Brave Warrior from the Frontier"
EXTRA : named "The Stronghold Up in Flames." (0:23:02.79)
EXTRA : Thus ends our tale for now. (0:23:04.78)
High Elf Archer : Hey, that adventurer you
were just singing about...
High Elf Archer : Does he actually exist? (0:23:15.53)
EXTRA : Yes, of course. (0:23:16.94)
EXTRA : You can find him in the frontier city
about two to three days west from here.
High Elf Archer : I see. (0:23:23.85)
High Elf Archer : Orcbolg... (0:23:32.47)
EXTRA : Next Time (0:23:34.93)

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