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EXTRA : This show contains scenes that some viewers may
find disturbing.​ Viewer discretion ​is ​advised.
EXTRA : Long, long ago, when there were
fewer stars shining in the sky...
EXTRA : The gods of light, order, and fate (0:00:07.58)
EXTRA : and the gods of darkness,
chaos, and coincidence
EXTRA : decided to throw dice in order to
determine which side would rule the world.
EXTRA : The gods threw the dice over
and over and over again,
EXTRA : until they began to feel faint. (0:00:26.58)
EXTRA : Unexpected Visitors (0:02:05.02)
EXTRA : Hey, look at that hottie over there! (0:02:06.63)
EXTRA : Hey. (0:02:09.65)
EXTRA : Whoops. Sorry. (0:02:10.82)
EXTRA : She's a high elf. They're blood
descendants of the faeries.
EXTRA : She definitely has longer
ears than other elves...
High Elf Archer : I'm asking about Orcbolg. (0:02:20.74)
Uketsuke : Oak...? (0:02:22.40)
High Elf Archer : No. Orc. Orcbolg. I heard that he was here. (0:02:25.43)
Uketsuke : Are you referring to an adventurer? (0:02:30.60)
Dwarf Shaman : You fool. (0:02:33.08)
Dwarf Shaman : We're in the realm of the humans. (0:02:34.34)
Dwarf Shaman : They won't understand your
funny talk, long-ears.
High Elf Archer : Then what exactly am I supposed to call him? (0:02:39.47)
Dwarf Shaman : Beard-cutter, of course! (0:02:42.40)
Uketsuke : Um... I'm afraid I've never
heard of them, either...
Dwarf Shaman : You haven't? (0:02:47.57)
High Elf Archer : You dwarfs are useless.
You're stubborn and narrow-minded.
High Elf Archer : You always think you're
the only ones who are right.
Dwarf Shaman : Look who's talking, elf. (0:02:55.26)
Dwarf Shaman : Your chest is as flat as your heart is small. (0:02:57.11)
High Elf Archer : Wha— (0:03:00.20)
High Elf Archer : If we're gonna go there,
dwarf women just look like barrels!
Dwarf Shaman : You mean they're voluptuous! (0:03:04.00)
Uketsuke : Um... Uh... (0:03:05.36)
Lizard : Pardon me, you two, (0:03:08.03)
Lizard : but if you're going to fight,
could you do so where I can't see you?
Lizard : I apologize for the ruckus
my companions have caused.
Uketsuke : Oh, it's fine. I'm used to it... (0:03:16.56)
Uketsuke : But what a strange party. (0:03:18.58)
Uketsuke : A high elf traveling with
her ancestral foe, a dwarf...
Uketsuke : And a lizardman, a race you rarely see. (0:03:24.73)
Uketsuke : Not to mention they're all silver-ranked. (0:03:26.68)
Lizard : You see, we're looking for a fellow whose
nicknames are "Orcbolg" and "Beard-cutter."
Lizard : I'm also not well-versed
in the human tongue, but...
Lizard : They mean "goblin slayer." (0:03:38.71)
Uketsuke : Oh! Goblin... (0:03:40.96)
High Elf Archer : Hey, you! (0:03:51.24)
Goblin Slayer : We're done. (0:03:52.92)
Uketsuke : Welcome back, Goblin Slayer! (0:03:54.15)
High Elf Archer : Huh? (0:03:57.54)
Priestess : We've returned. (0:03:58.41)
Uketsuke : I'm glad you're safe. (0:04:00.41)
Priestess : Yes, somewhat. (0:04:02.28)
Goblin Slayer : You just mentioned goblins. Where are they? (0:04:04.30)
Uketsuke : Well... You should ask them. (0:04:07.00)
Goblin Slayer : Are you goblins? (0:04:11.28)
High Elf Archer : Of course not! Are you Orcbolg?
You don't look it.
Goblin Slayer : Why would I? I've never been called that. (0:04:17.18)
Lizard : There's something we'd like to
discuss with you, Sir Goblin Slayer.
Lizard : May we have a moment of your time? (0:04:23.95)
Goblin Slayer : Fine. (0:04:27.16)
Uketsuke : If you'd like, there are some
meeting rooms upstairs...
Goblin Slayer : Then let's go. (0:04:32.22)
Priestess : U-Um, sh-should I... (0:04:35.05)
Goblin Slayer : You should rest. (0:04:41.03)
High Elf Archer : We'll just borrow him for a bit, okay? (0:04:43.96)
EXTRA : Hey. (0:04:57.82)
Priestess : Yes? (0:04:59.28)
EXTRA : You're porcelain-ranked, too, right?
Why don't you join us?
EXTRA : No... I appreciate the offer,
but I already have—
EXTRA : The guy who never takes
off his helmet, right?
EXTRA : We know. (0:05:12.48)
EXTRA : There's something off about him, though. (0:05:13.85)
EXTRA : He's silver-ranked, but all
he ever does is slay goblins.
EXTRA : Silvers would usually go
for bigger prey than that.
EXTRA : I've heard rumors that he's just dragging
newbies around to use them as bait.
Priestess : That's not— (0:05:25.83)
Witch : Now, now... (0:05:27.05)
Witch : You shouldn't... talk nonsense... (0:05:29.58)
EXTRA : Nonsense? But we weren't— (0:05:31.63)
Witch : It's all right...
Leave the rest to me, okay?
Witch : Well... then... (0:05:39.07)
Witch : You are... the girl...
traveling with him... right?
Priestess : Y-Yes, ma'am. He's letting me accompany him. (0:05:45.07)
Witch : Accompany... eh? (0:05:49.90)
Witch : He's... (0:05:53.12)
Witch : a handful... right? (0:05:55.10)
Witch : He's quite dense. (0:05:57.42)
Witch : Right? (0:06:01.00)
Witch : Inflammarae. (0:06:02.22)
Witch : A truly powerful word...
and I'm wasting a spell... right?
Witch : You see... (0:06:13.61)
Witch : he also asked a strange favor of
me once... that friend of yours.
Priestess : What? (0:06:20.34)
Witch : You just imagined something
naughty... didn't you?
Priestess : N-No... (0:06:25.53)
Witch : He wanted some help with a scroll. (0:06:27.20)
Witch : It's difficult... accompanying him... isn't it? (0:06:30.79)
Priestess : It's taking everything I have
just to keep up with him.
Priestess : All I do is cause him trouble. (0:06:39.82)
Witch : No to mention... he's a bit crazy... right? (0:06:42.35)
Witch : I mean... (0:06:52.80)
Witch : He might only slay goblins... (0:06:54.85)
Witch : but he's been doing that for years
with barely any rest... you see?
Witch : He is definitely helping out in the world... (0:07:01.95)
Witch : Much more than other unskilled
monster slayers...
Witch : But that being said, (0:07:11.52)
Witch : one shouldn't just keep slaying... goblins. (0:07:13.12)
Witch : There are many demons in the capital, (0:07:18.16)
Witch : and the world is filled with monsters. (0:07:21.15)
Witch : If you wanted to help people... (0:07:24.62)
Witch : you could do so with those two you
were talking to... couldn't you?
Priestess : Well... Yes, you're right, but... (0:07:30.38)
Witch : I'm sorry. (0:07:39.04)
Witch : There are many paths... right? (0:07:42.25)
Witch : There is no... right answer. (0:07:44.77)
Witch : It's difficult. (0:07:47.65)
Witch : If you are going to accompany him, (0:07:50.05)
Witch : you should really make up your own mind. (0:07:53.71)
Priestess : Make up my own mind... (0:08:00.80)
High Elf Archer : Are you truly a silver rank? (0:08:04.94)
Goblin Slayer : The guild thinks so. (0:08:07.92)
High Elf Archer : Unbelievable. (0:08:09.41)
High Elf Archer : You look so weak. (0:08:11.56)
Dwarf Shaman : Don't be a fool, long-ears. (0:08:13.97)
Dwarf Shaman : That leather armor is easier to move in, (0:08:17.92)
Dwarf Shaman : and the chain mail would
stop a sudden stabbing.
Dwarf Shaman : That goes for the helmet, too, (0:08:23.52)
Dwarf Shaman : His sword and shield are tiny,
but easier to wave around in tight spaces.
High Elf Archer : Shouldn't you at least
keep your equipment clean?
Goblin Slayer : It's a necessary precaution
to cover the metal smell.
Goblin Slayer : Those bastards have keen noses. (0:08:35.92)
Dwarf Shaman : You may be a high elf, but you're
still an inexperienced whelp who
Dwarf Shaman : just left the forest because she was bored. (0:08:41.04)
Dwarf Shaman : You really ought to learn from your elders. (0:08:42.85)
High Elf Archer : I'm 2,000 years old.
How old were you again?
Dwarf Shaman : One hundred and seven... (0:08:50.10)
High Elf Archer : My, my, you definitely look much older. (0:08:52.45)
High Elf Archer : You at least look old enough to be wise. (0:08:55.55)
Lizard : That's enough talk about age. (0:08:58.67)
Lizard : It shames those of us who
won't live nearly so long.
Goblin Slayer : What's your business with me? (0:09:03.76)
High Elf Archer : I'm sure you've heard about the growing
number of demons in the capital...
Goblin Slayer : Nope. (0:09:10.25)
High Elf Archer : The reason for it is that the
demon king has been resurrected.
High Elf Archer : He's gathering forces so
he can take over the world.
Goblin Slayer : I see. (0:09:17.36)
High Elf Archer : And that's why we want your— (0:09:18.27)
Goblin Slayer : Ask someone else. I have no
interest in anything but goblins.
High Elf Archer : Don't you understand what I'm saying?! (0:09:25.66)
High Elf Archer : Hordes of demons are going to attack! (0:09:27.80)
High Elf Archer : Do you realize that the
world is at stake here?!
Goblin Slayer : Yes. (0:09:32.96)
Goblin Slayer : But before the demons destroy the world,
the goblins will destroy the villages.
Goblin Slayer : The world being in danger isn't
an excuse to let the goblins live.
High Elf Archer : Listen here— (0:09:41.61)
Dwarf Shaman : Hold it, long-ears! (0:09:42.77)
Dwarf Shaman : We didn't come here to ask him to do
something about the chaos to begin with.
Lizard : Sir Goblin Slayer, we've come
to ask you to slay some goblins.
Goblin Slayer : I see. In that case, I accept. (0:09:53.48)
Goblin Slayer : Where are they? How many are there?
How big is their nest?
Goblin Slayer : Have you confirmed if they
have a shaman or a hob?
High Elf Archer : What's with this guy? (0:10:00.73)
Lizard : As my companion mentioned... (0:10:04.49)
Lizard : a horde of demons are
ready to make their move.
Lizard : So the chieftains of my kind,
the kings of men,
Lizard : and the elders of the elves and
dwarves are going to hold a meeting.
Dwarf Shaman : We're adventurers who've been
hired as their representatives.
High Elf Archer : There's eventually going
to be a great battle...
High Elf Archer : Though I'm sure you don't care. (0:10:27.78)
Dwarf Shaman : The problem is, those goblins are currently
becoming more active on elven lands.
Goblin Slayer : Have any champions or lords emerged? (0:10:37.21)
High Elf Archer : Champions? Lords? (0:10:40.30)
Goblin Slayer : Goblin heroes or kings. (0:10:42.43)
Goblin Slayer : They're basically equal to
platinum-ranked adventurers.
Lizard : We have found one giant
nest during our investigations.
Goblin Slayer : The military won't move for goblins, as usual. (0:10:53.41)
High Elf Archer : The human kings don't see us as equals. (0:10:57.10)
High Elf Archer : If we brought our soldiers into this,
they'd think we were plotting something.
Lizard : That's why they sent us adventurers,
but we still need a human.
High Elf Archer : And that's why, Orcbolg, we've chosen you. (0:11:09.79)
Goblin Slayer : Do you have a map? (0:11:14.41)
Lizard : Right here. (0:11:15.89)
Goblin Slayer : Ruins? (0:11:19.00)
Lizard : We believe so. (0:11:20.10)
Goblin Slayer : How many? (0:11:21.10)
Lizard : We only know that there are many. (0:11:21.84)
Goblin Slayer : I'll leave immediately. (0:11:23.61)
High Elf Archer : Huh? (0:11:24.83)
Goblin Slayer : You can decide how much you want to pay me. (0:11:25.60)
High Elf Archer : Is he planning to go alone? (0:11:31.08)
Lancer : Miss Receptionist! (0:11:39.67)
Goblin Slayer : Goblins. (0:11:40.15)
Uketsuke : Oh, Goblin Slayer. (0:11:42.04)
Uketsuke : So they did come to offer you a quest. (0:11:44.59)
Goblin Slayer : That lizardman will give you the
details of the quest. I'm heading out.
Goblin Slayer : Give me my pay for that last quest. (0:11:51.15)
Uketsuke : But you haven't made your report yet... (0:11:53.10)
Uketsuke : I'll make an exception for you, though. (0:11:55.30)
Lancer : Who does he think he is? (0:11:58.09)
Witch : Come, now... No pouting. (0:12:00.60)
Goblin Slayer : Give the rest to her. (0:12:04.24)
Uketsuke : Oh, are you going alone? (0:12:06.99)
Uketsuke : What about her? (0:12:09.07)
Goblin Slayer : I'm going to let her rest. (0:12:10.46)
Priestess : Goblin Slayer! (0:12:11.75)
Priestess : U-Um, you received a quest, right? (0:12:14.40)
Goblin Slayer : Yes. Slaying goblins. (0:12:16.66)
Priestess : Then I'll get ready immediately! (0:12:18.67)
Goblin Slayer : No. (0:12:20.91)
Goblin Slayer : I'll go on my own. (0:12:22.25)
Priestess : That's not fair! (0:12:26.40)
Priestess : You could've... (0:12:29.12)
Priestess : discussed it with me, at least... (0:12:30.79)
Goblin Slayer : I am now. (0:12:37.43)
Priestess : Oh... So this is a discussion? (0:12:41.23)
Goblin Slayer : That was my intention. (0:12:45.16)
Priestess : Not giving the other person a choice
doesn't really qualify as a discussion.
Goblin Slayer : It doesn't? (0:12:54.41)
Priestess : I'm going with you. (0:12:59.24)
Priestess : I can't leave you alone. (0:13:00.90)
Goblin Slayer : Do as you wish. (0:13:04.73)
Priestess : Indeed, I will. (0:13:06.31)
Dwarf Shaman : Even we're not that hard to read. (0:13:10.72)
Dwarf Shaman : I look forward to seeing what
that young'un does next.
Lizard : If I were to put in the quest
and not go with him,
Lizard : I wouldn't be able to face my ancestors. (0:13:19.40)
High Elf Archer : A strange and incomprehensible being, huh? (0:13:23.80)
High Elf Archer : I left the forest to see something like that. (0:13:27.59)
High Elf Archer : Honestly... Don't you think you
ought to respect your elders?
High Elf Archer : So why did you all become adventurers? (0:13:43.45)
Dwarf Shaman : Why, to eat all the delicious
foods, of course.
Lizard : They're ready. (0:13:50.88)
Dwarf Shaman : What about you, long-ears? (0:13:53.19)
High Elf Archer : I've always longed for the outside world— (0:13:55.00)
Dwarf Shaman : This is delicious! (0:13:57.17)
High Elf Archer : Hey, listen to me! (0:13:58.33)
Lizard : I'm glad you find it to your liking. (0:13:59.99)
Dwarf Shaman : What kind of meat is this? (0:14:01.89)
Lizard : That is the meat of a swamp creature. (0:14:04.20)
High Elf Archer : Swamp? Really? (0:14:06.21)
Dwarf Shaman : A rabbit like you who only eats vegetables
could never understand this bliss.
Dwarf Shaman : So good! (0:14:13.04)
Priestess : Would you like some soup? (0:14:14.37)
High Elf Archer : I'd love some. (0:14:16.57)
High Elf Archer : It has such a gentle taste! (0:14:21.66)
Lizard : I seek to raise my status by rooting out
heresy so that I may become a dragon.
Lizard : That's the reason I became an adventurer. (0:14:29.11)
Priestess : I-I see... (0:14:31.78)
Goblin Slayer : So I could slay... (0:14:38.82)
High Elf Archer : Yeah, I think we can figure out your reason. (0:14:40.09)
High Elf Archer : I'll have to give you something in return. (0:14:44.89)
High Elf Archer : These are elven traveling rations. (0:14:50.72)
High Elf Archer : We're not supposed to give them to others,
but this is a special occasion.
Priestess : It's delicious! (0:14:58.18)
High Elf Archer : Really? Glad you like it. (0:14:59.39)
Dwarf Shaman : Now I guess I'll have to offer something, too. (0:15:00.80)
Dwarf Shaman : Our cherished dwarven fire
wine created in our cellars.
High Elf Archer : Fire... wine? (0:15:10.64)
Dwarf Shaman : You aren't suggesting you're a
child who's never had wine before,
Dwarf Shaman : are you, long-ears? (0:15:15.88)
High Elf Archer : D-Don't mock me! Of course I have. (0:15:18.08)
Priestess : A-Are you all right?
Would you like some water?
Dwarf Shaman : Go on, Beard-cutter. Have some. (0:15:29.83)
Dwarf Shaman : Not bad, kid. (0:15:37.22)
High Elf Archer : Why don't you at least take off
your helmet when you're eating?
Goblin Slayer : So I don't get knocked unconscious
in the event of an ambush.
Dwarf Shaman : Yeah, she's out of it. (0:15:53.48)
High Elf Archer : Quit eating and share
something of yours with us!
Priestess : He's lost in thought. (0:16:03.50)
Dwarf Shaman : You can tell? (0:16:05.95)
Goblin Slayer : Will this do? (0:16:08.47)
Lizard : What is it? (0:16:09.73)
Goblin Slayer : Cheese. (0:16:11.66)
Goblin Slayer : It's made from fermented cow
or goat's milk, then hardened.
Dwarf Shaman : You've never heard of cheese before, Scaly? (0:16:16.20)
Lizard : My people hunt beasts. (0:16:19.70)
Lizard : We do not raise them. (0:16:22.82)
High Elf Archer : Gimme! I'll cut it up. (0:16:27.15)
Dwarf Shaman : This is some fine cheese! (0:16:34.22)
Lizard : Nectar! (0:16:45.90)
Lizard : This is surely the nectar of the gods! (0:16:47.04)
Dwarf Shaman : Goes great with the wine. (0:16:50.21)
High Elf Archer : It's so sweet! It's almost like a banana! (0:16:55.17)
Priestess : Is this from that farm? (0:16:57.75)
Goblin Slayer : It is. (0:17:00.20)
Priestess : It's delicious. (0:17:01.45)
Goblin Slayer : Good. (0:17:02.77)
High Elf Archer : Sneak... (0:17:05.10)
Goblin Slayer : Don't touch that. (0:17:06.20)
Goblin Slayer : It's dangerous. (0:17:08.60)
High Elf Archer : I-I just wanted a peek... (0:17:10.19)
Goblin Slayer : Don't. It's dangerous. (0:17:12.47)
High Elf Archer : That's a scroll, right? (0:17:14.20)
High Elf Archer : I've never seen one before. (0:17:16.28)
Lizard : Scrolls contain ancient magic
that is now lost to us.
Lizard : Once you unroll one, even a child
could use the spell within.
Dwarf Shaman : Indeed. (0:17:28.15)
Dwarf Shaman : But it could be any one of many spells,
and it can be only used once.
Dwarf Shaman : Most people would just
sell them off as antiques
Dwarf Shaman : to a collector or researcher at a high price. (0:17:36.20)
Witch : He wanted some help with a scroll. (0:17:39.13)
High Elf Archer : Then at least tell me what kind
of spell you've got in there.
Goblin Slayer : No. (0:17:47.86)
Goblin Slayer : What if the goblins capture you
and you tell them what's in it?
High Elf Archer : You don't like me, do you? (0:17:52.62)
Goblin Slayer : I'm not particular. (0:17:56.05)
Dwarf Shaman : It's no use, long-ears. (0:17:57.55)
Dwarf Shaman : He's far more narrow-minded than any of us. (0:18:00.95)
Dwarf Shaman : He's Beard-cutter, after all. (0:18:03.95)
High Elf Archer : He's Orcbolg, after all. (0:18:04.35)
Lizard : He's Sir Goblin Slayer, after all. (0:18:04.40)
High Elf Archer : Oh, jeez... (0:18:07.45)
Goblin Slayer : I'm Goblin Slayer. (0:18:08.22)
High Elf Archer : Hey! (0:18:12.79)
Lizard : There's one thing that's been on my mind... (0:18:17.30)
Lizard : Where do the goblins come from? (0:18:19.97)
Lizard : I was taught that they came
from an underground kingdom.
Priestess : We're taught that when someone makes
a mistake, a goblin is formed.
High Elf Archer : What's that supposed to mean? (0:18:31.31)
Priestess : Folks say it to keep children in line. (0:18:32.78)
Priestess : Children are told that if they make
a mistake, goblins will come.
Dwarf Shaman : That's awful! (0:18:37.97)
Dwarf Shaman : That means if we'd left long-ears to her own
devices, we'd be neck-deep in them now!
High Elf Archer : How rude! (0:18:43.72)
High Elf Archer : Tomorrow, I'll show you just
how skilled I am with my bow!
Dwarf Shaman : Ooh, how scary. I'm terrified. (0:18:49.50)
Goblin Slayer : I heard... (0:18:52.61)
Goblin Slayer : I heard they came from the moon. (0:18:58.00)
Lizard : Moon? You mean the two in the sky? (0:19:00.73)
Goblin Slayer : Yes. (0:19:04.92)
Goblin Slayer : The green one. (0:19:09.83)
Goblin Slayer : The goblins come from that green rock. (0:19:11.75)
High Elf Archer : Does that mean shooting stars are goblins? (0:19:15.50)
Goblin Slayer : I'm not sure, but the moon has
no grass, trees, or water.
Goblin Slayer : It's a desolate place with only rocks. (0:19:23.51)
Goblin Slayer : It makes them envious and jealous,
and makes them want what they don't have.
Goblin Slayer : That's why they come here. (0:19:30.95)
Goblin Slayer : Which is why, if you ever feel envious
of someone, you become like a goblin.
Priestess : Who did you hear that from? (0:19:38.12)
Goblin Slayer : My older sister. (0:19:41.12)
Priestess : You have an older sister? (0:19:42.30)
Goblin Slayer : Yes... I did. (0:19:45.35)
High Elf Archer : So you believe that goblins
come from the moon.
Goblin Slayer : If nothing else... (0:19:52.61)
Goblin Slayer : I know my sister never made mistakes. (0:19:55.60)
High Elf Archer : He fell asleep. (0:20:12.60)
Dwarf Shaman : Looks like the fire wine finally kicked in. (0:20:15.30)
Priestess : Well, he did have plenty of it. (0:20:17.77)
Lizard : We should also sleep. (0:20:20.70)
Lizard : If we don't get enough rest,
that could very well lead to mistakes.
Lizard : The lookout will be who we agreed upon. (0:20:26.19)
Ushi : Head on back. Time to go home. (0:20:48.01)
Ushi : He didn't come back again today... (0:21:01.76)
Dwarf Shaman : Whatever you do, don't miss. (0:21:30.19)
High Elf Archer : Hush. (0:21:33.20)
Dwarf Shaman : Where in the world are you aiming?! (0:21:38.77)
Goblin Slayer : Let's go. (0:21:54.25)
EXTRA : Next Time (0:23:34.97)

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