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EXTRA : This show contains scenes that some viewers may
find disturbing.​ Viewer discretion ​is ​advised.
Guild Manager : How are the promotion exam
applications going?
Uketsuke : There's one today, and one tomorrow. (0:00:03.56)
Uketsuke : Oh, this is... (0:00:06.80)
Uketsuke : The one who's traveling with Goblin Slayer... (0:00:09.34)
Guild Manager : Goblin Slayer? (0:00:12.04)
Guild Manager : Oh, that guy... (0:00:14.58)
Uketsuke : What? (0:00:16.37)
Guild Manager : Oh, nothing. (0:00:17.89)
Ushi : Good morning! You're awake, huh? (0:00:23.43)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:00:26.08)
Ushi : Everything okay? (0:00:28.75)
Goblin Slayer : There's no sign that any goblins came by. (0:00:30.69)
Ushi : That's not what I mean. (0:00:33.76)
Ushi : I'm talking about you. (0:00:35.34)
Ushi : You collapsed as soon as you got
home and were asleep for days.
Goblin Slayer : I rested for three days. (0:00:41.46)
Ushi : Only three days. (0:00:42.98)
Ushi : You need to get proper rest. (0:00:44.68)
Goblin Slayer : It was just exhaustion.
Nothing to worry about.
Goblin Slayer : That said, I was told that my lack of
ability to take care of myself is a problem.
Ushi : From that Priestess girl? (0:00:53.58)
Goblin Slayer : No, another adventurer. (0:00:55.59)
Ushi : I see. (0:00:57.95)
Ushi : So you're going with more people now. (0:00:59.73)
Goblin Slayer : Just once so far. (0:01:01.88)
Ushi : That makes it sound like you
plan on going with them again.
Goblin Slayer : Does it? (0:01:07.05)
Ushi : Yup. (0:01:08.27)
Goblin Slayer : I see. (0:01:10.52)
EXTRA : Adventures and Daily Life (0:02:43.10)
Apprentice Cleric : Take care of that thing! (0:03:01.24)
Greenhorn Warrior : I know! (0:03:02.34)
Apprentice Cleric : Are you okay? It didn't bite you, did it? (0:03:10.22)
Greenhorn Warrior : Yeah, I'm fine. (0:03:12.95)
Greenhorn Warrior : My sword... (0:03:14.56)
Greenhorn Warrior : Huh? (0:03:17.29)
Greenhorn Warrior : I-I can't get it out! (0:03:18.13)
Greenhorn Warrior : H-Hey, time out! My sword's still stu— (0:03:21.81)
Apprentice Cleric : Chief of justice, lord of the
sword, ward of the scale...
Apprentice Cleric : May your forces manifest before me! (0:03:27.53)
Apprentice Cleric : Holy Smite! (0:03:29.32)
Greenhorn Warrior : Must be nice. Miracles from the gods can
take those things out with one blow.
Apprentice Cleric : Quit your complaining. (0:03:39.21)
Apprentice Cleric : They only answer my wishes once a day... (0:03:41.02)
Greenhorn Warrior : You idiot! Run! (0:03:49.82)
Uketsuke : You weren't able to complete the quest, so... (0:03:55.41)
Uketsuke : No reward. Sorry... (0:03:58.08)
Apprentice Cleric : Right... (0:04:01.76)
Greenhorn Warrior : Right... (0:04:01.76)
Uketsuke : Um... I think it'd be best to
wash up as soon as you can...
Apprentice Cleric : Right... (0:04:09.12)
Greenhorn Warrior : Right... (0:04:09.12)
Greenhorn Warrior : We'll need weapons before we do anything else. (0:04:11.98)
Apprentice Cleric : Yeah. It's a waste to leave
that sword in the sewer.
Greenhorn Warrior : No, I mean, we're going to need
weapons just to go retrieve it.
Apprentice Cleric : Do you have any money? (0:04:23.17)
Greenhorn Warrior : Well... (0:04:25.06)
Apprentice Cleric : Then what are we going to do? (0:04:26.19)
Greenhorn Warrior : Maybe I can get someone to loan me one. (0:04:28.10)
Apprentice Cleric : Let's try to avoid going into debt. (0:04:29.83)
Greenhorn Warrior : No, I mean, maybe I could
borrow someone's spare weapon.
Apprentice Cleric : From who? (0:04:36.83)
Greenhorn Warrior : Yeah, about that... (0:04:38.34)
Ushi : I'm going to go get the receptionist's signature. (0:04:40.43)
Goblin Slayer : All right. (0:04:42.84)
High Elf Archer : Orcbolg? (0:04:45.37)
High Elf Archer : What are you doing? (0:04:47.04)
Goblin Slayer : Unloading cargo. (0:04:48.93)
Dwarf Shaman : Are you sure you should be moving
around already, Beard-cutter?
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:04:53.74)
Lizard : I heard you were asleep for three days, (0:04:54.90)
Lizard : but you seem to be back on your feet. (0:04:58.42)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:05:01.06)
Lizard : Sir Goblin Slayer, we had a favor
we wanted to ask... You see...
Lizard : How do I put this? (0:05:07.11)
Goblin Slayer : What is it? (0:05:08.74)
Lizard : I'd like to request, um... that one item. (0:05:09.83)
Goblin Slayer : What item? (0:05:13.64)
Dwarf Shaman : Scaly here wants more of that cheese. (0:05:14.62)
High Elf Archer : All he's talked about the
past three days is cheese.
Goblin Slayer : Will this suffice? (0:05:25.41)
Goblin Slayer : You can pay the guild for it. (0:05:29.79)
Lizard : Yes, yes, of course, Sir Goblin Slayer! (0:05:31.55)
High Elf Archer : H-Hey... (0:05:36.17)
Goblin Slayer : Now what? (0:05:38.17)
High Elf Archer : Well... you see, (0:05:40.06)
High Elf Archer : we're currently surveying some ruins. (0:05:42.90)
Goblin Slayer : I see. (0:05:45.34)
High Elf Archer : So, um... We might be asking for your help. (0:05:46.30)
Goblin Slayer : I'll think about it. (0:05:52.70)
High Elf Archer : Yeah, you do that. (0:05:55.65)
Dwarf Shaman : You're so difficult, long-ears. (0:06:01.03)
Dwarf Shaman : Why don't you just ask him to join us? (0:06:04.17)
High Elf Archer : Shut your mouth, dwarf! (0:06:07.40)
High Elf Archer : Don't make me shoot you! (0:06:08.76)
Lizard : Sweet nectar! (0:06:10.82)
Guild Manager : Thank you. (0:06:12.48)
Ushi : And thank you. (0:06:13.70)
Lancer : You lost your weapon? Yeah, that sucks. (0:06:16.38)
Greenhorn Warrior : I'd like to go retrieve it,
but I don't have another weapon...
Greenhorn Warrior : So I was hoping I could
borrow someone's spare...
Lancer : I mean, I've got plenty to spare,
so I could lend you one, but...
Lancer : you aren't strong enough to wield them. (0:06:31.35)
Witch : Magical weapons... that aren't...
a good match for you...
Witch : would be a bad idea... right? (0:06:39.54)
Greenhorn Warrior : R-Right. Um... Sorry for bothering you. (0:06:43.08)
Witch : Wait... (0:06:47.33)
Witch : I'll give you... something... even better. (0:06:51.79)
Greenhorn Warrior : A candle? (0:06:58.93)
Witch : This candle... will help you
find what you're looking for.
Witch : When you get close... to what you're
looking for... it gets hot.
Witch : Say... You could also...
sell it for cash... you know?
Greenhorn Warrior : Er, right... Thank you very much. (0:07:18.84)
Witch : Don't mention... it. (0:07:22.81)
Witch : I just... wanted to help... (0:07:24.87)
Lancer : Right. Let's head off to our next adventure. (0:07:28.65)
Ushi : Well, I'm going to head home. (0:07:31.65)
Goblin Slayer : Okay. (0:07:33.64)
Goblin Slayer : I'd like to request some repairs. (0:07:38.38)
Smith : Again? (0:07:40.80)
Smith : How many times must you destroy my work? (0:07:42.66)
Smith : Be more careful! (0:07:44.86)
Goblin Slayer : I am careful. (0:07:47.07)
Smith : Damn, you don't even get sarcasm. (0:07:48.69)
Goblin Slayer : Also, I'd like you to procure a scroll. (0:07:51.45)
Smith : Scrolls are hard to come by as it is,
and they're expensive to boot.
Goblin Slayer : I'll pay whatever you want. (0:07:57.57)
Smith : If some adventurer comes around
and tries to sell me one, I'll buy it,
Smith : but don't get your hopes up. (0:08:02.80)
Goblin Slayer : I know. That's fine. (0:08:05.21)
Priestess : Goblin Slayer! (0:08:10.60)
Goblin Slayer : I'm running into everyone today. (0:08:14.17)
Priestess : Look at this! See? (0:08:18.53)
Goblin Slayer : So you went from 10th to 9th. (0:08:21.94)
Priestess : Yes! I got promoted yesterday! (0:08:23.99)
Priestess : I was a bit nervous, but apparently
fighting an ogre really helped!
Goblin Slayer : I see. Good for you. (0:08:32.09)
Priestess : And it's all thanks to you, Goblin Slayer. (0:08:34.85)
Goblin Slayer : I didn't do anything. (0:08:39.96)
Priestess : But you saved me the first time we met. (0:08:41.79)
Goblin Slayer : But the rest of your party didn't make it. (0:08:45.07)
Priestess : Yes, but... You still saved me. (0:08:48.50)
Priestess : I thought that I should at
least thank you properly.
Priestess : Thank you very much. (0:08:57.98)
Priestess : Well, I'm going to the temple to report
to Mother Superior about my promotion!
Scout : No way, no how! (0:09:11.15)
Scout : I just lost my own short sword,
and I'm using a loaner myself.
Scout : If I let someone else borrow that,
the boss is gonna kill me.
Greenhorn Warrior : You lost it? How? (0:09:18.30)
Druid : A giant slug melted it. Unbelievable. (0:09:20.59)
Greenhorn Warrior : A giant slug, huh? Must be nice... (0:09:25.08)
Apprentice Cleric : We're porcelain, and they're silver. (0:09:28.96)
Apprentice Cleric : We're no match for them. (0:09:32.57)
Scout : You were out hunting rats? (0:09:36.52)
Greenhorn Warrior : Yeah, and I lost my sword. (0:09:38.94)
Greenhorn Warrior : Man... I'm so jealous. (0:09:41.58)
Greenhorn Warrior : I want a two-handed sword... (0:09:43.18)
Greenhorn Warrior : like that great sword. (0:09:47.77)
Apprentice Cleric : If you even tried to hold that
thing up, you'd collapse.
Apprentice Cleric : Not to mention... (0:09:53.63)
Apprentice Cleric : it costs m-o-n-e-y. (0:09:55.10)
Scout : Looks like he got Silent cast on him. (0:10:01.73)
Druid : Hey, why not talk to the guild about it? (0:10:03.97)
Apprentice Cleric : Talk to them? About borrowing a weapon? (0:10:06.68)
Druid : No, about how to slay those rats. (0:10:08.88)
Druid : Maybe they could suggest a good method. (0:10:12.17)
Apprentice Cleric : Would it really be that easy? (0:10:15.07)
Uketsuke : Goblin Slayer! (0:10:20.99)
Apprentice Cleric : Pardon me... (0:10:23.61)
Uketsuke : Yes? (0:10:24.70)
Uketsuke : How to slay giant rats... (0:10:28.34)
Uketsuke : I'm afraid it's not that simple. (0:10:31.99)
Uketsuke : I mean, we're asking
adventurers for help because
Uketsuke : they're difficult to deal with... (0:10:37.55)
Greenhorn Warrior : Isn't there anything you can do? (0:10:39.41)
Apprentice Cleric : Anything would be great! Please! (0:10:40.78)
Uketsuke : This is pretty simple, but why not boost your
defense with chain mail or something?
Greenhorn Warrior : We don't have any money. (0:10:49.08)
Uketsuke : In that case, it's probably best to ask for help
with adventures from another adventurer.
Greenhorn Warrior : G-Goblin Slayer? (0:10:58.59)
Uketsuke : What's wrong? (0:11:01.61)
Greenhorn Warrior : Oh, um, it's just... (0:11:02.99)
Apprentice Cleric : Um... We were kind of rude to him before. (0:11:04.54)
Uketsuke : Oh, don't worry. That sort
of thing doesn't bother him.
Apprentice Cleric : You think so? (0:11:12.40)
Uketsuke : Yes, I guarantee it. (0:11:13.69)
Apprentice Cleric : Um... (0:11:18.20)
Goblin Slayer : What? (0:11:20.21)
Greenhorn Warrior : Th-There's something we wanted to ask. (0:11:21.45)
Greenhorn Warrior : When you lose your sword,
what's the best way to fight enemies?
Goblin Slayer : Steal one from a goblin. (0:11:27.97)
Greenhorn Warrior : But we're not fighting goblins. (0:11:29.92)
Goblin Slayer : I see. (0:11:32.34)
Goblin Slayer : Have you ever used any
weapon other than a sword?
Greenhorn Warrior : No... (0:11:36.43)
Apprentice Cleric : Also, we have no money. (0:11:37.45)
Goblin Slayer : In that case, how about a club? (0:11:40.63)
Greenhorn Warrior : A club? (0:11:42.94)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. Throw, stab, break, and shatter. (0:11:44.07)
Goblin Slayer : Even using a sword properly, you couldn't
cut five goblins with one sword.
Greenhorn Warrior : What about rats or bugs? (0:11:51.80)
Goblin Slayer : I couldn't say. I'm sure if you swung one
around and it hit them, it'd at least hurt.
Goblin Slayer : If nothing else, it wouldn't get nicked
like a sword, so it's easier to use.
Greenhorn Warrior : Easier... (0:12:01.67)
Greenhorn Warrior : A club, huh? (0:12:03.07)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah, a club. (0:12:04.48)
Uketsuke : The observer can't come? (0:12:06.05)
Guild Manager : They apparently got hurt in a quest
yesterday. Do you have anyone else?
Uketsuke : Um... In that case... (0:12:12.52)
Uketsuke : Goblin Slayer! (0:12:16.36)
Goblin Slayer : Goblins? (0:12:18.54)
Uketsuke : No, no goblins— (0:12:19.74)
Uketsuke : Wait, please don't leave! (0:12:22.14)
Goblin Slayer : But there are no goblins, right? (0:12:24.76)
Uketsuke : Er, um... Yes, that's correct, but... (0:12:27.19)
Uketsuke : Does it absolutely have
to... involve... goblins?
Goblin Slayer : Keep it short. (0:12:39.43)
Uketsuke : I will! You see, there was a mix-up... (0:12:40.69)
Uketsuke : so I'd like you to act as an observer. (0:12:44.22)
Goblin Slayer : An observer? For a promotion exam? (0:12:47.51)
Apprentice Cleric : This candle's supposed to react when
I think about the sword, right?
Greenhorn Warrior : Well? (0:12:59.34)
Apprentice Cleric : I think it feels warmer over here. (0:13:01.89)
Greenhorn Warrior : So my sword's over there? (0:13:04.73)
Greenhorn Warrior : There they are. (0:13:15.77)
Greenhorn Warrior : Why, you— (0:13:22.37)
Greenhorn Warrior : Die! Die! Die! (0:13:27.07)
Greenhorn Warrior : Where's the other one? (0:13:33.29)
Apprentice Cleric : It ran away. (0:13:34.62)
Apprentice Cleric : So what do you think of the club? (0:13:36.34)
Greenhorn Warrior : I'm not sure, but they do die when
I hit them really hard with it.
Apprentice Cleric : It suits you much better than a sword. (0:13:43.53)
Greenhorn Warrior : Oh, shut up. (0:13:45.48)
Uketsuke : All right, let's begin the promotion exam. (0:13:51.66)
Rhea Scout : Bring it on! (0:13:55.69)
Rhea Scout : Let's just skip sapphire and
emerald and go straight to ruby...
Rhea Scout : no, bronze, even! (0:14:01.06)
Uketsuke : No, that's not how this works. (0:14:04.23)
Uketsuke : Your leather armor and boots...
Those are new, right?
Rhea Scout : Oh, you can tell? (0:14:10.60)
Rhea Scout : They're excellent quality. (0:14:12.68)
Rhea Scout : I had them matted. They're a perfect fit for me. (0:14:14.93)
Uketsuke : How is it that you seem to be
doing so well for yourself
Uketsuke : when the same quests are
available to everyone?
Rhea Scout : Oh, uh... Well, that's, uh... (0:14:24.76)
Rhea Scout : I actually had my family send me some money. (0:14:28.14)
Guild Manager : That's a lie. (0:14:32.67)
Rhea Scout : Huh? (0:14:33.53)
Guild Manager : I swear on the name of the Supreme
God that what he just said was a lie.
Rhea Scout : Sense Lie! The ability to see through lies! (0:14:40.04)
Rhea Scout : Damn it! Curse these seekers! (0:14:43.35)
Uketsuke : It appears that you acquired some new gear
in the raid at those ruins the other day.
Uketsuke : Oh, I get it! (0:14:50.52)
Uketsuke : You told the others that you were going
to scout, found a treasure chest,
Uketsuke : kept it for yourself, and sold the contents! (0:14:56.37)
Rhea Scout : N-N-No, I-I would never... (0:14:58.29)
Rhea Scout : I-I'm sorry! (0:15:00.83)
Uketsuke : This is truly a problem.
It's because of guys like you that
Uketsuke : so many people have prejudiced views
against other rheas and scouts.
Uketsuke : But since it's your first offense,
just demoting you to porcelain and
Uketsuke : banning you from adventuring
in this town will suffice.
Rhea Scout : H-Hang on a second! That's messed up! (0:15:16.56)
Rhea Scout : I'm getting kicked out just because
I kept a treasure chest to myself?!
Uketsuke : Huh? (0:15:24.57)
Uketsuke : "Just"? Are you stupid? (0:15:25.52)
Uketsuke : Those who betray other people's trust
don't deserve to be adventurers.
Uketsuke : You are hereby demoted on the
grounds of falsifying a reward,
Uketsuke : though you may stick around if you'd like. (0:15:37.87)
Guild Manager : Don't get any silly ideas. (0:15:40.89)
Rhea Scout : C-Come on, Goblin Slayer!
You're a fellow adventurer of this town!
Goblin Slayer : What? I'm just an observer.
Nothing more and nothing less.
Rhea Scout : But you're an adventurer... (0:15:53.59)
Goblin Slayer : I am, but you also tricked other adventurers. (0:15:56.93)
Rhea Scout : D-Damn it! (0:16:01.10)
Rhea Scout : You'll regret this! (0:16:21.69)
Uketsuke : I think not. (0:16:24.77)
Apprentice Cleric : It's hot! (0:16:29.55)
Greenhorn Warrior : What's wrong? (0:16:31.09)
Apprentice Cleric : This thing's getting hotter and hotter. (0:16:32.26)
Greenhorn Warrior : That means my sword's getting closer. (0:16:35.33)
Greenhorn Warrior : Watch out! (0:16:42.85)
Apprentice Cleric : Hey, what are you doing? (0:16:45.17)
Greenhorn Warrior : This way! (0:16:50.87)
Greenhorn Warrior : How's the candle? (0:16:53.14)
Apprentice Cleric : It's really hot! (0:16:53.97)
Greenhorn Warrior : Don't tell me... (0:16:55.45)
Greenhorn Warrior : It's inside that thing?! (0:16:56.64)
Apprentice Cleric : What should we do? (0:16:58.20)
Greenhorn Warrior : Go back to the surface? (0:16:59.73)
Apprentice Cleric : They'll catch up to us
while we climb the ladder!
Greenhorn Warrior : Should we jump into the water? (0:17:03.42)
Apprentice Cleric : Do you want to get the black plague?! (0:17:04.98)
Greenhorn Warrior : In that case... (0:17:07.97)
Greenhorn Warrior : Use a miracle! (0:17:17.80)
Apprentice Cleric : What are you— (0:17:18.89)
Greenhorn Warrior : Just hurry! (0:17:19.71)
Greenhorn Warrior : Now! (0:17:27.45)
Apprentice Cleric : Chief of justice, lord of the
sword, ward of the scale...
Apprentice Cleric : May your forces manifest before me! (0:17:30.91)
Apprentice Cleric : Holy Smite! (0:17:32.63)
Apprentice Cleric : I-Is it still alive? (0:18:05.94)
Greenhorn Warrior : S-Stay back. It's dangerous. (0:18:10.20)
Greenhorn Warrior : I'm sure my sword doesn't taste good. (0:18:14.95)
Greenhorn Warrior : So just... give it back already! (0:18:17.27)
Uketsuke : That was so scary... (0:18:21.92)
Uketsuke : Thank you so much, Goblin Slayer. (0:18:24.81)
Goblin Slayer : I didn't do anything. (0:18:28.04)
Uketsuke : That's not true. (0:18:29.88)
Uketsuke : When I was going through the training
courses at the capital, it was awful.
Uketsuke : All those creeps who couldn't open their
mouths without making lewd remarks...
Uketsuke : And the ones who wanted to hit on me... (0:18:39.96)
Guild Manager : There are so many of those in the capital. (0:18:42.97)
Uketsuke : I'd have to deal with people
like that on my own, so...
Uketsuke : I feel so much more relaxed just having
someone I trust acting as an observer.
Goblin Slayer : Really? (0:18:57.43)
Uketsuke : Yes, absolutely! (0:18:58.33)
Goblin Slayer : If we're done here, I'm leaving. (0:19:00.57)
Uketsuke : O-Oh, sure. If you go to the front desk,
they should give you your compensation...
Goblin Slayer : All right. (0:19:07.60)
Uketsuke : U-Um! (0:19:09.75)
Goblin Slayer : What? (0:19:12.49)
Uketsuke : Uh, um... Good work today. (0:19:13.83)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah, you, too. (0:19:18.32)
Guild Manager : Good work. (0:19:24.32)
Guild Manager : That rhea's probably going
to try something again.
Uketsuke : But surviving adventurers are rare these days. (0:19:28.65)
Uketsuke : What he did wasn't clearly illegal... (0:19:32.44)
Uketsuke : It'd be worse if he gave up
on being an adventurer
Uketsuke : and became an actual troublemaker. (0:19:38.03)
Guild Manager : Well, the adventurers run the gamut
from Lawful Good to Chaotic Evil.
Uketsuke : As long as they're adventurers,
they're allowed to make that choice.
Uketsuke : Thank you for everything. (0:19:50.34)
Guild Manager : It was nothing. It's my job as a priest for
the Supreme God, so it's no problem at all.
Uketsuke : And from the perspective of the God of
Law, how do you think I handled that?
Guild Manager : Most people seem to misunderstand
the God of Justice.
Guild Manager : You see that all the time in plays. (0:20:05.64)
Guild Manager : Justice is not about striking down evil, (0:20:08.91)
Guild Manager : but making people aware that
evil exists in the world.
Uketsuke : That's a lovely way of thinking. (0:20:14.81)
Guild Manager : If you can put it into practice. (0:20:17.37)
Guild Manager : I'm still nowhere near the
Sword Maiden, not even close.
Guild Manager : She was one of the adventurers
that defeated the Demon Lord.
Guild Manager : The Sword Maiden, a servant of
the all-powerful Supreme God.
Guild Manager : I admire her so much. (0:20:33.49)
Guild Manager : Well, all I have to do is see
through lies, so I have it easy.
Guild Manager : You still have work, right? (0:20:41.56)
Uketsuke : I have to get started on the
paperwork to demote him...
Guild Manager : So... that other guy's the one you like? (0:20:46.51)
Uketsuke : Huh? U-Um... (0:20:48.97)
Uketsuke : Y-Yeah, so what? (0:20:52.41)
Guild Manager : You always had a soft spot for strait-laced
people, even back at the capital.
Lancer : To the brave adventurer who
got his sword back on his own!
EXTRA : Cheers! (0:21:05.93)
Uketsuke : I mean, I wondered if there were
more stoic adventurers around...
Uketsuke : But maybe he's a bit too stoic... (0:21:14.23)
Guild Manager : I'm glad you seem happy.
So, don't you have work to do?
Uketsuke : Yeah, I need to stop thinking about
silly things and get to work.
Goblin Slayer : Hey. (0:21:28.08)
Uketsuke : Wh-Wh-Wh-What is it, Goblin Slayer? (0:21:29.62)
Goblin Slayer : What else? I'm going to slay some goblins. (0:21:33.02)
Uketsuke : That quest listing... (0:21:37.60)
Uketsuke : It's a special one that arrived on
a parcel carriage from far away.
Uketsuke : It's specifically asking for Goblin Slayer? (0:21:47.42)
Uketsuke : Who could it be from? (0:21:51.65)
EXTRA : Next Time (0:23:34.97)

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Goblin Slayer

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