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We can just ignore those.
Let them say what they want.

- Shota Aizawa

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 12

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Treyni : Ruler of monsters, and all
those who are loyal to him,
Line ID
Treyni : forgive me for this unannounced visit. Line ID
Treyni : I am Treyni, a Dryad. Line ID
Treyni : It is a pleasure to meet you. Line ID
Treyni : Rimuru Tempest, ruler of
monsters, I would like you
Line ID
Treyni : to defeat the Orc Lord. Line ID
EXTRA : That I Got as a Slime Line ID
EXTRA : Episode 12: The Gears Spin Out of Control Line ID
Rimuru : Defeat the Orc Lord? Line ID
Rimuru : Um... You're asking me? Line ID
Treyni : Yes, that's right. Line ID
Benimaru : That's quite a selfish request from
someone who just appeared out of nowhere,
Line ID
Benimaru : Treyni the Dryad. Line ID
Benimaru : Why have you come here? Line ID
Benimaru : There are races far stronger than Goblins. Line ID
Treyni : Yes, that is true. Line ID
Treyni : If the Ogres' homeland had
been at full strength,
Line ID
Treyni : perhaps I would have gone there. Line ID
Treyni : Though, even if I had done that, Line ID
Treyni : I still could not have ignored
this individual's existence.
Line ID
Treyni : Were our settlement to be
attacked by the Orc Lord,
Line ID
Treyni : the Dryads could not hope
to fight them alone.
Line ID
Treyni : This is why I have come to request
assistance from someone strong.
Line ID
Rimuru : The idea that the Orc Lord even existed
was still just a theory to us...
Line ID
Treyni : The Dryads have knowledge of essentially
everything that happens in this forest.
Line ID
Treyni : The Orc Lord does exist. Line ID
Rigurdo : If a Dryad acknowledges it... Line ID
Kaijin : Then it must be true. Line ID
Rimuru : Give me some time to answer. Line ID
Rimuru : I will back up the Kijin, Line ID
Rimuru : but I don't want to go poking at
a hornet's nest for no reason.
Line ID
Rimuru : Let me take stock of the information
we have before I answer.
Line ID
Rimuru : Despite how I look, I'm the
leader here, after all.
Line ID
Rimuru : Let's continue the conference. Line ID
Rimuru : Anyone have any ideas what
the Orcs might be after?
Line ID
Shuna : One thing does come to mind... Line ID
Rimuru : Okay. Line ID
Shuna : Souei, did you investigate our village? Line ID
Souei : Yes. Line ID
Shuna : Judging by your reaction,
I assume you found none?
Line ID
Souei : Correct. Line ID
Souei : Not a single one belonging to
either our brethren or the Orcs.
Line ID
Rimuru : Not one what? Line ID
Souei : Corpse. Line ID
Benimaru : We didn't understand how they
were getting the supplies
Line ID
Benimaru : to keep an army of 200,000 fed. Line ID
Rimuru : Are you saying... Line ID
Treyni : The unique skill... Line ID
EXTRA : Starved Line ID
Treyni : Starved. Line ID
Rimuru : Starved? Line ID
Treyni : It's a skill that the Orc Lord, Line ID
Treyni : a calamity that brings chaos
to the world, is born with.
Line ID
Treyni : Its influence reaches all
those who serve under him,
Line ID
EXTRA : Trample all! Trample all! Trample all! Line ID
Treyni : making them devour everything
in sight, like locusts.
Line ID
Treyni : At the same time, they consume the
victim's strength and abilities,
Line ID
Treyni : making them their own sustenance. Line ID
EXTRA : The strength of this comrade
we eat is now ours!
Line ID
EXTRA : The strength of this prey we eat is now ours! Line ID
Treyni : It's quite similar to your Predator skill. Line ID
Treyni : In return for obtaining Starved, Line ID
Treyni : they feel constant, insatiable hunger. Line ID
Treyni : The Orcs move forward for no other purpose Line ID
Treyni : than to sate their endless
hunger and gain more power.
Line ID
Treyni : That is their king's only wish. Line ID
Rimuru : So the Orcs' goal isn't to wipe out Line ID
Rimuru : the superior forest races,
the Ogres and Lizardmen,
Line ID
Rimuru : but to steal their powers? Line ID
Rimuru : Well, if that's the case, Line ID
Rimuru : I can't say we're in the clear. Line ID
Rimuru : We have Tempest Wolves,
Kijin, and Hobgoblins.
Line ID
Rimuru : Flavors aside, they're all meals with
powers that the Orcs would kill for.
Line ID
Benimaru : Aren't you forgetting the one meal
that would attract them the most?
Line ID
Rimuru : Huh? Line ID
Benimaru : We have the strongest slime here, remember? Line ID
Rimuru : Where? Line ID
Rimuru : Huh? Line ID
Treyni : In addition, we have confirmed
that a certain majin
Line ID
Treyni : is behind the Orc Lord's appearance. Line ID
Treyni : I believe it is someone you
won't want to overlook.
Line ID
Rimuru : A majin? Line ID
Treyni : It is a subordinate of
a Demon Lord, after all.
Line ID
Rimuru : They have knowledge of everything
that happens in the forest, huh?
Line ID
Rimuru : This lady's shrewd. Line ID
Treyni : Honored Rimuru Tempest. Line ID
Treyni : I once again request that
you defeat the Orc Lord.
Line ID
Treyni : As the one who received the
Storm Dragon Veldora's protection,
Line ID
Treyni : subjugated the Direwolves,
and became the patron of the Kijin,
Line ID
Treyni : you are surely more than
a match for the Orc Lord.
Line ID
Rimuru : What do you think, Great Sage?
Can I trust her?
Line ID
EXTRA : Caretakers of the Forest Line ID
EXTRA : The Dryads are the caretakers
of the Great Forest of Jura.
Line ID
EXTRA : Caretakers of the Forest Line ID
EXTRA : They are said to be the ones who
pass divine justice on villains
Line ID
EXTRA : They pass divine justice
on villains and any who would
harm the forest
Line ID
EXTRA : and any who would harm the forest. Line ID
EXTRA : Divine Justice Line ID
Rimuru : Divine justice, huh? Line ID
Rimuru : But there are 200,000 of them. Line ID
Shion : Of course he will! Line ID
Shion : That Orc Lord is no match for Great Rimuru! Line ID
Treyni : Oh, you agree with me, then? Line ID
Shion : Yes! Line ID
Rimuru : Are you kidding me?! Did she really just... Line ID
Rimuru : Fine. I'll accept this request
to beat the Demon Lord.
Line ID
Rimuru : You're all in this with me. Line ID
Shuna : Of course, Great Rimuru! Line ID
Benimaru : That was our plan all along. Line ID
Kaijin : We believe in you, and we're
with you. That's all we need.
Line ID
Rigurdo : Exactly! Line ID
Rigurdo : Let's show them how strong we are! Line ID
EXTRA : Yeah! Line ID
Rimuru : I acted all cool about it,
but what if we lose?
Line ID
Rimuru : If we're taking on an army of 200,000 Orcs, Line ID
Rimuru : I feel like we should consider
an alliance with the Lizardmen,
Line ID
Rimuru : but given the guy they
had representing them...
Line ID
Gabiru : I am Gabiru! Line ID
EXTRA : The Guy Line ID
Rimuru : I'd really like to talk to someone
who'll actually listen...
Line ID
Souei : Great Rimuru. Line ID
Souei : Would you mind if I spoke personally
with the chieftain of the Lizardmen?
Line ID
Rimuru : Souei? You can do that? Line ID
Souei : Yes. Line ID
Rimuru : Oh, my God, he's so confident!
What a dreamboat!
Line ID
Rimuru : O-Okay, then. Line ID
Rimuru : We'll join forces with the
Lizardmen and attack the Orcs.
Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, sir! Line ID
Rimuru : The battle will probably take place in the
marshlands inhabited by the Lizardmen.
Line ID
Rimuru : The Lizardmen's cooperation will
be essential for this to work.
Line ID
Rimuru : I'm counting on you, Souei. Line ID
Souei : It shall be done. Line ID
Rimuru : I hope their chieftain isn't
an idiot like Gabiru...
Line ID
EXTRA : Sir Gabiru! Line ID
EXTRA : You're awake now? Line ID
EXTRA : Sir Gabiru... Line ID
Gabiru : Wh-Where are we? Line ID
EXTRA : Thank goodness... Line ID
Gabiru : Th-That's right! I was... Line ID
Gabiru : defeated by that boy with the dopey face! Line ID
Gabiru : They clearly tricked us. Line ID
EXTRA : What do you mean? Line ID
Gabiru : It's simple. Line ID
Gabiru : That boy who beat me Line ID
Gabiru : is obviously the real master of that village! Line ID
EXTRA : Really?! Line ID
EXTRA : That kid? Line ID
EXTRA : He must be, or Sir Gabiru wouldn't have lost! Line ID
EXTRA : Indeed. Line ID
EXTRA : What a dirty trick, lowering
Sir Gabiru's guard with such lies!
Line ID
EXTRA : Cowards! Line ID
EXTRA : How dare they?! Line ID
Gabiru : Now, calm down. Line ID
Gabiru : Such is the wisdom of the weak. Line ID
EXTRA : What a great man you are!
Great as a mountain!
Line ID
EXTRA : That's our Sir Gabiru! Line ID
EXTRA : Yeah! Our next chieftain! Line ID
Laplace : You're the best, Gabiru! Line ID
Gabiru : Oh, no, I'm really not so— Line ID
Gabiru : Wait, who?! Wha?! Line ID
EXTRA : He's been here this whole time. Line ID
Laplace : You're just as great as I've heard! Line ID
Laplace : My name is Laplace. Line ID
Gabiru : Laplace? Line ID
Laplace : I've come as a servant of
Lord Gelmud to give you a warning.
Line ID
Gabiru : Oh! Lord Gelmud! Line ID
EXTRA : Who's Lord Gelmud? Line ID
EXTRA : He's the man who gave Sir Gabiru his name. Line ID
Gabiru : Thank you for taking the trouble to come! Line ID
Gabiru : So, what is Lord Gelmud's warning? Line ID
Laplace : Well, we have quite the
situation on our hands!
Line ID
Laplace : It seems that army of Orcs Line ID
Laplace : really is being led by an Orc Lord. Line ID
EXTRA : An Orc Lord?! Line ID
Laplace : The Lizardman chieftain is a capable man, Line ID
Laplace : but he's getting up there in years, you know! Line ID
Laplace : Frankly speaking... Line ID
Laplace : Don't you think this is a bit
much for Daddy to handle?
Line ID
Gabiru : I had planned to take over as chieftain
after we had fought off the Orcs,
Line ID
Gabiru : but it seems that would be too late! Line ID
Laplace : Yep, exactly! Line ID
Gabiru : Laplace, forgive my leaving
so abruptly, but we—
Line ID
Laplace : Oh, it's fine, it's fine! Line ID
Laplace : You're going back to the marshlands, right? Line ID
Laplace : You should hurry! Line ID
Gabiru : Thank you. Line ID
Gabiru : Let us go! Line ID
EXTRA : Yeah! Line ID
Laplace : Do the best you can, Gabiru. Line ID
EXTRA : Trample all! Trample all! Trample all! Line ID
Female Lizard : Chieftain, what shall we do? Line ID
Female Lizard : The Orc army is approaching. Line ID
Licard Chief : What can we do but remain here? Line ID
Licard Chief : We have no means to fight
an army of 200,000 Orcs.
Line ID
Female Lizard : Yes, sir. Line ID
EXTRA : Chieftain! Line ID
EXTRA : Chieftain! We have an intruder! Line ID
EXTRA : He demands an audience with you! Line ID
Licard Chief : Very well. Bring him to me. Line ID
Female Lizard : Chieftain, is this not dangerous? Line ID
Licard Chief : You can feel this aura, as well? Line ID
Female Lizard : Yes. This is no simple intruder. Line ID
Female Lizard : With this one... Line ID
Female Lizard : even a hundred of the strongest
Lizardmen would stand no chance.
Line ID
Licard Chief : Forgive me, but my hands are
rather tied at the moment.
Line ID
Licard Chief : I cannot spare any hospitality. Line ID
Souei : No need to trouble yourself. Line ID
Souei : I am only a messenger, here to convey
to you the words of my master.
Line ID
Licard Chief : And what is your message? Line ID
Souei : My master desires an alliance
with the Lizardmen.
Line ID
Licard Chief : An alliance? Line ID
Licard Chief : But I have no knowledge of your master. Line ID
Souei : My master is the great Rimuru Tempest. Line ID
Souei : Upon receiving a personal
request from the Dryads,
Line ID
Souei : he has sworn to defeat
the approaching Orc army.
Line ID
Licard Chief : A personal request from the
caretakers of the forest?
Line ID
Souei : She informed us that the Orc
army is led by an Orc Lord.
Line ID
EXTRA : An Orc Lord?! Line ID
Souei : Keep in mind what that means
as you consider our proposal.
Line ID
EXTRA : Rimuru, you say? Never heard of him! Line ID
EXTRA : He probably just came crying to
us because he fears the Orc Lord!
Line ID
EXTRA : If he would just ask for our help... Line ID
Licard Chief : Enough. Line ID
Licard Chief : Hold your tongue. Line ID
EXTRA : Ch-Chieftain! Such complacency
will lead others to belittle—
Line ID
EXTRA : Wh-What is this? Line ID
Licard Chief : Hold. Line ID
Licard Chief : I apologize for my comrade's rudeness. Line ID
Licard Chief : Would you please forgive him? Line ID
Licard Chief : This offer does benefit both
of us equally, does it not?
Line ID
Souei : Forgive me. Line ID
Souei : It was not my intent to threaten him, Line ID
Souei : but I will not stand for
such mockery of my master.
Line ID
Licard Chief : Strong words... Line ID
Licard Chief : Had I not stopped him, he would have
taken his head in a heartbeat.
Line ID
Licard Chief : Judging by your aura, you appear
to be an Ogre from the southwest.
Line ID
Souei : Not anymore. Line ID
Souei : My master granted me the name
"Souei," and I became a Kijin.
Line ID
Licard Chief : Kijin? Line ID
Female Lizard : The superior race born only
rarely from among the Ogres?
Line ID
Licard Chief : If that is true, it would
mean that your master
Line ID
Licard Chief : is of an even more superior
race than the Kijin...
Line ID
Licard Chief : An offer to enter an alliance Line ID
Licard Chief : immediately after the
appearance of the Orc Lord...
Line ID
Licard Chief : I have no reason to refuse. Line ID
Licard Chief : However... Line ID
Licard Chief : Souei, was it? I have one condition. Line ID
Souei : What is it? Line ID
Licard Chief : I wish to meet your master, Rimuru Tempest. Line ID
Souei : Very well. Line ID
Souei : Then we will make preparations Line ID
Souei : and meet you here in seven days. Line ID
Souei : You will have an audience with him then. Line ID
Souei : Ensure that you do not
wage battle before then.
Line ID
Licard Chief : Understood. Line ID
Souei : Then I will go. Line ID
Licard Chief : Chieftain! Line ID
Licard Chief : I feel as if I've seen the light of hope. Line ID
Licard Chief : Gather everyone together. Line ID
Licard Chief : The Orc army has already drawn
near to this underground cave.
Line ID
Licard Chief : But there is nothing to fear. Line ID
Licard Chief : In seven days,
powerful reinforcements will join us.
Line ID
Licard Chief : Until then, we will remain here and
conserve our strength for battle.
Line ID
Licard Chief : Do not, for a moment,
think of making the first strike.
Line ID
Licard Chief : Any who die in battle will be eaten by
the enemy and become their strength!
Line ID
Licard Chief : That is what it means to fight the Orc Lord. Line ID
Licard Chief : Once our reinforcements join us,
we will launch a counterattack.
Line ID
Licard Chief : Resist fighting until then! Line ID
Licard Chief : I will not tolerate a
single death among my men!
Line ID
EXTRA : Four Days Later Line ID
EXTRA : All right! Surround him! Line ID
EXTRA : Is this really an Orc? Line ID
EXTRA : I feel like I just fought an Ogre... Line ID
EXTRA : It's chilling to think that there
are 200,000 of these guys.
Line ID
EXTRA : That must be the power of the Orc Lord. Line ID
EXTRA : Can we defend this place for three more days? Line ID
Gabiru : If all we do is defend,
we'll exhaust our strength!
Line ID
EXTRA : You're... Line ID
Gabiru : Father! Line ID
Licard Chief : Ah, you've returned. Line ID
Licard Chief : Well? Line ID
Licard Chief : Did you succeed in recruiting
the Goblins to assist us?
Line ID
Gabiru : Yes, sir! Line ID
Gabiru : They number 7,000 in total. Line ID
Gabiru : They are standing by. Line ID
Gabiru : But... Line ID
Gabiru : Why must we remain here in
the face of an Orc attack?
Line ID
Gabiru : This is not how the proud
Lizardman race fights.
Line ID
Licard Chief : While you were away, we were
approached with an offer of alliance.
Line ID
Licard Chief : Until they join us, our best
option is to focus on defense.
Line ID
Gabiru : You've aged, Father. Line ID
Licard Chief : What? Line ID
Gabiru : Utilizing these natural labyrinths may
be a wise strategy against a large army.
Line ID
Gabiru : However, it divides our forces
between too many separate corridors,
Line ID
Gabiru : preventing us from meeting the
enemy with our full strength!
Line ID
Female Lizard : G-Gabiru, what is the meaning of this? Line ID
Gabiru : Be calm, captain of the guard. Line ID
Gabiru : I have no intention of harming you. Line ID
Female Lizard : But... Line ID
Gabiru : I will apologize later for
resorting to violence.
Line ID
Gabiru : You may feel uncomfortable while restrained, Line ID
Gabiru : but bear with it until I defeat the Orc Lord. Line ID
Licard Chief : Son! I will not allow you to do this! Line ID
Female Lizard : Gabiru... no, Brother! Line ID
Female Lizard : Please, come to your senses! Line ID
Licard Chief : Unhand me! Unhand me, I said! Line ID
Licard Chief : Unhand me at once! I will not stand for this! Line ID
EXTRA : Sir Gabiru, here. Line ID
Gabiru : That's my father's... Line ID
Gabiru : Th-This power... Line ID
Gabiru : Vortex Spear, you acknowledge
me as your master now?
Line ID
EXTRA : We've seized the leaders of each clan. Line ID
EXTRA : There were a lot of young ones who didn't
agree with this defensive battle.
Line ID
Gabiru : I see. Line ID
EXTRA : We're all behind you. Line ID
EXTRA : We're counting on you, Sir Gabiru. Line ID
Gabiru : Of course. Line ID
Gabiru : I will show you how a true Lizardman fights! Line ID
Gabiru : The time has come! Line ID
EXTRA : Gabiru! Gabiru! Gabiru! Line ID
EXTRA : Trample all! Trample all! Trample all! Line ID
Rimuru : The Orc army filled the marshlands. Line ID
Rimuru : From one corner of their ranks,
a commotion arose.
Line ID
Gabiru : There is no need to fear these
pigs any more than before!
Line ID
Gabiru : These marshlands are our domain! Line ID
Gabiru : We will throw the Orcs into
confusion with our agility!
Line ID
Gabiru : We will not lose to these dimwits
whose feet are held by the mud!
Line ID
EXTRA : All right! Line ID
EXTRA : Our attack is making a dent! Line ID
EXTRA : Indeed. Line ID
Gabiru : Mere Orcs are no match for us Lizardmen! Line ID
Gabiru : Right! Withdraw for now! Line ID
Rimuru : Gabiru's men had to acknowledge his talents. Line ID
Gabiru : What's happening? Line ID
Rimuru : If there was anything
they didn't account for,
Line ID
Rimuru : it was that Gabiru didn't know... Line ID
Rimuru : the terror of the Orc Lord. Line ID
Gabiru : The Orcs... are eating other Orcs? Line ID
Rimuru : The chieftain did know the
terror of the Orc Lord.
Line ID
Rimuru : This difference between
the two of them was now
Line ID
Rimuru : bearing its fangs at Gabiru. Line ID
EXTRA : Trample all! Trample all! Trample all! Line ID
EXTRA : The strength of this comrade
we eat is now ours!
Line ID
EXTRA : The strength of this prey we eat is now ours! Line ID
EXTRA : Next time, "The Great Clash." Line ID
EXTRA : The Great Clash Line ID
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We can just ignore those.
Let them say what they want.

Shota Aizawa
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