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Rimuru Tempest : The alliance between the
Jura Tempest Federation
Rimuru Tempest : and the Armed Nation of
Dwargon was established,
Rimuru Tempest : and the nation of monsters gained
powerful backing support.
EXTRA : Two Days Later (0:00:11.07)
EXTRA : King Gazel has arrived. (0:00:12.07)
Gazeru : I'm here, Rimuru! (0:00:12.37)
Rimuru Tempest : What brings you here this time? (0:00:14.60)
Gazeru : I'm here to give you all a gift. (0:00:16.47)
Rimuru Tempest : A gift? (0:00:18.63)
Rimuru Tempest : Huh?! (0:00:25.95)
Kaijin : That's Vesta! (0:00:26.88)
EXTRA : That I Got as a Slime (0:01:58.51)
EXTRA : Episode 16: Demon Lord Milim Attacks (0:02:04.43)
Gazeru : It seemed a waste to leave such
a talented man doing nothing,
Gazeru : but I cannot allow him to work in my service. (0:02:08.64)
Gazeru : Use him as you wish. (0:02:12.41)
Kaijin : My King... That would allow Vesta's
knowledge to leave the Dwarves!
Gazeru : Says the man who left the Dwarves himself? (0:02:20.05)
Gazeru : That is what this alliance is for. (0:02:24.31)
Gazeru : Make this land you have chosen to inhabit
a leader in new and unique skills!
Gazeru : Vesta... (0:02:32.04)
Vesta : Y-Yes? (0:02:33.06)
Gazeru : Devote yourself to studying here. (0:02:34.46)
Vesta : I shall. (0:02:39.16)
Vesta : My King, this time... (0:02:40.86)
Vesta : This time, I will live
up to your expectations.
Vesta : Rimuru, Kaijin... I am truly sorry. (0:02:47.87)
Vesta : Would you allow me to work here? (0:02:53.13)
Kaijin : Having one more talented researcher
around will be a big help.
Kaijin : Rimuru, if anything bad happens,
I'll take responsibility.
Kaijin : Please have faith in me and show him mercy. (0:03:06.13)
Vesta : Kaijin... (0:03:11.50)
Rimuru Tempest : If it's okay with you, Kaijin,
I have no objections.
Rimuru Tempest : Welcome aboard, Vesta. (0:03:17.64)
Vesta : Thank you! I am unworthy, but I
will give my utmost effort for you!
Gazeru : Then, farewell! (0:03:25.07)
Rimuru Tempest : Now, then... (0:03:32.94)
Rimuru Tempest : What are you doing here? (0:03:34.50)
Gabiru : Well... I, Gabiru, have arrived in hopes
that I may be of some help to you!
EXTRA : You're so cool, Sir Gabiru! (0:03:42.56)
EXTRA : Naturally! (0:03:44.24)
Shion : I'll cut him up. (0:03:45.38)
Gabiru : Wait, wait, wait, wait! (0:03:46.48)
Gabiru : We hoped you would permit
us to join your ranks!
Gabiru : On my word, we will prove
useful to you, so please!
EXTRA : Please! (0:03:54.37)
EXTRA : It's as Sir Gabiru says. (0:03:55.60)
Female Lizard : My brother has seen the error of his ways. (0:03:58.66)
Female Lizard : Please grant him the opportunity to atone. (0:04:01.19)
Rimuru Tempest : The captain of the guard is here, too? (0:04:03.65)
Female Lizard : Unlike my brother, I have not been disowned. (0:04:05.56)
Gabiru : What?! (0:04:08.84)
Female Lizard : My father, Abiru, sent me
here to gain more experience.
Gabiru : You didn't follow me because you missed me?! (0:04:13.22)
Female Lizard : No. (0:04:15.47)
Gabiru : D'oh! (0:04:16.15)
Rimuru Tempest : I see. (0:04:17.47)
Female Lizard : I do respect you, dear brother,
but right now, Master Souei is...
Rimuru Tempest : And so Vesta, along with Gabiru and
his brethren, joined the nation.
Gabiru : You've always been such a brat! (0:04:23.90)
Rimuru Tempest : Since they were now allies, I gave
Gabiru's sister and servants names, too.
Rimuru Tempest : Okay, in this order, you're... (0:04:32.09)
Rimuru Tempest : Soka, Toka, Saika, Nanso, and Hokuso. (0:04:34.27)
Female Lizard : Thank you so much. (0:04:40.45)
Rimuru Tempest : Gabiru-kun, don't act so jealous. (0:04:43.33)
Rimuru Tempest : You already have a perfectly
good name, "Gabiru."
Rimuru Tempest : Wait, did I just— (0:04:49.81)
Rimuru Tempest : Gabiru's shining... (0:04:53.52)
Rimuru Tempest : Wait, can names be overwritten?! (0:04:55.62)
Gabiru : Thank you! I will follow you
for the rest of my life!
Rimuru Tempest : So I had no choice but to name
all of Gabiru's brethren,
Rimuru Tempest : and they evolved into Dragonewts. (0:05:08.91)
Souei : They want to join our ranks? (0:05:13.73)
Souei : May I use them as I wish? (0:05:16.16)
Rimuru Tempest : Sure. (0:05:18.05)
Rimuru Tempest : Train them up as you see fit. (0:05:19.09)
Souei : As you command, Great Rimuru. (0:05:22.24)
Soka : I'll work my hardest for you! (0:05:24.63)
Rimuru Tempest : I left Soka and the other
servants in Souei's care
Rimuru Tempest : and gave Gabiru and his boys work to do. (0:05:30.11)
Rimuru Tempest : That aside... (0:05:32.85)
Rimuru Tempest : I guess some Lizardmen end up looking
almost human when they evolve.
Rimuru Tempest : Gabiru and his boys were sent to cultivate
valuable hipokute herbs in Veldora's cave.
Rimuru Tempest : It's a damp place, so it's a
perfect home for them, too.
Rimuru Tempest : Gabiru-kun! (0:05:50.15)
Rimuru Tempest : How's the cultivation coming along? (0:05:51.98)
Gabiru : I'm glad you asked! (0:05:54.99)
Gabiru : It's coming along nicely! (0:05:56.66)
Gabiru : Behold the fruits of my labor! (0:05:58.08)
Rimuru Tempest : Let's see. (0:06:01.29)
Rimuru Tempest : That's just a weed! (0:06:03.90)
Gabiru : Wh-What?! (0:06:05.54)
Gabiru : I do apologize! It seems I was
a bit too hasty for results!
Rimuru Tempest : Weeds should be even harder to grow
in a magicule-rich place like this!
Rimuru Tempest : We also set up a room for Vesta
to do his research in the cave.
Rimuru Tempest : He's working to create healing
potions from hipokute herbs.
Rimuru Tempest : If we can mass-produce potions as effective
as the ones I produce within me,
Rimuru Tempest : it'll be a big help for us. (0:06:32.71)
Rimuru Tempest : A lot has happened, (0:06:37.16)
Rimuru Tempest : but it looks like we can
finally take it easy.
Milim Nava : Interesting! Very interesting! (0:06:47.65)
Milim Nava : I'll undertake the investigation
of this toy myself!
Clayman : But, Milim, we have a non-aggression
pact with the Forest of Jura.
Milim Nava : A non-aggression pact? (0:06:57.66)
Milim Nava : Now that Veldora's gone, we can abolish that. (0:06:59.59)
Clayman : I see. That is true. (0:07:03.62)
Milim Nava : All right, that's that! (0:07:08.30)
Milim Nava : But no interfering with each other! Got it? (0:07:09.77)
Clayman : Of course. (0:07:13.38)
Milim Nava : Then, it's settled! We have an agreement! (0:07:14.68)
Milim Nava : I'm going out to investigate at once! (0:07:18.04)
Milim Nava : Don't try to interfere,
Clayman, Carrion, and Frey!
Rimuru Tempest : What is this magic I sense? (0:07:25.58)
Rimuru Tempest : An enormous mass of magic power is
heading this way at an incredible speed!
Milim Nava : Greetings! (0:07:56.10)
Milim Nava : I am the one and only Dragonoid,
also known as the Destroyer,
EXTRA : Demon
Milim Nava : the Demon Lord Milim Nava! (0:08:02.18)
Rimuru Tempest : She's a Demon Lord?! (0:08:05.11)
Milim Nava : I heard you were the strongest in this town, (0:08:07.17)
Milim Nava : so I came to introduce myself. (0:08:09.90)
Rimuru Tempest : Her ambition is every bit
as powerful as Veldora's.
Rimuru Tempest : She's definitely a real Demon Lord. (0:08:16.85)
Rimuru Tempest : N-Nice to meet you. (0:08:20.64)
Rimuru Tempest : I'm Rimuru, the leader of this town. (0:08:22.29)
Rimuru Tempest : I-It's impressive that you could tell
a slime like me was the strongest here.
Milim Nava : A simple task for one such as me! (0:08:32.03)
Milim Nava : My Milim Eye can even ascertain the
level of magicules in whoever it sees!
Rimuru Tempest : Oh? Milim Eye? (0:08:41.24)
Milim Nava : Just assume that it's no use pretending
to be a weakling around me.
Rimuru Tempest : Is that something like my skill, Appraisal? (0:08:47.51)
Rimuru Tempest : And I don't need to appraise her to see... (0:08:51.39)
Rimuru Tempest : she's flat. (0:08:54.88)
Rimuru Tempest : I can't beat this one. (0:08:56.39)
Rimuru Tempest : I'm pretty sure nothing I do will work. (0:08:58.01)
Rimuru Tempest : She's definitely a prodigy. (0:09:03.24)
Milim Nava : By the way, is that your true form? (0:09:06.28)
Milim Nava : Was that silver-haired humanoid who
defeated Gelmud a transformation?
Rimuru Tempest : Sounds like you know everything. (0:09:17.15)
Rimuru Tempest : Is this the form you're referring to? (0:09:21.26)
Milim Nava : Ooh! So it really was you! (0:09:23.04)
Milim Nava : So you defeated the Orc Lord? (0:09:27.11)
Rimuru Tempest : W-Well, yes, I did win... (0:09:29.82)
Rimuru Tempest : So, what business do you have with me? (0:09:32.45)
Rimuru Tempest : You're... not here to avenge Gelmud, are you? (0:09:35.29)
Milim Nava : Hm? My business? (0:09:40.27)
Milim Nava : I came to introduce myself. (0:09:42.32)
Rimuru Tempest : That's it?! (0:09:48.10)
Shion : Prepare to die! (0:09:51.77)
Ranga : Come, Master! (0:09:53.22)
Rimuru Tempest : W-Wait, Ranga! (0:09:58.82)
Ranga : We cannot wait! Forgive me! (0:09:59.85)
Milim Nava : Oh, you want to play with me? (0:10:03.43)
Rimuru Tempest : I said wait! (0:10:06.58)
Souei : You may be a Demon Lord, (0:10:16.40)
Souei : but no one can escape the
binding of these threads.
Benimaru : Burn to ash! (0:10:21.36)
Benimaru : I hope that at least singed her. (0:10:27.16)
Milim Nava : Wow, this is amazing! (0:10:32.85)
Milim Nava : Any other Demon Lord might not have escaped (0:10:35.19)
Milim Nava : an attack like that in one piece! (0:10:38.76)
Milim Nava : But it's not gonna work on me! (0:10:42.33)
Ranga : Master! (0:10:49.48)
Rimuru Tempest : You okay, Shion? (0:10:58.24)
Rimuru Tempest : Here's a healing potion. (0:10:59.90)
Shion : Great Rimuru... (0:11:01.95)
Benimaru : Great Rimuru... Please flee from here. (0:11:04.09)
Souei : We will... handle this... (0:11:07.03)
Rimuru Tempest : Here's some for you guys, too. (0:11:09.81)
Rimuru Tempest : Drink those and rest. (0:11:11.30)
Rimuru Tempest : I'll take care of this. (0:11:15.28)
Milim Nava : What's this? Haven't played enough yet? (0:11:17.35)
Milim Nava : Very well. (0:11:21.48)
Milim Nava : I'll play with you some more. (0:11:23.21)
Benimaru : Great Rimuru... (0:11:26.58)
Rimuru Tempest : Once you give up, it's all over. (0:11:27.77)
Rimuru Tempest : So you gotta do what you can. (0:11:30.37)
Rimuru Tempest : Don't get your hopes up. (0:11:32.69)
Milim Nava : Oh? You're going to face me? (0:11:35.52)
Rimuru Tempest : If you're so confident,
why not taste one of my attacks?
Milim Nava : Very well! Sounds interesting! (0:11:45.38)
Milim Nava : But if it doesn't work, (0:11:48.48)
Milim Nava : you must swear to become my subordinate. (0:11:51.33)
Rimuru Tempest : Fine. (0:11:55.28)
Great Sage : Answer. (0:11:56.72)
Great Sage : To the nearest measurable degree, (0:11:57.82)
Great Sage : her magicules exceed yours
by more than ten times.
Rimuru Tempest : She hasn't even gotten serious yet,
and she's ten times stronger than me?
Rimuru Tempest : In that case, (0:12:08.88)
Rimuru Tempest : there's just one thing I can do. (0:12:10.17)
Rimuru Tempest : Take this! (0:12:21.76)
Milim Nava : What in the world is this?! (0:12:37.69)
Milim Nava : I've never had anything so delicious! (0:12:39.36)
Rimuru Tempest : Yes! (0:12:42.24)
Rimuru Tempest : What's wrong, Demon Lord Milim? (0:12:44.43)
Milim Nava : Huh? (0:12:45.95)
Rimuru Tempest : If you'll admit defeat to me now, (0:12:46.86)
Rimuru Tempest : I'd be willing to give you this, too. (0:12:49.94)
Rimuru Tempest : It's honey I found and ate in the forest. (0:12:55.93)
Milim Nava : I want it! (0:12:59.44)
Milim Nava : But to admit defeat... (0:13:01.97)
Rimuru Tempest : Mm, that's tasty! (0:13:05.27)
Rimuru Tempest : Whoops, looks like I'm running low now. (0:13:08.85)
Milim Nava : W-Wait, wait! I have a proposal! (0:13:11.63)
Milim Nava : A draw! Why don't we call
it a draw this time?!
Milim Nava : We'll forget all of this happened! (0:13:16.57)
Rimuru Tempest : Oh-ho? (0:13:19.15)
Milim Nava : O-Of course, that's not all! (0:13:20.15)
Milim Nava : I'll swear never to mess
with any of you ever again!
Rimuru Tempest : I win. (0:13:27.26)
Rimuru Tempest : Her power is overwhelming, (0:13:28.49)
Rimuru Tempest : but she's as much a child on the
inside as she is on the outside.
Rimuru Tempest : Very well. I'll accept your terms. (0:13:33.88)
Rimuru Tempest : All right. We'll call it a draw this time. (0:13:36.67)
Rimuru Tempest : And that's how we overcame
this unprecedented prodigy.
Milim Nava : It's so good! This is so good! (0:13:54.62)
Rimuru Tempest : Glad to hear it. (0:13:57.44)
Rimuru Tempest : I wish she'd just leave before
this gets any more out of hand...
Milim Nava : Hey... (0:14:03.70)
Milim Nava : Don't you ever think of
becoming a Demon Lord?
Rimuru Tempest : Why should I put myself
through that kind of hassle?
Milim Nava : Huh? But you'd be a Demon Lord! (0:14:11.62)
Milim Nava : Aren't they awesome?
Doesn't everyone want to be one?
Rimuru Tempest : Hell no. (0:14:17.06)
Milim Nava : Huh?! (0:14:18.12)
Rimuru Tempest : Huh?! (0:14:18.87)
Rimuru Tempest : Does something good happen
when you become a Demon Lord?
Milim Nava : Strong opponents come from
all over to fight you!
Milim Nava : It's fun! (0:14:26.99)
Rimuru Tempest : I get plenty of that already. Not interested. (0:14:28.12)
Milim Nava : What?! Then what do you even enjoy in life? (0:14:30.83)
Rimuru Tempest : All kinds of things. (0:14:34.29)
Rimuru Tempest : I've got a lot to do. It's crazy. (0:14:35.62)
Rimuru Tempest : Is there anything fun about being
a Demon Lord besides fighting?
Milim Nava : Well, no... (0:14:41.65)
Milim Nava : But you get to boss Majin and Humans around! (0:14:43.82)
Rimuru Tempest : Doesn't that just mean you're bored? (0:14:47.40)
Rimuru Tempest : Ah. She's definitely bored. (0:14:51.23)
Rimuru Tempest : Well, I should head back.
Take care going home.
Milim Nava : Wait! (0:14:57.56)
Milim Nava : You're doing something more fun than
being a Demon Lord, aren't you?
Rimuru Tempest : No— (0:15:01.24)
Milim Nava : No fair! No fair! No fair! (0:15:01.88)
Milim Nava : Now I'm mad! (0:15:04.02)
Rimuru Tempest : I don't know what you want me to— (0:15:05.37)
Milim Nava : Tell me what it is! And then let me join you! (0:15:06.78)
Milim Nava : Take me to your village! (0:15:10.22)
Rimuru Tempest : Temper tantrums now?! (0:15:11.71)
Rimuru Tempest : Fine, fine. But I have one condition. (0:15:14.76)
Rimuru Tempest : From now on, you'll call me "Rimuru-san." (0:15:18.33)
Milim Nava : Screw that! You should
address me with respect!
Milim Nava : You will call me "Great Milim"! (0:15:23.48)
Rimuru Tempest : Okay, let's do this. (0:15:26.18)
Rimuru Tempest : I'll call you "Milim,"
and you can call me "Rimuru."
Rimuru Tempest : How's that? (0:15:31.66)
Milim Nava : Fine... But just you and no one else! (0:15:33.29)
Milim Nava : The only ones I allow to call me
"Milim" are my fellow Demon Lords.
Rimuru Tempest : Right, right. Thanks a lot. (0:15:41.11)
Rimuru Tempest : So I guess we're friends from now on. (0:15:43.53)
Milim Nava : Y-Yeah... (0:15:46.14)
Rimuru Tempest : I'll show you my village now, (0:15:47.46)
Rimuru Tempest : but no causing any commotion
without my permission.
Rimuru Tempest : Promise me, Milim. (0:15:52.32)
Milim Nava : Of course! I promise, Rimuru! (0:15:54.07)
Benimaru : Leave it to Great Rimuru to tame
the Demon Lord Milim so easily.
Ranga : Yeah. (0:16:02.84)
Shion : That's to be expected of Great Rimuru. (0:16:03.96)
Souei : I shall go and inform Rigurd at once. (0:16:05.82)
Gabiru : Oh? (0:16:11.31)
Gabiru : And who is this little runt? (0:16:13.15)
Milim Nava : Who are you calling a runt? (0:16:21.96)
Milim Nava : You wanna be murdered? (0:16:23.80)
Rimuru Tempest : I just told her not to cause any commotion... (0:16:25.80)
Milim Nava : Listen up! I'm in a very good mood right now! (0:16:28.62)
Milim Nava : That's why I'm letting you off the hook! (0:16:32.00)
Milim Nava : It won't happen again, so watch your step! (0:16:34.40)
Gabiru : I saw my father waving at
me from across the river...
Rimuru Tempest : Your father's alive, dork. (0:16:42.06)
Gabiru : Huh? (0:16:43.98)
Gabiru : By the way, who's this little— (0:16:44.91)
Gabiru : I mean... this young lady? (0:16:47.60)
Rimuru Tempest : This is Milim.
She's a Demon Lord, apparently.
Gabiru : A Demon Lord?! (0:16:53.74)
Rimuru Tempest : I know the feeling, man. (0:16:55.65)
Rimuru Tempest : Listen, Milim, you can't just slug
someone right away when you get mad.
Milim Nava : It's his fault for making me mad. (0:17:03.28)
Milim Nava : Besides, that was just
my way of saying hello!
Rimuru Tempest : Slugging people is not saying
hello. No more of that.
Rimuru Tempest : Allow me to introduce our new ally. (0:17:14.75)
Rimuru Tempest : We'll be treating her as a guest,
so be courteous with her.
Milim Nava : I'm Milim Nava! (0:17:21.51)
EXTRA : What?! The Demon Lord Milim?! (0:17:23.40)
EXTRA : Wow! This is my first time seeing her! (0:17:26.30)
Gobuta : Way to go, Great Rimuru! (0:17:29.68)
Rigurdo : He befriended a tyrant like her... (0:17:31.94)
Rigurdo : This means Tempest can exist in peace! (0:17:34.81)
Rimuru Tempest : So Milim is famous? (0:17:38.60)
Rimuru Tempest : Everyone's surprisingly okay with this. (0:17:40.84)
Milim Nava : I've decided to live here from
now on! Nice to know you!
Rimuru Tempest : Huh?! (0:17:46.14)
Rimuru Tempest : What do you mean, live here? (0:17:49.31)
Milim Nava : Exactly what I said. (0:17:51.34)
Milim Nava : I've decided to live here, too! (0:17:53.34)
Rimuru Tempest : Uh... (0:17:55.67)
Rimuru Tempest : W-Well, you heard her, so treat
her as you would any other.
Rimuru Tempest : She's pretty popular... (0:18:04.00)
Milim Nava : If anything happens, you can rely on me! (0:18:05.81)
Rimuru Tempest : Friends with a Demon Lord, huh? (0:18:11.94)
Milim Nava : You're right. Calling us
"friends" is a little weird.
Rimuru Tempest : Er, you heard me? (0:18:17.88)
Milim Nava : Let me think... Rather than friends... (0:18:20.29)
Milim Nava : We're besties! (0:18:25.08)
Rimuru Tempest : Besties?! (0:18:27.54)
Milim Nava : Aren't we? (0:18:30.12)
Rimuru Tempest : We're besties! We're besties! (0:18:34.13)
Rimuru Tempest : Everyone! We're besties! (0:18:35.66)
EXTRA : Besties! Besties! Besties! (0:18:41.89)
Milim Nava : There, see? You're so good
at surprising people!
Rimuru Tempest : And thus, the Demon Lord Milim, a being
more dangerous than a powder keg,
Rimuru Tempest : became a part of the Jura Tempest Federation. (0:18:55.19)
Milim Nava : What is this? It feels fantastic! (0:19:03.59)
Rimuru Tempest : Myrd of the three Dwarf
brothers designed it for me.
Rimuru Tempest : It's my beloved hot spring,
flowing freely from the source.
Milim Nava : Amazing! You can swim in here! (0:19:13.74)
Shuna : You shouldn't swim in the bath. (0:19:18.26)
Shuna : Don't do it. (0:19:21.21)
Rimuru Tempest : Right, well... I just casually
joined in, but I think I'm ready...
Rimuru Tempest : ...for some coffee milk. (0:19:29.26)
Rimuru Tempest : Come to think of it,
we managed to raise dandelions.
Rigurdo : Great Rimuru. (0:19:39.12)
Rimuru Tempest : Oh... What's up? (0:19:41.06)
Rigurdo : It's about Lady Milim. (0:19:42.82)
Rigurdo : I never imagined a Demon Lord would
take the initiative in coming here.
Rimuru Tempest : Yeah, but she did promise not to cause
any commotion without my permission.
Kaijin : Yes, but... what's more concerning is
what the other Demon Lords will do.
Rimuru Tempest : What do you mean? (0:20:00.18)
Kaijin : There are several Demon Lords. (0:20:01.88)
Kaijin : They share the role of governing
through a constitution.
Kaijin : Your declaration that
Lady Milim is our friend
Kaijin : means this village is now
under her protection.
Kaijin : Under normal circumstances,
that might be a good thing, but...
Hakurou : Great Rimuru, you hold the
position of supreme ruler.
Hakurou : In other words, it will appear
to the other Demon Lords that
Hakurou : the Great Forest of Jura has forged
an alliance with the Demon Lord Milim.
Benimaru : The Demon Lord Milim will
instantly gain more influence,
Benimaru : upsetting the balance among the Demon Lords. (0:20:38.99)
Rimuru Tempest : I see. (0:20:42.23)
Rigurdo : But in reality, there is no way we
could stop the Demon Lord Milim.
Benimaru : Her strength was on a
completely different level.
Benimaru : If not for Great Rimuru,
we wouldn't be alive right now.
Souei : Precisely. If the other
Demon Lords become hostile,
Souei : would we not have a better
chance against them?
Rigurdo : On that note... (0:21:07.91)
Rigurdo : We shall entrust everything to Great Rimuru,
the one she has deemed her "bestie"!
Hakurou : No objections. (0:21:14.38)
Rimuru Tempest : You dumped it all on me?! (0:21:15.71)
Hakurou : Lady Milim is one of the most
powerful of all Demon Lords.
Hakurou : She is known as a Demon Lord that everyone
should avoid making an enemy of.
Hakurou : We have no choice but to entrust
everything to Great Rimuru.
Rimuru Tempest : "I guess there's no choice"... or so I thought. (0:21:33.92)
Rimuru Tempest : But we didn't know that the
whirlwind Milim would stir up
Rimuru Tempest : had only just begun to blow. (0:21:41.97)
Milim Nava : This is fun! (0:21:47.15)
Shuna : I told you, you shouldn't play in the bath! (0:21:50.33)
Shion : Take that! (0:21:56.12)
Milim Nava : Now you've done it! Take that! (0:21:59.21)
Shuna : Enough, you two! (0:22:00.83)

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