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Naofumi Iwatani : What are you girls doing? (0:00:38.85)
Raphtalia : Naofumi-sama! (0:00:42.93)
Filo : Master! (0:00:44.39)
Princess Melty : Sheesh! (0:00:47.48)
Princess Melty : Did you have to sleep that long? (0:00:48.35)
Naofumi Iwatani : What's going on? (0:00:52.32)
EXTRA : The Rising of the Shield Hero (0:00:54.11)
EXTRA : Naofumi's Triumphant Return (0:00:59.62)
Naofumi Iwatani : After the battle against the Pope,
I lost consciousness.
Naofumi Iwatani : I was brought here, to a clinic
serving the royal family,
Naofumi Iwatani : and spent three days asleep. (0:01:07.50)
Naofumi Iwatani : According to Raphtalia, (0:01:10.67)
Naofumi Iwatani : the queen did everything in
her power to save my life.
Naofumi Iwatani : One whole month to recover, huh? (0:01:18.89)
Naofumi Iwatani : Even after healing magic made
the wounds go away in a flash?
Raphtalia : When it comes to curses this potent, (0:01:25.43)
Raphtalia : time seems to be the only way to treat them. (0:01:27.81)
Naofumi Iwatani : The Wrath Shield's Blood Sacrifice... (0:01:31.44)
Naofumi Iwatani : It's a powerful skill, (0:01:35.61)
Naofumi Iwatani : but it destroys both my body and the target's. (0:01:37.24)
Naofumi Iwatani : The other three weren't affected much by the curse, (0:01:42.20)
Naofumi Iwatani : thanks to Fitoria, I guess. (0:01:44.87)
EXTRA : We're here to change your
bandages, I daresay.
Naofumi Iwatani : "I daresay"? (0:01:51.84)
Raphtalia : But he just got treated a while ago. (0:01:53.30)
Naofumi Iwatani : They're not medics. (0:01:56.92)
Naofumi Iwatani : You're Shadows, aren't you? (0:01:59.01)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : I heard that you'd awakened,
so I rushed here.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : I'm truly relieved your
life is out of danger.
Princess Melty : Mother... I mean, Your Majesty! (0:02:10.06)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Allow me to introduce myself again. (0:02:13.65)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : I am the Queen of Melromarc, (0:02:15.92)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Mirelia Q. Melromarc. (0:02:18.40)
Raphtalia : Thank you so much for saving
Naofumi-sama's life!
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Don't mention it. It was
the obvious thing to do.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Iwatani-sama is one of the
Four Cardinal Heroes,
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : someone who defends the world
from the Waves of Catastrophe.
Naofumi Iwatani : And yet, this country sure
seems to hate the Shield.
Naofumi Iwatani : From a long time before they
put a false charge on me.
Raphtalia : Naofumi-sama... (0:02:42.80)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : I will tell you everything. (0:02:44.81)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : I was taking part in an international forum on fighting the upcoming Waves, (0:02:49.02)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : and was thus away from
Melromarc, when it happened.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : The forum decided that the major
nations would each summon one hero
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : and fight the Waves together. (0:03:03.91)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : But by that time, Melromarc had already (0:03:08.70)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : summoned all four Cardinal Heroes. (0:03:12.83)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : This angered the other nations, (0:03:16.80)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : and I spent a lot of time running
around and putting out fires.
Naofumi Iwatani : So that trash king and the slut
princess did it all on their own?
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Of course, I tried to keep them on a leash (0:03:28.02)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : by leaving things to a lord
I truly trusted while I was away.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : However... (0:03:37.11)
Princess Melty : He tragically lost his life in the
first Wave while Her Majesty was away.
Princess Melty : He was the lord of Seyaette. (0:03:43.24)
Naofumi Iwatani : Seyaette? (0:03:48.16)
Naofumi Iwatani : I see. (0:03:50.95)
Naofumi Iwatani : By the way, Melty. (0:03:53.83)
Naofumi Iwatani : You're talking weird. (0:03:56.25)
Princess Melty : Wh-What can I do? I'm in
Her Majesty's presence!
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : It pleases me greatly to see
a new side of you, Melty.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Make sure to stay in
Iwatani-sama's good graces.
Princess Melty : Mother! (0:04:12.35)
Naofumi Iwatani : So? (0:04:14.02)
Naofumi Iwatani : Why was I, the Shield Hero, the only
one put through all that crap?
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Aultcray already hated the Shield Hero
for a certain reason.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : The Three Heroes Church took advantage
of that to manipulate him.
Naofumi Iwatani : He hated the previous Shield Hero, then? (0:04:30.70)
Naofumi Iwatani : What the hell does that have to do with me? (0:04:33.71)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Even Malty joined in to ensnare you. (0:04:37.00)
Naofumi Iwatani : Things would've gone very differently if I'd
been summoned to another country, huh?
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Indeed. For example,
Siltvelt practices demi-human supremacy.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : There, the Shield Hero is worshiped. (0:04:49.97)
Naofumi Iwatani : Maybe I should go to Siltvelt. (0:04:54.81)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : If you do decide to go,
we'll have no right to stop you.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : However... (0:05:01.57)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : I promise to clear your name (0:05:03.19)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : and end the humiliation you have suffered. (0:05:07.24)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : And to reward you for fighting the Waves and
getting rid of the Three Heroes Church,
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : we'll honor you with the greatest award (0:05:15.91)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Melromarc has to offer and 500 gold pieces. (0:05:19.00)
Raphtalia : Naofumi-sama! (0:05:23.30)
Filo : Will I be able to eat
lots of food with that?
Princess Melty : Of course! (0:05:28.39)
Filo : Hooray! (0:05:29.80)
Filo : I can't wait! (0:05:31.76)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Finally, there is something I wish
to discuss with you in private.
Princess Melty : Raphtalia-san, Filo-chan,
let's head back inside.
Raphtalia : O-Okay. (0:05:41.31)
Filo : Sure. I'm hungry. (0:05:42.48)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Not satisfied? (0:05:46.90)
Naofumi Iwatani : Well, I know there's a catch. (0:05:48.03)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Melromarc no longer has any choice
but to rely on you to survive.
Naofumi Iwatani : I don't plan to stay in this country. (0:05:57.29)
Naofumi Iwatani : I'll go wherever the Waves
arrive and fight them off.
Naofumi Iwatani : That's the best shortcut
to returning to my world.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : I understand. (0:06:10.09)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : By the way, Iwatani-sama,
how goes your recovery?
Naofumi Iwatani : Huh? (0:06:14.89)
Naofumi Iwatani : As you see, I can walk around, at least. (0:06:16.27)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Then, could you visit the
royal castle tomorrow?
Naofumi Iwatani : The castle? (0:06:23.07)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : To clear your name before the public. (0:06:24.23)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : And for King Aultcray and Malty to... (0:06:28.45)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : You and I are the only
ones who know about this.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : It will happen regardless of whether you
choose to work with our country or not.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : This is Melromarc's... (0:06:44.63)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : No, my way of making things right, as queen. (0:06:46.55)
Naofumi Iwatani : Are you sure? They're your
husband and daughter.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : It has to be done. (0:06:54.01)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : That's how grave their sins are. (0:06:56.35)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : The people have already been told (0:07:00.60)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : to gather at the castle for
an important announcement.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : I very much need for you to attend tomorrow. (0:07:08.55)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Of course, I am aware that it won't
be enough to quell your rage,
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : but please. (0:07:18.25)
Filo : See? (0:07:22.79)
Princess Melty : This is fun! (0:07:23.92)
Filo : Master taught me. (0:07:25.63)
Raphtalia : What did the queen discuss with you? (0:07:28.59)
Naofumi Iwatani : Nothing special. (0:07:31.55)
Naofumi Iwatani : She asked me to come to the castle tomorrow
because she was going to clear my name.
Raphtalia : Really?! (0:07:37.89)
Naofumi Iwatani : H-Hey... (0:07:39.43)
Raphtalia : Thank goodness! (0:07:40.44)
Raphtalia : Everyone will finally know you
didn't do anything wrong!
Raphtalia : I'm so glad! (0:07:48.94)
Naofumi Iwatani : What's with that look? (0:08:03.62)
Naofumi Iwatani : You're getting what you deserve! (0:08:05.58)
Naofumi Iwatani : You deserve to die for what you did! (0:08:08.83)
Raphtalia : Naofumi-sama? (0:08:19.93)
Raphtalia : Is something wrong? (0:08:23.44)
Naofumi Iwatani : No, I'm fine. (0:08:25.48)
Raphtalia : But... (0:08:27.44)
Naofumi Iwatani : We have an early start tomorrow. (0:08:28.27)
Naofumi Iwatani : Get some rest. (0:08:30.11)
Naofumi Iwatani : I shouldn't care what happens
to those scumbags!
Mald : Why can't we enter the castle? (0:08:47.46)
Mald : Only the Shield Hero's party gets to
go in? What's the meaning of this?
Rishia Ivyred : C-Calm down, Mald-san! (0:08:54.09)
Mald : Shut up! (0:08:56.01)
Raphtalia : That sure was a large crowd outside. (0:08:59.93)
Naofumi Iwatani : Yeah. (0:09:02.27)
Filo : Where's Mel-chan? (0:09:02.96)
Raphtalia : She went off with the knights as
soon as we got to the castle.
Naofumi Iwatani : She's probably with the queen. (0:09:08.49)
Bow Hero : I'm glad you're okay. (0:09:12.28)
Sword Hero : Good to see that overpowered move
didn't take too much out of you.
Naofumi Iwatani : Believe it or not, I'm a wreck on the inside. (0:09:17.61)
Spear Hero : Anyway, have you seen Myne? (0:09:20.37)
Spear Hero : She's been gone ever since that day. (0:09:22.66)
Sword Hero : She must be busy with her duties as a princess. (0:09:25.12)
Bow Hero : Maybe she's arranging a surprise
party for us for defeating the Pope!
Spear Hero : Ah, I see. That's gotta be it. (0:09:31.84)
EXTRA : Four Cardinal Heroes, (0:09:35.26)
EXTRA : please go inside. (0:09:37.13)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : I thank you for coming,
Four Cardinal Heroes.
Spear Hero : Where's Myne? (0:09:48.90)
Bow Hero : I don't see the king, either. (0:09:50.31)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Bring those two in. (0:09:52.82)
Spear Hero : Myne! (0:09:57.53)
Malty Melromarc : Motoyasu-sama! Help me! (0:09:58.66)
Sword Hero : Even the king's chained up? (0:10:00.36)
Sword Hero : What's going on? (0:10:02.33)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : It is as you see. They are criminals. (0:10:03.70)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Now, let us begin... (0:10:08.21)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : the trial of the foolish king consort
and the first princess!
EXTRA : A trial? (0:10:18.84)
EXTRA : For the king and the princess? (0:10:20.06)
Elhart : Things are getting interesting, kid. (0:10:22.30)
Malty Melromarc : Mama, you're being too cruel! (0:10:25.52)
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : My queen, what brings you to
commit such an outrage?
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : This isn't like you! (0:10:31.90)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : With the Four Cardinal Heroes in attendance, (0:10:33.86)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : this trial seeks to punish the ones
responsible for shaking the country to its core,
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : and I, the queen, am its judge and executor. (0:10:39.82)
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : What? (0:10:43.24)
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : Don't tell me... Did the
Devil of the Shield brainwash you, too?
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : The Shield Hero has no such ability. (0:10:49.79)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : That should have been obvious. (0:10:52.75)
Malty Melromarc : Wh-What is that? (0:10:55.30)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : In order to ensure a fair trial, (0:10:56.96)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : you will be given a temporary slave crest. (0:10:58.80)
Malty Melromarc : Mama?! (0:11:01.34)
Naofumi Iwatani : A slave crest? (0:11:04.72)
Spear Hero : How can you do that? She's your own daughter! (0:11:07.55)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : It's necessary, because Malty
is a pathological liar.
Malty Melromarc : No way! You know I'm an honest, good girl! (0:11:12.94)
Malty Melromarc : Stop this, Mama! (0:11:17.53)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Let us officially begin the trial. (0:11:32.37)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : That said, (0:11:34.92)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : your crimes are clear for all to see. (0:11:35.63)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : You can't worm your way out of them. (0:11:37.42)
Spear Hero : We don't know that yet! (0:11:40.34)
Spear Hero : What crimes did they commit, anyway? (0:11:42.97)
Naofumi Iwatani : We have to start there? (0:11:46.68)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : First, let's address the recent events. (0:11:48.10)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Using a fake holy weapon, (0:11:50.52)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : the Pope of the Three Heroes Church
tried to murder the world's heroes,
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : but he was defeated in the act. (0:11:57.65)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : We are rounding up the Church's
remnants as we speak, too.
Spear Hero : So what? (0:12:03.33)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Appallingly, the king and the first princess
were colluding with the Church.
Spear Hero : Wh-What? (0:12:10.20)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Are there any objections to the charge? (0:12:11.83)
Malty Melromarc : Why would I ever collude with
the Three Heroes Church...
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : To think the first princess would
try to overthrow the state.
Malty Melromarc : N-No! (0:12:22.97)
Malty Melromarc : Forget the Shield, they even tried
to kill the other three heroes!
Malty Melromarc : And the royal family, too! (0:12:27.81)
Malty Melromarc : I would never get involved
in such a terrifying plot!
Spear Hero : S-See? (0:12:34.10)
Spear Hero : Myne really didn't do anything wrong! (0:12:35.15)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Then what about the time you tried to
assassinate Melty, heir to the throne,
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : and frame the Shield Hero for it? (0:12:40.44)
Malty Melromarc : S-Seriously, I didn't do any of that! (0:12:43.65)
Princess Melty : Sister... (0:12:47.78)
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : M-Malty? Is it true? (0:12:48.99)
Malty Melromarc : N-No! It's not true, Papa! (0:12:51.58)
Malty Melromarc : I... (0:12:54.42)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : You conspired with the Church, (0:12:56.79)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : and attempted to kill Melty so you could
become heir to the throne yourself.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : To that end, you framed the
Shield Hero for the crime of abducting her,
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : and even set fire to a
forest Melty escaped into.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Am I wrong? (0:13:09.89)
Malty Melromarc : Melty is my dear sister! (0:13:11.81)
Malty Melromarc : Of course you're wrong! (0:13:14.64)
Sword Hero : Yeah, it really did seem like she was
trying to kill the second princess.
Bow Hero : True. We saw it with our own eyes. (0:13:22.28)
Spear Hero : What? (0:13:24.53)
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : M-Malty... How could you! (0:13:25.40)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : And you worked with the Church (0:13:27.24)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : to summon all of the Four Cardinal
Heroes while I was away.
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : We absolutely needed the heroes
to counter those horrifying Waves!
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : But the Shield committed the gravest
sin possible against my daughter!
Spear Hero : That's right! Naofumi assaulted Myne! (0:13:43.80)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Let me ask Malty, then. (0:13:47.72)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Were you assaulted by the Shield Hero? (0:13:49.60)
Malty Melromarc : Th-That's right! The Devil of
the Shield nearly raped me...
Spear Hero : N-No way! That can't be right! (0:14:04.47)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Then, Spear Hero, would you like to
form a slave pact with Malty yourself?
Spear Hero : F-Fine! I'll prove Myne's innocence! (0:14:11.49)
Spear Hero : Okay, Myne. (0:14:18.25)
Spear Hero : That night, you were assaulted by
Naofumi and came to me for help, right?
Malty Melromarc : Right! (0:14:23.84)
Malty Melromarc : I was so scared! I could only turn to you... (0:14:24.51)
EXTRA : What? It was a lie? (0:14:30.55)
EXTRA : We should've known. (0:14:32.22)
EXTRA : She went that far to frame the Shield Hero? (0:14:34.18)
Naofumi Iwatani : After that, this unpleasant
farce kept going on and on.
Naofumi Iwatani : My name was being cleared in the public eye, (0:14:39.69)
Naofumi Iwatani : and yet my heart didn't
feel the least bit lighter.
Naofumi Iwatani : Is it because I know what comes next? (0:14:47.36)
Naofumi Iwatani : Am I looking forward to seeing it happen? (0:14:49.86)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Hopefully you understand now. (0:14:53.70)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Despite being royalty,
they used the dirtiest of tricks,
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : tried to eliminate those who opposed them,
instead of doing what was best for the nation,
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : and sought to obtain power
for purely selfish reasons.
Malty Melromarc : N-No... I... (0:15:08.67)
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : Perhaps my actions were
unbecoming of royalty.
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : But I did it all for the sake of
my beloved country and family!
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : That is why I tried to get rid of the Shield! (0:15:22.40)
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : The Shield is the Devil! (0:15:25.72)
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : It will surely bring about the calamity
my family once fell prey to once again!
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : I will never let it happen! (0:15:30.99)
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : Never! (0:15:33.48)
Naofumi Iwatani : He just threw his last chance away. (0:15:35.08)
Naofumi Iwatani : Is that how much he hates the Shield Hero? (0:15:38.08)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : I hereby hand down my verdict. (0:15:42.33)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : I find Aultcray Melromarc XXXII
and Malty Melromarc
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : guilty of high treason and conspiracy,
and strip them of their status.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : And I sentence them to death! (0:15:53.47)
Malty Melromarc : N-No! (0:15:59.56)
EXTRA : Death? (0:16:02.01)
EXTRA : Seriously? (0:16:03.31)
Princess Melty : That's too much, Your Majesty! (0:16:04.15)
EXTRA : Yeah! There's no need to execute them! (0:16:05.90)
EXTRA : I feel bad for the princess! (0:16:08.15)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : These two were meant to protect our people, (0:16:09.57)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : but instead wasted their time
in a power struggle.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Even after the Waves came, they did
nothing to help their subjects.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Who knows how many people were
hurt or killed because of them?
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : That cannot be forgiven or forgotten! (0:16:22.79)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : You must've seen it yourself, too. (0:16:24.93)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : The sorrow and rage of many people. (0:16:28.42)
Princess Melty : Well... (0:16:32.22)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Their execution will be
carried out immediately.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Send these sinners to their deaths
in front of all our people!
Filo : Is it a festival? (0:16:48.11)
Naofumi Iwatani : It's the same as my dream. (0:16:51.03)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : The criminals will now be beheaded. (0:16:58.45)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Those who turn against the country
and its people deserve death.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Especially if they're royalty. (0:17:05.25)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : We will prove it right here, right now! (0:17:08.38)
EXTRA : Yeah! Get 'em! (0:17:11.46)
EXTRA : My daughter died because of you! (0:17:13.12)
EXTRA : Give back my home and my family! (0:17:15.22)
Malty Melromarc : No, no, no... (0:17:18.76)
Naofumi Iwatani : Is this really the right thing to do? (0:17:21.64)
Malty Melromarc : Help! (0:17:26.06)
Malty Melromarc : Save me, Motoyasu-sama! (0:17:28.31)
Malty Melromarc : Motoyasu-sama! (0:17:30.60)
Malty Melromarc : ...mi-sama... (0:17:43.45)
Malty Melromarc : Naofumi-sama! (0:17:46.54)
Malty Melromarc : I beg you! (0:17:48.04)
Malty Melromarc : Help me, Naofumi-sama! (0:17:48.75)
Malty Melromarc : Naofumi-sama! (0:17:52.17)
Naofumi Iwatani : Hold up! (0:18:00.30)
Naofumi Iwatani : The death penalty is too
light for these scumbags.
Naofumi Iwatani : Death is instant release, after all. (0:18:08.98)
Naofumi Iwatani : Should they really get off so lightly? (0:18:10.60)
Naofumi Iwatani : The slave crest didn't react. (0:18:14.86)
Naofumi Iwatani : She's so thick-skinned, (0:18:18.16)
Naofumi Iwatani : she can beg a guy she tried
to kill for her life, and mean it!
Naofumi Iwatani : With skin that thick, the guillotine
might not cut through her!
Raphtalia : Naofumi-sama! (0:18:30.54)
Naofumi Iwatani : So I have a proposal! (0:18:34.33)
Naofumi Iwatani : The king will change his name to "Trash,"
and the first princess to "Bitch"!
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII : Trash? (0:18:41.29)
Malty Melromarc : B-Bitch?! (0:18:42.68)
Naofumi Iwatani : You'll live the rest of your
lives under those names.
Naofumi Iwatani : If you don't like that,
you're free to die right now.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : By the way, Malty goes by
"Myne" as an adventurer.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : What about that? (0:18:55.90)
Naofumi Iwatani : Then Bitch's adventurer name can be "Slut." (0:18:56.82)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : The man who's done the most to put things right here, the Shield Hero, (0:19:04.28)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : has granted his oppressors
the greatest mercy.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : As such, King Aultcray will
henceforth be "Trash,"
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : and Princess Malty will be "Bitch,"
with "Slut" as her adventuring name.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : And the Three Heroes Church,
the root cause, will be abolished.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Melromarc will now adopt the
Four Heroes Church as its state religion.
EXTRA : Four Heroes Church? (0:19:29.56)
EXTRA : A church that'll worship the
Four Cardinal Heroes equally!
EXTRA : Sounds good! (0:19:33.52)
Naofumi Iwatani : Neither the Three Heroes Church nor the
Shield Church will see it as an enemy.
Naofumi Iwatani : I see. (0:19:42.28)
Naofumi Iwatani : She might be the shrewdest politician of them all. (0:19:43.53)
Spear Hero : H-Hey, Naofumi! (0:19:50.21)
Sword Hero : Where are you going? (0:19:52.12)
Bow Hero : The excitement's reaching fever pitch. (0:19:53.63)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Will you really not work with our country? (0:19:56.13)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : I'd like to hold a ceremony (0:20:01.01)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : to confer your decorations and rewards now. (0:20:03.64)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Please at least accept that. (0:20:07.81)
Naofumi Iwatani : That crap wouldn't make
me the least bit happy.
Naofumi Iwatani : But I will work with you. (0:20:12.73)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Huh? (0:20:15.13)
Naofumi Iwatani : But not just with Melromarc. (0:20:16.14)
Naofumi Iwatani : I'll work with nations across the world. (0:20:18.40)
Naofumi Iwatani : We're the Four Cardinal Heroes, and we're
here to save the world from the Waves.
Spear Hero : You... (0:20:25.66)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : That's indeed right. (0:20:29.41)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : But leaving matters at that
wouldn't be fair enough to you.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : If there's anything else you would like,
I will gladly arrange for it.
Naofumi Iwatani : I'll think about it. (0:20:38.34)
Spear Hero : Then I guess we're hitting
the ceremony ourselves.
Bow Hero : Yeah. (0:20:43.51)
Princess Melty : Thank you for everything. (0:20:51.77)
Filo : Come with us, Mel-chan. (0:20:53.27)
Raphtalia : Don't be selfish, Filo. (0:20:54.95)
Princess Melty : Thank you too, Raphtalia-san. (0:20:58.36)
Princess Melty : I promise to change Melromarc into
a better country for demi-humans.
Raphtalia : Sure. (0:21:05.70)
Raphtalia : I know you can do it. I believe in you. (0:21:06.28)
Naofumi Iwatani : Hurry up, Raphtalia, Filo!
Or I'll leave you behind!
Raphtalia : C-Coming! (0:21:13.08)
Filo : C-Coming! (0:21:13.08)
Raphtalia : Goodbye. (0:21:14.25)
Filo : See you, Mel-chan. (0:21:14.96)
Princess Melty : Naofumi's such a jerk! (0:21:17.92)
Princess Melty : Why is he so cold? (0:21:20.21)
Princess Melty : And where are his manners?
He should've thanked Mother.
Princess Melty : Mother? (0:21:28.55)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : If Iwatani-sama hadn't stopped the execution, (0:21:29.83)
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : I was going to offer up my life
and beg him to spare theirs.
Mirelia Q. Melromarc : Perhaps he saw right through me. (0:21:39.00)
Princess Melty : Naofumi! (0:21:44.20)
Raphtalia : Melty-san didn't say anything
to you, Naofumi-sama.
Naofumi Iwatani : That's just how it goes. (0:21:54.74)
Raphtalia : No, it's because you didn't
let her say anything.
Naofumi Iwatani : Whatever. (0:22:00.12)
Raphtalia : Jeez. (0:22:01.27)
EXTRA : Savior! (0:22:04.58)
EXTRA : Shield Hero! (0:22:05.92)
Raphtalia : Naofumi-sama, it's them! (0:22:07.66)
EXTRA : Honor guard for the Shield Hero! (0:22:13.51)
Naofumi Iwatani : Those guys... (0:22:21.20)
Old Magician : Way to go, kid. (0:22:28.27)
Elhart : Take care! (0:22:29.39)
EXTRA : Sir Hero! (0:22:29.88)
Princess Melty : Naofumi! (0:22:32.44)
Princess Melty : Naofumi, thank you for bringing me home! (0:22:38.14)
Princess Melty : Thank you for saving Father and Sister! (0:22:42.76)
Naofumi Iwatani : Sure. See you later. (0:22:50.85)
Princess Melty : Yeah! (0:22:54.85)
Naofumi Iwatani : When I first passed these gates, (0:22:58.93)
Naofumi Iwatani : all my money, respect, and trust was gone. (0:23:01.05)
Naofumi Iwatani : I'd lost it all. (0:23:04.46)
Naofumi Iwatani : It was all because I'd
ended up the Shield Hero.
Naofumi Iwatani : But I don't think I've got it
all back, nor do I want it.
Naofumi Iwatani : I've gained more important things
thanks to becoming the Shield Hero.
Naofumi Iwatani : Wherever the Waves go, (0:23:21.71)
Naofumi Iwatani : I'll go with my friends. (0:23:23.49)
Naofumi Iwatani : That is my job as one of the
Four Cardinal Heroes... as the Shield Hero!
EXTRA : Four Heroes Council (0:23:36.31)

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The Rising of the Shield Hero

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