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Fujii Natsuo : Just now, I... (0:00:47.45)
Fujii Natsuo : lost my virginity. (0:00:49.95)
EXTRA : Huh? (0:02:29.79)
Kurimoto Fumiya : Yeah? (0:02:32.41)
Fujii Natsuo : Fumiyaaaaa! (0:02:35.45)
Fujii Natsuo : Whoa!
Fujii Natsuo : Fumiyaaaaa! (0:02:37.87)
Kurimoto Fumiya : What's going on, all of a sudden?! (0:02:38.45)
Fujii Natsuo : Ah... Your body's soft,
but it's different from a girl's softness...
Kurimoto Fumiya : Huh...? (0:02:46.50)
Kurimoto Fumiya : HUH?! (0:02:48.33)
Kurimoto Fumiya : You did it with a girl you just met?! (0:02:49.70)
Fujii Natsuo : Yeah... (0:02:52.95)
Kurimoto Fumiya : You have someone you like, right?!
How did this happen?
Fujii Natsuo : It just sort of happened... (0:02:58.41)
Kurimoto Fumiya : You know, it's the guys who say stuff like "it just sort
of happened" or "somehow" that piss me off the most!
Fujii Natsuo : I got invited to a mixer the day before yesterday and... (0:03:10.33)
Masaoka Yuuya : Hey, apparently that Kiriya got forcefully transferred
from his previous school for hitting on a female student.
Kine Kazushi : For real?! He's one of those perverted teachers, then. (0:03:22.33)
Masaoka Yuuya : Well, it's just a rumor, though. (0:03:24.79)
Kine Kazushi : True or false... Natsuo, which do you think it is? (0:03:26.54)
Fujii Natsuo : How would I know? (0:03:29.75)
Kine Kazushi : Just based on your gut. Whoa! Whoa! (0:03:31.54)
Tachibana Hina : Are you guys gossiping about sleazy rumors again? (0:03:34.25)
Kine Kazushi : Hina-chan... (0:03:37.08)
Kine Kazushi : What's this? Hina-chan, you interested in my butt? (0:03:38.70)
Tachibana Hina : That's "Hina-sensei"! (0:03:42.00)
Tachibana Hina : Too bad for you, I'm not interested in little brats. (0:03:43.91)
Tachibana Hina : Fujii-kun, don't let those two over there corrupt you. (0:03:48.16)
Kine Kazushi : Why is Natsuo the only one
who gets special treatment? That sucks!
Kine Kazushi : Isn't Hina-chan great? I wanna go out with her! (0:03:56.83)
Masaoka Yuuya : You idiot, she's not gonna give a student the time of day. (0:04:00.20)
Masaoka Yuuya : Besides, isn't there talk that she has a boyfriend? (0:04:03.33)
Masaoka Yuuya : Well, why don't we students have fun
among our fellow students?
Masaoka Yuuya : Cheers! (0:04:13.29)
Masaoka Yuuya : Well, I guess it's true that friends
of a cute girl are cute too!
Rika : Sorry to make you come all the way out here. (0:04:18.75)
Kine Kazushi : Not at all! (0:04:20.95)
Masaoka Yuuya : Well, let's start with introductions. After you! (0:04:22.62)
Rika : Okay! I'm Rika, your host, and I go
to the same cram school as Yuya-kun!
Miina : I'm Miina, the "It Girl" of Sakuragawa High! (0:04:28.58)
Kanae : You'd actually say that?! (0:04:31.50)
Kanae : I'm Kanae, also a friend. (0:04:32.70)
Kanae : Hey Rui, it's your turn. (0:04:35.54)
Tachibana Rui : Rui Tachibana. (0:04:43.58)
Miina : Come on, Rui! This is the kind of situation
where you should be more excited, okay?
Fujii Natsuo : Are you not having fun? (0:04:57.91)
Tachibana Rui : What? (0:05:01.12)
Fujii Natsuo : It seems like you've been in a bad mood
this whole time, so I was curious.
Tachibana Rui : This is how I normally am. I'm just not used to this. (0:05:06.12)
Fujii Natsuo : Me too. Up until middle school, I was a dorky four-eyes,
so I never did this kind of thing.
Tachibana Rui : "Dorky"? (0:05:15.12)
Fujii Natsuo : A middle school friend did one of those "make-me-over
plans" so that I wouldn't be picked on in high school...
Fujii Natsuo : He made me change to contacts,
and he changed my hairstyle for me, too.
Fujii Natsuo : You'll get the hang of this kind of thing
eventually, right? Probably...
Tachibana Rui : Hey... (0:05:40.79)
Tachibana Rui : Want to sneak out of here together? (0:05:44.75)
Fujii Natsuo : Won't everyone be worried? (0:05:52.37)
Tachibana Rui : They say there's a tacit agreement about sneaking out. (0:05:54.58)
Tachibana Rui : I'd like to ask you for a little favor... (0:05:59.37)
Tachibana Rui : Is that okay? (0:06:02.54)
Fujii Natsuo : Huh? Sure... That's okay with me... (0:06:03.50)
Fujii Natsuo : This place... (0:06:18.00)
Tachibana Rui : This is my house. At this time of day,
no one will be coming home, so...
Fujii Natsuo : Huh? (0:06:22.58)
Tachibana Rui : This way. (0:06:24.62)
Fujii Natsuo : Um... (0:06:31.83)
Fujii Natsuo : I totally don't understand what's going on here. (0:06:33.41)
Tachibana Rui : Hey... (0:06:35.58)
Tachibana Rui : Will you have sex with me here? (0:06:38.29)
Fujii Natsuo : Huh?! (0:06:42.20)
Tachibana Rui : If you don't want to, it's okay, you can leave... (0:06:43.33)
Fujii Natsuo : I-it's not about wanting to or not, but... (0:06:45.83)
Fujii Natsuo : Why me? (0:06:50.08)
Tachibana Rui : I want to try it, for the sake of experience. (0:06:53.16)
Tachibana Rui : It's like everything else, but you know how people
in-the-know talk down towards people who aren't?
Tachibana Rui : Saying something like, "You wouldn't understand." (0:07:03.12)
Tachibana Rui : If I'm being treated like a child and I can't even
have a proper conversation about it,
Tachibana Rui : then I want to know what it's like. (0:07:09.08)
Tachibana Rui : That's all. (0:07:11.75)
Fujii Natsuo : But, you know, this kind of thing- (0:07:12.95)
Tachibana Rui : I don't have anyone I like, and I don't plan
on having a boyfriend either.
Fujii Natsuo : But then, why me? Yuya and the others
would be better at something like this...
Tachibana Rui : Yeah, you clearly don't look like you're used to this. (0:07:23.79)
Tachibana Rui : That's why I asked you. (0:07:27.66)
Tachibana Rui : It'd be irritating if I got taken advantage of
or something by someone who's used to this.
Tachibana Rui : Okay? (0:07:33.95)
Kine Kazushi : "Besides, isn't there talk that she has a boyfriend?" (0:07:38.58)
Fujii Natsuo : O-okay... (0:07:46.08)
Fujii Natsuo : Was it okay, the way it was...? (0:07:54.79)
Tachibana Rui : I don't know. (0:07:57.54)
Tachibana Rui : It's just... It was kind of like, "So that's how it is." (0:07:59.20)
Tachibana Rui : It's not about how you did or didn't do... (0:08:04.70)
Tachibana Rui : It just made me think that I stayed the same anyway... (0:08:07.58)
Tachibana Rui : If we do meet again, we'll be strangers... (0:08:13.00)
Fujii Natsuo : Okay... (0:08:16.66)
Kurimoto Fumiya : What the hell was that? (0:08:21.66)
Fujii Natsuo : It hasn't really hit me yet either. (0:08:23.37)
Kurimoto Fumiya : But then, why is a lucky boy like you looking so iffy? (0:08:25.75)
Fujii Natsuo : At first, I was totally ecstatic, but as time went by, (0:08:30.62)
Fujii Natsuo : I started thinking of whether it was a good thing
to have lost it this way, and stuff like that...
Fujii Natsuo : Because, you know, I have someone I like... (0:08:38.66)
Kurimoto Fumiya : I think it's fine, right? Besides, in your case,
you know it's going to be an unrequited crush.
Masaoka Yuuya : Hey, where's Natsuo? (0:08:56.33)
EXTRA : I don't know. (0:08:57.62)
Masaoka Yuuya : What the hell?! I wanted to grill him
on yesterday's events.
Tachibana Hina : Oh my! (0:09:05.54)
Tachibana Hina : And here I was thinking there was already
someone here. And why, if it isn't you, Fujii-sensei!
Fujii Natsuo : Please don't call me by that name. (0:09:11.66)
Tachibana Hina : Well? Is it coming along? (0:09:13.95)
Fujii Natsuo : Please don't look! (0:09:15.58)
Tachibana Hina : You said you'd let me read it first! (0:09:17.04)
Fujii Natsuo : After I finish it. I don't like the idea of having it read
while it's still being worked on.
Tachibana Hina : Aw! I should've read it before, when I'd picked it up. (0:09:25.62)
Tachibana Hina : Time flies... (0:09:42.91)
Tachibana Hina : It's already been a year since then. (0:09:44.58)
Tachibana Hina : I was a brand-new teacher and things
like class weren't going well and...
Fujii Natsuo : Did something happen? (0:09:51.66)
Tachibana Hina : Huh? (0:09:53.25)
Fujii Natsuo : You've come here by yourself before,
when you've been feeling down, so...
Fujii Natsuo : If you don't mind that it's me,
I can at least listen to you vent-
Tachibana Hina : Come on! What a cocky thing to say! (0:10:02.00)
Tachibana Hina : Is that how you hit on girls? (0:10:04.50)
Fujii Natsuo : As if anyone would fall for something like that.
Especially you, Sensei.
Tachibana Hina : Well, children are outside my field of interest. (0:10:11.79)
Tachibana Hina : But... (0:10:15.41)
Tachibana Hina : A nice boy may be an exception. (0:10:17.29)
Tachibana Hina : Just kidding. (0:10:20.00)
Tachibana Hina : Well Fujii-kun, make sure you're not late to class either. (0:10:22.12)
Mr. Natsuo : Yes... (0:10:37.12)
Fujii Natsuo : I'm home... (0:10:38.29)
Mr. Natsuo : Mm-hmm... Yes... (0:10:39.50)
Masaoka Yuuya : Wanna go play basketball after we eat? (0:10:58.00)
Kine Kazushi : I'll go! I'll go! (0:11:00.16)
Fujii Natsuo : Sorry, I've got a little... (0:11:01.58)
Kine Kazushi : Huh?! What's up? (0:11:03.33)
Fujii Natsuo : Even lunch breaks are valuable writing time, so... (0:11:06.62)
Fujii Natsuo : Something did happen after all, didn't it? (0:11:22.66)
Tachibana Hina : Ugh! You've seen me in a really uncool state. (0:11:29.54)
Fujii Natsuo : What happened? (0:11:33.45)
Tachibana Hina : Yesterday's drama was so touching that... (0:11:34.83)
Fujii Natsuo : You don't have to bother with such an obvious evasion. (0:11:38.20)
Tachibana Hina : I'm fine. I'm fine. It's not a big deal, so. (0:11:41.16)
Fujii Natsuo : Is it not even okay to just let me listen?
It's not good to agonize over it all by yourself.
Fujii Natsuo : I... I worry about you, Sensei, so... (0:11:49.54)
Tachibana Hina : You're truly a nice boy, Fujii-kun. But... (0:11:54.70)
Tachibana Hina : Grown-ups have grown-up things they have to deal with. (0:11:59.58)
Fujii Natsuo : Please don't treat me like a kid! (0:12:07.41)
Fujii Natsuo : What do you mean, "grown-up things to deal with"?! (0:12:10.45)
Fujii Natsuo : What could be so different
between you and me, Sensei?!
Fujii Natsuo : Someone like me might not look
dependable to you, Sensei, but even still, I...!
Fujii Natsuo : Sensei, I...! (0:12:20.54)
Tachibana Hina : "Sensei, I see you look so pitiful"? (0:12:33.87)
Fujii Natsuo : Never... mind... (0:12:39.95)
Fujii Natsuo : I'm home. (0:12:46.16)
Mr. Natsuo : Oh, welcome home. (0:12:47.29)
Fujii Natsuo : You were on the phone again? (0:12:49.08)
Mr. Natsuo : Y-yeah... (0:12:50.16)
Tachibana Rui : I'd like to ask you for a favor. (0:13:00.37)
Tachibana Rui : I don't have anyone I like. (0:13:01.50)
Tachibana Hina : Fujii-kun. (0:13:03.20)
Tachibana Hina : Well, children are outside my field of interest. (0:13:04.37)
Mr. Natsuo : ...tsuo... Natsuo... Natsuo! (0:13:08.66)
Fujii Natsuo : What?! I keep telling you not to come in
without a heads up!
Mr. Natsuo : I-is this that rebellious phase? (0:13:15.79)
Fujii Natsuo : So, what do you want? (0:13:18.91)
Mr. Natsuo : Um, as I was thinking of when to talk to you about it,
things just kept moving along rapidly and...
Mr. Natsuo : Your dad here, is thinking of getting remarried. (0:13:27.87)
Fujii Natsuo : Th-this is rather sudden. (0:13:32.12)
Fujii Natsuo : Well, I guess that's all right. (0:13:34.91)
Fujii Natsuo : It's been ten years since mom died, so. (0:13:36.29)
Mr. Natsuo : Y-you sure? Well, the thing is,
she's coming to say hi right now.
Fujii Natsuo : What?! But, so soon?! (0:13:42.45)
Mr. Natsuo : They're here! (0:13:44.37)
Mr. Natsuo : They're here! They're here! They're here! (0:13:45.70)
Mr. Natsuo : Huh?! Hey! Wait!
They're here! They're here! They're here!
Mr. Natsuo : Hello! (0:13:48.29)
Tsukiko Tachibana : Why, hello! Thank you very much for inviting us over. (0:13:50.20)
Mr. Natsuo : Now then, please! Come on in! (0:13:54.70)
Tsukiko Tachibana : Come on, you two. Make your introductions too. (0:13:56.87)
Tachibana Hina : Fujii-kun?! (0:14:09.37)
Fujii Natsuo : S..Sensei?! Why?! (0:14:10.95)
Tachibana Hina : No way! Fujii-san's kid was Fujii-kun?! (0:14:13.79)
Tsukiko Tachibana : Why would you say such an obvious thing? (0:14:17.79)
Tachibana Hina : That's not what I mean! He's a student at my school! (0:14:19.83)
Fujii Natsuo : I don't get it!
Oh my! Is that true?
Fujii Natsuo : I don't get it! Sensei is the daughter
of my old man's remarriage partner?!
It's not that rare of a last name,
Fujii Natsuo : I don't get it! Sensei is the daughter
of my old man's remarriage partner?!
Fujii Natsuo : but I never thought that they were father and son after all! (0:14:26.46)
Mr. Natsuo : Natsuo?! (0:14:30.20)
Tachibana Hina : Fujii-kun?!
Oh no!
Tsukiko Tachibana : Fujii-kun?!
Oh no!
Tsukiko Tachibana : Are you all right? (0:14:36.12)
Fujii Natsuo : Oh, yes... I just got a little dizzy. (0:14:37.45)
Tachibana Hina : But what a surprise! (0:14:40.62)
Tachibana Hina : I never thought I'd become family with Fujii-
I mean, Natsuo-kun...
Tsukiko Tachibana : It's too soon to say that yet. (0:14:46.29)
Fujii Natsuo : To find out that Natsuo was your daughter's student... (0:14:48.16)
Tsukiko Tachibana : Perhaps this is also fate? (0:14:50.83)
Tachibana Hina : Oh, right, right. This is my younger sister, Rui. (0:14:52.87)
Tachibana Hina : I think she's the same age as you, Natsuo-kun. (0:14:55.62)
Tachibana Hina : She's a little shy, but... (0:14:57.79)
Tachibana Hina : Huh? Do you two know each other, by any chance? (0:15:01.29)
Fujii Natsuo : Uh, no... That is... (0:15:04.95)
Tachibana Rui : First time we've met. (0:15:07.75)
Tachibana Hina : Of course. We do live far apart, so. (0:15:08.91)
Tsukiko Tachibana : Well then, once again... (0:15:11.54)
Tsukiko Tachibana : My name is Tsukiko Tachibana, and I have been
dating your father. It is a pleasure to meet you.
Fujii Natsuo : Hello. I'm his son, Natsuo. (0:15:19.41)
Fujii Natsuo : Um, excuse me... (0:15:23.83)
Fujii Natsuo : What is it that you like about my old man? (0:15:25.87)
Tsukiko Tachibana : There are many things, but if I had to choose,
I think it's his sincerity.
Tsukiko Tachibana : My previous husband had a mistress whom he
left me for. And I was full of so much hate because of it...
Tsukiko Tachibana : I had thought that I could never
trust men ever again, but...
Mr. Natsuo : I will continue to support you,
so that the ice around your heart melts!
Tsukiko Tachibana : Honestly, I thought he was the only one for me! (0:15:47.41)
Mr. Natsuo : Tsukiko-san! (0:15:51.45)
Fujii Natsuo : My old man said something that cheesy...? (0:15:52.66)
Tachibana Hina : The best beer is after a day of work and after a bath! (0:16:01.83)
Fujii Natsuo : Sensei, you like to drink? (0:16:05.12)
Tachibana Hina : It's too bad. If you were an adult, Natsuo-kun,
then we could drink together.
Fujii Natsuo : I... I guess so... (0:16:13.62)
Fujii Natsuo : Excuse me. I've got to go to the bathroom- (0:16:16.25)
Tachibana Rui : Did you, by any chance, know about this? (0:16:26.91)
Fujii Natsuo : I didn't know! (0:16:29.50)
Tachibana Rui : I see... (0:16:31.16)
Tachibana Rui : I'd heard that Fujii-san has a son
the same age as me, but...
Tachibana Rui : I never expected something like this to happen... (0:16:36.16)
Fujii Natsuo : What're you gonna do? (0:16:38.29)
Tachibana Rui : About what? (0:16:39.91)
Fujii Natsuo : About the remarriage. You know, because... (0:16:41.00)
Tachibana Rui : I'm for it. (0:16:43.58)
Fujii Natsuo : Huh? (0:16:44.95)
Tachibana Rui : After divorcing my dad, Mom was constantly
saying bad things about him and I didn't like that.
Tachibana Rui : But ever since she got to know Fujii-san, (0:16:53.50)
Tachibana Rui : she's always in good spirits
and seems to be enjoying every day.
Tachibana Rui : So, I don't want to take away Mom's happiness
because of some stupid reason.
Tachibana Rui : Although whatever you decide is up to you. (0:17:06.20)
Tsukiko Tachibana : Well, that was fun. (0:17:13.91)
Mr. Natsuo : I'm sorry we couldn't do much in terms of our hospitality. (0:17:15.33)
Mr. Natsuo : You can leave the dishes. I'll take care of them. (0:17:18.95)
Fujii Natsuo : Okay... (0:17:21.33)
Fujii Natsuo : Hey Dad... (0:17:27.16)
Fujii Natsuo : The remarriage... You should do it. (0:17:30.04)
Fujii Natsuo : It would've been better
if you'd told me a little sooner, but...
Fujii Natsuo : Well, you've worked hard
all by yourself for a long time, so...
Mr. Natsuo : Thank you. And I'm sorry. (0:17:43.12)
Mr. Natsuo : It's not as if I've forgotten about your mother
who passed away, you know...
Fujii Natsuo : I know... (0:17:51.25)
Mr. Natsuo : I know this is sudden, but I've decided to buy
a pre-owned house! We move next week!
Fujii Natsuo : Why is everything so sudden?! (0:17:58.50)
Kurimoto Fumiya : You're becoming siblings with the girl
you had sex with AND your sensei?!
Fujii Natsuo : Yeah... (0:18:04.79)
Kurimoto Fumiya : I don't get it. (0:18:07.29)
Fujii Natsuo : I thought so. (0:18:08.25)
Kurimoto Fumiya : Well, looks like things have gotten really complicated... (0:18:11.70)
Kurimoto Fumiya : But, at this point, don't you think
you've got no chance now?
Kurimoto Fumiya : It's bad enough there's that hurdle
between teacher and student.
Kurimoto Fumiya : And even more so, you're gonna be family now. (0:18:24.45)
Fujii Natsuo : Do you think I really do have to give up, at this point? (0:18:27.66)
Kurimoto Fumiya : Well, I hate to sound harsh but... (0:18:30.91)
Kurimoto Fumiya : You know, this time around, it's just not... (0:18:34.00)
Fujii Natsuo : Huh! It's actually pretty nice. (0:18:42.62)
Mr. Natsuo : Isn't it? It's a little far from the train station,
but it was a good find.
Mr. Natsuo : For now, let's just get our stuff unloaded. (0:18:48.41)
Fujii Natsuo : Okay. (0:18:50.37)
Tachibana Hina : Good job. (0:18:53.75)
Fujii Natsuo : Oh! You're already here? (0:18:55.45)
Tachibana Hina : Yeah! We're almost done on our end. (0:18:56.83)
Tachibana Hina : We'll be under the same roof starting today, you know? (0:19:01.16)
Fujii Natsuo : R-right... (0:19:03.62)
Tachibana Hina : The fact that I'm getting a younger brother
even at this point is exciting!
Tachibana Hina : I'm gonna go into your room
and search for naughty things.
Fujii Natsuo : Please don't! (0:19:10.58)
Tachibana Hina : We're going to be siblings,
so I'm putting a ban on formalities when we're home.
Fujii Natsuo : Oh... Okay. (0:19:16.20)
Tachibana Hina : And now, as to what to call each other.
Natsuo-kun can just stay Natsuo-kun. As for me...
Tachibana Hina : Let's go with "Hina-chan"! (0:19:24.66)
Fujii Natsuo : Huh?! (0:19:25.91)
Tachibana Hina : "Hina-chan." All right, repeat after me! (0:19:26.91)
Fujii Natsuo : H..Hina-chan. (0:19:32.58)
Tachibana Hina : Just kidding! Just kidding! (0:19:35.33)
Tachibana Hina : Rui calls me "Hina-nee," so I'm fine with that! (0:19:36.41)
Tachibana Hina : Well, I'll be upstairs, so call me
when you need to carry the heavy stuff.
Fujii Natsuo : That's heavy. Let's see... (0:19:51.41)
Tachibana Rui : About that thing... You can just forget about it. (0:20:05.00)
Tachibana Rui : Nothing happened between you and me. (0:20:08.08)
Tachibana Rui : Got it? (0:20:11.29)
Tachibana Rui : If you do understand, then stop acting weird
like it's getting to you.
Fujii Natsuo : Wait! (0:20:15.79)
Mr. Natsuo : Yeah, things do taste even better
when we all eat together for sure!
Tsukiko Tachibana : I'll help out too. (0:20:26.00)
Tsukiko Tachibana : Rui. Go take a bath after your big sis is done. (0:20:27.95)
Tachibana Rui : Okay. (0:20:31.04)
Fujii Natsuo : There's no way I can pretend that THAT didn't happen! (0:20:33.45)
Tachibana Hina : Ah! That was refreshing! (0:20:37.08)
Fujii Natsuo : Whoa! (0:20:39.45)
Tachibana Hina : That felt good! The tub is nice and big! (0:20:40.37)
Mr. Natsuo : Huh? (0:20:44.87)
Tachibana Hina : Eeeek! (0:20:47.45)
Tsukiko Tachibana : Hey! What're you doing?! (0:20:49.20)
Tachibana Hina : S-sorry! I just did it out of habit... (0:20:50.87)
Tachibana Hina : This should be fine, right? (0:20:57.16)
Tachibana Hina : I'll be careful from now on! Now then, beer. Beer! (0:20:59.54)
Fujii Natsuo : It's not that much different! (0:21:05.45)
Tachibana Hina : A drop of beer is worth a drop of blood! (0:21:12.91)
Fujii Natsuo : That's totally a line out of a drunk's book. (0:21:15.29)
Tachibana Hina : I wonder what's on. (0:21:17.50)
EXTRA : Recite a Chinese poem. (0:21:19.12)
EXTRA : Why? (0:21:20.50)
Tachibana Hina : Oh! I wanted to watch this!
No, it's not my Chinese poem. I can't do it.
EXTRA : No, no. Just think of it as yours. (0:21:23.45)
EXTRA : No, no. You just think it is because you thought it was... (0:21:24.54)
Mr. Natsuo : Natsuo, we're headed to bed. Don't stay up too late. (0:21:30.37)
Fujii Natsuo : Yeah... (0:21:34.70)
Mr. Natsuo : Night. (0:21:35.66)
Tsukiko Tachibana : Goodnight. (0:21:36.62)
Fujii Natsuo : Night. (0:21:38.20)
Fujii Natsuo : What am I supposed to do about this...? (0:21:49.66)
Fujii Natsuo : Sen- I mean, uh, Hina-nee. (0:21:53.95)
Fujii Natsuo : You'll catch a cold if you don't sleep in your bed. (0:21:57.37)
Tachibana Hina : Natsuo-kun... (0:22:01.70)
Fujii Natsuo : Y-yes?! (0:22:03.20)
Tachibana Hina : I'm gonna do my best... To be a good big sis... (0:22:04.58)
Fujii Natsuo : Sensei... (0:22:12.87)
Fujii Natsuo : I know... (0:22:20.87)
Fujii Natsuo : I get it... (0:22:25.33)
Fujii Natsuo : But... (0:22:27.70)
Fujii Natsuo : Just once... (0:22:31.58)
Fujii Natsuo : As the last thing I'll... (0:22:34.41)
Fujii Natsuo : Just once... (0:22:36.37)
Fujii Natsuo : With this, I'll... (0:22:39.04)
Fujii Natsuo : End it all, so... (0:22:43.41)
EXTRA : Domestic Girlfriend (0:23:05.00)
EXTRA : Episode 2
By Any Chance,
Did We Do It?
EXTRA : By any chance, did we do it? (0:24:24.29)

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