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EXTRA : "I'll hold another banquet." (0:00:03.81)
EXTRA : "I'll hold banquet after banquet,
forever unchanging..."
EXTRA : "I may be lonely right now..." (0:00:14.86)
EXTRA : "...but everyone is waiting for me... (0:00:19.83)
EXTRA : on the other side of that promise." (0:00:24.73)
EXTRA : That was in the long-distant past... (0:00:30.00)
EXTRA : The original memory, forgotten by everyone. (0:00:36.43)
EXTRA : The original promise. (0:00:41.93)
Tohru Honda : Wow! It looks like it'll be another hot day, (0:00:50.52)
Tohru Honda : even though it's mid-September already! (0:00:55.61)
Tohru Honda : All right, Mom, you look after things here. (0:00:59.87)
Tohru Honda : See you after school! (0:01:05.50)
Tohru Honda : I have plenty of time today,
so why don't I take a walk around the area?
Tohru Honda : The air feels so nice! (0:01:31.15)
Tohru Honda : A new discovery: there's a house here. (0:01:44.16)
Tohru Honda : How cute! (0:01:50.88)
Shigure Sohma : Well, now! (0:01:52.42)
Shigure Sohma : It's not too often I see a girl around here. (0:01:54.00)
Tohru Honda : H-Hello! I'm sorry! I was looking
around without permission!
Shigure Sohma : Go right ahead. (0:02:03.22)
Shigure Sohma : But wouldn't a young person
like you find this place boring?
Tohru Honda : No, not at all! These zodiac
knickknacks are adorable.
Shigure Sohma : Ah, yes. They're a favorite of mine, too. (0:02:12.73)
Tohru Honda : It's another set without a cat, though... (0:02:16.44)
Shigure Sohma : Cat? (0:02:19.86)
Shigure Sohma : Oh! Are you thinking of the cat
from the old zodiac folktale?
Tohru Honda : Yes! (0:02:26.08)
Tohru Honda : My mother used to tell me that
story all the time.
Kyoko Honda : Once upon a time, God told the animals: (0:02:34.80)
Kyoko Honda : "I invite you to the banquet
I shall hold tomorrow."
Kyoko Honda : But the Rat, who loved to pull pranks,
lied to his neighbor the Cat,
Kyoko Honda : "Listen, sir, let me tell you the news."

"Why thank you."
Kyoko Honda : and told him the banquet
was the day after tomorrow.
Kyoko Honda : On the day of the banquet,
the Rat rode on the Ox's back,
Kyoko Honda : then leapt easily down to arrive there first. (0:02:58.86)
Kyoko Honda : After him came the Ox,
the Tiger, and all the rest,
Kyoko Honda : and they all feasted merrily until dawn. (0:03:05.83)
Kyoko Honda : "Welcome to the Banquet" (0:03:06.99)
Kyoko Honda : All of them except the deceived Cat. (0:03:09.37)
Kyoko Honda : Tohru! Why the heck are you crying? (0:03:14.46)
Tohru Honda : That poor Cat! (0:03:16.80)
Tohru Honda : Okay, I've decided! (0:03:18.88)
Tohru Honda : I'm going to quit being a Dog
and be a Cat instead!
EXTRA : "*She's trying to say that she'll switch
her birth year from the Dog to the Cat."
Shigure Sohma : My, my. (0:03:28.89)
Shigure Sohma : I wonder what face he'd
make if he heard that.
Tohru Honda : Pardon? (0:03:34.10)
Shigure Sohma : Anyway, so you were born
in the Year of the Dog?
Shigure Sohma : That makes me feel close to you.
After all, I'm a Dog--
Shigure Sohma : --too. (0:03:42.24)
Yuki Sohma : Lay off the inappropriate flirting. (0:03:43.32)
Yuki Sohma : Are you all right, Honda-san? (0:03:46.12)
Yuki Sohma : Did my cousin pull any funny business? (0:03:48.49)
Shigure Sohma : --S-Soma-kun! Good morning!
--That really hurt!
Tohru Honda : --S-Soma-kun! Good morning!
--That really hurt!
Shigure Sohma : --S-Soma-kun! Good morning!
--Did you pack a dictionary or something?
Yuki Sohma : Two, in fact. (0:03:54.75)
Yuki Sohma : Good morning. (0:03:57.21)
Shigure Sohma : Oh, do you two know each other? (0:03:58.38)
Yuki Sohma : This is Honda-san. She's in my class. (0:04:00.80)
Tohru Honda : I'm Tohru Honda. It's a pleasure to meet you! (0:04:02.55)
Shigure Sohma : Oh. Well, I'm Shigure
Soma, Yuki-kun's cousin.
Yuki Sohma : Say, what brings you here? (0:04:08.81)
Tohru Honda : I, er, live nearby... (0:04:11.02)
Shigure Sohma : You live... near here? (0:04:13.39)
Yuki Sohma : --Huh.
--Well, I'll be going!
Tohru Honda : --Huh.
--Well, I'll be going!
Yuki Sohma : Honda-san? (0:04:18.61)
Tohru Honda : Yes? (0:04:19.69)
Yuki Sohma : Since you're here, why don't we
walk to school together?
Tohru Honda : What? (0:04:26.07)
Motoko Minagawa : Honda-san, what is the meaning of this?! (0:04:28.33)
Tohru Honda : U-Um... (0:04:31.33)
Motoko Minagawa : Allow me to introduce myself.
I am Prince Yuki's second-year representative,
Motoko Minagawa : Motoko Minagawa! (0:04:38.21)
Tohru Honda : P-Prince Yuki...? (0:04:40.09)
EXTRA : Prince Yuki core principles! (0:04:42.42)
EXTRA : Never steal the prince's personal effects! (0:04:43.76)
EXTRA : Never invade the prince's home! (0:04:46.80)
EXTRA : Never speak to the prince
without someone else present!
Motoko Minagawa : "Prince Yuki" is the club dedicated
to praising, loving, and protecting
Motoko Minagawa : the prince who has graced
our school with his presence.
Motoko Minagawa : Honda-san! (0:05:00.61)
Motoko Minagawa : You have publicly signaled your revolt
against our well-disciplined club!
Motoko Minagawa : Now let's have a clear explanation of why (0:05:06.53)
Motoko Minagawa : --you arrived at school with Yuki today!
Motoko Minagawa : Speak! (0:05:11.87)
Tohru Honda : It was a coincidence... (0:05:12.82)
Tohru Honda : That's right: Yuki Soma's
handsome features
Tohru Honda : have won him a "prince of the school"
position already in his freshman year.
Motoko Minagawa : If "coincidence" was a good enough excuse,
we wouldn't need the police!
EXTRA : --That's right!
--What she said!
EXTRA : I bet you're getting a big head
just because Yuki-kun was nice to you--
Arisa Uotani : Hey, you. Don't you dare use
those dumb excuses to pick a fight.
Motoko Minagawa : Wh-What's your problem?
You delinquents think threats solve everything!
Saki Hanajima : I'll use evil waves... (0:05:38.35)
Saki Hanajima : make you [censored]. (0:05:39.61)
Tohru Honda : Uo-chan, Hana-chan, you saved me. (0:05:44.61)
Arisa Uotani : You poor thing. That was some bad luck! (0:05:47.76)
Arisa Uotani : Hanajima, don't actually do the wave thing. (0:05:50.24)
EXTRA : "Home Economics Room" (0:05:53.87)
Arisa Uotani : I gotta say, though, you sure don't come
to school with the prince every day.
Tohru Honda : It made me very nervous. (0:06:00.00)
Tohru Honda : Soma-kun is too beautiful... (0:06:02.67)
Saki Hanajima : You know... (0:06:04.84)
Saki Hanajima : ...I find his waves quite strange. (0:06:07.13)
Arisa Uotani : Here comes Hanajima's Wave Report. (0:06:10.18)
Tohru Honda : Strange in what way? (0:06:13.10)
Saki Hanajima : That's the thing--I'm not sure. (0:06:14.72)
Arisa Uotani : True, he is a little mysterious. (0:06:16.85)
Arisa Uotani : When a second-year confessed her love
to him a while back and tried to hug him...
EXTRA : Yuki-kun! (0:06:23.69)
Arisa Uotani : ...he sent her flying.
Scared the heck out of her.
EXTRA : "A Princely Scuttle" (0:06:27.74)
Tohru Honda : I didn't know that. (0:06:28.24)
Tohru Honda : --I wonder why...
--You three!
EXTRA : Move your hands, not your mouths! (0:06:33.12)
Arisa Uotani : Ah... (0:06:35.12)
EXTRA : What? (0:06:36.41)
Arisa Uotani : We're done already, moron. (0:06:37.58)
EXTRA : Don't you talk big!
I know Honda-san did all of that!
Saki Hanajima : The rice is done, too. (0:06:43.42)
EXTRA : Sheesh. (0:06:45.13)
Arisa Uotani : --Hey, Tohru, I'm going shopping
--Teacher, mine went wrong!
Arisa Uotani : with Hanajima after school. Wanna come? (0:06:48.80)
Tohru Honda : Sorry, I have to work today. (0:06:51.47)
Arisa Uotani : Right, you promised to pay
your own tuition, didn't you? That's rough.
Saki Hanajima : But you work almost daily. (0:06:58.56)
Saki Hanajima : That shouldn't be necessary
just for tuition, surely?
Saki Hanajima : Here, extra-large. (0:07:04.27)
Arisa Uotani : Thanks. (0:07:05.52)
Tohru Honda : I'd like to start living alone
after I graduate, though,
Tohru Honda : so I have to start saving now! (0:07:10.45)
Arisa Uotani : You're gonna make me cry!
Eat up, Tohru. Build your strength!
Saki Hanajima : --Yes, ma'am!
--Tohru-kun cooked this, not you.
Tohru Honda : --Yes, ma'am!
--Tohru-kun cooked this, not you.
Arisa Uotani : You're still staying at
your dad's parents' place, right?
Tohru Honda : Yes! (0:07:22.42)
Arisa Uotani : Are they feeding you okay, at least? (0:07:23.63)
Arisa Uotani : They better not be squeezing
all your wages out of you.
Saki Hanajima : Delicious. (0:07:29.72)
Tohru Honda : I can't tell her. If Uo-chan
knew I was living in a tent...
Tohru Honda : ...she might charge into my
grandfather's house on her motorcycle.
Tohru Honda : Soma-kun! (0:07:48.07)
Tohru Honda : Thank you for this morning! (0:07:49.74)
Yuki Sohma : Nonsense. I apologize for Shigure. (0:07:51.61)
Tohru Honda : Oh, no, he's a very nice person! (0:07:55.03)
Tohru Honda : He even showed me his zodiac knickknacks. (0:07:59.04)
Yuki Sohma : That's right, you were saying
something about being a Cat?
Tohru Honda : I was an odd child. (0:08:06.88)
Yuki Sohma : Mm-hmm. The Cat is an idiot. (0:08:10.46)
Yuki Sohma : And ornery, too. (0:08:14.64)
Yuki Sohma : Honda-san, did you know (0:08:18.14)
Yuki Sohma : that the zodiac animals actually began
as part of the sexagenary cycle?
Yuki Sohma : They were used as numerals
and clock divisions,
Yuki Sohma : then later yin-yang and elemental
relationships were folded in with them.
Yuki Sohma : That's when they became
fortune-telling tools.
Yuki Sohma : The math never left room
for the Cat to begin with.
Yuki Sohma : I think that's for the best anyway, though. (0:08:40.08)
Yuki Sohma : What's so good about being
allowed to join the zodiac?
Yuki Sohma : The Cat is such an idiot. (0:08:50.50)
Tohru Honda : So... are you saying you hate cats, Soma-kun? (0:08:54.55)
Tohru Honda : Oh, I'm sorry! I have to go to work! (0:09:14.78)
Tohru Honda : --Honda-san.
Yuki Sohma : --Honda-san.
Yuki Sohma : You look under the weather. (0:09:21.79)
Yuki Sohma : It's still so hot, too.
You should be careful of your health.
Tohru Honda : When I was three, my
father got sick and died.
Tohru Honda : After that, my mother worked
and worked to support us.
EXTRA : "Household Accounts" (0:09:57.49)
Kyoko Honda : Tohru-chan! Your mama
is hungry for sukiyaki today!
Kyoko Honda : ♪ Sukiyaki! ♪ (0:10:04.45)
Tohru Honda : My mother protected me. (0:10:05.83)
Tohru Honda : She was always so powerful and cheerful. (0:10:08.82)
Tohru Honda : I never thought someone like her... (0:10:12.71)
Tohru Honda : ...would die in an accident. (0:10:17.30)
Tohru Honda : Everyone argued over who should take me in... (0:10:22.60)
Tohru Honda : --...but in the end my grandfather
was the one to do it.
Tohru Honda : --Dinner is ready, Grandfather. (0:10:29.02)
EXTRA : --Thank you, Kyoko-san. (0:10:30.65)
EXTRA : --I'm Tohru, Grandfather. (0:10:32.48)
EXTRA : --What did you cook today, Kyoko-san? (0:10:34.02)
EXTRA : --So, I promised to pay
my own tuition and living expenses.
EXTRA : --Hotpot. Also, I'm Tohru. (0:10:36.78)
EXTRA : That all happened in May. (0:10:39.95)
EXTRA : Kyoko-san, I'm supposed to go live
with my daughter's family for a while
EXTRA : while this house is being renovated. (0:10:46.66)
EXTRA : My plan is to have them
house us during the renovation,
EXTRA : but their place is so small... (0:10:55.38)
EXTRA : If you have a good friend you can stay with,
that'd be better for you, too...
Tohru Honda : Uo-chan lives in a tiny apartment,
and the Hanajimas are a family of five.
Tohru Honda : There's no way I could
stay with them for months.
Tohru Honda : But... (0:11:13.86)
Tohru Honda : I understand! (0:11:14.98)
Tohru Honda : That's right, I'm going to
live alone eventually anyway.
Tohru Honda : This is a good chance for me
to learn to endure that harsh life!
EXTRA : "Slugs" "Ants" (0:11:22.53)
Tohru Honda : Even if the only housing I can afford
is a tent that I bought on sale!
Tohru Honda : Even if typhoons like the one
a few days ago threaten to blow me away...
Tohru Honda : Never give up! Anywhere can be home
once you get used to it! Anywhere!
EXTRA : Our jobs have been so much easier
since that girl started.
EXTRA : You said it. (0:11:39.42)
Shigure Sohma : Sigh... Eating out or getting delivery
every night really gets old.
Yuki Sohma : You make dinner, then. (0:11:49.48)
Shigure Sohma : You only complain when I do. (0:11:51.69)
Yuki Sohma : Anyone would complain about
pickled radishes in their curry.
Shigure Sohma : And you may be smart, but household stuff
is the one thing you suck at.
Shigure Sohma : Two slovenly men living alone
really need a woman's help.
Shigure Sohma : Say, isn't that Tohru-kun? (0:12:10.83)
Yuki Sohma : What's she doing here so late? (0:12:15.33)
Yuki Sohma : I heard her mother died...
Maybe she moved out here?
Shigure Sohma : No, the Somas haven't rented
any of this land outside the family.
Tohru Honda : I'm home, Mom. (0:12:32.14)
Tohru Honda : I'm sleepy, but I need to finish
my worksheets before tomorrow...
Tohru Honda : Uh-oh, I feel dizzy. (0:12:40.56)
Tohru Honda : I'll wash my face to pull myself together. (0:12:44.24)
Yuki Sohma : It's not that funny, Shigure. (0:12:55.67)
Yuki Sohma : I thought something was strange-- (0:12:58.50)
Yuki Sohma : --the Somas own all the land in this area.
--Tent... she lives in a tent...
Shigure Sohma : --the Somas own all the land in this area.
--Tent... she lives in a tent...
Tohru Honda : Um, would you please let me
live there for a little while?
Tohru Honda : I'll leave as soon as the
renovations are over.
Tohru Honda : I... don't have much money,
but I'll pay what I can.
Tohru Honda : Please. (0:13:18.73)
Shigure Sohma : That's a dangerous spot. (0:13:20.27)
Shigure Sohma : --The soil is soft near the cliff,
and there are pervs around.
Shigure Sohma : And a girl can't just live in
a tent for months, anyway.
Tohru Honda : It's all right! I'm used to the slugs now! (0:13:28.62)
Tohru Honda : I promise, I've got more than
enough strength and willpower!
Tohru Honda : So please...! (0:13:35.79)
Yuki Sohma : Honda-san?! (0:13:38.54)
Yuki Sohma : She's got a fever. (0:13:43.30)
Shigure Sohma : Well, I'll go get some ice. (0:13:44.30)
Shigure Sohma : Uh-oh, where would it be...? (0:13:48.18)
Tohru Honda : It's the Sea of Decay. (0:13:51.14)
Shigure Sohma : Nice analogy! (0:13:54.10)
Shigure Sohma : See, what did I tell you?
Part of the cliff just crumbled.
Tohru Honda : Huh? U-Um, how can you tell? (0:14:06.28)
Shigure Sohma : Hmm? (0:14:09.74)
Shigure Sohma : Let's call it animal instinct. (0:14:11.16)
Tohru Honda : --Right...
--Enough joking.
Yuki Sohma : --Right...
--Enough joking.
Yuki Sohma : Don't you have the exact location? (0:14:16.79)
Tohru Honda : Could it have been... (0:14:19.54)
Tohru Honda : ...near my tent?! (0:14:21.21)
Shigure Sohma : Surely not! (0:14:23.71)
Yuki Sohma : Well? Where was it? (0:14:25.92)
Tohru Honda : Oh, no! My mother's picture
is inside the tent!
Tohru Honda : Mom! (0:14:34.06)
Yuki Sohma : Honda-san, calm down. (0:14:35.18)
Tohru Honda : But my mother is... (0:14:36.60)
Tohru Honda : What do I do? I have to get her out...
She can't breathe in there...
Shigure Sohma : Let's come back when the sun is up. (0:14:46.69)
Shigure Sohma : Your mother would suffer
even more if you got hurt.
Shigure Sohma : Right? (0:14:54.62)
Tohru Honda : I'm sorry. (0:14:58.91)
Tohru Honda : I've lost my home again. (0:15:01.54)
Shigure Sohma : Is it painful? (0:15:06.38)
Tohru Honda : No. I know something more painful. (0:15:08.09)
Shigure Sohma : What's that? (0:15:13.39)
Shigure Sohma : Tell me. (0:15:15.43)
Tohru Honda : I missed the chance to say,
"See you when you get back."
Tohru Honda : The morning of the day my mother died... (0:15:23.52)
Tohru Honda : ...I'd stayed up almost
all night studying for a quiz.
Tohru Honda : I couldn't wake up. (0:15:34.28)
Tohru Honda : That's the only morning I didn't say it. (0:15:36.70)
Tohru Honda : I always said it, but that one morning... (0:15:39.71)
Tohru Honda : I said I'd work, that I didn't
want to go to high school.
Tohru Honda : But my mother said... (0:15:52.09)
Kyoko Honda : I only have a middle school diploma. (0:15:55.64)
Kyoko Honda : But I wish I'd gotten to try
the "high school girl" thing.
Kyoko Honda : So you go enjoy
the high school life I didn't have.
Tohru Honda : She was the best mother, and I didn't
manage to say "See you when you get back"...
Tohru Honda : I didn't even get to see her leave for work. (0:16:15.66)
Tohru Honda : I'm an idiot. Who cares if I fail
a test or have my home blow away?
Tohru Honda : It was my mother that
I should have prioritized...
Tohru Honda : So I want to at least (0:16:32.01)
Tohru Honda : graduate from high school... (0:16:34.98)
Tohru Honda : The school Mom wanted to go to... (0:16:39.38)
Tohru Honda : I... don't have time to
succumb to this fever...
Yuki Sohma : This is a surprise. (0:16:56.62)
Yuki Sohma : She's always so cheerful at school,
looking like she hasn't got a care...
Yuki Sohma : She's amazing. (0:17:08.17)
Shigure Sohma : Amazing how? (0:17:10.09)
Yuki Sohma : I thought I'd broken free of the Somas... (0:17:13.47)
Yuki Sohma : ...but if I really hated them,
I could've just gotten a tent like Honda-san
Yuki Sohma : and gone off someplace
where they wouldn't find me.
Yuki Sohma : I'm realizing that I'm spoiled. (0:17:26.19)
Shigure Sohma : Calling Tohru amazing is
an insult to her, you know.
Yuki Sohma : True. (0:17:33.78)
Yuki Sohma : Can you take things from here? (0:17:38.37)
Shigure Sohma : Don't tell me you're going to dig that up? (0:17:40.16)
Shigure Sohma : Want me to come along?
That's a lot of work to do alone.
Yuki Sohma : Alone? (0:17:46.79)
Yuki Sohma : Just who do you think you're talking to? (0:17:49.34)
Shigure Sohma : See you when you get back. (0:17:59.80)
Kyoko Honda : Tohru. (0:18:04.64)
Kyoko Honda : Tohru. (0:18:07.90)
Kyoko Honda : You've got a fever again! (0:18:10.06)
Kyoko Honda : You don't have to burn yourself out
helping with the housework, you know.
Kyoko Honda : Just be you, Tohru,
and live at your own pace.
Kyoko Honda : You'll catch up eventually. (0:18:24.24)
Tohru Honda : Mom... (0:18:33.84)
Tohru Honda : I can't afford to be snoozing!
I have to dig Mom out!
Yuki Sohma : Good morning. (0:18:42.51)
Yuki Sohma : How do you feel? (0:18:44.35)
Tohru Honda : I... Um... G-Good morning! (0:18:45.42)
Yuki Sohma : Here, your photo. (0:18:47.93)
Yuki Sohma : I think I got all the
rest of your things, too,
Yuki Sohma : but could you check if I missed anything? (0:18:54.86)
Tohru Honda : Huh?! You moved all that dirt by yourself?! (0:18:56.99)
Yuki Sohma : Of course not. (0:19:00.74)
Tohru Honda : Then how...? (0:19:01.87)
Yuki Sohma : That's a secret. (0:19:04.49)
Yuki Sohma : I'll bring your things upstairs, okay? (0:19:06.87)
Yuki Sohma : I know it's a mess, but we do have
an empty room on the second floor.
Yuki Sohma : You can just stay here
until those renovations are done.
Tohru Honda : I couldn't possibly! (0:19:20.13)
Yuki Sohma : The bedroom doors are lockable. (0:19:21.84)
Tohru Honda : That's not what I meant! (0:19:23.26)
Shigure Sohma : Tohru-kun, do you like chores? (0:19:25.14)
Shigure Sohma : Like cleaning and cooking, for example? (0:19:26.81)
Tohru Honda : Er, yes, I do... (0:19:29.81)
Shigure Sohma : Welcome to the Soma household! (0:19:35.94)
Shigure Sohma : You room isn't aired out,
so open the window, yeah?
Shigure Sohma : Oh, and I'd better get you
a copy of the house key.
Tohru Honda : No, wait! I can't do this to you! (0:19:42.50)
Tohru Honda : It would be causing you too much trouble! (0:19:44.37)
Yuki Sohma : We don't consider it trouble,
so just accept the offer.
Yuki Sohma : You don't have anywhere else
to go anyway, right?
Tohru Honda : But if I'm going to impose on you,
please tell me the Soma rules and customs!
Yuki Sohma : Never mind that. (0:20:01.30)
Yuki Sohma : Just be you, Honda-san,
and live at your own pace.
Yuki Sohma : Here in this house. (0:20:09.85)
Kyoko Honda : Just be you, Tohru. (0:20:13.35)
Tohru Honda : Soma-kun... (0:20:18.40)
Tohru Honda : really is a mystery. (0:20:21.41)
Shigure Sohma : Are you sure about this? She's a girl. (0:20:24.66)
Yuki Sohma : You're asking now? (0:20:27.62)
Yuki Sohma : It'll be fine, as long as she doesn't hug me. (0:20:30.00)
Shigure Sohma : It is a little stuffy in here. (0:20:35.96)
Shigure Sohma : --Oh, is this really all right?
--Yuki-kun, open the window.
Tohru Honda : --Oh, is this really all right?
--Yuki-kun, open the window.
Yuki Sohma : --Oh, is this really all right?
Tohru Honda : --It feels too good to be true.
Shigure Sohma : --It feels too good to be true.
--I'll go get the vacuum.
Tohru Honda : R-Right! (0:20:43.88)
Tohru Honda : Wait... Come to think of it,
where are Soma-kun's parents?
Tohru Honda : Huh? (0:20:59.98)
Kyo Sohma : Yo. (0:21:01.61)
Kyo Sohma : You ready for your beating, rat-boy? (0:21:03.20)
Yuki Sohma : How about you give it up already? (0:21:07.32)
Yuki Sohma : Since you're weak. (0:21:11.70)
Kyo Sohma : Why, you... (0:21:13.08)
Kyo Sohma : You're gonna get hurt if you think
I'm the same fighter I was last time!
Kyo Sohma : Here I come! (0:21:18.92)
Tohru Honda : W-Wait, please--! (0:21:19.92)
EXTRA : "Slip" (0:21:21.80)
Shigure Sohma : Yuki-kun! Was that Kyo I heard? (0:21:28.14)
Tohru Honda : I... I'm so sorry! Are you all right?! Um... (0:21:30.72)
Shigure Sohma : Oh, boy. (0:21:35.77)
Tohru Honda : He turned... (0:21:37.44)
Tohru Honda : --That idiot.
--...into a cat.
Yuki Sohma : --That idiot.
--...into a cat.
Tohru Honda : --I-I-Is this my fault?!
--Okay, so... the thing is...
Shigure Sohma : --I-I-Is this my fault?!
--Okay, so... the thing is...
Tohru Honda : --I hit him wrong somehow and
turned him into a c-c-cat?!
--Okay, so... the thing is...
Tohru Honda : Anyway, he needs a hospital! (0:21:47.49)
Tohru Honda : --Tohru-kun?!
EXTRA : "Fruits Basket" (0:23:41.77)
EXTRA : "They're All Animals!" (0:23:45.02)
Tohru Honda : They're all animals! (0:23:46.62)

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Fruits Basket: 1st Season

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