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EXTRA : "Main Street Café" (0:00:10.00)
Maria von Messina : "Main Street Café"
Thanks for saving us from that close call.
Maria von Messina : "Maria von Messina"
I'm Maria. And this is...
EXTRA : "Sizilien von Klode" (0:00:16.70)
Sicily von Claude : "Sizilien von Klode"
Shin Wolford : M-My name's Shin. (0:00:18.58)
Maria von Messina : "Grumble grumble"
If only we could use magic already,
we could have beaten them up easily.
Shin Wolford : Magic? Are you a student
at the magic academy?
Maria von Messina : I will be if I pass the entrance exam
next month. Together with Sizilien.
Shin Wolford : Oh, both of you are taking it, too. (0:00:33.37)
Shin Wolford : --"Too"?
--I'm taking it, too.
Maria von Messina : --"Too"?
--I'm taking it, too.
Maria von Messina : No way! With the moves you've got,
you're going to be a magician?
Sicily von Claude : We were sure you were a student
at the knight training school.
Shin Wolford : If we pass, we'll be going to the same school. (0:00:44.79)
Shin Wolford : Let's all give it our best. (0:00:47.12)
Maria von Messina : I'm going after the top score,
so you won't get the best of me.
Shin Wolford : Ha-ha, well, I'm going to take it slowly. (0:00:52.87)
Maria von Messina : Well, you're not very competitive. (0:00:55.70)
Sicily von Claude : Huh? Oh, um... (0:00:58.33)
Shin Wolford : Am I being too familiar? (0:01:01.20)
Sicily von Claude : Um... I, uh... (0:01:02.79)
Maria von Messina : What's the matter, Sizilien? (0:01:04.70)
Sicily von Claude : Huh? Oh, nothing. (0:01:06.87)
Sicily von Claude : A-Ahem... L-Let's do our best! (0:01:09.37)
Shin Wolford : Mm-hmm. (0:01:12.41)
Maria von Messina : So, Shin, which middle school did you go to? (0:01:14.62)
Shin Wolford : Oh, I just arrived in the capital. (0:01:16.79)
Maria von Messina : Oh, yeah? Say, did you know
that the wise man and guru
Maria von Messina : recently returned to the capital? (0:01:23.12)
Shin Wolford : Y-Yeah, I think I heard something about that. (0:01:25.58)
Maria von Messina : What, you're not interested in them? (0:01:28.58)
Maria von Messina : They're national heroes! The extraordinary
magician Merlin the Wise Man,
Maria von Messina : who valiantly did away with
the demonoid, and Melida the Guru,
Maria von Messina : who, with magical gear and unimaginable
beauty, relentlessly hunts demons!
Maria von Messina : As long as they are in
the country--no, the world,
Shin Wolford : --This is going to be the death of me.
--they will always be the ultimate
inspirations! Living legends!
Maria von Messina : --This is going to be the death of me.
--they will always be the ultimate
inspirations! Living legends!
Sicily von Claude : Um, are you all right? (0:01:44.29)
Shin Wolford : Oh, yeah. Maria, you sure like Grand--
the wise man and the guru, huh?
Maria von Messina : Of course I do! (0:01:51.83)
Maria von Messina : Also, word is that their grandson will
be testing for the magic academy, too.
Shin Wolford : 'ulp. (0:01:57.83)
Maria von Messina : Ah, I wonder what he's like. (0:01:58.75)
Maria von Messina : I'd like to thank my lucky stars
that I'm the same age as him!
Shin Wolford : Well, I should get going... (0:02:04.83)
Maria von Messina : We'll pay for our own drinks. (0:02:07.00)
Shin Wolford : Oh, that's okay. (0:02:09.29)
Shin Wolford : Let me get this one. (0:02:11.00)
Maria von Messina : I have to admit, he was actually pretty cool. (0:02:15.41)
Sicily von Claude : Mm-hmm... (0:02:18.58)
Maria von Messina : He's strong, is supposedly a magician,
and not very presuming.
Sicily von Claude : Mm-hmm... (0:02:23.87)
Maria von Messina : Say, mind if I kiss him? (0:02:25.04)
Sicily von Claude : Mm-hmm... (0:02:27.20)
Maria von Messina : Mind if I take him for my own? (0:02:28.29)
Sicily von Claude : Huh? (0:02:31.33)
Sicily von Claude : N-No, you can't! (0:02:32.16)
Sicily von Claude : Hey, Maria! (0:02:34.91)
Maria von Messina : I've never seen you like this before, Sizilien. (0:02:36.37)
Maria von Messina : So, what is this? Don't tell me
it's any pushover heroine nonsense
Maria von Messina : like falling for him at first sight
because he rescued you.
Sicily von Claude : I don't think that's it, but, um... (0:02:46.20)
Sicily von Claude : It's like I'm really nervous.
My heart just started pounding,
Sicily von Claude : and my body got really warm... (0:02:54.50)
Maria von Messina : Hold on a second. Are you for real? (0:02:57.50)
EXTRA : "Day of the entrance exam" (0:03:01.00)
Shin Wolford : Are they all here to sit for exams? (0:03:03.41)
Shin Wolford : If I pass, I'll be able to see
that girl, Sizilien, again.
Shin Wolford : All right, I'll give this test all I've got! (0:03:10.87)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Hey, you! Stand aside! (0:03:14.33)
Shin Wolford : Where's the room...? There it is. (0:03:16.45)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Hey! You insolent twerp! (0:03:19.70)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Didn't you hear me?! (0:03:21.33)
Kurt von Rietsburg : What are you doing?! Let me go! (0:03:24.25)
Shin Wolford : What's the big idea, grabbing my
shoulder without any warning?
Shin Wolford : Then you ask me what I'm doing? (0:03:29.50)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Why, you! I'm Kurt von Rietsburg! (0:03:32.16)
EXTRA : "Kurt von Rietsburg"
Why, you! I'm Kurt von Rietsburg!
Shin Wolford : Okay. I'm Shin. (0:03:36.08)
Kurt von Rietsburg : I am the heir of Count Rietsburg! (0:03:40.04)
Shin Wolford : Oh, you don't say. (0:03:43.75)
Kurt von Rietsburg : You think you can defy me
and get away with it?!
August von Earlshide : That's enough. (0:03:48.58)
August von Earlshide : At the magic academy, throwing your
authority around is severely punished.
August von Earlshide : That's not a school rule;
that's the law, by royal decree.
Kurt von Rietsburg : Y-You're... (0:04:00.87)
Shin Wolford : Who is this? (0:04:02.83)
August von Earlshide : If you won't follow it, are you
disobeying the royal family?
Kurt von Rietsburg : N-No, not at all! (0:04:08.83)
August von Earlshide : This is the entrance exam. Don't do
anything to upset everyone else.
Kurt von Rietsburg : Y-Yes, sir! (0:04:15.45)
August von Earlshide : The way you turned his introduction
around on him was masterful.
August von Earlshide : Hmm, looks like you're
as unworldly as I've heard.
Shin Wolford : Huh? (0:04:27.29)
EXTRA : "August von Earlsheid" (0:04:27.83)
August von Earlshide : "August von Earlsheid"
My name is August von Earlsheid.
My friends call me Aug.
EXTRA : "Aug"
My name is August von Earlsheid.
My friends call me Aug.
Shin Wolford : Earlsheid? You mean... (0:04:34.33)
Shin Wolford : You're Uncle Dis's son?! (0:04:37.37)
August von Earlshide : "Uncle Dis's son." I've never
been called that before.
August von Earlshide : When it gets out that I'm the prince, (0:04:46.79)
August von Earlshide : people always start kissing up to me in a hurry. (0:04:49.00)
Shin Wolford : Still, if you're Uncle's son,
it kind of makes us cousins.
August von Earlshide : Yeah, you're right! Cousins! (0:05:00.29)
Shin Wolford : I'm glad to see something
about that makes you happy.
August von Earlshide : All right, let's both hang
in there together, okay?
Maria von Messina : Why is Shin speaking so
casually with Prince August?
Sicily von Claude : I wonder who Shin really is. (0:05:14.62)
Maria von Messina : Never mind him, he's the real problem. (0:05:17.66)
Maria von Messina : Imagine, him coming to this school. (0:05:20.83)
EXTRA : "Written examination room" (0:05:24.37)
EXTRA : "Practical examination room" (0:05:38.95)
Instructor : "Practical examination room"
Now, aim at that target,
Instructor : and cast your best magic spell
at it with all your might.
Instructor : You'll go first. (0:05:45.37)
EXTRA : Right! (0:05:46.70)
Shin Wolford : Oh, I've never seen anyone my age
do magic before! What will he do?
EXTRA : All-burning flames! (0:05:52.70)
EXTRA : --Huh?
--Gather within my hands
and strike the enemy!
EXTRA : Fire Ball! (0:05:57.95)
Shin Wolford : How embarrassing! How embarrassing! (0:06:03.79)
Instructor : Okay, that will do. Next! (0:06:06.54)
EXTRA : --Raging currents of water!
Whirl into my hands and wash forth!
Shin Wolford : --What are they doing? Is that...
--Raging currents of water!
Whirl into my hands and wash forth!
EXTRA : --Water Shoot! (0:06:13.66)
Shin Wolford : --...the way they chant?!
--Water Shoot!
EXTRA : Dance lightly, wind! (0:06:16.83)
EXTRA : Dance smartly, wind! Raise a gust
that mows down all else!
EXTRA : Wind Storm! (0:06:22.54)
Shin Wolford : As showy as that was, what a pitiful showing! (0:06:25.08)
EXTRA : Great mother terra firma,
give me your strength.
EXTRA : Form stones to drive away
the enemy! Earth Blast!
Shin Wolford : Why does she look so self-satisfied? (0:06:38.29)
Shin Wolford : Oh, what kind of self-deluded
magic recital is this?
Instructor : Is something wrong? It's your turn. (0:06:44.62)
Shin Wolford : R-Right. (0:06:47.37)
Instructor : Hmm, I heard about you from His Majesty.
Keep your power under control,
Instructor : and make sure not to
destroy the training room.
Shin Wolford : Uncle Dis, what exactly did you tell her? (0:06:56.83)
Instructor : Just enough power to destroy
that target, understand?
Shin Wolford : Okay, I guess I'll go with this. (0:07:04.33)
EXTRA : --Huh?
EXTRA : He's... (0:07:09.37)
EXTRA : No chant? (0:07:10.41)
Instructor : I told you to keep your power under control! (0:07:15.04)
Shin Wolford : Right. I was holding back
quite a bit, actually...
Instructor : You were? I see. (0:07:22.37)
Instructor : Good work, then. (0:07:25.70)
Shin Wolford : Thank goodness she didn't get mad at me. (0:07:27.79)
EXTRA : The wise man's grandson is that powerful? (0:07:31.91)
Instructor : Yes. (0:07:35.29)
Instructor : That settles who has top marks
in this year's entrance exams.
EXTRA : "The day passing scores are posted" (0:07:41.04)
Shin Wolford : Here, please. (0:07:46.70)
EXTRA : Okay, let me check this. (0:07:48.29)
EXTRA : Oh? You're Shin Wolford, aren't you? (0:07:50.54)
Shin Wolford : Yes. (0:07:53.45)
EXTRA : Here are your uniform and textbooks. (0:07:54.58)
EXTRA : Your uniform has been enchanted
with defensive magic.
EXTRA : Please don't get any ideas about
re-enchanting it on your own, okay?
Shin Wolford : Can I not let my grandma re-enchant it? (0:08:03.87)
EXTRA : By grandmother, you mean...
Oh, the guru, right?
EXTRA : In that case, no problem. (0:08:10.50)
Shin Wolford : Well then, I'm gonna give
them a magic makeover!
EXTRA : Oh, and Wolford, you're the top scorer, (0:08:15.62)
EXTRA : so please come up with a speech (0:08:19.37)
EXTRA : on behalf of the new students
at the entrance ceremony.
Shin Wolford : Huh?! (0:08:23.54)
Shin Wolford : Top score? New student speech? (0:08:24.58)
EXTRA : Yes. (0:08:26.95)
Shin Wolford : No, no, no! This year we have Aug-- (0:08:27.79)
Shin Wolford : I mean, Prince August, right here! (0:08:30.87)
August von Earlshide : What are you talking about, Mr. Top Scorer? (0:08:33.20)
August von Earlshide : Here at the tradition-rich
Earlsheid Magic Academy,
August von Earlshide : having the top scorer deliver
the new student speech
August von Earlshide : has been a tradition
since the academy opened!
August von Earlshide : There is no rank at this school;
it's completely merit-based!
August von Earlshide : And royalty is no exception.
So that's that. Good luck.
Shin Wolford : This guy is definitely mean-spirited! (0:08:53.83)
Maria von Messina : Aww, I guess I missed out on the top score. (0:08:57.20)
Maria von Messina : Tch, that Shin! (0:09:01.08)
Sicily von Claude : It's not just his moves;
his magic is incredible, too!
Maria von Messina : Are you sure you don't want to go talk to him? (0:09:06.33)
Sicily von Claude : Y-Yeah, not right now. I don't even
know what I'd say to him yet.
Maria von Messina : What are you talking about? (0:09:13.00)
Maria von Messina : You both passed; that's something
you have in common, right?
Kurt von Rietsburg : I'm not an S-Class, I'm an A?!
That's ridiculous!
Kurt von Rietsburg : What's worse, that guy who
shamed me got the top score?!
Kurt von Rietsburg : There's no doubt he did something dishonest. (0:09:32.04)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Or I'd have never... He'll pay for this... (0:09:35.62)
Kurt von Rietsburg : He'll pay for this... He'll pay for this... (0:09:38.70)
Kurt von Rietsburg : He'll pay for this... He'll pay for this...
He'll pay for this...!
Shin Wolford : Hmm, it's been enchanted with (0:09:49.75)
Shin Wolford : "Magic defense"
magic defense, shock
suppression, and antifouling.
Shin Wolford : "Shock suppression"
magic defense, shock
suppression, and antifouling.
Shin Wolford : "Antifouling"
magic defense, shock
suppression, and antifouling.
Shin Wolford : This is pretty high-quality magical gear.
But I'm still overwriting it!
EXTRA : "Nullify magic effects" (0:10:01.20)
Shin Wolford : I'll use this to nullify the enchantments. (0:10:02.45)
Shin Wolford : The maximum amount I can enchant
on this uniform is 20 characters.
EXTRA : "Activate magic effects" (0:10:09.37)
Shin Wolford : There's "antifouling," "auto-healing,"
and "magic defense,"
Shin Wolford : but the barriers I've visualized
up to now won't cut it.
Shin Wolford : I need to change my mindset--
don't just stop the magic,
Shin Wolford : but disperse the very magic
power that constitutes it.
Shin Wolford : Same for physical defense. (0:10:24.25)
Shin Wolford : "Antifouling" "Auto-healing"
"Absolute Magic Defense"
"Complete Physical Shock Absorption"
Convert the magic to kinetic energy...
Shin Wolford : It worked! (0:10:32.70)
Merida Bowen : Why are you shouting
in the middle of the night?!
Shin Wolford : Granny! (0:10:36.95)
Shin Wolford : Look at this uniform! (0:10:38.12)
Merida Bowen : Uniform? (0:10:40.08)
Merida Bowen : Is that...? (0:10:43.16)
EXTRA : "Day of the entrance ceremony" (0:10:46.16)
Merida Bowen : Remember Shin, make sure you
tell no one about your uniform.
Shin Wolford : Mm-hmm, I know. (0:10:51.29)
EXTRA : Hey, those capes... (0:10:55.04)
EXTRA : They're from the highest order... (0:10:56.45)
EXTRA : Could those two be...? (0:10:57.87)
EXTRA : --Master Merlin the Wise Man!
--Mistress Melida the Guru!
Merlin Walford : Good grief, here we go again. (0:11:04.37)
Merida Bowen : We're not on exhibition, here! (0:11:06.29)
EXTRA : --Master Wise Man!
--Mistress Guru!
August von Earlshide : Hey, Shin. (0:11:13.62)
August von Earlshide : Are you nervous? (0:11:15.16)
Shin Wolford : No, I'm fine. (0:11:16.87)
August von Earlshide : In addition to my father, the king, (0:11:18.83)
August von Earlshide : all of the country's nobility and
leading figures will be here today.
August von Earlshide : We're looking forward to a
terrific speech, Mr. Top Scorer.
Shin Wolford : You're just holding it against me
for taking the top spot, aren't you?
EXTRA : "Entrance ceremony hall" (0:11:34.00)
EXTRA : "Entrance ceremony hall"
Here come the new students.
EXTRA : Here come the new students. (0:11:36.16)
Shin Wolford : I have to admit, Sizilien being nobility
is one thing, but Maria, too?
Maria von Messina : Hey, that's not very nice. (0:11:46.50)
Instructor : Moving on, we will now have
our new student address.
Instructor : This year's entrance exam
top scorer, Shin Wolford!
Shin Wolford : Right! (0:11:57.29)
Maria von Messina : "Wolford"? (0:12:00.75)
August von Earlshide : That's right. Shin Wolford. (0:12:02.45)
August von Earlshide : The hero's grandson. (0:12:05.12)
Maria von Messina : --Huh?!
Sicily von Claude : --Huh?!
Shin Wolford : I am Shin Wolford, speaking on
behalf of the incoming students.
Shin Wolford : On this fine day, as our parents,
guardians, and visitors look on,
Shin Wolford : it is a great pleasure to be welcomed
by teachers and current students
Shin Wolford : as we join Earlsheid Magic Academy. (0:12:22.83)
EXTRA : "S-Class classroom" (0:12:26.54)
Alfred Marcus : "S-Class classroom"
Congratulations on enrolling.
Alfred Marcus : "Alfred Marcus"
I'm the S-Class homeroom
teacher, Alfred Marcus.
Alfred Marcus : I was formerly with the magic division. (0:12:33.20)
Alfred Marcus : I'll also be your practical arts teacher,
so it's nice to meet you.
Alfred Marcus : Now then, today, (0:12:39.66)
Alfred Marcus : I'll lay out tomorrow's schedule,
and we'll finish.
Maria von Messina : Shin, do you have a moment? (0:12:46.50)
Shin Wolford : Hmm? (0:12:48.25)
Shin Wolford : You have a man hounding you, Sizilien? (0:12:52.29)
Maria von Messina : Shh! You're being too loud!
Sizilien keeps turning him down,
Maria von Messina : but he's taking advantage of his
family's power to threaten her.
Shin Wolford : That's horrible. Who is this guy? (0:13:03.41)
Maria von Messina : He's here at this school. (0:13:06.20)
Shin Wolford : What? (0:13:07.75)
Maria von Messina : I'm sorry to spring this on you like this, Shin. (0:13:08.95)
Shin Wolford : What are you talking about?
On the contrary, I'm glad you told me.
Kurt von Rietsburg : Hey, Sizilien! (0:13:18.37)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Why, you...! (0:13:20.45)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Where do you get off talking to another man?! (0:13:22.37)
Shin Wolford : --Kurt?
--That's him!
Maria von Messina : --Kurt?
--That's him!
Kurt von Rietsburg : Get over here! (0:13:27.25)
Kurt von Rietsburg : What do you think you're doing?! (0:13:30.58)
Shin Wolford : I could ask you the same thing. (0:13:32.29)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Sizilien is my fiancée! Stay away from her! (0:13:34.00)
Shin Wolford : So he says. (0:13:37.70)
Sicily von Claude : U-Um... (0:13:39.50)
Shin Wolford : It's okay. No matter what
happens, I'll protect you.
Sicily von Claude : Shin... (0:13:46.83)
Sicily von Claude : I declined your engagement! (0:13:50.95)
Sicily von Claude : Your hounding me and declaring on your
own that we're engaged is harassment!
Kurt von Rietsburg : Y-You dare defy me?! (0:13:58.04)
Sicily von Claude : I have no intention of taking orders from you! (0:14:00.41)
Kurt von Rietsburg : You sure about that, Sizilien? (0:14:05.00)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Your father is a manager
at the finance bureau, right?
Kurt von Rietsburg : My father is the undersecretary there. (0:14:10.16)
Kurt von Rietsburg : With a single word to my father... (0:14:13.25)
Shin Wolford : Why that...! (0:14:16.16)
August von Earlshide : Enough of that! (0:14:17.83)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Prince August! (0:14:20.08)
August von Earlshide : Did you forget what I said the other day? (0:14:21.66)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Well, I... (0:14:24.25)
August von Earlshide : Moreover, it's inexcusable for you
to apply pressure from your father.
August von Earlshide : It's an affront to the royal family. (0:14:29.87)
August von Earlshide : Maybe I should have a word
with the finance bureau chief.
Kurt von Rietsburg : Y-You wouldn't... (0:14:35.12)
August von Earlshide : Get lost. (0:14:37.00)
Kurt von Rietsburg : All right. (0:14:39.87)
Sicily von Claude : Thank you so much, Your Highness. (0:14:41.75)
Shin Wolford : I just about lost my cool. (0:14:43.58)
August von Earlshide : Hey, it sounded like things
were going down an ugly path.
August von Earlshide : I did want to see what you would do, though. (0:14:49.62)
Shin Wolford : Jump in right away, would you? (0:14:52.41)
August von Earlshide : "No matter what happens, I'll protect you." (0:14:54.20)
August von Earlshide : That was pretty cool. (0:14:57.00)
August von Earlshide : Right, Klode? (0:14:58.75)
Sicily von Claude : Huh? Well, I mean... (0:14:59.79)
Sicily von Claude : That was pretty cool... (0:15:02.29)
August von Earlshide : There you have it. (0:15:04.62)
Shin Wolford : Damn, she is so cute! (0:15:05.79)
Maria von Messina : So, you think everything's okay now? (0:15:09.66)
Shin Wolford : Hmm, judging by the look in his eyes,
you still need to be careful.
Shin Wolford : I've got it! Would you all
come over to my place?
Maria von Messina : You mean the wise man and guru's home? (0:15:19.62)
Shin Wolford : If you have something else, I'm not forcing-- (0:15:21.91)
Maria von Messina : I'm coming! I'm coming! J-Just a moment! (0:15:23.25)
Maria von Messina : I'm going to go let my
parents know! Okay, Sizilien?
Sicily von Claude : M-Mm-hmm... (0:15:29.91)
August von Earlshide : I'll come, too. My father will
probably be by, as well.
EXTRA : "Julius von Littenheim" "Thor von Flegel" (0:15:36.37)
Thor von Flegel : "Julius von Littenheim" "Thor von Flegel"
We are His Highness's escorts.
Merlin Walford : "Drawing room"
You're running awfully late.
Merida Bowen : "Drawing room"
What have you been up to?
Shin Wolford : Sorry, there was a bit of a situation. (0:15:43.29)
Shin Wolford : Oh, allow me to introduce my classmates. (0:15:45.75)
Shin Wolford : You already know who Aug is, right?
This is Maria and Sizilien.
Shin Wolford : And that's Thor and Julius. (0:15:51.75)
August von Earlshide : It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. (0:15:54.04)
Maria von Messina : P-P-Pleased to meet you! I'm Maria! (0:15:56.00)
Sicily von Claude : I'm S-Sizilien. (0:15:59.79)
Thor von Flegel : I'm Thor. (0:16:02.00)
Julius von Littenheim : I am Julius. (0:16:03.37)
Merlin Walford : I see. Is that right? (0:16:07.54)
Shin Wolford : So anyway, Granny, (0:16:10.25)
Shin Wolford : for safety's sake, (0:16:12.04)
Shin Wolford : I'd like to overwrite the
enchantment on Sizilien's uniform.
Maria von Messina : Enchantment? (0:16:16.95)
August von Earlshide : What do you mean? (0:16:17.95)
Merida Bowen : Yes, indeed. Your name was Sizilien, right? (0:16:19.29)
Sicily von Claude : Y-Yes! (0:16:22.91)
Merida Bowen : "Physical shock" "Antifouling"
"Absolute magic defense"
This overwritten enchantment
is an especially radical matter.
Merida Bowen : Shin is quite serious about keeping you safe. (0:16:27.79)
Merida Bowen : Do you think you are worthy to accept it? (0:16:30.54)
Sicily von Claude : Worthy, you say? (0:16:34.25)
Shin Wolford : You're making too much of it. (0:16:36.45)
Merida Bowen : Keep quiet! (0:16:37.95)
Merida Bowen : Do you have any idea what
has become of your uniform?
Shin Wolford : What's become of it? (0:16:44.79)
Merida Bowen : It's already national-treasure-grade
protective gear.
EXTRA : National treasure grade?! (0:16:49.62)
Merida Bowen : I can't even guess what kind of price (0:16:51.75)
Merida Bowen : protective gear this enchanted would fetch. (0:16:53.95)
Merida Bowen : And he's about to perform
that on your uniform.
Merida Bowen : Are you ready and worthy to receive that? (0:17:00.20)
Sicily von Claude : Well then, I'm not... worthy to accept it. (0:17:04.08)
Shin Wolford : Huh? (0:17:10.04)
Sicily von Claude : I've taken advantage of Shin's kindness. (0:17:11.08)
Sicily von Claude : I thought that once I explained the situation,
he'd sympathize and help me.
Merida Bowen : He is so strong. I can understand
why you'd want to turn to him.
Sicily von Claude : Shin is a complete outsider,
but he still helped me,
Sicily von Claude : said he'd protect me, (0:17:29.62)
Sicily von Claude : and I was so glad... (0:17:31.66)
Maria von Messina : That's not true! I'm the one
who put you up to it--
Sicily von Claude : I'm sorry, Shin! I'll take care
of this somehow on my own.
Sicily von Claude : I'm sorry to have bothered you,
too, Mistress Melida.
Maria von Messina : --Sizilien!
--Just a moment.
Merida Bowen : --Sizilien!
--Just a moment.
Merida Bowen : If you had accepted it
without saying anything...
Merida Bowen : ...I would have thrown you out of here. (0:17:49.54)
Merida Bowen : But you told the truth. (0:17:52.41)
Merida Bowen : You renounced your chance to obtain
national-treasure-grade protective gear.
Merida Bowen : That's not something just anyone could do. (0:17:58.83)
Sicily von Claude : But I tricked Shin...! (0:18:01.20)
Merida Bowen : What's wrong with a girl trying to trick a boy? (0:18:05.54)
Merida Bowen : What you did was adorable. Just look at Shin.
He hasn't even realized it.
Merida Bowen : In fact, you turned to him,
so he's probably all worked up.
Shin Wolford : Yeah, I am. (0:18:19.58)
Shin Wolford : Sizilien, I don't think that you've played me. (0:18:22.83)
Shin Wolford : I wanted to help you of my own initiative. (0:18:26.04)
Shin Wolford : So don't deny my initiative, okay? (0:18:28.66)
Shin Wolford : You're more than welcome to use me. (0:18:31.70)
Sicily von Claude : Shin... (0:18:34.54)
Merida Bowen : I'm sorry to have tested you.
I had to make absolutely sure about you.
Merlin Walford : Listen, Shin... (0:18:51.25)
Shin Wolford : What is it? (0:18:52.62)
Merlin Walford : I had no idea at all that
she was trying to use you.
Shin Wolford : Neither did I. (0:18:58.29)
Merlin Walford : But Melida saw right through her. (0:18:59.66)
Merlin Walford : If you'd gone ahead
and enchanted her uniform,
Merlin Walford : her heart might have been crushed
by the guilt afterward.
Shin Wolford : My enchantments are that big a deal? (0:19:09.00)
Merlin Walford : I can't believe you didn't know.
But never mind you...
Merlin Walford : Your grandma carries all the weight
around here, doesn't she?
Merlin Walford : It was like I was thin air just now. (0:19:18.08)
Shin Wolford : Hang in there, Grandpa. (0:19:20.50)
EXTRA : "Other thin-air people" (0:19:21.62)
Merida Bowen : I have to say, (0:19:24.25)
Merida Bowen : I'm impressed by your honesty. (0:19:26.04)
Merida Bowen : When I was your age,
I wouldn't have spoken up.
Sicily von Claude : When Shin saved me, I was really happy. (0:19:31.20)
Sicily von Claude : But I felt so apologetic,
it was hard for me to keep quiet.
Merida Bowen : I'd sure like to keep her in line somehow. (0:19:39.87)
Sicily von Claude : The letters are disappearing! (0:19:46.16)
Maria von Messina : Are you deleting them? (0:19:47.54)
Merida Bowen : It's such a preposterous sight,
no matter how often I see it.
Merlin Walford : Ho-ho, you've certainly grown. (0:19:52.04)
Shin Wolford : All done. (0:19:55.16)
August von Earlshide : You really can do anything, huh? (0:19:56.66)
Shin Wolford : It is, after all, just magic gear. (0:19:58.62)
Shin Wolford : It needs some degree of magic power
to be applied for it to activate.
Shin Wolford : Which means it won't protect
you against sneak attacks.
Shin Wolford : Moreover, it doesn't extend to areas
not covered by the uniform,
Shin Wolford : so your arms, legs,
and head will be vulnerable.
August von Earlshide : Father, this is... (0:20:13.16)
Diseum von Earlsheid : Yes, I know. (0:20:14.91)
Diseum von Earlsheid : Shin, if I may? (0:20:16.83)
Diseum von Earlsheid : This enchantment is outstanding.
No, it's more than outstanding.
Diseum von Earlsheid : If this gets out into the world,
there'll be hell to pay.
Diseum von Earlsheid : You must never tell anyone else about this. (0:20:25.37)
Shin Wolford : It's that serious? (0:20:27.54)
Diseum von Earlsheid : If the military finds out about it, (0:20:29.00)
Diseum von Earlsheid : there could be those who
would wish to declare war.
Shin Wolford : Declare war?! (0:20:33.95)
Shin Wolford : I suppose you're right. I hadn't
thought about that possibility.
Merida Bowen : Ah, that's the first time Shin's
ever regretted something!
Merlin Walford : Ho-ho! (0:20:44.75)
Diseum von Earlsheid : So long as you understand. (0:20:46.08)
Shin Wolford : I was going to perform the same
enchantment on Aug's uniform.
Shin Wolford : But that's a bad idea, huh? (0:20:52.20)
Shin Wolford : Aug, I'm sorry. (0:20:53.79)
Diseum von Earlsheid : J-Just a second, Shin! (0:20:55.33)
Diseum von Earlsheid : Don't you think it would be okay
as long as we don't misuse them?
Shin Wolford : I've enchanted everyone else's.
Maria, are you sure about this?
Maria von Messina : I don't want to wear
a big mass of state secrets.
Sicily von Claude : Thank you very much. Wearing this
makes me feel like you're protecting me.
Sicily von Claude : I'm extremely happy! (0:21:15.87)
Shin Wolford : Okay, Sizilien, starting tomorrow,
I'll take you home, okay?
Sicily von Claude : But won't that be an imposition on you? (0:21:22.29)
Shin Wolford : It's all right. We'll use a gate. (0:21:24.83)
Maria von Messina : What's that? (0:21:27.00)
Shin Wolford : This bit of magic. (0:21:28.12)
Shin Wolford : Go ahead and step inside. (0:21:30.33)
Maria von Messina : Where are we?! (0:21:32.91)
Shin Wolford : The house where Grandpa and I used to live. (0:21:34.50)
August von Earlshide : Just a minute! You said you lived
deep in the forest, didn't you?
Shin Wolford : That's where this is. (0:21:40.62)
Maria von Messina : You mean this is teleportation magic?! (0:21:42.00)
Shin Wolford : It's not exactly teleportation.
More like connecting two places.
Shin Wolford : "Capital" "Forest"
It's not exactly teleportation.
More like connecting two places.
Shin Wolford : It's not exactly teleportation.
More like connecting two places.
Maria von Messina : I don't know what you mean. (0:21:49.29)
Shin Wolford : I can only create gates
in places I've been before,
Shin Wolford : so once we take a carriage to
your home, I can open one there.
Sicily von Claude : O-Okay... (0:21:57.16)
Maria von Messina : Ugh, this is starting to give me a headache! (0:21:58.50)
Thor von Flegel : I didn't think you could be as
out of the loop as everyone said...
Julius von Littenheim : ...but we can't even take
your magic for granted.
August von Earlshide : Mr. Top Scorer flunks when
it comes to common sense.
Shin Wolford : It isn't that bad, is it? (0:22:12.20)
EXTRA : Huh? (0:22:14.37)
Shin Wolford : "Huh"? (0:22:15.79)
Shin Wolford : It is? (0:22:18.79)

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