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Maria von Messina : Ah, the toilets in this house with
the bidet function really are the best.
Maria von Messina : This is the high point of civilization. (0:00:14.24)
Merida Bowen : Excuse me, Maria. Come over here.
I need to ask you something.
Maria von Messina : O-Okay. (0:00:19.74)
Merida Bowen : What do you make of those two? (0:00:21.07)
Maria von Messina : They are quite openly crazy about each other. (0:00:23.58)
Merida Bowen : They are? So, they're already
going out now, right?
Maria von Messina : I can't say that for sure. (0:00:31.09)
Maria von Messina : There's no doubt they're
both emotionally involved.
Maria von Messina : But Sizilien hasn't realized that what
she's feeling is romantic interest.
Merida Bowen : What makes you say that? (0:00:41.05)
Maria von Messina : Sizilien has both those looks
and that personality.
Maria von Messina : She's had boys declaring
their love for her forever,
Maria von Messina : but she's never accepted any of them.
So she doesn't know how it feels.
Merida Bowen : Then what you're saying is... (0:00:54.95)
Maria von Messina : He's probably her first love. (0:00:57.36)
EXTRA : "Wise Man's Grandchild" (0:01:08.21)
EXTRA : "Wise Man's Grandchild" (0:01:12.63)
Sicily von Claude : Is it still a long way to Bean Works? (0:02:30.87)
Julius von Littenheim : We're almost there. (0:02:33.84)
Thor von Flegel : Still, it's too bad about Tony
not being able to come.
August von Earlshide : What's the matter?
You've been frowning for a while.
Shin Wolford : Aug, Schtrom is probably still alive. (0:02:46.10)
August von Earlshide : What do you mean? (0:02:49.69)
Shin Wolford : You saw the parade grounds, right?
The impact from my heat ray magic?
Shin Wolford : I tried it out in the wilderness,
but it just created craters;
Shin Wolford : there weren't any explosions. (0:02:59.11)
Shin Wolford : The explosion that happened with him
was probably meant to trick our eyes.
August von Earlshide : Then Schtrom is...? (0:03:06.04)
August von Earlshide : Shin, when we get to the smithy,
order whatever you need made.
August von Earlshide : The royal family will sponsor it. (0:03:13.00)
August von Earlshide : Hearing what you just said... (0:03:15.50)
August von Earlshide : You're the only one who can fight
on equal terms with Schtrom.
August von Earlshide : Let's make sure you're outfitted
with what you need.
EXTRA : "Bean Works" (0:03:25.10)
Mark Bean : Welcome to Bean Works! (0:03:25.68)
Mark Bean : Be my guests! (0:03:28.18)
Olivia Stone : Good morning, everyone. (0:03:30.14)
Shin Wolford : Morning, Mark and Olivia. (0:03:32.81)
Shin Wolford : By the way, why are you two together
so early in the morning?
Maria von Messina : If you wouldn't mind... (0:03:39.78)
Sicily von Claude : ...telling us all about it right away... (0:03:41.70)
Olivia Stone : Please go easy on me! (0:03:44.74)
Mark Bean : Daddy! Daddy! (0:03:48.83)
EXTRA : "Harold Bean" (0:03:51.21)
Harold Bean : What do you want, dumbass?! And don't
call me that at the top of your lungs!
Harold Bean : In the smithy, I told you to call me "Boss"! (0:03:55.42)
August von Earlshide : Sorry to disturb you while you're working.
I'm August von Earlsheid.
Harold Bean : Prince August?! (0:04:07.18)
August von Earlshide : As it happens, I'd like you
to help Shin develop a weapon.
Harold Bean : This boy's--I mean,
this young man's weapon, you say?
August von Earlshide : Oh, I guess introductions are in order. (0:04:18.23)
August von Earlshide : This is Shin Wolford,
grandson of Wise Man Merlin.
Harold Bean : Th-Th-The grandson of the wise wan?! (0:04:24.61)
Harold Bean : The one who defeated the demonoid
who recently appeared?!
August von Earlshide : Mm-hmm. How about it? Will you help him? (0:04:30.70)
Harold Bean : Well, sure, by all means!
There could be no greater prestige
Harold Bean : than for us to forge the new hero's weapons! (0:04:37.96)
Harold Bean : So then, what kind of weapon are we making? (0:04:41.51)
August von Earlshide : Shin? (0:04:45.59)
Shin Wolford : Right. (0:04:46.63)
EXTRA : "Blusfia Empire, Imperial Castle" (0:04:49.10)
Herald von Bluesphere : Zest, tell me, (0:04:49.93)
Herald von Bluesphere : where did you gather your information
about the Kingdom of Earlsheid?
Zest : I'm working with someone within the kingdom. (0:04:56.60)
Zest : He tells me that the whole
kingdom is in commotion
Zest : over the proliferation of demons. (0:05:02.32)
Herald von Bluesphere : Hmph, this might finally be my chance
to take over the kingdom.
EXTRA : "Zest" (0:05:08.62)
Zest : I very much hope that it is. (0:05:09.16)
Herald von Bluesphere : Hmph, I don't need well wishes
from a commoner like you.
Herald von Bluesphere : Although, I will make good use of
the information. You should be honored.
Zest : Yes, it is my humble pleasure. (0:05:22.30)
Shin Wolford : Okay, sir, I'll leave the rest up to you. (0:05:28.22)
Harold Bean : Right! (0:05:30.93)
Sicily von Claude : Have you finished explaining it to him? (0:05:32.60)
Shin Wolford : Yeah. How about you? (0:05:34.85)
Maria von Messina : Well, you might say that. (0:05:37.85)
Shin Wolford : What else do you sell out of here? (0:05:41.95)
Mark Bean : The second floor is housewares,
and the third floor is accessories and stuff.
Shin Wolford : Accessories, huh? (0:05:48.57)
Sicily von Claude : Is something the matter? (0:05:50.62)
Shin Wolford : Oh, I was wondering if there
were any accessories you'd like.
Sicily von Claude : A-A-Accessories, you say?! (0:05:56.29)
Sicily von Claude : You mean, like a ring, or something? (0:06:00.04)
Sicily von Claude : Ah, but that would be so sudden!
Maybe for now, a necklace would be better...
Sicily von Claude : Though bracelets would be hard
to pass up, too. Oh, and earrings...
Shin Wolford : Y-You really want that much? (0:06:12.22)
Sicily von Claude : N-No! It's not like that.
I-I was just wondering what I'd like...
Shin Wolford : I was thinking that enchanting
accessories with defensive magic
Shin Wolford : would prove highly effective. (0:06:26.49)
Sicily von Claude : Ah... I suppose that's true. (0:06:29.15)
Shin Wolford : Huh? (0:06:32.78)
August von Earlshide : You can't pull something like that. (0:06:36.50)
Thor von Flegel : How could you get her hopes up?
What kind of monster are you?
Maria von Messina : Poor Sizilien... (0:06:41.04)
Shin Wolford : Huh? Huh? (0:06:43.29)
Shin Wolford : Ah! The way I asked the question...! (0:06:44.55)
Shin Wolford : Uh, Sizilien... (0:06:47.34)
Sicily von Claude : What is it? (0:06:51.01)
Sicily von Claude : I-I'm sorry. (0:06:54.05)
Sicily von Claude : It almost seems like I'm being pushy. (0:06:55.89)
Shin Wolford : That's okay, that's okay.
I'm making up for bumming you out.
Shin Wolford : Besides, I do kind of want
to buy an accessory for you.
Shin Wolford : I'll do the enchanting.
Which one would you like?
Sicily von Claude : Um... would you mind choosing? (0:07:13.07)
Shin Wolford : Huh? You can choose whichever one you wish. (0:07:17.45)
Sicily von Claude : I can't decide by myself. (0:07:20.83)
Shin Wolford : Well, okay... (0:07:24.67)
Shin Wolford : How about this one? (0:07:27.25)
EXTRA : I think it will look good on you, miss. (0:07:31.97)
Shin Wolford : This one, please. (0:07:36.31)
EXTRA : As you wish. (0:07:38.18)
Shin Wolford : Okay, Sizilien... (0:07:42.02)
Sicily von Claude : Shin, thank you so much. (0:08:00.75)
Shin Wolford : I'm glad you like it. (0:08:04.17)
Shin Wolford : This will keep you safe. (0:08:08.80)
Sicily von Claude : Shin is keeping me safe... (0:08:12.55)
EXTRA : "Earlsheid Royal Castle" (0:08:24.48)
EXTRA : "Day of award ceremony" (0:08:26.44)
Shin Wolford : The actual award ceremony is finally here. (0:08:28.02)
EXTRA : Master Wolford, sorry to keep you waiting. (0:08:33.36)
Shin Wolford : This is it, then. (0:08:36.91)
EXTRA : The man of valor who saved
the kingdom, and our new hero,
EXTRA : Shin Wolford, has arrived! (0:08:48.38)
Shin Wolford : I-Is this for real? (0:09:01.39)
Diseum von Earlsheid : Shin Wolford, your labors in this
matter have been truly exemplary.
Diseum von Earlsheid : I confer upon you the First Order of Merit. (0:09:15.78)
Shin Wolford : I-I most humbly accept. (0:09:17.99)
Diseum von Earlsheid : Well done. (0:09:22.58)
Shin Wolford : It is my humble pleasure. (0:09:26.08)
Diseum von Earlsheid : Ladies and gentlemen, hear my words!
Shin Wolford here is the grandson
Diseum von Earlsheid : of my friend, Merlin the Wise Man! (0:09:33.09)
Diseum von Earlsheid : When I invited him to the kingdom
to attend the magic academy,
Diseum von Earlsheid : I made a promise to the wise man (0:09:40.10)
Diseum von Earlsheid : that I would not exploit him
for political or military gain.
Diseum von Earlsheid : If that promise is broken, their heroic
household will depart this land!
Diseum von Earlsheid : Under no circumstances forget this point! (0:09:51.27)
Shin Wolford : He really did tell everyone
about the promise...
Sicily von Claude : You look exhausted. (0:10:07.08)
Shin Wolford : After yesterday's award ceremony,
there was this party, and that function, and...
EXTRA : Oh, Shin is coming out! (0:10:15.55)
EXTRA : Shin! (0:10:18.18)
EXTRA : Our new hero! (0:10:19.30)
EXTRA : --So that's him! He sure looks striking!
--Shin! Look over here!
Shin Wolford : How come?! (0:10:24.52)
Maria von Messina : You got your award, but because
of His Majesty's consideration,
Maria von Messina : you were not presented to the public, (0:10:28.69)
Maria von Messina : so that's why they're
descending on your house now.
Shin Wolford : We can't get to the academy like this. (0:10:33.15)
Shin Wolford : Oh well, I guess we'll use a gate today. (0:10:35.61)
Shin Wolford : Oh, sorry! (0:10:41.78)
Yuri Carlton : You startled me! (0:10:43.78)
Tony Freide : What kind of magic is this? (0:10:45.62)
Lyn Hughes : It's unbelievable! What's going on? (0:10:47.45)
Shin Wolford : Oh, there was a huge crowd of people
at my house, and we couldn't leave, so...
August von Earlshide : So you came by gate. (0:10:55.50)
Lyn Hughes : Gate? What's that? Tell me more. (0:10:57.59)
Shin Wolford : This magic is what I call a gate.
It connects two different places.
Lyn Hughes : Amazing. Wolford, are you able
to use teleportation magic?
Shin Wolford : Strictly speaking, it isn't teleportation.
It is relocation magic, though.
Lyn Hughes : What do you mean? (0:11:14.61)
Shin Wolford : Teleportation is magic that
relocates an object itself, right?
Lyn Hughes : This isn't that? (0:11:19.53)
Shin Wolford : This just reduces the distance
between two locations.
Shin Wolford : Don't feel bad if you're
having trouble understanding.
Shin Wolford : Not even Grandpa is able
to get his head around it.
Merlin Walford : I can't make sense of this! (0:11:30.66)
Lyn Hughes : Not even the wise man? (0:11:32.33)
Shin Wolford : Well, you might be able to use it
in time, too. You are in the study group.
Lyn Hughes : Mm-hmm, I'll do my best! (0:11:38.92)
Shin Wolford : I should hold a training boot camp soon
and put everyone through the wringer...
August von Earlshide : He's up to no good again. (0:11:45.55)
Alice Corner : You want us to level up? (0:11:49.27)
August von Earlshide : You looked like you dreamed something up,
and now we know what.
Shin Wolford : There have been a string of
strange incidents lately, right?
Shin Wolford : We've managed to get through them,
but I thought we should get you leveled up
Shin Wolford : to be ready for the next
thing that comes along.
August von Earlshide : That makes sense. It's not
as weird an idea as I imagined.
Shin Wolford : Hey! (0:12:08.83)
August von Earlshide : So, what are you planning
to do for this "level-up"?
Shin Wolford : Have you all get proficient with a certain
level of attack and defense magic
Shin Wolford : and enchant some
defensive magic accessories.
Maria von Messina : Ah, like Sizilien's ring. (0:12:21.17)
Shin Wolford : Ahem! How about we start by checking
how much magic power you can control?
August von Earlshide : Magic control? How come? (0:12:30.22)
Shin Wolford : How come? Higher level magic requires
proportionate magic control, right?
Thor von Flegel : I thought higher level magic
required devising chants
Thor von Flegel : and more precise visualizations. (0:12:41.76)
Shin Wolford : Oh, no. (0:12:43.65)
Shin Wolford : To use magic, the first thing you need
is magic power, to act as fuel,
Shin Wolford : and to use higher-level magic, (0:12:49.28)
Shin Wolford : you have to be able to control
enough magic power, or else...
Shin Wolford : I'm going to have to change their
entire perception from square one.
Shin Wolford : Gather around, everyone.
Maria, conjure up a magic barrier for us.
Maria von Messina : Huh? Oh, okay... (0:13:04.55)
Shin Wolford : That won't do. The barrier is too thin. (0:13:12.89)
Shin Wolford : This won't defend against
very much magic at all.
Maria von Messina : Huh?! (0:13:17.94)
Shin Wolford : Sizilien, would you activate
the defensive magic
Shin Wolford : from the accessory I enchanted earlier? (0:13:21.61)
Sicily von Claude : Oh, sure. (0:13:23.99)
Alice Corner : Wow, amazing! (0:13:29.70)
EXTRA : Two layers? (0:13:31.25)
Yuri Carlton : Ah! It's enchanted with
a physical barrier, too!
Shin Wolford : This is enchanted with
my control visualization.
Shin Wolford : It gathers the necessary magic power
to that end and projects it.
August von Earlshide : Indeed it does. Controlled magic
power is incredible, all right.
Shin Wolford : Earlier, Schtrom blocked
my first attack, remember?
Shin Wolford : That was a magic barrier. (0:13:52.01)
August von Earlshide : What? (0:13:54.77)
Alice Corner : Magic barriers are walls
made of pure magic power
Alice Corner : and are the easiest things to make, right? (0:13:58.85)
Thor von Flegel : I always thought it was some other,
more powerful magic.
Shin Wolford : With enough magic power, (0:14:04.90)
Shin Wolford : you can defend against magic
well enough with just a magic barrier.
Shin Wolford : Do you want me to show you a portion
of the magic power I can control?
Mark Bean : That's incredibly dense! (0:14:24.05)
Yuri Carlton : No way! Is it really this concentrated?! (0:14:26.09)
Shin Wolford : If you can't control that kind of
magic power, you won't get anywhere.
Shin Wolford : So with that in mind, we're going
to practice magic control every day.
Shin Wolford : No slacking off. (0:14:50.32)
EXTRA : "The Blusfia Empire" (0:14:53.53)
Oliver Schtrom : Ho, the kingdom is preparing to go to war? (0:14:54.16)
Miria : Yes. The imperial army's
movements were quite overt,
Miria : so they realized it immediately. (0:15:01.38)
Oliver Schtrom : It sounds like Zest did well.
So, what do you think will happen, Miria?
EXTRA : "Miria" (0:15:10.22)
Miria : That is difficult for me
to say, Master Schtrom.
Oliver Schtrom : Dance well, everyone. (0:15:14.14)
Merida Bowen : Oh? Shin... (0:15:29.24)
Shin Wolford : We're home. (0:15:31.24)
Alice Corner : Ah! It's the wise man! (0:15:32.82)
Lyn Hughes : And the guru, too! (0:15:35.20)
Yuri Carlton : How thrilling! (0:15:36.20)
Merlin Walford : What brings you here with so many friends?
Is something the matter?
Shin Wolford : When we were leaving the academy,
there was a crowd at the school gate.
EXTRA : --Shin!
Shin Wolford : Honestly, this is a huge bother. (0:15:47.29)
Merlin Walford : It will die down before long. (0:15:51.38)
Merlin Walford : Ho, so you've started magic training
under Shin's direction?
Thor von Flegel : Yes, though he's pushing us
awfully hard right from the start.
Alice Corner : The wise man is the one who
taught Shin his magic, right?
Alice Corner : So does that make us the wise man's
second-generation students?
Julius von Littenheim : We're also the wise man's grandson's
first-generation students, too.
Lyn Hughes : This is getting too hard to follow. (0:16:12.95)
Merlin Walford : Well, I am the first one
to have taught him, to be sure,
Merlin Walford : but Shin has his own way
of visualizing things.
Lyn Hughes : What do you mean by that? (0:16:22.96)
Merlin Walford : Shin doesn't visualize the magic's
outcome, but rather, the process.
Merlin Walford : Do any of you know why a fire burns? (0:16:29.46)
Lyn Hughes : Well, um, because you set it on fire? (0:16:33.34)
Olivia Stone : I don't think that's what he means. (0:16:36.55)
August von Earlshide : If you ask us why, exactly,
we can't offer a definite answer.
Merlin Walford : I don't really know, either. (0:16:43.48)
Merlin Walford : But Shin always raises those questions. (0:16:47.19)
Merlin Walford : What is fire? Why does it burn? (0:16:50.28)
Merlin Walford : As a result, he doesn't think
solely about the outcome;
Merlin Walford : he grasps the mechanisms that get him there (0:16:56.78)
Merlin Walford : to dream up new visualizations
that have never been done before,
Merlin Walford : giving rise to more powerful magic. (0:17:02.29)
Merlin Walford : Kind of like this... (0:17:05.42)
Shin Wolford : Grandpa, is that...? (0:17:08.63)
Merlin Walford : It sure wasn't easy, but thanks
to your description using paper,
Merlin Walford : I finally figured it out. (0:17:15.72)
Merlin Walford : Shin isn't the only one
who can use his magic.
Merlin Walford : If you understand the mechanisms
and combine it with the right visualizations
Merlin Walford : and the appropriate control
of magic power, you can all use it.
Merlin Walford : Shin may not be conventional,
but he isn't beyond the pale, either.
Shin Wolford : Grandpa, thank you... (0:17:33.90)
Merida Bowen : Merlin, every once in a while,
you do have your moments.
Merlin Walford : What do you mean, "once in a while"? (0:17:42.12)
Merida Bowen : You learned how to create
gates for Shin's sake, right?
Merlin Walford : What do you mean? (0:17:47.88)
Merida Bowen : It seems like every time Shin uses magic, (0:17:50.17)
Merida Bowen : he gets called abnormal or extreme. (0:17:53.30)
Merlin Walford : Yes, it does. (0:17:56.63)
Merida Bowen : But if you can use Shin's magic,
one could say that he isn't a special case.
Merida Bowen : That's a good thing for the
others to see, too, isn't it?
Merida Bowen : Their eyes all lit up over maybe
being able to use magic like Shin.
Merida Bowen : There's no reason for him to feel alone. (0:18:15.24)
Merlin Walford : You think so? (0:18:18.53)
Merida Bowen : I do. (0:18:20.24)
Shin Wolford : Lyn, what happened to you? (0:18:29.67)
Lyn Hughes : I was practicing my magic control,
and it got out of hand.
Shin Wolford : Out of hand? Are you all right? (0:18:34.63)
Lyn Hughes : It happens a lot. No problem. (0:18:37.30)
Shin Wolford : But there must have been damage
to everything around you, too, right?
Shin Wolford : I mean, your hair is scorched. (0:18:43.64)
Lyn Hughes : My father is a court magician. (0:18:46.10)
Lyn Hughes : We have a practice room at home,
so it's not an issue if I lose control.
Shin Wolford : So you do this all the time? (0:18:51.81)
Shin Wolford : You're quite the unbridled
magical girl, aren't you?
Lyn Hughes : I like that! From now on, I'll call
myself the Unbridled Magical Girl!
Alice Corner : Good morning, Lyn! (0:19:00.16)
Lyn Hughes : No, call me the Unbridled Magical Girl! (0:19:01.64)
Alice Corner : Huh? (0:19:03.98)
Harold Bean : Oh, you're here! The prototype is finished. (0:19:05.58)
Shin Wolford : Leave it to a professional! (0:19:09.12)
Shin Wolford : That was quick work! (0:19:11.00)
Harold Bean : Well, of course! (0:19:12.42)
Harold Bean : Okay, go ahead and push
the trigger on the hilt.
Shin Wolford : Here? (0:19:18.72)
Shin Wolford : It came out! (0:19:21.14)
Tony Freide : This is amazing! I'm here to witness
Bean Works's new creation!
Shin Wolford : What are you talking about, Tony?
This was your idea to begin with, right?
Maria von Messina : Finished with your errand? (0:19:36.69)
Shin Wolford : Yeah, and I got you some presents
for keeping you waiting.
Alice Corner : Huh? What are they? (0:19:42.03)
Shin Wolford : Accessories for all of you. (0:19:44.24)
Sicily von Claude : Huh? (0:19:46.16)
Shin Wolford : I'll enchant them with defensive
magic and give them to you later.
Lyn Hughes : Oh, like you were saying before... (0:19:50.21)
Olivia Stone : But if you have one for all of us... (0:19:53.58)
Shin Wolford : No, I didn't get rings for the boys. (0:20:00.42)
August von Earlshide : Shin, about your sword, (0:20:03.55)
August von Earlshide : I'm thinking of suggesting having
the army adopt them, too. Do you mind?
Shin Wolford : Hmm? I don't think Granny
will be happy about that.
Merida Bowen : You're doing what?! (0:20:12.94)
August von Earlshide : No, not your vibration sword; (0:20:14.36)
August von Earlshide : I want them to use them
as general issue swords.
August von Earlshide : It will require some modifications,
but if we mass produce them,
August von Earlshide : we can reinforce our weaponry
while keeping the cost down.
Shin Wolford : The idea for the sword was Tony's,
so if he's okay with it, so am I.
Shin Wolford : But why do you ask? (0:20:31.58)
August von Earlshide : The truth is, war may be close at hand. (0:20:34.25)
Olivia Stone : --Huh?
--I knew it.
Shin Wolford : --Huh?
--I knew it.
Olivia Stone : Our customers often say
the same thing in passing.
Shin Wolford : War? With whom? (0:20:43.51)
August von Earlshide : The Blusfia Empire. (0:20:46.55)
Shin Wolford : The empire? But why? (0:20:48.31)
August von Earlshide : You'll have to ask them. (0:20:50.43)
August von Earlshide : Apparently, there's a massive buildup
to go to war in the empire.
Thor von Flegel : If a drawn-out war breaks out,
then we students may be enlisted, too.
August von Earlshide : W-Well, it hasn't started yet.
There's no point in getting worked up.
August von Earlshide : Especially you, Shin. (0:21:12.87)
August von Earlshide : Demonoid attacks are one thing, (0:21:14.42)
August von Earlshide : but we will never drag
you into fighting a war.
August von Earlshide : That would be military appropriation. (0:21:19.50)
Shin Wolford : Sure, you may not draft me, (0:21:22.67)
Shin Wolford : but if all of you are in danger,
I will take to the battlefield.
Shin Wolford : All of you that I've met here
are friends that I couldn't do without.
Diseum von Earlsheid : I see. (0:23:19.79)
Diseum von Earlsheid : So the imperial army is starting
to advance toward our kingdom.
Diseum von Earlsheid : We have to sweep aside any
sparks that rain down on us.
Diseum von Earlsheid : Dominic! (0:23:32.43)
Dominic Gastor : Majesty? (0:23:33.55)
Diseum von Earlsheid : Order all of our forces to move out. (0:23:35.76)

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Wise Man's Grandchild

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06:29 pm
Who is this ?
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