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Tanjiro Kamado
Sakonji Urokodaki : Let's go. (0:00:28.96)
EXTRA : DESTROY (0:02:03.97)
Sakonji Urokodaki : The Demon Slayer Corps has
around several hundred members.
Sakonji Urokodaki : It's an organization
unrecognized by the government.
Sakonji Urokodaki : Yet it's existed since ancient times,
and we continue to hunt demons today.
Sakonji Urokodaki : But as for who's leading
the Demon Slayer Corps,
Sakonji Urokodaki : that remains a mystery. (0:02:25.24)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Demons. (0:02:28.37)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Staple food... Humans! (0:02:30.08)
Sakonji Urokodaki : They kill humans and feed on them. (0:02:32.50)
Sakonji Urokodaki : No one knows when and where
they first appeared.
Sakonji Urokodaki : Their physical prowess is remarkable.
Wounds heal in the blink of an eye.
Sakonji Urokodaki : Flesh is restored after being hacked off, (0:02:44.05)
Sakonji Urokodaki : and limbs can be newly regenerated. (0:02:46.39)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Some demons can shape-shift.
Others have otherworldly powers.
Sakonji Urokodaki : They can only be killed by sunlight
or by decapitation with a special sword.
Sakonji Urokodaki : The Demon Slayers battle the demons
with their own mortal bodies.
Sakonji Urokodaki : Since they're human,
their wounds are slow to heal,
Sakonji Urokodaki : and, once lost,
their limbs don't grow back!
Sakonji Urokodaki : Even so, they battle the demons... (0:03:12.17)
Sakonji Urokodaki : to protect other humans. (0:03:15.09)
Sakonji Urokodaki : I am a trainer. (0:03:31.14)
Sakonji Urokodaki : I literally train swordsmen. (0:03:33.77)
Sakonji Urokodaki : There are many trainers, (0:03:36.90)
Sakonji Urokodaki : and each of them trains their pupils
with their own regimen in their location.
Sakonji Urokodaki : To join the Demon Slayer Corps, (0:03:44.70)
Sakonji Urokodaki : you must survive the Final Selection
process held on Mt. Fujikasane.
Sakonji Urokodaki : Whether or not you're eligible
for Final Selection is up to me.
Tanjirou Kamado : Starting today, I'm going to keep
a journal for Nezuko.
Tanjirou Kamado : I'm descending the mountain again today. (0:04:03.63)
Tanjirou Kamado : I'm going to train my hardest
so I won't die during Final Selection.
Tanjirou Kamado : After repeatedly descending
the mountain, day after day,
Tanjirou Kamado : I'm starting to learn
how to avoid most of the traps.
Tanjirou Kamado : It's because I'm much stronger now, (0:04:20.94)
Tanjirou Kamado : and because I'm even more adept
at detecting scents than before.
Tanjirou Kamado : Even so... (0:04:29.95)
Tanjirou Kamado : the traps are getting
more and more difficult.
Tanjirou Kamado : He may really want to kill me! (0:04:37.04)
Tanjirou Kamado : I made my descent today,
sword in hand,
Tanjirou Kamado : but the sword really hampered
my movement.
Tanjirou Kamado : With the sword, (0:05:00.86)
Tanjirou Kamado : I can't stop getting ensnared
in all the traps!
Tanjirou Kamado : 991! (0:05:06.49)
Tanjirou Kamado : I swing the sword today. (0:05:08.16)
Tanjirou Kamado : Well, it's not just today. I've been swinging
the sword every single day.
Tanjirou Kamado : After descending the mountain,
I swing my sword until my arms nearly fall off.
Tanjirou Kamado : 1,000! (0:05:17.96)
Sakonji Urokodaki : 500 more! (0:05:19.84)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Swords break easily. (0:05:36.81)
Tanjirou Kamado : That's what he told me beforehand. (0:05:39.81)
Tanjirou Kamado : Though it's strong vertically,
it's weak horizontally, so...
Tanjirou Kamado : you need to apply the force
straight along the blade.
Tanjirou Kamado : The blade's direction and the direction
in which you apply the force
Tanjirou Kamado : must be exactly the same. (0:05:58.08)
Tanjirou Kamado : And he added, "If you ever damage
the blade, in other words, break it,
Tanjirou Kamado : I'll snap your bones, as well"
in a threatening tone of voice.
Tanjirou Kamado : Nezuko... (0:06:13.93)
Tanjirou Kamado : I'll keep working hard, okay? (0:06:15.85)
Tanjirou Kamado : Today, I did nothing but fall. (0:06:33.95)
Tanjirou Kamado : Training to break my fall
and get up quickly from any position.
Tanjirou Kamado : I wield my sword, (0:06:42.88)
Tanjirou Kamado : and I charge Mr. Urokodaki
really trying to kill him.
Tanjirou Kamado : In contrast, (0:06:47.76)
Tanjirou Kamado : Mr. Urokodaki is bare-handed
and unarmed.
Tanjirou Kamado : But he's ridiculously powerful! (0:06:54.60)
Tanjirou Kamado : He flings me away
to roll on the ground every time.
Tanjirou Kamado : I'm home, Nezuko. (0:07:06.11)
Tanjirou Kamado : Today, I learned breathing
techniques and some forms.
Tanjirou Kamado : Total Concentration Breathing? (0:07:22.63)
Sakonji Urokodaki : That's right. (0:07:25.84)
Sakonji Urokodaki : And I'm going to teach you
all ten of the Water Breathing forms.
Sakonji Urokodaki : Remember to take a long breath
so the oxygen flows into every cell in your body.
Sakonji Urokodaki : This will enhance
your body's natural healing power,
Sakonji Urokodaki : and both stabilize
and energize your spirit.
Sakonji Urokodaki : Relax your upper body (0:07:45.86)
Sakonji Urokodaki : while bracing your lower half. (0:07:48.94)
Sakonji Urokodaki : All right, breathe! (0:07:52.03)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Wrong! (0:07:58.74)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Next! Forms! (0:08:02.04)
Tanjirou Kamado : Right! Like this? (0:08:04.42)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Wrong! (0:08:06.09)
Tanjirou Kamado : Like this? (0:08:07.25)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Wrong! (0:08:08.30)
Tanjirou Kamado : This? (0:08:09.26)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Wrong! (0:08:09.96)
Tanjirou Kamado : This? (0:08:10.76)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Wrong! (0:08:11.51)
Tanjirou Kamado : I get yelled at
for not bracing my stomach
Tanjirou Kamado : and clobbered to a pulp. (0:08:15.64)
Tanjirou Kamado : Next, he told me
to become one with the water.
Sakonji Urokodaki : Get in there! (0:08:23.23)
Tanjirou Kamado : Nezuko! (0:08:30.32)
Tanjirou Kamado : Nezuko! I am water! (0:08:38.91)
Tanjirou Kamado : And now it's been six months
since Nezuko was last awake.
Tanjirou Kamado : Mr. Urokodaki summoned the doctor
right away and had him examine her,
Tanjirou Kamado : but he found nothing wrong. (0:08:55.89)
Tanjirou Kamado : But it's not normal for her
to stay asleep like this.
Tanjirou Kamado : I was scared. (0:09:06.73)
Tanjirou Kamado : I worry that one morning, (0:09:09.15)
Tanjirou Kamado : I'll wake up to find her dead. (0:09:11.03)
Tanjirou Kamado : Not a day goes by that I don't worry. (0:09:15.20)
Tanjirou Kamado : My descents are getting more dangerous, (0:09:27.04)
Tanjirou Kamado : and the air's even thinner where I train. (0:09:29.29)
Tanjirou Kamado : Time and time again,
I think I might die.
Sakonji Urokodaki : I have nothing more to teach you. (0:09:59.03)
Tanjirou Kamado : A year after I arrived at Mt. Sagiri, (0:10:02.99)
Tanjirou Kamado : he told me all of a sudden... (0:10:05.50)
Sakonji Urokodaki : The rest is up to you! (0:10:08.79)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Whether or not you can improve
to the next level.
Sakonji Urokodaki : Come with me! (0:10:19.39)
Sakonji Urokodaki : If you can slice this boulder, (0:10:38.86)
Sakonji Urokodaki : I will allow you to enter Final Selection. (0:10:41.07)
Tanjirou Kamado : Is a boulder... (0:10:49.12)
Tanjirou Kamado : something you slice? (0:10:51.42)
Tanjirou Kamado : Something you can slice with a sword? (0:10:53.59)
Tanjirou Kamado : I don't think I can do it. (0:10:56.51)
Tanjirou Kamado : My sword will snap! (0:10:58.63)
Tanjirou Kamado : Mr. Urokodaki, please wait! (0:11:05.81)
Tanjirou Kamado : Mr. Urokodaki! (0:11:08.60)
Tanjirou Kamado : After that, Mr. Urokodaki
never taught me anything again.
Tanjirou Kamado : Every day, (0:11:43.68)
Tanjirou Kamado : I practiced over and over
what I'd learned from Mr. Urokodaki.
Tanjirou Kamado : The basics like holding the breath
and flexibility...
Tanjirou Kamado : I was glad I had written those
down in my journal.
Tanjirou Kamado : But... (0:12:11.12)
Tanjirou Kamado : even after six months had passed,
I still couldn't slice the boulder.
Tanjirou Kamado : I felt frustrated. (0:12:16.92)
Tanjirou Kamado : Not enough! (0:12:18.50)
Tanjirou Kamado : I wasn't training hard enough! (0:12:19.76)
Tanjirou Kamado : I gotta do more! (0:12:22.05)
Tanjirou Kamado : More! (0:12:23.80)
Tanjirou Kamado : Am I... (0:12:32.94)
Tanjirou Kamado : hopeless? (0:12:34.27)
Tanjirou Kamado : Is Nezuko going to die
without ever waking up?
Tanjirou Kamado : I'll almost give in! I'm breaking down!! (0:12:40.99)
Tanjirou Kamado : Keep working, Tanjiro! You can do it!! (0:12:45.07)
Sabito : Shut up! (0:12:48.74)
Sabito : A man shouldn't whine.
It's unseemly.
Tanjirou Kamado : When did he show up? (0:12:59.21)
Tanjirou Kamado : There's no scent. A fox mask? (0:13:00.63)
Sabito : Now matter how you suffer,
bear it in silence...
Sabito : if you're a man. (0:13:07.85)
Sabito : If you call yourself a man. (0:13:11.60)
Sabito : Slow. (0:13:22.44)
Sabito : Weak. (0:13:23.65)
Sabito : Immature. (0:13:24.95)
Sabito : That's not what you call a man. (0:13:27.62)
Tanjirou Kamado : What are you doing? (0:13:42.09)
Sabito : I'd like to know
what you think you're doing.
Tanjirou Kamado : What do you mean? (0:13:47.80)
Tanjirou Kamado : I'm training. (0:13:49.22)
Sabito : How long do you plan
to keep your butt on the ground
Sabito : without even taking a stance? (0:13:53.93)
Sabito : Come on. Come at me. (0:13:59.48)
Tanjirou Kamado : But you have a wooden sword,
and I have a real sword!
Sabito : Well, well! Thank you
for worrying about me.
Sabito : So, you think
you're actually going to injure me!
Sabito : Well, you have
absolutely nothing to worry about!
Sabito : I'm more powerful than you (0:14:35.89)
Sabito : because I've sliced that boulder! (0:14:38.10)
Tanjirou Kamado : He's sliced that boulder? (0:14:40.73)
Sabito : You've learned nothing. (0:14:59.67)
Sabito : You haven't mastered a single thing! (0:15:02.13)
Sabito : Particularly, the breathing technique
Mr. Urokodaki taught you...
Sabito : Total Concentration Breathing. (0:15:09.38)
Tanjirou Kamado : He knows Mr. Urokodaki? (0:15:12.76)
Tanjirou Kamado : And the breathing technique, too? (0:15:15.35)
Sabito : All you did was memorize it as fact. (0:15:17.10)
Sabito : Your body has no clue
what it needs to do.
Sabito : What the hell were you doing
for a whole year and a half?
Sabito : Slam it into your flesh! (0:15:30.99)
Sabito : More! (0:15:34.53)
Sabito : More! (0:15:35.87)
Sabito : More! (0:15:37.04)
Sabito : So that you'll never forget the secrets
Mr. Urokodaki taught you!
Sabito : Pound it into the marrow of your bones! (0:15:43.75)
Tanjirou Kamado : I'm trying! (0:15:46.50)
Tanjirou Kamado : I'm trying every single day! (0:15:47.88)
Tanjirou Kamado : With everything I've got! (0:15:49.80)
Tanjirou Kamado : But I'm not making any headway! (0:15:51.38)
Tanjirou Kamado : I just can't go any further! (0:15:54.35)
Sabito : Go further! (0:15:57.85)
Sabito : If you're a man! (0:15:59.10)
Sabito : If you call yourself a man! (0:16:00.56)
Sabito : There's no other way
to go but forward!
Sabito : Bring it on! (0:16:05.15)
Sabito : Show me what you're capable of! (0:16:06.57)
Sabito : I'm leaving the rest to you. (0:16:26.67)
Makomo : Are you all right? (0:16:41.39)
Tanjirou Kamado : Did you see that just now? (0:16:45.23)
Tanjirou Kamado : What a strike that was! (0:16:48.19)
Tanjirou Kamado : Not a single bit of wasted motion! (0:16:50.07)
Tanjirou Kamado : It was really beautiful! (0:16:52.49)
Tanjirou Kamado : I want to become like that!
You think I can become like him?
Makomo : I'm sure you can... (0:17:01.50)
Makomo : since I'll be looking after you. (0:17:03.25)
Tanjirou Kamado : She's so cute. (0:17:10.05)
Tanjirou Kamado : Who are you? (0:17:12.72)
Tanjirou Kamado : This girl's name was Makomo. (0:17:16.59)
Tanjirou Kamado : She told me the boy's name was Sabito. (0:17:20.47)
Tanjirou Kamado : Makomo also pointed out my defects. (0:17:24.39)
Tanjirou Kamado : She corrected my unnecessary
movements and bad habits.
Tanjirou Kamado : But when I asked her
why she was doing that,
Tanjirou Kamado : and where she came from,
she didn't tell me anything.
Makomo : Both he and I love
Mr. Urokodaki very much.
Tanjirou Kamado : That was Makomo's pet phrase. (0:17:46.79)
Tanjirou Kamado : She and Sabito weren't siblings. (0:17:51.09)
Tanjirou Kamado : She said Mr. Urokodaki raised them
after they'd been orphaned.
Makomo : There are other children besides us. (0:17:57.51)
Makomo : They're always watching you, Tanjiro. (0:18:01.14)
Tanjirou Kamado : Makomo is a somewhat strange girl. (0:18:05.02)
Tanjirou Kamado : She speaks in such an abstract,
dreamy way.
Makomo : See, Total Concentration Breathing
accelerates your blood circulation
Makomo : and your heart rate. (0:18:17.11)
Makomo : That causes
your body temperature to spike,
Makomo : making you as strong as a demon
while staying human.
Makomo : The important thing
is to expand your lung capacity.
Makomo : When you bring lots of air into your blood, (0:18:31.67)
Makomo : and when your blood gets excited, (0:18:35.42)
Makomo : your bones and muscles scurry
to heat up and grow stronger.
Tanjirou Kamado : I'm not sure I get that. (0:18:42.72)
Tanjirou Kamado : How can I do that? (0:18:45.56)
Makomo : Train to death. (0:18:50.94)
Makomo : At the end of the day,
there's nothing else you can do.
Tanjirou Kamado : Until my arms and legs
were ready to fall off...
Tanjirou Kamado : Until my lungs and heart
were ready to burst,
Tanjirou Kamado : I swung my sword. (0:19:07.54)
Tanjirou Kamado : But still... (0:19:09.67)
Tanjirou Kamado : I just couldn't beat Sabito. (0:19:11.96)
Tanjirou Kamado : Not until six months later. (0:19:16.67)
Tanjirou Kamado : When I challenged him that day, (0:19:27.85)
Tanjirou Kamado : Sabito was wielding a real sword. (0:19:31.19)
Sabito : After six months, finally, (0:19:33.90)
Sabito : you have the look of a man. (0:19:37.15)
Tanjirou Kamado : Today's the day I win! (0:19:47.29)
Tanjirou Kamado : Head-on battles are simple. (0:19:56.55)
Tanjirou Kamado : Whoever's stronger and faster wins. (0:19:59.67)
Tanjirou Kamado : The battle was over in an instant. (0:20:15.98)
Tanjirou Kamado : On this day, in this moment,
for the first time,
Tanjirou Kamado : my blade reached Sabito first. (0:20:22.70)
Tanjirou Kamado : The moment I won, (0:20:36.67)
Tanjirou Kamado : Sabito smiled. (0:20:39.05)
Tanjirou Kamado : He looked sad and happy. (0:20:41.63)
Tanjirou Kamado : A relieved kind of smile. (0:20:45.01)
Makomo : Tanjiro... (0:20:49.01)
Makomo : You did great.
Don't forget what you just did.
Makomo : Win, okay, Tanjiro? (0:20:57.11)
Makomo : Beat that guy, too. (0:20:59.61)
Tanjirou Kamado : The next thing I knew, (0:21:07.78)
Tanjirou Kamado : Sabito was gone. (0:21:08.95)
Tanjirou Kamado : And my sword, which I was sure
had slashed Sabito's mask...
Tanjirou Kamado : ...had sliced the boulder. (0:21:24.47)
EXTRA : PREVIEW (0:23:00.86)
Tanjirou Kamado : Yeah, I was shocked, too! (0:23:04.69)
Tanjirou Kamado : I could never imagine
I'd be able to cut a boulder like that.
Tanjirou Kamado : I couldn't have done it
without Sabito and Makomo.
Tanjirou Kamado : I can't thank them enough. (0:23:11.16)
Tanjirou Kamado : Now, it's time for a Taisho secret! (0:23:14.29)
Tanjirou Kamado : Why does Mr. Urokodaki wear a mask? (0:23:17.66)
Tanjirou Kamado : I heard that's because demons used to make fun
of his face for looking too kind.
Tanjirou Kamado : Sabito, Makomo and Mr. Urokodaki! (0:23:26.17)
Tanjirou Kamado : I'll work harder
to turn Nezuko back into a human!
Tanjirou Kamado : Next, Episode 4, "Final Selection"! (0:23:34.43)
EXTRA : TO BE CONTINUED (0:23:37.06)

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