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Tanjirou Kamado : The reason I won... (0:02:36.30)
Tanjirou Kamado : was because I learned to detect
the scent of the opening thread.
Tanjirou Kamado : When I'm battling someone, (0:02:44.81)
Tanjirou Kamado : and I pick up this scent,
then I can see the thread.
Tanjirou Kamado : The thread is connected from my blade
to my opponent's opening,
Tanjirou Kamado : growing taut the instant I see it. (0:02:57.32)
Tanjirou Kamado : My blade is drawn
toward it with great force,
Tanjirou Kamado : and then I slash the opening. (0:03:09.58)
Tanjirou Kamado : Mr. Urokodaki... (0:03:32.65)
Sakonji Urokodaki : I had no intention of sending you
to Final Selection.
Sakonji Urokodaki : I didn't want to see
children die anymore.
Sakonji Urokodaki : I was sure you wouldn't be able
to slice this boulder, but...
Sakonji Urokodaki : Well done, my boy! (0:03:58.30)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Tanjiro, you're... (0:04:00.80)
Sakonji Urokodaki : a remarkable kid! (0:04:03.51)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Make sure you come back alive
from Final Selection.
Sakonji Urokodaki : Both your sister and I
will be waiting for you here.
Tanjirou Kamado : What's the occasion? There's so much. (0:04:32.58)
Sakonji Urokodaki : You've completed all your training,
so we're celebrating.
Sakonji Urokodaki : Don't be shy. Eat up. (0:04:38.59)
Tanjirou Kamado : Thank you very much! (0:04:42.34)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Tanjiro, (0:04:48.80)
Sakonji Urokodaki : there's nothing more I can do for you. (0:04:50.81)
Sakonji Urokodaki : From here on out, you'll be going
through such hardship and strife.
Sakonji Urokodaki : Your training will seem
like nothing in comparison.
Sakonji Urokodaki : So, for now, at least, (0:05:02.03)
Sakonji Urokodaki : you should rest well
without a care in the world.
Sakonji Urokodaki : Hey, Tanjiro... (0:05:24.22)
Tanjirou Kamado : Yes? (0:05:27.97)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Did you enjoy that hot pot? (0:05:29.97)
Tanjirou Kamado : Yes! I haven't had such a feast in so long! (0:05:32.43)
Sakonji Urokodaki : A growing boy like you with a hearty appetite
should get stronger the more he eats,
Sakonji Urokodaki : as well as grow bigger in size. (0:05:40.82)
Sakonji Urokodaki : But that goes for demons, too. (0:05:43.15)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Remember this. (0:05:46.86)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Basically, a demon is as strong
as the number of humans he's devoured.
Tanjirou Kamado : So, the more they eat,
the stronger they get?
Sakonji Urokodaki : That's right. (0:05:57.16)
Sakonji Urokodaki : There are demons who gain power,
become able to transform their bodies,
Sakonji Urokodaki : and even use strange spells. (0:06:01.54)
Sakonji Urokodaki : When your sense of smell
becomes keener,
Sakonji Urokodaki : you'll be able to tell how many humans
a demon's consumed.
Tanjirou Kamado : What's this? (0:06:19.65)
Sakonji Urokodaki : It's called a "warding mask." (0:06:22.19)
Sakonji Urokodaki : I've charged it with a spell
to protect you from harm.
Tanjirou Kamado : Warding mask... (0:06:30.07)
Tanjirou Kamado : Nezuko... (0:07:01.73)
Tanjirou Kamado : I'm coming back here
no matter what, all right?
Sakonji Urokodaki : Don't worry about your sister. (0:07:15.78)
Sakonji Urokodaki : I'll take good care of her. (0:07:18.16)
Tanjirou Kamado : All right! Thank you very much! (0:07:20.92)
Tanjirou Kamado : I'll be going, then, Mr. Urokodaki! (0:07:26.17)
Tanjirou Kamado : Say hello to Sabito and Makomo for me! (0:07:34.43)
Sakonji Urokodaki : Tanjiro... (0:07:38.89)
Sakonji Urokodaki : How do you... (0:07:40.43)
Sakonji Urokodaki : know the names of those dead children? (0:07:42.56)
Tanjirou Kamado : Wow. (0:07:56.83)
Tanjirou Kamado : Look at all these wisteria flowers. (0:07:58.29)
Tanjirou Kamado : Even though they're out of season... (0:08:01.12)
Tanjirou Kamado : There are so many. (0:08:35.28)
Kiriya Ubuyashiki : - Everyone...
- Everyone...
Kanata Ubuyashiki : - Everyone...
- Everyone...
Kanata Ubuyashiki : - ...we thank you for coming here tonight.
- ...we thank you for coming here tonight.
Kiriya Ubuyashiki : - ...we thank you for coming here tonight.
- ...we thank you for coming here tonight.
Kiriya Ubuyashiki : - To the Demon Slayers Corps Final Selection.
- To the Demon Slayers Corps Final Selection.
Kanata Ubuyashiki : - To the Demon Slayers Corps Final Selection.
- To the Demon Slayers Corps Final Selection.
Kanata Ubuyashiki : There are demons imprisoned
here on Mt. Fujikasane,
Kanata Ubuyashiki : captured alive
by the Demon Slayer swordsmen,
Kanata Ubuyashiki : and unable to leave. (0:08:54.63)
Kiriya Ubuyashiki : That is because wisteria,
which demons hate so much,
Kiriya Ubuyashiki : blooms year-round from the bottom
to halfway up the mountain.
Kanata Ubuyashiki : However, there is no wisteria
from this point on,
Kanata Ubuyashiki : and so demons abound. (0:09:12.19)
Kiriya Ubuyashiki : You'll need to survive here for seven days
to pass Final Selection.
Kiriya Ubuyashiki : - And now, be on your way.
- And now, be on your way.
Kanata Ubuyashiki : - And now, be on your way.
- And now, be on your way.
Tanjirou Kamado : Survive for seven days...
That's all I'm going to think about.
Tanjirou Kamado : First, I'm going to survive tonight. (0:09:47.65)
Tanjirou Kamado : Once the sun comes up,
the demons won't be able to do anything,
Tanjirou Kamado : so I can get some rest then. (0:09:53.65)
Tanjirou Kamado : So, I'll have to head east! (0:09:56.15)
Tanjirou Kamado : I'm gonna make my way
to where the sunlight will hit first!
Tanjirou Kamado : This smell... It's a demon! (0:10:06.33)
Tanjirou Kamado : And it's nearby! (0:10:08.54)
Tanjirou Kamado : Where is it? (0:10:18.34)
Tanjirou Kamado : Where's it coming from? (0:10:19.72)
Tanjirou Kamado : I can't pinpoint
the direction of the scent!
Tanjirou Kamado : From above? (0:10:24.35)
Tanjirou Kamado : Demon... (0:10:35.65)
EXTRA : Damn you! (0:10:42.74)
EXTRA : Don't even try to grab my prey, man! (0:10:45.79)
EXTRA : Get off my turf, dammit! (0:10:48.33)
EXTRA : The hell with you! Just beat it! (0:10:49.79)
Tanjirou Kamado : Two of them right from the get-go?
I wonder if I can take them!
EXTRA : That's my prey, you know! (0:10:55.84)
EXTRA : Shut up! (0:10:57.55)
EXTRA : It's first come, first served! (0:10:58.80)
Tanjirou Kamado : I'm okay! Just calm down
and watch their movements!
Tanjirou Kamado : Remember the training! (0:11:10.64)
EXTRA : It's been ages
since I last had human flesh!
Tanjirou Kamado : Total Concentration! (0:11:15.40)
Tanjirou Kamado : Water Breathing! (0:11:16.82)
Tanjirou Kamado : The scent of the thread! (0:11:23.37)
Tanjirou Kamado : Fourth Form! (0:11:28.16)
Tanjirou Kamado : Striking Tide! (0:11:30.75)
Tanjirou Kamado : I did it! (0:11:41.68)
Tanjirou Kamado : I defeated demons! (0:11:45.18)
Tanjirou Kamado : I've grown stronger! (0:11:47.47)
Tanjirou Kamado : All that training wasn't for nothing! (0:11:49.77)
Tanjirou Kamado : I've mastered it! (0:11:52.52)
Tanjirou Kamado : If I slash a demon with the sword
Mr. Urokodaki gave me,
Tanjirou Kamado : not even the bones are left behind, huh? (0:12:05.53)
Sakonji Urokodaki : A demon's weak spot is its neck! (0:12:10.33)
Sakonji Urokodaki : But you can't kill it with a normal sword
even if you slash its neck.
Tanjirou Kamado : Then, how can I take it down? (0:12:18.13)
Sakonji Urokodaki : The swords wielded
by the Demon Slayer Corps
Sakonji Urokodaki : were forged with a special kind of steel. (0:12:23.55)
Sakonji Urokodaki : That's the only way to kill a demon. (0:12:26.05)
Sakonji Urokodaki : They're called the "Nichirin Swords." (0:12:30.10)
Tanjirou Kamado : Rest in peace. (0:12:41.11)
Tanjirou Kamado : What's this rotten smell? (0:12:47.32)
EXTRA : No one ever told me!
I never signed up for this!
Tanjirou Kamado : What's going on? (0:12:55.71)
Tanjirou Kamado : What the hell is that? (0:13:09.51)
Makomo : Hey, Sabito... (0:13:23.03)
Makomo : Do you think Tanjiro can beat that one? (0:13:25.95)
Sabito : I don't know. (0:13:30.99)
Sabito : No matter how hard you try,
it's never enough.
Sabito : You know that well yourself, don't you? (0:13:37.12)
EXTRA : What's this morphed demon
doing here anyway? They didn't tell us!
Tanjirou Kamado : He got eaten! (0:14:08.78)
Tanjirou Kamado : Don't wimp out! (0:14:35.93)
Tanjirou Kamado : Save him! Save him! Save him! (0:14:37.27)
Tanjirou Kamado : I'm not powerless anymore! (0:14:40.06)
Tanjirou Kamado : Move! (0:14:42.48)
Tanjirou Kamado : Water Breathing, Second Form! (0:14:44.86)
Tanjirou Kamado : Water Wheel! (0:14:47.19)
Te Oni : Another sweet little fox has come to me. (0:14:58.00)
Tanjirou Kamado : "Another"? (0:15:02.79)
Te Oni : Little fox cub,
what is the year of Meiji now?
Tanjirou Kamado : It's the Taisho Period now! (0:15:10.34)
Te Oni : Taisho? (0:15:12.80)
Te Oni : Holy crap!! (0:15:20.31)
Te Oni : Time has passed into a new period?! (0:15:22.40)
Te Oni : Again! Again while I've been
held prisoner inside this place!
Te Oni : Unforgivable! Unforgivable! (0:15:31.36)
Te Oni : Damn you, Urokodaki!
Damn you, Urokodaki!
Te Oni : Damn you, Urokodaki!
Damn you, Urokodaki!
Tanjirou Kamado : How do you know Mr. Urokodaki? (0:15:39.75)
Te Oni : I know him, all right! Because Urokodaki
is the one who captured me!
Te Oni : I'll never forget that day 47 years ago! (0:15:46.34)
Te Oni : Back when he was still hunting demons! (0:15:49.88)
Te Oni : It was the Edo Period during the Keio Era. (0:15:52.64)
Tanjirou Kamado : Hunting demons? Edo Period? (0:15:55.80)
EXTRA : You're lying! (0:15:58.22)
EXTRA : No demon has ever lived that long! (0:15:59.23)
EXTRA : The only demons in here should be the ones
who've eaten just two or three humans!
EXTRA : They don't live long because they're killed
during Final Selection,
EXTRA : and they even eat their own kind! (0:16:08.61)
Te Oni : Yeah, but I've survived all this time. (0:16:12.03)
Te Oni : Inside this wisteria prison,
I've eaten at least fifty of you brats.
Tanjirou Kamado : Fifty? (0:16:22.29)
Te Oni : 11, 12... (0:16:24.29)
Te Oni : 13. (0:16:27.75)
Te Oni : That makes you Number 14! (0:16:30.55)
Tanjirou Kamado : What are you talking about? (0:16:33.26)
Te Oni : The number of Urokodaki's disciples
I've eaten, that's what.
Te Oni : I promised myself to kill
every one of his disciples.
Te Oni : Let's see... The ones who particularly
stand out to me... It's those two.
Te Oni : Those two... (0:16:52.03)
Te Oni : That brat's hair was an unusual color.
He was the most powerful.
Te Oni : He had pinkish hair. (0:16:57.41)
Te Oni : A scar by his mouth. (0:16:59.62)
Te Oni : The other one was a female brat
in a flowery kimono.
Te Oni : She was small and lacking in power,
but she was awfully agile.
Tanjirou Kamado : They had already been killed
by this demon?!
Tanjirou Kamado : But I was with them! (0:17:14.76)
Te Oni : That mask. (0:17:16.84)
Te Oni : I can tell by the fox masks. (0:17:18.30)
Te Oni : I know the texture of the masks
Urokodaki carved.
Te Oni : The same style of carving
he used for his own goblin mask.
Te Oni : Warding masks, right? (0:17:31.40)
Te Oni : Everyone got eaten just because
they were wearing them.
Te Oni : They're all here inside my belly. (0:17:36.86)
Te Oni : Urokodaki might as well
have killed them himself!
Te Oni : When I said that to the girl,
she was crying and fell into a rage.
Te Oni : And right after that,
she lost control of her movements.
Te Oni : I ripped off her limbs, and then... (0:17:55.93)
Sabito : Calm down, Tanjiro.
Your breathing's uneven.
Sabito : It's all right. Never mind us! (0:18:10.65)
EXTRA : I'm getting out of here
while the demon's taking out that guy!
Te Oni : Another of Urokodaki's brats is dying. (0:18:39.80)
Te Oni : I wonder how he's gonna feel
when another of his kids doesn't come home.
Te Oni : I wonder what kind of look
he'll have on his face.
Te Oni : Oh man, I wish I could see it. (0:18:54.98)
Te Oni : I really do. (0:18:57.44)
Shigeru Kamado : Big Bro! (0:19:03.91)
Shigeru Kamado : Big Bro! (0:19:06.50)
Te Oni : He dodged it! (0:19:10.50)
Te Oni : So, he can still move? (0:19:11.83)
Te Oni : Great! I can have some fun! (0:19:14.04)
Tanjirou Kamado : Damn! No matter how many arms I cut, (0:19:23.55)
Tanjirou Kamado : they grow back in a second! (0:19:25.97)
Te Oni : You can't defeat me
just by slashing off my arms.
Te Oni : Then again, even that pink-haired brat
couldn't slice off my head!
Tanjirou Kamado : I can't just let this one go! (0:19:48.33)
Tanjirou Kamado : Before any more lives are sacrificed, (0:19:51.62)
Tanjirou Kamado : I gotta bring him down now! (0:19:54.92)
Tanjirou Kamado : A demon's scent
coming from the ground?
Te Oni : H-He jumped! Dammit, I missed him! (0:20:08.60)
Te Oni : Yeah, but no way can he dodge
this attack in mid-air!
Makomo : Do you think Tanjiro's going to lose, too? (0:20:18.73)
Makomo : His neck is so tough after all. (0:20:22.15)
Sabito : He may lose, and yet, he may win. (0:20:26.45)
Sabito : Either way, there's one irrefutable fact. (0:20:30.16)
Sabito : That Tanjiro... (0:20:36.04)
Sabito : is the man who sliced
the toughest, largest boulder of all.
Te Oni : He deflected me! (0:20:48.01)
Tanjirou Kamado : Total Concentration! (0:20:52.31)
Tanjirou Kamado : Water Breathing! (0:20:53.89)
Te Oni : He got too close to me! (0:21:00.69)
Te Oni : Not to worry. My neck is tough!
He can't slash it!
Tanjirou Kamado : First Form! (0:21:07.37)
Te Oni : As soon as he fails to cut my neck,
I'm going to crush his head!
Te Oni : Just like I did to the other one! (0:21:13.54)
Tanjirou Kamado : Water Surface Slash! (0:21:25.72)
EXTRA : PREVIEW (0:23:00.86)
Tanjirou Kamado : Water Surface Slash! (0:23:03.15)
Tanjirou Kamado : How was that Nezuko?
How cool am I?
Tanjirou Kamado : What? Sabito was cooler than me? (0:23:09.49)
Tanjirou Kamado : C-Come on, Nezuko! (0:23:12.03)
Tanjirou Kamado : R-Right! (0:23:15.24)
Tanjirou Kamado : I saw beautiful wisteria flowers
blooming around the exam hall.
Tanjirou Kamado : Let's go see them
when you turn back into a human.
Tanjirou Kamado : Now, it's time for a Taisho secret! (0:23:24.17)
Tanjirou Kamado : A blond boy named Zenitsu...
I heard he was brought here
Tanjirou Kamado : after he got slapped by his master
for refusing to take the selection exam.
Tanjirou Kamado : Next, Episode 5, "My Own Steel"! (0:23:34.26)
EXTRA : TO BE CONTINUED (0:23:36.85)

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