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Taiju Ooki : Yuzuriha! (0:00:07.27)
Taiju Ooki : Sorry to keep you waiting. (0:00:08.57)
Yuzuriha Ogawa : So, what's up, Taiju-kun? (0:00:11.54)
Yuzuriha Ogawa : What did you want to tell me? (0:00:13.95)
Taiju Ooki : I was afraid that by telling her how I feel,
she wouldn't even be my friend anymore.
Taiju Ooki : Hear me out, Yuzuriha. (0:00:22.62)
Taiju Ooki : But today's the day. (0:00:25.13)
Taiju Ooki : For the past five years, I've... (0:00:27.61)
Taiju Ooki : What's that light? (0:00:34.37)
EXTRA : That day, everyone in the
world turned to stone.
Senkuu Ishigami : So you're finally awake, you big oaf. (0:00:50.73)
Senkuu Ishigami : Today is October 5th, 5738. (0:00:56.41)
Senkuu Ishigami : It's been a good 3,700 years. (0:01:00.74)
Taiju Ooki : How can you tell exactly what day it is? (0:01:04.11)
Senkuu Ishigami : I just counted. (0:01:08.67)
Senkuu Ishigami : How else would I know? (0:01:10.57)
Senkuu Ishigami : Humanity spent two million years getting
from the stone age to the modern age.
Senkuu Ishigami : We're going to sprint all
the way back to the top.
Senkuu Ishigami : I'm going to take the world back. (0:01:20.63)
Senkuu Ishigami : And I'll figure out the science behind
the petrification and our revival.
Taiju Ooki : I'm going to save Yuzuriha. (0:01:27.79)
Senkuu Ishigami : I'm going to beat fantasy with science. (0:01:36.20)
Senkuu Ishigami : This is exhilarating. (0:01:41.31)
Taiju Ooki : So, Senku, who are we reviving first? (0:01:44.41)
Senkuu Ishigami : We're going to wake up everyone eventually. (0:01:49.13)
Senkuu Ishigami : What does it matter who we start with? (0:01:51.81)
Senkuu Ishigami : Although it would suck if we woke
up a murderer right off the bat.
Taiju Ooki : I see. (0:02:01.98)
Senkuu Ishigami : I don't feel like choosing who we wake up. (0:02:05.83)
Senkuu Ishigami : Taiju, it's your choice. (0:02:10.45)
Taiju Ooki : Thanks, Senku. (0:02:15.33)
Taiju Ooki : My answer is obvious. (0:02:17.59)
Taiju Ooki : The time has finally come. (0:03:57.75)
Taiju Ooki : That water's going to undo the
petrification and revive her, right?
Senkuu Ishigami : Yeah, it should. (0:04:06.67)
Senkuu Ishigami : I tried it on a piece of a shattered statue,
and it turned back into a corpse.
Taiju Ooki : You're so disrespectful! (0:04:14.02)
Senkuu Ishigami : I did try putting all the
pieces back together first,
Senkuu Ishigami : but it looks like you can't save
someone once they're dead.
Senkuu Ishigami : They made a noble sacrifice. (0:04:24.32)
Senkuu Ishigami : Send up a prayer or something. (0:04:25.93)
Taiju Ooki : Right! (0:04:27.36)
Taiju Ooki : Rest in peace, rest in peace...
Rest in peace, rest in peace...
Taiju Ooki : Sorry I kept you waiting
for 3,700 years, Yuzuriha.
Taiju Ooki : I'm going to bring you back to life now. (0:04:38.29)
Taiju Ooki : Wait, Senku! Yuzuriha's naked! (0:04:44.58)
Taiju Ooki : We can't! (0:04:51.19)
Taiju Ooki : We can't revive her like this! (0:04:52.34)
Senkuu Ishigami : Here we go again with
your illogical nonsense...
Senkuu Ishigami : We're in a stone world.
It's kind of an emergency.
Senkuu Ishigami : No one's going to care
if your butt's showing
Senkuu Ishigami : or if your dick's hanging out. (0:05:04.11)
Taiju Ooki : Yuzuriha doesn't have a dick! (0:05:06.34)
Senkuu Ishigami : That's not my point! (0:05:08.20)
Taiju Ooki : We have to take her back to camp
and put clothes on her first.
Senkuu Ishigami : How heavy is that statue, anyway? (0:05:14.16)
Taiju Ooki : Yuzuriha isn't fat! (0:05:16.85)
Senkuu Ishigami : That's not my point. (0:05:19.34)
Senkuu Ishigami : I mean, wouldn't it be ten billion times
quicker to wake her up and have her walk?
Senkuu Ishigami : How illogical can you— (0:05:28.49)
Senkuu Ishigami : Wait, big oaf! (0:05:34.09)
Taiju Ooki : Why is there a lion in Japan?! (0:05:47.38)
Senkuu Ishigami : Why do you think? (0:05:49.58)
Senkuu Ishigami : It's from a zoo, obviously! (0:05:50.49)
Senkuu Ishigami : The staff must've been petrified while
the door was open or something!
Senkuu Ishigami : If they get out when no humans are around,
every herbivore in the zoo is on the menu.
Senkuu Ishigami : And if they go out into the city,
it's a pet buffet!
Senkuu Ishigami : So now they're literally the king of beasts! (0:06:03.81)
Senkuu Ishigami : In this stone world, the humans aren't
at the top of the food chain anymore!
Taiju Ooki : Why aren't they attacking us, though? (0:06:28.09)
Senkuu Ishigami : They've never seen bipedals before.
We must look creepy as hell to them.
Taiju Ooki : We're the only humans in the world. (0:06:39.49)
Senkuu Ishigami : They're alarmed, too. (0:06:42.49)
Senkuu Ishigami : But it's only a matter of time now. (0:06:44.50)
Senkuu Ishigami : Even if we get super lucky and
make it all the way back to camp,
Senkuu Ishigami : the best we can do is
fight them with spears.
Senkuu Ishigami : This game was practically
over before it even started!
Taiju Ooki : I can't let you die, Senku! (0:07:05.43)
Taiju Ooki : You're humanity's last bastion,
the only one with scientific knowledge.
Taiju Ooki : If it comes down to it, I'll be your shield! (0:07:11.27)
Senkuu Ishigami : No! (0:07:13.20)
Senkuu Ishigami : Think it over logically! (0:07:16.99)
Senkuu Ishigami : I'm the brains, and you're the brawn. (0:07:19.33)
Senkuu Ishigami : We can't lose either one! (0:07:22.08)
Senkuu Ishigami : If we're going to run,
we need to run together!
Taiju Ooki : All right, got it! (0:07:31.95)
Senkuu Ishigami : You've never even hit anyone,
ever since you were little.
Senkuu Ishigami : Your strong suit is fitness, not fighting. (0:07:41.91)
Taiju Ooki : Senku, if we can't outrun them,
we have one last option...
Taiju Ooki : I found him earlier... (0:07:52.14)
Taiju Ooki : The strongest primate
high-schooler, Shishio Tsukasa.
Taiju Ooki : Sorry, Yuzuriha. (0:08:02.98)
Taiju Ooki : We need someone who can fight right now. (0:08:04.97)
Taiju Ooki : If we do defeat the lions, I promise we'll— (0:08:08.05)
Senkuu Ishigami : Shut up already. Let's just pour it on him. (0:08:12.18)
Taiju Ooki : No! We're surrounded! (0:08:23.57)
Senkuu Ishigami : They're coming! (0:08:26.65)
Taiju Ooki : Sorry! (0:08:39.74)
Taiju Ooki : I'm sure you have no idea what's going on
after being stuck for thousands of years...
Tsukasa Shishiou : What's the situation? (0:08:45.45)
Senkuu Ishigami : Your whole body is covered in stone. (0:08:50.34)
Senkuu Ishigami : Lions from your nine o'clock to two o'clock. (0:08:52.56)
Tsukasa Shishiou : Okay. (0:08:55.55)
Tsukasa Shishiou : You can fill me in on the
details of the situation later.
Tsukasa Shishiou : But I'll promise you one thing:
you two will never be in danger again.
Tsukasa Shishiou : From now on, I'll do the fighting. (0:09:49.05)
Taiju Ooki : This is great, Senku! (0:09:56.45)
Taiju Ooki : Humanity now has brains,
brawn, and brute force!
Taiju Ooki : The Three Musketeers are all here! (0:10:01.08)
Senkuu Ishigami : I get that, but this Shishio
guy is way too strong.
Taiju Ooki : Is that a bad thing? (0:10:10.75)
Taiju Ooki : Isn't it good to have
someone like him around?
Senkuu Ishigami : What if he turns out to be an evil
bureaucrat with insatiable greed?
Senkuu Ishigami : He's overpowered enough to beat
down a lion with his bare hands.
Senkuu Ishigami : In a world without guns,
he's ten billion percent unstoppable.
Yuzuriha Ogawa : Eek! (0:10:29.23)
Tsukasa Shishiou : Come hither, Yuzuriha. (0:10:30.34)
Taiju Ooki : No way! (0:10:33.98)
Taiju Ooki : We can't let that happen! (0:10:35.54)
Tsukasa Shishiou : Sorry, but would you mind lending
me some butchering tools?
Tsukasa Shishiou : A knife, or even just stone
tools, if that's all we have.
Taiju Ooki : You're gonna eat the lion? (0:10:47.07)
Taiju Ooki : You can eat lion? (0:10:48.98)
Senkuu Ishigami : It's not poisonous. (0:10:51.62)
Senkuu Ishigami : Although it is tough and reeks of ammonia,
not to mention it tastes horrible.
Taiju Ooki : You've had it before, Senku?! (0:10:57.43)
Senkuu Ishigami : When I went to Africa to research Ebola. (0:10:59.78)
Taiju Ooki : What kind of high schooler are you?! (0:11:02.55)
Tsukasa Shishiou : Though it was in self-defense,
I did kill it with my own hands.
Tsukasa Shishiou : Yes... (0:11:10.32)
Tsukasa Shishiou : I want to give thanks to the circle
of life by putting all of it to use.
Tsukasa Shishiou : That's all. (0:11:18.19)
Taiju Ooki : He's great! (0:11:22.13)
Taiju Ooki : Aren't you glad, Senku? (0:11:24.15)
Taiju Ooki : He's no evil bureaucrat! (0:11:25.83)
Taiju Ooki : He's a super good guy! (0:11:27.77)
Senkuu Ishigami : I hope so. (0:11:32.51)
Senkuu Ishigami : Well, I don't have even a millimeter
of interest in stuff like gratitude,
Senkuu Ishigami : but I absolutely agree with not wasting meat. (0:11:39.88)
Tsukasa Shishiou : The two of you built this? (0:11:59.65)
Senkuu Ishigami : Yeah. (0:12:03.12)
Taiju Ooki : Hang on for a little longer, Yuzuriha. (0:12:05.75)
Taiju Ooki : We'll save you as soon as we have
enough of that miracle water...
Taiju Ooki : the something-or-other acid. (0:12:10.98)
EXTRA : Laboratory (0:12:18.59)
Tsukasa Shishiou : Laboratory? (0:12:19.49)
Tsukasa Shishiou : I'm Shishio Tsukasa. (0:12:22.95)
Tsukasa Shishiou : You can call me Tsukasa. (0:12:25.90)
Senkuu Ishigami : Last names don't really mean
much in this world, do they?
Senkuu Ishigami : I'm Senku, the sane one
who's in charge of science.
Senkuu Ishigami : That's Taiju, the simple one
who's in charge of heavy lifting.
Taiju Ooki : I'm Taiju, the simple one. (0:12:37.79)
Taiju Ooki : Nice to meet you. (0:12:40.02)
Taiju Ooki : If you need any thinking done, ask Senku. (0:12:41.09)
Tsukasa Shishiou : What do you usually have to eat? (0:12:44.32)
Senkuu Ishigami : Mainly wild greens and mushrooms, (0:12:46.41)
Senkuu Ishigami : and the occasional rabbit for meat,
when we can catch one.
Taiju Ooki : All I ever dream about lately is eating
meat until my belly's about to explode!
Tsukasa Shishiou : Well, you won't be living like that... (0:12:57.89)
Tsukasa Shishiou : any longer. (0:13:02.90)
Tsukasa Shishiou : I'll be in charge of fighting and hunting. (0:13:35.38)
Taiju Ooki : This is awesome! (0:13:40.25)
Tsukasa Shishiou : Now that I'm on your side, you'll never
have any shortage of prey again.
Taiju Ooki : I see. (0:13:52.95)
Taiju Ooki : So if you cook it immediately, you don't
need a fridge to keep it from going bad.
Senkuu Ishigami : I'm not cooking it. (0:13:58.35)
Senkuu Ishigami : I'm using the aldehydes in the
smoke to kill the microbes.
Senkuu Ishigami : To put it simply enough for you
to understand, I'm smoking it.
Tsukasa Shishiou : If Senku and I work together,
we'll have plenty of preserved food.
Senkuu Ishigami : Now we can finally take the
first step toward civilization.
Taiju Ooki : We were still at step zero?! (0:14:18.83)
Taiju Ooki : Hey, Tsukasa, what's wrong? (0:14:24.13)
Tsukasa Shishiou : Sorry for startling you. (0:14:43.29)
Tsukasa Shishiou : This person was buried under the rock. (0:14:47.94)
Taiju Ooki : He really is a good guy! (0:14:50.36)
Senkuu Ishigami : He's a superhero at this point, huh? (0:14:54.39)
Taiju Ooki : Man, I'm full. (0:15:01.55)
Senkuu Ishigami : Time for a fun quiz. (0:15:05.55)
Senkuu Ishigami : What's the most important thing we
need for a technological civilization?
Senkuu Ishigami : Ten billion points for the correct answer. (0:15:14.57)
Taiju Ooki : Technological civilization? (0:15:18.35)
Taiju Ooki : The most important thing we need? (0:15:20.38)
Taiju Ooki : Smartphones! (0:15:24.77)
Senkuu Ishigami : Sure, smartphones! (0:15:26.16)
Senkuu Ishigami : Smartphones would be nice to have, huh? (0:15:27.68)
Senkuu Ishigami : How many tens of billions
of years ahead are you?!
Tsukasa Shishiou : Steel? (0:15:33.67)
Senkuu Ishigami : Steel, too, but that's later. (0:15:35.55)
Senkuu Ishigami : There's something more useful. (0:15:38.16)
Senkuu Ishigami : Calcium carbonate. (0:15:41.66)
Taiju Ooki : Of course! (0:15:43.58)
Taiju Ooki : As always, I'm totally clueless! (0:15:44.94)
Tsukasa Shishiou : Ah, you mean lime. (0:15:46.77)
Senkuu Ishigami : Yeah. (0:15:48.05)
Senkuu Ishigami : That's putting it in terms that
a simple mind can understand.
Senkuu Ishigami : The stuff they use to chalk athletic fields. (0:15:53.02)
Taiju Ooki : So we're going to be looking
for a gym storage room
Taiju Ooki : to get something-or-other carbonate?! (0:15:59.82)
Senkuu Ishigami : Yeah, that's it. A gym storage room. (0:16:01.64)
Senkuu Ishigami : If only there were any still
around 3,700 years later!
Senkuu Ishigami : You know the shells that have been so
useful for trimming your beard, big oaf?
Senkuu Ishigami : Pulverize them into powder, and you have
that something-or-other carbonate stuff.
Taiju Ooki : All right! (0:16:27.04)
Taiju Ooki : Brawn duty, here I come! (0:16:28.65)
Senkuu Ishigami : Nothing's as exhilarating
as calcium carbonate.
Senkuu Ishigami : There are four insanely
useful ways to use it.
Senkuu Ishigami : First, agriculture. (0:16:46.15)
Senkuu Ishigami : We use it to blow away all the hydrogen ions. (0:16:48.97)
Senkuu Ishigami : In other words, it upgrades the soil. (0:16:51.63)
Senkuu Ishigami : Second, construction. (0:16:54.45)
Senkuu Ishigami : Cook it together with sand,
and you have mortar.
Senkuu Ishigami : Mortar is basic cement. (0:17:00.54)
Senkuu Ishigami : We can build huge furnaces and houses. (0:17:03.37)
Senkuu Ishigami : Third, soap. (0:17:05.97)
Senkuu Ishigami : Gather sodium carbonate from seaweed, (0:17:08.79)
Senkuu Ishigami : mix it with oil, and the reaction creates soap. (0:17:11.60)
Senkuu Ishigami : Getting sick means game over in this world. (0:17:15.05)
Senkuu Ishigami : This little chunk that keeps germs off of us (0:17:18.42)
Senkuu Ishigami : is our stone of life in a world with no doctors. (0:17:21.69)
Senkuu Ishigami : It's our doctor stone. (0:17:24.54)
Tsukasa Shishiou : Senku, you're an amazing man. (0:17:28.83)
Tsukasa Shishiou : In the moment after I revived, too, (0:17:33.81)
Tsukasa Shishiou : you communicated the situation
quickly and calmly.
Tsukasa Shishiou : I've never seen anyone as clever as you. (0:17:39.57)
Tsukasa Shishiou : I admire you, truly. (0:17:42.57)
Senkuu Ishigami : A man who praises a man to his
face is full of ulterior motives.
Senkuu Ishigami : It's been that way for ten billion years. (0:17:55.18)
Senkuu Ishigami : What's your point? (0:17:59.06)
Tsukasa Shishiou : Oh, dear. (0:18:02.86)
Tsukasa Shishiou : I really didn't mean anything by it. (0:18:04.52)
Tsukasa Shishiou : I have a feeling you might be able to
build modern civilization from scratch.
Tsukasa Shishiou : Yes. (0:18:13.29)
Tsukasa Shishiou : That's all I wanted to say. (0:18:14.86)
Taiju Ooki : Whew! (0:18:18.70)
Taiju Ooki : So this is how you build civilization, huh? (0:18:20.70)
Senkuu Ishigami : Yeah, one step at a time. (0:18:25.62)
Senkuu Ishigami : We're slowly but surely
approaching modern civilization.
Taiju Ooki : So, what's the fourth thing? (0:18:32.71)
Taiju Ooki : You said there were four
handy uses for seashells.
Senkuu Ishigami : No, three. (0:18:41.83)
Senkuu Ishigami : Didn't I say three? (0:18:43.51)
Taiju Ooki : Huh? Did you? (0:18:45.74)
Taiju Ooki : Man, even my memory is screwy! (0:18:47.66)
Taiju Ooki : Shells! Shells! Shells! Shells! Shells!
Shells! Shells! Shells! Shells! Shells!
Tsukasa Shishiou : We're free in this stone world. (0:19:25.34)
Tsukasa Shishiou : Shells never belonged to anyone. (0:19:29.61)
Tsukasa Shishiou : The same goes for the sea, and the land. (0:19:34.37)
Tsukasa Shishiou : There was once a poor boy who tried to make (0:19:41.39)
Tsukasa Shishiou : a necklace out of seashells for his younger
sister, who was undergoing surgery.
Tsukasa Shishiou : His sister loved The Little Mermaid . (0:19:51.75)
Tsukasa Shishiou : But then, a middle-aged man who owned
the fishing rights to that spot arrived...
Tsukasa Shishiou : and with him, the stench of liquor. (0:20:02.05)
Tsukasa Shishiou : The boy who was collecting
shells... or rather,
Tsukasa Shishiou : according to the man,
the boy who was stealing shells,
Tsukasa Shishiou : was beaten so badly that
his face was unrecognizable.
Tsukasa Shishiou : He was never able to help his
sister be like the Little Mermaid.
Senkuu Ishigami : You do know what you're doing,
don't you, Tsukasa?
Senkuu Ishigami : You just killed a man. (0:20:42.01)
Tsukasa Shishiou : I know that, of course. (0:20:46.39)
Tsukasa Shishiou : Senku, do you intend to bring back
everyone, including the grown-ups
Tsukasa Shishiou : whose hearts are tainted? (0:20:54.12)
Tsukasa Shishiou : Sure, they'll be grateful to you at first. (0:20:56.78)
Tsukasa Shishiou : But as soon as civilization returns,
the rich and powerful seniors will say,
Tsukasa Shishiou : "That used to be my land."
"Pay your rent." "Pay your taxes."
Tsukasa Shishiou : They'll rob the poor youth of our future again. (0:21:13.51)
Tsukasa Shishiou : We must not bring that world back. (0:21:18.95)
Tsukasa Shishiou : This is a stone world. (0:21:24.27)
Tsukasa Shishiou : An untainted paradise. (0:21:26.77)
Tsukasa Shishiou : We'll revive only the pure-hearted youth (0:21:29.98)
Tsukasa Shishiou : and live in a natural world owned by no one. (0:21:33.29)
Tsukasa Shishiou : It's a chance to purify humanity. (0:21:38.13)
Tsukasa Shishiou : Don't you agree, Senku? (0:21:41.81)
Senkuu Ishigami : Not at all. (0:21:54.51)
Senkuu Ishigami : Not even a millimeter. (0:21:56.16)
Senkuu Ishigami : I'm a technology-loving
boy who gets excited over
Senkuu Ishigami : mechs and space and
Doraemon and stuff like that.
Senkuu Ishigami : I'm going to use the power of science
to rescue every single person.
EXTRA : Next Episode (0:23:58.58)
EXTRA : This is a work of fiction, but the plants,
animals, and production methods described are based on reality.
Foraging and making things on your own accord is extremely dangerous
and, in some cases, illegal. Please do not imitate without expertise.

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