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EXTRA : I can't believe it's been
15 years since I started this...
EXTRA : Talk about a long-lived hobby. (0:00:13.91)
EXTRA : Once it hits midnight, it's time to close the server (0:00:16.25)
EXTRA : "Akira Oono"
Once it hits midnight, it's time to close the server
EXTRA : "Akira Oono"
and shut down the game once and for all.
EXTRA : You've done your fair share of spreading
bloodshed and tears across the land,
EXTRA : Demon Lord of the Great Empire. (0:00:28.75)
EXTRA : Goodbye, Kunai. (0:00:32.95)
EXTRA : And good night. (0:00:35.58)
EXTRA : It's a world abandoned by God... (0:00:45.29)
EXTRA : A world that makes angels despair... (0:00:48.00)
EXTRA : Please, don't be afraid. I need you to listen... (0:00:51.25)
EXTRA : If you focus, you can surely hear it. (0:00:56.04)
EXTRA : The midnight bell is always the tone
which signals the starting of "you."
Kunai Hakuto : Wh-What the hell's this?! (0:01:10.91)
Kunai Hakuto : Hmm? (0:01:16.95)
Kunai Hakuto : That's a damn huge forest! (0:01:18.00)
Kunai Hakuto : What's with these shoes? (0:01:23.37)
Kunai Hakuto : No, it's not just my shoes...
Since when did I dress like a Mafia boss?!
Kunai Hakuto : I've got a bad feeling about this... (0:01:31.37)
Kunai Hakuto : Wha--?! (0:01:38.75)
Kunai Hakuto : It's Infinity Game 's Demon Lord, Hakuto Kunai! (0:01:40.16)
EXTRA : "Demon Lord"
"Hakuto Kunai"
EXTRA : Open your eyes (0:01:50.37)
EXTRA : Dwelling in the eyes of
that majestic figure are wishes
EXTRA : Let's sing to the sleepless night (0:02:01.45)
EXTRA : Dramatically pull everything in,
even light and darkness
EXTRA : In order to smile again tomorrow, unafraid (0:02:08.33)
EXTRA : I learned that true kindness is
actually solitude after looking at you
EXTRA : I wanted to get closer to your heart
and yet it's still so far away
EXTRA : No matter what fate gets in my way,
I'll face it head on
EXTRA : With the bravery I chose with you,
let's flap our wings and fly
EXTRA : My heart is trembling with the hope that I found (0:02:43.08)
EXTRA : Resounding inside me
move my heart
EXTRA : Lurking behind my hidden true motives (0:02:49.91)
EXTRA : With a stronger gaze than anyone else (0:02:53.33)
EXTRA : Dwelling in the eyes of
that majestic figure are wishes
EXTRA : Let's sing to the sleepless night (0:03:00.08)
EXTRA : Dramatically pull everything in,
even light and darkness
EXTRA : In order to smile again tomorrow, unafraid (0:03:06.87)
EXTRA : Let's begin (0:03:10.45)
EXTRA : Open your eyes (0:03:12.08)
EXTRA : "Demon Lord's Descent" (0:03:16.95)
Kunai Hakuto : What are you doing here? (0:03:22.95)
Kunai Hakuto : You're kidding me!
Why the hell am I this old man?!
Kunai Hakuto : W-Wait, calm down... (0:03:30.58)
Kunai Hakuto : I shouldn't panic just yet. (0:03:33.20)
Kunai Hakuto : There's no way I'm stuck
in a game of my own creation.
Kunai Hakuto : W-Wait... I know a quick way
to find out for sure.
Kunai Hakuto : Administrator! (0:03:44.87)
EXTRA : "Administrator Privileges" (0:03:46.41)
Kunai Hakuto : Now we're talking! (0:03:49.37)
Kunai Hakuto : "Please enter the password."
Just put in the password here...
EXTRA : "Hakuto Kunai"
"You do not meet the requirements."
Kunai Hakuto : "You do not meet the requirements."
Huh? Does this mean it isn't the game world?
Kunai Hakuto : What now? I'd have read more light novels
if I knew this would happen...
Kunai Hakuto : Huh? Is someone there? (0:04:12.87)
Kunai Hakuto : I'm pretty sure Kunai was smug
and sarcastic when he talked, right?
Kunai Hakuto : Uh, well, um... (0:04:26.41)
Kunai Hakuto : Do you understand words, or what? (0:04:29.12)
Aku : You have to run! (0:04:31.50)
Kunai Hakuto : Huh? (0:04:32.62)
Kunai Hakuto : Is this ugly monster
a pet of yours or something?
Kunai Hakuto : You really ought to teach it
some manners and how to behave.
Aku : Hurry up and run! It's a demon! (0:04:45.58)
EXTRA : You feeble human,
I'll feast on your flesh and blood!
Kunai Hakuto : Scary! (0:04:55.16)
Kunai Hakuto : What the hell are you trying to pull? (0:05:05.58)
Kunai Hakuto : I pretty much know the game's
system inside and out, but...
Kunai Hakuto : ...I don't recall making a monster like that. (0:05:25.45)
Kunai Hakuto : The same goes for that girl. (0:05:28.45)
Aku : D-Demon Lord, please don't eat me! (0:05:32.58)
Aku : I'm not very tasty at all! (0:05:36.50)
Kunai Hakuto : Are you kidding me?
Who the hell do you think I am?
Kunai Hakuto : Hmm? We understand each another? (0:05:42.50)
Kunai Hakuto : Relax. I'm not nearly hungry
enough to resort to that just yet.
Aku : A-Are you serious? (0:05:50.20)
Kunai Hakuto : Yeah, I'm serious. (0:05:52.91)
Kunai Hakuto : Anyways, what's the reason behind
you calling me Demon Lord?
Aku : B-Because... You defeated
Greole without breaking a sweat.
Aku : If you're not an angel, you must be
the Demon Lord the legends proclaim...
Kunai Hakuto : My name... is Kunai. (0:06:08.29)
Kunai Hakuto : I've got nothing to do with a Demon Lord. (0:06:10.83)
Aku : I-I see... (0:06:13.91)
Kunai Hakuto : So? What's your name? (0:06:15.79)
Aku : My name... is Aku. (0:06:18.29)
Kunai Hakuto : The Demon Lord and Aku? (0:06:23.12)
Kunai Hakuto : Aku? (0:06:25.87)
Kunai Hakuto : Th-That's a very nice name. (0:06:27.50)
Kunai Hakuto : And... let's see... (0:06:30.33)
Kunai Hakuto : Have you heard of the country Japan? (0:06:32.91)
Aku : S-Sorry, I've never heard of it. (0:06:35.91)
Aku : This is the Kingdom of Holy Light
where people revere the Cherub.
Kunai Hakuto : Kingdom of Holy Light... Cherub... (0:06:47.54)
Aku : Yes. The monster just now had been
sealed by the great Cherub in the past.
Aku : Beneath the Cherub are the
Three Holy Maidens, the Holy Knights,
Aku : and an organization called
the Holy Church too.
Kunai Hakuto : It's totally all stuff straight out
of your everyday fantasy world...
Kunai Hakuto : But why summon a regular guy on
the verge of getting called old like me?
Kunai Hakuto : Hmm? What if Hakuto Kunai
was the one summoned here...
Kunai Hakuto : ...and I just got dragged into it? (0:07:20.37)
Kunai Hakuto : How about you clean yourself up? (0:07:27.08)
Aku : Is that okay? (0:07:30.54)
Kunai Hakuto : Why wouldn't it be okay? (0:07:32.08)
Kunai Hakuto : I'll be waiting off in the distance,
so wash all that muck off yourself.
Aku : Thank you, I will! (0:07:39.62)
Kunai Hakuto : Yell for me when you're finished. (0:07:45.12)
Aku : Okay! (0:07:47.62)
Aku : To think there was such a pretty
lake in the Forest of Wishes...
Aku : This is the first time in my life
I've dipped in water this clear!
Aku : I'm so glad to be alive right now! (0:08:04.16)
Aku : In any case, I wonder who
in the world that person is.
Aku : Wh-What if he wants me to get clean
before he makes a meal of me?!
Kunai Hakuto : "Administrator Privileges"
I can finally use administrator privileges!
Aku : Administrator? (0:08:22.70)
Kunai Hakuto : Item file. (0:08:24.54)
Aku : Wh-What's that?! (0:08:27.33)
Aku : D-Do you think he's getting
out his cooking utensils?!
Kunai Hakuto : Go on and use this bath towel and soap. (0:08:37.25)
Aku : Huh? Is this that thing they call shabon ? (0:08:41.54)
Kunai Hakuto : Shabon ? What's this, the Edo period? (0:08:45.41)
Aku : Edo period? (0:08:48.20)
Kunai Hakuto : Just forget it. (0:08:50.04)
Kunai Hakuto : Just to be safe, I'm going
to take a quick look around.
Kunai Hakuto : My skill points are dropping, and fast... (0:09:01.12)
Kunai Hakuto : Just like Infinity Game , you must get
points to learn skills through combat.
Kunai Hakuto : But how am I going to build
points from here on out?
Kunai Hakuto : Making those trash items used 5 points,
so I've got a bit over 30 left...
Kunai Hakuto : If this was the game, I should get
more or less points based on
Kunai Hakuto : my level difference with the enemy. (0:09:26.25)
Aku : D-Demon Lord. (0:09:28.83)
Aku : Thanks for waiting.
The shabon you gave me was wonderful.
Kunai Hakuto : I keep telling you, I'm no Demon Lord. (0:09:35.25)
Kunai Hakuto : Anyways, do monsters like that
last one pop up around here often?
Aku : O-Of course not! (0:09:42.91)
Aku : If Greole showed up often, the whole
kingdom would get demolished!
Kunai Hakuto : What? You're saying he's
actually pretty dangerous?
Aku : Mm-hmm! (0:09:52.33)
Kunai Hakuto : Hmm... Aku, do you know where
his den is or where he sleeps?
Kunai Hakuto : I could use some more skill points to... Ahem! (0:09:58.95)
Kunai Hakuto : I'd like to investigate a bit. (0:10:02.50)
Aku : I heard Greole used to be sealed
at the Wishing Shrine in this forest.
Kunai Hakuto : Wishing Shrine, huh? (0:10:10.70)
Kunai Hakuto : Would you be able to guide me there? (0:10:13.00)
Aku : A-All right. (0:10:15.58)
Aku : Huh? (0:10:22.25)
Kunai Hakuto : I'll carry you, so ride on my back. (0:10:22.79)
Aku : N-No way! You don't want someone
as filthy as me riding on your back!
Kunai Hakuto : Sorry, but I'm short on time. (0:10:30.37)
Kunai Hakuto : I won't ask again. Hurry up. (0:10:32.87)
Kunai Hakuto : Oh, come on! You're so against it
that you cry? That really hurts...
Aku : For the longest time,
I've been a nuisance to the village.
Aku : Which is why I gather all
the village's garbage...
Aku : ...and throw out all the human waste. (0:10:53.66)
Aku : I've done the best that I can, but... (0:10:56.83)
Kunai Hakuto : In other words, you do garbage disposal
and water treatment, right?
Kunai Hakuto : It's a very important job. (0:11:04.12)
Aku : But they... The villagers say
I'm dirty and smelly...
Aku : And then, they finally cast me out
as a sacrifice to Greole...
Aku : All the people in the village say
they'll get dirty if they touch me.
Aku : That's why...! (0:11:22.83)
Aku : W-Wait! Hold on! If you touch me... (0:11:27.20)
Kunai Hakuto : Nobody would get dirty
doing something like that.
Kunai Hakuto : With bodies like ours, all it takes is
a wash and we're as good as new.
Aku : Thank you very much, Demon Lord. (0:11:43.70)
Kunai Hakuto : Don't you think you're holding on a bit too tight? (0:11:49.87)
Aku : I-I might be. (0:11:52.75)
Aku : But this is the first time I've
touched anyone like this before...
EXTRA : "Hakuto Kunai"
"Race: Human" "Sex: Male" "Age: 45" "Height: 187cm"
EXTRA : "Demon King Greole"
"Race: High Demon"
EXTRA : "Hakuto Kunai"
Kunai Hakuto : Can you read this, Aku? (0:12:14.12)
Aku : Wow! Demon Lord has pretty handwriting! (0:12:15.50)
Kunai Hakuto : You can tell that these are letters? (0:12:21.37)
Aku : Of course. (0:12:23.58)
Kunai Hakuto : So you can read it then? (0:12:24.66)
Aku : Hakuto Kunai... Aku... (0:12:27.04)
Aku : One plus one equals two. (0:12:29.62)
Aku : G. A. M. E. Right? (0:12:32.62)
Kunai Hakuto : Yeah... (0:12:35.33)
Kunai Hakuto : I'm not exactly sure the reason for it,
but our languages must be the same.
Kunai Hakuto : It's safe to say we can communicate. (0:12:42.62)
Kunai Hakuto : By the way, is the Wishing Shrine
one of those places?
Kunai Hakuto : The kind where you toss money in and pray? (0:12:48.66)
Aku : I'm not sure of all the details myself, (0:12:52.20)
Aku : but using the power of the shrine,
the Cherub managed to seal Greole there.
Kunai Hakuto : The shrine's power? (0:13:00.91)
Aku : Yeah, that's right. Legend says it can
grant the wishes of those who visit.
Kunai Hakuto : Occult, is it? (0:13:08.62)
Aku : I-If you go to the shrine, you could
obtain enough power to rule the world!
Kunai Hakuto : I don't want that power! (0:13:15.62)
EXTRA : "Wishing Shrine" (0:13:18.29)
Kunai Hakuto : This smell... (0:13:26.62)
Kunai Hakuto : Aku, wait right here.
It seems dangerous in there.
Aku : O-Okay. (0:13:32.91)
Kunai Hakuto : So that's where the smell is coming from... (0:13:48.20)
Kunai Hakuto : Bleh! (0:13:51.87)
Idol : I see... (0:13:54.04)
Idol : You're the Demon Lord, indeed. (0:13:57.12)
Idol : "Idol"
I've granted many wishes thus far,
but I believe this will be my last.
Kunai Hakuto : H-Hold up! What exactly do you know? (0:14:09.37)
Kunai Hakuto : Was it you who summoned me here? (0:14:13.20)
Idol : I suppose you could say
it was those people, not me.
Idol : "We wish for the Demon Lord to descend." (0:14:21.20)
Kunai Hakuto : These guys? (0:14:25.29)
Kunai Hakuto : And what else? Did those guys
ask you to summon Greole as well?
Idol : Greole broke the seal by
his own power and revived.
Idol : He used the surrounding forests as his den... (0:14:37.70)
Idol : ...and demanded sacrifices
from the nearby villages.
Kunai Hakuto : Sacrifices? (0:14:45.29)
Idol : They wished for the Demon Lord's descent, (0:14:51.54)
Idol : but Greole appeared in order
to stop it from happening...
Idol : ...and slaughtered all of those people. (0:14:57.37)
Kunai Hakuto : Can you just return me to the world I came from? (0:15:00.33)
Idol : I cannot grant that wish. (0:15:04.00)
Idol : It defies a wish that was made. (0:15:06.33)
Kunai Hakuto : Huh?! No, it doesn't! (0:15:08.66)
Idol : However, as you are my final visitor,
I shall grant you this.
Kunai Hakuto : Don't gimme this shit! (0:15:22.45)
Kunai Hakuto : Having to wear a ring like this
sounds more like a punishment to me!
Idol : I pray that your wish comes true... (0:15:28.25)
Idol : I was once very pure and a sight to behold... (0:15:32.83)
Idol : But many years of granting wicked
wishes to humans changed me to this.
Idol : I pray that your... wish comes true... (0:15:43.45)
Kunai Hakuto : What am I supposed to do with a ring like this? (0:15:52.33)
Aku : How was it? Did you wish for anything? (0:16:04.16)
Aku : Was it to rule the world after all?
Or perhaps some form of debauchery?
Kunai Hakuto : Yoga! Yoga! (0:16:15.66)
Aku : Ouch, that hurts! Please stop it, Demon Lord! (0:16:16.62)
Kunai Hakuto : Aku, are there any large cities in the area? (0:16:21.41)
Aku : There's the Kingdom of Holy Light's
Holy Capital...
Kunai Hakuto : That's fine. Can you draw me a map or something? (0:16:28.66)
Aku : D-Demon Lord! Does this mean you
don't want me to come with you?
Kunai Hakuto : Hmm? You want to come along? (0:16:37.41)
Aku : I-Is that a problem? (0:16:40.58)
Aku : I mean, I can't just go home after
being cast out as a sacrifice...
Kunai Hakuto : It might come in handy having
someone from this world at my side...
Kunai Hakuto : Sure, why not? (0:16:56.12)
Aku : Thank you very much! (0:16:59.20)
Aku : Could we possibly swing
by my village before we go?
Aku : It's not very much, but I have a few things. (0:17:05.16)
Kunai Hakuto : All right. (0:17:07.91)
Kunai Hakuto : In that case, let's get going, Aku. (0:17:10.00)
Aku : It won't take long with your legs! (0:17:14.29)
Kunai Hakuto : If the situation is bad enough
to need sacrifices,
Kunai Hakuto : why hasn't the capital--rather,
the kingdom done anything?
Aku : This area is far from the Holy Capital, so... (0:17:26.41)
Kunai Hakuto : I see. We must be way out there. (0:17:29.83)
Aku : Um, where do you come from, Demon Lord? (0:17:32.75)
Kunai Hakuto : W-Well, from way out there... (0:17:36.58)
Aku : The area around my village
is all withered from Greole's curse.
Aku : Even the water under the soil
is seething with poison.
Aku : That's why being able to bathe
in clean water like I did before
Aku : is a luxury I've never had in my life. (0:17:52.04)
Aku : Oh, Demon Lord!
My village is just inside that fence.
Aku : My house is that way. (0:18:05.08)
Kunai Hakuto : "Stealth Stance"
Stealth Stance.
Aku : Huh? (0:18:22.62)
Kunai Hakuto : Player messaging feature. (0:18:23.79)
Kunai Hakuto : "Message"
Message. Aku, can you hear me?
Aku : H-Huh? I hear Demon Lord's
sinister voice in my head...
Kunai Hakuto : How dare you call it sinister! (0:18:34.45)
Kunai Hakuto : Don't worry about me. Just know I'm nearby. (0:18:36.62)
Aku : O-Okay! (0:18:40.12)
EXTRA : Hey, trash face. What are you doing here? (0:18:42.58)
EXTRA : Did you think you could escape and come back? (0:18:46.00)
EXTRA : --You're garbage!
--You pile of shit!
EXTRA : --Ow!
--Take that!
Kunai Hakuto : Those bastards! (0:18:54.25)
Cursed Ring : If they displease you, why not purge them? (0:18:58.16)
Cursed Ring : I have the authority to dispose
of any people you deem unbecoming.
Kunai Hakuto : What the hell?
That's because it was only a game!
Cursed Ring : It's a curious thing you say... (0:19:11.33)
Cursed Ring : That authority, Infinity Game , that system... (0:19:13.62)
Cursed Ring : That twisted country was made by
none other than yourself, was it not?
Cursed Ring : It's you who is the root of all evil. (0:19:26.75)
Cursed Ring : If I'm a fiend who has purged
over 4 million people, then...
Cursed Ring : --...you are the one who leads
the world towards total destruction.
Kunai Hakuto : --I'm hearing things...
I've got to be hearing things!
--...you are the one who leads
the world towards total destruction.
Cursed Ring : --I'm hearing things...
I've got to be hearing things!
--...you are the one who leads
the world towards total destruction.
EXTRA : Take that! (0:19:48.08)
EXTRA : Wh-Who the hell are you?! (0:19:52.16)
EXTRA : D-Don't tell me you're one of
Greole's underlings or something!
EXTRA : Please, spare our village!
We already offered a sacrifice!
Kunai Hakuto : Aku, hurry up and get your stuff. (0:20:10.12)
Aku : A-All right, Demon Lord. (0:20:13.16)
EXTRA : D-Did you say Demon Lord?! (0:20:15.79)
EXTRA : D-Demon Lord! (0:20:18.50)
Kunai Hakuto : Aw, come on! Don't say stuff like that! (0:20:21.37)
EXTRA : Trash face!
You're screwing the village yet again!
EXTRA : Piles of shit like you should get lost!
You're a plague!
EXTRA : Huh? (0:20:38.66)
EXTRA : --My house!
--The lord will hear about this!
Kunai Hakuto : Let's go, Aku. (0:20:47.54)
Aku : R-Right, Demon Lord. (0:20:48.66)
Kunai Hakuto : Sorry we couldn't get your things. (0:20:55.29)
Aku : More importantly,
was it all right to do all that?
Kunai Hakuto : D-Don't get me wrong.
I was just warming the place up.
Kunai Hakuto : You might even say that was an act of kindness! (0:21:05.50)
Aku : D-Demon Lord... Why would you
rescue someone like me?
Kunai Hakuto : Don't say someone like you. (0:21:15.33)
Kunai Hakuto : I think you're doing a swell job at living. (0:21:17.16)
Kunai Hakuto : Don't let other people
determine your worth for you.
Aku : Demon Lord... (0:21:24.91)
Kunai Hakuto : What do you think?
Did all that make you feel any better?
Aku : W-Well... I think I feel
just a little better now!
Kunai Hakuto : Then let's get to this Holy Capital or whatever! (0:21:38.58)
Aku : Right! (0:21:41.66)
Aku : Thanks for letting me come! (0:21:43.54)
EXTRA : "Super Top Secret"
"Don't let xxx read this!!! Or even see it (lol) Akira Oono"
EXTRA : I wish I could go back (0:21:59.00)
EXTRA : Is what someone said (0:22:01.70)
EXTRA : But I don't have a past (0:22:04.41)
EXTRA : For eternity (0:22:09.20)
EXTRA : That nothing would change (0:22:12.20)
EXTRA : Is what I thought (0:22:14.70)
EXTRA : Over and over (0:22:19.45)
EXTRA : Rubbing my eyes to make sure (0:22:22.25)
EXTRA : I'm overwhelmed by emotion (0:22:25.58)
EXTRA : Like a lie
Bright! Still locked up
EXTRA : Hiding what I couldn't give up (0:22:32.91)
EXTRA : That miracle lit up by my heart (0:22:35.79)
EXTRA : Not sought out, not doubted (0:22:39.95)
EXTRA : But still you believed (0:22:43.16)
EXTRA : As if to teach me (0:22:46.12)
Now that I'm laughing with you
EXTRA : I can embrace it all (0:22:56.37)
EXTRA : Once again (0:23:03.29)
Kunai Hakuto : Taken to another world. (0:23:17.75)
Kunai Hakuto : One Infinity Game player
had this to say with a chuckle:
Kunai Hakuto : "These days, practically everyone is
getting in on the 'another world' genre."
Kunai Hakuto : I'd now like to speak on behalf of all
protagonists taken to another world...
Kunai Hakuto : "At least let me wipe
my hard drive before I go!"
Aku : What's a hard drive? (0:23:39.37)
Kunai Hakuto : "Golden Luna"
Next time: Demon Lord, Retry Episode 2. "Golden Luna."

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