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Luna Elegant : Hey, watch it! Be careful where you go! (0:00:16.50)
EXTRA : I-I'm terribly sorry, Miss Luna! (0:00:19.50)
Luna Elegant : Do you think it's funny if I bruise my butt
before subduing this Demon Lord?
EXTRA : I-Is this even a good idea
without the other Holy Maidens?
Luna Elegant : Excuse me? Are you saying
it's too much for me to handle?
EXTRA : Y-You're more than enough
on your own, Miss Luna.
Luna Elegant : Hmph! Of course I am. (0:00:39.41)
Luna Elegant : I can't let my sisters show
me up forever, you know.
EXTRA : "Luna Elegant"
"16 years old"
EXTRA : Open your eyes (0:00:50.33)
EXTRA : Dwelling in the eyes of
that majestic figure are wishes
EXTRA : Let's sing to the sleepless night (0:01:01.37)
EXTRA : Dramatically pull everything in,
even light and darkness
EXTRA : In order to smile again tomorrow, unafraid (0:01:08.25)
EXTRA : I learned that true kindness is
actually solitude after looking at you
EXTRA : I wanted to get closer to your heart
and yet it's still so far away
EXTRA : No matter what fate gets in my way,
I'll face it head on
EXTRA : With the bravery I chose with you,
let's flap our wings and fly
EXTRA : My heart is trembling with the hope that I found (0:01:43.00)
EXTRA : Resounding inside me
move my heart
EXTRA : Lurking behind my hidden true motives (0:01:49.83)
EXTRA : With a stronger gaze than anyone else (0:01:53.29)
EXTRA : Dwelling in the eyes of
that majestic figure are wishes
EXTRA : Let's sing to the sleepless night (0:02:00.04)
EXTRA : Dramatically pull everything in,
even light and darkness
EXTRA : In order to smile again tomorrow, unafraid (0:02:06.83)
EXTRA : Let's begin (0:02:10.41)
EXTRA : Open your eyes (0:02:12.04)
EXTRA : "Golden Luna" (0:02:16.95)
EXTRA : Reporting in! The Holy Maiden, Luna Elegant, (0:02:28.66)
EXTRA : is approaching on the road
with an escort of some 20 troops!
O Wengoal : What? Has she come to subjugate us at last? (0:02:35.95)
O Wengoal : It's such an honor for a Holy Maiden
to come deal with us herself.
O Wengoal : "Chief of the Moles" "O Wengoal"
We'll have to face her head on.
EXTRA : "Chief of the Moles" "O Wengoal"
N-No, it doesn't seem like her target is us Moles...
O Wengoal : Oh? (0:02:56.16)
Aku : "Demon Lord" "Hakuto Kunai"
"Girl cast out as a sacrifice" "Aku"
It's getting dark pretty quickly now.
Hakuto Kunai : You're right. Shall we camp out here tonight? (0:03:05.95)
Aku : Huh? You mean right here? (0:03:09.70)
Hakuto Kunai : Fragment of my intelligence, come forth! (0:03:17.12)
Hakuto Kunai : Survival Goods! (0:03:20.91)
EXTRA : "Survival Goods" (0:03:22.62)
Aku : Whoa! (0:03:23.66)
Hakuto Kunai : There is no end to my darkness! Defense Goods! (0:03:25.79)
EXTRA : "Defense Goods" (0:03:31.66)
Aku : Whoa! (0:03:32.75)
Hakuto Kunai : Alone, they don't achieve very much, but... (0:03:36.16)
Hakuto Kunai : Item Combine! Construct Base! (0:03:39.33)
EXTRA : "Base" (0:03:44.58)
Aku : I-Incredible! Was that magic just now? (0:03:45.54)
Aku : You're so incredible, Demon Lord! (0:03:49.79)
Hakuto Kunai : This baby can withstand attacks
from even a rocket launcher.
Hakuto Kunai : You're as good as dead in Infinity Game
unless you camp out like this.
Aku : I-Is that right? Not that I
understand what you're saying...
Hakuto Kunai : I'm just saying it's pretty sturdy. (0:04:11.54)
Hakuto Kunai : Aku, we're sleeping in this base tonight. (0:04:14.20)
Hakuto Kunai : I'm a delicate guy, so there's no way
I'm camping under the stars.
Aku : Okay! Leave the house chores to me! (0:04:22.08)
Aku : This is...? (0:04:27.79)
Hakuto Kunai : Go on. Give your weary body a wash. (0:04:29.12)
Aku : H-Hold on. I can't use something like this... (0:04:32.33)
Hakuto Kunai : Sorry it's cramped, but this
is the best I can do for now.
Aku : Th-That's not what I... (0:04:42.33)
Hakuto Kunai : Just you wait and see.
I'll construct a hot spring resort someday.
Hakuto Kunai : You're going to love every minute of it. (0:04:48.50)
Aku : I wonder what a hot spring resort is anyways? (0:04:53.37)
Hakuto Kunai : Seems like this world has a moon too... (0:04:59.54)
Hakuto Kunai : If I gather enough skill points
to unlock administrator privileges,
Hakuto Kunai : can I return back to my world? (0:05:07.20)
Hakuto Kunai : Though, that whole system
is based off of Infinity Game .
Hakuto Kunai : No such "return to my world"
command even exists.
Hakuto Kunai : If being summoned by that idol
is what brought me here,
Hakuto Kunai : the only way to return must be to
seek out something with similar power.
Hakuto Kunai : Let's hope I find a clue in the Holy Capital. (0:05:28.04)
Hakuto Kunai : But even if I went back,
would I still have the same life?
Hakuto Kunai : Is there still a place for me at work? (0:05:35.75)
Hakuto Kunai : I bet my manager's furious... (0:05:38.41)
Aku : Demon Lord, I washed my body
with that shabon again.
Hakuto Kunai : Mmm, you do smell pretty good now. (0:05:53.41)
Aku : R-Really?! (0:05:56.25)
Aku : That's the first time someone's
told me that in my life!
Hakuto Kunai : You... want to sleep together? (0:06:06.16)
Aku : Is that a no? (0:06:10.16)
Hakuto Kunai : I know you think I'm some old guy or something, (0:06:14.08)
Hakuto Kunai : but the truth is, I'm more like
an older brother. I'm no old man.
Aku : Demon Lord? I don't understand
what you're talking about...
O Wengoal : Bring it on, Holy Maiden and friends. (0:06:32.75)
O Wengoal : Us bandits, the Moles,
silence even crying babies.
O Wengoal : None slip under our noses. (0:06:39.08)
O Wengoal : Who in the world are those two? (0:06:46.58)
EXTRA : What do we do, Chief? (0:06:49.33)
O Wengoal : Hmm, must be bait. (0:06:51.16)
O Wengoal : The moment we attack them, (0:06:53.83)
O Wengoal : the Holy Maiden and her crew
will jump out and ambush us.
EXTRA : Should we do nothing and let them go? (0:06:59.50)
O Wengoal : No, we'll get 'em.
A quick attack and a quick retreat.
O Wengoal : Draw the Holy Maiden into unfamiliar terrain. (0:07:06.29)
Hakuto Kunai : These guys are a joke. (0:07:12.95)
Hakuto Kunai : I'll turn off my intercept and
auto attack abilities just in case...
Hakuto Kunai : Aku, stand back. (0:07:21.62)
Aku : Huh? (0:07:23.16)
Hakuto Kunai : I guess I should just take this attack. (0:07:24.54)
EXTRA : "Assault Barrier" (0:07:27.25)
Hakuto Kunai : Hmph, under level 30? How weak. (0:07:28.29)
Hakuto Kunai : In Infinity Game , only players
at the max level of 30 were able to...
Hakuto Kunai : ...inflict any sort of damage to Kunai, but... (0:07:37.37)
Hakuto Kunai : How about we skip the hide-and-seek
and you show yourself?
O Wengoal : You're pretty tough. (0:07:53.95)
O Wengoal : I'm the Chief of the Moles, O Wengoal. (0:07:55.75)
O Wengoal : And you are? (0:07:59.25)
Hakuto Kunai : Huh? My manager?
What in the world is he doing here?
Hakuto Kunai : Sorry about not showing up to work, Mr. Senmu. (0:08:05.20)
O Wengoal : Shenmue, you said? (0:08:09.16)
Hakuto Kunai : Shenmue... Shenmue, huh? That takes me back... (0:08:11.25)
O Wengoal : What are you talking about? (0:08:16.08)
Hakuto Kunai : Uh, wait... Aren't you Aoki Senmu? (0:08:18.20)
O Wengoal : Hmph. Are you trying to confuse me or something? (0:08:22.58)
O Wengoal : That won't work on me. (0:08:26.75)
Hakuto Kunai : No, that wasn't my intention, but... (0:08:28.54)
Hakuto Kunai : What a crazy resemblance.
Man, do they look alike...
O Wengoal : By that trick you conjured up just now,
I take it you're a magic user?
Hakuto Kunai : I've no obligation to answer. (0:08:41.87)
O Wengoal : Take us lightly and you'll get hurt. (0:08:43.95)
O Wengoal : Got it, old man? (0:08:46.62)
Hakuto Kunai : Wh-Who you calling an old man?!
You're more an old man than me!
O Wengoal : A-Are you kidding me?!
If anyone here has an old man face, it's you!
Hakuto Kunai : --It's not my fault you were born that way, idiot!
--I'll give you an old man face!
O Wengoal : --Old man?! Don't make me laugh!
--Who do you think you are?!
You're the one who's an idiot!
Aku : Demon Lord, let's run! (0:09:01.25)
O Wengoal : Demon Lord, you say? Someone like you? (0:09:03.20)
EXTRA : Go pretend you're a
Demon Lord on the other side!
O Wengoal : I-I knew he had to be a magic user! (0:09:17.50)
Luna Elegant : What was that about magic? (0:09:20.29)
Hakuto Kunai : Wh-What the...? (0:09:25.91)
Luna Elegant : To think I'd come Demon Lord hunting
and find a bunch of filthy bandits.
O Wengoal : Tsk, the plan is falling apart...
Guys, pull back!
Luna Elegant : How stupid can you be? (0:09:39.08)
Luna Elegant : You think you can get away from me? (0:09:40.91)
Luna Elegant : Be torn asunder by gold! Gold Slash! (0:09:44.08)
EXTRA : "Gold Blade" "Gold Slash" (0:09:46.79)
Hakuto Kunai : Ow... My Assault Barrier never activated... (0:09:55.12)
Hakuto Kunai : This kid is max level? (0:09:59.70)
Hakuto Kunai : To be honest, I wasn't expecting
that much out of you.
Luna Elegant : Excuse me?! What did you just say?! (0:10:06.79)
Hakuto Kunai : Anyways, do I not get an apology
for you attacking me out of nowhere?
Luna Elegant : Hmph! A Holy Maiden dispatching evil
is just plain common sense.
Hakuto Kunai : All right, then. Those will be your last words. (0:10:20.25)
Luna Elegant : Hmph. It seems you don't know who I am. (0:10:24.12)
Luna Elegant : I'm one of the three Holy Maidens.
The Golden Luna Elegant.
Hakuto Kunai : This kid shooting off magic
like a maniac is named Elegant?
Hakuto Kunai : Way to not live up to the name. (0:10:36.33)
Luna Elegant : You guys, go capture this blockhead at once! (0:10:38.62)
EXTRA : Yes, ma'am! (0:10:41.83)
Hakuto Kunai : Unfortunately, you all have no
business standing in front of me.
Luna Elegant : Who in the world is this guy? (0:11:00.04)
Luna Elegant : H-Hey! What do you think you're doing? (0:11:02.33)
Hakuto Kunai : I don't hold back on those who attack me,
even if they happen to be women.
Luna Elegant : Huh? Wait! No, don't! What are you doing?! (0:11:15.37)
Luna Elegant : That hurt! (0:11:20.91)
Luna Elegant : That hurts! (0:11:24.12)
Luna Elegant : The butt! Not the butt! (0:11:26.50)
Hakuto Kunai : That was my right hand! This is my left hand! (0:11:29.33)
Hakuto Kunai : And now let's go back to the right hand! (0:11:33.33)
Hakuto Kunai : --Stop it!
--And this one's because I'm kinda enjoying this!
Luna Elegant : --Stop it!
--And this one's because I'm kinda enjoying this!
Luna Elegant : S-Stop! (0:11:39.87)
EXTRA : "Luna Elegant" "Race: Human" "Sex: Female"
"Age: 16" "Height: 153cm"
EXTRA : "Mild Heaven" "Race: Tobacco" "Sex: None"
"Age: None" "Height: 8cm"
Hakuto Kunai : That was a good workout. (0:11:56.50)
Aku : I-I wonder if the Holy Maiden's butt
will be all right?
Hakuto Kunai : It's already had a split in it. She'll be fine. (0:12:02.79)
Aku : Th-That's not the problem here... (0:12:05.79)
Hakuto Kunai : Now then. Now that we've got all this money,
how about we stay in a city?
Luna Elegant : I'll kill that guy! You just wait and see! (0:12:19.25)
Luna Elegant : You stupid coachman! Go a little slower!
It stings my butt!
EXTRA : "Kingdom of Holy Light"
"Market City Yahoo"
Hakuto Kunai : The naming sense of this kingdom
is truly something awful.
Aku : You think so? (0:12:37.75)
Hakuto Kunai : Let's buy some random stuff
with all this money we've got.
Aku : But that's the Holy Maiden's money, isn't it? (0:12:43.58)
Hakuto Kunai : I was acting in self-defense. (0:12:46.54)
Hakuto Kunai : In fact, you could say I was
being extra kind and lenient.
Hakuto Kunai : If this were an eroge ,
we'd be heading for a sex slave route.
Aku : What's an eroge ? (0:12:56.16)
Hakuto Kunai : How much? (0:13:05.29)
EXTRA : It's three copper for two skewers. (0:13:06.79)
EXTRA : Thank you. (0:13:11.50)
EXTRA : Come again! (0:13:13.08)
Aku : U-Um... (0:13:15.91)
Hakuto Kunai : It's my treat today. Just eat it and enjoy. (0:13:17.75)
Aku : I've never eaten something this tasty before! (0:13:25.75)
Hakuto Kunai : "Gugule Inn"
This place has one terrible name after another...
Aku : Really? I think it's a cute name though. (0:13:34.41)
EXTRA : Welcome. (0:13:38.87)
Hakuto Kunai : I'd like the best room you've got. (0:13:40.62)
EXTRA : If you'd like to stay in our best room,
it would cost one gold coin.
Aku : What?! We shouldn't, Demon Lord! (0:13:48.29)
EXTRA : D-Demon...? (0:13:51.16)
Hakuto Kunai : No, you see... My name is De Mon. (0:13:52.87)
Hakuto Kunai : Sorry to confuse you like that. (0:13:56.29)
Hakuto Kunai : Then, if you please. (0:13:59.95)
EXTRA : V-Very well, Sir. I'll go prepare it at once. (0:14:01.87)
Hakuto Kunai : "Message"
Don't call me Demon Lord in front of people!
Hakuto Kunai : Call me your older brother or something. (0:14:10.79)
Aku : Wh-What about if I called you Papa? (0:14:14.62)
Hakuto Kunai : But I'm still a spunky bachelor! (0:14:17.87)
EXTRA : Please, make yourselves at home
and enjoy the room.
Hakuto Kunai : Not a bad view, is it? (0:14:32.91)
Hakuto Kunai : To be honest, I'm surprised at how
luxurious this place actually is.
Hakuto Kunai : Then again, I've got to keep
acting cool around Aku.
Aku : A-Amazing! It's like we're
staying in a noble's estate!
Hakuto Kunai : Don't get too excited over this. (0:14:49.70)
Hakuto Kunai : Someday I'll build a castle
befitting of my greatness.
Aku : C-Castle? (0:14:56.79)
Aku : I don't know what you mean,
but it sure sounds great!
Hakuto Kunai : Now then, how about we go out
and have a nice dinner tonight?
Hakuto Kunai : But... before that... (0:15:06.41)
EXTRA : "Boutique"
"Fashion Check"
Bingo : Dear me.
That's one shabby outfit she's wearing...
Bingo : Perhaps she's this man's servant or something? (0:15:17.33)
Bingo : Welcome! May I ask what
you're looking for today?
Hakuto Kunai : Sorry, but could you find an outfit
that looks good on her?
Hakuto Kunai : I'm not that great at picking
out clothes for people.
Hakuto Kunai : I'd like to leave that to a pro. (0:15:32.12)
Hakuto Kunai : This one looks like the biggest... (0:15:34.91)
Hakuto Kunai : Using this guy. (0:15:37.91)
Bingo : What?! (0:15:39.04)
Aku : Demon Lo-- (0:15:41.37)
Bingo : G-Giant gold coin?!
Y-You want to pick something with that?
Hakuto Kunai : Is it not enough? (0:15:47.50)
Bingo : D-Don't be silly! I-I'll prepare
something for you at once!
Bingo : This way please, Ma'am. (0:15:56.33)
Hakuto Kunai : U-Um... (0:15:58.16)
Hakuto Kunai : I'd like to smoke, but where are your ashtrays? (0:16:01.70)
Bingo : Use my hands! Please, feel free
to dispose of your ash on my hands!
Hakuto Kunai : Th-That's quite all right. (0:16:10.41)
Hakuto Kunai : Have any normal ashtrays and a place to sit? (0:16:12.66)
Bingo : Use my back!
Please, come and sit down on my back!
Hakuto Kunai : What the hell? This store is scary... (0:16:19.45)
Aku : S-Sorry to make you wait. (0:16:24.54)
Aku : U-Um, do you think this looks good on me? (0:16:29.37)
Hakuto Kunai : Ooh! I knew she'd shine
with a bit of polish, but...
Hakuto Kunai : To think she would change this much... (0:16:38.37)
Hakuto Kunai : Y-Yeah... (0:16:40.83)
Hakuto Kunai : Whoa... Aku had different-colored eyes? (0:16:45.58)
Hakuto Kunai : I wonder if that's a subject
better to avoid though?
Hakuto Kunai : Hmm? (0:16:53.58)
Bingo : I could bring other outfits
to try if you would like.
Bingo : Would you be interested in that? (0:16:57.79)
Hakuto Kunai : Let's see... I'll take everything
that suits her.
Bingo : D-Did you say everything?! (0:17:03.62)
Hakuto Kunai : I'll buy it all. (0:17:06.79)
Bingo : Hurry up! Bring only the
best clothes for this lady!
EXTRA : I wonder if they're father and daughter. (0:17:18.04)
EXTRA : They don't seem like that to me. (0:17:20.66)
EXTRA : He must own a great plot of land somewhere... (0:17:23.54)
EXTRA : I heard he paid for her outfit with a
giant gold coin without batting an eye.
EXTRA : Oho! That's the wine all the
connoisseurs always order.
EXTRA : Seems like he's a man of good taste. (0:17:42.16)
Aku : This feels so much like a dream. (0:17:52.87)
Hakuto Kunai : Hmm? (0:17:56.29)
Aku : I have to thank you...
For doing all this for someone like me...
Hakuto Kunai : Don't worry about it.
Let's eat before it gets cold.
Aku : I do worry about it. (0:18:06.83)
Aku : Why are you always being so nice to me? (0:18:09.12)
Hakuto Kunai : Now that you mention it,
I wonder what makes me go so far for her.
Aku : Please, tell me. Is there anything
I can possibly do to pay you back?
Aku : Anything you want! As long as it's
something I can do, I'll do it!
Hakuto Kunai : You said you'll do anything I want? (0:18:31.45)
Luna Elegant : I found you, Demon Lord! (0:18:36.87)
EXTRA : D-Demon Lord?! (0:18:39.29)
EXTRA : I wonder if she's talking about that man. (0:18:40.66)
Luna Elegant : Who said you could eat with my money?!
Are you stupid? Wanna die?!
Hakuto Kunai : What an odd thing to say. (0:18:47.70)
Hakuto Kunai : Wasn't that the money you
offered to me as an apology?
Luna Elegant : Because if I hadn't done that,
you wouldn't have stopped hitting my butt!
Hakuto Kunai : Let's not get all wound up.
Come and sit down with us.
Hakuto Kunai : We wouldn't want to bother the other guests. (0:19:01.50)
Luna Elegant : Give me one good reason I should listen to you! (0:19:04.25)
Hakuto Kunai : Do you... want to be disciplined again? (0:19:07.70)
Hakuto Kunai : I'm glad to see you can be reasonable. (0:19:16.95)
Hakuto Kunai : Everyone, I apologize for
causing that commotion.
Hakuto Kunai : Allow me to make up for it by
treating each table to a bottle of wine.
EXTRA : Oh, my, how generous! (0:19:29.87)
EXTRA : What an admirable fellow. (0:19:31.83)
Hakuto Kunai : Bring some food for the lady too. (0:19:34.75)
Hakuto Kunai : It's my treat. Have as much as you'd like. (0:19:38.58)
Luna Elegant : You idiot! More like it's my treat! (0:19:41.45)
Aku : Um, I'm so sorry, Holy Maiden. (0:19:45.04)
Aku : Demon Lord isn't a bad person, you know. (0:19:48.41)
Luna Elegant : Are you stupid? (0:19:51.08)
Luna Elegant : There's no such thing as a good Demon Lord! (0:19:53.04)
Aku : I guess you can be very kind
sometimes but also pretty mean too.
Hakuto Kunai : I always act like a gentleman. (0:20:03.91)
Hakuto Kunai : It's just that I choose who to treat nicely. (0:20:06.70)
Aku : Jeez... (0:20:09.45)
Aku : The Holy Maiden is a very
important person, Demon Lord.
Hakuto Kunai : I can't exactly carry her on my
back or shoulders with a dress.
Aku : I changed my mind... You're very kind... (0:20:25.70)
Hakuto Kunai : Hmm? (0:20:28.83)
Luna Elegant : Idiot! I've got no money to
stay anywhere thanks to you!
Hakuto Kunai : Can't you just camp somewhere? (0:20:41.50)
Hakuto Kunai : What happened to your troupe, Teary-eyed Luna? (0:20:43.66)
Luna Elegant : I sent them all home! (0:20:47.33)
Hakuto Kunai : And why would you do that? (0:20:49.29)
Luna Elegant : B-Because! I didn't want to
put them in any more danger!
Hakuto Kunai : So you decided to come and play? (0:20:56.00)
Luna Elegant : Th-That's not what I'm saying! (0:20:58.29)
Aku : Demon Lord! Could you please be
a little nicer to the Holy Maiden?
Hakuto Kunai : All right then... Here. (0:21:06.16)
Hakuto Kunai : What is it? Something else that you want? (0:21:10.83)
Luna Elegant : S-So be it! I'll let you two
stay in this room with me!
Hakuto Kunai : Is your head on straight? (0:21:18.83)
Luna Elegant : Y-You got the room with my money, right? (0:21:20.79)
Luna Elegant : It's only proper that I'm allowed to sleep in it! (0:21:23.50)
Aku : I think she's got you there, Demon Lord. (0:21:26.41)
EXTRA : Sister! We've almost reached the city! (0:21:38.54)
Killer Queen : How dare that shitty brat
cause me all this trouble.
EXTRA : "I wish I could go back" (0:21:59.00)
EXTRA : Is what someone said (0:22:01.70)
EXTRA : But I don't have a past (0:22:04.41)
EXTRA : For eternity (0:22:09.20)
EXTRA : That nothing would change (0:22:12.20)
EXTRA : Is what I thought (0:22:14.70)
EXTRA : Over and over (0:22:19.45)
EXTRA : Rubbing my eyes to make sure (0:22:22.25)
EXTRA : I'm overwhelmed by emotion (0:22:25.58)
EXTRA : Like a lie
Bright! Still locked up
EXTRA : Hiding what I couldn't give up (0:22:32.91)
EXTRA : That miracle lit up by my heart (0:22:35.79)
EXTRA : Not sought out, not doubted (0:22:39.95)
EXTRA : But still you believed (0:22:43.16)
EXTRA : As if to teach me (0:22:46.12)
Now that I'm laughing with you
EXTRA : I can embrace it all (0:22:56.37)
EXTRA : Once again (0:23:03.29)
Hakuto Kunai : Shenmue... Shenmue, huh? (0:23:17.70)
Hakuto Kunai : That takes me back. An open world
in a time like that was amazing.
Hakuto Kunai : With motion capture and
full-voiced NPCs in the city too...
Hakuto Kunai : Not to mention the game had a full day cycle. (0:23:31.25)
Hakuto Kunai : That was so sick!
It's making me wanna play it again...
Aku : Demon Lord, I have no idea
what you're talking about.
Hakuto Kunai : Next time: Demon Lord, Retry Episode 3. Killer Queen. (0:23:41.62)
Hakuto Kunai : "Killer Queen"
Next time: Demon Lord, Retry Episode 3. Killer Queen.

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Maou-sama, Retry!

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