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Luna Elegant : Oh? You said your name was Aku, right? (0:00:16.54)
Luna Elegant : "Aku"
Oh? You said your name was Aku, right?
Luna Elegant : From now on, you should call me Sister Luna. (0:00:20.37)
Luna Elegant : "Luna Elegant"
From now on, you should call me Sister Luna.
Aku : Is it okay for me to speak
to a Holy Maiden like that?
Luna Elegant : I say it's fine, so it's fine. I make the rules. (0:00:27.41)
Aku : Right... (0:00:31.45)
Luna Elegant : Besides, we get along well enough
to see each other naked!
Luna Elegant : Here I come! (0:00:36.83)
Aku : Don't! Anywhere but there! (0:00:38.08)
EXTRA : "Demon Lord"
"Hakuto Kunai"
Kunai Hakuto : Administrator Privileges. Item File. (0:00:49.95)
Kunai Hakuto : In Infinity Game , (0:01:03.29)
Kunai Hakuto : "Tiara"
each player couldn't hold any more than 10 items.
Kunai Hakuto : Getting to store infinite items
like this makes things much easier.
Kunai Hakuto : Luna, got a minute? (0:01:15.45)
Luna Elegant : Excuse me? I don't remember saying
you can call me by my first name.
Kunai Hakuto : Whatever. Just tell me everything
you know about the Cherub.
Aku : Um, Sister Luna? Demon Lord isn't
very knowledgeable about this stuff.
Aku : If it's not any trouble, could you tell him? (0:01:31.33)
Luna Elegant : The Cherub deceased after
sealing the Demon King Greole
Luna Elegant : because it used up all of its power. (0:01:38.37)
Kunai Hakuto : You don't say... (0:01:40.62)
Luna Elegant : But the Kingdom of Holy Light
still has the Ophan and Seraph
Luna Elegant : who serve to guide the people. (0:01:46.66)
Luna Elegant : It's absurd to think the peace of
this kingdom could be threatened.
Officer Mount Fuji : "Officer" "Mount Fuji"
Sister! We've almost reached the city of Yahoo!
Killer Queen : "Deranged Holy Maiden" "Killer Queen"
Good. Let's tie a rope around that
shitty brat's neck and drag her home.
Officer Mount Fuji : Isn't subduing a Demon Lord
a manly thing for her to try?
Officer Mount Fuji : We're all pretty impressed
by the gusto of your little sister.
Killer Queen : You're all morons.
That shit is just trying to stand out.
Killer Queen : As if a Demon Lord exists
in the first place, idiot.
Officer Mount Fuji : But people are saying that Greole
was killed by someone!
Killer Queen : Hmph, you meathead... (0:02:30.37)
Killer Queen : How dare my big sister
withhold information from me...
Killer Queen : Did you think you could
ever beat me, you shithead?
EXTRA : Open your eyes (0:02:45.45)
EXTRA : Dwelling in the eyes of
that majestic figure are wishes
EXTRA : Let's sing to the sleepless night (0:02:56.50)
EXTRA : Dramatically pull everything in,
even light and darkness
EXTRA : In order to smile again tomorrow, unafraid (0:03:03.37)
EXTRA : I learned that true kindness is
actually solitude after looking at you
EXTRA : I wanted to get closer to your heart
and yet it's still so far away
EXTRA : No matter what fate gets in my way,
I'll face it head on
EXTRA : With the bravery I chose with you,
let's flap our wings and fly
EXTRA : My heart is trembling with the hope that I found (0:03:38.12)
EXTRA : Resounding inside me
move my heart
EXTRA : Lurking behind my hidden true motives (0:03:44.95)
EXTRA : With a stronger gaze than anyone else (0:03:48.37)
EXTRA : Dwelling in the eyes of
that majestic figure are wishes
EXTRA : Let's sing to the sleepless night (0:03:55.12)
EXTRA : Dramatically pull everything in,
even light and darkness
EXTRA : In order to smile again tomorrow, unafraid (0:04:01.95)
EXTRA : Let's begin (0:04:05.54)
EXTRA : Open your eyes (0:04:07.16)
EXTRA : "Killer Queen" (0:04:11.95)
Kunai Hakuto : I've grasped the Cherub situation for now. (0:04:25.12)
Kunai Hakuto : So? Where can I find the Ophan and Seraph then? (0:04:27.87)
Luna Elegant : Who knows? It's been ages
since anyone's seen either of them.
Kunai Hakuto : Oh, it's just a legend then... (0:04:37.04)
Luna Elegant : Some misguided believers
think that the stone statue
Luna Elegant : at the Wishing Shrine is actually the Ophan. (0:04:43.29)
Luna Elegant : They'll get divine retribution for that someday. (0:04:46.70)
Kunai Hakuto : If that Idol was actually the Ophan... (0:04:52.04)
Idol : I was once very pure and a sight to behold... (0:04:56.54)
Idol : But many years of granting wicked
wishes to humans changed me to this.
Kunai Hakuto : I'm not well-informed enough
to form a plan just yet.
Kunai Hakuto : I've gotta gather more info
in the Holy Capital...
Kunai Hakuto : But before that, I need to do something
about this empty wallet of mine.
Kunai Hakuto : In my motherland, we highly value
and appreciate elegance.
Kunai Hakuto : Everyone presents their finest
wares when serving tea.
Kunai Hakuto : You'll embarrass your family if you
put out something that looks cheap.
Nanden-Manden : Oho... That's very interesting. (0:05:36.37)
Kunai Hakuto : And today I have brought my favorite
tea bowl from my motherland.
Nanden-Manden : Oh! How splendid it is! (0:05:45.41)
Nanden-Manden : "Fine Art Shop" "Nanden-Manden"
Oh! How splendid it is!
Kunai Hakuto : As in this trash I made with a few
skill points that gives just 1 Offense?!
Kunai Hakuto : I just don't get it... (0:05:54.91)
Nanden-Manden : How much would it cost for you to part with it? (0:05:57.37)
Kunai Hakuto : Oh, no... Think of this as a token
in hopes of establishing
Kunai Hakuto : a long and lasting partnership. (0:06:05.25)
Kunai Hakuto : But, seeing as how I don't
have much money on hand,
Kunai Hakuto : I'd accept one giant gold coin
as collateral if you're willing.
Nanden-Manden : O-One giant gold coin? (0:06:16.45)
Kunai Hakuto : Hmm? That looked like the most
expensive coin in Luna's bag, so...
Kunai Hakuto : ...I thought I should start with that, but... (0:06:23.50)
Nanden-Manden : I've heard the incredible rumors about you. (0:06:26.66)
Nanden-Manden : They say you're a cultured man
who descended from royalty
Nanden-Manden : as well as a tolerant
and accepting gentleman.
Kunai Hakuto : Who would spread such baseless rumors? (0:06:39.75)
Nanden-Manden : I'm sure you must have
your reasons for denying it.
Nanden-Manden : I promise I won't speak of it,
so you need not worry.
Nanden-Manden : I accept your proposition.
Let me get things ready for you.
Kunai Hakuto : I appreciate your understanding. (0:06:54.33)
Kunai Hakuto : But before that, I must ask one thing. (0:06:56.70)
Kunai Hakuto : If you end up selling the tea bowl,
take nothing less than five giant gold coins.
Nanden-Manden : F-Five giant gold coins? That's... (0:07:06.37)
Kunai Hakuto : If you can't promise me that,
let's say this conversation never happened.
Nanden-Manden : W-Wait, please! I understand. (0:07:14.25)
Nanden-Manden : I promise, I'll uphold your wish. (0:07:17.16)
Kunai Hakuto : That sold for a ton more
than I thought it would!
Kunai Hakuto : The value of stuff is way
different than Infinity Game !
Kunai Hakuto : Nice... I'll invite Aku and Luna
to dinner or something.
Killer Queen : Luna! Get out here! (0:07:30.62)
Walking : We demon-believing Satanists
failed in summoning the Demon Lord.
Walking : But if it resulted in the Holy Maidens
taking action, it was not done in vain.
Walking : "Satanist" "Walking"
Just as planned, we will eradicate
Walking : "Satanist" "Walking"
the Holy Maidens from this world.
EXTRA : May disaster befall the Maidens. (0:07:54.04)
Killer Queen : The second eldest Holy Maiden,
Killer Queen, has come!
Killer Queen : Luna! Get out here! (0:08:11.95)
Kunai Hakuto : Now there's a handful of a sister!
Talk about deranged...
Killer Queen : And while we're at it, if there's
a Demon Lord, get your ass out here!
Kunai Hakuto : Yeah, right, idiot!
Go back to your post-apocalyptic world!
Luna Elegant : Out of the way! I said move it! (0:08:36.29)
Luna Elegant : Hey, Sister! What are you doing here?! (0:08:40.08)
Killer Queen : You little shit. How dare you run off
to play with fire without me knowing.
Luna Elegant : I-I just heard a Demon Lord appeared and-- (0:08:48.20)
Killer Queen : You imbecile!
What the hell can you do on your own?!
Killer Queen : Instead of subduing
a Demon Lord that doesn't exist...
Killer Queen : ...stay in your bed and sleep, you shit! (0:08:57.79)
Luna Elegant : S-Sister, you don't get it! (0:09:00.50)
Luna Elegant : There is a Demon Lord
and I used my charms to tame him!
Killer Queen : Oh? Talking in your sleep is quite the feat... (0:09:06.50)
Luna Elegant : He really exists! And...
he's completely obsessed with my butt!
Killer Queen : Huh? Your butt?! (0:09:14.20)
Kunai Hakuto : Ugh... I get where she's coming from,
but this makes it sound way worse...
EXTRA : Death to the phony angel. (0:09:23.54)
EXTRA : Firebird! (0:09:26.12)
EXTRA : May grief befall the Maidens. (0:09:28.70)
EXTRA : Ice Hammer! (0:09:31.20)
Luna Elegant : No! (0:09:38.83)
Killer Queen : Fuji! (0:09:40.08)
Officer Mount Fuji : Sister! (0:09:41.75)
Kunai Hakuto : Where have I seen those outfits? (0:09:54.25)
Kunai Hakuto : The Wishing...? (0:09:59.00)
Kunai Hakuto : Those slain guys at the
Wishing Shrine wore that too...
Killer Queen : Nice to meet you too, Satanist scum! (0:10:06.95)
Luna Elegant : Idiots should just die! (0:10:18.66)
Luna Elegant : Gold Splash! (0:10:22.12)
Officer Mount Fuji : Wipe out the damn Satanists! (0:10:25.04)
EXTRA : A blood sacrifice for Sister! (0:10:28.37)
EXTRA : Once this fight is over,
I'm gonna get Sister to abuse me!
Killer Queen : Satanist scum! How's it feel
to be stained in crimson?!
Luna Elegant : You should feel honored
to die at the hands of my magic!
Luna Elegant : You evil cretins! (0:10:45.58)
Kunai Hakuto : You're the evil ones
no matter how you look at it...
Kunai Hakuto : Hmm? (0:10:50.41)
Walking : This is my prized darkness, but... (0:10:54.87)
Walking : If it's in exchange for
two Holy Maidens, so be it!
Luna Elegant : What's this?! (0:11:10.75)
Killer Queen : Luna, get back! (0:11:11.70)
Killer Queen : It's Hades! (0:11:13.41)
EXTRA : You fools. Your divine protection is gone. (0:11:21.08)
EXTRA : Shoot down the Holy Maidens! (0:11:24.58)
Kunai Hakuto : This is looking bad. (0:11:44.41)
Cursed Ring : What are you hesitating for? (0:11:46.20)
Cursed Ring : Why not toss a grenade that way (0:11:49.08)
Cursed Ring : and kill everyone all at once? (0:11:52.00)
Kunai Hakuto : You're insane. What's wrong with you? (0:11:55.45)
Kunai Hakuto : If I killed the Holy Maidens,
I'd just get my face put on the wanted list.
Cursed Ring : And what about it?
Both that woman and this kingdom...
Cursed Ring : ...are already trying to kill the Demon Lord. (0:12:08.08)
Cursed Ring : Yes... Now it's become the legitimate
self-defense you love so much...
Cursed Ring : You should be thankful. (0:12:23.20)
Kunai Hakuto : Shit... My body isn't moving how I want! (0:12:25.66)
Kunai Hakuto : Don't I have anything to help me
get out of this situation?
EXTRA : "Character Change"
"Unable to Control"
Kunai Hakuto : What? (0:12:39.83)
Kunai Hakuto : At this rate, I guess I've got no choice! (0:12:43.79)
EXTRA : "Killer Queen" "Race: Human"
"Sex: Female" "Age: 17" "Height: 170-173cm"
EXTRA : "Mount Fuji" "Race: Human"
"Sex: Male" "Age: 28" "Height: 2m"
Kirisame Zero : And? Where's this? (0:13:31.66)
EXTRA : Who the hell are you? (0:13:36.33)
Kirisame Zero : What? (0:13:38.91)
Kirisame Zero : Tsk! What kind of weaklings are you,
menacing women and children?
EXTRA : That bastard must be a Holy Maiden goon!
Who cares! Get him!
Kirisame Zero : You guys want a piece of me?! (0:13:57.16)
EXTRA : "Grudge Setting" (0:13:58.66)
Kirisame Zero : You're all a bunch of one-punch weaklings! (0:14:15.62)
Killer Queen : Who the hell is that?! (0:14:19.41)
Killer Queen : What's with that snazzy
white outfit of his?! It's so sick!
Walking : Wh-Who the hell are you? What do you want?! (0:14:26.41)
Kirisame Zero : Considering you're a bunch
of cowards harassing women,
Kirisame Zero : you don't deserve to know my name. (0:14:34.04)
Killer Queen : "W-Woman"? He called me a woman?! (0:14:37.54)
Killer Queen : Then again, this shame
I'm feeling isn't half bad...
Walking : He's probably just one of the Holy Knights!
Don't be afraid! He--
Killer Queen : So quick! (0:14:56.83)
Killer Queen : How is he that fast?!
All I could see was a blur!
Killer Queen : Hey! Did you see that, Luna?! (0:15:02.41)
Killer Queen : Tsk! You worthless shit! (0:15:06.08)
Kirisame Zero : It's go time, punks! (0:15:11.20)
EXTRA : "Kenpo" (0:15:15.25)
Kirisame Zero : Dance for me! (0:15:20.62)
EXTRA : "Hand-to-hand Combat" (0:15:23.83)
Kirisame Zero : Don't you know? (0:15:32.00)
Kirisame Zero : None can flee from the dragon! (0:15:33.70)
EXTRA : "Final Phoenix" (0:15:59.45)
Kirisame Zero : You gutless worms are a thousand years
too early to face the dragon.
Killer Queen : H-He's so cool! (0:16:16.08)
Kirisame Zero : This city ain't one I remember... (0:16:20.08)
Kirisame Zero : You all right over there, woman? (0:16:23.62)
Killer Queen : Y-Yes! (0:16:26.25)
Kirisame Zero : You're damn reckless. (0:16:28.16)
Kirisame Zero : Why's a woman going up
against guys with weapons?
Killer Queen : H-He's worried about me?
How long has it been since that's happened?
Kirisame Zero : If that trash ever messes with you again,
you just let me know.
Kirisame Zero : I'll come running to rescue you. (0:16:44.83)
Killer Queen : I can't take it! He's killing my heart!
I'm dead four times over!
Killer Queen : When I'm around this guy,
I just can't seem to act like myself!
Killer Queen : Argh! I'll die if someone
sees me like this! I will!
Killer Queen : U-Um, would you be so kind as
to tell me your name, please?
Killer Queen : I'll strangle you later.
I'll squeeze the life out of you.
Kirisame Zero : Hmm? I'm Zero. (0:17:12.83)
Kirisame Zero : Zero Kirisame. (0:17:15.66)
Killer Queen : Zero? Um, I'm sorry for
dragging you into all this...
Kirisame Zero : No need to make such a pitiful face. (0:17:24.79)
Kirisame Zero : I'm pretty much the definition
of unrivaled, you know.
Kirisame Zero : An insignificant brawl like that
doesn't even count to me.
Killer Queen : M-My nose is gonna bleed! (0:17:35.45)
Kirisame Zero : Looks like a few people got hurt,
so go and take care of 'em.
Kirisame Zero : I'm gettin' out of here. (0:17:42.62)
Killer Queen : O-Okay! (0:17:45.08)
Killer Queen : Zero Kirisame... (0:17:50.20)
Killer Queen : "Dons the Silver Dragon" "Zero Kirisame"
Zero Kirisame...
Killer Queen : I finally found him... The man of my destiny! (0:17:54.33)
Walking : You monster... (0:18:03.25)
Walking : At least I was lucky enough to recover Hades. (0:18:05.45)
Walking : Those with dragon blood
on the side of fighting evil...
Walking : Those who look on the ground
with disdain, Dragonkin...
Walking : Have they formed a secret union
with the Kingdom of Holy Light?
Aku : Demon Lord! (0:18:23.87)
Aku : It's a good thing I ran into you here. (0:18:25.66)
Kunai Hakuto : Shit, someone! Someone please kill me! (0:18:28.91)
Kunai Hakuto : The definition of unrivaled, my ass!
You're a frickin' imbecile!
Kunai Hakuto : Argh, wall! (0:18:37.79)
Aku : U-Um, Demon Lord? (0:18:39.70)
Kunai Hakuto : Huh? What? No, this is... (0:18:42.12)
Kunai Hakuto : A-Anyways, Aku... Did you see him? (0:18:44.29)
Aku : Huh? What are you talking about? (0:18:47.87)
Kunai Hakuto : I mean, you know...
That guy wearing the white clothes.
Aku : Oh, you mean the Dragonkin. (0:18:55.16)
Aku : I was in the hotel so I didn't see it,
but Sister Luna told me about him.
Aku : When he thrust out his fist, it sent out
a shock wave that looked like a dragon...
Aku : ...and sent the bad guys flying away. (0:19:07.66)
Kunai Hakuto : Argh, what the hell?! I'll give you Dragonkin... (0:19:10.37)
Aku : Um, how come you're so
curious to know about him?
Aku : Is he someone you know, perhaps? (0:19:19.16)
Kunai Hakuto : Hell no! I don't know him! (0:19:21.54)
Aku : Oh, I see... (0:19:24.25)
Kunai Hakuto : I can't say it... I can't admit that guy
and me are one and the same...
Kunai Hakuto : Zero Kirisame... (0:19:32.41)
Kunai Hakuto : Why the hell did I make that hard-ass,
delinquent, joke of a character?
Mikan : Come on, Yukikaze... (0:19:48.70)
Mikan : Stop wasting money when we're short on it again. (0:19:51.16)
Yukikaze : You want a lick, Mikan? (0:19:54.37)
Mikan : No, thank you. And quit talking while you eat. (0:19:56.12)
Yukikaze : Okay. (0:19:59.95)
Mikan : "Greatsword User" "Mikan"
Quit being dumb and let's get on with this.
Yukikaze : "Girlish Boy" "Yukikaze"
Right. I'm ready whenever.
Mikan : "Seeking able adventurers to
exterminate dangerous sandwolves"...
Yukikaze : The reward isn't bad either. (0:20:15.58)
Mikan : All right. Let's get rid of 'em. (0:20:17.83)
Mikan : Excuse me! We'd like to take on
that one request with the sandwolves.
EXTRA : Got it. Just gimme a minute. (0:20:25.50)
Yukikaze : Ooh, check this guy out. (0:20:27.95)
Mikan : Is this man here a new bounty? What did he do? (0:20:30.33)
EXTRA : I guess he's claiming to be the Demon Lord. (0:20:34.08)
Yukikaze : Demon Lord... (0:20:37.79)
Yukikaze : Is his thing a Demon Lord too? (0:20:39.70)
Mikan : What the hell are you thinking? (0:20:41.66)
Kunai Hakuto : Luna, what happened to those soldiers? (0:20:47.20)
Luna Elegant : Huh? I sent all of them home. (0:20:49.87)
Kunai Hakuto : How come?
What will you do if something happens?
Luna Elegant : Oh, well I've got you. (0:20:56.37)
Kunai Hakuto : Huh? Since when did I become your bodyguard? (0:20:58.91)
Luna Elegant : Shut up! I know you're actually happy
to be with me anyways, you pervert!
Kunai Hakuto : You're calling me a pervert?! (0:21:08.45)
Kunai Hakuto : When have I ever done
anything perverted to you?!
Luna Elegant : You haven't been able to forget
the feel of my butt, have you?
Luna Elegant : You butt fetish pervert! (0:21:18.00)
Aku : This is so lively and fun! (0:21:22.37)
Aku : I've always wanted to go on a journey like this! (0:21:25.12)
Kunai Hakuto : Seriously? (0:21:29.58)
Luna Elegant : Right? You tell him too, Aku! (0:21:31.12)
Luna Elegant : You've gotta work hard and do as I say! (0:21:33.75)
Kunai Hakuto : Ugh, the agony... (0:21:37.25)
EXTRA : "I wish I could go back" (0:21:59.00)
EXTRA : Is what someone said (0:22:01.70)
EXTRA : But I don't have a past (0:22:04.41)
EXTRA : For eternity (0:22:09.20)
EXTRA : That nothing would change (0:22:12.20)
EXTRA : Is what I thought (0:22:14.70)
EXTRA : Over and over (0:22:19.45)
EXTRA : Rubbing my eyes to make sure (0:22:22.25)
EXTRA : I'm overwhelmed by emotion (0:22:25.58)
EXTRA : Like a lie
Bright! Still locked up
EXTRA : Hiding what I couldn't give up (0:22:32.91)
EXTRA : That miracle lit up by my heart (0:22:35.79)
EXTRA : Not sought out, not doubted (0:22:39.95)
EXTRA : But still you believed (0:22:43.16)
EXTRA : As if to teach me (0:22:46.12)
Now that I'm laughing with you
EXTRA : I can embrace it all (0:22:56.37)
EXTRA : Once again (0:23:03.29)
Kunai Hakuto : The other side of speed... (0:23:17.75)
Kunai Hakuto : I'll pound you into mincemeat! (0:23:20.00)
Kunai Hakuto : Dancing mad! Bring me the ball! (0:23:21.95)
Kunai Hakuto : First attacker! The phantom 6th speed! (0:23:25.41)
Kunai Hakuto : Screw you, the dumb old me! (0:23:29.29)
Aku : D-Demon Lord, what's wrong? (0:23:31.66)
Kunai Hakuto : I may have danced with hard luck. (0:23:34.29)
Aku : Demon Lord, I have no idea
what you're trying to say.
Kunai Hakuto : Next time: Demon Lord, Retry Episode 4.
"Yu Kirino."

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