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Kunai Hakuto : Luna, you stand out too much
in that outfit. Change into this.
Luna Elegant : "Luna Elegant" "Aku"
Ch-Change? Y-You're...
Luna Elegant : ...just trying to get me into
something lewd, aren't you?
Kunai Hakuto : "Hakuto Kunai"
Don't be stupid. Wear this.
Luna Elegant : H-Huh? It's surprisingly normal... (0:00:33.20)
Aku : Yeah. I'm sure Demon Lord picked
out that outfit especially for you.
Aku : I'm sure you'll look great in it, Sister Luna. (0:00:41.37)
Luna Elegant : M-Maybe you're right about that... (0:00:45.70)
EXTRA : Open your eyes (0:00:53.50)
EXTRA : Dwelling in the eyes of
that majestic figure are wishes
EXTRA : Let's sing to the sleepless night (0:01:04.54)
EXTRA : Dramatically pull everything in,
even light and darkness
EXTRA : In order to smile again tomorrow, unafraid (0:01:11.45)
EXTRA : I learned that true kindness is
actually solitude after looking at you
EXTRA : I wanted to get closer to your heart
and yet it's still so far away
EXTRA : No matter what fate gets in my way,
I'll face it head on
EXTRA : With the bravery I chose with you,
let's flap our wings and fly
EXTRA : My heart is trembling with the hope that I found (0:01:46.16)
EXTRA : Resounding inside me
move my heart
EXTRA : Lurking behind my hidden true motives (0:01:53.04)
EXTRA : With a stronger gaze than anyone else (0:01:56.45)
EXTRA : Dwelling in the eyes of
that majestic figure are wishes
EXTRA : Let's sing to the sleepless night (0:02:03.20)
EXTRA : Dramatically pull everything in,
even light and darkness
EXTRA : In order to smile again tomorrow, unafraid (0:02:10.00)
EXTRA : Let's begin (0:02:13.58)
EXTRA : Open your eyes (0:02:15.20)
EXTRA : "Yu Kirino" (0:02:19.95)
Mikan : Now then, I'm pretty sure they said
the sandwolves were around this area.
Mikan : Ready for them, Yukikaze? (0:02:36.16)
Yukikaze : "Girlish Boy" "Yukikaze"
I'm always ready. Perhaps even too ready.
Mikan : "Greatsword User" "Mikan"
Is it too much to ask for you to be serious for once?
Yukikaze : I'm perpetually serious though. (0:02:45.79)
Mikan : The nuance of your word choice is weird. (0:02:48.75)
Yukikaze : It's hot and stuffy... around my breasts. (0:02:52.66)
Mikan : But you don't have breasts to begin with. (0:02:55.58)
Yukikaze : Your eyes are defective. (0:02:58.50)
Yukikaze : Only people with pure hearts
can see my beautiful breasts.
Mikan : If only he kept his mouth shut,
you might even think he's a gorgeous girl.
Mikan : But he's a dude. (0:03:12.08)
Yukikaze : Why are you staring at me like that? (0:03:14.50)
Mikan : It's nothing. Let's focus on the job. (0:03:18.25)
Yukikaze : Sandwolves... As far as monsters go,
they're a fairly dangerous kind.
Yukikaze : In a pack, they're downright ferocious, (0:03:28.00)
Yukikaze : and there've been times where they
attacked and destroyed whole cities.
Mikan : Yeah, but on the other hand, (0:03:35.87)
Mikan : as long as there's not a lot of them,
there's not much to be afraid of.
Yukikaze : Mikan? (0:03:45.50)
Mikan : Shh, quiet. (0:03:46.33)
Mikan : It seems like they're hiding nearby... (0:03:48.25)
Mikan : Hell no! There's no way I'm fighting them! (0:04:07.66)
Yukikaze : I can't take that many at once! (0:04:10.33)
Yukikaze : There's only one of me! And my one hole! (0:04:13.04)
Mikan : What are you saying at a time like this?! (0:04:16.70)
Kunai Hakuto : I'll take a break to smoke for a bit,
so get changed in the meantime.
Luna Elegant : Y-You just want to peep on me, don't you? (0:04:30.25)
Luna Elegant : Do you wanna see my butt that badly? (0:04:33.16)
Luna Elegant : Don't you run. You're just leaving
because you know I'm right.
Kunai Hakuto : I've really gotta build up
my skill points somehow...
Kunai Hakuto : This is just like Infinity Game
where you earn skill points by fighting.
EXTRA : S-Sir! (0:05:01.66)
EXTRA : L-Look! (0:05:03.66)
Kunai Hakuto : What a wonderful opportunity. (0:05:12.62)
Kunai Hakuto : What the hell? Just how many are there?! (0:05:23.50)
Kunai Hakuto : They're training 'em straight toward us?! (0:05:26.50)
Mikan : You there! Run away! (0:05:29.37)
Yukikaze : The rest is up to you, snazzy old man! (0:05:32.41)
Yukikaze : We won't bury your body. (0:05:35.70)
Kunai Hakuto : I can't believe these guys!
Own up to it and get eaten!
Kunai Hakuto : N-No worries, I can handle this.
I can do it if I try!
Kunai Hakuto : I'll be fine with my barrier.
I'm fine, I'm fine...
Kunai Hakuto : I'll be fine, won't I? (0:05:56.29)
Kunai Hakuto : You fools. What's the need to run
away from a few mere beasts?
Aku : Um, is something going on? (0:06:11.29)
Kunai Hakuto : It'll be fine, so don't go anywhere. (0:06:19.08)
Kunai Hakuto : You've dared to bare your fangs at me. (0:06:40.12)
Kunai Hakuto : You may be beasts, but I won't hold back. (0:06:42.91)
Kunai Hakuto : Now, by my hand you will breathe your last. (0:06:49.29)
Kunai Hakuto : First Skill! Assault! (0:06:53.37)
EXTRA : "Assault" (0:06:55.95)
Kunai Hakuto : Your wretched eyes don't deserve to behold me! (0:07:03.66)
Kunai Hakuto : Second Skill! Sand Blind! (0:07:07.29)
EXTRA : Second Skill! Sand Blind!
"Sand Blind"
Kunai Hakuto : None can flee from the Demon Lord! (0:07:14.91)
Kunai Hakuto : Third Skill! Thunderclap! (0:07:17.33)
EXTRA : Third Skill! Thunderclap!
Kunai Hakuto : In the end, I won't even break
a sweat against beasts like you.
Kunai Hakuto : Begone. (0:07:34.75)
Mikan : Um...! (0:07:42.70)
Kunai Hakuto : Next time, be a bit more careful
not to get others involved.
Kunai Hakuto : Goodbye. (0:07:48.08)
EXTRA : Hiyah! (0:07:49.58)
Mikan : Was that the rumored Demon Lord? (0:07:54.91)
Yukikaze : He's so refined... It's making my butt all hot! (0:07:57.45)
Mikan : He's a dangerous person, you know. (0:08:01.41)
Yukikaze : It's true, he's dangerous...
Dangerous to my chastity, that is.
Mikan : We need to get to the capital. (0:08:10.54)
Yukikaze : That is, get to the capital
to make myself pretty!
Aku : Demon Lord, you're incredible! (0:08:17.00)
Aku : Watching all that made my heart flutter! (0:08:19.20)
Aku : He saved me from a life that felt
like nothing more than wasting away...
Aku : And even if he does happen
to be a terrible evil being,
Aku : I still won't be able to leave his side. (0:08:31.41)
Aku : Even if it means having
the whole world as my enemy.
Kunai Hakuto : Did the two of you behave? Specifically Luna. (0:08:40.16)
Luna Elegant : Y-You did pretty good back there. (0:08:43.75)
Luna Elegant : I expect you to protect me like that. (0:08:46.45)
Kunai Hakuto : It's not like I ever said
I'd protect you, but...
Luna Elegant : M-More importantly, don't you have
something you want to say to me?
Kunai Hakuto : Hmm? Oh... (0:08:56.04)
Kunai Hakuto : Well, I think it rather suits you. (0:08:58.66)
Kunai Hakuto : No, you honestly look good. (0:09:01.45)
Luna Elegant : O-Of course. (0:09:04.00)
Luna Elegant : When someone's a lady like me,
they make everything look good.
Luna Elegant : Woohoo! (0:09:10.91)
Kunai Hakuto : I can't be one of those protagonists
that ignores the girl's moves, can I?
Kunai Hakuto : Finally! Finally, the time has come! (0:09:22.66)
Luna Elegant : He's totally an idiot, isn't he? (0:09:31.12)
Aku : D-Demon Lord is kind of an eccentric person. (0:09:33.91)
Luna Elegant : Aku, you be careful with him. (0:09:37.41)
Luna Elegant : I bet he's thinking about something
perverted by the dirty look on his face.
Aku : L-Like our butts? (0:09:44.16)
Kunai Hakuto : "Administrator Privileges"
I need to do some deep thinking for a bit, you two.
Kunai Hakuto : I need to do some deep thinking for a bit, you two. (0:09:49.75)
Kunai Hakuto : Get in the base to be safe. (0:09:51.00)
Luna Elegant : What do you mean by base? (0:09:53.25)
Luna Elegant : What in the world? A magic house? (0:10:05.00)
Aku : Sister Luna, there's even
a barrel bath inside the base!
Luna Elegant : A barrel bath? What's that? (0:10:11.91)
Kunai Hakuto : You can go inside, as well, if you'd like. (0:10:29.16)
EXTRA : I-I really shouldn't. I think I'll just
stay here and feed the horse.
Kunai Hakuto : Then at least have one of these. (0:10:38.12)
Kunai Hakuto : You'll feel much better. (0:10:40.54)
EXTRA : Ooh, this is good stuff. (0:10:45.91)
Kunai Hakuto : Anyways, you really showed
you've got some guts back there.
Kunai Hakuto : You didn't panic in the slightest
during that whole fiasco.
EXTRA : No, that's because... After all, you're... (0:10:57.79)
Kunai Hakuto : I'm what? (0:11:01.79)
EXTRA : No, never mind. It's nothing... (0:11:03.41)
Kunai Hakuto : Is that right? Okay, then... (0:11:06.70)
EXTRA : "Aide Summon"
"Who will you summon?"
Kunai Hakuto : Finally, the time has come. (0:11:19.50)
Kunai Hakuto : In Infinity Game , there are eight aides
that work directly under Hakuto Kunai,
Kunai Hakuto : and every last one of them is worth
at least a thousand of anyone else.
Kunai Hakuto : Though they take a fair share of skill points, (0:11:32.45)
Kunai Hakuto : their talents should make it all worthwhile. (0:11:34.95)
Kunai Hakuto : "Aide Summon" "Who will you summon?"
But with my current amount of skill points,
I can only summon one.
Kunai Hakuto : "Aide Summon" "Who will you summon?"
I can only summon one.
Kunai Hakuto : I need to give some serious
thought into who I'll call...
Kunai Hakuto : My underlings and I have
no real way to protect against magic.
Kunai Hakuto : It's a lethal weakness that
I can't afford to put off for long.
Kunai Hakuto : I should prioritize my aide choice
with someone who can address that.
Kunai Hakuto : Yu Kirino, then? (0:12:03.00)
Kunai Hakuto : Having a genius doctor and scientist
of her caliber working on it,
Kunai Hakuto : I'm sure she'll be able to invent
something to shield against magic.
Kunai Hakuto : The problem is her sadistic tendencies...
and her extreme short-temper.
Kunai Hakuto : She'll kill and dissect people
without batting an eye...
Kunai Hakuto : ...for the only reason of
satisfying her own desires.
Kunai Hakuto : To top it off, she loves little boys. (0:12:26.87)
Kunai Hakuto : Argh, just make up your mind! (0:12:29.20)
Kunai Hakuto : Besides, in the rare chance she attacks me,
I think I can deal with her!
Kunai Hakuto : Administrator Privileges! Aide Summon! (0:12:36.95)
Kunai Hakuto : Yu! I command you to appear before me! (0:12:40.16)
EXTRA : "Yu Kirino" (0:12:43.62)
EXTRA : "Mikan" "Race: Human" "Sex: Female"
"Age: 17" "Height: 172cm"
EXTRA : "Yukikaze" "Race: Human" "Sex: Girlish
Boy" "Age: 16" "Height: 160cm"
Kirino Yu : "Genius Doctor" "Yu Kirino"
Have you called for me, Chief?
Kunai Hakuto : Yes, thank you for coming. (0:13:25.45)
Kirino Yu : I'll come to wherever you are
if that's the Chief's command.
Kirino Yu : By the way, is this a new Game arena? (0:13:32.70)
Kunai Hakuto : She's talking! And acting by her own will! (0:13:37.58)
Kunai Hakuto : To think I'd see one of my characters
come to life right in front of me...
Kirino Yu : Um, Chief? (0:13:46.75)
Kunai Hakuto : Ahem! I wonder how I should
start this explanation...
Kunai Hakuto : First of all, this isn't the Great Empire. (0:13:53.00)
Luna Elegant : Wow, this bath isn't half bad! (0:13:55.70)
Aku : I'm glad that you like it, Sister Luna. (0:13:59.45)
Luna Elegant : I sure do! Now I want the whole house! (0:14:02.37)
Luna Elegant : Hey, can you help me convince him
to give me this place as a present?
Aku : I-I guess so. (0:14:11.75)
Aku : I'm not sure what Demon Lord will
have to say about it, but I can ask...
Luna Elegant : Yay! Please do, Aku! (0:14:18.45)
Aku : Sister Luna! (0:14:21.83)
Kirino Yu : From what you've told me,
it sounds like a forced positioning attack.
Kirino Yu : I see... It explains this scenery too. (0:14:32.95)
Kirino Yu : I believe it's different than
the world we're from.
Kunai Hakuto : I'm glad you've caught on so quick. (0:14:39.79)
Kunai Hakuto : So, about how to proceed... (0:14:42.41)
Kirino Yu : Chief. Regardless of the situation,
I believe the Nightless City is needed.
Kunai Hakuto : "Nightless City"
Nightless City.
Kunai Hakuto : Houses the greatest technology
in the Great Empire...
Kunai Hakuto : ...and is the final area of Infinity Game . (0:14:55.41)
Kunai Hakuto : But if we erect such a huge modern
fortress in a fantasy world like this,
Kunai Hakuto : it'll be seen as the "Demon Lord's Castle." (0:15:04.41)
Kirino Yu : Chief. Don't you think we
were brought here for a reason?
Kunai Hakuto : We had to have been brought here for a reason. (0:15:12.00)
Kirino Yu : I thought as much. (0:15:15.87)
Kunai Hakuto : Hmm? (0:15:17.79)
Kirino Yu : I think it's clear to the both of us
what we're supposed to do here.
Kunai Hakuto : But getting there is a long way off. (0:15:23.87)
Kunai Hakuto : A journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step.
Kirino Yu : That's the chief for you.
You try to enjoy even a situation like this.
Kunai Hakuto : I'm of the belief that there's
enjoyment to be found in everything.
Kirino Yu : What will we be doing as
our first step then, Chief?
Kunai Hakuto : I'm planning to upgrade
the base to a field hospital.
Kirino Yu : All the wishes I've ever had
end up being granted by you, Chief.
Kunai Hakuto : It's only natural. The wishes of my
cute underling are the same as my own.
Kirino Yu : I appreciate it. (0:16:00.62)
Kunai Hakuto : Speaking of the hospital, I forbid you to kill. (0:16:02.62)
Kunai Hakuto : We need to learn more before anything else. (0:16:06.08)
Kirino Yu : Yes. We cannot proceed while knowing so little. (0:16:09.12)
Kirino Yu : Learning more is of vital importance. (0:16:12.79)
Kunai Hakuto : For now, I'll tell you all
the information I know.
Kunai Hakuto : Yu is much smarter than I am, without a doubt. (0:16:19.41)
Kunai Hakuto : She was designed as a genius doctor.
Not to mention a mad sadist.
Kunai Hakuto : I can't even comprehend her. (0:16:27.16)
Kunai Hakuto : I'll need to be very careful not to slip up. (0:16:31.33)
Aku : Wh-What a beautiful person! (0:16:40.83)
Luna Elegant : I-Is she your lover? Where did she come from? (0:16:43.33)
Kunai Hakuto : This is an aide of mine I summoned.
Get along with her.
Aku : My name is Aku! (0:16:52.62)
Luna Elegant : I'm the Kingdom of Holy Light's
third Holy Maiden, Luna.
Luna Elegant : And don't you forget it. (0:16:57.95)
Kirino Yu : Nice to meet you, Aku. Holy Maiden Luna. (0:16:59.95)
Kunai Hakuto : Could I get you to take a look at Aku's leg? (0:17:03.66)
Kirino Yu : All right, Aku. Could you relax for me? (0:17:10.66)
Aku : O-Okay. (0:17:13.79)
EXTRA : "Hand of God" (0:17:17.62)
Kirino Yu : Atta girl. (0:17:18.75)
Aku : U-Um, that hand of yours... (0:17:20.00)
Kirino Yu : Don't you worry, Aku. (0:17:23.16)
Kirino Yu : J-Just the tip. It's just the tip, so... (0:17:25.45)
Aku : Your breathing is heavy and scary! (0:17:29.20)
Kirino Yu : Aku, think you could dress
as a boy once we're done here?
Kunai Hakuto : Yu, we don't have time to play around. (0:17:36.00)
Kirino Yu : My apologies. (0:17:38.66)
Kirino Yu : This will only sting a little bit, Aku. (0:17:41.33)
Luna Elegant : H-Hey, Demon Lord! Are you sure she'll be okay? (0:17:49.25)
Kunai Hakuto : There's nothing to worry about.
Trust me and my underlings.
Luna Elegant : I haven't trusted you a single time so far! (0:17:56.62)
Kirino Yu : There. We're all done. (0:18:06.33)
Kirino Yu : I cleaned up your scar too.
You're a girl, after all.
Kunai Hakuto : Mmm, you're finished? Aku, can you stand? (0:18:12.50)
Aku : S-Sure. (0:18:16.16)
Aku : It doesn't hurt! (0:18:28.41)
Aku : I can walk! On my legs! (0:18:31.87)
Aku : Demon Lord! (0:18:36.66)
Aku : Um, I... Am I not walking weird anymore? (0:18:40.25)
Kunai Hakuto : No, you're walking perfectly normal. (0:18:44.66)
Aku : Miss Yu, thank you so much! (0:18:50.91)
Kirino Yu : Of course, but thank the chief. (0:18:53.70)
Kunai Hakuto : Is it a good idea to have her
practice walking around some?
Kunai Hakuto : We'll be back. Go on inside. (0:19:00.54)
Kirino Yu : Understood, Chief. (0:19:03.00)
Kunai Hakuto : Don't horse around too much. (0:19:08.83)
Aku : Demon Lord, I can run now! (0:19:17.25)
Kunai Hakuto : Didn't I tell you?
Nothing's impossible for the Great Empire.
Aku : This is like a dream!
To think I can walk like normal now...
Kunai Hakuto : It's no dream. (0:19:29.29)
Kunai Hakuto : You'll be able to walk normally
and live a normal life now.
Aku : Um, could you pinch my cheek, please? (0:19:37.58)
Kunai Hakuto : Again with the classic lines... (0:19:42.29)
Kunai Hakuto : Well, uh... (0:19:49.00)
Kunai Hakuto : Um, I'm happy for you. (0:19:50.95)
Aku : Demon Lord, can we walk around a little longer? (0:19:56.91)
Aku : Now you don't have to let me
ride on your back anymore.
Kunai Hakuto : I can always give you a lift when you're tired. (0:20:07.29)
Aku : Promise you'll never leave me? (0:20:11.95)
Kunai Hakuto : You should save that line for the future
when you meet a guy you like.
Aku : But I already... (0:20:21.75)
Aku : ...decided on you. (0:20:23.83)
Aku : We're back! (0:20:27.62)
Luna Elegant : How was your leg, Aku? Did the pervert
Demon Lord do anything to you?
Kunai Hakuto : You can be so rude... In a way, I'm impressed. (0:20:35.08)
Kunai Hakuto : Yu, you did an excellent job.
I was right to have picked you.
Kirino Yu : What is this feeling? (0:20:49.25)
Kirino Yu : My body... My heart... My cells... (0:20:51.87)
Kirino Yu : I'm trembling with bliss all the way
to the tips of my hair...
Kirino Yu : It's like an all-powerful creator has
finally acknowledged my presence...
Kirino Yu : An overwhelming sense of
euphoria enveloping my body...
Kunai Hakuto : I'll be needing your support from
here on out. I'm counting on you.
Kirino Yu : R-Right! (0:21:16.62)
Kirino Yu : Why? Being praised like this...
Being needed like this...
Kirino Yu : Why does it make me so happy? (0:21:25.54)
Kirino Yu : I feel differently than how I've always felt. (0:21:28.62)
Kirino Yu : And the chief is different
than he used to be too!
Kirino Yu : I want to know more!
About these feelings... and the chief!
Aku : "Learned Survival Skill: 'Heroine!!'" (0:21:42.41)
EXTRA : I wish I could go back (0:21:59.00)
EXTRA : Is what someone said (0:22:01.70)
EXTRA : But I don't have a past (0:22:04.41)
EXTRA : For eternity (0:22:09.20)
EXTRA : That nothing would change (0:22:12.20)
EXTRA : Is what I thought (0:22:14.70)
EXTRA : Over and over (0:22:19.45)
EXTRA : Rubbing my eyes to make sure (0:22:22.25)
EXTRA : I'm overwhelmed by emotion (0:22:25.58)
EXTRA : Like a lie
Bright! Still locked up
EXTRA : Hiding what I couldn't give up (0:22:32.91)
EXTRA : That miracle lit up by my heart (0:22:35.79)
EXTRA : Not sought out, not doubted (0:22:39.95)
EXTRA : But still you believed (0:22:43.16)
EXTRA : As if to teach me (0:22:46.12)
Now that I'm laughing with you
EXTRA : I can embrace it all (0:22:56.37)
EXTRA : Once again (0:23:03.29)
Kunai Hakuto : Today, I walked hand-in-hand with Aku. (0:23:17.91)
Kunai Hakuto : At the start of all this, I was upset
at being pulled into a world like this.
Kunai Hakuto : But just by being able to mend Aku's leg, (0:23:27.12)
Kunai Hakuto : it might've been worth
coming to this world after all.
Luna Elegant : Demon Lord... (0:23:37.62)
Kunai Hakuto : Next time: Demon Lord, Retry
Episode 5. Merciless Invasion.
EXTRA : "Merciless Invasion"
Next time: Demon Lord, Retry
Episode 5. Merciless Invasion.

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