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EXTRA : "Angel White" (0:00:13.00)
Kirisame Zero : "Devilkin" "Tron"
How about it, runt?
Kirisame Zero : "Dons the Silver Dragon" "Zero Kirisame"
You remember how to smile now?
Kirisame Zero : You seem a lot happier now
than you were before, runt.
Tron : I'm not a runt. (0:00:58.04)
Tron : It's Tron. (0:01:02.62)
Kirisame Zero : Tron, huh? Now that's a name
you don't hear every day.
Killer Queen : Mr. Zero! (0:01:09.58)
Kirisame Zero : "Killer Queen"
H-Hey! Not in front of everyone!
Killer Queen : I never want to let you go! (0:01:14.25)
Kirisame Zero : L-Let go of me! Listen, a man and
woman shouldn't do this in front of--
Killer Queen : Mr. Zero! The dragon on your back is so manly! (0:01:20.62)
Killer Queen : And your broad chest too! (0:01:25.25)
Kirisame Zero : Let go of me! (0:01:29.58)
EXTRA : "Demon Lord's Handiwork" (0:03:04.00)
Kunai Hakuto : Nice to meet you, Holy Maiden Angel White. (0:03:12.00)
Angel White : Nice to meet you. (0:03:17.62)
EXTRA : "Hakuto Kunai" (0:03:18.87)
Angel White : Come. (0:03:20.16)
Angel White : So, what would you like me to call you? (0:03:26.00)
Kunai Hakuto : Demon Lord is fine by me. (0:03:30.00)
Kunai Hakuto : The way I see it, it's pretty much
become a nickname of mine.
Angel White : Are you truly the Demon Lord
the legends speak of?
Kunai Hakuto : If that's how you want to see it,
I suppose that I am.
Angel White : What is your involvement
with Luna at this point?
Kunai Hakuto : Meeting her was a disaster waiting to happen. (0:03:57.79)
Kunai Hakuto : I'm sure she viewed me as some evil being. (0:04:01.58)
Kunai Hakuto : However, we've been able
to build a wonderful relationship.
Angel White : N-No way... Impossible! (0:04:11.04)
Luna Elegant : --I order you to do as I say!
--Luna, the definition of selfish?
Angel White : --I order you to do as I say!
--Luna, the definition of selfish?
Angel White : You're kidding! What sort of spell
did he use on her?!
Angel White : Are you someone who plans
to bring harm to this kingdom?
Kunai Hakuto : I have something to say regarding that. (0:04:30.45)
Kunai Hakuto : In my country, there's a saying that
a picture is worth a thousand words.
Kunai Hakuto : It means seeing something in person
is better than having it explained.
Angel White : That's a good way to look at things. (0:04:45.08)
Kunai Hakuto : Decide what you will about me after
seeing my deeds and achievements.
Kunai Hakuto : It's not with words, but with actions
that I've always presented myself.
Angel White : Is he planning some sort of
invasion of the Holy Capital?
Kunai Hakuto : By the way, there's a favor
I'd like to ask of you.
Angel White : What would that be? (0:05:09.87)
Kunai Hakuto : I've been thinking to do some
research on the Seraph.
Kunai Hakuto : If there's a library available,
I'm hoping I could make use of it.
Angel White : Wh-Why does he want to know
about the Seraph?!
Angel White : To find out her weak point and kill her? (0:05:24.41)
Angel White : And he's bold enough to ask
for permission right to my face!
Angel White : You're free to use the library if you wish. (0:05:36.75)
Angel White : However, I choose to refrain from
speaking about the Seraph myself.
Kunai Hakuto : I see. (0:05:45.95)
Kunai Hakuto : That's perfectly fine. (0:05:47.75)
Kunai Hakuto : I find it difficult to carry a conversation
with someone so sacred anyways.
Kunai Hakuto : Now then, I believe it's
a good time to excuse myself.
Kunai Hakuto : This meeting of ours was very worthwhile. (0:06:00.45)
Angel White : Yes... This time has been
enlightening for me as well.
Angel White : Was it you... who defeated the Demon King? (0:06:12.91)
Kunai Hakuto : I think it's absurd for that
to be called a Demon King.
Kunai Hakuto : He seemed to me more like a cheap imitation. (0:06:30.54)
Angel White : Even the Demon King was nothing to him... (0:06:43.83)
Kunai Hakuto : What a total beauty she was! (0:06:49.25)
Kunai Hakuto : I must say, she's pretty
sensible for a Holy Maiden.
Kunai Hakuto : Rather, maybe it's that the others
are so extreme...
EXTRA : "Administrator Privileges" (0:07:01.75)
Kunai Hakuto : Thanks to the fight the other day,
I've got 1,249 skill points.
Kunai Hakuto : Not only can I summon an aide, (0:07:08.83)
Kunai Hakuto : I can build a hospital and hot springs
and have some left over.
Kunai Hakuto : "System Message"
"Omni Travel has been unlocked."
Using the Omni Travel system command,
Kunai Hakuto : I can move to an area
I've gone to before in an instant.
Aku : That wicked laughter can only mean...
Demon Lord!
Aku : How was your talk with the Holy Maiden? (0:07:37.62)
Kunai Hakuto : It went really well! (0:07:40.91)
Kunai Hakuto : It's feeling like we're more
father and daughter than ever.
Kunai Hakuto : I just don't get it... (0:07:55.29)
Kunai Hakuto : This angel stuff sounds
so western and fantasy...
Aku : At least the pictures in these
books are super pretty!
Kunai Hakuto : If only it was meant to be a picture book... (0:08:04.75)
Kunai Hakuto : Did the angels exist from the start,
or were they created by someone?
Kunai Hakuto : And why is it they disappeared? (0:08:13.16)
Kunai Hakuto : The Demons they opposed seem alive and well. (0:08:15.87)
Aku : Huh? I never thought about it that way before. (0:08:19.04)
Kunai Hakuto : There's nothing written at all about
the Seraph. Did they just leave?
Aku : I-I don't think that's what happened. (0:08:28.62)
Aku : I'm sure they're watching
over us from somewhere.
Kunai Hakuto : Anyways, we've got plenty of time. (0:08:35.20)
Kunai Hakuto : We can come back here whenever we feel like it. (0:08:37.87)
Aku : Okay! I want to read all sorts of books too! (0:08:41.08)
Aku : D-Demon Lord? (0:08:48.66)
Aku : One last thing. Could you read this to me? (0:08:50.95)
Kunai Hakuto : Destructive Dog Fido's Great Adventure ?
What's this?
EXTRA : A long time ago, there was a dog
who bit and destroyed everything.
EXTRA : It was a boy dog named Fido. (0:09:04.91)
EXTRA : Upset that he destroyed half the city,
the villagers chased him away.
EXTRA : Fido was broke, so he became an adventurer... (0:09:14.08)
EXTRA : ...and delved into the village dungeon. (0:09:16.87)
EXTRA : While breaking other adventurers'
weapons and armor,
EXTRA : he scoured into the deep depths of the dungeon. (0:09:23.37)
EXTRA : Slimy, slimy... (0:09:26.25)
EXTRA : Fido came across a slime attacking a female dog. (0:09:29.25)
EXTRA : "You filthy mucus! How dare you, woof!" (0:09:32.79)
EXTRA : After saving her from the slime,
Fido spent the whole night...
EXTRA : ...gently nibbling her. (0:09:40.62)
EXTRA : Fido finally reached the deepest
room of the dungeon...
EXTRA : ...and discovered rare weapons,
armor, and magical items.
EXTRA : He carried all of them home
and became such a popular dog.
EXTRA : And lived happily ever after. (0:09:54.58)
Kunai Hakuto : What the heck was that? (0:09:59.70)
Kunai Hakuto : Usually the stories in picture books
have some sort of meaningful lesson...
Kunai Hakuto : What sort of audience was this book made for? (0:10:07.04)
Aku : But the doggy was really cute! (0:10:10.29)
Kunai Hakuto : In any case, dungeon, huh? (0:10:15.75)
Kunai Hakuto : You librarian there. (0:10:19.75)
EXTRA : Y-Yes? (0:10:21.00)
Kunai Hakuto : Is it true that weapons and armor drop
in dungeons like they do in this book?
EXTRA : Y-Yes! I've heard people find
rare ancient items from time to time.
Kunai Hakuto : This body of mine is pretty much
impervious to physical attacks.
Kunai Hakuto : But my weak point is magic which
never existed in Infinity Game .
Kunai Hakuto : I definitely need to find some way
to raise my magic resistance.
Kunai Hakuto : Aku, head on back to the inn without me.
I've got something to do.
Aku : All right. (0:11:09.33)
Kunai Hakuto : I'm a pretty busy man,
despite what you might think.
Kunai Hakuto : I don't have time to play hide-and-seek. (0:11:36.37)
Kunai Hakuto : You're... (0:11:40.41)
Tron : I found you. (0:11:45.29)
EXTRA : "Fido" "Race: Dog" "Sex: Male"
"Age: ?" "Height: ?"
EXTRA : "Marshall Arts" "Race: Human" "Sex: Male"
"Age: 62" "Height: 180cm"
Kunai Hakuto : This kid... Are they the one
I saved while I was Zero?
Kunai Hakuto : Well? What do you want, runt? (0:12:02.95)
Tron : I knew it. You talk the same as
Zero and have the same color.
Kunai Hakuto : Color? What are you talking about? (0:12:10.79)
Tron : I see everything in a color.
Even people's emotions and souls.
Kunai Hakuto : Is that a new form of fortune-telling?
Go bug someone else.
Tron : Bring Zero out. Right now. (0:12:27.50)
Kunai Hakuto : I have no idea what you're talking about.
You've got the wrong person.
Tron : Bring him out! Bring him out, right now! (0:12:33.79)
Kunai Hakuto : Quit saying that in a weird tone.
What are you after?
Tron : Zero is... (0:12:41.50)
Tron : You're the one who saved my life.
I want to see Zero.
Kunai Hakuto : I've got no idea how old this kid is, but... (0:12:48.75)
Kunai Hakuto : I can't be letting someone Zero
saved end up dying in the streets.
Kunai Hakuto : Fine then. I'll let you meet Zero,
but there's a few conditions.
Tron : Conditions? I'll do anything. (0:13:03.62)
Kunai Hakuto : If you obey my commands and work
hard for me, I'll let you meet him.
Tron : What do I have to do as work? (0:13:11.91)
Tron : Do I have to kill lots of people? (0:13:14.62)
Kunai Hakuto : Hell no! Why do you and everyone
have the wrong idea about me?!
Tron : Then what do I do? (0:13:21.70)
Kunai Hakuto : Soon enough, we'll feel short-staffed
no matter how many people we have.
Kunai Hakuto : If you can use your strength
and color thing to lend me a hand,
Kunai Hakuto : I wouldn't mind letting you meet him, runt. (0:13:33.00)
Tron : I'm Tron. Not a runt. (0:13:36.58)
Kunai Hakuto : A runt is a runt though. Let's go. (0:13:43.50)
Tron : Okay! (0:13:46.33)
Kunai Hakuto : All right, I take it everyone's ready? Let's go. (0:13:50.54)
Kirino Yu : Chief? Who is that child with you? (0:13:54.79)
Aku : You have such beautiful hair! (0:14:00.20)
Luna Elegant : "Luna Elegant"
Wh-What are you...? There's Devil in that girl!
Kunai Hakuto : There's Devil in her? (0:14:08.25)
Kunai Hakuto : We're going to need her in Rabby,
so just deal with it.
Luna Elegant : A Holy Maiden and Devilkin?
You're asking too much...
Kunai Hakuto : If we can turn that village around,
your sisters will change their opinion of you.
Luna Elegant : That's... (0:14:25.91)
Kunai Hakuto : First of all, people standing
at the pinnacle of a kingdom...
Kunai Hakuto : ...should have the capacity
to deal with all types of people.
Kunai Hakuto : If you keep seeing things in black and white,
you'll never move forward in life.
Luna Elegant : What gives? Talking so haughty... (0:14:39.66)
Kunai Hakuto : I'm just saying I have high expectations of you. (0:14:42.25)
Luna Elegant : A-All right! But I won't be so
accepting if she does something evil!
Kunai Hakuto : "Message"
--Sheesh! Unbelievable!
--Yu, are you able to Omni Travel now?
Kirino Yu : Yes, Chief. (0:14:56.58)
Kirino Yu : "Yu Kirino"
It feels like something holding me down was removed.
Kunai Hakuto : Everyone, grab onto me.
We'll jump to Rabby Village.
EXTRA : "Message" (0:15:09.75)
Kunai Hakuto : Yu, can't you make the jump yourself? (0:15:10.66)
Kirino Yu : It's nonsense to consume 60 Power
when we can only use 30, Chief.
Kunai Hakuto : Well, you do have a point... (0:15:19.37)
Kunai Hakuto : "Omni Travel" "Rabby Village"
Here we go. Omni Travel! Rabby Village!
EXTRA : "Village of Rabby" (0:15:28.87)
Aku : Demon Lord, amazing! (0:15:31.95)
Luna Elegant : You're kidding! How did we get to
my territory in the blink of an eye?!
Kunai Hakuto : Yu, I want to start construction right away. (0:15:38.91)
Kirino Yu : Yes, Chief. (0:15:41.75)
Momo : "Momo" "Kyon"
Oh! It's the black suit man, bunny!
Kyon : The pulley wheel and fertilizer
helped so much, hop!
Kunai Hakuto : Just wait. I'll turn this village around... (0:15:51.91)
Kunai Hakuto : ...and make it rain gold like
this village has never seen.
Kunai Hakuto : Is this the best spot around? (0:16:05.66)
EXTRA : "Base" (0:16:12.87)
Kunai Hakuto : Rare Item Creation. (0:16:16.20)
Kunai Hakuto : "First Aid Kit"
First Aid Kit.
Kunai Hakuto : "Field Hospital"
Base Upgrade. Field Hospital.
Kirino Yu : Chief, shall we look inside
and check things out?
Kunai Hakuto : Good idea. (0:16:33.70)
Kunai Hakuto : There's no electricity and yet
everything is running just fine.
Kunai Hakuto : Yu, is it good to go? (0:16:45.41)
Kirino Yu : Yes. We could even start today. (0:16:47.62)
Kirino Yu : But how should we deal with charging people? (0:16:50.33)
Kunai Hakuto : This is just to have something in place, but... (0:16:54.58)
Kunai Hakuto : Let's start by assigning coins
to values we're familiar with.
Kunai Hakuto : If it ends up being wrong,
we can always adjust in the future.
Kirino Yu : You're right. With this world having
such different values and cultures,
Kirino Yu : we don't have much choice
but to take a shot in the dark.
Kunai Hakuto : Judging based on my experience thus far... (0:17:13.58)
Kunai Hakuto : A copper is 100 yen. (0:17:16.75)
Kunai Hakuto : Giant copper 1,000 yen. (0:17:18.50)
Kunai Hakuto : A silver 10,000. (0:17:20.29)
Kunai Hakuto : Gold coin, 100,000. (0:17:21.87)
Kunai Hakuto : And a giant cold coin is around 2,000,000 yen. (0:17:24.00)
Kunai Hakuto : There's also something called
a holy lambda coin, but...
Kunai Hakuto : Depending on the season and number
in the market, it changes value.
Kunai Hakuto : Regarding the treatment prices, (0:17:38.41)
Kunai Hakuto : I want you to care for the poor,
but go easy on charging them.
Kunai Hakuto : Trying to collect money from the poor
won't result in much anyways.
Kunai Hakuto : On the other hand, charge the nobles
as much as possible.
Kirino Yu : Okay, I'll do just that. (0:17:53.62)
Kirino Yu : We'll gain support from the poor while
stealing the fortunes of the privileged.
Kirino Yu : You're taking the opposite approach
of the Great Empire, Chief.
Kunai Hakuto : Nothing's more boring than
going down the same path.
Kunai Hakuto : If anything, it's more like going backwards. (0:18:08.70)
Kirino Yu : Yes... I knew the Chief and I were
tied together by similar thoughts!
Kunai Hakuto : That was kinda cute in a strange way, but... (0:18:19.41)
Kunai Hakuto : I've been thinking...
Was she always this kind of character?
Kunai Hakuto : Base. Rare Item Creation. Walled Springs. (0:18:25.95)
Kunai Hakuto : Right next to the hospital... (0:18:31.91)
Kunai Hakuto : "Hot Spring Resort"
A hot spring!
Kunai Hakuto : Not bad if I say so myself. (0:18:37.54)
Kunai Hakuto : A massive and magnificent 3-floored base. (0:18:39.87)
Kunai Hakuto : Carbon dioxide bath, vase bath, stone sauna, (0:18:42.91)
Kunai Hakuto : electric bath, herbal bath, (0:18:47.12)
Kunai Hakuto : outdoor bath, and salt sauna to top it off. (0:18:50.04)
Kunai Hakuto : A great hall and fully-equipped dining room. (0:18:54.12)
Kunai Hakuto : With beautiful lodging on
the 2nd and 3rd floors.
Kunai Hakuto : And when it comes to Japanese hot springs,
you've gotta have bamboo.
Kunai Hakuto : It's making me miss home... (0:19:06.20)
Kyon : Th-That sure came out of nowhere, hop. (0:19:08.29)
Momo : It's unbelievable, bunny. (0:19:11.50)
Kunai Hakuto : Those two are stylish and look decent enough,
so I'll use them for reception.
Kunai Hakuto : When you're done with work today,
assemble all of the villagers here.
Kyon : Bring them here for what, hop? (0:19:23.25)
Kunai Hakuto : In order to help you explain the facilities, (0:19:26.16)
Kunai Hakuto : it's important to experience what
we have to offer as guests yourself.
Kunai Hakuto : What I mean is some bathing time. (0:19:39.04)
Momo : Bathing? Only people like nobles
can afford luxury like that, bunny.
Kunai Hakuto : In this world, people are lucky to wipe
themselves off with a damp cloth.
Kunai Hakuto : Should I make a bath house for commoners then? (0:19:51.54)
Kunai Hakuto : It's doable with the High-Level Item,
Kanda River.
Kunai Hakuto : If we charge three copper coins,
I bet it would attract tons of customers.
Kunai Hakuto : Also, we'll need to destroy and rebuild
your houses in the near future.
Kyon : Huh?! That's kind of a problem for me, hop! (0:20:09.20)
Momo : Black suit man! I thought you were nice,
but this is tyranny, bunny!
Kunai Hakuto : Who you calling black suit man?!
What do you have against my wardrobe?!
Kunai Hakuto : Soon enough, we'll build both real
and unlicensed casinos!
Kunai Hakuto : All to entertain rich nobles with more
money than they know what to do with!
Kunai Hakuto : We'll rake the money straight
out of their pockets!
Kyon : Black suit man is scary, hop. (0:20:36.29)
Momo : Black suit man is broken, bunny. (0:20:38.70)
Kunai Hakuto : No matter how luxurious
the hot spring resort is,
Kunai Hakuto : "Masaru Katou" "Tomoya Kondou" "Isami Tahara"
if the employees don't do their job,
it won't amount to much.
Kunai Hakuto : Among the eight aides, there's one
person who was designated "genius"...
Kunai Hakuto : ...who quickly masters whatever
you throw at him...
Kunai Hakuto : ...and produces much better
results than anyone else.
Kunai Hakuto : He's got a serious sister complex,
so he can watch kids no problem.
Kunai Hakuto : Being a gun specialist with
combat prowess and skills like his,
Kunai Hakuto : he'll be able to protect Rabby Village
when I'm not around.
Kunai Hakuto : And he doesn't get along badly with Yu either. (0:21:15.87)
Kunai Hakuto : Administrator Privileges! Aide Summon! (0:21:19.08)
Kunai Hakuto : "Isami Tahara"
Isami Tahara! I command you to appear before me!
Tahara Isami : Huh? Well if it isn't the Chief. (0:21:43.41)
Kunai Hakuto : That sure takes me back. Masaru Katou... (0:23:17.66)
Kunai Hakuto : Tomoya Kondou, Takefumi Nomura... (0:23:20.87)
Aku : Are those more aides of yours? (0:23:24.29)
Kunai Hakuto : It's a fencing idiot, a hikikomori archer,
and a mixed martial arts champion.
Aku : Um, an idiot, a hikikomori ,
and a ch-champion? What's that?
Kunai Hakuto : Next time: Demon Lord, Retry Episode 9. (0:23:39.08)
Kunai Hakuto : "Dancing Swindler and the Giant Gold Coin." (0:23:42.54)

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