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Yuuko Yoshida : I had a dream... (0:00:07.08)
Lilith : Yuko. (0:00:13.66)
Lilith : Heed me, Yuko. (0:00:20.75)
Lilith : Thou must awaken. (0:00:23.04)
Lilith : Thou must awaken. (0:00:36.75)
Yuuko Yoshida : Who are you? (0:00:38.45)
Lilith : Thou hast inherited the blood of the dark ones. (0:00:39.41)
Lilith : You must vanquish a Magical Girl who lives
in this town, and restore our clan to its former glory.
Yuuko Yoshida : Uh, no can do. Too sleepy. (0:00:46.54)
Lilith : Wait. Hello? (0:00:48.16)
Lilith : Wakey-wakey. (0:00:50.87)
Lilith : Good morning? (0:00:52.75)
Lilith : Hey, wake the hell up! (0:00:57.45)
Lilith : You sorry excuse for an heir! (0:00:59.16)
Yuuko Yoshida : Jeez, that dream sure took a turn for the scary... (0:01:05.04)
Yuuko Yoshida : My head feels heavy... (0:01:09.16)
Yuuko Yoshida : My name is Yuko Yoshida. (0:01:10.54)
Yuuko Yoshida : I'm just an ordinary 15-year-old girl. (0:01:12.45)
Ryouko Yoshida : Mornin', Sis. (0:01:14.83)
Yuuko Yoshida : Huh? (0:01:15.83)
Yuuko Yoshida : Good morning, Ryo... (0:01:17.50)
Yuuko Yoshida : Huh? (0:01:21.66)
Yuuko Yoshida : What're these? (0:01:24.62)
Yuuko Yoshida : Something very abnormal
is popping out of my very normal head.
EXTRA : Yuko Awakens!!
For Family Reasons You're Now a Demon Girl
Yuuko Yoshida : M-Mom! (0:03:05.95)
Seiko Yoshida : Don't make so much noise, Yuko. (0:03:07.87)
Yuuko Yoshida : Help, I've grown these weird horns! And a tail, too! (0:03:09.62)
Yuuko Yoshida : I can feel them like part of my body!
I can move them, too!
Seiko Yoshida : Just calm down. (0:03:16.62)
Yuuko Yoshida : Load, fulcrum, effort...
my brain just bounced like a seesaw...!
Seiko Yoshida : It seems this day has finally come. (0:03:23.16)
Ryouko Yoshida : Hey mom, what are those really chic things
growing out of Yuko?
Seiko Yoshida : Yu and Ryo, listen to me. I must tell you about
the ancient secret of the Yoshida family.
Yuuko Yoshida : Oh jeez, why did this have to happen
on a Sunday morning of all days...?
Seiko Yoshida : The truth is, neither of you are ordinary human children. (0:03:38.91)
Yuuko Yoshida : Uh-huh, that's cool mom. (0:03:42.70)
Ryouko Yoshida : We're not ordinary... (0:03:44.70)
Yuuko Yoshida : Wait, what?! (0:03:46.75)
Ryouko Yoshida : I heard that piano drop just now. (0:03:48.20)
Seiko Yoshida : The Yoshida family has been sustained
by the power of darkness since ancient times.
Seiko Yoshida : We are descendants of the "Dark Clan"
that were banished long ago.
Yuuko Yoshida : Wow... "darkness," huh? This is too surreal.
I must still be dreaming, so back to bed with me-
Seiko Yoshida : Don't try and run from reality. (0:04:01.95)
Yuuko Yoshida : My brain is bouncing around again! (0:04:03.33)
Ryouko Yoshida : So, our whole family are "Descendants of Darkness." (0:04:04.79)
Yuuko Yoshida : Forget that for a minute,
you still haven't cooked our breakfast rice.
Seiko Yoshida : We've run out of rice for this month. (0:04:10.41)
Seiko Yoshida : More importantly, there's something that I must tell you. (0:04:12.91)
Seiko Yoshida : The reason that we live in poverty like this
is because of our mortal enemies, the "Light Clan."
Yuuko Yoshida : "Light"?! (0:04:21.83)
Seiko Yoshida : Our battle with them spanned across centuries, (0:04:23.45)
Seiko Yoshida : but they successfully sealed
all our power and luck away.
Seiko Yoshida : That's why we look like ordinary humans now. (0:04:29.54)
Seiko Yoshida : In the end, they put the "$400 Per Month" curse upon us. (0:04:33.33)
Seiko Yoshida : They've taken nearly everything from us. (0:04:37.20)
Yuuko Yoshida : That curse really hit where it counts. Seconds please. (0:04:39.16)
Seiko Yoshida : There was nothing else
they could have sealed away, I suppose.
Seiko Yoshida : Anyway, it seems that you've
somehow caused a lapse in the seal.
Seiko Yoshida : Those horns and tail you've grown were part
of the trademark appearance of our ancestors!
Seiko Yoshida : You must fully break the seal to gain control
over the evil energy and then master it.
EXTRA : Money! Power! Delicious food!
You must fully break the seal to gain control
over the evil energy and then master it.
EXTRA : Money! Power! Delicious food!
You must fully break the seal to gain control
Seiko Yoshida : over the evil energy and then master it. (0:04:56.96)
Yuuko Yoshida : But doesn't that make me the bad guy? (0:04:57.33)
Yuuko Yoshida : What good is gonna come from doing that? (0:04:59.37)
Seiko Yoshida : If you manage to break the seal,
you should get a little taller.
Seiko Yoshida : And our financial woes will certainly improve. (0:05:04.16)
Seiko Yoshida : We'll be able to go to one of those
all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffets!
Yuuko Yoshida : Will that include one of those tower of pancakes?! (0:05:08.54)
Yuuko Yoshida : It's a feast!
Then I'll do whatever you want me to, Mom!
Yuuko Yoshida : Then I'll do whatever you want me to, Mom! (0:05:11.12)
Ryouko Yoshida : We can build a library in our house. (0:05:12.25)
Yuuko Yoshida : So, what exactly do I need to do? (0:05:13.91)
Yuuko Yoshida : Get some!
So, what exactly do I need to do?
Yuuko Yoshida : So, what exactly do I need to do? (0:05:15.37)
Seiko Yoshida : You must defeat a "Magical Girl," one of the priests
of the Light Clan that sealed away our powers.
Yuuko Yoshida : One, two, three! One, two, three!
Defeat a Magical Girl? Roger that!
Seiko Yoshida : Then you must drain their blood and offer it
to the Demon God Statue of our ancestors!
Yuuko Yoshida : "Blood"?! (0:05:26.45)
Yuuko Yoshida : "Demon God Statue"? (0:05:27.20)
Yuuko Yoshida : Where the heck do I find that? (0:05:28.37)
Seiko Yoshida : You know, that thing I always use to prop the door open. (0:05:30.29)
Ryouko Yoshida : Mom, open up. (0:05:32.12)
Ryouko Yoshida : We know you're in there taking a nap. (0:05:33.87)
Yuuko Yoshida : The doorstop?! (0:05:36.04)
Yuuko Yoshida : Demon God Statue! This is the object
that the spirits of my ancestors are drawn to.
Yuuko Yoshida : My mom thought it was just the perfect weight
and size, so she used it as a doorstop.
Seiko Yoshida : That was just a camouflage. (0:05:46.95)
Yuuko Yoshida : What are you doing, Mom? (0:05:48.41)
Ryouko Yoshida : I found the statue. (0:05:50.62)
Seiko Yoshida : I need to submit this form to notify
that you're now active as a Demon Girl.
Yuuko Yoshida : Submit it to who? (0:05:54.83)
Seiko Yoshida : The Demon Directory. (0:05:56.12)
Yuuko Yoshida : The Demon Bakery?! (0:05:57.29)
Ryouko Yoshida : She said, Demon "Directory." (0:05:58.62)
Seiko Yoshida : Your Demon Girl name will need to be something fitting! (0:06:00.66)
Seiko Yoshida : What about these? (0:06:03.04)
Yuuko Yoshida : Huh?! I want some time to think about it.
Actually, these are all terrible!
Seiko Yoshida : Okay, I'm putting down
"Shadow Mistress Yuko." Fax sent!
Yuuko Yoshida : A corny name sent by an even cornier machine! (0:06:12.08)
Ryouko Yoshida : "Shadow Mistress"... (0:06:14.50)
Ryouko Yoshida : Does this mean you're going into business
as a sadistic seductress?
Yuuko Yoshida : How exactly am I going to defeat a Magical Girl? (0:06:19.50)
Seiko Yoshida : Since you've grown horns and a tail, it means the powers
of our ancestors have somewhat returned to you.
Seiko Yoshida : Can you feel any of the dark energy flowing within you? (0:06:26.79)
Yuuko Yoshida : I don't even know what that would feel like!
The only thing I feel is hungry!
Seiko Yoshida : Don't you feel like you've gotten stronger at all? (0:06:33.16)
Yuuko Yoshida : Actually, these horns are so heavy I feel like
I'm on my way to becoming a hunchback.
Seiko Yoshida : Perhaps nothing substantial has actually changed. (0:06:38.91)
Yuuko Yoshida : I think that my center of gravity has changed,
and it's making me dizzy!
Yuuko Yoshida : If anything, I'm weaker now! (0:06:44.41)
Yuuko Yoshida : Mom, if I'm going to fight,
then do I get some kind of equipment?
Yuuko Yoshida : You know, like in video games and stuff! (0:06:50.95)
EXTRA : I bequeath you this staff and these herbs. (0:06:52.87)
EXTRA : For real? (0:06:54.12)
Seiko Yoshida : Unfortunately, modern society dictates that anyone
walking around with weapons will be arrested.
Seiko Yoshida : It's a harsh reality. (0:07:01.41)
Yuuko Yoshida : But then... (0:07:02.54)
Seiko Yoshida : That's why... I've prepared this! (0:07:03.66)
Seiko Yoshida : A splendid weapon capable of shredding apart
even the most well-cooked of eggs!
Yuuko Yoshida : I'm very familiar with it! (0:07:08.41)
Seiko Yoshida : And take this, it should help to camouflage your weapon. (0:07:09.54)
Yuuko Yoshida : Feels like I'm ready for a picnic! (0:07:12.66)
Yuuko Yoshida : I'm heading out! (0:07:13.75)
Ryouko Yoshida : Good luck, Sis! (0:07:15.08)
Yuuko Yoshida : And so, I proceeded forth on my quest despite
being unsatisfied with the parameters of my character.
Yuuko Yoshida : Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here. (0:07:21.54)
Yuuko Yoshida : I'm supposed to splatter her blood
all over this statue, right?
Yuuko Yoshida : But I hate icky horror films
and I have the worst grades in gym class.
Yuuko Yoshida : This is impossible. (0:07:30.37)
Yuuko Yoshida : I have no idea where to find
one of these "Magical Girls" anyway.
Yuuko Yoshida : Hold on, I had a dream this morning. (0:07:36.41)
Lilith : You must vanquish a Magical Girl who lives in this town,
and restore our clan to its former glory.
Yuuko Yoshida : What was up with that? (0:07:43.20)
Yuuko Yoshida : "Lives in this town"? I wonder where, exactly? (0:07:44.91)
Momo Chiyoda : Horns? (0:07:47.33)
Yuuko Yoshida : Sigh... (0:07:48.25)
Yuuko Yoshida : My head is so heavy now... (0:07:49.62)
Yuuko Yoshida : It feels like someone just glued two dumbbells on it. (0:07:51.20)
Yuuko Yoshida : Ah. (0:07:54.00)
Yuuko Yoshida : Oops, oops, gah... (0:07:56.25)
Yuuko Yoshida : Eeeek! (0:08:00.91)
Yuuko Yoshida : Oh no! My sealed ancestor's spirit! (0:08:10.37)
Yuuko Yoshida : Oh, that's good. It's not broken. (0:08:17.12)
Yuuko Yoshida : Actually, I think that all broke ME instead. (0:08:19.83)
Yuuko Yoshida : W-waaah! (0:08:25.04)
Momo Chiyoda : Look out! (0:08:27.04)
Yuuko Yoshida : Huh? What? Wh-where did that dump truck just go? (0:08:54.29)
Momo Chiyoda : Are you all right? (0:08:58.45)
Momo Chiyoda : She stopped it with one hand? (0:09:04.79)
Momo Chiyoda : Are you okay, mister? (0:09:10.91)
Momo Chiyoda : I stopped the truck as gently as I could. (0:09:12.95)
EXTRA : Y-yeah. (0:09:14.87)
EXTRA : Are you okay? (0:09:16.41)
Momo Chiyoda : I'm fine. (0:09:17.70)
EXTRA : Right, well then... (0:09:18.75)
Momo Chiyoda : Make sure you watch where you're going from now on. (0:09:22.62)
Yuuko Yoshida : O-okay. Sorry. (0:09:24.45)
Yuuko Yoshida : Please be a cosplay. Please be a cosplay.
Um, are you cosplaying?
Yuuko Yoshida : Please be a cosplay. Please be a cosplay!
Please be a cosplay!
Momo Chiyoda : Nope. I'm a Magical Girl. (0:09:32.29)
Yuuko Yoshida : That figures... (0:09:34.58)
Yuuko Yoshida : You stopped that truck with one hand, after all. (0:09:35.62)
Yuuko Yoshida : I've found my target... (0:09:37.62)
Yuuko Yoshida : Gulp!
I've found my target...
Yuuko Yoshida : I've found my target... (0:09:38.62)
Momo Chiyoda : It's been a long time since I've had to transform, though. (0:09:40.08)
Momo Chiyoda : Actually, those horns of yours seem like... (0:09:42.91)
Yuuko Yoshida : U-um... (0:09:44.79)
Momo Chiyoda : What? Are you hungry? (0:09:46.70)
Momo Chiyoda : You can have this. (0:09:48.87)
Yuuko Yoshida : What exactly is this? (0:09:50.62)
Momo Chiyoda : It's bread? A sandwich? (0:09:52.50)
Yuuko Yoshida : I'm confused. Why give me something like this? (0:09:54.54)
Momo Chiyoda : Huh? Well, you looked like you were hungry. (0:09:57.20)
Momo Chiyoda : And because you're short. (0:10:00.08)
Yuuko Yoshida : Oh, I see! (0:10:01.54)
Yuuko Yoshida : She's taking pity on me! (0:10:06.16)
Yuuko Yoshida : Outrage! Outrage!
I've never had an experience so humiliating before!
Yuuko Yoshida : Huh? (0:10:12.95)
Momo Chiyoda : Snicker. (0:10:16.87)
Momo Chiyoda : You really are starving, aren't you? (0:10:17.33)
Yuuko Yoshida : Ugh! (0:10:19.04)
Yuuko Yoshida : Don't think this means you've won! (0:10:20.33)
Yuuko Yoshida : But I really appreciate you saving me! (0:10:22.87)
Momo Chiyoda : She's a weird one. (0:10:26.29)
Yuuko Yoshida : Outrage! (0:10:27.16)
EXTRA : Don't give up, Yuko! Use this experience
as your first step to becoming a great demon!
Yuuko Yoshida : Outrage! (0:10:33.62)
Yuuko Yoshida : I'm heading off to school! (0:10:46.20)
Lilith : Thou hast inherited the blood of the dark ones. (0:10:52.41)
Lilith : Vanquish a Magical Girl
and restore our clan to its former glory.
Yuuko Yoshida : I ran across a Magical Girl! She actually saved me! (0:10:58.66)
Yuuko Yoshida : And took pity on me... (0:11:03.12)
Yuuko Yoshida : Boy, that sure was a weird dream I had yesterday. (0:11:05.95)
Yuuko Yoshida : Growing horns and finding out
that I'm the descendant of demons...
Yuuko Yoshida : then leaving to find a Magical Girl to defeat. (0:11:12.00)
Anri Sata : Yuko! (0:11:14.50)
Anri Sata : G'morning! (0:11:15.83)
Yuuko Yoshida : Good morning, Anri! (0:11:16.91)
Yuuko Yoshida : You're up really early today. (0:11:19.04)
Anri Sata : We've got a soft tennis tournament coming up this week,
so I've got practice every morning.
Yuuko Yoshida : Oh? (0:11:25.04)
Anri Sata : Yeah, our team actually just got
a new manager and they're super funny.
Yuuko Yoshida : Really? (0:11:31.75)
Anri Sata : Sorry to be rude, but are those horns? (0:11:32.79)
Yuuko Yoshida : I suppose I can see how they might look that way! (0:11:35.50)
Anri Sata : That's what they are!
Horns and a tail, right in front of me!
Yuuko Yoshida : It wasn't a dream... (0:11:41.41)
EXTRA : Morning! (0:11:44.04)
Yuuko Yoshida : I'll be honest, these things just suddenly grew in... (0:11:46.37)
Yuuko Yoshida : and I have no idea what I should do with them. (0:11:50.54)
Anri Sata : I bet you could hang your umbrella
or gym clothes from them, no?
Anri Sata : That would make life easier. (0:11:56.08)
Yuuko Yoshida : Well, I'm not really worried about
how to make my life easier...
Anri Sata : Actually, I think that would make
paying for stuff or eating on the go a real cinch!
Anri Sata : Your arms will be free! (0:12:03.62)
Yuuko Yoshida : Yummy, yummy, yummy...!
Your arms will be free!
Yuuko Yoshida : Yummy, yummy, yummy...!
Now that you mention it, that's true!
Yuuko Yoshida : Yummy, yummy, yummy...!
They could be really handy!
Anri Sata : Let's give it a try. (0:12:08.45)
Yuuko Yoshida : Um, huh? (0:12:10.08)
Anri Sata : Here.
Um, huh?
Yuuko Yoshida : Oh... it worked. (0:12:11.83)
Yuuko Yoshida : Never mind! It's way too heavy! (0:12:13.91)
Anri Sata : Sorry! I forgot that you're not that strong. (0:12:15.54)
Yuuko Yoshida : Load, fulcrum, effort... Load, fulcrum, effort... (0:12:18.20)
EXTRA : Yuri-yuri? (0:12:21.83)
EXTRA : I prefer Masashi. (0:12:22.66)
Anri Sata : Hm, so those horns and tail
just kind of sprouted over night?
When's season 2?
Anri Sata : Hm, so those horns and tail
just kind of sprouted over night?
Yuuko Yoshida : I'm embarrassed to say it,
but there's a lot going on in my family.
Yuuko Yoshida : Apparently, because I grew these horns
it's my destiny to find and murderize a Magical Girl.
Anri Sata : Wow, really? (0:12:36.50)
Shion Ogura : I'm totally jealous. Having a destiny is so cool. (0:12:38.16)
Anri Sata : Can I touch your horns? (0:12:41.25)
Shion Ogura : Me, too! (0:12:42.62)
Yuuko Yoshida : Sure, go for it. (0:12:44.41)
Anri Sata : Whoa. They're exactly what I thought
horns would feel like!
Shion Ogura : They're so stylish. Totally fitting for a Demon Girl. (0:12:48.70)
Anri Sata : They've got a nice feel to them. (0:12:51.95)
Yuuko Yoshida : They've got a nice feel to them.
This may seem strange to say,
Yuuko Yoshida : but I'm surprised you're both taking this in stride. (0:12:54.25)
Anri Sata : Well, there's a lot of weirdos in this town. (0:12:56.25)
Yuuko Yoshida : "Weird"... (0:13:01.33)
Anri Sata : Oh! I didn't mean you! (0:13:02.12)
Shion Ogura : Don't try and hide them, they really suit you! (0:13:03.29)
Anri Sata : They're super cool, they look like giant croissants! (0:13:06.08)
Yuuko Yoshida : Croissant... (0:13:08.95)
Yuuko Yoshida : Right now, I need to focus on finding a Magical Girl! (0:13:11.29)
Yuuko Yoshida : I have to offer their blood
to this Demon God Statue of my ancestors!
Anri Sata : Uh, isn't your ancestor a little broken there? On the top. (0:13:17.45)
Yuuko Yoshida : Fortunately, I know there's one in this town.
I will hunt down that Magical Girl!
Anri Sata : Oh yeah, there's a Magical Girl
in our school. Class A, right?
Shion Ogura : Ah, the super strong one. (0:13:26.58)
Yuuko Yoshida : Oh? Is that so? (0:13:29.54)
Yuuko Yoshida : Wait! What the heck is up with this school?! (0:13:32.95)
EXTRA : This is Sakuragaoka High School. (0:13:35.87)
EXTRA : Yuko and her friends are students here. (0:13:38.00)
Anri Sata : That's Momo Chiyoda. (0:13:43.12)
Anri Sata : We went to the same middle school. (0:13:44.75)
EXTRA : I see you over there! (0:13:47.58)
EXTRA : Oh no, you spotted me! (0:13:48.58)
Yuuko Yoshida : I can't see anything now. (0:13:50.08)
Yuuko Yoshida : Huh? That razor-sharp look... (0:13:51.62)
Yuuko Yoshida : I've seen it somewhere before. (0:13:54.16)
Yuuko Yoshida : Ahh! (0:13:59.20)
Yuuko Yoshida : It's that girl who stopped the trunk
with one hand the other day!
Anri Sata : You know her? (0:14:02.91)
Yuuko Yoshida : Dealing with her was aggravating in more ways than one. (0:14:04.29)
Yuuko Yoshida : Outrage...!
Dealing with her was aggravating in more ways than one.
Yuuko Yoshida : Dealing with her was aggravating in more ways than one. (0:14:06.29)
Anri Sata : I heard that six years ago,
she actually saved the whole world.
Yuuko Yoshida : She's known worldwide?! (0:14:10.66)
Yuuko Yoshida : Wooow...!
I... I never would have guessed
Yuuko Yoshida : I was tangling with someone that amazing. (0:14:12.96)
Yuuko Yoshida : I... I never would have guessed
I was tangling with someone that amazing.
Yuuko Yoshida : I wonder if a lowly neighborhood demon like myself
stands a chance against a world-renowned magician.
EXTRA : Does this string phone work? (0:14:22.04)
EXTRA : I can hear you. (0:14:24.12)
Yuuko Yoshida : I wonder if there's any other information
I can find about her.
Anri Sata : Hm, she doesn't really talk about herself much. (0:14:28.37)
Anri Sata : Oh, that's right. One time during our fitness exams... (0:14:31.41)
Momo Chiyoda : Excuse me. I can't get an accurate reading
on grip strength because I broke the dynamometer.
Anri Sata : Everyone kind of flipped out when she said that. (0:14:39.16)
Anri Sata : In the end, they had to use three dynamometers
together to get an accurate reading.
Yuuko Yoshida : Is she really a "Magical" Girl?
Are we sure she's not just a "Tangible" Girl?
Anri Sata : Then on the lung capacity test,
she totally maxed out the counter.
Yuuko Yoshida : Is that something that even has a maximum?! (0:14:52.62)
Anri Sata : It made a really cool sound. (0:14:54.29)
Momo Chiyoda : Grr... (0:14:56.79)
Yuuko Yoshida : Meanwhile, I have to rest at least once when carrying
even a small bag of rice home from the store!
Anri Sata : I think you could be a bit more athletic than that. (0:15:05.75)
Yuuko Yoshida : Well then... I guess I'll go show her who's boss! (0:15:08.45)
Anri Sata : I forget, is grip strength proportional to punch strength? (0:15:11.45)
EXTRA : Recess will end in 3 minutes. (0:15:15.33)
Yuuko Yoshida : Recess is about to end, so we should
probably head back to the classroom.
Anri Sata : You've got 3 whole minutes,
that's plenty of time to pick a fight!
Anri Sata : Get out there, girl! (0:15:26.12)
Yuuko Yoshida : I have to find a place to hide and launch a sneak attack. (0:15:27.87)
Anri Sata : Hey Chiyoda! Yoshida from Class D is a descendent
of the Dark Clan and has something for you!
Yuuko Yoshida : You backstabber! (0:15:34.37)
Yuuko Yoshida : Oh crap, she's coming. She's coming! (0:15:37.79)
Momo Chiyoda : What? (0:15:45.87)
Yuuko Yoshida : Sh-she's huge! A whole head taller than me! (0:15:48.37)
Anri Sata : Come on, Yuko. Give it to her straight! (0:15:51.29)
Momo Chiyoda : Oh, you're that little girl from yesterday. (0:15:53.50)
Yuuko Yoshida : Gah! "Little girl"?! (0:15:55.50)
Yuuko Yoshida : Growl... snarl! (0:15:57.62)
Yuuko Yoshida : Growl! Snarl... Growl! Snarl...
Whoza callin little! Punkimma grow way tallrthen u!
Anri Sata : Growl! Snarl... Growl! Snarl...
Yuko! Your brain and your mouth
can't keep up with each other!
Anri Sata : Growl! Snarl... Growl! Snarl...
"Who're you callin' little?! Don't get cocky, you punk!
Anri Sata : I'm still young enough to grow way taller than you!" (0:16:06.46)
Anri Sata : That's what you meant to say! (0:16:11.16)
Yuuko Yoshida : Yeah, what she said! (0:16:12.29)
Momo Chiyoda : Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.
I just objectively thought you were on the short side.
Yuuko Yoshida : Outrage! Outrage! Outrage...!
That doesn't change anything!
If she's trying to pick a fight, then she's got one!
Yuuko Yoshida : I am Shami... (0:16:23.12)
Momo Chiyoda : Uh-huh. (0:16:24.08)
Yuuko Yoshida : Shadow Mistress Yuko! (0:16:24.66)
Momo Chiyoda : Uh-huh. (0:16:26.20)
Yuuko Yoshida : To restore my ancestors to their former glory
and to conkeer... ahem, conquer the world of darkness...
Yuuko Yoshida : ...I've come to end the life of a Magical Girl! (0:16:34.08)
Momo Chiyoda : Uh-huh. (0:16:36.87)
Yuuko Yoshida : Huff... (0:16:37.95)
Yuuko Yoshida : ...and that's the deal. (0:16:41.45)
Momo Chiyoda : I see. (0:16:42.79)
Momo Chiyoda : You flubbed up twice, huh? (0:16:43.75)
Yuuko Yoshida : Because you kept interrupting
and throwing me off my pace!
Momo Chiyoda : Want to try again? (0:16:48.33)
Yuuko Yoshida : No interruptions this time, okay? (0:16:50.20)
Momo Chiyoda : Okay, give it one more shot. "Shamiko," was it? (0:16:52.08)
Yuuko Yoshida : Outrage!
No! I am Yuko Yoshida, also known as Shami...
Shadow Mistress Yuko!
Yuuko Yoshida : No! I am Yuko Yoshida, also known as Shami...
Shadow Mistress Yuko!
Momo Chiyoda : Snicker.
So, you are "Sha-mi-ko" then.
Momo Chiyoda : So, you are "Sha-mi-ko" then. (0:17:00.08)
Yuuko Yoshida : Don't laugh! (0:17:01.29)
Anri Sata : Don't worry about sounding cool, Shami! (0:17:02.54)
Yuuko Yoshida : Stop helping that nickname catch on! (0:17:04.66)
Anri Sata : No big deal! (0:17:06.41)
Momo Chiyoda : Shamirin? (0:17:07.75)
Yuuko Yoshida : Huh?! What did you say? (0:17:08.62)
Momo Chiyoda : Nothing. (0:17:09.83)
Anri Sata : Get her! (0:17:16.12)
Yuuko Yoshida : Take this, and that, and this, and that...! (0:17:17.08)
Yuuko Yoshida : M-my sides hurt... and my wrists, too... (0:17:33.75)
Anri Sata : She's a bigger wimp than I thought. (0:17:37.41)
Momo Chiyoda : Are you okay? (0:17:39.58)
Yuuko Yoshida : A Demon Girl is attacking you
and yet you won't even transform...
Yuuko Yoshida : Why didn't you try to dodge at the very least?! (0:17:45.04)
Momo Chiyoda : Because I didn't deem it necessary to avoid your attacks. (0:17:47.62)
Yuuko Yoshida : That's right. I forgot this girl
stopped a truck with one hand.
Yuuko Yoshida : I never thought my first battle would go so poorly. (0:17:53.33)
Yuuko Yoshida : I should have eaten more to give myself extra energy. (0:17:58.37)
Anri Sata : Is that really the problem here? (0:18:01.37)
Momo Chiyoda : If you want a pastry, I've got one. (0:18:03.33)
Yuuko Yoshida : A pastry?! (0:18:04.79)
Yuuko Yoshida : If you take any more pity on me,
I think I might cry, so just stop!
Anri Sata : I see some tears already, no? (0:18:09.08)
Yuuko Yoshida : No, I stopped them before any could actually come out. (0:18:10.45)
Anri Sata : Oh really? (0:18:12.91)
Momo Chiyoda : Do you have a minute? (0:18:13.79)
Yuuko Yoshida : Huh? (0:18:15.00)
Momo Chiyoda : Can you stand? (0:18:16.00)
Yuuko Yoshida : Huh? (0:18:16.83)
Momo Chiyoda : Come on, get up. (0:18:19.41)
Momo Chiyoda : ...Come on, get up... (0:18:20.54)
Momo Chiyoda : ...Come on, get up... (0:18:21.37)
Yuuko Yoshida : Eek! (0:18:22.70)
Yuuko Yoshida : What are you...? (0:18:28.54)
Yuuko Yoshida : Don't tell me, she's going to throw me with all her might? (0:18:30.00)
Momo Chiyoda : Demon Eradication Attack! (0:18:32.54)
Yuuko Yoshida : Nooo! (0:18:35.12)
Yuuko Yoshida : I'm doomed, I should have accepted
that pastry when I had the chance!
Yuuko Yoshida : I... (0:18:40.29)
Yuuko Yoshida : I'm bewwy sowwy! (0:18:43.62)
Anri Sata : She's emotionally weak, too! (0:18:45.62)
Momo Chiyoda : The way you throw punches needs some work. (0:18:47.95)
Yuuko Yoshida : Bwa? (0:18:49.79)
Momo Chiyoda : Unless you put your thumb here like this, you'll get hurt. (0:18:50.66)
Momo Chiyoda : Don't just use your arm,
you have to swing your whole body like this.
Anri Sata : Something's happening out in the hallway. (0:18:57.12)
Momo Chiyoda : You should aim for the chin or the stomach. Give it a try. (0:18:59.54)
Yuuko Yoshida : Huh? What? (0:19:02.37)
Momo Chiyoda : Just give it a try. (0:19:03.54)
Yuuko Yoshida : Okay. (0:19:04.75)
Anri Sata : It made a different sound this time. (0:19:11.54)
Yuuko Yoshida : It sounded a lot stronger than before! (0:19:13.20)
Momo Chiyoda : Your style... (0:19:16.41)
Momo Chiyoda : ...or form, rather... (0:19:19.00)
Momo Chiyoda : Well... (0:19:23.12)
Momo Chiyoda : Uh.... (0:19:25.79)
Momo Chiyoda : Yeah... (0:19:29.29)
Momo Chiyoda : Sigh...
You might want to consider using projectiles instead.
Momo Chiyoda : You might want to consider using projectiles instead. (0:19:32.58)
Yuuko Yoshida : Sigh... (0:19:34.25)
Yuuko Yoshida : D-d-d... (0:19:37.41)
Yuuko Yoshida : Waaaaah!
Don't think this means you've won!
Anri Sata : That's that. See you later, Chiyoda. (0:19:45.00)
Momo Chiyoda : Uh, sure. (0:19:47.12)
EXTRA : Waaaaaaah!
Don't give up, Yuko!
EXTRA : Sniffle, sniffle... Sniffle, sniffle...
Train your entire body until you're strong enough
to become a great demon!
Yuuko Yoshida : Sniffle, sniffle... Sniffle, sniffle... (0:19:54.25)
Momo Chiyoda : Yeah, these are good. (0:20:20.33)
Momo Chiyoda : I think I'll buy some more. (0:20:22.33)
EXTRA : Did you see the new dance? (0:20:29.16)
EXTRA : Yeah! Yeah!
I watched it the other day!
EXTRA : It was so awesome. (0:20:32.45)
EXTRA : I know right? (0:20:33.83)
EXTRA : Oh, hey Ryoko! (0:20:34.91)
EXTRA : Huh? Just leaving now? (0:20:36.75)
EXTRA : That's a huge book you've got there. (0:20:38.00)
EXTRA : That looks like a pretty complicated book. (0:20:40.20)
Ryouko Yoshida : I just borrowed it from the library. (0:20:42.45)
EXTRA : See you tomorrow! (0:20:44.25)
Ryouko Yoshida : Later. (0:20:46.16)
Yuuko Yoshida : Hi-yah! (0:20:57.83)
Ryouko Yoshida : Huh? I know that voice. (0:20:59.12)
Yuuko Yoshida : Hi-yah! Hi-yah! Hi-yah! (0:21:00.66)
Yuuko Yoshida : Ouch, ouch, ouch! Owww, my sides are killing me... (0:21:05.00)
Ryouko Yoshida : Hey, Sis. (0:21:08.00)
Yuuko Yoshida : Oh! (0:21:08.70)
Yuuko Yoshida : Hey, Ryo. (0:21:09.45)
Yuuko Yoshida : Crap, my sides... (0:21:11.83)
Yuuko Yoshida : You caught me doing something
really embarrassing, Ryo.
Ryouko Yoshida : You aren't wasting any effort in your quest
to become a great demon, huh, Sis?
Yuuko Yoshida : That's right! I'm going to give it my all from here on out! (0:21:33.79)
Ryouko Yoshida : You've made your first step on the path
to becoming the leader of the demon horde.
Yuuko Yoshida : Hehehe... I'm not so sure about that. (0:21:39.79)
Yuuko Yoshida : It's Mom. (0:21:42.83)
Seiko Yoshida : Welcome back. (0:21:43.95)
Seiko Yoshida : Were you spending time together? (0:21:45.04)
Ryouko Yoshida : I met up with Sis on my way home. (0:21:46.29)
Yuuko Yoshida : Were you out shopping, mom? (0:21:48.29)
Seiko Yoshida : Yes! You wouldn't believe it! (0:21:50.12)
Seiko Yoshida : I got two extra stamps for my lottery card
by buying some mushrooms today!
Yuuko Yoshida : That's a big haul! (0:21:56.45)
Ryouko Yoshida : Make sure you stick them in the fridge later. (0:21:57.87)
Yuuko Yoshida : Mushrooms are yummy. (0:22:00.16)
Seiko Yoshida : I'll be sure to season them a bunch. (0:22:02.00)
Yuuko Yoshida : Sounds like it will go great with rice. (0:22:03.58)
EXTRA : This is the tale of a girl
who received demonic powers over night,
EXTRA : and must rise up to defeat a Magical Girl
in order to save her family from the grips of poverty.
EXTRA : Or something to that effect. (0:22:15.08)
Yuuko Yoshida : I'm Yuko Yoshida! Today I became Shami...
Shadow Mistress Yuko, the Demon Girl.
Yuuko Yoshida : But this is where I'm supposed
to talk about the next episode, right?
Momo Chiyoda : Shamiko, let's do some proper warm-ups next time. (0:23:59.33)
Yuuko Yoshida : Uwa! The Pink Magical Girl (0:24:01.75)
Yuuko Yoshida : is headed straight my way again! (0:24:03.33)
Momo Chiyoda : We've got to find a proper weapon for you, too. (0:24:04.37)

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