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Kufa Vampir : What organization are you bastards from? (0:00:37.38)
Father : Hey there, buddy! You find any notable intel? (0:00:48.50)
Williams Gin : You tell me. (0:00:52.83)
Williams Gin : Why not ask the head of the
house over there yourself?
Kufa Vampir : I can give chase. Want me to? (0:01:05.08)
Father : No need to right now. (0:01:07.17)
Father : Man, that guy's tough. (0:01:11.25)
Father : If we're talking in terms of
Status, he was your equal.
Kufa Vampir : How's Lord Elsnes? (0:01:19.46)
Father : He's dead. (0:01:22.00)
Kufa Vampir : The "canbells," inside which
the city blocks are housed,
Kufa Vampir : are connected by glass tubes. (0:01:34.71)
Kufa Vampir : Humankind's last-standing city-state -
the world within the lantern - Flandore.
Kufa Vampir : Within the unending darkness outside, (0:01:53.63)
Kufa Vampir : lurk monsters gnawed at away by
the night called "lancanthropes."
Kufa Vampir : Feels like a brainy place.
Feels like a brainy place.
Rosetti Pricket : Feels like a brainy place.
Feels like a brainy place.
Rosetti Pricket : We said the same exact thing! (0:02:49.63)
Kufa Vampir : Yeah, talk about a coincidence. (0:02:51.21)
Kufa Vampir : Take my hand, milady. (0:02:56.25)
Rosetti Pricket : Wh-what a gentleman! (0:02:57.54)
Rosetti Pricket : Th-thank you. (0:03:00.04)
Kufa Vampir : It's only natural to show a little courtesy. (0:03:04.21)
Kufa Vampir : I wish I could escort you all
the way to your destination...
Rosetti Pricket : Don't be silly! (0:03:09.50)
Rosetti Pricket : I'd been terribly anxious
being all on my own...
Rosetti Pricket : So I'm glad to have met you! (0:03:18.96)
Rosetti Pricket : I get the feeling everything's
gonna keep going smoothly for me!
Kufa Vampir : I'm happy to hear that. (0:03:23.71)
Kufa Vampir : Well then, I hope to run
into you again sometime.
Rosetti Pricket : Yeah, see you later! (0:03:27.88)
Rosetti Pricket : Definitely, definitely meet up with me again! (0:03:30.92)
Rosetti Pricket : See you! (0:03:35.13)
Aimee : Mr. Kufa Vampir, I presume? (0:04:25.17)
Kufa Vampir : Pleased to meet you. (0:04:27.88)
Kufa Vampir : I look forward to working alongside you. (0:04:29.25)
Aimee : I'm Aimee, the head maid of this residence. (0:04:31.92)
Aimee : Likewise, I'm looking forward
to working alongside you.
Aimee : Well then, allow me to show
you around the mansion.
Aimee : Starting today, this is where you'll
be working for the next three years.
Aimee : I believe milady is already waiting for... (0:04:57.08)
Aimee : Oh? (0:04:59.25)
Aimee : L-Lady Melida?! (0:05:16.46)
Kufa Vampir : Are you alright, milady? (0:05:50.83)
Melida Angel : A-are you my instructor? (0:06:17.71)
Kufa Vampir : Yes. The name is Kufa. (0:06:20.92)
Kufa Vampir : I look forward to spending the
next three years together.
EXTRA : I'm so glad you're safe! (0:06:28.58)
EXTRA : Milady!
I'm so glad you're safe!
EXTRA : Milady!
You really shocked me!
EXTRA : You really shocked me! (0:06:31.17)
Aimee : Any injuries? (0:06:37.50)
Melida Angel : N-nice to meet you, Instructor. (0:06:42.38)
Melida Angel : My name is Melida Angel. (0:06:44.96)
Aimee : Milady, it's time to get
going to the academy.
Aimee : Please get ready. (0:07:01.04)
Aimee : Kufa, please look after milady,
even while she's attending the academy.
Melida Angel : Huh? Y-you'll be coming
with me to the academy?
Kufa Vampir : Yes. Were you unaware of that? (0:07:10.63)
Kufa Vampir : Milady, while I am in charge of your instruction,
I am also your attendant,
Kufa Vampir : so I have received special
permission to enter the grounds.
Nerva Martillo : You're finally here! (0:07:32.29)
Nerva Martillo : You're late, you know, Melida. (0:07:34.42)
Melida Angel : G-good morning, Nerva. (0:07:39.50)
Nerva Martillo : I thought you were playing hooky. (0:07:42.00)
Nerva Martillo : And who might he be? (0:07:45.58)
Melida Angel : Ah... He's my private tutor,
who has just arrived today.
Nerva Martillo : Hmm... Is he going to instruct
you in your studies?
Nerva Martillo : Or... (0:07:55.17)
Nerva Martillo : in the use of mana? (0:07:56.67)
Melida Angel : W-well... (0:07:59.50)
Nerva Martillo : Oh, dear! (0:08:02.58)
Nerva Martillo : We don't have time to
waste talking like this.
Nerva Martillo : Right, Melida? (0:08:07.50)
Nerva Martillo : Come and be my training partner. (0:08:09.21)
Kufa Vampir : A power that grants various
unusual talents to its users
Kufa Vampir : and elevates their physical abilities
beyond those of ordinary humans...
Kufa Vampir : "mana." (0:08:20.21)
Kufa Vampir : It is a gift that has been granted
to only the chosen noble class.
Kufa Vampir : Generally speaking, this power
awakens around the age of seven.
Kufa Vampir : Oh... She has beautiful form. (0:08:31.13)
Kufa Vampir : While she was born into the House of Angel, (0:08:39.54)
Kufa Vampir : with its title of "Paladin" as one of
the three big aristocratic Houses...
Kufa Vampir : she has been unable to manifest any mana
whatsoever up through this very day.
Kufa Vampir : An incompetent talented girl. (0:08:56.17)
Kufa Vampir : That is the limitation of
the mana-less Melida Angel.
Nerva Martillo : Hey, Melida. (0:09:10.88)
Nerva Martillo : You going to be able to
achieve your dream like that?
EXTRA : Oh, she has a dream? (0:09:15.79)
EXTRA : Whatever are you talking about, Nerva. (0:09:17.33)
Nerva Martillo : I hear that from a young age it's been
this girl's dream to join Crest Legion
Nerva Martillo : and become the people's sword of hope! (0:09:25.58)
Nerva Martillo : When I learned it was the much-talked-about (0:09:28.71)
Nerva Martillo : "incompetent talented girl"
who was saying such a thing,
Nerva Martillo : I found it quite amusing... (0:09:32.92)
Nerva Martillo : How funny! (0:09:38.67)
Nerva Martillo : Oh, right, the new tutor Elise secured for herself
is an elite member of Crest Legion, you know?
Melida Angel : You're here, huh, Elli... (0:09:51.92)
Nerva Martillo : We are talking about Elise,
who ages ago awakened her Paladin class,
Nerva Martillo : so if she receives guidance
from a tutor like that...
Nerva Martillo : she'll end up joining Crest
Legion in no time, you know?
Elise Angel : I... (0:10:11.04)
Kufa Vampir : Having been born into a branch
family of an aristocratic House,
Kufa Vampir : that is Lady Melida's cousin... (0:10:17.04)
Kufa Vampir : Elise Angel, huh? (0:10:20.25)
Melida Angel : Why're you coming chasing after me?! (0:10:31.96)
Melida Angel : You're also gonna tell me there's
no way I can do it, right?!
Elise Angel : You know, Lita, I- (0:10:45.83)
Melida Angel : Don't be all friendly calling
me "Lita" like that!
Kufa Vampir : This incompetent talentless girl's goal is to join
Crest Legion, the most eminent guild.
Kufa Vampir : What a bad joke that is. (0:11:40.25)
Kufa Vampir : Lady Melida's grandfather, Lord Mordrew,
has doubts as to whether Melida,
Kufa Vampir : who has yet to awaken the power of mana,
is a true child of the House of Angel.
Kufa Vampir : So, you mean to say that Lord Elsnes had an
affair with Lady Melida's mother, Lady Melinoa?
Father : Tough to say. (0:12:02.25)
Father : We're left in the dark now
that he's ended up like this.
Father : And so... (0:12:07.67)
Father : that means it's finally your
turn to spring into action!
Kufa Vampir : Hm? (0:12:12.25)
Father : Your first mission is as follows: (0:12:13.21)
Father : Become Lady Melida Angel's
private tutor, guide her,
Father : and foster her into a battle maiden
befitting of an aristocratic House.
Kufa Vampir : If approaching it from the outside isn't
working, go at it from the inside, eh?
Father : So, you see, the use of a specialist
instructor has become necessary now.
Kufa Vampir : I've now observed her for a full day, and I see
no sign of Melida Angel possessing any aptitude.
Kufa Vampir : Conclusion: She is not the biological
daughter of the knight-duke, Felgus Angel.
Kufa Vampir : Consequently, I will carry out my second
mission: the assassination of Melida Angel.
Kufa Vampir : Properly speaking, the deed
shouldn't be done so soon.
Kufa Vampir : Nevertheless... (0:13:00.96)
Kufa Vampir : I can't stomach watching Melida Angel. (0:13:02.71)
Kufa Vampir : A child who's the product of a mother who, (0:13:06.42)
Kufa Vampir : although vastly wealthy,
came from the commoner class
Kufa Vampir : and the man with whom she had an affair. (0:13:10.32)
Kufa Vampir : She may boast the Angel family name,
but she lacks the qualities to be a Paladin.
Kufa Vampir : Without knowing any of that,
she straightforwardly believes in her own talents.
Kufa Vampir : What a pitiful girl. (0:13:27.00)
Kufa Vampir : Her life is full of suffering. (0:13:30.63)
Kufa Vampir : And she will continue to keep on suffering. (0:13:34.25)
Kufa Vampir : The day that all suffering is
finally rewarded will never come.
Kufa Vampir : That being the case, promptly severing
that chain of events is called for.
Kufa Vampir : It's the mercy of a professional killer... (0:13:49.58)
Kufa Vampir : an assassin's pride. (0:13:52.21)
Kufa Vampir : I'm not picking up her presence?! (0:14:01.29)
Melida Angel : What the hell's with you guys?! (0:14:31.25)
Kufa Vampir : This anima...! (0:14:49.92)
Kufa Vampir : Lancanthropes?! (0:15:09.25)
Kufa Vampir : Why're they in a city block
on a layer this high up?
Father : I hear Lord Mordrew often
tries to pressure her,
Father : but it apparently never
produces a positive effect.
Kufa Vampir : So this is that pressure... (0:15:22.92)
Kufa Vampir : So he intends to awaken her mana
by forcing her into combat, eh?
Melida Angel : You little...! (0:15:51.67)
Kufa Vampir : Why doesn't she call for help? (0:16:02.88)
Melida Angel : Stop that! Don't touch my hair! (0:16:07.38)
Melida Angel : Hands off! Let go of it! (0:16:09.79)
Melida Angel : It's something I remember my mother by! (0:16:13.46)
Melida Angel : My departed mother had the same blond hair. (0:16:15.50)
Melida Angel : If it's taken away from me,
I'll no longer be able to recall my mother!
Kufa Vampir : If she was to call for help, (0:16:23.83)
Kufa Vampir : a guild out on patrol
would rush to the scene.
Kufa Vampir : They'd easily dispatch these
lowest of lancanthropes.
Kufa Vampir : So, why then...? (0:16:31.63)
Melida Angel : I have to treasure and
take good care of my hair!
Melida Angel : I have to join the ranks of Crest Legion! (0:16:36.50)
Melida Angel : Otherwise... (0:16:40.08)
Melida Angel : No one will even acknowledge... (0:16:42.21)
Melida Angel : that I'm a child of the House of Angel. (0:16:45.04)
Kufa Vampir : So she doesn't call for help because doing so
would mean she doesn't possess any mana,
Kufa Vampir : and it would be seen as her admitting she's
not a child of the House of Angel... huh?
Kufa Vampir : Aah, it truly is... (0:17:00.88)
Kufa Vampir : a bad joke. (0:17:04.75)
Kufa Vampir : Don't lay a finger on my employer. (0:17:15.71)
Kufa Vampir : "Save me"...? (0:17:21.58)
Kufa Vampir : What made you think you could
come out of this alive?
Kufa Vampir : Phantom-Blade Trident... (0:17:39.04)
Kufa Vampir : Void Fang! (0:17:41.50)
Melida Angel : Instructor...? (0:17:56.25)
Kufa Vampir : I'm sorry it took me so
long to get here, milady.
Melida Angel : I-it's no problem. (0:18:09.00)
Melida Angel : I'm sorry for having caused you trouble. (0:18:15.75)
Kufa Vampir : Oh, I see... (0:18:20.25)
Kufa Vampir : She's always on her own. (0:18:22.08)
Kufa Vampir : I'd like to see it with my own two eyes... (0:18:25.67)
Kufa Vampir : The moment this precious girl,
who's been fighting with all she's got in this cruel world,
Kufa Vampir : is someday acknowledged. (0:18:32.21)
Kufa Vampir : Milady, please allow me,
at least, to save you.
Kufa Vampir : I want to lend you my support. (0:18:44.42)
Kufa Vampir : No matter the storm you may find yourself in, (0:18:48.75)
Kufa Vampir : I will not fail to respond to your call. (0:18:51.88)
Kufa Vampir : Milady, will you entrust me with your life? (0:19:02.46)
Kufa Vampir : It's a risky gamble, but there is one -
and only one - way to awaken your mana.
Kufa Vampir : There's no guarantee it
will be successful, though.
Kufa Vampir : If it fails, beyond just lasting aftereffects,
it may even result in death.
Kufa Vampir : I can't force you to go through with it. (0:19:22.58)
Kufa Vampir : What will it be? (0:19:25.71)
Melida Angel : I'll do it. (0:19:37.67)
Kufa Vampir : My Little Lady. (0:19:47.79)
Kufa Vampir : Milady, just as you have entrusted your life to me,
I have staked my life on you.
Melida Angel : Look, Instructor! (0:22:08.92)
EXTRA : Amazing! Simply amazing, Lady Melida! (0:22:14.04)
EXTRA : Whenever did you become
able to do such a thing?!
EXTRA : Milady has at long last used mana! (0:22:20.38)
Melida Angel : Aimee, Grace, Nietzsche, Myra... (0:22:27.17)
Melida Angel : I'm sorry for causing you all
nothing but worry for so long.
Melida Angel : If you hadn't all been here,
I couldn't have endured until now.
Melida Angel : Thank you. (0:22:42.54)
EXTRA : Alright! Tonight, we're
having a party to celebrate.
EXTRA : Party! (0:22:49.67)
Kufa Vampir : Well... I suppose there's
no turning back now.
Kufa Vampir : I can't let milady know about
her mother's illicit affair.
Kufa Vampir : And, of course, me being an
assassin must remain a secret.
Kufa Vampir : At the same time, I must conceal her true lineage
and the substantial support I'm giving her
Kufa Vampir : from our client, Lord Mordrew,
and from my guild, White Night.
Kufa Vampir : If I err in regard to any of this,
both of us will be meet an instant death.
Kufa Vampir : So, please, My Little Lady,
don't make me have to kill you, okay?
EXTRA : Next Episode
When the Girl's World Changes

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