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Little strokes fell great oaks.

- Momo Yaoyorozu

Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered But Overly Cautious - Episode 2

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

Ristarte : W-Wait up, I say! (0:01:40.45)
Ristarte : What did you do that for?! (0:01:48.04)
Ristarte : Huh? (0:01:51.00)
Chaos Machina : A smokescreen, huh?
That's another good decision.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hey, we're withdrawing for now. (0:01:58.04)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hurry and create a portal leading
to that Divine Realm place.
Ristarte : A-All right! (0:02:02.29)
Ristarte : There! (0:02:08.16)
Chaos Machina : You're not getting away! (0:02:09.50)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hell's Fire! (0:02:16.91)
Chaos Machina : Tch (0:02:21.08)
Chaos Machina : That's okay. (0:02:24.45)
Chaos Machina : That's okay. I'll see to it that
we meet again soon enough.
Ristarte : Th... (0:02:41.87)
Ristarte : Th-That was a close call. (0:02:42.87)
Ristarte : Seiya? (0:02:48.12)
Ristarte : Hey! What was that for?! (0:02:50.50)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : You're disrupting my training. Get out. (0:02:52.04)
Ristarte : M-More working out? (0:02:55.33)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I have to, or I can't beat her.
From what I could see,
Seiya Ryuuguuin : she was many times stronger than that slime. (0:03:00.91)
Ristarte : Well, yeah. She's one of
the Four Heavenly Kings.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I'm not leaving here until
I've achieved results I'm satisfied with.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : When I'm ready,
I'll let you know with the buzzer.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Until then, stay out of here. (0:03:11.00)
Ristarte : When you're ready? (0:03:14.29)
EXTRA : "Two days later" (0:03:16.33)
Ristarte : I can't stand just hanging around waiting! (0:03:26.37)
Ristarte : I'll use the crystal ball
I borrowed from Aria...
Ristarte : Crystal ball, which can see all the 3,000 worlds, (0:03:31.87)
Ristarte : if there is any imminent danger,
then show it to me here, right now!
Chaos Machina : So, are you watching? (0:03:42.45)
Chaos Machina : Are you watching me, I wonder, (0:03:45.08)
Chaos Machina : goddess and hero? (0:03:47.37)
Chaos Machina : If you two aren't going to appear, (0:03:50.16)
Chaos Machina : then I'm going to destroy this town. (0:03:52.91)
EXTRA : D-Don't do this, please! (0:03:56.08)
Chaos Machina : I'm going to start chopping off the
head of one resident every ten minutes.
Chaos Machina : Ah, the red fountains humans
make are so pretty.
Chaos Machina : So very pretty. (0:04:12.41)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I thought I told you not to come
in here until I rang the buzzer.
Ristarte : This is an emergency! (0:04:21.75)
Ristarte : Chaos Machina is executing the people in town! (0:04:23.08)
Ristarte : She's going to keep killing them until
we show up! We have to hurry back!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : We can't. I'm not ready yet. (0:04:30.04)
Ristarte : While we're up here doing this,
the people in town are getting killed!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Take it easy. (0:04:36.33)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Didn't you say that the time flows
more slowly here in the Divine Realm?
Ristarte : That's true, but it's not as though time
is completely standing still, either.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : What's the exact ratio to the time down there? (0:04:45.58)
Ristarte : About 100-to-1. (0:04:48.25)
Ristarte : Ten minutes on Gaeabrande
is roughly 16 hours here.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Then I don't see a problem.
We still have plenty of time left.
Ristarte : That may be true, but don't heroes
usually dash right off to the rescue?
Chaos Machina : Well now, who will be the next one to die? (0:05:02.66)
Chaos Machina : I think I'll do this man next. (0:05:06.45)
Ristarte : Oh, no! (0:05:09.33)
Nina : Papa! No! (0:05:10.50)
Nina : Stop! (0:05:12.29)
Ristarte : Th-This is just too cruel. (0:05:14.45)
Ristarte : Doorway to the other world, open! (0:05:18.45)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I told you, I'm not ready yet. (0:05:20.54)
Ristarte : What are you talking about?
Nina's papa is about to be killed!
Ristarte : H-Hey, did you hear what I said? (0:05:27.00)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Yes I did. But not yet. (0:05:29.33)
Ristarte : Seiya, I understand that you're scared. (0:05:33.70)
Ristarte : But with your stats, your chances
of winning are greater than zero.
Ristarte : I'll be there backing you up
with recovery magic, too. So...?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : It's not that I'm afraid of her. (0:05:44.58)
Ristarte : Remember, if you die, you'll just be
sent back to your original world.
Ristarte : But if those people get killed,
there's no coming back for them!
Nina : Please! Please don't kill Papa! (0:05:55.75)
Chaos Machina : Don't worry. (0:06:00.00)
Chaos Machina : You won't miss him, you won't miss him.
After all, right after him,
Chaos Machina : I'm going to cut your head off! (0:06:07.33)
Ristarte : Can you watch this and still not care?! (0:06:11.33)
Ristarte : This girl gave you her pressed flower!
She said it was her good-luck charm!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Now that you mention it, you're right. (0:06:18.37)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I may have been right
about this being a cursed item.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Perhaps we encountered
that enemy because of this thing.
Ristarte : I blew it. I blew it.
I should never have summoned you.
Ristarte : You're really just scared, right? (0:06:36.75)
Ristarte : That's why you're so cautious
about wanting to get ready.
Ristarte : Did you hear me? Well? (0:06:44.50)
Ristarte : You're such a coward! (0:06:47.91)
Ristarte : I don't care how high your abilities are,
you're an awful, horrible hero.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : If I die... the town will perish, (0:07:00.70)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : and before long,
that whole world will perish, too.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : That's why I can't afford to get killed. (0:07:07.33)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : That's why I've been preparing
myself so conscientiously.
Ristarte : Wh-What are you doing? (0:07:13.12)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Isn't that obvious? (0:07:15.12)
Ristarte : Y-You mean...? (0:07:17.33)
EXTRA : "Seiya Ryuuguuin" (0:07:21.08)
Ristarte : H-He finished all this in that short a time? (0:07:23.70)
Ristarte : Enough to prevail against Chaos Machina! (0:07:26.50)
EXTRA : "Attack: 932; Defense: 990;
Speed: 993; Magic: 666"
"Special Moves: Atomic Split Smash, Hell's Fire"
Enough to prevail against Chaos Machina!
EXTRA : "Resistances: Fire, Ice, Wind, Water, Earth,
Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Curse, Sudden Death"
Enough to prevail against Chaos Machina!
EXTRA : "Special Skills: Fire Magic (Lv:18),
EXP Boost (Lv:6), Scan (Lv:8)"
Enough to prevail against Chaos Machina!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I'm perfectly prepared. (0:07:30.45)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I am fully and completely ready for this. (0:07:32.79)
Ristarte : G-Good! Well then, (0:07:36.54)
Ristarte : I'll open a gateway right to the center of town,
so we can rescue them quickly.
Ristarte : Doorway to the other world, open-- (0:07:41.95)
Ristarte : Ow! What was that for?! (0:07:44.95)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Are you dense? Make it somewhere
farther away from there.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : She'll kill that man the moment
she sees me show up.
Ristarte : O-Oh, right. But still, would you mind
not hitting goddesses on their heads?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Oh, yeah... I'll be more careful from now on. (0:07:57.41)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I may have picked up some strange germs. (0:08:02.62)
Ristarte : You did not! I wash my hair and everything! (0:08:04.29)
Nina : Please, stop! Don't do anything mean to Papa-- (0:08:11.33)
Chaos Machina : Ten minutes is a pretty long time, huh? (0:08:18.45)
Chaos Machina : Never mind, never mind. Let's make it
five minutes. I'm going to kill this man.
Nina : No! (0:08:28.54)
Chaos Machina : You can blame your hero! (0:08:30.54)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Wind Blade! (0:08:40.00)
Ristarte : Huh? Did he have that move before? (0:08:45.50)
Chaos Machina : Ha-ha, I knew you would come. (0:08:49.50)
Chaos Machina : Though I have to ask, what was that?
A little short on chivalry, aren't we?
Ristarte : You're the last person
who gets to say anything!
Ristarte : You're just a coward who takes hostages! (0:08:59.95)
Chaos Machina : What about you ? It's a shame;
that's the only sneak attack you'll get.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I never meant to hit you in the first place. (0:09:07.50)
Nina : Papa! Thank goodness! Thank goodness! (0:09:11.00)
EXTRA : Y-You saved me! Thank you so much! (0:09:15.33)
Chaos Machina : So that's how it is.
I see, I see. And I fell for it entirely.
Chaos Machina : Hmm? What's going on?
It's like he's a different person than before.
Chaos Machina : "Seiya Ryuuguuin"
Hmm? What's going on?
It's like he's a different person than before.
Chaos Machina : His ability level is higher than mine. (0:09:37.33)
Ristarte : Oh yeah? So you can use Scan, too. (0:09:39.37)
Ristarte : Did you get a look at Seiya's stats? (0:09:43.00)
Ristarte : If you want to admit defeat, now is your chance. (0:09:45.54)
Chaos Machina : Well then, it looks like I'm going
to have to go a bit more all-out.
Ristarte : Huh? (0:09:56.70)
Chaos Machina : Release! (0:09:57.33)
Chaos Machina : Did you think you had won? Well, too bad. (0:10:04.79)
Chaos Machina : Expert fighters always have
something hidden up their sleeves.
Ristarte : Ah! Is that...? (0:10:13.83)
EXTRA : "Chaos Machina" (0:10:15.41)
Ristarte : "Chaos Machina"
Oh, no! All of her stats just jumped way up!
EXTRA : "Attack: 1128; Defense: 1199;
Speed: 1060; Magic: 517"
Oh, no! All of her stats just jumped way up!
Ristarte : "Attack: 1128; Defense: 1199;
Speed: 1060; Magic: 517"
And here I thought
we'd finally caught up to her!
Ristarte : "Resistances: Wind, Water;
Special skill: Magic Sword (Lv:18)"
And here I thought
we'd finally caught up to her!
Chaos Machina : Okay, show me a good time, hero! (0:10:22.37)
Chaos Machina : I'm just going to keep coming! (0:10:28.12)
Ristarte : She's fast. She's swinging
that huge sword so easily.
Chaos Machina : Hmph, you can still keep up
with my moves, huh?
Chaos Machina : You wouldn't happen to be one of
those guys with sharp instincts, are you?
Ristarte : Y-Yeah! The person with the higher stats
isn't necessarily guaranteed to win!
Ristarte : Sixth senses and gamesmanship
also factor into a fight!
Chaos Machina : Mm, what a hassle, what a hassle. (0:10:54.50)
Chaos Machina : But I think I'd better make doubly sure. (0:10:58.91)
Chaos Machina : I'm about to show you
my special technique, "Demonic Curse."
Ristarte : S-Seiya, be careful! (0:11:07.33)
Chaos Machina : I'll let you in on something. (0:11:10.41)
Chaos Machina : A real expert fighter always has
something hidden further up their sleeve.
Ristarte : Wh-What a cautious enemy.
Just what kind of technique is this?
Ristarte : What are you doing?! (0:11:28.45)
Chaos Machina : Th-This is Demonic Curse... (0:11:30.20)
Chaos Machina : It delivers certain death to heroes
with overwhelming power!
Ristarte : What the...? (0:11:44.20)
Ristarte : Th-This is Chaos Machina's true form...? (0:12:13.45)
Ristarte : Y-Y-You're kidding, right? (0:12:21.75)
Ristarte : "Greater Demon" (0:12:23.87)
Ristarte : "Greater Demon"
That's beyond the Demon Lord
of a difficulty D-class world!
Ristarte : "Greater Demon"
Even with Seiya's combat smarts, this is bad!
Ristarte : Even with Seiya's combat smarts, this is bad! (0:12:28.08)
Chaos Machina : Do you understand now?
The difference in our levels is obvious.
Chaos Machina : Hero, you have no chance of beating me now! (0:12:33.87)
Chaos Machina : One blow! In one blow,
I'll separate your head from your body!
Ristarte : I had no idea Gaeabrande
would be such a terrible world!
Ristarte : I'm sorry, Seiya. (0:12:58.12)
Ristarte : Huh? (0:13:00.75)
Chaos Machina : Wh-What the...? That's impossible! (0:13:03.04)
Ristarte : H-How?! With Seiya's stats,
there's no way he could withstand that!
Ristarte : Did I misread his numbers? (0:13:10.70)
Ristarte : No, I'll bet it's... (0:13:12.83)
Ristarte : "Fake" (0:13:15.20)
Ristarte : "Fake"
...the Fake Out skill!
Ristarte : "Fake"
...the Fake Out skill!
Ristarte : L-Let me Scan him again. (0:13:17.75)
Ristarte : Protected? (0:13:22.41)
Ristarte : He must be using Fake Out, right?
What a sneaky trick!
Ristarte : "No looking" (0:13:27.54)
Ristarte : "I said no looking"
A-Again?! He's calling me out?! Why, you...!
Ristarte : "I said no looking"
"Especially you, Rista. Absolutely no looking"
A-Again?! He's calling me out?! Why, you...!
Ristarte : A-Again?! He's calling me out?! Why, you...! (0:13:32.79)
Ristarte : And who are you calling degenerate?! (0:13:35.33)
Ristarte : Okay, fine, now I'm making it a point to see!
Roar! Megamic Power!
Ristarte : "No looking" (0:13:44.00)
Ristarte : Whoa-ho! My eyes are about to pop out!
But tough it out! Tough it out, Ristarte!
Ristarte : "No looking"
"You degenerate goddess"
Whoa-ho! My eyes are about to pop out!
But tough it out! Tough it out, Ristarte!
Ristarte : "No looking"
"You degenerate goddess"
You're the kind of girl who can
do things if you put your mind to it!
Ristarte : These are his real stats-- (0:13:57.41)
Ristarte : "Seiya Ryuuguuin" (0:14:00.00)
Ristarte : "Seiya Ryuuguuin"
Gah! What am I looking at?!
Ristarte : "Seiya Ryuuguuin"
These figures are five--no, ten times
Ristarte : "Special Skills: Fire Magic (Lv:MAX), Explosive
Magic (Lv:5), Magic Sword (Lv:7), EXP Boost (Lv:6),
Scan (Lv:8), Fake Out (Lv:20), Flight (Lv:8)"
what I saw in the Unified Divine Realm!
Ristarte : "Special Skills: Fire Magic (Lv:MAX), Explosive
Magic (Lv:5), Magic Sword (Lv:7), EXP Boost (Lv:6),
Scan (Lv:8), Fake Out (Lv:20), Flight (Lv:8)"
He has more skills and techniques, too!
Ristarte : "Special Moves: Atomic Split Smash, Hell's Fire,
Maximum Inferno, Wind Blade, Phoenix Drive"
He has more skills and techniques, too!
Ristarte : Wait, that's impossible in such a
short amount of time. Which means...
Ristarte : he's been using the Fake Out skill
since he finished his first set of training?
Ristarte : He had higher stats than
Chaos Machina even then.
Ristarte : But he was extra-careful and trained even more! (0:14:19.75)
Ristarte : H-He's sick! He's completely unhinged! (0:14:22.70)
Chaos Machina : Tch, you're better than I expected.
In that case...
Chaos Machina : I'll use my move that lets me
punch with all my magic in my fist,
Chaos Machina : "Demonic Delete," (0:14:38.16)
Chaos Machina : to turn you and this whole town
into a pile of debris!
Chaos Machina : He's gone? (0:14:44.45)
Chaos Machina : Wha--?! (0:14:46.75)
Chaos Machina : What the hell?! The "Flight" skill?! (0:14:47.58)
Ristarte : Chaos Machina, one of the
Demon Lord's Four Heavenly Kings,
Ristarte : you are powerful. (0:14:55.04)
Ristarte : Not just powerful, but careful.
You would have bested any normal hero here.
Ristarte : However, (0:15:01.83)
Ristarte : this time, you picked on the wrong opponent.
I mean... I mean...
Chaos Machina : M-Magic Sword, too?! (0:15:09.41)
Chaos Machina : You have that upper-tier skill...? (0:15:11.83)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Take this! (0:15:14.95)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Phoenix Drive! (0:15:16.25)
Chaos Machina : Gah! (0:15:28.45)
Ristarte : I mean, this hero... (0:15:32.95)
Ristarte : ...is impossibly overcautious! (0:15:35.83)
Ristarte : Seiya! (0:15:49.91)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : What are you doing?
Are you trying to squeeze me to death?
Ristarte : No! I'm happy! After all,
I thought we were done for!
Ristarte : Oh, man! Man-oh-man!
He smells so good! Sniff, sniff--
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Get off of me. I'll catch
some weird disease from you.
Ristarte : No! I'm not stopping! Let me make you sick!
Not that I'm sick, I mean.
Ristarte : You know what, Seiya? (0:16:10.95)
Ristarte : I'm a little upset at you. How long have
you been hiding your Fake Out skill?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : If you're on my side,
and you can see all my stats,
Seiya Ryuuguuin : it follows that the enemies
can find them out, too.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : So I acquired that one before any others. (0:16:22.58)
Ristarte : So it was right from the start. (0:16:25.08)
Ristarte : I can understand that you
don't want the enemies to find out.
Ristarte : But you could have at least told me, right?
I mean, I'm your partner.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Even supposing you don't say anything,
if there was some monster...
Seiya Ryuuguuin : who opened your brain and
read your mind, we'd be screwed.
Ristarte : Do such monsters exist?! (0:16:41.66)
Ristarte : I'd be terrified if there are!
If that ever happens, Seiya, protect me!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : You're a goddess, so you can't die, right?
No need to protect you.
Ristarte : Oh, come on! Protect me! (0:16:51.75)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Stop messing around, or I'll carve you up. (0:16:53.33)
Ristarte : I don't mind if you do! In fact, do it! (0:16:55.62)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hey. (0:16:58.33)
EXTRA : Ah, Mr. Hero! (0:17:01.62)
EXTRA : You saved our town! (0:17:03.25)
EXTRA : I can't believe you defeated that devil! (0:17:05.12)
EXTRA : Thank you so much! (0:17:07.00)
EXTRA : What a distinguished face he has! (0:17:08.41)
EXTRA : He's tall, too! What a handsome man! (0:17:10.37)
Jamie : My name's Jamie, and I run the fruit stand! (0:17:12.70)
Jamie : Please take these if you'd like! (0:17:15.37)
Ristarte : Oh, thank you. (0:17:17.66)
Starting Town Mayor : I'm the mayor of this town. (0:17:20.00)
Starting Town Mayor : I would definitely like to throw you
a banquet to welcome you!
Starting Town Mayor : Please join me at my manor! (0:17:25.08)
Ristarte : A welcoming party!
What do you say, Seiya? Should we go?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : No. I still have things I need to take care of. (0:17:30.25)
Ristarte : He's planning on going to
the next town right away, isn't he?
Ristarte : How stoic! I am really falling for him now! (0:17:35.91)
Ristarte : Huh? Wh-What are you doing? (0:17:39.58)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Just to be safe. (0:17:42.50)
Ristarte : Are those the Greater Demon's charred remains? (0:17:43.58)
Ristarte : He wouldn't... (0:17:53.16)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hell's Fire! (0:17:55.37)
Ristarte : He would! (0:17:58.50)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hell's Fire! Hell's Fire! (0:18:01.45)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hell's Fire! Hell's Fire!
Hell's Fire! Hell's Fire!
Ristarte : Hey, what kind of festival is this?! (0:18:08.04)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : She's a Heavenly King. If even one
cell remains, she might regenerate.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I have to reduce her to nothing! (0:18:14.87)
Ristarte : You're losing the crowd! That's enough, already! (0:18:16.20)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hell's Fi-- (0:18:19.04)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : There. (0:18:24.83)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Now for the finisher. (0:18:26.66)
Ristarte : Huh? (0:18:27.70)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hidden skill: Maximum Inferno! (0:18:31.25)
Ristarte : What are you doing?!
Using your hidden skill on cinders?!
EXTRA : You have to stop! The shops are on fire! (0:18:45.16)
EXTRA : Hey, look over there! (0:18:46.83)
EXTRA : Jamie the fruit vendor is on fire! (0:18:48.08)
Ristarte : Stop already! Jamie is on fire! (0:18:51.00)
Jamie : Ow! Ow! Hot! (0:18:54.04)
Ristarte : In the name of the healing goddess Ristarte, (0:18:57.87)
Ristarte : let this man's wounds be healed! (0:19:00.20)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Maximum Inferno! (0:19:03.20)
Ristarte : Hey, you! How long are you gonna do that?! (0:19:05.33)
Starting Town Mayor : Please... (0:19:13.91)
Starting Town Mayor : I'm begging you, please leave town! (0:19:15.25)
Ristarte : How did things end up like this?! (0:19:21.83)
Ristarte : That was more like
Demon-Lord behavior than heroic!
Ristarte : I just had a kid hit me with a rock! (0:19:26.08)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : This despite saving them from
Chaos Machina. They're heartless.
Ristarte : No, you are. Jamie burned up! (0:19:33.54)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : That's not on me. (0:19:37.41)
Ristarte : You really are the worst. (0:19:38.91)
EXTRA : Excuse me! (0:19:41.04)
EXTRA : I'm so sorry. You saved the town,
and then things turned out like that.
Ristarte : Oh, no, what's done is done.
After all, we burned down the shops...
Ristarte : as well as some people, so... (0:19:52.20)
EXTRA : This isn't much, but it's from the heart. (0:19:55.20)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Ho, money? (0:19:57.00)
Ristarte : E-Easy there, Seiya!
You're a hero, so show a little restraint!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hmm, it's less than I expected.
Don't you have more? Give me everything!
Ristarte : Now you're being a common mugger! (0:20:05.29)
EXTRA : All I have left is this. (0:20:06.75)
Nina : I know you're sick, mister,
but you're actually a good person.
Ristarte : Nina... (0:20:16.33)
Ristarte : You're half right and half wrong. (0:20:18.50)
Ristarte : He's just sick; he's not a good person. (0:20:21.25)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hey, I'm standing right here.
How can you say that?
Ristarte : Because you set fire to the town
and are making off with their money!
Ristarte : Aw, enough of this! Let's head off
to the next town! Here, bow your head!
Nina : Thank you, miss! Thank you, sick man! (0:20:32.66)
EXTRA : Hey, Nina! You shouldn't say that! (0:20:36.62)
Ristarte : Listen, Seiya, can't you
act a little more heroic?
Ristarte : Huh? Seiya, you still have that pressed flower? (0:20:48.16)
Ristarte : Didn't you say it was a
cursed item that invites enemies?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Well, on second thought,
that actually works better for me.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Having them come to attack me
makes things easier to manage.
Ristarte : Hmm... (0:21:01.04)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : What? (0:21:01.95)
Ristarte : Oh, nothing. (0:21:02.87)
Ristarte : I just don't get this man. Then again, so what? (0:21:04.33)
Ristarte : In any event, our adventure
is just getting started.
Ristarte : Let's hurry to the next town. (0:21:11.12)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : No. We're going back to the Divine Realm. (0:21:12.83)
Ristarte : You're kidding, right? More working out?! (0:21:14.87)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : When they learn that a
Heavenly King has been defeated,
Seiya Ryuuguuin : the enemy is going to send
even stronger foes our way.
Ristarte : B-B-But if we don't go to the next town, (0:21:21.54)
Ristarte : we won't be able to get
any good weapons or armor.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : True, I would like more weapons and armor.
Can't you make any?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : You created a bed and stuff for me before. (0:21:30.87)
Ristarte : I can only use the power
of creation in the Divine Realm.
Ristarte : It's forbidden to take anything
we create out of there.
Ristarte : Any excessive help to
humans goes against divine law.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Useless woman. (0:21:41.62)
Ristarte : What do you mean?! I healed Jamie's burns! (0:21:43.12)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Medicinal herbs would have sufficed. (0:21:46.29)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : In other words, your value to society is
on the same level as a medicinal herb.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : "Value to society"
In other words, your value to society is
on the same level as a medicinal herb.
Ristarte : Whose identity is that of a medicinal herb?! (0:21:52.62)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : In any case, I'm training in the divine realm. (0:21:54.91)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hurry and open a portal, medicine-herb woman. (0:21:57.58)
Ristarte : Oh, all right! (0:22:00.12)
Ristarte : Wait a minute, what did you just call me?! (0:22:02.12)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Good. Let's go. (0:22:05.37)
Ristarte : It's like we've started on a journey,
but now we're going back.
Ristarte : And this is the second time, too! (0:22:10.87)
Ristarte : Is this hero really going to work out? (0:22:15.33)


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