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Aliadoa : So, that's why you're back here again. (0:01:44.95)
Ristarte : Mm-hmm. He has enough power to
easily defeat a Heavenly King. And yet...
Ristarte : Workout... workout... workout... (0:01:54.12)
Ristarte : That cautious hero probably
has muscles for brains, too.
Aliadoa : Even so, it's not like he can do that forever.
There's no need to worry.
Ristarte : What I'd guess are G-cups,
which have all the male gods so captivated.
Ristarte : I mean, mine are Ds, but I can't hold
a candle to her looks or experience.
Ristarte : Aw, I can't wait to take control of Gaeabrande (0:02:18.08)
Ristarte : and become a high-ranking
goddess like you, Aria.
Aliadoa : I shouldn't be someone you aspire to be. (0:02:26.00)
Ristarte : What are you talking about?
You're the super-veteran Ariadoa,
Ristarte : who has summoned heroes for
300 worlds, and saved them all!
Aliadoa : No, there was a world
that I couldn't save, as well.
Ristarte : Just one out of 300, right?
That's quite understandable.
Aliadoa : You're wrong, Rista. (0:02:44.54)
Aliadoa : To the people who live on that world,
it is the only one they have.
Aliadoa : It's not quite understandable to them. (0:02:51.45)
Ristarte : Y-Yeah, I know. I know, but... (0:02:53.45)
Aliadoa : It was a difficulty level B world.
It shouldn't have been a hard mission.
Aliadoa : And yet, because of my mistake... (0:03:03.04)
Ristarte : U-Um, uh... (0:03:05.25)
Aliadoa : Oh, I'm sorry, I'm bringing things down. (0:03:06.87)
Aliadoa : I'll go get some more tea.
Would you like some, too?
Ristarte : Ah, mm-hmm, I guess I would. (0:03:11.95)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : So here's where you are.
I've been looking for you.
Ristarte : Hey! (0:03:16.91)
Ristarte : This is a goddess's room!
Would you mind not barging in uninvited?!
Ristarte : L-Look, you've startled Aria, too. (0:03:22.58)
Aliadoa : It's okay. (0:03:24.91)
Aliadoa : It's okay, Rista. (0:03:26.29)
Ristarte : Huh? Is Aria taken in by Seiya's looks, too? (0:03:27.70)
Ristarte : Why that womanizer--I mean, goddess-izer! (0:03:30.62)
Aliadoa : You must be the hero that Rista summoned. (0:03:34.08)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Who are you? (0:03:37.62)
Aliadoa : I am Aria. Goddess of the Seal, Ariadoa. (0:03:39.87)
Aliadoa : You appear to be in quite a hurry.
What is the matter?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : No matter how many push-ups and sit-ups I do, (0:03:47.87)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I'm not gaining levels like I was before. (0:03:50.25)
Ristarte : Yes! (0:03:52.70)
Ristarte : He's hit the wall on working out. (0:03:53.54)
Ristarte : There's no way around that.
Training by yourself has its limits.
Ristarte : How about you level up
while defeating monsters now?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hmm, combat, huh? This risk is far too great. (0:04:03.50)
Ristarte : I think it's perfectly normal. (0:04:07.50)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Never mind that,
can you create some dumbbells
Seiya Ryuuguuin : and other training gear for me? (0:04:12.50)
Ristarte : N-No way! No, no, absolutely not!
That's just a temporary fix.
Ristarte : You'll hit the wall again in no time. (0:04:18.08)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : In that case, what should I do? (0:04:19.66)
Ristarte : Well, like I said, fight monsters! (0:04:21.91)
Aliadoa : Seiya, what if, say, (0:04:24.87)
Aliadoa : you were to have some of the gods
in the Unified Divine Realm train you?
Ristarte : H-Hold on, Aria!
Wh-Wh-What are you talking about?!
Aliadoa : If he's going up against gods,
he doesn't run the risk of being killed,
Aliadoa : and he'll gain more experience
than if he fought monsters.
Aliadoa : Just a little backdoor technique. (0:04:41.79)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Indeed. Not a bad idea. (0:04:44.12)
Ristarte : Aria, come here a sec! (0:04:46.79)
Ristarte : Are you sure you can promise that? (0:04:48.41)
Ristarte : For that matter, can gods
even train others in the first place?
Aliadoa : I'll allow it. I'll speak to Ishtar
about it as well, so don't worry.
Ristarte : S-Still, who exactly would take him on? (0:04:57.29)
Ristarte : I'm a healing goddess,
and you're the Goddess of the Seal.
Ristarte : Neither of us is the fighting type. (0:05:04.08)
Aliadoa : There is a god hard at work
right over there, isn't there?
Ristarte : Him? (0:05:16.50)
Ristarte : If he practices there, it ruins the whole view. (0:05:19.70)
Ristarte : And, though he's been warned about it,
he never stops training.
Ristarte : "The Divine Blade: Cerceus" (0:05:26.62)
Ristarte : "The Divine Blade: Cerceus"
The stubborn Divine Blade, Cerceus.
Aliadoa : Yes. I'll go and ask him. (0:05:29.95)
Ristarte : Ugh, we're getting even further away
from a regular adventure.
Aliadoa : Hard at work, I see, Cerceus. (0:05:38.45)
Cerceus : Hmm? Well, well, (0:05:40.50)
Cerceus : Ariadoa and Ristarte, as well as... Oh...? (0:05:42.95)
Cerceus : Are you a human? (0:05:47.66)
Cerceus : You're a hero who has been summoned here. (0:05:49.91)
Cerceus : Still, it's better for a human like you (0:05:52.16)
Cerceus : to refrain from strolling
around the Unified Divine Realm.
Aliadoa : Cerceus, I would like to
ask you to instruct this hero.
Cerceus : If a high-ranking goddess
such as yourself is asking,
Cerceus : I would be willing to take him on. However... (0:06:06.00)
Cerceus : Hey, human, my training is extremely intense. (0:06:10.08)
Cerceus : I'm not sure a human
would be able to withstand it.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Ho, you have spirit.
Don't blame me if I leave you in tears.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I won't have you giving up midway through. (0:06:22.16)
Cerceus : H-Hey, what kind of attitude is that?
Pretty big talk for a human.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Quit your yammering. Let's get to it already. (0:06:28.41)
Cerceus : Y-Yeah, okay. (0:06:30.54)
Cerceus : What's with this guy? (0:06:32.79)
Ristarte : All of a sudden, the shoe is on the other foot. (0:06:33.79)
Ristarte : Seiya Ryuuguuin, what a formidable man you are. (0:06:36.70)
Ristarte : But then, Cerceus the Divine Blade's
power is the real deal.
Ristarte : He is likely to put Seiya back in his place. (0:06:44.33)
Ristarte : He might even become
a decent hero as a result.
Cerceus : First, let me see what you're capable of. (0:06:50.37)
Cerceus : Here I come! (0:06:54.87)
Cerceus : Ho... (0:07:02.83)
Cerceus : Imagine, being able to keep up
with my swordsmanship...
EXTRA : "First day of training" (0:07:07.50)
Ristarte : I hope Seiya will be all right. (0:07:14.62)
Ristarte : But if I look in on him
while he's training, he'll be upset.
Ristarte : Cerceus! (0:07:21.66)
Ristarte : How is Seiya doing? (0:07:23.58)
Cerceus : Hmm, for someone so smart-mouthed,
he has more spine than I expected.
Cerceus : He's something else. (0:07:30.54)
Ristarte : He is? (0:07:31.75)
Cerceus : Well, he still can't hold
a candle to me, though.
Ristarte : Oh, yeah? So he's managed
to do pretty well. That's amazing.
EXTRA : "Second day of training" (0:07:42.41)
Ristarte : But while he's training,
there's nothing for me to do.
Ristarte : Hello. (0:07:53.95)
Ristarte : How is the training coming along? (0:07:55.25)
Cerceus : O-Oh, yeah, he's hanging in there. (0:07:57.04)
Ristarte : I-Is he slurring his words? (0:07:59.45)
Cerceus : In just two days, he's acquired
a frightening amount of power.
Ristarte : Yeah, that might be due
to Seiya's EXP Boost skill.
Cerceus : Shoot, if only I could use
my real strength against him.
Ristarte : Divine Realm rules do prevent using
godly power against a human, huh?
Cerceus : Yes. If I could use my true power,
I might be able to beat him.
Ristarte : Huh? Wh-What did you just say? (0:08:27.08)
Cerceus : O-Oh, nothing. I-I have to admit,
though, he's a competitive one.
Ristarte : I really hope everything is all right. (0:08:36.70)
EXTRA : "Third day of training" (0:08:38.91)
Ristarte : C-Cerceus? (0:08:51.20)
Ristarte : Have you dropped a few pounds? (0:08:54.00)
Cerceus : No, not really. (0:08:55.87)
Ristarte : I see. Well, um, so how is the training going? (0:08:57.41)
Cerceus : Hmm, well, not so bad... (0:09:01.87)
Ristarte : Not so bad? Not so bad in what way? (0:09:03.95)
Cerceus : Not so bad as in not so bad. (0:09:07.54)
Ristarte : Okay, how can I put this?
Can you give me a little bit more than that?
Ristarte : I am the goddess in charge of Seiya, so... (0:09:13.37)
Cerceus : Please drop it! I'm at lunch, okay?! (0:09:16.33)
Ristarte : I-I'm sorry! (0:09:19.00)
EXTRA : --What was that?
--A quarrel?
EXTRA : That was loud. (0:09:21.79)
Cerceus : Sorry, I apologize. (0:09:24.20)
EXTRA : "Fourth day of training" (0:09:34.20)
Ristarte : He looked like he wasn't
feeling too well yesterday,
Ristarte : so I wonder if he's resting in his room. (0:09:38.58)
Ristarte : As long as I'm delivering these snacks,
I'll check on how Seiya is doing, too.
Ristarte : Excuse me, I've come to get
some more nori for my onigiri .
Chef : Okay. (0:09:49.50)
Ristarte : ♪ Hmm, which kind of nori
should I get? Nori , nori ... ♪
Ristarte : nori , nori , nori ? ♪ (0:10:00.66)
Ristarte : C-Cerceus? (0:10:04.41)
Cerceus : Shh! Keep it down! (0:10:05.58)
Ristarte : Wh-What's the matter?
It's almost like you're hiding in here.
Cerceus : Not "almost like"; I am hiding in here. (0:10:11.12)
Cerceus : Ristarte, listen closely to me. (0:10:17.20)
Cerceus : Look, your hero... (0:10:19.41)
Cerceus : sick. (0:10:22.20)
Ristarte : Yes, I know. (0:10:23.16)
Cerceus : I told him that he has trained enough, (0:10:25.12)
Cerceus : but he says, "Not yet, not yet.
Not even close to yet," and won't let me go.
Cerceus : He's been making me train without
breaks and without sleep all this time.
Ristarte : N-No wonder you're so emaciated. (0:10:35.41)
Cerceus : I told him that he was already
three times stronger than me,
Cerceus : but he says he can't rest easy
until he's 100 times stronger.
Cerceus : He's a berserker. No, a berserker
would look sweet by comparison;
Cerceus : he's a super-berserker! (0:10:49.50)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : So here's where you are. (0:10:51.58)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Your lunch break ended a long time ago.
What are you doing next to the nori ?
Cerceus : Oh, um, just uh... yeah!
My "nori " impersonation.
Ristarte : Huh? What do you mean, "nori impersonation"?! (0:11:03.66)
Ristarte : How tortured an excuse is that?! (0:11:05.41)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : So, are you finished with that? (0:11:07.29)
Cerceus : N-No, I'd like to keep at it a while. (0:11:09.50)
Cerceus : Just to let me become more nori -like. (0:11:12.33)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : No. We've already lost plenty of time. (0:11:14.41)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : No more breaks for the rest of the day.
We're powering through training.
Cerceus : N-No breaks...? P-P-Power through...? (0:11:19.66)
Cerceus : No!! (0:11:25.20)
Ristarte : C-Cerceus? (0:11:26.91)
Cerceus : I hate my sword! (0:11:28.16)
Cerceus : I never want to see it again! (0:11:29.58)
Ristarte : The Divine Blade doesn't
want to see his sword again?
Cerceus : I hate those narrow, pointy things! (0:11:36.00)
Ristarte : You're not even calling them "swords" anymore! (0:11:39.45)
Cerceus : I hate them. H-- (0:11:41.25)
Cerceus : H-Help me!! (0:11:43.58)
Ristarte : H-Hey, (0:11:45.83)
Ristarte : knock it off. He doesn't want to do this. (0:11:46.66)
Aliadoa : Here you are, Rista. (0:11:49.25)
Aliadoa : Ishtar wants to see you. (0:11:51.04)
Ristarte : Huh? Ishtar does? (0:11:53.12)
Aliadoa : She must have something
important to discuss with you.
Ristarte : I-I'm sorry, Cerceus. I have to go. (0:11:57.75)
Ristarte : --Please tough it out a little longer.
--No, wait!
Cerceus : --Please tough it out a little longer.
--No, wait!
Cerceus : Please don't abandon me! (0:12:03.25)
Ishtar : Ristarte, how is your hero
doing training with one of the gods?
Ristarte : About that... Apparently Cerceus has given up (0:12:12.37)
Ristarte : and says he doesn't want
to see his sword anymore.
Ishtar : Cerceus used to be a fainthearted man. (0:12:21.62)
Ristarte : Huh? Cerceus was a human who reincarnated? (0:12:25.58)
Ristarte : I always thought he was born a god. (0:12:29.79)
Ishtar : He was once a human swordsman. (0:12:33.54)
Ishtar : Of course, when he was reborn,
he lost his memories as a human.
Ishtar : However, the feelings that
are engraved deep into the soul
Ishtar : never seem to entirely disappear. (0:12:43.66)
Ishtar : After having such harsh
training demanded of him,
Ishtar : the weaker portion of his
soul must have spilled over.
Ishtar : This has been good training for Cerceus. (0:12:52.66)
Ristarte : I-It seems like things got turned around. (0:12:55.91)
Ristarte : This was supposed to be Seiya's training. (0:12:58.45)
Ishtar : Never mind them, there's only
one reason I asked you here today.
Ishtar : I want you to go to the next town at once. (0:13:06.66)
Ristarte : Y-You mean, something
has happened on Gaeabrande?
Ishtar : The location I chose as a starting point
was a relatively safe place.
Ishtar : However, the Demon Lord
was aware of our actions
Ishtar : and sent out a powerful enemy. (0:13:21.08)
Ishtar : And apparently, that danger
is closing in on the next town, too.
Ristarte : Ishtar's precognition ability. (0:13:28.87)
Ristarte : She looked a little bit into the future for us. (0:13:30.87)
Ishtar : There are important allies for your hero
waiting in the next town of Seimul.
Ristarte : Allies? All the more reason! (0:13:38.50)
Ishtar : Yes, I'd like you to
hurry along on your journey.
Ishtar : Rista, would you do that for me? (0:13:44.29)
Ristarte : Yes, of course! Right away! (0:13:46.91)
Ristarte : Okay, no matter what kind of fuss
he makes anymore, I'll force him to come!
Ristarte : Seiya! We're going to Gaeabrande! (0:13:56.16)
Ristarte : Huh?! (0:14:00.50)
Ristarte : H-Hey! Stop that, Seiya!
How can you do something so mean?!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : What the hell are you talking about?
This is a part of our training.
Ristarte : Oh, i-it is? (0:14:13.04)
Ristarte : This is a surprise.
So this is your training, then?
Ristarte : Huh? He isn't saying anything.
Is this really training?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : So, what do you need? (0:14:22.70)
Ristarte : O-Oh, right. (0:14:24.08)
Ristarte : There's imminent danger on Gaeabrande. (0:14:25.41)
Ristarte : I don't care if this interrupts your training,
I'm taking you there right now.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Very well. I'm just about out of
things that I can get from this man.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I'm perfectly prepared. (0:14:35.87)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I am fully and completely ready for this. (0:14:38.25)
Ristarte : Mm-hmm, but... (0:14:41.33)
Ristarte : ...before we go,
make sure to apologize to him!
EXTRA : "Town of Seimul" (0:14:49.79)
Ristarte : This is the town of Seimul. According to Ishtar, (0:14:54.33)
Ristarte : --our allies will be waiting for us at a church. (0:14:57.95)
EXTRA : --This is bad!
--Hurry! Hurry!
--our allies will be waiting for us at a church.
Ristarte : H-Hold on a second, please!
Has something happened?
EXTRA : Krain Castle to the northwest has fallen! (0:15:05.54)
EXTRA : Undead forces will be coming to this town soon! (0:15:08.45)
EXTRA : You should get out of here, too! (0:15:11.41)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hey, what are undead? (0:15:14.20)
Ristarte : Monsters that are still active
despite not having any life in them.
Ristarte : Like zombies and so forth.
It's hard to defeat them with just swords.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Then what's the effective way to attack them? (0:15:23.83)
Ristarte : Fire spells. Holy water
is effective as far as items.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Ho, holy water, eh? (0:15:29.58)
Merchant : Holy water, right? (0:15:33.08)
Merchant : You're facing undead. Best to be fully prepared. (0:15:34.41)
Ristarte : It's a good thing you
shopkeepers are still here.
Merchant : Of course. Our trade is our life. (0:15:39.62)
Merchant : You can't have too many of these.
Buy a whole bunch.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I think I'll do that. (0:15:45.87)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Give me 1,000 holy waters. (0:15:48.29)
Merchant : Okay, I know I said you
can't have too many of these,
Merchant : but there are limits to that, you know. (0:15:53.91)
Merchant : One thousand is just too great a number,
and you will have too many of them!
Merchant : First of all, although the
holy water comes in small vials,
Merchant : you can't carry that many of them. (0:16:02.58)
Merchant : And even if you could carry them,
they'd weigh so much you couldn't move.
Merchant : And another thing, I don't have that
many holy waters here in the first place.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : What? And you call yourself
an item vendor? Order them.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : One thousand holy waters, right now. (0:16:14.95)
Ristarte : We'll just take ten! (0:16:16.25)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : This isn't enough. (0:16:19.75)
Ristarte : It's plenty! More importantly, I'm sensing
the undeads' presence getting stronger.
Ristarte : We have to hurry to the church
where our allies are waiting.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hmph, I sure hope these guys prove useful. (0:16:28.66)
Ristarte : Listen, when I mention allies,
you're supposed to get a little hyped up, right?
Ristarte : I'm begging you, try to be pleasant. (0:16:36.33)
Father Marth : O-Oh... (0:16:49.41)
Father Marth : How divine! (0:16:52.08)
Father Marth : You must be a goddess, right?
We received a revelation from God
Father Marth : and have been waiting for you to arrive. (0:16:59.12)
Father Marth : These two are descendants of
dragonkin and carry dragon blood.
Father Marth : "Dragonkin descendent: Elulu"
"Dragonkin descendent: Mash"
These two are descendants of
dragonkin and carry dragon blood.
Father Marth : "Dragonkin descendent: Elulu"
"Dragonkin descendent: Mash"
They will team up with the hero
and defeat the Demon Lord.
Father Marth : They will team up with the hero
and defeat the Demon Lord.
Ristarte : Dragonkin descendants!
These two must be our allies.
Father Marth : You must be the hero. Where are my manners?
My name is Father Marth--
Ristarte : Huh? (0:17:24.41)
Mash : What are you doing?! (0:17:25.25)
Elulu : Why did you suddenly use holy water?! (0:17:26.62)
Nun : Father! (0:17:28.08)
Ristarte : Seiya? (0:17:32.04)
Ristarte : Whoa... (0:17:35.91)
Ristarte : Th-This is the reaction that happens
when holy water hits an undead.
Mash : F-For real? The hero was able to tell? (0:17:41.33)
Elulu : A-Amazing! (0:17:44.87)
Father Marth : Not bad at all, hero who killed Chaos Machina! (0:17:49.08)
Father Marth : I was going to get the whole lot of you
when you weren't expecting it,
Father Marth : but then I slipped up! (0:17:56.83)
Father Marth : But no matter!
I'll still get rid of you all at once.
Father Marth : This is the undead power
that I received from Deathmagla,
Father Marth : one of the Demon Lord force's
Four Heavenly Kings!
Father Marth : You will experience it fully! (0:18:08.62)
Mash : B-Bring it on, you bastard! (0:18:11.50)
Elulu : Nyah! I'll fight you, too! (0:18:13.37)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : How long has that priest been at the church? (0:18:16.08)
Nun : H-He came here as a missionary
from Krain Castle a couple of days ago.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I see. So he wasn't originally
one of the town's people.
Ristarte : H-Hey, Seiya! Go and give
a hand to those other two!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Not a problem.
I have already immobilized the enemy.
Ristarte : Huh? (0:18:34.50)
Elulu : --Huh?
Mash : --Huh?
Father Marth : --What?!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Ho, even when I take you apart,
you don't bleed. You're completely fine.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : So this is an undead. (0:18:49.83)
Mash : Wh-When the hell did you cut him up? (0:18:50.87)
Elulu : I didn't even see you draw your sword. (0:18:52.70)
Ristarte : I-I didn't see it, either. (0:18:55.12)
Ristarte : It looks like training with
Cerceus has made him even stronger.
Ristarte : But more importantly... (0:19:01.20)
Ristarte : Seiya, how did you know
that Father Marth was an undead?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Simple reasoning. (0:19:06.66)
Ristarte : Would you mind telling me
what your reasoning was?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : The priest was the most
infirm old man of the group.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : In other words, sooner or later, he'd be undead. (0:19:14.00)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : That's why I hit him with the holy water. (0:19:17.20)
Ristarte : I see, "sooner or later, he'd be undead." (0:19:19.12)
Ristarte : Wait, what kind of reason is that?!
That's not reasoning at all!
Father Marth : D-Damn it! Don't get too full of yourself. (0:19:25.58)
Father Marth : Right now, Deathmagla's undead forces
are heading toward this town.
Father Marth : Marvel at this! (0:19:33.91)
Father Marth : They number all of 10,000! (0:19:35.00)
Father Marth : They'll be here by morning
and lay waste to this town!
Ristarte : T-Ten thousand undead? By tomorrow morning? (0:19:40.25)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hmm, that's all the information
I wanted to know from him.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Time to mop this up. (0:19:48.62)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Since you're still fine after you're dead, (0:19:51.08)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I'm going to have to be
even more careful than usual.
Ristarte : Everyone, run! (0:19:55.62)
Mash : Wh-What for? (0:19:56.45)
Nun : What's going on? (0:19:59.95)
Ristarte : Never mind, just run! (0:20:00.79)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Maximum Inferno! (0:20:07.83)
Ristarte : And there it is! (0:20:11.04)
Ristarte : He concentrates all of his ability
on cleanup, rather than fighting.
Ristarte : That's the way this hero is. (0:20:28.37)
Nun : Th-The church...
The historic church of Seimul...
Seiya Ryuuguuin : We can relax now. I've completely
wiped out the monster.
Ristarte : Yeah, and you also wiped out the church!
The sister has collapsed!
Mash : W-Well, he's a little--no,
make that quite unusual...
Mash : ...but there's no doubt that he's strong. (0:20:59.04)
Mash : Nice to meet you, Mr. Hero. (0:21:01.25)
Mash : I'm Mash, a warrior
who carries dragonkin blood.
Elulu : Heh-heh, I'm Elulu.
I've known Mash since we were little.
Elulu : I'm a mage, who also carries dragonkin blood. (0:21:10.91)
Elulu : Let's all work together from here on. (0:21:13.91)
Elulu : Mr. Hero, what is your name? (0:21:16.29)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Seiya. (0:21:18.16)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Seiya Ryuuguuin. (0:21:19.33)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hmm, this one appears to be human. (0:21:22.12)
Mash : Wh-What are you doing?! (0:21:26.87)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : This one's human, too. (0:21:27.95)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Good, human. (0:21:30.87)
Ristarte : Would you mind not doing that?
She's unconscious--
Ristarte : Hey! Why did you pour it on me , too?! (0:21:35.79)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : You could have turned undead at some point. (0:21:38.08)
Ristarte : --I never had time to!
--J-Just how mistrustful is this guy?
Mash : --I never had time to!
--J-Just how mistrustful is this guy?
Elulu : Mm-hmm, he's sick. (0:21:43.16)
Mash : Wh-What? What are you looking at? (0:21:46.20)
Elulu : Y-Yeah, what? You keep looking
at me in a funny way.
Ristarte : These are our allies who
we will be adventuring with.
Ristarte : We ought to know what their stats are. (0:21:54.95)
Mash : Wh-What kind of hero and goddess are you?! (0:21:56.66)
Mash : "Mash: Lv 8"
Wh-What kind of hero and goddess are you?!
Elulu : "Mash: Lv 8"
You're scaring me!
Ristarte : "Mash: Lv 8"
They're more normal than I thought.
Ristarte : "Elulu: Lv 7"
They're not a hundredth of what Seiya is,
Ristarte : They're not a hundredth of what Seiya is, (0:22:04.00)
Ristarte : but they're going to get better, right? (0:22:05.58)
Ristarte : I-Isn't it nice to have
such great allies, Seiya?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Don't need them. (0:22:11.00)
Mash : --Huh?
Elulu : --Huh?
Ristarte : --But they carry dragonkin blood,
Ristarte : and once they learn the Dragon
Metamorphosis skill, they're sure to--
Seiya Ryuuguuin : So don't need them. (0:22:18.37)

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