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Ristarte : Wh-What did you just say? (0:00:13.45)
Laviae : I said that Elulu there is the
girl destined to become Igzasion.
Mash : What does that mean?!
I thought Igzasion was a weapon!
Laviae : Of course. The ultimate sword
for defeating the Demon Lord.
Laviae : The legend states that
only when a dragonkin girl,
Laviae : born human in appearance,
offers her life, shall it be made manifest.
Mash : That doesn't mean that Elulu has to die-- (0:00:36.54)
Laviae : Word is that the Demon Lord's forces
already control 70% of the world.
Ristarte : That much?! (0:00:44.12)
Laviae : Hordes of monsters are devouring people. (0:00:45.16)
Laviae : Evil demonkin are burning down whole towns. (0:00:47.75)
Laviae : And giants are trampling down
one castle after another.
Laviae : Most every kingdom has
been completely overthrown.
Laviae : All that remain are small towns and villages. (0:00:58.62)
Laviae : All except for Roseguard Castle. (0:01:01.08)
Laviae : If the towns and villages you visited
are still safe, it was only by chance.
Ristarte : It's true, since we keep going back
and forth to the Divine Realm,
Ristarte : we haven't really seen
the big picture of this world.
Laviae : It is only a matter of time
before they control the world.
Laviae : Except the Demon Lord be defeated, (0:01:18.62)
Laviae : there is no other way to save Gaeabrande. (0:01:21.00)
Laviae : Elulu... I envy you. (0:01:24.41)
Laviae : You are the very power
that will save this world.
Laviae : You are the sacred sword
that will strike down the Demon Lord.
Laviae : An honor to all dragonkin! (0:01:35.79)
Elulu : Th-Thank you very much... (0:01:39.75)
Laviae : Tonight, we shall make ready
the sacred sword ceremony.
Laviae : You should spend your time before
the last supper among your friends.
Mash : Are you really sure about this? (0:01:53.75)
Elulu : Sure? About what? (0:01:55.87)
Mash : Even if it is to save the world,
you're going to die and become a sword.
Elulu : If that is my calling, then what else can I do? (0:02:04.50)
Elulu : She said it was a great honor. (0:02:07.91)
Mash : B-Be that as it may... (0:02:10.12)
Elulu : I've always wanted to be
of service to everyone else.
Elulu : I'm actually a little bit happy
my wish is coming true.
Mash : Elulu... (0:02:18.95)
Elulu : Rista, you came here to save our world, right? (0:02:21.16)
Elulu : I'm going to be serving a goddess, aren't I? (0:02:24.83)
Ristarte : Yes... (0:02:27.91)
Ristarte : Hearing Leviae's words
once again reminded me...
Ristarte : ...that it is my mission to defeat the
Demon Lord and save this world. But...
Ristarte : Say, Seiya... (0:02:40.25)
Ristarte : --Huh?
--Sir, these are speed seeds.
EXTRA : --Huh?
--Sir, these are speed seeds.
EXTRA : They don't sell them in human towns. (0:02:45.62)
EXTRA : For each one you eat,
your speed will increase for ten minutes.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : You're sure about this? If you're lying,
you'll pay. I'll file a lawsuit.
Ristarte : Hey, Seiya! (0:02:57.04)
Ristarte : Now isn't the time for that!
Think about Elulu, would you?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : What she has to do should already be obvious. (0:03:03.54)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : In fact, I shouldn't even have to say anything. (0:03:07.66)
Elulu : Yes, you're right. (0:03:11.16)
Elulu : You're right. You're absolutely right, Seiya! (0:03:12.66)
Mash : Elulu! (0:03:16.45)
Laviae : What is the matter? Do not be shy.
The members of the village
Laviae : put their whole hearts into
preparing this ceremonial feast.
Mash : B-But Elulu isn't... (0:03:45.45)
Lagos : Elulu is currently getting dressed.
She will return shortly.
Ristarte : But... (0:03:51.66)
EXTRA : Hey there! (0:04:01.00)
EXTRA : We made cookies! Try some! (0:04:02.45)
Ristarte : Th-Thank you. (0:04:05.12)
EXTRA : You have one too, mister.
We did our best making them.
Ristarte : Go ahead and eat one. (0:04:11.83)
Laviae : It is time. (0:04:22.41)
Laviae : And now, it is upon us. (0:04:35.20)
Laviae : We will carry out the sacred sword ceremony! (0:04:37.16)
Laviae : Here, in the Dragon Abyss, (0:04:40.70)
Laviae : is the magic circle set forth
by the first Dragon Emperor.
Laviae : By leaping into it, the girl's flesh
and blood will be assimilated
Laviae : and transformed into the sacred sword Igzasion. (0:04:49.54)
Laviae : The sacred sword that will defeat
the Demon Lord will then emerge!
Ristarte : Elulu... (0:04:57.75)
Mash : H-Hold on... Hold on a minute... (0:04:59.58)
Elulu : S-See you around, Mash, Rista. (0:05:04.12)
Elulu : And you, too, Seiya. Once I become your sword, (0:05:06.75)
Elulu : make sure to polish me once
in a while to make sure I don't rust.
Laviae : Come, Elulu! Now throw yourself
into the Dragon Abyss!
EXTRA : --Igzasion! Igzasion! Igzasion! (0:05:19.58)
Mash : --Is this really what's right?
--Igzasion! Igzasion! Igzasion!
Ristarte : --Mash...
--Igzasion! Igzasion! Igzasion!
Mash : --Even if this is to save
the world... this is wrong.
--Igzasion! Igzasion! Igzasion!
Mash : Move it! (0:05:28.62)
Mash : --Let me go! Hey! Come on! (0:05:30.58)
Mash : --M-Mash...
--Let me go! Hey! Come on!
Elulu : --M-Mash...
--Let me go! Hey! Come on!
Elulu : I-I... (0:05:34.00)
Laviae : Oh? Are you starting to have second thoughts?
Someone help her out.
Ristarte : W-Wait, please! This is just outright murder! (0:05:43.41)
EXTRA : --This is a blessed event!
--Quickly, into the Abyss!
--Igzasion! Igzasion! Igzasion!
Ristarte : --They've completely lost their minds.
--Igzasion! Igzasion! Igzasion!
Mash : --Elulu! Elulu!
--Igzasion! Igzasion! Igzasion!
EXTRA : --Igzasion! Igzasion! Igzasion! (0:05:53.83)
Laviae : Come! Help her cast herself in! (0:05:56.83)
Laviae : What is this?! (0:06:09.91)
Elulu : Seiya? Why? (0:06:11.29)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I said I shouldn't have to say anything, (0:06:14.12)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : but are you going to make me
come out and say it?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : You are my baggage carrier. (0:06:18.79)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : You can't carry my things
if you become a sword, can you?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I said I was making these
two my baggage carriers.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I have not changed that decision. (0:06:26.87)
Ristarte : But if Elulu doesn't become
Igzasion, this world will be...
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I'm not so sure. (0:06:32.04)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hmph, I can't even be sure the sword
will defeat the Demon Lord.
Laviae : How dare you say that! It was revealed
by the first Dragon Emperor!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : You surprise me. That's completely illogical. (0:06:43.20)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Just the natterings of an old lizard crone. (0:06:46.70)
Laviae : L-Lizard crone?! (0:06:49.12)
Laviae : What?! What are you laughing at?! (0:06:56.62)
Laviae : Are you saying that you, goddess, like the hero, (0:06:58.70)
Laviae : have no intention of slaying
the Demon Lord and saving this world?!
Ristarte : No! (0:07:04.91)
Ristarte : I swear to you, we will still save this world! (0:07:06.20)
Ristarte : But we can't sacrifice the life
of one of our friends to do so!
Ristarte : We will find some other way
that does not require Igzasion
Ristarte : and defeat the Demon Lord! (0:07:16.16)
Laviae : Really... like hero, like goddess. (0:07:18.62)
Laviae : It is as though you think nothing of our world.
You only think of yourselves.
Mash : Screw you! (0:07:28.00)
Mash : You should be saying that about yourselves! (0:07:29.37)
Mash : Elulu, I'm coming to save you-- (0:07:33.00)
Ristarte : Mash! (0:07:36.29)
Ristarte : What's wrong? (0:07:37.54)
Ristarte : H-Huh? (0:07:38.62)
Laviae : I am the careful sort. (0:07:41.87)
Laviae : I had a hunch that this might happen. (0:07:44.29)
Laviae : Which is why I had that
food earlier laced with a paralytic.
EXTRA : Even those cookies we made
you had the drug in them!
Laviae : It cannot be reversed
with a spell or an antidote.
Laviae : Even you, goddess,
will be unable to move for a time!
Ristarte : None of us can move! (0:08:01.75)
Laviae : Now then, let us proceed
with the sacred sword ceremony.
Laviae : Go on, then, someone cast Elulu into the Abyss! (0:08:06.41)
Ristarte : Elulu! (0:08:11.70)
Mash : Damn! Damn it all! Damn it all! Damn it all! (0:08:12.79)
Laviae : Wh-Wha--?! (0:08:18.70)
Laviae : But why?! (0:08:20.87)
Laviae : Did the drug not work on you?! (0:08:22.00)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : It didn't work, because
I never ate it in the first place.
EXTRA : L-Liar! You did so eat it! (0:08:26.95)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I only pretended to eat, and then later,
I secretly vomited it up again.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Food made by lizards,
whether they're children or not,
Seiya Ryuuguuin : is too nasty to even consider eating. (0:08:35.79)
EXTRA : Th-That's mean! (0:08:37.37)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Which one of us is the mean one,
you little snots?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Just as I expected, it was poisoned. Moreover, (0:08:41.54)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : as a rule, I only eat the food that woman makes. (0:08:45.00)
Ristarte : Ah! I feel all tingly! (0:08:49.08)
Ristarte : I mean, I actually feel numb,
but also, the happiness of being a wife!
Ristarte : I mean, not that I'm a wife! I'm really not! (0:08:54.16)
Ristarte : Seiya, you're so fine tonight! (0:08:58.04)
Laviae : Well, well... (0:09:01.12)
Laviae : At this point, you leave me little choice. (0:09:02.62)
Laviae : I do not wish to get violent with you
who will bear the sacred sword,
Laviae : but I may have to rough you up just a bit. (0:09:10.00)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Ho, go ahead and try. (0:09:12.91)
Laviae : Aren't you confident?
But you should not underestimate me.
Laviae : Allow me to show you... (0:09:19.04)
Laviae : ...something that is only possible
for chosen dragonkin--
Laviae : the Dragon God Metamorphosis! (0:09:23.12)
Ristarte : "Leviae" (0:09:46.91)
Ristarte : "Leviae"
Gah! Her HP is unusually high.
On top of which...
Ristarte : Gah! Her HP is unusually high.
On top of which...
Laviae : A dragon's scales are tougher than any metal. (0:09:52.54)
Laviae : You won't even be able to
scratch me with an ordinary sword.
Laviae : You probably never guessed
that you would ever fight a dragon.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hey, Mash... (0:10:02.79)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : That one item is in this bag, right? (0:10:04.62)
Mash : R-Right! (0:10:06.95)
Laviae : I-Is that sword... (0:10:09.75)
Laviae : ...a Dragon Killer?! How do you have that?! (0:10:11.29)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : From the moment it was determined
we were going to the Dragons' Den,
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I knew there was a very good
chance I'd be fighting dragons.
Ristarte : Ha-ha! Seiya is, at all times
and in all places, perfectly prepared!
Mash : That's my master! But how did you
get your hands on such a weapon?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : By Synthesis, of course.
The ingredients were a platinum sword,
Seiya Ryuuguuin : and a strand of hair from both you
and Elulu, since you're dragonkin.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I finished it off with 100 of Rista's hairs. (0:10:36.50)
Ristarte : Huh? (0:10:38.66)
Ristarte : Hey, that's an awful lot from just me! (0:10:39.33)
Ristarte : And how did you even get
that many hairs from me?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I plucked them from you myself
while you were sleeping.
Ristarte : Huh? (0:10:46.41)
Ristarte : Hold on! Huh? You plucked them
while I was sleeping?!
Ristarte : R-Right. At the moment,
combat is more important, huh?
Ristarte : All right, very well!
For now, just focus on fighting!
Ristarte : But... But still, afterward, I am definitely... (0:10:58.66)
Ristarte : ...going to ask you all about this! (0:11:02.62)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Atomic Split Slash! (0:11:06.16)
Laviae : Dragon Killer or not,
I was not expecting so much damage...
Laviae : But still...! (0:11:13.95)
Laviae : Ho, not bad. (0:11:18.50)
Ristarte : Wh-Wha--?! A-Are you trying to kill Elulu?!
What about Igzasion?!
Laviae : There is little difference if she dies
before or after being cast in.
Laviae : The important thing is that the flesh
and blood of the chosen girl is there.
Ristarte : You're the worst! (0:11:31.54)
Laviae : Hero, I imagine you will go
on protecting the girl, but as I said,
Laviae : I am the careful sort. (0:11:37.83)
Ristarte : Elulu! What did you do to Elulu?! (0:11:43.45)
Laviae : Activated the Death Sentence Necklace. (0:11:47.45)
Laviae : Once its black light encircles her neck,
Elulu's life will be over.
Laviae : I would say she has three minutes to live. (0:11:55.45)
Ristarte : A cursed item?!
You'd go that far to sacrifice Elulu?!
Laviae : Elulu is destined to die
and become the sacred sword!
Laviae : This is all to save our world! (0:12:04.08)
Mash : Leviae!! (0:12:06.29)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hey... (0:12:08.20)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Lizard crone, you're not
with the Demon Lord's forces.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : So I'm giving you one warning. (0:12:12.91)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Lift the curse you placed on short-stuff. (0:12:15.62)
Laviae : You're a fascinating hero.
I am the one who is pressing you .
Laviae : The sacred sword ceremony is absolute! (0:12:23.75)
Laviae : If you want the curse lifted,
you will have to kill me!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I see. (0:12:29.91)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Then I won't hold back any longer. (0:12:31.12)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Phoenix Drive! (0:12:33.12)
Ristarte : H-He's making mincemeat
out of her! At this rate...
Ristarte : "Leviae" (0:12:42.45)
Ristarte : "Leviae"
Yes! He's winnowed her down
by nearly half in no time at all!
Ristarte : Yes! He's winnowed her down
by nearly half in no time at all!
Laviae : Hero, you are indeed strong.
But it will take more than this to save the girl!
Laviae : I have activated Ultimate Wall! (0:13:00.58)
Laviae : Your attacks will now
have no effect at all on me.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I will knock that "wall" down. (0:13:08.33)
Ristarte : H-He kind of reminds me of a hamster right now. (0:13:20.04)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Speed seeds. (0:13:26.08)
Ristarte : Another Dragon Killer? You had two of them? (0:13:28.83)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Of course I have a spare. (0:13:31.50)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : But sometimes, a spare can be used like this . (0:13:33.25)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Mode: Double Eternal Sword! (0:13:36.70)
Ristarte : Dual-wielding Dragon Killers
while using speed seeds?
Ristarte : And when paired with
the Eternal Sword technique...
Laviae : Are you quite ready now? Then come at me. (0:13:47.08)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : That I will. (0:13:50.91)
Ristarte : Amazing! He's doing it! He's doing it! (0:13:58.91)
Ristarte : "Leviae" (0:14:02.12)
Ristarte : "Leviae"
Gah! N-No way!
Ristarte : It's barely unchanged from before! (0:14:03.91)
Laviae : My Ultimate Wall is the
supreme hardening technique.
Laviae : Take pride in the fact that you can do
even a little damage! Nonetheless...
Laviae : I would say you have one minute left. (0:14:15.50)
Laviae : There is no saving the girl now.
Hero, why not cease this pointless fighting?
Elulu : Seiya... that's... enough... (0:14:23.33)
Ristarte : Elulu! (0:14:27.29)
Elulu : Thank you... for trying to save me.
But that's enough.
Ristarte : Is she... (0:14:35.79)
Ristarte : ...destined to become Igzasion? (0:14:36.66)
Ristarte : Must we go this far to save this S-difficulty world? (0:14:39.08)
Laviae : Now, admit defeat!
Elulu, die, and become Igzasion,
Laviae : for the good of the world
and the sake of justice!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : The only one admitting defeat will be you . (0:14:52.41)
Laviae : Huh? What are you talking about? (0:14:54.75)
Laviae : Wha--?! (0:15:00.25)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Honestly, you call yourself careful? (0:15:01.50)
Laviae : S-Stop! C-Cease your attack! (0:15:06.37)
Ristarte : Lift the curse immediately!
Or you'll fall into the Abyss!
Laviae : Why? Why would you go so far to protect her?! (0:15:12.54)
Laviae : The girl has no talent for fighting! (0:15:15.75)
Laviae : Until she is the sacred sword,
she is ordinary scum!
Laviae : Scum that does nobody any good! (0:15:20.16)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : She is not scum. (0:15:23.16)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : She is my precious baggage carrier. (0:15:25.66)
Elulu : Seiya... (0:15:30.16)
Ristarte : Actually... I was hoping you'd
call her your precious friend, but...
Ristarte : Lift the curse right now, Leviae!
Or we really will let you fall!
Laviae : I'll lift it! I have lifted it!
So cease your attack!
Laviae : Fool! What I lifted was my Ultimate Wall! (0:16:04.62)
Laviae : There is nowhere for you to run! Dragon Breath! (0:16:08.00)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Double Wind Blade! (0:16:11.87)
Laviae : W-Well, I still have my wings! (0:16:17.95)
Laviae : M-My wings...! B-But how...?! (0:16:25.91)
Ristarte : Th-Thank goodness. Leviae is dead, (0:16:41.25)
Ristarte : and the curse is lifted. (0:16:44.16)
Mash : E-Elulu... (0:16:46.33)
Mash : Elulu... (0:16:50.50)
Mash : Elulu! (0:16:53.66)
Elulu : Stop it. You're embarrassing me. (0:16:54.33)
Mash : Wah! My feet are still asleep. (0:16:56.45)
Elulu : Jeez... (0:16:58.04)
Mash : --Aw, the drug is still working... (0:16:58.95)
Ristarte : --Tell me, Seiya, when exactly
did you damage Leviae's wings?
--Aw, the drug is still working...
Ristarte : --Tell me, Seiya, when exactly
did you damage Leviae's wings?
--Huh? Well, I guess that's that.
Ristarte : --Tell me, Seiya, when exactly
did you damage Leviae's wings?
--Yeah. Sorry.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Before she activated her Ultimate Wall. (0:17:05.04)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : It was easy to imagine that
she would switch to defense.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Normally, defeating her before
she activated it would have been best.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : But with her high HP, it was impossible
to do so in such a short time.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : So instead, I decided to deal with her (0:17:19.16)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : by allowing her to activate it,
and then, when she was put in a tight spot,
Seiya Ryuuguuin : dropped her defense and tried to escape, (0:17:24.08)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : denying her means to do so ahead of time. (0:17:26.04)
Ristarte : Just how cautious are you, anyway? (0:17:28.37)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : And, if I was wrong about anything... (0:17:31.20)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : ...it was that she was less
"Nurikabe-y" than I thought.
Ristarte : You don't know about slimes,
but you know about Nurikabe?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Mm-hmm. I know what Hyosube are, too. (0:17:41.83)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Stupid Leviae.
Like hell you're the careful sort.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : If it were me, I'd have activated
Ultimate Wall during the feast.
Ristarte : Yeah, well, it would be weird if
she started hardening up during the feast.
EXTRA : L-Leviae... (0:17:53.70)
EXTRA : --How could this happen?
--What are we going to do now?
EXTRA : Wh-What is that?! (0:17:59.00)
Ristarte : L-Leviae has... (0:18:02.29)
Ristarte : ...turned into a sword, by the power
of the magic circle in the Abyss!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : She said Igzasion required
the flesh, blood, and life of a woman
Seiya Ryuuguuin : who bore the blood of the dragonkin, didn't she? (0:18:12.20)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Leviae's life is already in here. That means... (0:18:14.79)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Have Rista heal you at once. (0:18:20.29)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : The sword has now been combined
with Elulu's flesh and blood.
EXTRA : How heavenly magnificent! (0:18:28.25)
Lagos : No doubt about it. That is... (0:18:30.00)
Lagos : The sacred sword, Igzasion... (0:18:32.12)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Mm-hmm, we now have the sword
that can kill the Demon Lord.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Nice that you all could
fulfill your mission as a dragonkin.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : I'd say it's a win-win outcome. (0:18:42.00)
Lagos : But our Leviae has now passed away. (0:18:43.91)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : She would have wanted to offer
her life to save the world, right?
Seiya Ryuuguuin : She said so herself while
she was still alive, didn't she?
Lagos : W-Well, I suppose so... (0:18:53.54)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Then there's no problem. Win-win. (0:18:55.79)
Lagos : Is it a win-win, though? (0:18:58.25)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : It's entirely a win-win!
Which means the ceremony is now concluded!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : All right, dismissed! (0:19:05.70)
Ristarte : Whew... At last, we're back. (0:19:12.16)
Elulu : Thank you, Seiya! I was so scared!
I didn't want to die!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Stop that. You're bothering me. (0:19:18.41)
Mash : Elulu... (0:19:20.79)
Elulu : You know what?
The thing that was hardest for me
Elulu : would have to be not being
able to talk to you anymore.
Mash : M-Me, too... (0:19:32.00)
Ristarte : Hold on, is this the way
these two are supposed to end up?
Ristarte : Then again, love does accompany an adventure. (0:19:37.95)
Ristarte : Mash, Elulu... (0:19:41.08)
Ristarte : Go on ahead and wait for us at the entrance. (0:19:43.25)
Mash : Huh? H-How come? (0:19:45.37)
Ristarte : You two have a lot to talk about, right? (0:19:47.04)
Ristarte : Seiya and I need to have a word, too. (0:19:49.58)
Mash : O-Oh, okay. (0:19:52.16)
Elulu : A-All right, we'll wait for you at the entrance. (0:19:53.62)
Ristarte : Wow, so pure and innocent. (0:19:58.50)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Hmph, ridiculous. (0:20:00.75)
Ristarte : Oh, I meant it when I said
I needed to speak to you.
Ristarte : It's about your Dragon Killers. (0:20:06.41)
Ristarte : You say you plucked out my hair? (0:20:08.41)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : So what if I did? (0:20:10.75)
Ristarte : Hey! What's the big idea making me go bald?! (0:20:12.50)
Ristarte : And you came into my room
while I was sleeping?!
Ristarte : I hope you didn't do anything else, did you?! (0:20:16.62)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : What do you mean? (0:20:19.20)
Ristarte : I mean, taking advantage of me being asleep (0:20:21.66)
Ristarte : for some of this , and that , and the other . (0:20:24.16)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : All I did was pluck 100 of your hairs. (0:20:26.12)
Ristarte : You just plucked 100 of my hairs?
Doesn't that sound funny to you?
Ristarte : That alone is enough for me
to arrest you immediately!
Seiya Ryuuguuin : If I hadn't done so, I couldn't
have made those Dragon Killers.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : You have no grounds to accuse me. (0:20:37.45)
Ristarte : There's one other thing I want to bring up. (0:20:39.08)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Now what? (0:20:41.00)
Ristarte : That sword--it isn't Igzasion, is it? (0:20:42.45)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : What? (0:20:46.58)
Ristarte : I am a goddess, remember. (0:20:47.62)
Ristarte : I don't sense enough sacred energy
from the sword to defeat the Demon Lord.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Apparently, I didn't give you enough credit. (0:20:54.75)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : You're right. This isn't Igzasion.
I synthesized a Platinum Sword Plus.
Ristarte : And you used that to
hoodwink everyone else, huh?
Ristarte : To put their minds at ease. (0:21:06.20)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Look, you can't tell anyone. (0:21:08.45)
Ristarte : I know. (0:21:11.12)
Ristarte : But if, like Leviae said, (0:21:11.95)
Ristarte : Igzasion is the only weapon
that can beat the Demon Lord...
Seiya Ryuuguuin : We'll just have to find another way.
You said so yourself, didn't you?
Ristarte : I-I was caught up in
the moment when I said that.
Seiya Ryuuguuin : "Gonna be okay." Something will work out. (0:21:25.66)
Ristarte : Huh? (0:21:28.25)
Seiya Ryuuguuin : Let's go. They're waiting for us. (0:21:29.58)
Ristarte : "Something will work out"? (0:21:33.00)
Ristarte : That isn't like the cautious Seiya I know.
Maybe he's just exhausted.
Ristarte : Once we get back to the village,
we need some rest...
Mash : M-Master! (0:21:43.37)
Elulu : Rista! (0:21:44.66)
EXTRA : All is in readiness, as ordered. (0:21:58.41)
EXTRA : The hero will be of no significance. (0:22:02.41)
EXTRA : Hmm... We will now be able
to destroy even the gods of heaven...

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