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EXTRA : You're seriously in high school? (0:00:11.00)
EXTRA : You're so damn short,
I thought you were still a baby in diapers!
EXTRA : Whew boy, that's a load off my mind. (0:00:15.71)
EXTRA : I thought we might get in deep shit
shaking down a little kid for cash.
EXTRA : So just do the smart thing and hand it over. (0:00:20.96)
EXTRA : It's five on one. (0:00:23.13)
Sora Kurumatani : Okay then, I'll give you five minutes. (0:00:24.79)
EXTRA : Huh? (0:00:26.42)
EXTRA : The hell are you talking about? (0:00:27.42)
EXTRA : Calcium Bar (0:00:28.96)
Sora Kurumatani : Bring it on! (0:00:33.96)
Sora Kurumatani : I'll take you out one by one! (0:00:35.63)
Sora Kurumatani : A minute for each of you! (0:00:38.54)
EXTRA : I've never seen a kid so full of himself, what a riot! (0:00:46.58)
Sora Kurumatani : Goddammit...! (0:00:50.25)
Sora Kurumatani : Ganging up on people like that is so unfair... (0:00:52.92)
Sora Kurumatani : Speak with your words and not your fists, dammit. (0:00:55.92)
Sora Kurumatani : They took every last yen I had, those bastards! (0:00:59.38)
Sora Kurumatani : But it's fine... (0:01:07.92)
Sora Kurumatani : long as they didn't take these babies away from me! (0:01:09.79)
Chiaki Hanazono : Whatcha got there? (0:01:12.67)
Chiaki Hanazono : That bag. (0:01:20.17)
Chiaki Hanazono : Those punks tried to take it from you a few times, (0:01:22.00)
Chiaki Hanazono : but you clung on to it so desperately they gave up. (0:01:24.83)
Chiaki Hanazono : You must have somethin' really special in there. (0:01:27.88)
Sora Kurumatani : Well, these... (0:01:35.08)
Sora Kurumatani : These are my wings! (0:01:46.25)
EXTRA : Rikukaikuu doko ni ikou
Where to go? The land, sea or sky?
EXTRA : Ahiru no Sora (0:02:07.17)
EXTRA : Kimi o sasoitai na
I wanna invite you to come along
EXTRA : Monogatari wa hajima tterunda
The pages of our story have started to turn
EXTRA : Okubyou kaze mo recycle
If you lose your nerve then recycle it
EXTRA : Mayotteru senaka oshite
And let it push you past hesitation
EXTRA : Give and go! Isogou
Give and go! With the flow
EXTRA : Mogutteita honou ga kaodashite
Instincts that are buried deep will always rear their head again
EXTRA : Kakusenai no sa yume ni mita yume
People can't just hide the dreams they once dreamed of
EXTRA : Tobenai tsubasa demo
Even if these wings can't fly
EXTRA : Bokura wa habataite sora o kanjitai
We want to spread them wide and embrace the sky
EXTRA : Naritai jibun ni naritai
Becoming the people who we want to be
EXTRA : Ima dekinai koto mo ashita wa wakannai ze
You never know, the impossible could be possible tomorrow
EXTRA : Waru agaki shiyou
So let's keep up the struggle
EXTRA : Happy go ducky! (0:03:09.08)
Chiaki Hanazono : Sorry to bum so much food off you, man. (0:03:25.13)
EXTRA : The Ugly Duckling (0:03:25.83)
Sora Kurumatani : N-not a problem. (0:03:28.63)
Chiaki Hanazono : I was waiting here to meet someone at 5:00,
but then I got really hungry.
Sora Kurumatani : Oh yeah? (0:03:34.92)
Chiaki Hanazono : Do you want to know who I'm waiting to meet? (0:03:35.71)
Chiaki Hanazono : I bet you do! (0:03:37.92)
Sora Kurumatani : N-no, not particularly. (0:03:39.00)
Chiaki Hanazono : Oh, come on! Play along, man! (0:03:40.83)
Chiaki Hanazono : I met this girl named Tomo online.
Isn't she a major cutie?
Sora Kurumatani : Look at that, it's almost 5:00 already! (0:03:50.58)
Sora Kurumatani : I don't want to get in the way of your date.
So uh, I'm just gonna leave.
Chiaki Hanazono : Whatever, it's too late... (0:03:57.25)
Chiaki Hanazono : I already waited here a whole 24 hours
and she never came.
Sora Kurumatani : Goodbye. (0:04:06.79)
Chiaki Hanazono : Don't just abandon me, man! I'm beggin' you! (0:04:07.83)
EXTRA : Go higher! (0:04:12.08)
Chiaki Hanazono : But man, you really took a beating back there. (0:04:13.92)
Chiaki Hanazono : What's your name? (0:04:16.58)
Sora Kurumatani : It's Kurumatani. (0:04:17.88)
Sora Kurumatani : Sora Kurumatani! (0:04:19.17)
Chiaki Hanazono : Curly-man-panties? (0:04:20.79)
Sora Kurumatani : No, "KURUMATANI"! (0:04:22.13)
Chiaki Hanazono : Well, even though you got your ass whooped... (0:04:24.46)
Chiaki Hanazono : ...I'll admit I'm impressed you didn't run away
from all those guys.
Sora Kurumatani : I've always been really short. (0:04:32.17)
Sora Kurumatani : It's made me the target of bullies for my whole life. (0:04:34.64)
Sora Kurumatani : But more than anything, (0:04:37.83)
Sora Kurumatani : I hate being thought of
as weak just because of my size.
Sora Kurumatani : So I swore to myself that I'd never run away from a fight, (0:04:42.71)
Sora Kurumatani : no matter how many guys I was against! (0:04:44.77)
Sora Kurumatani : By the way, that last fight
put my losing streak at 200 in a row!
Chiaki Hanazono : Nice. I'm diggin' your good vibes, man. (0:04:52.71)
Sora Kurumatani : But I guess since I keep losing,
the fact that I'm weak hasn't really changed at all.
Chiaki Hanazono : It's never too late to change that. (0:05:00.67)
Chiaki Hanazono : I can teach you... how to put up a real fight. (0:05:05.13)
Sora Kurumatani : So you must be really strong, right? (0:05:10.33)
Chiaki Hanazono : Let me put it this way... (0:05:12.21)
Chiaki Hanazono : ...someday soon I'll have dominated
every martial art in the world.
Sora Kurumatani : In the entire world?! (0:05:17.38)
Sora Kurumatani : W-well, this guy is really tall and he seems pretty buff! (0:05:19.88)
Chiaki Hanazono : If you want to win a fight, then... (0:05:25.58)
Chiaki Hanazono : first have to train your reflexes to avoid (0:05:27.63)
Chiaki Hanazono : anything and everything that may come at yo- (0:05:30.00)
EXTRA : Crap, it crashed! (0:05:38.50)
EXTRA : Jeez mister, why didn't you just move outta the way?! (0:05:40.54)
EXTRA : The propeller better not be busted! (0:05:42.63)
EXTRA : What a disaster! (0:05:44.79)
EXTRA : Watch out next time, geezer!
What a disaster!
EXTRA : Watch out next time, geezer!
Let's get out of here.
EXTRA : Stupid jerk!
Fluff for brains!
Sora Kurumatani : I'm just gonna go. (0:05:48.38)
EXTRA : Good morning! (0:05:50.79)
EXTRA : Mornin'! (0:05:52.00)
EXTRA : Morning! (0:05:53.29)
EXTRA : Can't believe school's already back in session. (0:05:54.50)
Sora Kurumatani : All right. (0:06:02.42)
Sora Kurumatani : Time to spread my wings! (0:06:03.21)
Sora Kurumatani : It's huge! (0:06:10.58)
Sora Kurumatani : It was hard to tell yesterday since it was (0:06:13.83)
Sora Kurumatani : filled with chairs
for the entrance ceremony.
Sora Kurumatani : Starting today, I can come here... (0:06:20.21)
Sora Kurumatani : play basketball every single day! (0:06:23.04)
Sora Kurumatani : Ah! This is the life! (0:06:30.92)
Sora Kurumatani : I can't wait until it's time for practice to start! (0:06:40.13)
Momoharu Hanazono : Look what we have here. (0:06:53.38)
Momoharu Hanazono : What elementary are you from, kid? (0:06:56.29)
Sora Kurumatani : Huh...? (0:07:00.04)
Momoharu Hanazono : Since you're wearing our uniform,
I'm gonna assume you're one of the new freshmen.
Sora Kurumatani : Look, I'm not here to fight! (0:07:08.50)
Masahiro Saki : What a total pipsqueak. (0:07:10.63)
Shinichi Yasuhara : So, are we gonna teach him a lesson or what? (0:07:12.88)
Ryuuhei Nabeshima : Let's cut him some slack.
You're still on probation, remember?
Momoharu Hanazono : Those shoes are downright filthy.
You should just throw them out.
Sora Kurumatani : I can't! These are way too important to me
to just throw away!
Momoharu Hanazono : Oh? (0:07:26.29)
Momoharu Hanazono : Are they some sort of expensive limited edition or what? (0:07:27.42)
Sora Kurumatani : Nothing like that. (0:07:29.13)
Sora Kurumatani : I really treasure them...
because my mother gave them to me.
Momoharu Hanazono : I'm Momoharu, the captain of the team. (0:07:36.08)
Sora Kurumatani : Uh, okay! (0:07:38.46)
Sora Kurumatani : It's nice to meet you! (0:07:39.79)
Momoharu Hanazono : So basically, the court and this locker room
are all part of my turf.
Momoharu Hanazono : If I catch you playing any basketball
without my permission...
Momoharu Hanazono : ...I'll stuff those shoes of yours full of dog shit
and then drop 'em in the sewer.
Sora Kurumatani : No, I just... (0:07:53.42)
Sora Kurumatani : Huh? (0:07:57.21)
Sora Kurumatani : W-wait! (0:07:58.00)
Sora Kurumatani : Enough with the pranks! (0:07:59.46)
Sora Kurumatani : Open up! Come on! (0:08:01.29)
Sora Kurumatani : Oh crap. They seriously locked me in here. (0:08:04.04)
Sora Kurumatani : Well, somebody will let me out eventually... I hope. (0:08:07.04)
Sora Kurumatani : They should take better care of these. (0:08:15.08)
Sora Kurumatani : Nobody ever came to let me out... (0:08:31.42)
Sora Kurumatani : And now I've skipped my first day of classes. (0:08:33.63)
Sora Kurumatani : I'm starving... (0:08:38.46)
Sora Kurumatani : I think I still have a few in here. (0:08:43.29)
Sora Kurumatani : Found one! (0:08:45.92)
Sora Kurumatani : What's this? (0:08:48.88)
Sora Kurumatani : Ouch... (0:08:58.21)
Sora Kurumatani : Those guys made a peep hole! (0:08:59.67)
Sora Kurumatani : That's another level of perverted! (0:09:01.83)
Sora Kurumatani : She's like a super model... (0:09:14.04)
Chiaki Hanazono : Oh yeah, baby! Keep going! Take it all off! (0:09:19.50)
Chiaki Hanazono : Yo, we meet again. (0:09:23.79)
Sora Kurumatani : H-how did you even get in here?! (0:09:25.21)
Chiaki Hanazono : Whaddya mean how? I used the door. (0:09:27.29)
Sora Kurumatani : Huh? (0:09:29.67)
Chiaki Hanazono : I was here first thing in the morning
waiting for the girls to come in for practice.
Chiaki Hanazono : But then I fell asleep inside this locker. (0:09:34.29)
Sora Kurumatani : So, you're also a student at this school? (0:09:38.92)
Chiaki Hanazono : Yeah, I'm a sophomore in class 2-4. (0:09:41.38)
Chiaki Hanazono : But damn, you just can't catch a break
from being harassed.
Chiaki Hanazono : Can you, Burly-tan-granny? (0:09:47.06)
Sora Kurumatani : It's "Kurumatani." (0:09:48.25)
Chiaki Hanazono : That Momoharu guy is only a sophomore,
but he's number 2 on the school food chain.
Chiaki Hanazono : You should do what he says
if you want to enjoy a peaceful life.
Sora Kurumatani : Wait, did you see everything that happened? (0:09:58.46)
Chiaki Hanazono : Yeah, I was in the locker. (0:10:00.42)
Sora Kurumatani : Then couldn't you have done something to help me? (0:10:02.58)
Chiaki Hanazono : No way! Too much effort, man. (0:10:04.58)
Sora Kurumatani : Are you serious...? (0:10:06.46)
Sora Kurumatani : Um, I'm pretty sure it's well past the time
that teams are supposed to meet up for practice...
Sora Kurumatani : why haven't those guys
come back here to get started?
Chiaki Hanazono : Tell me, did any of them seem like the type
that actually takes sports seriously?
Sora Kurumatani : Huh? (0:10:22.71)
Chiaki Hanazono : The Kuzu High boys' basketball team
has been defunct for years now.
Chiaki Hanazono : Not only do they not practice,
but they don't even try to recruit new members.
Chiaki Hanazono : At this school, every student
has to join a club or a sports team.
Chiaki Hanazono : Even the ones that don't want to
are forced to become a member of something.
Chiaki Hanazono : And this team has turned into
a gang of punks like them as a result.
Chiaki Hanazono : I'm also a member of the team,
but unlike them, I show up here every day.
Chiaki Hanazono : I keep tabs on how much the girls' team is growing!
If ya know what I mean!
Chiaki Hanazono : But listen to my advice, just give up on basketball
and pick another sport to play.
Sora Kurumatani : No way! (0:11:00.00)
Chiaki Hanazono : Look man, you're too short to even dream
of becoming a serious B-baller.
Chiaki Hanazono : Why be so picky about this? (0:11:06.08)
Sora Kurumatani : I can't deny the fact that I'm short,
or that I've never won a single fight in my life.
Sora Kurumatani : But when I play basketball,
it turns me into someone totally different.
Sora Kurumatani : The court is the only place... (0:11:23.50)
Sora Kurumatani : ...that I feel like I can stand
shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone else.
Chiaki Hanazono : Listen... (0:11:31.58)
Chiaki Hanazono : should take what they said to you more seriously. (0:11:32.92)
Chiaki Hanazono : If you try to play, then you'll be signing
your own death warrant.
Chiaki Hanazono : This is their territory. (0:11:39.92)
Chiaki Hanazono : Anyone who takes the game seriously
is just going to throw a wrench into their plans.
Chiaki Hanazono : Is pissing them off just to play basketball
really worth it to you?
Sora Kurumatani : It is. (0:11:54.33)
Chiaki Hanazono : Then... just do it. (0:11:56.67)
Sora Kurumatani : Huh? (0:11:58.88)
Chiaki Hanazono : You want to play basketball, right? (0:11:59.79)
Sora Kurumatani : Uh, I do, but... (0:12:01.92)
Chiaki Hanazono : What now? (0:12:04.33)
Chiaki Hanazono : Are you changing your mind on me? (0:12:05.58)
Sora Kurumatani : No, but, even if I wanted to...
the door is locked from the outside.
Chiaki Hanazono : You were saying? (0:12:16.96)
Sora Kurumatani : Nothing. (0:12:19.83)
Chiaki Hanazono : I won't lie to you. I hate weak little brats. (0:12:20.88)
Chiaki Hanazono : But I dig guys who refuse to give up,
even when the odds are against them.
Chiaki Hanazono : They're really going at it! (0:12:33.21)
Chiaki Hanazono : Look! (0:12:35.04)
Chiaki Hanazono : That girl over there is Madoka Yabuuchi.
She's the idol of the girls' basketball team.
Chiaki Hanazono : In case you're curious,
I know that her body measurements are 78-56-80.
Sora Kurumatani : It's the girl I saw earlier. (0:12:47.75)
Sora Kurumatani : So her name is "Madoka." (0:12:49.29)
Chiaki Hanazono : Well, hey there, ladies! (0:12:52.88)
Chiaki Hanazono : Sorry for the short notice,
but do you mind if we take half the court?
EXTRA : S-sure, we don't mind. (0:13:00.08)
Chiaki Hanazono : Thank you! (0:13:02.04)
Sora Kurumatani : Sh-she's looking my way. (0:13:07.67)
Sora Kurumatani : If she asks my height, I'm totally saying 160 centimeters! (0:13:10.25)
Sora Kurumatani : Although, I'm actually just 149... (0:13:13.88)
Madoka Yabuuchi : Hey, have a second? (0:13:16.71)
Sora Kurumatani : M-my height is 165 centimeters tall thanks for asking! (0:13:17.67)
Madoka Yabuuchi : The boys' team is dangerous. (0:13:28.13)
Madoka Yabuuchi : Be careful. (0:13:30.33)
EXTRA : Madoka! (0:13:33.29)
Madoka Yabuuchi : Sorry, I'm coming! (0:13:34.38)
Chiaki Hanazono : Hey, Pearly-butt-acne! (0:13:35.92)
Sora Kurumatani : It's "Kurumatani," jeez. (0:13:38.29)
Chiaki Hanazono : Check it! (0:13:40.71)
Chiaki Hanazono : Impressive, huh? (0:13:41.50)
Sora Kurumatani : This isn't the circus! (0:13:42.46)
Sora Kurumatani : I'm actually going to practice,
so please toss me one, uh...
Sora Kurumatani : Actually, I don't think you've told me your name yet. (0:13:49.46)
Chiaki Hanazono : Oh yeah? Well, my name is... (0:13:52.92)
Momoharu Hanazono : Yo, Chiaki. (0:13:55.25)
Momoharu Hanazono : The hell are you doing... (0:14:00.29)
Momoharu Hanazono : ...on my court? (0:14:02.63)
Sora Kurumatani : Hey, cut it out! Let me go! (0:14:06.71)
Sora Kurumatani : Give them back! (0:14:08.79)
Shinichi Yasuhara : Hey brat, didn't you get the message? (0:14:10.54)
Masahiro Saki : We told you not to practice in here without permission. (0:14:13.29)
Momoharu Hanazono : Listen here. I really hate assholes
who don't keep their word.
Momoharu Hanazono : Now I've got no choice. (0:14:20.54)
Momoharu Hanazono : These are going straight to the sewers. (0:14:22.50)
Sora Kurumatani : Get your hands off them!
Those are the shoes my mom gave me!
Masahiro Saki : Shut the hell up, mama's boy. (0:14:28.92)
Shinichi Yasuhara : Just have her go buy you a new pair. (0:14:31.29)
Sora Kurumatani : Seriously?! They're mine?! (0:14:38.38)
Sora Kurumatani : Awesome! (0:14:40.17)
EXTRA : I know you've always wanted them. (0:14:42.42)
Sora Kurumatani : But hey, if these shoes are mine now, then... (0:14:45.63)
Sora Kurumatani : won't have a pair left to use, mom! (0:14:48.88)
EXTRA : That's okay. Because I... (0:14:52.08)
EXTRA : ...don't need to wear them anymore. (0:14:55.00)
Sora Kurumatani : Dammit! (0:14:59.88)
Madoka Yabuuchi : Hey kid, are you all right? (0:15:01.33)
Madoka Yabuuchi : Oh no! Your nose is bleeding! (0:15:04.38)
Madoka Yabuuchi : Those jerks are just the absolute worst. (0:15:06.67)
Madoka Yabuuchi : But it's a good thing that all they did were take his shoes. (0:15:09.17)
Sora Kurumatani : No, it's not... (0:15:12.88)
Madoka Yabuuchi : Huh? (0:15:14.21)
Sora Kurumatani : Those shoes are way too important to just give up. (0:15:15.38)
Sora Kurumatani : I'd rather die than lose them! (0:15:17.63)
Shinichi Yasuhara : Too easy! (0:15:23.42)
Shinichi Yasuhara : Come back and fight us
when you grow out of those diapers of yours, kid.
Shinichi Yasuhara : Go back to kindergarten, you'll fit in better. (0:15:28.63)
Sora Kurumatani : Give them back...! (0:15:35.58)
Shinichi Yasuhara : You damn runt! Let go! (0:15:38.63)
Momoharu Hanazono : That's enough, Yasu. (0:15:41.96)
Shinichi Yasuhara : Huh? (0:15:43.83)
Momoharu Hanazono : I suppose we did force you
into making that promise with us.
Momoharu Hanazono : So I'll spare your shoes
from becoming friends with the turds.
Sora Kurumatani : Damn right you will! Give them back right now! (0:15:52.04)
Momoharu Hanazono : It would be a pain to find a sewer grate
to dump them in, anyway.
Momoharu Hanazono : I'll settle with a trip to the incinerator instead. (0:15:58.42)
Momoharu Hanazono : Pipsqueaks like you
always suck out on the court, anyway.
Chiaki Hanazono : No incinerator today. (0:16:12.96)
Momoharu Hanazono : Chiaki! (0:16:16.13)
Momoharu Hanazono : Let go, shithead! (0:16:20.25)
Chiaki Hanazono : Not happening. (0:16:22.04)
Madoka Yabuuchi : Come here. (0:16:22.92)
Sora Kurumatani : Huh? (0:16:23.88)
Madoka Yabuuchi : You don't want to get mixed up
in what's about to happen.
Sora Kurumatani : Wait, what do you mean by that? (0:16:28.29)
EXTRA : If they start having an all-out fight in here... (0:16:31.04)
EXTRA : ...then the gym is going to get shredded to pieces. (0:16:34.21)
Sora Kurumatani : Huh? (0:16:36.79)
EXTRA : Chiaki Hanazono... (0:16:38.33)
EXTRA : ...and his twin brother, Momoharu! (0:16:40.71)
EXTRA : Those two completely dominate everybody
in Kuzuryu High School.
EXTRA : They're the twins from hell! (0:16:46.33)
Shinichi Yasuhara : Hell yeah! The Shining Wizard! (0:16:51.46)
Sora Kurumatani : But why? (0:16:58.00)
Sora Kurumatani : I thought... you were a basketball team... (0:16:59.33)
Sora Kurumatani : Why don't any of you just play basketball?! (0:17:03.08)
Chiaki Hanazono : Huh? (0:17:05.63)
Chiaki Hanazono : Did I forget to tell you? (0:17:06.54)
Chiaki Hanazono : We're all members of the team,
but none of us actually want to play basketball.
Sora Kurumatani : And why is that? (0:17:13.17)
Chiaki Hanazono : Well... (0:17:14.63)
Chiaki Hanazono :'s just too much effort! (0:17:15.71)
Chiaki Hanazono : I mean, basketball is one of those sports
with too many damn rules.
Chiaki Hanazono : They really just suck all of the fun out of it. (0:17:20.92)
Chiaki Hanazono : There are three words that I hate more than anything. (0:17:24.58)
Chiaki Hanazono : "Rules," "Regulations," and "Requirements." (0:17:28.04)
Chiaki Hanazono : Like I said before, I dig your good vibes, man. (0:17:31.54)
Chiaki Hanazono : That's why, I'm going to tell you one more time. (0:17:35.17)
Chiaki Hanazono : Just quit trying to play basketball at this school. (0:17:40.79)
Chiaki Hanazono : Even if they have wings,
birds can never fly without the sky.
EXTRA : Just you watch! (0:17:50.17)
EXTRA : I'm going to become a legendary B-baller,
just like you were, Mom!
EXTRA : Oh, really? (0:17:57.58)
EXTRA : Great! I can't wait to see you on the court. (0:17:58.75)
Sora Kurumatani : I get it. (0:18:07.75)
Sora Kurumatani : But... (0:18:09.54)
Sora Kurumatani : ...let's play a game! (0:18:11.13)
EXTRA : What? Are you crazy? (0:18:13.96)
EXTRA : I'll go and get a teacher! (0:18:15.79)
Madoka Yabuuchi : Wait! Let's just see how this plays out. (0:18:17.54)
Madoka Yabuuchi : I get the feeling that kid
is going to treat us to a real show.
Momoharu Hanazono : You want us to shove you in a locker this time, brat? (0:18:24.71)
Sora Kurumatani : You're on the basketball team. (0:18:28.75)
Sora Kurumatani : So let's sort this out on the court. (0:18:31.00)
Momoharu Hanazono : Huh? (0:18:32.67)
Sora Kurumatani : If I lose, then I'll quit trying to play basketball here. (0:18:33.92)
Sora Kurumatani : But in exchange, if I win then I want you
to let me join the team.
Momoharu Hanazono : Sorry, but you're not going to provoke us
into taking up that deal.
Chiaki Hanazono : We're so far out of practice that there's no way (0:18:46.58)
Chiaki Hanazono : any of us could actually win a one-on-one. (0:18:48.83)
Sora Kurumatani : Who said anything about one-on-one? (0:18:52.29)
Chiaki Hanazono : What? (0:18:55.08)
Sora Kurumatani : Five-on-one is fine. (0:18:56.13)
Sora Kurumatani : I'll take all of you on at once! (0:18:58.25)
Shinichi Yasuhara : Don't get cocky, pipsqueak! (0:19:03.54)
Masahiro Saki : Five-on-one, huh? That's pretty ballsy. (0:19:05.29)
Sora Kurumatani : A-are you ready to play...? (0:19:08.08)
Shinichi Yasuhara : Bring it on! (0:19:10.96)
Shinichi Yasuhara : We'll see just how tough you are
after you lose, brat!
Chiaki Hanazono : I gotta say, you're pretty good at roping people in... (0:19:14.79)
Chiaki Hanazono : ...Kurumatani. (0:19:17.88)
Sora Kurumatani : S-so then, does that mean you'll be joining us, Chiaki? (0:19:19.58)
Chiaki Hanazono : Huh? (0:19:23.17)
Chiaki Hanazono : Who, me? I'm gonna have to pass. (0:19:24.17)
Chiaki Hanazono : I mean, that's just too much effort. (0:19:27.33)
Chiaki Hanazono : That's why I'm proposing... (0:19:29.96)
Chiaki Hanazono : ...that Madoka here steps in for me instead! (0:19:31.29)
Sora Kurumatani : Huh? (0:19:33.88)
EXTRA : What? Why should she?! (0:19:34.96)
Chiaki Hanazono : He wants this to be a legit five-on-one match, (0:19:37.21)
Chiaki Hanazono : which means that someone has to fill my spot
since I'm not playing.
Chiaki Hanazono : Okay! I'll be watching from the sidelines,
so let's get this party started.
Momoharu Hanazono : Running away again, huh? (0:19:51.38)
Momoharu Hanazono : You never fuckin' change. (0:19:53.88)
EXTRA : Don't even bother with these guys, Madoka! (0:20:00.42)
EXTRA : That's right! (0:20:02.58)
EXTRA : They're just trying to make you look like a bully, too! (0:20:03.38)
EXTRA : Actually, how can they even think
that Madoka would take this seriously?
Sora Kurumatani : Um... (0:20:10.75)
Sora Kurumatani : I-I have a little favor to ask. (0:20:12.42)
Sora Kurumatani : Please play! (0:20:15.13)
Sora Kurumatani : And don't hold back! (0:20:16.17)
Madoka Yabuuchi : Sure. (0:20:19.58)
EXTRA : He'll win this match if he gets past
all 5 defenders and scores just a single basket.
EXTRA : Is everyone agreed? (0:20:33.12)
Sora Kurumatani : Okay! (0:20:34.13)
Momoharu Hanazono : Fat chance, kid! (0:20:54.75)
EXTRA : He did it! (0:21:08.83)
EXTRA : Whoa! Awesome fake! (0:21:09.75)
Madoka Yabuuchi : No, that wasn't a fake! (0:21:11.13)
Madoka Yabuuchi : Momoharu anticipated the move he was making
and totally shut him out.
Madoka Yabuuchi : But then that kid... he used a spin
to force his way out and get past!
Madoka Yabuuchi : He backed off? (0:21:28.08)
Madoka Yabuuchi : A jump shot?! From here?! (0:21:32.13)
EXTRA : A Duck-in! (0:21:40.67)
EXTRA : So low! (0:21:41.46)
Madoka Yabuuchi : That wasn't any ordinary Duck-in. (0:21:43.33)
Madoka Yabuuchi : This kid... (0:21:45.67)
Madoka Yabuuchi : ...he just dove straight under! (0:21:47.79)
EXTRA : Doredake sora o miagetatte
It didn't matter how long you stared up at the sky
EXTRA : Boku wa tobenai to kimi wa itta
You always said that you would never be able to fly
EXTRA : Ato nankai te o nobaseba
One night I cried wondering how long it would take
EXTRA : Todoku no darou to naita yoru
Until I could finally reach you with my hands
EXTRA : Nigedasu koto ni nareteitte
Eventually I got used to just running away
EXTRA : Sore ga yowasa dato shitta ano hi
Until the day I realized that was a weakness
EXTRA : Hajimeyou mata, kyou kara
So let's start it all over, right now
EXTRA : Taisetsu na mono wa itsudemo soba ni atta
The things precious to us were always close at hand
EXTRA : Bokura wa itsumo hitori janai donna toki mo
We are never completely alone at any time in our lives
EXTRA : Toberu sa doko made mo kimi wa
The truth is that you can fly, wherever you want
EXTRA : Dare yori tataku tataku habataite
Spreading your wings to go far higher than anyone else
EXTRA : Nagashita namida no kazu dake
The more tears that you shed
EXTRA : Tsuyoku narunda
Then the stronger you become
EXTRA : Tsubasa hiroge sekai o megutte
Let's use those wings to travel the world over
EXTRA : Dare mo shiranai mirai o sagasou
And find a path to a future that no one knows about
EXTRA : Zutto, zutto, zutto
Always, always, always
EXTRA : Aruite yukou saa, issho ni
Walking onwards, all of us together
EXTRA : Ahiru No Sora
Next Time: Boys Without Talent

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