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Aoba Suzukaze : It's spring. (0:00:03.39)
Aoba Suzukaze : And practically a year to
the day since I joined Eagle Jump.
Aoba Suzukaze : I'm well and used to the company by now. (0:00:09.65)
Aoba Suzukaze : Hi, I'm Suzukaze Aoba.
Feel free to ask me for help.
Aoba Suzukaze : Hi, I'm Suzukaze Aoba.
Feel free to ask me for help.
Aoba Suzukaze : And now, it's my turn to take
a fresh batch of new hires under my wing!
Rin Tooyama : Good morning. Something on your mind? (0:00:27.96)
Aoba Suzukaze : Toyama-san! Good morning! (0:00:30.74)
Aoba Suzukaze : It's just, the thought of being a role model
for the new hires gave me butterflies.
Rin Tooyama : But we're not hiring anybody new this year. (0:00:38.00)
Aoba Suzukaze : Huh? (0:00:44.14)
Aoba Suzukaze : What?! (0:00:45.06)
Rin Tooyama : I'm sorry. We're just not that big a company. (0:00:48.97)
Aoba Suzukaze : Of all the embarrassing things
to be caught doing...
Rin Tooyama : Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. (0:00:55.81)
Rin Tooyama : Oh. Can I get you something to drink? (0:00:58.37)
Aoba Suzukaze : That would be great, thanks. (0:01:00.76)
Aoba Suzukaze : May I have some coffee?
With milk and sugar, please.
Rin Tooyama : Got it. (0:01:07.66)
Aoba Suzukaze : Yagami-san? Did you stay the night? (0:01:14.49)
Kou Yagami : Morning... (0:01:20.47)
Kou Yagami : I had something I wanted to finish up. (0:01:23.27)
Aoba Suzukaze : I seem to recall a similar situation
exactly one year ago.
Kou Yagami : A year ago? (0:01:32.30)
Kou Yagami : Right... I guess it's April already. (0:01:34.40)
Aoba Suzukaze : I've gotten desensitized to
seeing Yagami-san in her underwear!
Kou Yagami : What's wrong? (0:01:43.20)
Aoba Suzukaze : C-Could you please put something on already? (0:01:44.43)
Kou Yagami : Huh? You weren't complaining a second ago! (0:01:46.96)
Rin Tooyama : Good morning.
Want some too, Ko-chan?
Kou Yagami : Sure, thanks! (0:01:51.73)
Kou Yagami : Aoba, you taking your coffee black? (0:01:56.19)
Aoba Suzukaze : Huh? Well, no. (0:01:58.80)
Aoba Suzukaze : Black coffee tastes bad,
so mine has milk and sugar.
Kou Yagami : Oh? So you have matured a bit. (0:02:04.15)
Hajime Shinoda : Good morning! (0:02:08.27)
Aoba Suzukaze : Oh, good morning. (0:02:11.15)
Hajime Shinoda : Today's the day the new hires arrive, right? (0:02:13.59)
Hajime Shinoda : Gotta make sure I keep my cool this year! (0:02:17.05)
Aoba Suzukaze : Huh? (0:02:19.97)
Hajime Shinoda : Hi, I'm Shinoda Hajime.
If you need anything, just ask!
Hajime Shinoda : Oh, please, call me Hajime-san. (0:02:25.23)
Hajime Shinoda : Or something like that. (0:02:28.58)
Aoba Suzukaze : Hajime-san, were you watching me earlier? (0:02:30.45)
Hajime Shinoda : Huh? Watching what? (0:02:32.97)
Yun Iijima : Mornin'. (0:02:35.33)
Hajime Shinoda : Morning, Yun. (0:02:36.80)
Yun Iijima : What's this I hear? New hires? (0:02:38.99)
Hajime Shinoda : Yeah. Just making sure we
don't let our nerves get to us.
Aoba Suzukaze : Um, actually... (0:02:44.94)
Hifumi Takimoto : N-New people? (0:02:46.14)
Aoba Suzukaze : Oh, good morning, Hifumi-senpai. (0:02:49.39)
Hifumi Takimoto : What if they're awful? (0:02:53.08)
Hifumi Takimoto : I-I-I don't know what I'd do! (0:02:54.83)
Aoba Suzukaze : It's okay! We're not actually
taking anyone this year.
Yun Iijima : Shucks. Just Hajime jumpin' the gun, huh? (0:03:01.79)
Hajime Shinoda : I'm torn between disappointment and relief. (0:03:04.74)
Yun Iijima : Meanin' Aoba-chan's still
the youngest and newest here.
Aoba Suzukaze : No kidding. (0:03:12.80)
Rin Tooyama : Ko-chan, don't you think you
should get dressed already?
Kou Yagami : Oh, shoot! I totally forgot. (0:03:18.81)
Yun Iijima : Didja stay the night again, Yagami-san? (0:03:21.68)
Hajime Shinoda : We're not even that busy right now. (0:03:24.79)
Hajime Shinoda : All we're doing is helping out other teams. (0:03:27.22)
Kou Yagami : I wanted to reach a good stopping point. (0:03:30.43)
Kou Yagami : It's best to get what we can out of
the way before our next project starts.
Hajime Shinoda : When d'you think they'll
figure out our next project?
Rin Tooyama : Hazuki-san's running late with her part. (0:03:42.03)
Aoba Suzukaze : Upsy-daisy. (0:03:45.28)
Aoba Suzukaze : Say, Mozuku-chan. (0:03:46.58)
Aoba Suzukaze : Any idea what kind of game
your owner has in mind?
Umiko Ahagon : Has anyone here seen Hazuki-san? (0:03:53.71)
Aoba Suzukaze : Good morning, Umiko-san. (0:03:57.15)
Rin Tooyama : Hazuki-san should be here already.
Especially seeing as Mozuku-chan is here.
Umiko Ahagon : Well, this is a problem. (0:04:05.51)
Umiko Ahagon : I wanted her feedback on
the new prototype as soon as possible.
Kou Yagami : What's the rush? (0:04:10.85)
Kou Yagami : We'll be busy enough once the project starts. (0:04:13.27)
Kou Yagami : Now's our chance to kick back
and have some fun.
Umiko Ahagon : I could say the same to you. (0:04:18.40)
Umiko Ahagon : I see you stayed overnight working again. (0:04:20.34)
Umiko Ahagon : Incidentally, I also had an all-nighter
recently, playing airsoft in the mountains.
Kou Yagami : B-Bundle of energy, aren't you? (0:04:27.99)
Hajime Shinoda : I hear ya, though. I'm down to have
some fun before it gets busy again.
Yun Iijima : It ain't like you need an excuse. (0:04:34.12)
Aoba Suzukaze : But, wow... (0:04:37.13)
Aoba Suzukaze : Our new game is just around the corner! (0:04:38.38)
Kou Yagami : Aoba, hold still. (0:04:44.38)
Kou Yagami : What say we have a cherry
blossom viewing tomorrow?
EXTRA : Cherry Blossom Viewing Tomorrow!! (0:04:55.98)
Shizuku Hazuki : This isn't good. (0:04:57.02)
Shizuku Hazuki : One last push and I'll be done,
but I'm just not feeling it,
Shizuku Hazuki : so I've barely made any... (0:05:02.32)
Shizuku Hazuki : T-Takimoto-kun is smiling! S-So cute! (0:05:06.86)
Shizuku Hazuki : Ahem. Quite the lively talk, here. (0:05:11.62)
Yun Iijima : Ah, Hazuki-san. (0:05:14.27)
Hajime Shinoda : Good morning. (0:05:15.82)
Shizuku Hazuki : So what's this discussion about? (0:05:17.30)
Aoba Suzukaze : Hajime-san suggested we experiment
with models that are easier to animate.
Aoba Suzukaze : Hifumi-senpai was coming up with all
these ideas like you wouldn't believe!
Hifumi Takimoto : It was... nothing special... (0:05:29.51)
Shizuku Hazuki : I'm sorry. I couldn't help it,
you were so cute.
Shizuku Hazuki : It's just, you've gotten so much
more expressive, Takimoto-kun.
Shizuku Hazuki : I think that's great. (0:05:42.97)
Hifumi Takimoto : Thank you... (0:05:45.32)
Aoba Suzukaze : By the way, we were talking about it earlier, (0:05:46.95)
Aoba Suzukaze : but what's the new game
shaping up to be like?
Shizuku Hazuki : I've had Umiko-kun working on
a prototype based on preliminary specs
Shizuku Hazuki : so we could try out some ideas,
but it's been difficult.
Aoba Suzukaze : I see. (0:06:01.88)
Shizuku Hazuki : Really, if any of you can bring
in a good enough proposal,
Shizuku Hazuki : it could very well be accepted. (0:06:07.18)
Aoba Suzukaze : Huh? Really? (0:06:08.93)
Hajime Shinoda : Then I vote we do a hero team! (0:06:10.66)
Hajime Shinoda : Though a magical girl game is tempting, too. (0:06:13.65)
Yun Iijima : Is that all ya think about? (0:06:16.32)
Hajime Shinoda : What about you, Yun? (0:06:17.57)
Yun Iijima : I reckon somethin' more serious sounds good. (0:06:18.97)
Aoba Suzukaze : I think I'd still go with fantasy. (0:06:21.82)
Shizuku Hazuki : When anything's on the table,
it can be hard to decide.
Shizuku Hazuki : And you, Takimoto-kun? (0:06:27.98)
Hifumi Takimoto : Huh?! (0:06:29.18)
Hifumi Takimoto : I... (0:06:30.12)
Hifumi Takimoto : agree with Aoba-chan... (0:06:31.73)
Shizuku Hazuki : Do you? Stick to what we know
and keep doing fantasy, then?
Hajime Shinoda : Oh, yeah! We're going cherry
blossom viewing tomorrow.
Yun Iijima : We're invitin' some other teams, too.
'Course, you're also welcome, Hazuki-san.
Shizuku Hazuki : I'd be happy to join in.
I'll even bring some goodies.
Aoba Suzukaze : Yay! (0:06:52.01)
Nene Sakura : Target acquired! (0:06:59.69)
Nene Sakura : Now, how should I surprise her? (0:07:01.40)
Nene Sakura : She spotted me?! (0:07:07.64)
Nene Sakura : I-It couldn't be!
Not at this distance, for sure....
Nene Sakura : Must have been a coincidence. (0:07:14.42)
Nene Sakura : Huh? She's gone. (0:07:16.53)
Nene Sakura : Hello? (0:07:20.09)
Umiko Ahagon : Found you. (0:07:21.10)
Umiko Ahagon : Such a novice mistake,
taking your eyes off your target.
Nene Sakura : Wh-Where are you?! (0:07:27.20)
Umiko Ahagon : Behind you. (0:07:29.51)
Umiko Ahagon : Bang. (0:07:33.89)
Umiko Ahagon : Wrong side. (0:07:35.08)
Nene Sakura : Come on! (0:07:36.26)
Nene Sakura : Mmm, yummy... (0:07:41.02)
Umiko Ahagon : I see you haven't changed. (0:07:42.69)
Nene Sakura : That red bean sundae looks good, too! (0:07:45.43)
Umiko Ahagon : Would you like some? (0:07:47.77)
Nene Sakura : Can I?! (0:07:49.02)
Nene Sakura : Okay, ah! (0:07:50.12)
Umiko Ahagon : Well, I'll just think of it
like feeding an animal.
Nene Sakura : Mmm, yum... (0:08:01.18)
Nene Sakura : Okay, your turn! (0:08:02.91)
Umiko Ahagon : I'm fine, thank you. (0:08:05.88)
Nene Sakura : Huh? Don't tell me you're embarrassed? (0:08:07.88)
Umiko Ahagon : I most certainly am not. (0:08:11.65)
Nene Sakura : Really? (0:08:13.45)
Umiko Ahagon : All right, fine. I'll have some. (0:08:15.72)
Nene Sakura : Then say, "Ah!" (0:08:18.51)
Nene Sakura : Too slow! Yoink! (0:08:21.02)
Nene Sakura : I was just kidding! I didn't mean it, okay? (0:08:25.35)
Umiko Ahagon : So, what is it that you wanted my help with? (0:08:32.32)
Umiko Ahagon : I'm afraid I won't be of much help
if it's about your college studies.
Nene Sakura : It's not that. (0:08:39.86)
Nene Sakura : Um, promise you won't laugh? (0:08:43.33)
Umiko Ahagon : I might, depending. (0:08:46.33)
Nene Sakura : You meanie! (0:08:48.27)
EXTRA : Single Player
Two Player
Umiko Ahagon : A game? (0:08:50.46)
Umiko Ahagon : You made this? (0:08:51.84)
Nene Sakura : Yep! Ain't it something? (0:08:53.99)
EXTRA : Single Player
Two Players
Umiko Ahagon : Well, the art is sure something. (0:08:58.60)
Nene Sakura : Cut me some slack! I can't draw. (0:09:00.69)
Nene Sakura : But it actually runs and everything, see? (0:09:04.18)
Nene Sakura : You can jump and even attack. (0:09:07.13)
Nene Sakura : It crashed again! (0:09:11.23)
Umiko Ahagon : I take it you want help with programming, (0:09:13.24)
Umiko Ahagon : which is why you called me. (0:09:16.68)
Nene Sakura : Before, I couldn't even get it to start. (0:09:18.78)
Nene Sakura : But once it gets going, it seems to work fine. (0:09:22.29)
Umiko Ahagon : Come over here, and let me have a look. (0:09:26.99)
Nene Sakura : Sure thing! (0:09:30.67)
Umiko Ahagon : Right here. Do you see it? (0:09:35.13)
Nene Sakura : It was stuck in an infinite loop! (0:09:38.58)
Nene Sakura : I see. Spotted like a true pro! (0:09:41.03)
Umiko Ahagon : Do you enjoy programming? (0:09:44.68)
Nene Sakura : I dunno. It's pretty hard. (0:09:47.94)
Nene Sakura : But I think I sort of understand
how Aocchi feels now.
Nene Sakura : It's not the same as drawing, (0:09:54.99)
Nene Sakura : but it's neat watching your
creation come together.
Nene Sakura : Plus, now I kinda get how programmers feel
when they pray that nobody finds any bugs.
Umiko Ahagon : You never considered that while debugging? (0:10:05.00)
Umiko Ahagon : Though, if anything, it's more worrying
when none are found at all.
Nene Sakura : Oh? Really? (0:10:12.87)
Umiko Ahagon : It's only natural to have bugs. (0:10:14.88)
Umiko Ahagon : Fixing them and improving the product
are all part of the workflow.
Umiko Ahagon : Having none at all is irregular. (0:10:21.14)
Nene Sakura : I see. So it's okay to have bugs. (0:10:24.51)
Nene Sakura : That makes me feel better. (0:10:28.36)
Umiko Ahagon : Of course, a bug this elementary
speaks to your skill level.
Nene Sakura : Yeah, I know! (0:10:33.94)
Umiko Ahagon : Anyway, show me again once
you've made some more progress.
Nene Sakura : Does this mean I have potential? (0:10:41.53)
Umiko Ahagon : You take things far too positively. (0:10:45.03)
Nene Sakura : Oh, and don't tell Aocchi.
At least not until I finish this game.
Umiko Ahagon : Yes, all right. (0:10:53.44)
Hifumi Takimoto : I used to be... too tense
to show my feelings...
Hifumi Takimoto : but I did my best to change...
and people saw that,
Hifumi Takimoto : Sojiro. (0:11:05.68)
Shizuku Hazuki : And you, Takimoto-kun? (0:11:15.63)
Hifumi Takimoto : Huh?! (0:11:16.68)
Hifumi Takimoto : I... (0:11:17.83)
Hifumi Takimoto : agree with Aoba-chan... (0:11:19.37)
Hifumi Takimoto : But... I couldn't bring myself...
to voice my own opinion.
Hifumi Takimoto : I have to stop... making that face! (0:11:31.06)
Aoba Suzukaze : My thoughts on the last
project's development?
Rin Tooyama : That's right. (0:11:42.38)
Rin Tooyama : Every April, we ask employees for feedback
regarding their work over the past year.
Rin Tooyama : What went well, what could have gone better,
or even your goals for the future.
Rin Tooyama : Anything you want to say? (0:11:53.20)
Aoba Suzukaze : U-Um... Will anything I say here negatively
impact my performance report?
Rin Tooyama : N-No, of course not! (0:12:00.91)
Aoba Suzukaze : Then... (0:12:03.86)
Aoba Suzukaze : Why is our team only women? (0:12:04.92)
Shizuku Hazuki : So you've caught on. (0:12:09.94)
Shizuku Hazuki : Still, don't you think it's better this way? (0:12:11.98)
Aoba Suzukaze : S-So it's all a matter of your preferences? (0:12:14.81)
Rin Tooyama : Not at all! Our hiring practices are
based on skill and personality!
Rin Tooyama : The team happened to end up all female! (0:12:21.23)
Rin Tooyama : You and your silly jokes, Hazuki-san! (0:12:23.16)
Shizuku Hazuki : Ah, but say we let men in,
and one of them snatches Yagami from you.
Shizuku Hazuki : Could you live with that, Toyama-kun? (0:12:30.15)
Rin Tooyama : We're not talking about me right now! (0:12:32.43)
Shizuku Hazuki : Do you have any other thoughts, Suzukaze-kun? (0:12:34.81)
Aoba Suzukaze : Yes. Um... (0:12:38.27)
Aoba Suzukaze : It was a privilege to help out under
my role model, Yagami-san.
Aoba Suzukaze : I couldn't have asked for more
from this past year.
Aoba Suzukaze : I only hope I'll be able
to contribute even more
Aoba Suzukaze : and create all sorts of characters,
not just villagers.
Shizuku Hazuki : I see. (0:12:56.47)
Shizuku Hazuki : Although, you can be greedier, you know. (0:12:57.82)
Aoba Suzukaze : Greedier? You mean about my salary? (0:13:00.88)
Shizuku Hazuki : Well, that's important, too. (0:13:04.73)
Kou Yagami : Things to improve on? (0:13:07.61)
Kou Yagami : Personally, I think everything
went pretty well this time around.
Shizuku Hazuki : The two of you had great chemistry
and made for a good team.
Kou Yagami : That's for sure.
Rin was always there to save my neck.
Rin Tooyama : But there's no telling when
our relationship might change.
Kou Yagami : Huh? (0:13:25.71)
Rin Tooyama : Ko-chan! (0:13:26.49)
Rin Tooyama : I-If you ever find someone you want
to marry, please be honest with me!
Rin Tooyama : That's just how life goes, I know! (0:13:31.51)
Kou Yagami : Huh? (0:13:33.65)
Shizuku Hazuki : Looks like the no-men policy stays. (0:13:34.51)
Hifumi Takimoto : My... goals? (0:13:37.75)
Hifumi Takimoto : Um... (0:13:41.21)
Hifumi Takimoto : Uh... (0:13:46.05)
Hifumi Takimoto : I... want to overcome... my social anxiety... (0:13:49.18)
Shizuku Hazuki : Attagirl! You show 'em! (0:13:53.47)
Rin Tooyama : Please take this seriously. (0:13:55.41)
Hifumi Takimoto : U-Um... (0:13:58.55)
Hifumi Takimoto : Yesterday... I said I wanted
the same genre as Aoba-chan...
Hifumi Takimoto : but I'd actually prefer
a more modern setting...
Hifumi Takimoto : or maybe... a stylish sort of world... (0:14:11.68)
Hifumi Takimoto : That's... all... (0:14:15.96)
Shizuku Hazuki : Oh goodness, I'm sorry. (0:14:18.98)
Shizuku Hazuki : Relax. I was just surprised. (0:14:20.81)
Shizuku Hazuki : Good on you for telling me. Thank you. (0:14:23.68)
Shizuku Hazuki : We'll take it into consideration. (0:14:26.24)
Hifumi Takimoto : R-Right... (0:14:28.05)
Rin Tooyama : Could you save that for after the meeting? (0:14:31.90)
Shizuku Hazuki : Ah, yes. Takimoto-kun, any interest
in being character team leader?
Shizuku Hazuki : For the next project, Toyama-kun's moving up
to producer and Yagami-kun to art director.
Shizuku Hazuki : So we're looking for someone else
to lead the character team.
Rin Tooyama : N-No one's forcing you, don't worry. (0:14:49.99)
Rin Tooyama : I think she was too shocked
to absorb any of that.
Umiko Ahagon : Myself, the lead programmer? (0:14:58.25)
Umiko Ahagon : That seems like the sensible assignment. (0:15:01.18)
Shizuku Hazuki : If only you could give Takimoto-kun
half the self-assurance you have.
Umiko Ahagon : I'm not sure how I'd do that, (0:15:09.55)
Umiko Ahagon : but I'll take the role of lead
under one condition.
Shizuku Hazuki : What's that? (0:15:13.98)
Umiko Ahagon : Each time you change the specs,
I get to punish you....
Umiko Ahagon : with a forehead flick. (0:15:18.22)
Shizuku Hazuki : B-But we can't not update the specs! (0:15:19.87)
Shizuku Hazuki : Would you rather release a bad game? (0:15:22.18)
Umiko Ahagon : I am well aware of that. (0:15:23.86)
Umiko Ahagon : I simply want you to make
changes responsibly.
Umiko Ahagon : You're always waltzing into our cubicles,
gleefully announcing, "New design specs!"
Umiko Ahagon : But have you considered how we feel,
knowing we'll have to rewrite our code?
Umiko Ahagon : Knowing it's another night at the office? (0:15:39.62)
Shizuku Hazuki : Who knew that under that stern face (0:15:43.63)
Shizuku Hazuki : you were so sweet and caring toward your teammates, Umiko-chan? (0:15:46.19)
Umiko Ahagon : Would you prefer this? (0:15:51.01)
Shizuku Hazuki : I'll take the forehead flick! (0:15:52.76)
Rin Tooyama : I'll be overseeing the project too, this time, (0:15:54.82)
Rin Tooyama : so I won't let things get too out of hand. (0:15:57.55)
Shizuku Hazuki : And as far as I'm concerned, being flicked
on the forehead by a girl is a reward!
Shizuku Hazuki : Even if it's from you, Umiko-kun. (0:16:05.11)
Umiko Ahagon : Then we have an agreement. (0:16:10.49)
Shizuku Hazuki : I, Hazuki Shizuku, had no idea then
that I would come to rue the day
Shizuku Hazuki : that I blithely agreed
to have my forehead flicked.
Hajime Shinoda : I've brought a game proposal! (0:16:23.21)
Rin Tooyama : A proposal? (0:16:25.58)
EXTRA : Go To Five (0:16:25.58b)
Shizuku Hazuki : Oh, it came up in our discussion yesterday. (0:16:26.74)
Shizuku Hazuki : But I didn't expect anyone
to complete one overnight.
Shizuku Hazuki : I'm afraid this won't cut it. (0:16:39.09)
Hajime Shinoda : Figures... (0:16:40.56)
Shizuku Hazuki : Do you know why this won't work? (0:16:42.19)
Hajime Shinoda : Well, I knew we'd never
do a hero team project.
Hajime Shinoda : I just couldn't let it go. (0:16:47.44)
Shizuku Hazuki : Yes, you're right. (0:16:48.94)
Shizuku Hazuki : But this proposal
clearly shows your passion.
Shizuku Hazuki : That part is very important. (0:16:55.78)
Shizuku Hazuki : What's your target demographic? (0:16:59.12)
Hajime Shinoda : I imagined it as being for kids, (0:17:01.96)
Hajime Shinoda : but I guess the battle system
is more for older players.
Hajime Shinoda : So you're saying I should
focus on one audience!
Shizuku Hazuki : Right. That would help. (0:17:12.36)
Hajime Shinoda : Can I bring this to you again? (0:17:15.21)
Shizuku Hazuki : Of course. I personally thought
the battle system was well done,
Shizuku Hazuki : so I'd like you to expand on that. (0:17:21.49)
Hajime Shinoda : You got it! (0:17:23.31)
Rin Tooyama : You know we can't accept
every proposal that's good.
Shizuku Hazuki : I'll make sure she doesn't disrupt anything. (0:17:31.11)
Yun Iijima : Well, I got twin younger siblings,
a brother and sister.
Yun Iijima : Hearin' them say the game was fun
sure put a smile on my heart.
Rin Tooyama : I'm glad to hear that. (0:17:42.62)
Yun Iijima : Also, I'm mighty awed by how
both Aoba-chan and Hajime have goals
Yun Iijima : and interests they're pursuin'. (0:17:50.17)
Yun Iijima : Meanwhile... (0:17:52.71)
Yun Iijima : here I more or less happened upon this job, (0:17:54.11)
Yun Iijima : so I ain't so sure I belong. (0:17:57.02)
Rin Tooyama : Do you dislike your current position? (0:17:59.30)
Yun Iijima : Oh, no, that ain't it! (0:18:01.30)
Yun Iijima : I'm still learnin', but I like
animals and monsters, so it's fun.
Rin Tooyama : None of us have a bad word to say
about your work or passion.
Rin Tooyama : So I really think you
shouldn't sell yourself short.
Rin Tooyama : I know it can be difficult to figure out
what you want to do,
Rin Tooyama : but I hope you'll at least
stay with us until then.
Rin Tooyama : You're as valuable a member of
the team as anyone.
Yun Iijima : Right... (0:18:26.50)
Shizuku Hazuki : And that does it. (0:18:29.73)
Rin Tooyama : Yes, that's everyone. (0:18:30.92)
Shizuku Hazuki : They were all so cute. (0:18:33.51)
Shizuku Hazuki : They've grown into quite the fine team, (0:18:35.42)
Shizuku Hazuki : don't you think? (0:18:37.86)
Rin Tooyama : Yes, of course. (0:18:39.56)
Rin Tooyama : And this cute team of yours is
waiting for the new project to begin.
Shizuku Hazuki : Right. Well, I'm in a good
mood to be productive.
Shizuku Hazuki : So, the cherry blossom viewing's tonight. (0:18:49.69)
Shizuku Hazuki : I wonder what I should bring. (0:18:52.53)
Rin Tooyama : You'll be staying till
you finish your work.
Rin Tooyama : A shame, I know. (0:18:57.58)
Shizuku Hazuki : You're kidding! (0:18:58.82)
Rin Tooyama : I made us some food. (0:19:04.89)
Rin Tooyama : Please, help yourselves. (0:19:06.79)
Aoba Suzukaze : Wow, it looks delicious! (0:19:09.11)
Shizuku Hazuki : I bought some sushi. (0:19:10.92)
Shizuku Hazuki : I didn't have the chance
to cook like Toyama-kun.
Hajime Shinoda : Wow! Talk about a treat! (0:19:17.07)
Yun Iijima : I just brought some sweets. (0:19:19.05)
Hifumi Takimoto : I brought... some sake... (0:19:22.05)
Aoba Suzukaze : Cheers! (0:19:26.35)
Shizuku Hazuki : Cheers! (0:19:26.35)
Kou Yagami : So good! (0:19:29.92)
Kou Yagami : Mmm, so good! Your cooking is the best, Rin! (0:19:33.23)
Rin Tooyama : Say that one more time. (0:19:44.35)
Kou Yagami : Huh? Why? (0:19:46.12)
Rin Tooyama : Just because! (0:19:47.35)
Kou Yagami : Ooh, this looks good, too! (0:19:48.53)
Rin Tooyama : Huh? (0:19:51.00)
Kou Yagami : That fatty tuna is mine! (0:19:51.58)
Hajime Shinoda : Hey! There aren't enough for everyone! (0:19:55.38)
Kou Yagami : You snooze, you lose. (0:19:58.82)
Hajime Shinoda : Fine! Then the sea urchin's mine! (0:20:00.29)
Kou Yagami : And one for you, Aoba.
For your one-year anniversary.
Aoba Suzukaze : Huh? For me? (0:20:05.80)
Aoba Suzukaze : Oh, no... Wasabi. Now what? (0:20:09.87)
Kou Yagami : Whoops. Can't handle wasabi? (0:20:12.10)
Aoba Suzukaze : N-No, I can handle it just fine! (0:20:14.75)
Kou Yagami : Oh, really? (0:20:17.53)
Aoba Suzukaze : This is nothing! (0:20:18.98)
Yun Iijima : Aoba-chan, it ain't no shame to admit it. (0:20:25.82)
Umiko Ahagon : Hazuki-san, (0:20:29.31)
Umiko Ahagon : I trust you haven't forgotten
our little conversation.
Umiko Ahagon : Remember... Each time you change the specs... (0:20:34.87)
Umiko Ahagon : Bang. (0:20:39.07)
Shizuku Hazuki : A flick! We agreed to a forehead flick! (0:20:40.23)
Hajime Shinoda : Here's version two of my proposal! (0:20:42.47)
EXTRA : Go To Five (0:20:42.63)
Hajime Shinoda : I took the battle concept to the next level! (0:20:45.49)
Shizuku Hazuki : Huh? You revised it already? (0:20:48.37)
Hajime Shinoda : Now both the hero and villain teams have
five members—so everyone has a rival!
Hajime Shinoda : It'll be double the fun! (0:20:56.27)
Shizuku Hazuki : Okay, great, just try not
to get ahead of yourself.
Shizuku Hazuki : All right! Attention, please! (0:21:06.16)
Shizuku Hazuki : I know everyone's having fun,
but it's about time we wrapped it up.
Shizuku Hazuki : I'd like to close with a
very important announcement.
Kou Yagami : An important announcement? (0:21:18.07)
Aoba Suzukaze : I wonder what it is. (0:21:19.68)
Shizuku Hazuki : Our next project's specifications
are just about finalized.
Shizuku Hazuki : As such, we're planning to hold
another character design competition.
Shizuku Hazuki : Let your imaginations flow free,
and present your own visions
Shizuku Hazuki : of characters that fit the design specs. (0:21:34.02)
Aoba Suzukaze : Huh? So whoever's designs are chosen... (0:21:37.17)
Kou Yagami : They will, of course, become
the project's character designer.
Aoba Suzukaze : A-And I'm allowed to participate too, right? (0:21:44.38)
Kou Yagami : Why wouldn't you be? (0:21:48.08)
Rin Tooyama : Ko-chan entered right after
joining the company,
Rin Tooyama : and her designs ended up being
chosen for Fairies Story .
Aoba Suzukaze : Th-Then I'll give it a shot, too! (0:22:03.71)
Aoba Suzukaze : I'll put forth everything I have! (0:22:07.13)
Shizuku Hazuki : I expect great things, Suzukaze-kun. (0:22:13.35)
Aoba Suzukaze : Right! (0:22:16.60)
Aoba Suzukaze : The whole reason I joined this company (0:22:18.35)
Aoba Suzukaze : was that I wanted to become a
character designer like Yagami-san.
Aoba Suzukaze : So I'm not gonna pass up any opportunity. (0:22:27.23)
Aoba Suzukaze : This is my dream, after all! (0:22:30.50)

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