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Ouya : What are you trying to accomplish? (0:01:49.86)
Ouya : Ow! (0:01:52.87)
Ouya : Can't you tie me up more gently? (0:01:54.17)
Baobao Xu : I can't. (0:01:57.42)
Baobao Xu : You're stronger than the
guys I buried before you.
Ouya : Hey, are you going to put me in that hole? (0:02:03.03)
Baobao Xu : Yep. (0:02:07.68)
Ouya : H-Hey... (0:02:15.01)
Ouya : Why are you pouring water in there? (0:02:16.41)
Baobao Xu : If I use mud that's equal
parts water and dirt,
Baobao Xu : it sticks to your body and
prevents you from using
Baobao Xu : those strange techniques you call tai chi. (0:02:26.19)
Baobao Xu : Also, being buried in mud
is pretty comfortable.
Baobao Xu : If I do this, you won't be able to escape. (0:02:36.64)
Ouya : You shouldn't be so good at this! (0:02:39.44)
Ouya : This is turning into quite the problem. (0:02:43.01)
Ouya : Maybe I should adjust the depth. (0:02:44.29)
Ouya : Fuukou Qimen! (0:02:48.39)
Ouya : Rankintaku! (0:02:51.79)
Baobao Xu : Hey, sister, brush your hair and stick
a pin in it, in your willow-like hair...
Ouya : I took control of time,
but she's unaffected by it?
Ouya : Gon Jiryuuyuu! (0:03:04.41)
Baobao Xu : Oh, shoot. He escaped. (0:03:08.50)
Ouya : Kawaguruma! (0:03:14.53)
Ouya : I'll be leaving now, miss. (0:03:21.70)
Baobao Xu : You really are stronger than the others. (0:03:25.27)
Ouya : What kind of kung fu is this? (0:03:31.17)
Baobao Xu : You won't escape this time. (0:03:34.90)
Ouya : My Rankintaku and Kawaguruma
didn't work against her.
Ouya : Who is this girl?! (0:03:41.31)
Shinton Fuu : Hey, Soran. Out for a walk? (0:03:47.21)
Chulan Zhang : Yeah. How about you? (0:03:49.33)
Shinton Fuu : I'm on my way to see my sister. (0:03:51.65)
Shinton Fuu : With my skills, she'll heal faster. (0:03:54.28)
Chulan Zhang : In that case, I'll go with you. (0:03:57.42)
Shinton Fuu : I wasn't expecting you to make it this far. (0:04:00.73)
Shinton Fuu : What if you actually become the next Tenshi? (0:04:03.81)
Chulan Zhang : Don't joke about that. (0:04:06.81)
Chulan Zhang : The Tenshi should be someone
strong and of good character.
Denchuu : Stop, Tenshi! (0:04:13.22)
Tenshi : I can't! (0:04:15.60)
Denchuu : But I have nothing to do with this! (0:04:17.22)
Tenshi : You're abandoning me? (0:04:19.68)
Rikukin : Stop, you old fart! (0:04:21.32)
Rikukin : I'll break that skinny neck of yours! (0:04:23.32)
Chulan Zhang : Wh-What happened there? (0:04:26.31)
Shinton Fuu : Actually, during this afternoon's match... (0:04:29.74)
Rinron : Reigyoku-sama. (0:04:33.18)
Rinron : I won't let you go easy on me
just because I'm a woman.
Rinron : I've trained hard for this day. (0:04:38.33)
Reigyoku : If it's what you desire,
then I shall do my best.
Rinron : That's the spirit! (0:04:48.69)
Rinron : Grandpa... (0:04:55.44)
Rikukin : How dare he do that to my granddaughter?! (0:04:58.19)
Rikukin : As his master, you'll pay for
mismanaging your apprentice!
Tenshi : But they fought fair and square! (0:05:04.45)
Rikukin : That's not my problem! Stop! (0:05:07.79)
Chulan Zhang : Let's go... (0:05:12.42)
EXTRA : Oh, young lord. (0:05:17.32)
EXTRA : Are you here to see your sister? (0:05:19.31)
EXTRA : Good for you. (0:05:21.41)
EXTRA : Shinton, I'm a fan of yours. (0:05:22.59)
EXTRA : Let me get a picture. (0:05:25.77)
EXTRA : Do you remember me, Shinton? (0:05:26.74)
Chulan Zhang : You've gotten pretty popular. (0:05:28.93)
Shinton Fuu : I'm coming in, Sis. (0:05:32.44)
Shinton's Dad : Oh, Shinton. (0:05:35.11)
Chulan Zhang : Good evening. (0:05:36.64)
Shinton's Dad : You came too, Soran-kun? (0:05:37.82)
Chulan Zhang : Chairman Fuu, Shinton's
match today was incredible.
Shinton's Dad : Not that incredible. (0:05:45.83)
Shinton's Dad : He just got lucky. (0:05:47.39)
Saen Fuu : Dad, there's no need to be so modest. (0:05:49.16)
Saen Fuu : Shinton's odds actually surpassed Chou
Reigyoku's, making him the favorite.
Chulan Zhang : What? Really? (0:05:58.22)
Shinton Fuu : Don't look at me like I'm
some kind of monster.
Shinton Fuu : My dad's right. I just got lucky. (0:06:03.77)
Shinton Fuu : I was matched up with the right opponent. (0:06:07.16)
Shinton Fuu : That hurts! (0:06:16.44)
Shinton Fuu : Yuufuku-san, what's
possessing you right now?
Yuufuku : No one's possessing me right now. (0:06:23.05)
Yuufuku : I'm simply borrowing some strength. (0:06:25.50)
Yuufuku : I've heard rumors of the Fuu
family's summoning techniques.
Yuufuku : Kourei Kenshou, I believe it's called? (0:06:32.85)
Yuufuku : It certainly is impressive to see in person. (0:06:35.45)
Yuufuku : To think you'd commune with
so many spirits at once.
Shinton Fuu : Yuufuku-san, your techniques can't beat me. (0:06:45.23)
Yuufuku : Based on simple numbers,
there are indeed more of you.
Yuufuku : But we are many in one body. (0:06:55.81)
Yuufuku : I only form agreements with special spirits. (0:06:58.69)
Yuufuku : The shamans of Hakutousan prioritize (0:07:02.30)
Yuufuku : forming agreements with the
most powerful spirits possible.
Yuufuku : It's not unusual to form an agreement after
generations have spilled their blood.
Yuufuku : And once an agreement is reached, (0:07:15.70)
Yuufuku : that spirit is worshiped and
respected as a family ancestor.
Yuufuku : It's why our spirits are
called Family Spirits.
Yuufuku : I shall now show you the power of
the spirit I've served for years!
Yuufuku : Please grant your strength to the unworthy
Yuufuku the Third of the Tou family!
Yuufuku : Ryuukonsei-sama! (0:07:43.69)
EXTRA : I suddenly felt a chill. (0:07:56.80)
EXTRA : What is that black smoke? (0:07:59.33)
EXTRA : Foolish Yuufuku. (0:08:02.62)
EXTRA : He summoned me against this green youth. (0:08:05.54)
Shinton Fuu : So this is Ryuukonsei. (0:08:13.53)
EXTRA : Too scared to move, boy? (0:08:16.22)
Shinton Fuu : What a fantastic power! (0:08:21.33)
EXTRA : Has the fear made you go mad? (0:08:23.92)
Shinton Fuu : Come. (0:08:32.90)
Shinton Fuu : Come to me! (0:08:35.84)
Yuufuku : What did you do to Ryuu-sama? (0:08:44.07)
Shinton Fuu : Don't lose your head. (0:08:48.36)
Shinton Fuu : I'm just borrowing his strength for a bit. (0:08:50.83)
Shinton Fuu : Calm yourself. (0:08:54.44)
Shinton Fuu : Don't worry. (0:09:00.57)
Shinton Fuu : I know he's an important spirit to you. (0:09:01.98)
Shinton Fuu : I won't use him to do anything bad, (0:09:06.52)
Shinton Fuu : and I'll return him as soon
as this tournament is over.
Yuufuku : Fuu Shinton... (0:09:13.15)
Yuufuku : I choose to believe you. (0:09:14.65)
Yuufuku : If you fail to return Ryuu-sama
by the end of the tournament,
Yuufuku : I'll take him back,
even if it means killing you!
Shinton Fuu : Yuufuku-san, to be honest,
I was a little angry earlier.
Shinton Fuu : You scornfully called my Kourei Kenshou (0:09:30.79)
Shinton Fuu : a technique for controlling
a hodgepodge of spirits.
Shinton Fuu : It's true that I control various spirits. (0:09:37.68)
Shinton Fuu : Some of them aren't good at combat. (0:09:41.60)
Shinton Fuu : After all, all spirits must submit
when faced with my technique.
Shinton Fuu : But I never look down on spirits. (0:09:50.34)
Shinton Fuu : No matter the spirit,
if they'll stay by my side,
Shinton Fuu : then they're all dear friends to me. (0:10:00.30)
Shinton Fuu : Anyway, this Ryuu-sama's power
really is limitless, huh?
Shinton Fuu : I'll show his true strength
in my next match.
Shinton Fuu : Since I won so easily, everyone seems to
think I'm some kind of incredible master.
Chulan Zhang : Chairman Fuu, is it okay to be using
Kourei Kenshou in front of everyone?
Shinton's Dad : I know what you're trying to say. (0:10:26.47)
Shinton's Dad : But I considered it carefully before
I gave Shinton permission to use it.
Shinton's Dad : We no longer live in troubled times. (0:10:34.32)
Shinton's Dad : There's no need to try so hard to
conceal the eight secret arts.
Shinton's Dad : In any case, you did well, Shinton. (0:10:40.71)
Shinton's Dad : After your match, the Elders' attitude
toward me changed dramatically.
Chulan Zhang : By the way, Saen-san, how are your injuries? (0:10:49.58)
Shinton's Dad : Oh, right. Shinton. (0:10:53.00)
Shinton's Dad : Tend to Saen's wounds. (0:10:54.44)
Saen Fuu : He's more seriously injured than I am. (0:10:56.42)
Seiryan : I told you, Mom, I didn't lose. (0:11:00.06)
Seiryan : The match ended in an instant
when I used my Zansentou.
Seiryan : But I felt bad for my opponent since she
was on the verge of tears, so I let her win.
Seiryan : You taught me to be nice to girls, after all. (0:11:12.80)
Seiryan : Oh, but I won't be able
to come home for a while.
Seiryan : I'm busy meeting Elders who want to curry
favor with me after seeing me fight.
Saen Fuu : You don't need to heal him. (0:11:24.73)
Seiryan : Give me a break! (0:11:26.65)
Seiryan : I just stretched the truth a little! (0:11:28.23)
Seiryan : My mom would freak out otherwise! (0:11:30.05)
Shinton's Dad : Soran-kun. (0:11:31.00)
Shinton's Dad : Think you can win tomorrow's match? (0:11:32.37)
Seiryan : I mean, just look at these wounds... (0:11:32.91)
Shinton's Dad : Your opponent is Ouya,
the man who beat Shokatsu Sei.
Seiryan : Are you ignoring me? (0:11:37.40)
Seiryan : Hey, come on! Are you listening?! (0:11:38.40)
Chulan Zhang : I'm not too confident,
but I'm sure it'll work out.
Chulan Zhang : I'm gonna go make a call. (0:11:43.43)
Baobao Xu : What? (0:11:53.22)
Chulan Zhang : Hou-nee, I know it's late,
but how are you doing?
Baobao Xu : Stop calling. (0:11:57.65)
Baobao Xu : I promise I'll succeed. (0:11:58.85)
Baobao Xu : The next time you call me,
I'm burying you, too.
Ouya : What a persistent girl. (0:12:07.86)
Ouya : Ken Mekakushi! (0:12:10.41)
Ouya : Hyakka Ryouryan! (0:12:12.40)
Ouya : She won't be able to catch me now. (0:12:17.75)
Ouya : No way! (0:12:30.05)
Ouya : Reifu Mekakushikou! (0:12:31.79)
Ouya : That should do it. (0:12:40.27)
Shinton's Dad : Good morning, everyone. (0:12:51.19)
Tenshi : Ah, Chairman Fuu. (0:12:54.00)
Shinton's Dad : Uh, Tenshi... (0:12:56.22)
Shinton's Dad : What happened to your face? (0:12:57.83)
Tenshi : Oh, I was trying to develop a new ultimate
technique, and I made a mistake.
Shinton's Dad : It looks like someone hit you. (0:13:06.76)
Tenshi : You need more training. (0:13:09.86)
Tenshi : Once you reach my level, you'll understand. (0:13:12.50)
Shinton's Dad : I was naïve. (0:13:16.78)
EXTRA : The starting time of the match has passed. (0:13:21.31)
EXTRA : Ouya, please make your way
to the arena immediately.
EXTRA : Is Chou Soran going to win
without fighting again?
San Xu : Where's Houhou? (0:13:32.10)
EXTRA : The match has started, but Ouya
has not arrived at the arena.
EXTRA : The winner of the match is... (0:13:40.21)
Chulan Zhang : Hou-nee really is dependable. (0:13:40.37)
EXTRA : Look! Ouya's here! (0:13:43.49)
Ouya : Goal! (0:13:51.77)
Ouya : Mekakushikou, dispel! (0:13:54.40)
Ouya : Enough already! (0:14:01.99)
Ouya : Is burying people all you think about? (0:14:03.70)
Ouya : Take a look around you! (0:14:07.18)
Baobao Xu : Huh? (0:14:08.74)
Ouya : I thought she was a crazy
Shokatsu Sei fan at first,
Ouya : but I realized right away that she wasn't. (0:14:35.05)
Ouya : Then I remembered she was wearing an
Express Delivery uniform like yours.
Ouya : Not bad, you coward. (0:14:47.33)
EXTRA : Ouya, explain what just happened. (0:14:52.90)
EXTRA : If you wish, we can postpone the match. (0:14:56.85)
Ouya : No need, Fukutoku-senpai. (0:15:01.93)
Ouya : Let's get this match started. (0:15:04.63)
Ouya : Oh, right. Could you give
me something to eat?
Ouya : I'm so hungry, I can't fight. (0:15:10.33)
Ouya : Oh, I'd like some mantou. (0:15:13.18)
EXTRA : Are you trying to be funny?! (0:15:15.35)
EXTRA : If you're going to fight,
hurry up and get started!
Ouya : Of course I'll compete. (0:15:20.36)
Ouya : But there's no rule at the Raten Taishou
that says we have to fight each other.
Ouya : I'm going to challenge him
to an eating contest.
Ouya : How's that? (0:15:30.92)
Ouya : Don't just stand there. Start eating. (0:15:43.87)
Ouya : If you don't eat, I'll kill you in one blow. (0:15:47.47)
Si Xu : You don't often fail, Houhou-chan. (0:15:52.55)
San Xu : If Houhou couldn't handle him,
isn't Soran-kun in danger?
Si Xu : You haven't said a word.
What are you thinking about?
Baobao Xu : I've got it. (0:16:03.35)
Baobao Xu : Next time, I'll knock them out after
tying them up and before I bury them.
San Xu : Houhou, stop thinking about burying people! (0:16:09.02)
San Xu : Come on, you're covered
in mud! Go get changed!
Chulan Zhang : Ouya-san, why are you participating
in this tournament?
Ouya : Why, huh? (0:16:25.26)
Ouya : It's hard to explain in a few words. (0:16:28.81)
Ouya : Chou Soran, do you know
about fortune telling?
Chulan Zhang : No. (0:16:38.08)
Ouya : Then I'll teach you the basics. (0:16:39.79)
Ouya : You can't change the past,
but you can change the future.
Ouya : Not even the greatest
fangshi can see the past.
Ouya : You can only see the various
future possibilities.
Ouya : But divining the future comes with risk. (0:17:00.96)
Ouya : So fangshi have everything to
lose by divining the future.
Ouya : How much damage you take depends on (0:17:10.37)
Ouya : the strength of the effect the results
of your prediction have on the world.
Ouya : For example, divining the results
of the lottery won't hurt me.
Ouya : All it does is change who
will become a nouveau riche.
Ouya : But just divining a bit of the fate of
this Raten Taishou nearly killed me.
Ouya : Honestly, it doesn't matter to
me what happens to you guys.
Ouya : No matter how bad things get, I'm strong
enough to protect myself and my family.
Ouya : So why did I come here? (0:17:54.85)
Ouya : Broadly speaking, two reasons. (0:17:57.72)
Ouya : First, if I didn't come, (0:18:00.78)
Ouya : the Tenshi and the Tenshifu's honor
would be severely damaged.
Ouya : I couldn't stand to see
the Tenshi lose face.
Ouya : Second, to give you a new choice. (0:18:12.84)
Ouya : The choice to give up. (0:18:18.18)
Chulan Zhang : Give up? (0:18:21.24)
Chulan Zhang : You mean give up on
becoming the next Tenshi?
Ouya : It doesn't matter how this
tournament turns out.
Ouya : I mean the choice to give up
on searching for the truth.
Ouya : Do that and you'll get what you want most. (0:18:35.78)
Chulan Zhang : Don't be absurd! (0:18:40.04)
Chulan Zhang : What's wrong with wanting the truth? (0:18:41.46)
Chulan Zhang : It's what I want most! (0:18:44.10)
Ouya : You want the truth, huh? (0:18:47.62)
Ouya : But once people achieve one goal,
their eyes move to the next.
Ouya : Your desires can never be satisfied. (0:18:57.71)
Ouya : Your wants will increase. (0:19:00.94)
Ouya : Eventually, you'll forget
what you wanted most.
Ouya : What I meant is the thing you'll never
have, no matter how much you want it.
Ouya : What you'd give everything to have. (0:19:15.17)
Ouya : That's what you call the thing
you truly want the most.
Chulan Zhang : Quit lecturing me! (0:19:23.36)
Chulan Zhang : You know nothing about me! (0:19:25.88)
Chulan Zhang : You don't know what I want most! (0:19:28.52)
Ouya : "Respond to all situations with calmness, (0:19:32.79)
Ouya : and you will always be pure." (0:19:36.84)
Chulan Zhang : What's that? (0:19:41.48)
Ouya : The Elders' Sutra of Purity. (0:19:43.14)
Chulan Zhang : "Always be pure"? (0:19:46.04)
Chulan Zhang : Maybe it sounds nice,
but it's not that easy to do.
Ouya : In order to get what you want most, (0:19:54.37)
Ouya : you have to give something else up. (0:19:58.66)
Chulan Zhang : I more or less get it. (0:20:01.96)
Chulan Zhang : If I keep seeking the truth,
my future will head in a bad direction.
Chulan Zhang : That's what you mean, right? (0:20:12.02)
Chulan Zhang : Ouya-san, I'm not the only one who will
be affected by that future, am I?
Chulan Zhang : Otherwise there would be no reason for you (0:20:22.28)
Chulan Zhang : to get involved with someone who
has nothing to do with you.
Ouya : Let me explain another concept to you. (0:20:29.47)
Ouya : I call it the weight of fate. (0:20:33.35)
Ouya : This world never stops,
not even for an instant.
Ouya : It's constantly changing. (0:20:39.90)
Ouya : Even a single pebble weathering
away is part of change.
Ouya : Me eating this pickle is part of change. (0:20:47.67)
Ouya : But the effect a change has on the
world depends on the object itself.
Ouya : Some fail to have any influence
no matter how much they struggle,
Ouya : while others cause turbulent
times with a single decision.
Ouya : It all happens because of the difference
in the weight of their fate.
Ouya : And Chou Soran, your fate
is unbelievably heavy.
Ouya : Your choices will change the fates of many. (0:21:18.46)
Chulan Zhang : I have a question. (0:21:24.40)
Chulan Zhang : What effect did choosing to come
and convince me have on your fate?
Ouya : Well, I'm sure it'll mean trouble for me. (0:21:35.97)
Ouya : Whew, I'm stuffed. (0:21:42.79)
Ouya : I can't eat any more. (0:21:45.40)
Ouya : Chou Soran... (0:21:49.39)
Ouya : What will you do? (0:21:52.09)
Saen Fuu : A mantou eating contest? Is this a joke? (0:23:25.18)
Baobao Xu : Cucumbers! (0:23:27.87)
Saen Fuu : Huh? (0:23:28.41)
Baobao Xu : We'll settle this by eating cucumbers! (0:23:28.89)
Saen Fuu : You're not making any sense. (0:23:30.59)
Baobao Xu : Will you or won't you? (0:23:32.01)
Saen Fuu : B-Bring it on. (0:23:33.24)
Saen Fuu : Next time on Hitorinoshita -
The Outcast
, "An Old Enemy."
Saen Fuu : But I hate cucumbers! (0:23:37.24)

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