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Yukino Yukinoshita : Hikigaya... you still have
one more request left.
Yukino Yukinoshita : Will you... listen to my request? (0:00:19.29)
Yui Yuigahama : Okay. Let's hear it. (0:00:27.21)
Hachiman Hikigaya : There was a long silence. (0:00:31.92)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Someone said that it was because
it seemed like it'd be a long story.
Hachiman Hikigaya : It may have been me who said that. (0:00:38.92)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Even if it was a short amount of time,
the glimmer of hope never strengthened.
Hachiman Hikigaya : I just knew that a definite answer
would spell a disasterous end.
Hachiman Hikigaya : If it isn't said out
loud, no one will get it.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Even if it's said, it won't be understood. (0:00:58.58)
Hachiman Hikigaya : That's why it must be said out loud. (0:01:01.92)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Even if you know that choice
will surely cause regret.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Because honestly, the only aunthenticity
I don't want is one that is cold, cruel, and sad.
Yukino Yukinoshita : That's very pretty. (0:03:14.67)
Yui Yuigahama : Oh, yeah! (0:03:17.21)
Yui Yuigahama : I searched for lots of different kinds of bags
and colorful masking tape!
Hachiman Hikigaya : Colorful "Namaste?" Isn't that
some sort of greeting in India?
Yukino Yukinoshita : Are you even listening? She
clearly said masking tape.
Yukino Yukinoshita : That's some particularly useless knowledge
for someone who doesn't even give a proper greeting.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Don't be dumb. A simple greeting
can create an atmosphere for conversation, right?
Hachiman Hikigaya : The standards of greeting
are essential knowledge.
Yukino Yukinoshita : A greeting counts as a conversation
to you, doesn't it?
Hachiman Hikigaya : Yes. That's why I try to do
it as little as possible.
Yui Yuigahama : Hikki, that's really bad. (0:03:45.04)
Yui Yuigahama : I have no confidence in how it tastes,
but since I did do my best...
Hachiman Hikigaya : Yeah, I can understand that. (0:03:57.38)
Yui Yuigahama : Right? That's what you told
me. I'm showing that I tried!
Yui Yuigahama : It's totally different from Yukino's. (0:04:08.92)
Yukino Yukinoshita : How am I supposed to make you understand? (0:04:11.29)
Hachiman Hikigaya : You know, I've been wondering
about something...
Hachiman Hikigaya : Why are you two trying to
make cookies that taste good?
Hachiman Hikigaya : Well, you know. Guys are simple. (0:04:20.92)
Hachiman Hikigaya : They'll get the wrong idea if
you so much as talk to them,
Hachiman Hikigaya : and they'll be happy just to get
homemade cookies from you.
Hachiman Hikigaya : That's why it's fine! (0:04:30.88)
Hachiman Hikigaya : As long as he knows you tried your best,
wouldn't that make him like you?
Yui Yuigahama : Would it work on you too, Hikki? (0:04:39.92)
Hachiman Hikigaya : You remember that? (0:04:45.04)
Yui Yuigahama : W-well, maybe. Not sure if I remembered,
or if I just couldn't forget.
Yui Yuigahama : I was kinda surprised at first. (0:04:51.67)
Yui Yuigahama : B-but, you've always been like that, Hikki,
so I'm used to it.
Yukino Yukinoshita : Right, you're constantly
falling short of expectations.
Yui Yuigahama : That's true! (0:05:04.75)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Uh, I don't think that only
applies to me, though.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Same goes for you, right,
Miss I'll-Do-Without?
Yukino Yukinoshita : What do you mean by that
questionable nickname?
Yui Yuigahama : W-well, I mean, you do have
a sort of clueless side, Yukinon.
Yukino Yukinoshita : Aren't you the clueless one? (0:05:17.29)
Yui Yuigahama : That isn't true! (0:05:18.58)
Yui Yuigahama : I am not! (0:05:20.13)
Yukino Yukinoshita : Yes, you are. (0:05:21.54)
Yui Yuigahama : No, I'm not! (0:05:23.00)
Yukino Yukinoshita : Yes, you are. (0:05:24.46)
Yui Yuigahama : It stopped snowing. (0:05:27.50)
Yukino Yukinoshita : I heard it was snowing on the day I was born. (0:05:30.63)
Yukino Yukinoshita : That's why my name is Yukino. Simple, right? (0:05:34.38)
Yui Yuigahama : But it's a wonderful, beautiful name. (0:05:37.58)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Yeah... It's a nice name. (0:05:40.46)
Yukino Yukinoshita : Thanks. (0:05:45.00)
Yukino Yukinoshita : My mom chose it. (0:05:48.42)
Yukino Yukinoshita : Though, that's just what
I heard from my sister.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Yukinoshita, will you tell us about yourself? (0:06:00.25)
Yukino Yukinoshita : I don't mind if you ask. (0:06:13.67)
Yui Yuigahama : I always thought it'd be better to just wait. (0:06:21.25)
Yui Yuigahama : Up to now, you've told us
stuff, little by little.
Yukino Yukinoshita : Yuigahama. You asked me what I wanted to do,
didn't you? But I don't really know.
Yukino Yukinoshita : A long time ago, there were things
I want to do, and things I wanted to do.
Yui Yuigahama : Huh? Things you wanted to do? (0:06:50.33)
Yukino Yukinoshita : My dad's job. (0:06:52.96)
Yui Yuigahama : But that's... (0:06:55.13)
Yukino Yukinoshita : Right. Since I have an older sister,
I don't get to decide that.
Yukino Yukinoshita : My mother has always made the decisions. (0:07:02.04)
Yukino Yukinoshita : For a long time now,
my mother has decided everything...
Yukino Yukinoshita : She tied my sister down,
and only told me to do what I wanted.
Yukino Yukinoshita : That's why I didn't know
how to conduct myself.
Yukino Yukinoshita : I still don't know, even now. (0:07:21.04)
Haruno Yukinoshita : Yukino, do you have your own identity? (0:07:23.63)
Yukino Yukinoshita : It's truly just like my sister said. (0:07:26.96)
Yukino Yukinoshita : This is the first time
anyone's listened to me talk about this.
Yui Yuigahama : I see. (0:07:42.71)
Yukino Yukinoshita : My mom and dad have hinted
at it before, I think.
Yukino Yukinoshita : I don't remember them addressing
it directly, though.
Yukino Yukinoshita : It may have been because my sister
was going to succeed my parents.
Yui Yuigahama : Haruno? (0:07:58.92)
Yukino Yukinoshita : I don't think they ever said it. (0:08:00.83)
Yukino Yukinoshita : You know what her personality is like. (0:08:02.92)
Yui Yuigahama : Oh, I get it. (0:08:05.38)
Yukino Yukinoshita : But they should have just told her that.
Even if that's not what she wants...
Yukino Yukinoshita : Maybe they were afraid to hear a proper answer
since they didn't check with her.
Yukino Yukinoshita : That's why I have to start by
verifying things with her...
Yukino Yukinoshita : ...then the next time, I'll
decide on my own accord.
Yukino Yukinoshita : I won't do it because someone told me to, (0:08:33.25)
Yukino Yukinoshita : but because I thought about it carefully,
accepted it, and decided to give up.
Yukino Yukinoshita : I have only one request. (0:08:42.83)
Yukino Yukinoshita : I want the two of you
to see this through until very end.
Yukino Yukinoshita : That's all I want. (0:08:49.38)
Yui Yuigahama : I guess that was your answer then, Yukinon... (0:09:00.00)
Yukino Yukinoshita : I may be wrong about that... (0:09:07.42)
Yui Yuigahama : Then in that case... (0:09:09.63)
Yukino Yukinoshita : But, I... (0:09:13.04)
Yukino Yukinoshita : I want to prove that I can do well on my own. (0:09:16.33)
Yukino Yukinoshita : If I can do that, then I can truly start. (0:09:20.46)
Yui Yuigahama : You can... truly start... (0:09:23.63)
Yukino Yukinoshita : Yes. I'm going to go back home for a little while
and start talking about this from scratch.
Hachiman Hikigaya : We can consider that your answer, right? (0:09:31.08)
Yukino Yukinoshita : I don't think you're wrong about that, but... (0:09:36.17)
Hachiman Hikigaya : It doesn't hurt to give it a try, right? (0:09:39.38)
Yui Yuigahama : Yeah, I get it. That would
count as an answer, too.
Yukino Yukinoshita : Thanks. (0:09:47.04)
Yukino Yukinoshita : Let's get going. (0:09:50.21)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Is You-know-who still there? (0:09:56.75)
Yukino Yukinoshita : She might be. (0:09:58.71)
Haruno Yukinoshita : Oh look, it's Yukino. (0:09:59.79)
Yukino Yukinoshita : Sis... (0:10:05.58)
Haruno Yukinoshita : Welcome home! (0:10:07.54)
Yukino Yukinoshita : Were you drinking? (0:10:11.50)
Haruno Yukinoshita : Well, kind of. Just a bit. (0:10:12.83)
Haruno Yukinoshita : More importantly, does this mean you're back? (0:10:17.83)
Yukino Yukinoshita : Yes. (0:10:21.71)
Yukino Yukinoshita : There's something I need
to talk to you about.
Komachi Hikigaya : Mornin'. (0:10:56.58)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Hey. (0:10:57.71)
Komachi Hikigaya : Okay... (0:11:04.63)
Hachiman Hikigaya : How's it looking? (0:11:12.29)
Komachi Hikigaya : Umm... It could look worse. (0:11:13.33)
Komachi Hikigaya : At this point in time, I'm going to have to do it
even if I'm kicking and screaming.
Komachi Hikigaya : It's all basically decided
by yesterday's test, anyway.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Want to get something to eat together
after your interview?
Komachi Hikigaya : Oh, that sounds good. (0:11:23.21)
Hachiman Hikigaya : It does, right? (0:11:24.50)
Komachi Hikigaya : Yeah, yeah! (0:11:25.04)
Komachi Hikigaya : I can keep on pushing if I get rewarded
with a meal paid for by my brother, tee-hee-hee!
Komachi Hikigaya : That line's gonna get me so
many points, tee-hee-hee!
Hachiman Hikigaya : I'm not treating you
and that didn't score you many points at all.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Well, it would be a date with my sister.
I can manage to at least pay for the meal.
Komachi Hikigaya : Hm. Actually, if you're gonna call it a date,
then I definitely don't wanna go,
Komachi Hikigaya : but if you're paying for both the meal
and transportation, then I can deal with it.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Oh man, stop with the serious face! (0:11:46.79)
Hachiman Hikigaya : What do you mean "deal with it"?
That means you'd really hate to do it right?
Hachiman Hikigaya : You're the only one I say this sort of thing to
so it's fine, right? Do you not like it?
Komachi Hikigaya : Ew, there's that creepy thing you do again. (0:11:54.17)
Komachi Hikigaya : Well, I'm heading out now. (0:12:00.17)
Hachiman Hikigaya : All right, see you later. (0:12:02.46)
Hachiman Hikigaya : When I think of familiar young girls,
I think of Keika Kawasaki.
Hachiman Hikigaya : And, when I think of someone
completely coddling her,
Hachiman Hikigaya : I think of... that's
right, that Kawa-whoever!
Hachiman Hikigaya : Oh man, what the heck?! She's too cute! (0:12:50.46)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Want a bite? (0:13:17.79)
Keika Kawasaki : Yeah! (0:13:18.58)
Keika Kawasaki : This is why I like you, Hachiman! (0:13:19.58)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Yes, yes, I know you do. (0:13:21.50)
Hachiman Hikigaya : But boys are going to immediately misunderstand
that sort of nonchalant touching,
Hachiman Hikigaya : so don't do that to anyone else, okay? (0:13:26.46)
Keika Kawasaki : Okay! I'll only do that to you, Hachiman! (0:13:28.25)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Oh man, if she used her girlish
charms as a terrorist,
Hachiman Hikigaya : she would already know the powerful words
that capture a man's heart!
Hachiman Hikigaya : This child is to be feared! (0:13:35.50)
Saki Kawasaki : Whoa, what are you teaching her? (0:13:36.96)
Saki Kawasaki : And that's kind of a problem. (0:13:41.08)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Huh? (0:13:43.79)
Saki Kawasaki : We haven't even had lunch yet. (0:13:44.42)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Oh. (0:13:45.54)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Uhh... (0:13:46.63)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Okay, let's split it. But keep it a secret
from your sister. Shhh...
Keika Kawasaki : Right! It's a secret! Shhh! (0:13:54.42)
Saki Kawasaki : I'm looking right at you two. (0:13:56.38)
Saki Kawasaki : Don't go spoiling her, though. (0:14:06.21)
Hachiman Hikigaya : I-I don't, this is fine once in a while. (0:14:08.88)
Saki Kawasaki : Once in a while is all
the time for you, right?
Hachiman Hikigaya : I don't think I do this all of the time.
I do this especially for Keika.
Hachiman Hikigaya : And for Komachi, too. (0:14:17.50)
Saki Kawasaki : You have no loyalty, huh? (0:14:19.29)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Yikes! I seriously just do not get girls! (0:14:20.67)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Just a "Do you know why I'm mad?"
completely stumps me.
Keika Kawasaki : Don't fight. (0:14:27.13)
Saki Kawasaki : We're not fighting. Turn this way, Keika. (0:14:29.46)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Your brother is taking the entrance exam, too, right?
How was he doing?
Saki Kawasaki : I don't know. He'd always get
such an attitude when I'd ask about it.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Oh. He's at about that age, isn't he? (0:14:47.71)
Saki Kawasaki : I personally wouldn't mind if he went to
a private school... I mean, if that's what he wants.
Hachiman Hikigaya : I see... (0:14:54.00)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Considering next year,
you want to get into a public school, right?
Saki Kawasaki : Huh? (0:14:58.71)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Your first choice for schools
is a national public school, right?
Hachiman Hikigaya : Just guessing, but you're probably
feeling some pressure from that.
Saki Kawasaki : You're talking about me? (0:15:03.29)
Hachiman Hikigaya : No, no. Well, not far from
what I mean, but still wrong.
Saki Kawasaki : What is it then? (0:15:08.79)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Uh, er, look... If your brother can go (0:15:09.38)
Hachiman Hikigaya : to a public school, wouldn't that broaden
your choices, even if only a little?
Hachiman Hikigaya : Just guessing, though. (0:15:14.54)
Saki Kawasaki : Tuition is completely different
for high school and university.
Saki Kawasaki : But... that seems like something he'd say. (0:15:25.04)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Isn't it? (0:15:29.50)
Hachiman Hikigaya : I'd understand having a sister complex
better than anyone, after all!
Saki Kawasaki : What are you talking about? That's creepy. (0:15:33.08)
Keika Kawasaki : Creepy! Creepy! (0:15:35.04)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Well, that's completely true... (0:15:38.88)
Hachiman Hikigaya : It is really creepy. (0:15:41.42)
Komachi Hikigaya : I'm done! Yay! (0:15:46.88)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Yay! (0:15:48.67)
Komachi Hikigaya : Saki and Keika, too! Hello, yay! (0:15:49.71)
Keika Kawasaki : Yay! (0:15:53.00)
Komachi Hikigaya : Yay! (0:15:54.50)
Saki Kawasaki : Y-yay... (0:15:56.00)
Komachi Hikigaya : Oh wow, I could barely hear that, Saki!
Let's try it again, yay!
Saki Kawasaki : Y-yay! (0:16:01.33)
Saki Kawasaki : What is up with your sister? (0:16:04.21)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Sorry about that. She seems
pretty hyper right now.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Komachi, have some water.
Drink this and calm down.
Komachi Hikigaya : Thanks! But drinking from your cup
is kinda gross so I'm gonna go buy something.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Huh? Komachi?! (0:16:16.13)
Saki Kawasaki : Just as close as ever, eh? (0:16:18.17)
Komachi Hikigaya : Uh, that's pretty much seriously untrue. (0:16:19.88)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Komachi... Can you stop sounding so serious
when you're denying it?
Komachi Hikigaya : To tell the truth, he's
super annoying sometimes!
Hachiman Hikigaya : K-Komachi.... Komachi! (0:16:26.13)
Komachi Hikigaya : Fine, just kidding, I totally love you. (0:16:28.25)
Hachiman Hikigaya : What? That was a lie. A
complete and utter one.
Hachiman Hikigaya : I mean, I love you, too, though. (0:16:32.17)
Komachi Hikigaya : Ugh, gross. Gross. So gross. (0:16:33.29)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Kawasaki! (0:16:44.08)
Saki Kawasaki : Why are you breathing like that? (0:16:47.33)
Hachiman Hikigaya : You were on the roof before, weren't you? (0:16:49.29)
Hachiman Hikigaya : How did you get there? (0:16:51.71)
Saki Kawasaki : You've got a good memory, huh...? (0:16:53.46)
Saki Kawasaki : From the entrance at the central staircase.
The lock there is broken.
Saki Kawasaki : It's pretty well-known amongst the girls.
Why do you need to know that?
Hachiman Hikigaya : Thank you! (0:17:02.63)
Hachiman Hikigaya : I love you, Kawasaki! (0:17:04.29)
Komachi Hikigaya : Ew, he's here, gross. So creepy!
Blushing like that towards your sister is gross!
Komachi Hikigaya : Even though you're hopeless
and can only say that to
Hachiman Hikigaya : Wait, hey... Whoa, wait
y-you're going too far,
Hachiman Hikigaya : you're saying way too much. (0:17:20.29)
Komachi Hikigaya : your sister that facial expression
is creepy! So creepy!
Hachiman Hikigaya : Your verbal attacks are downright vulgar now. (0:17:22.79)
Komachi Hikigaya : Big Bro, that type of thing is for real gross.
You are truly talented in your grossness.
Komachi Hikigaya : Aren't you even a little flattered? (0:17:24.75)
Saki Kawasaki : I'm going to leave now. I
have to head home and cook.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Wanna go eat, too?
Did you think about what you wanted?
Komachi Hikigaya : Yeah. I came up with a lot of stuff, but... (0:17:46.04)
Komachi Hikigaya : I wanna go home and do some chores! (0:17:51.38)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Huh? What do you mean? (0:17:53.58)
Komachi Hikigaya : So now... Let's go shopping then go home! (0:17:56.08)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Do you need a hand? (0:18:47.50)
Komachi Hikigaya : Nah, don't bother. Stay right where you are.
You'd just get in the way.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Ouch. (0:18:52.67)
Komachi Hikigaya : I mean, you're sloppy when you do things,
and you don't clean up when you cook.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Oh, yeah, you're right. I
sure don't, it's a pain.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Sorry, little maid girl. (0:19:00.92)
Komachi Hikigaya : Who's a maid? I'm just Komachi. (0:19:02.46)
Komachi Hikigaya : Besides, I want to do this, so it's fine.
I wasn't able to at all while studying for exams.
Komachi Hikigaya : Here. (0:19:13.96)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Thanks. I wanted to do
something, too, you know?
Komachi Hikigaya : No, it's fine. This is my hobby. (0:19:18.58)
Hachiman Hikigaya : What, chores? (0:19:20.79)
Komachi Hikigaya : Hm... Well, it's more like... (0:19:21.75)
Komachi Hikigaya : Pampering you is my hobby? (0:19:24.13)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Oh no, what are you saying?
Are you my mom now?
Hachiman Hikigaya : Ko-mom-chi... (0:19:28.04)
Komachi Hikigaya : Ew, gross! Big Bro, are you sick? (0:19:28.79)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Shut up, get off my back. (0:19:31.29)
Hachiman Hikigaya : But you know, I could ask you the same thing.
You've got a pretty nice hobby.
Komachi Hikigaya : I know, right? I get lots
of points for it, huh?
Komachi Hikigaya : It's the greatest feeling to think about
how I can ruin someone with my own two hands...
Hachiman Hikigaya : You're sick, too, huh? (0:19:42.63)
Komachi Hikigaya : Tee-hee-hee! (0:19:44.42)
Komachi Hikigaya : But I really do like doing chores. (0:19:46.83)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Oh? (0:19:49.71)
Komachi Hikigaya : How can I say this? (0:19:51.75)
Komachi Hikigaya : Unlike all those times when you
looked after me,
Komachi Hikigaya : I'm able to do so many things now. (0:19:57.38)
Komachi Hikigaya : Maybe it's that there are things that even I can do,
or that I'm definitely being useful...
Komachi Hikigaya : That sort of thing's not bad. (0:20:05.67)
Hachiman Hikigaya : It's not a question of being not too bad...
If anything you're way too capable now.
Komachi Hikigaya : Well, that's because I worked hard for this! (0:20:12.96)
Komachi Hikigaya : The sense of impending
doom you feel when you
Komachi Hikigaya : have a useless older brother
makes you grow up really fast!
Hachiman Hikigaya : I know! I'm the ultimate example
of how not to live, aren't I?
Hachiman Hikigaya : And you've grown even more!
You should be grateful to me for that.
Komachi Hikigaya : Right, I am grateful. (0:20:24.83)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Huh? (0:20:26.75)
Komachi Hikigaya : This is probably something I should do
after I've actually passed the exam.
Komachi Hikigaya : It'd be embarrassing to say it
again if I pass, and if I fail then
Komachi Hikigaya : it won't feel like the right time for it. (0:20:46.41)
Komachi Hikigaya : Now is the only time I can say this, so... (0:20:49.17)
Komachi Hikigaya : Thanks, Big Brother.
Thank you for doing so much for me.
Hachiman Hikigaya : You dummy, what are you talking about?
This is embarassing, stop it.
Komachi Hikigaya : I just wanted to try saying it.
I thought I could get a lot of points for this.
Hachiman Hikigaya : You won't get a lot of points, and besides,
it looks like you're off to become someone's bride.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Nope. I'd never allow you
to get married or anything, and...
Hachiman Hikigaya : And also... What? For real, stop... (0:21:11.67)
Hachiman Hikigaya : There's like, water coming from my eyes... (0:21:15.88)
Hachiman Hikigaya : What is this? What? Why is this happening? (0:21:17.67)
Komachi Hikigaya : Those are tears. Big Bro, you're like a robot
understanding emotions for the first time.
Hachiman Hikigaya : These are... tears. These are... emotions. (0:21:25.29)
Komachi Hikigaya : Why are you talking like
that all of a sudden?
Komachi Hikigaya : I'm going to go warm the
bath and then hop in.
Komachi Hikigaya : Big Bro! (0:21:51.71)
Hachiman Hikigaya : She's distancing herself from me now, huh?
What do you think about this, Kamakura?
EXTRA : In Due Time, the Seasons Change
and the Snow Melts.
Hachiman Hikigaya : It's a bit too early to graduate, huh? (0:22:07.50)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Komachi! Koma...chi... (0:23:41.63)
Hachiman Hikigaya : Komachi was quite the handful
when she was little, too! And it was... just so...
Komachi Hikigaya : Big Bro the bath is re-
Whoa, why are you crying so much?
Hachiman Hikigaya : No, you dummy, I'm not crying!
This is sweat, just sweat.
Hachiman Hikigaya : Talking to people makes me sweaty. (0:23:55.33)
Komachi Hikigaya : But you were talking to a cat.
Are you okay? Do you want to go to therapy?
Hachiman Hikigaya : Therapy makes me sweaty, too, so no. (0:24:01.17)
Hachiman Hikigaya : I'm gonna go take a bath! (0:24:02.83)
Komachi Hikigaya : And this is why you're trash. (0:24:04.92)
Komachi Hikigaya : Oh, well. Guess I have to take care of him
for a while longer!

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