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EXTRA : Shirogane is having a nervous breakdown... (0:00:19.16)
EXTRA : ...because Kaguya is still avoiding him. (0:00:23.45)
EXTRA : His sister suspects... (0:00:36.75)
EXTRA : ...her brother is in love. (0:00:39.66)
Miyuki Shirogane : --Hey.
Kei Shirogane : --Hey.
EXTRA : She ignores him as if she doesn't care, (0:00:50.04)
EXTRA : but she has to resist the temptation
to grill him for details.
EXTRA : Why? Because Kei Shirogane... (0:01:00.29)
EXTRA : in her rebellious teenager phase! (0:01:03.91)
Miyuki Shirogane : "THREE DAYS EARLIER"
Miyuki Shirogane : "KEI SHIROGANE CAN'T SPEAK"
You promised not to drink juice at dinner.
Miyuki Shirogane : "MUNCH MUNCH"
Munch Munch. Munch Munch. Munch Munch.
Miyuki Shirogane : Don't be a picky eater.
Have your green peppers, too.
Miyuki Shirogane : "GRUMBLE
You're done already?
Miyuki Shirogane : When you're done eating, you say "Thank you
for the meal" and put your dishes in the sink--
Kei Shirogane : Get off my back! (0:03:00.79)
EXTRA : The Shirogane Family! (0:03:03.00)
EXTRA : The father doesn't have a steady job, (0:03:05.08)
EXTRA : and they live in an apartment
that costs 50,000 yen a month
EXTRA : and is a 20-minute walk
from Sangenjaya Station.
EXTRA : The mother ran off with her lover,
and their father's factory went bust.
The Shirogane Family
has overcome numerous hardships.
Kei Shirogane : "HURRY UP!"
But Kei feels that her overprotective
big brother treats her like a child.
She has grown hostile
toward her brother.
This makes him reprimand
his impertinent sister even more.
EXTRA : And thus, their communication
is in a continuous downward spiral!
EXTRA : But now, Kei is dying to know
the details of her brother's romantic life.
EXTRA : Her curiosity is killing her. (0:03:39.16)
EXTRA : But if she's too insistent... (0:03:42.33)
Kei Shirogane : What? Give me all the juicy details! (0:03:45.12)
Kei Shirogane : This girl could become my sister-in-law, right? (0:03:47.62)
Kei Shirogane : Brother! Brother!
Brother! Brother!
EXTRA : ...she'll appear too fond of her brother! (0:03:52.54)
EXTRA : To Kei, that would be humiliating. (0:03:54.54)
To Kei, that would be humiliating.
EXTRA : The problem is, how can she force her brother
to spill his guts without betraying herself?
EXTRA : She relies on her superior brain
to cast about for a solution.
Kei Shirogane : What's this? (0:04:05.50)
Kei Shirogane : "She loves me, she loves me not"? That's creepy. (0:04:07.83)
EXTRA : Grilling via verbal abuse! (0:04:10.62)
Kei Shirogane : Do you have a broken heart? (0:04:14.79)
Kei Shirogane : Tell me how you got dumped. (0:04:16.41)
Miyuki Shirogane : Shut up. Leave me alone. (0:04:19.37)
Papa Shirogane : Honeys, I'm home. (0:04:29.08)
Kei Shirogane : Dad... (0:04:32.00)
Miyuki Shirogane : Welcome home. (0:04:32.95)
Papa Shirogane : Hi. (0:04:34.12)
Papa Shirogane : What's this?
"She loves me, she loves me not"?
Papa Shirogane : Miyuki, do you have a crush on someone? (0:04:39.45)
EXTRA : "PUMP" (0:04:42.54)
Miyuki Shirogane : No, it's not like that. (0:04:43.45)
Papa Shirogane : Well... (0:04:47.08)
Papa Shirogane : ...tell me about it. (0:04:48.33)
Papa Shirogane : It's a father's duty
to listen to his son's problems.
Papa Shirogane : I'm your sugar daddy. (0:04:53.16)
Miyuki Shirogane : You don't even know what that means,
so never say it again.
Miyuki Shirogane : Okay, I'll tell you. (0:04:58.25)
Miyuki Shirogane : I thought things were going pretty well
with this one girl,
Miyuki Shirogane : but she's been avoiding me recently. (0:05:03.95)
Miyuki Shirogane : She's been hanging out and talking normally
with another guy I know, though.
Miyuki Shirogane : Does she hate me now or is it something else? (0:05:12.08)
Miyuki Shirogane : I don't know how she feels. (0:05:14.37)
Miyuki Shirogane : What's with that face? (0:05:16.66)
Papa Shirogane : Listening to genuine romantic troubles
is tougher than I imagined.
Miyuki Shirogane : If you're mocking me,
then forget I said anything!
Papa Shirogane : Hold on there. (0:05:25.20)
Papa Shirogane : My own wife has been avoiding me
for more than seven years now,
Papa Shirogane : and I suspect she's been making time
with a younger man, so I know how you feel.
Miyuki Shirogane : Would you not bring
your relationship into this?
Miyuki Shirogane : Accept reality and sign
the divorce papers already!
Papa Shirogane : For better or worse,
I still have feelings for my wife.
Papa Shirogane : Come to think of it, you've got
the sports festival coming up, don't you?
Papa Shirogane : Listen, Miyuki. Girls go wild
over boys who run fast in the races.
Papa Shirogane : That's your chance to show off. (0:05:52.20)
Miyuki Shirogane : This isn't grade school! (0:05:53.45)
Miyuki Shirogane : Never mind! (0:05:55.16)
Miyuki Shirogane : Nobody understands how I feel! (0:05:56.50)
Kei Shirogane : Wait, Brother. (0:05:58.79)
Kei Shirogane : If a girl you have a good vibe with
is avoiding you,
Kei Shirogane : it's still possible that she likes you. (0:06:04.16)
Miyuki Shirogane : How so? (0:06:07.12)
Kei Shirogane : You often hear about people
who want to have normal conversations,
Kei Shirogane : but they're too embarrassed to be able
to do it. Give her a little more time.
Miyuki Shirogane : It's a common thing? (0:06:20.66)
Miyuki Shirogane : Thanks, that's food for thought. (0:06:24.20)
Kei Shirogane : No big. (0:06:27.29)
Kei Shirogane : I'm going to take a bath. (0:06:29.45)
Kei Shirogane : In the end, who was I talking to? (0:06:37.50)
Kaguya Shinomiya : President... (0:07:02.16)
Kaguya Shinomiya : Can we walk to the student
council room together?
Miyuki Shirogane : Yeah, of course. (0:07:10.83)
EXTRA : Today's battle result... (0:07:15.95)
EXTRA : Shirogane wins. (0:07:18.20)
EXTRA : "She could be
my future sister-in-law, too..."
Miyuki Shirogane : ♪ Heave-ho! Heave-ho! ♪ (0:07:40.62)
Miyuki Shirogane : ♪ Soran! Soran! ♪ (0:07:44.00)
Miyuki Shirogane : ♪ Heave-ho! Heave-ho! ♪ (0:07:47.41)
Miyuki Shirogane : ♪ Soran! Soran! ♪ (0:07:50.87)
Miyuki Shirogane : Nice move at the end, right? (0:08:06.41)
Chika Fujiwara : You lied to me! (0:08:08.12)
Chika Fujiwara : "GRRR GRRR"
You lied again! You're a liar!
Chika Fujiwara : That wasn't dancing! (0:08:12.45)
Chika Fujiwara : That was someone writhing in agony
to the beat of a drum!
Chika Fujiwara : "RESEMBLES"
I felt like an exorcist!
EXTRA : "Soran," a Japanese folk song! (0:08:19.16)
EXTRA : The second-year students are going to do
the soran dance for the sports festival.
EXTRA : Shirogane was confident. (0:08:25.25)
EXTRA : Easy-peasy! (0:08:26.91)
EXTRA : Seeing that made Fujiwara worry. (0:08:28.00)
EXTRA : The truth turned out to be a nightmare. (0:08:30.95)
EXTRA : So, as usual, she's coaching him. (0:08:34.25)
So, as usual, she's coaching him.
Miyuki Shirogane : How was that? (0:08:40.45)
Chika Fujiwara : "MIYUKI SHIROGANE
You're still not there.
Chika Fujiwara : "MIYUKI SHIROGANE
You're only imitating the example,
not expressing anything yourself.
Chika Fujiwara : Listen, the folk song "Soran"
was how fishermen prayed for a good catch.
Chika Fujiwara : Comprehending the beauty of men
living on the sea!
Chika Fujiwara : The feelings of fish
as they strive not to be eaten!
Chika Fujiwara : And more than anything,
the feeling of the net as it gets dragged in!
Miyuki Shirogane : I can't comprehend that! (0:09:01.20)
Chika Fujiwara : You'll never be a professional dancer
if you can't understand that!
Miyuki Shirogane : When did the goal switch
to becoming a pro?
Miyuki Shirogane : As long as I've got the moves down,
more or less.
Chika Fujiwara : More or less? (0:09:11.25)
Chika Fujiwara : "GROWLLLL" (0:09:15.29)
Chika Fujiwara : I'm at the end of my rope! (0:09:16.50)
Chika Fujiwara : Why do I have to coach someone incompetent
like you every single time?
Chika Fujiwara : I'm done with it! If you ever need help
with anything else, please don't ask me!
Miyuki Shirogane : It must've been stressful
coaching me every time.
Miyuki Shirogane : I'll try to do this on my own
without relying on Fujiwara.
Miyuki Shirogane : The feeling of a net... (0:09:38.16)
Miyuki Shirogane : The feeling of being dragged in... (0:09:40.29)
Kaguya Shinomiya : President... (0:09:42.08)
Kaguya Shinomiya : Are you practicing the soran dance? (0:09:43.91)
Miyuki Shirogane : I'm no expert, but I can teach you a little. (0:09:46.29)
Kaguya Shinomiya : Touching President's body... (0:09:49.70)
Miyuki Shirogane : You, Shinomiya? (0:09:52.00)
Kaguya Shinomiya : Yes. (0:09:53.04)
Kaguya Shinomiya : For example, the "Heave-ho" part... (0:09:54.62)
Kaguya Shinomiya : You stick out your chest like this. (0:09:57.87)
Kaguya Shinomiya : With your hips... It looks better
if you lower them to about here.
Miyuki Shirogane : I see. (0:10:04.50)
Kaguya Shinomiya : Also... (0:10:06.16)
Chika Fujiwara : "HUH?
Chika Fujiwara : Hold on there! (0:10:10.08)
Chika Fujiwara : "(LOL)" (0:10:11.45)
Chika Fujiwara : She's teaching you? How to dance? (0:10:13.25)
Chika Fujiwara : "(LOL)"
She's teaching you? How to dance?
Chika Fujiwara : Yes! (0:10:16.62)
Chika Fujiwara : Kaguya has danced on a stage before! (0:10:18.45)
Chika Fujiwara : Let me take a load off! (0:10:22.04)
Chika Fujiwara : By all means, continue. (0:10:24.50)
Miyuki Shirogane : Are you angry, Fujiwara? (0:10:26.91)
Chika Fujiwara : Why would I be angry? (0:10:29.16)
Chika Fujiwara : If anything, I'm impressed at the speed with
which you exchanged one teacher for another.
Chika Fujiwara : Please, continue. (0:10:35.87)
Kaguya Shinomiya : Dance is a series of beautiful moves
that are connected to each other beautifully.
Kaguya Shinomiya : Each movement
should be performed conscientiously.
Chika Fujiwara : She doesn't get it. (0:10:45.70)
Kaguya Shinomiya : Miss Fujiwara, did you say something? (0:10:47.95)
Chika Fujiwara : Nothing important. (0:10:50.33)
Kaguya Shinomiya : The form of your fingertips... (0:10:52.33)
Kaguya Shinomiya : Your gaze... (0:10:54.08)
Kaguya Shinomiya : If you faithfully copy the model... (0:10:55.08)
Chika Fujiwara : So, you just have to copy! (0:10:57.54)
Kaguya Shinomiya : What's that? (0:11:00.83)
Kaguya Shinomiya : Do you have a problem
with my style of teaching?
Chika Fujiwara : Not at all. Well... (0:11:05.08)
Chika Fujiwara : The soran dance
has a kind of raw feeling to it.
Chika Fujiwara : I'm not sure about just trying to copy that. (0:11:10.12)
Chika Fujiwara : Unless you put your heart and soul into it,
maybe it's not the same thing!
Kaguya Shinomiya : Vague things like souls are unnecessary. (0:11:18.66)
Kaguya Shinomiya : The important thing is making your body
efficiently learn the right choreography.
Kaguya Shinomiya : After all, you can't understand
the dancer's intentions and expressions.
Kaguya Shinomiya : The audience will be moved
all on their own
Kaguya Shinomiya : if the dancer faithfully
and beautifully executes the moves.
Chika Fujiwara : You're wrong! (0:11:36.00)
Chika Fujiwara : The quality of the dance
and the display is important,
Chika Fujiwara : but in the end, a presentation without love
will make everyone unhappy!
Chika Fujiwara : If you don't teach President
the fun of expressing yourself,
Chika Fujiwara : you're not doing anything for him! (0:11:45.79)
Chika Fujiwara : I'll teach President! (0:11:47.12)
Kaguya Shinomiya : Stop blathering on! (0:11:49.41)
Chika Fujiwara : I won't let you have President! (0:11:51.79)
Kaguya Shinomiya : I won't let you have the soran! (0:11:53.58)
Chika Fujiwara : Don't take him away from me! (0:11:55.20)
Kaguya Shinomiya : He doesn't belong to you! (0:11:57.70)
EXTRA : Echizen Ooka,
renowned magistrate of Edo,
EXTRA : commanded two women who claimed
to be the mother of a child
EXTRA : to play tug-of-war with his body. (0:12:05.75)
EXTRA : Ooka determined that the woman
who let go first when
EXTRA : the child was in pain was worthy
of being his parent.
EXTRA : But in this custody battle,
neither of them are willing to let Shirogane go!
Miyuki Shirogane : Ow! Ow! (0:12:18.87)
Miyuki Shirogane : Let go of me! (0:12:20.04)
Miyuki Shirogane : This is how a net feels! (0:12:28.25)
Miyuki Shirogane : ♪ Soran! Soran! ♪ (0:12:30.83)
Miyuki Shirogane : ♪ Heave-ho! Heave-ho! ♪ (0:12:34.45)
Chika Fujiwara : That's it! (0:12:37.20)
Kaguya Shinomiya : What a marvelous soran dance! (0:12:38.25)
EXTRA : "FWISH" (0:12:40.20)
Today's battle result...
EXTRA : --Shirogane wins.
--♪ Soran! Soran! ♪
EXTRA : --He understood how a fishing net feels
when it's being pulled in!
--♪ Soran! Soran! ♪
Chika Fujiwara : ♪ Soran! Soran! Soran! Soran! ♪ (0:12:48.58)
Chika Fujiwara : "The feeling of a fishing net..."
♪ Soran! Soran! Soran! Soran! ♪
Kobachi Osaragi : I'm Kobachi Osaragi,
a member of the Disciplinary Committee.
The kanji for Osaragi
means "Great Buddha."
Remember my name.
Kobachi Osaragi : The goal of the Disciplinary Committee (0:13:02.91)
Kobachi Osaragi : is to support a chaste and
righteous school environment.
Kobachi Osaragi : Our main duty is cracking down
on students who break the school rules.
Kobachi Osaragi : "KOBACHI OSARAGI
Chika Fujiwara : Oh, Miko! (0:13:16.25)
Chika Fujiwara : A member of the Disciplinary Committee
has appeared!
Chika Fujiwara : If you roll 13 or higher,
you successfully avoid them!
Board Game Club Member A : Come on! (0:13:21.95)
Chika Fujiwara : Yes! 14! You evaded
the Disciplinary Committee!
Board Game Club Member A : --Yay! Yay! Yay! (0:13:26.37)
Terashima : --Yay! Yay! Yay! (0:13:26.37)
Chika Fujiwara : --Yay! Yay! Yay! (0:13:26.37)
Kobachi Osaragi : --You haven't evaded me.
--Yay! Yay! Yay!
Chika Fujiwara : Yay! (0:13:28.66)
Miko Iino : Members of the Board Game Club,
what are you doing?
Board Game Club Member A : Can't you tell? (0:13:33.04)
Board Game Club Member A : A Shuchiin RPG board game. (0:13:34.83)
Board Game Club Member A : --We're doing our best to defeat an ancient
dragon that sleeps in the old school building,
Kobachi Osaragi : --Students who have transcended the rules
are the most troublesome.
--We're doing our best to defeat an ancient
dragon that sleeps in the old school building,
Kobachi Osaragi : --Students who have transcended the rules
are the most troublesome.
--so you should give us
your support.
Miko Iino : I don't fully understand,
but as long as you don't cause a disturbance--
Terashima : All right, let's use
the time-and-space warp capsule!
Chika Fujiwara : Fail! (0:13:50.45)
Chika Fujiwara : Saitama has been destroyed. (0:13:52.12)
Yuu Ishigami : Annoying... (0:13:56.12)
Yuu Ishigami : Fujiwara lacks common sense. (0:13:58.25)
Miko Iino : You shouldn't talk! (0:14:02.33)
Yuu Ishigami : Unfortunately, you can't confiscate
my game console.
Yuu Ishigami : I'm directly under the student council room.
The land is owned by the alumni association.
Yuu Ishigami : Territory that's exempt
from school rule jurisdiction.
Miko Iino : Oh, is that right? (0:14:14.33)
Miko Iino : Then, if you take one step outside of
that space, I can confiscate your device.
Kobachi Osaragi : Miko and Ishigami hate each other. (0:14:20.00)
Kobachi Osaragi : --Which suggests that there's
some kind of bond between them,
--At least let me save it! You don't know
how difficult it was to defeat that guy!
Yuu Ishigami : --so I'll amend that statement.
--At least let me save it! You don't know
how difficult it was to defeat that guy!
Kobachi Osaragi : Miko and Ishigami don't get along well. (0:14:27.79)
EXTRA : That guy never learns his lesson. (0:14:29.87)
EXTRA : I hear he has no one to talk to, (0:14:31.58)
EXTRA : so he tries to get Iino to pay attention to him. (0:14:33.58)
EXTRA : That's creepy. (0:14:36.16)
Kobachi Osaragi : The first-year female students
loathe Ishigami.
Kobachi Osaragi : In his third year of middle school,
Ishigami stalked a girl that he liked...
Kobachi Osaragi : ...and assaulted her boyfriend.
Or so the rumor goes.
Kobachi Osaragi : Ishigami never gave his side of the story. (0:14:53.87)
Kobachi Osaragi : As a result, he was suspended. (0:14:58.37)
Kobachi Osaragi : The girl transferred to another school, (0:15:01.16)
Kobachi Osaragi : and the attacks on Ishigami in the name
of vengeance for her have never stopped.
EXTRA : Hooray! Hooray! Team Red! (0:15:07.16)
Kobachi Osaragi : And yet... (0:15:10.04)
EXTRA : Hooray! Hooray! Team Red!
Hooray! Hooray! Team Red!
EXTRA : --Fiery red that lights up the heart!
Fever! Fever!
EXTRA : --I'm surprised you can even come to school
and act so nonchalant.
--Fiery red that lights up the heart!
Fever! Fever!
EXTRA : --I'm surprised you can even come to school
and act so nonchalant.
--Aim for victory!
Let's go, Team Red!
EXTRA : --After what happened, a normal person would...
--Aim for victory!
Let's go, Team Red!
EXTRA : --Do I look like it doesn't bother me?
--Aim for victory!
Let's go, Team Red!
EXTRA : Hooray! Hooray! Team Red!
Hooray! Hooray! Team Red!
EXTRA : Fiery red that lights up the heart!
Fever! Fever!
EXTRA : Aim for victory! Let's go, Team Ted! (0:15:36.20)
Kobachi Osaragi : The Yu Ishigami I've observed
is someone who's socially awkward...
Kobachi Osaragi : "CHALLENGER"
...but who hates the irrational.
Kobachi Osaragi : Miko and Ishigami have a lot in common. (0:15:47.45)
Miko Iino : The decision to keep Ishigami from advancing
to the high school division is going overboard!
EXTRA : As a member of the Disciplinary Committee,
I officially protest!
EXTRA : This is an interesting conversation. (0:15:57.08)
EXTRA : What's the matter? (0:16:00.70)
Kobachi Osaragi : The two of them really don't get along. (0:16:02.66)
EXTRA : All right, let's take a break! (0:16:05.37)
Kobachi Osaragi : Leader... (0:16:09.37)
EXTRA : Yes? (0:16:10.33)
Kobachi Osaragi : About one of your first-years, Ishigami... (0:16:11.75)
Kobachi Osaragi : I don't think he joined
the Cheerleading Squad as a joke, so...
EXTRA : You don't have to tell me that.
I've noticed.
EXTRA : It's okay. Leave it to us. (0:16:29.95)
Kobachi Osaragi : Well, (0:16:32.66)
Kobachi Osaragi : as a member of the Disciplinary Committee,
it's my duty to keep students
Kobachi Osaragi : on the pure and correct path at school. (0:16:37.58)
♪ Heave-ho! Heave-ho! ♪
EXTRA : ♪ Soran! Soran! ♪ (0:16:47.75)
Miyuki Shirogane : I'm fast on my feet
thanks to delivering newspapers.
Miyuki Shirogane : And I've mastered the soran dance! (0:16:55.95)
Miyuki Shirogane : Nothing can stop me today! (0:16:59.41)
Miyuki Shirogane : There's nothing that can embarrass m-- (0:17:01.95)
Papa Shirogane : Lookin' good, Miyuki! (0:17:03.95)
Miyuki Shirogane : My sports festival... (0:17:10.33)
Miyuki Shirogane : over. (0:17:12.58)
EXTRA : That was the second-year students'
soran dance!
Miyuki Shirogane : Dad, what are you doing here? (0:17:21.25)
Papa Shirogane : I had nothing better to do. (0:17:24.45)
Miyuki Shirogane : Get a job! (0:17:25.83)
Miyuki Shirogane : Did you take pictures of the dance? (0:17:29.91)
Papa Shirogane : Yeah, I got some really nice shots. (0:17:32.16)
Miyuki Shirogane : So, you can act like a real father-- (0:17:35.79)
Miyuki Shirogane : Dirty old man! (0:17:38.70)
Daichi Fujiwara : Hold on! I asked him
to get a shot of my daughter.
Miyuki Shirogane : Your daughter? (0:17:45.04)
Miyuki Shirogane : Then, you're... (0:17:46.54)
Miyuki Shirogane : "BOW
Treasurer Fujiwara's father?
Miyuki Shirogane : "BOW
Nice to meet you. I'm Miyuki Shirogane,
the president of the student council.
Daichi Fujiwara : "BOW
I'm Daichi Fujiwara.
Daichi Fujiwara : "BOW
Nice to meet you.
Daichi Fujiwara : Your son is very well-mannered. (0:17:57.33)
Daichi Fujiwara : He must have had a fine upbringing. (0:17:59.54)
Papa Shirogane : No, he's still very much a child. (0:18:01.87)
Papa Shirogane : For example, his hair down there
has only recently started to sprout--
Miyuki Shirogane : Shinomiya? (0:18:06.66)
Miyuki Shirogane : "SQUEEZE
I can't let Shinomiya meet my dad!
Miyuki Shirogane : "SQUEEZE
No good could come of it!
Miyuki Shirogane : Hey, did you know
that our co-op's curry buns are superb?
Papa Shirogane : I hardly get out this way, so I should
probably sample them while I'm here.
Miyuki Shirogane : Yes! (0:18:23.08)
Team Red!
EXTRA : "TEAM WHITE" (0:18:32.12)
Kaguya Shinomiya : "TEAM WHITE"
Why am I the only one?
EXTRA : Team White, do your best! (0:18:35.95)
EXTRA : Good luck! (0:18:40.45)
Kaguya Shinomiya : I want to cheer for President. (0:18:43.16)
Kaguya Shinomiya : President, you can do it! (0:18:51.37)
Kaguya Shinomiya : He's so fast! (0:18:53.58)
Kaguya Shinomiya : Wow! (0:19:02.45)
Papa Shirogane : So, that's the president
of the student council, huh?
Papa Shirogane : I bet he's trying desperately not to let
anyone see what an incapable loser he is.
Kaguya Shinomiya : I can't let that comment slide. (0:19:13.79)
Kaguya Shinomiya : President Shirogane is just the person
this academy needs as its representative.
Kaguya Shinomiya : I'm Kaguya Shinomiya,
the vice president of the student council.
Kaguya Shinomiya : So, I would know President
better than you.
Papa Shirogane : Shinomiya... (0:19:27.08)
Papa Shirogane : Oh, I get it. (0:19:28.70)
Papa Shirogane : In that case, Shinomiya... (0:19:32.25)
Papa Shirogane : Would you tell me about Miyuki Shirogane? (0:19:35.12)
Kaguya Shinomiya : I'd be glad to! (0:19:40.25)
Kaguya Shinomiya : President has the best grades
in the academy.
Papa Shirogane : That's all he's got going for him. (0:19:44.12)
Kaguya Shinomiya : He was elected
as the student council president!
Papa Shirogane : Out of only a few candidates, right? (0:19:49.41)
Kaguya Shinomiya : He has well-defined eyes! (0:19:52.00)
Papa Shirogane : A genetic gift from one of his parents, huh? (0:19:53.62)
Kaguya Shinomiya : Anyway, President is a wonderful person!
Why can't you understand that?
Papa Shirogane : You have interesting reactions. (0:19:59.95)
Papa Shirogane : But I already know everything you told me. (0:20:02.75)
Papa Shirogane : What is he to you, Kaguya Shinomiya? (0:20:07.08)
Kaguya Shinomiya : What is he to me? (0:20:11.62)
Kaguya Shinomiya : I used to think there weren't
any good people in this world.
Kaguya Shinomiya : That's why whenever President acted
like a good person,
Kaguya Shinomiya : I tried to expose the ugly scheme
that I assumed was behind his actions.
Kaguya Shinomiya : But I never could find any evidence of that. (0:20:30.54)
Kaguya Shinomiya : Eventually, I admitted defeated and acknowledged
that people like President really did exist.
Kaguya Shinomiya : After that, I started to realize there were also (0:20:40.16)
Kaguya Shinomiya : a surprising number
of selfless acts in the world.
Kaguya Shinomiya : The way I saw things changed a bit. (0:20:47.45)
Kaguya Shinomiya : So, I'm grateful to President. (0:20:52.50)
Kaguya Shinomiya : So much that I'd like to thank
his parents for raising him like that.
Papa Shirogane : And are you romantically
interested in Miyuki?
Kaguya Shinomiya : Wh-Why should I talk about that
with a perfect stranger?
Papa Shirogane : Because I really want to know. (0:21:10.12)
Papa Shirogane : If you had to love him or hate him,
which would you choose?
Papa Shirogane : Do you imagine getting married to him
in the future?
Papa Shirogane : Well, do you? (0:21:18.25)
Kaguya Shinomiya : This line of questioning
is just embarrassing me!
Papa Shirogane : Do you recognize that your evasion
of an answer is the answer itself?
Kaguya Shinomiya : Enough! Who are you anyway? (0:21:25.16)
Miyuki Shirogane : You're still here? (0:21:28.33)
Miyuki Shirogane : Shinomiya... (0:21:30.91)
Kaguya Shinomiya : President... (0:21:35.50)
Kaguya Shinomiya : Do you know this gentleman? (0:21:37.50)
Miyuki Shirogane : Um... (0:21:40.37)
Miyuki Shirogane : I've never met him in my life. (0:21:43.08)
Papa Shirogane : Hello. I'm Miyuki's dad. (0:21:44.58)
Kaguya Shinomiya : You knew who I was all along? (0:21:49.91)
Papa Shirogane : Naturally. (0:21:52.33)
Kaguya Shinomiya : President... (0:21:53.66)
Kaguya Shinomiya : You have such a delightfully
mischievous father!
Miyuki Shirogane : Do I? (0:21:58.91)
Miyuki Shirogane : Old man! (0:22:00.70)
Miyuki Shirogane : What did you do to Shinomiya? (0:22:03.00)
EXTRA : Hang in there, Leader! (0:22:09.33)
EXTRA : Go, Kazeno! (0:22:11.25)
EXTRA : You can do it, Leader! (0:22:12.95)
EXTRA : Ishigami! You're really fast! (0:22:15.04)
Yuu Ishigami : Thanks. (0:22:18.04)
EXTRA : Leader and Ishigami, keep it up! (0:22:19.50)
Kobachi Osaragi : You can do it! (0:22:22.45)

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