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Sinon : Sorry to keep you waiting, Asuna. (0:00:26.79)
Asuna Yuuki : Shino-non! (0:00:35.26)
EXTRA : The War of Underworld (0:02:07.98)
Sinon : Asuna, about five kilometers south of here,
you'll see what looks like abandoned ruins.
Sinon : I think we can attack the enemy there
without being surrounded.
Asuna Yuuki : All right, Sinon. (0:02:25.29)
Asuna Yuuki : No matter how huge
the American VRMMO population may be,
Asuna Yuuki : I doubt they can get anymore right away. (0:02:31.88)
Asuna Yuuki : If we can beat the players they have now,
the enemy won't be able to do anything... I think.
Sinon : All right, leave it to me. (0:02:39.55)
Sinon : So by the way, is Kirito in this unit? (0:02:42.39)
Asuna Yuuki : There's no need for you to sound so formal. (0:02:46.85)
Asuna Yuuki : Kirito's in here. (0:02:50.52)
Sinon : Is that so? (0:02:52.44)
Sinon : Then I guess I'll go say hi. (0:02:53.73)
Ronye : L... Lady Solus? (0:03:11.67)
Sinon : Hello! Nice to meet you. (0:03:15.84)
Sinon : I may look like Solus,
but not on the inside.
Sinon : My name is Sinon. (0:03:20.88)
Sinon : That's right, like Asuna,
I'm from the real world.
Sinon : And I'm Kirito's... friend. (0:03:32.48)
Tieze : I see. (0:03:35.23)
Ronye : They're all female! (0:03:37.61)
Sinon : And we're not the only ones. (0:03:39.94)
Sinon : Even if your soul's been deeply damaged, (0:04:02.80)
Sinon : there are so many people
who know your soul so well.
Sinon : See, can't you can feel it? (0:04:09.97)
Sinon : The you that's inside me. (0:04:12.06)
Sinon : The sarcastic, mischievous, stubborn,
and naïve one...
Sinon : the strongest, kindest of all. (0:04:18.65)
Sinon : Don't worry. Kirito will be better in no time. (0:04:32.00)
Sinon : At the moment when we really need him, right? (0:04:36.17)
Sinon : All right, I'm going to go on ahead
and fly to the ruins to get the lay of the land.
Sinon : You guys look after Kirito, okay? (0:04:48.72)
Asuna Yuuki : H-Hey, Sinon, did you just say "fly"? (0:04:52.31)
Asuna Yuuki : Meaning... you can fly? (0:04:55.81)
Sinon : Y-Yeah. (0:04:58.48)
Sinon : Apparently, it's a unique power
gifted to the Solus account.
Sinon : I was told that there's no time limit
or anything, either.
Asuna Yuuki : Then we're not the ones who need to be rescued! (0:05:05.20)
Asuna Yuuki : It's Alice. Please go after Alice,
who's been abducted by the emperor!
EXTRA : Dark Territory Ruins of the Eastern Gate (0:05:13.41)
Lilpilin : Len. (0:05:25.01)
Lilpilin : What were we fighting for? (0:05:30.80)
Lilpilin : Why did you all have to die for them? (0:05:35.18)
Leafa : Ouch! (0:05:52.66)
Leafa : Jeez! (0:05:56.37)
Leafa : This is why I can't stand brand-new equipment! (0:05:58.04)
Lilpilin : Don't look! Don't look at me! (0:06:12.43)
Leafa : Um, good afternoon. (0:06:19.23)
Leafa : Hup. (0:06:22.06)
Leafa : Or should it be good morning? (0:06:23.11)
Lilpilin : Why aren't you running away?
Why aren't you screaming?
Lilpilin : You're a human, so why not? (0:06:30.57)
Leafa : Why? (0:06:32.28)
Leafa : Because you're a human, aren't you? (0:06:34.37)
Lilpilin : H-Human? Me? How ridiculous! (0:06:36.54)
Lilpilin : Can't you tell by looking? I'm an orc! (0:06:40.96)
Lilpilin : An orc, which you Iums revile as pig-people! (0:06:44.04)
Leafa : But you're still a human, right? (0:06:46.80)
Leafa : After all, you and I are standing here talking.
What else would you need?
Lilpilin : What else? (0:06:53.18)
Leafa : More importantly, where are we now? (0:06:55.43)
Leafa : Um, what's your name? (0:06:59.77)
Lilpilin : I-I'm Lilpilin. (0:07:04.69)
Leafa : Lilpilin? That's a nice name. I'm Leafa. (0:07:06.94)
Leafa : Hello, nice to meet you. (0:07:11.24)
Lilpilin : You're a knight from the Human Empire Army,
aren't you?
Lilpilin : Then I'm taking you as my prisoner. (0:07:24.38)
Lilpilin : And I'm taking you to the emperor! (0:07:26.13)
Leafa : By emperor, you mean Vecta,
the god of darkness, right?
Lilpilin : Th-That's right. (0:07:31.18)
Leafa : All right. (0:07:33.01)
Leafa : Then take me to him. (0:07:33.97)
Lilpilin : Who is this girl, anyway? (0:07:43.40)
Lilpilin : If I can talk, I'm a human? (0:07:45.86)
Lilpilin : The goblins, ogres, and giants can all speak, too, (0:07:48.03)
Lilpilin : but just because we look different,
the humans treat us with scorn.
Lilpilin : And yet, this girl... (0:07:56.12)
Lilpilin : Come on. (0:08:00.79)
Lilpilin : What's this? (0:08:06.04)
Lilpilin : Y-You're Dee Eye Ell! (0:08:27.86)
Dee Eye Ell : The smell... Oh, the smell! (0:08:30.65)
Dee Eye Ell : So sweet, the fragrance of life! (0:08:34.03)
Dee Eye Ell : What splendid prey you've captured! (0:08:39.91)
Dee Eye Ell : Good job, pig. (0:08:43.66)
Dee Eye Ell : As a reward,
I'm going to show you something amusing!
Dee Eye Ell : Well? You've never seen
a human woman's body before, have you?
Dee Eye Ell : Perhaps this is too much for a pig to see? (0:09:04.98)
Dee Eye Ell : But this is where the fun begins. (0:09:07.61)
Dee Eye Ell : Just watch. (0:09:10.36)
Dee Eye Ell : System Call! (0:09:23.91)
Dee Eye Ell : Transfer Human Unit Durability, Left to Self! (0:09:25.33)
Dee Eye Ell : Incredible! So incredible! (0:09:35.63)
Dee Eye Ell : - How thick and sweet it is!
- Wh-What are you doing?
Lilpilin : - How thick and sweet it is!
- Wh-What are you doing?
Lilpilin : That girl is my prisoner!
I'm taking her to the emperor!
Dee Eye Ell : Silence, you damned pig! (0:09:46.44)
Dee Eye Ell : Have you forgotten that
the emperor has given me full command?
Dee Eye Ell : My will is the emperor's will. (0:09:53.15)
Dee Eye Ell : My orders are the emperor's orders. (0:09:55.28)
Dee Eye Ell : I don't believe it! (0:10:15.21)
Dee Eye Ell : It's surging... it's overflowing again! (0:10:17.05)
Dee Eye Ell : It's mine! This is all mine! (0:10:38.86)
Leafa : I have to endure. (0:10:42.45)
Leafa : I can't kill anyone from this world
without knowing what's going on.
Lilpilin : Stop. (0:10:51.83)
Lilpilin : Stop! (0:10:56.26)
Dee Eye Ell : What's that? Are you giving me an order? (0:10:58.97)
Dee Eye Ell : Didn't I tell you, pig? (0:11:04.68)
Dee Eye Ell : This prisoner is mine now! (0:11:06.56)
Dee Eye Ell : No matter how much life I suck out of her, (0:11:08.77)
Dee Eye Ell : or if I choke the life out of her right here,
it has nothing to do with you, see?
Dee Eye Ell : But hold on. (0:11:16.98)
Dee Eye Ell : It was you who found her, after all,
so maybe a slight concession is in order?
Dee Eye Ell : All right, let's see you strip naked right now. (0:11:23.49)
Lilpilin : What are you talking about? (0:11:27.91)
Dee Eye Ell : Ever since I first saw you in that preposterous armor
and cloak, it's always made me gag.
Dee Eye Ell : A lowly pig looking almost human. (0:11:36.55)
Dee Eye Ell : If you strip naked on the spot,
crawl around on all fours, and squeal,
Dee Eye Ell : then I might let you have this girl back. (0:11:43.51)
Leafa : But you're still a human, right? (0:11:47.47)
Leafa : What else would you need? (0:11:51.10)
Leafa : Don't. (0:12:09.20)
Leafa : I'm... fine, so... (0:12:11.87)
Leafa : don't do it! (0:12:15.67)
Dee Eye Ell : Come on, what's wrong, pig?
Just strip already!
Dee Eye Ell : Or could it be that you're aroused
by the sight of naked human flesh?
Lilpilin : I'm... (0:12:29.52)
Lilpilin : I'm... (0:12:31.27)
Lilpilin : I'm... (0:12:38.82)
Lilpilin : a human! (0:12:41.36)
Dee Eye Ell : You stinking pig! (0:13:00.55)
Dee Eye Ell : How dare you put a scratch on me! (0:13:05.43)
Dee Eye Ell : I'm going to chop you up,
mix you with hay,
Dee Eye Ell : and then feed you... (0:13:17.48)
Dee Eye Ell : to the boars! (0:13:20.36)
Dee Eye Ell : A human, slashing another human to save a pig? (0:13:40.46)
Leafa : It's not that. (0:13:45.59)
Leafa : I'm slashing evil to save a human! (0:13:47.13)
EXTRA : Dark Territory Southern Ruins (0:13:57.48)
Asuna Yuuki : I'm counting on you to take care of Kirito. (0:14:09.82)
Ronye : Right! Please leave it to us, Lady Asuna! (0:14:12.33)
Tieze : We promise to protect him! (0:14:15.25)
Sortiliena Serlut : Even if it costs us our lives. (0:14:17.12)
Asuna Yuuki : Don't worry.
We won't let the enemy get this far.
Renly : Attack! (0:14:36.18)
Vassago : As merciless as ever when she snaps! (0:15:09.68)
Vassago : I'm so going to kill that woman! (0:15:12.80)
Bercouli : Why aren't I catching up? (0:15:22.69)
Bercouli : Even though I'm switching between
three different dragons?
Bercouli : Can this god of darkness
manipulate the life of a flying dragon?
Bercouli : No way around it, eh? (0:15:32.45)
Bercouli : Forgive me, nameless flying dragon. (0:15:38.54)
Bercouli : Time-Splitting Sword... (0:15:41.54)
Bercouli : Uragiri! (0:15:57.68)
Bercouli : Uragiri is "the sword that slashes the past." (0:16:05.94)
Bercouli : Even an emperor won't be able to rewind time! (0:16:09.82)
Bercouli : If I fall, head back north and rejoin the unit. (0:16:14.03)
Bercouli : Emperor Vecta. (0:16:23.04)
Bercouli : Not all real-worlders are demons like you... (0:16:24.63)
Bercouli : I know just from looking at that Asuna girl. (0:16:28.09)
Bercouli : But you've driven the people of the land of darkness
onto the battlefield,
Bercouli : and caused not just us,
but tens of thousand of them to die senselessly.
Bercouli : That proves a human like you
is utterly evil to the core.
Bercouli : You must pay. (0:16:44.27)
Bercouli : You will know the weight of all the lives
that perished on the battlefield.
Bercouli : With this blow, (0:16:48.86)
Bercouli : I'll make it clear! (0:16:52.74)
Bercouli : How did he evade that? (0:17:04.16)
Bercouli : I've got you! (0:17:15.22)
Bercouli : Time-Splitting Sword... Karagiri! (0:17:16.39)
Bercouli : So you can devour people's Incarnation? (0:17:31.73)
Gabriel : Incarnation? (0:17:36.36)
Gabriel : I see. Mind and will, huh? (0:17:37.74)
Gabriel : Your mind is like an old vintage wine. (0:17:40.99)
Gabriel : Rich, thick, heavy... with a lingering aftertaste. (0:17:44.37)
Gabriel : It's not to my taste, (0:17:49.13)
Gabriel : but perhaps good for cleansing the palate
before the main course.
Gabriel : Now, let me drink more. (0:17:59.85)
Bercouli : Don't mock me! (0:18:03.18)
Bercouli : I win! (0:18:24.29)
Bercouli : What's going on? (0:18:40.14)
Bercouli : No, what was I going to do in the first place? (0:18:42.47)
Bercouli : Did I just space out during battle? (0:18:52.73)
Bercouli : You bastard, did you suck my Incarnation
straight from my sword?
Bercouli : This is entertaining and all, Your Majesty. (0:19:04.91)
Bercouli : But not being able to cross swords
makes this a tough battle.
Bercouli : Seriously! (0:19:11.04)
Gabriel : That reminds me, I haven't tried this yet. (0:19:13.50)
Bercouli : No way, not from a distance, too? (0:19:19.47)
Bercouli : Just having that sword pointed at me
stopped my conscious thought?
Bercouli : How can I counter that? (0:19:44.28)
Bercouli : I've already used Karagiri once,
so it won't work again.
Bercouli : My other secret skill is the Memory Release Uragiri,
but who knows if it'll have any effect?
Quinella : Have you ever had a premonition about death? (0:19:56.09)
Bercouli : This is the place where I may die, Your Eminence? (0:20:01.72)
Bercouli : Little one. (0:20:10.81)
Bercouli : I wasn't able to give you
the fatherly love you craved deep inside.
Bercouli : After all, I don't even remember my own parents. (0:20:19.19)
Bercouli : But I do know one thing. (0:20:23.53)
Bercouli : A parent will die protecting their child. (0:20:26.87)
Bercouli : Not that you'll ever understand that
as long you live...
Bercouli : you monster! (0:20:36.13)
EXTRA : What the hell? This game really sucks! (0:20:39.30)
EXTRA : I'm going to log out soon! (0:20:42.80)
Asuna Yuuki : My won't give out until my mind does. (0:20:58.82)
Asuna Yuuki : So I will stay standing forever! (0:21:03.07)
EXTRA : Go! (0:21:06.99)
Asuna Yuuki : Enemy... reinforcements? (0:21:16.29)
Asuna Yuuki : A sword... skill? (0:21:46.32)
Asuna Yuuki : You're... (0:21:51.33)
Klein : Hey, sorry to keep you waiting, Asuna. (0:21:54.75)
Asuna Yuuki : Klein? (0:21:57.79)
Asuna Yuuki : Next time: End to Eternity. (0:23:36.39)

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