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Catarina Claes : Another beautiful day! (0:01:31.06)
Catarina Claes : Perfect for working the fields! (0:01:32.97)
Catarina Claes : It's been a few months since my memories from my past life returned, (0:01:35.57)
Catarina Claes : and I've taken up farming as a hobby. (0:01:38.66)
Keith Claes : Do you need any help, Sister? (0:01:42.11)
Geordo Stuart : I'll aid you too, Katarina. (0:01:44.01)
Catarina Claes : Thanks, you two! (0:01:46.09)
Catarina Claes : They're wilting... (0:01:50.54)
Catarina Claes : But why? I've been giving them water and fertilizer. (0:01:52.41)
Keith Claes : Cheer up, Sister. (0:01:55.88)
Keith Claes : Here, let me help you u— (0:01:57.58)
Geordo Stuart : Here, let me help you u— (0:01:57.58)
Keith Claes : You don't need to worry about my sister, Prince Geordo. (0:02:01.21)
Keith Claes : Also, you really shouldn't feel obligated to come visit every single day. (0:02:04.43)
Geordo Stuart : I'm sure there's no need for you to cling to her all the time like that either, Keith. (0:02:08.60)
Catarina Claes : Look what good friends they've become! (0:02:15.67)
Luigi Claes : Katarina, (0:02:24.20)
Luigi Claes : you've received an invitation to a tea party. (0:02:25.80)
Luigi Claes : Would you like to go? (0:02:28.46)
Catarina Claes : Thea pawry?{talking with her mouth full. If it's too distracting it can stay as "Tea party?"} (0:02:29.67)
Millidiana Claes : Out of the question, darling! (0:02:30.50)
Millidiana Claes : Just look at her! (0:02:32.44)
Millidiana Claes : Her manners are simply deplorable! (0:02:33.59)
Luigi Claes : W-Well, that's true... (0:02:36.42)
Luigi Claes : But perhaps attending will help to educate her in improving them. (0:02:38.89)
Millidiana Claes : Well, it's hard to argue with that... (0:02:42.27)
Luigi Claes : I know! (0:02:44.64)
Luigi Claes : Why don't we send Keith along too? (0:02:45.68)
Luigi Claes : We won't have to worry if he's with her. (0:02:47.68)
Keith Claes : If Sister is going, I'd be glad to go with her. (0:02:50.20)
Millidiana Claes : Thank you! How helpful of you! (0:02:52.77)
Catarina Claes : Hang on a minute. I'm the older sister here, (0:02:55.41)
Catarina Claes : so why are they treating me like I can't be trusted to go anywhere without Keith? (0:02:57.68)
EXTRA : Thank you for coming to our tea party today. (0:03:03.43)
Catarina Claes : The pleasure is ours. Thank you for inviting us. (0:03:08.53)
EXTRA : Welcome to our home. (0:03:12.21)
EXTRA : Please, make yourselves comfortable. (0:03:14.44)
Catarina Claes : Thank you! (0:03:16.71)
Mary Hunt : I-It's a pleasure to meet you. (0:03:22.50)
Mary Hunt : I'm the fourth-born of my sisters, M-Mary Hunt. (0:03:24.73)
Catarina Claes : Pleased to make your acquaintance, Lady Mary. (0:03:28.12)
EXTRA : Do come inside. (0:03:35.03)
Catarina Claes : Oh, yes, certainly! (0:03:36.77)
EXTRA : So you're Lady Katarina Claes? (0:03:43.57)
EXTRA : The one who's engaged to Prince Geordo? (0:03:46.18)
EXTRA : I've heard all about you. (0:03:48.30)
EXTRA : It's an honor to meet you! (0:03:50.09)
Catarina Claes : Yes... (0:03:52.08)
EXTRA : Lady Katarina, allow me to introduce myself too! (0:03:53.15)
EXTRA : Me too! (0:03:55.69)
Catarina Claes : Oh, certainly. (0:03:56.52)
Catarina Claes : All I did was greet people and I'm already totally worn out. (0:04:00.92)
Catarina Claes : I guess they're all too busy talking to eat anything. (0:04:04.97)
Catarina Claes : What a waste! (0:04:10.97)
Catarina Claes : I wish I'd brought a takeout bag with me! (0:04:12.34)
Keith Claes : Sister? (0:04:15.46)
Keith Claes : Why do you look so lost in thought? (0:04:17.63)
Catarina Claes : U-Um... (0:04:19.64)
Keith Claes : Please don't tell me (0:04:22.55)
Keith Claes : you're thinking of taking all those desserts home. (0:04:23.93)
Catarina Claes : That's incredible! How did you know?! (0:04:27.01)
Keith Claes : How I knew isn't the issue here. (0:04:30.24)
Keith Claes : If you do that, you'll injure
the dignity of the Claes family.
Keith Claes : Besides, if Mother finds out, you'd really be in hot water. (0:04:35.95)
Keith Claes : Didn't she just take away your dessert privileges for three days (0:04:39.47)
Keith Claes : after you ate a cookie that fell on the floor, saying something about a "three-second rule"? (0:04:42.23)
Catarina Claes : Th-Then I have no other choice. (0:04:46.48)
Catarina Claes : If I can't take them home, I'll have to eat them all now! (0:04:48.35)
Keith Claes : Sister, please! (0:04:53.20)
Keith Claes : I think you've had enough! (0:04:55.02)
Keith Claes : Huh?! (0:04:58.16)
Keith Claes : A-Are you all right? (0:05:02.12)
Catarina Claes : N-Nothing's wrong! (0:05:03.52)
Catarina Claes : Excuse me while I go powder my nose! (0:05:05.36)
Keith Claes : Sister?! (0:05:06.96)
Catarina Claes : Whew! Thank goodness I made it. (0:05:11.71)
Catarina Claes : I guess I did eat a bit too much. (0:05:13.22)
Mary Hunt : L-Lady Katarina?! (0:05:32.10)
Mary Hunt : What brings you out here?! (0:05:33.92)
Catarina Claes : Oh, I just wanted a little fresh air. (0:05:35.79)
Catarina Claes : What about you, Lady Mary?
What are you doing here?
Mary Hunt : I don't like being in big noisy crowds very much. (0:05:41.27)
Catarina Claes : She almost seems like she's afraid. (0:05:45.69)
Catarina Claes : Is it my villainous-looking face?! (0:05:47.95)
Catarina Claes : Th-This garden sure is incredible. (0:05:51.33)
Catarina Claes : There are so many kinds of flowers. It's beautiful! (0:05:53.56)
Catarina Claes : And they're all blooming so brilliantly. (0:05:56.61)
Catarina Claes : You must have a very skilled gardener. (0:05:59.32)
Catarina Claes : Oh, I know! (0:06:02.04)
Catarina Claes : Lady Mary, would you please introduce me to your gardener? (0:06:03.52)
Mary Hunt : Huh? (0:06:07.09)
Catarina Claes : I have so many questions I'd like to ask (0:06:07.85)
Catarina Claes : of someone who can cultivate such pretty flowers! (0:06:10.53)
Mary Hunt : I-It's me. (0:06:13.10)
Catarina Claes : Huh? (0:06:14.93)
Mary Hunt : I'm the one who takes care of these flowers. (0:06:15.87)
Catarina Claes : Incredible! (0:06:20.09)
Catarina Claes : How do you do it?! (0:06:20.94)
Catarina Claes : Some special method?! (0:06:22.55)
Catarina Claes : Or is the secret in the dirt itself?! (0:06:23.69)
Mary Hunt : U-Um, Lady Katarina! (0:06:25.82)
Catarina Claes : I'm sorry! (0:06:29.15)
Mary Hunt : A-A farm? (0:06:32.50)
Mary Hunt : You have your own fields that you farm? (0:06:34.12)
Catarina Claes : I've been trying to raise vegetables, but for some reason, they're wilting. (0:06:36.36)
Catarina Claes : I don't know why, or what I should do. (0:06:40.51)
Mary Hunt : I do wish I could help you, (0:06:43.10)
Mary Hunt : but I've never grown vegetables before. (0:06:45.50)
Mary Hunt : Even after hearing about them, I'm not sure what advice to give. (0:06:48.31)
Catarina Claes : Then would you please come to my house and take a look at them? (0:06:51.93)
Mary Hunt : Huh?! (0:06:55.99)
Catarina Claes : Right this way, Lady Mary! (0:06:57.99)
Mary Hunt : Oh my! You really do have your own farm! (0:07:01.96)
Catarina Claes : I sure do! (0:07:04.87)
Catarina Claes : Look. These are the ones I mentioned. (0:07:05.88)
Mary Hunt : They do seem to be wilting. (0:07:07.87)
Catarina Claes : I thought it might be the heat, (0:07:09.74)
Catarina Claes : but the vegetables our gardener Tom is raising are doing fine. (0:07:12.34)
Mary Hunt : Perhaps... (0:07:16.77)
Catarina Claes : Did you figure it out? (0:07:18.08)
Mary Hunt : W-Well, I can't be sure, but... (0:07:19.57)
Mary Hunt : It may be that they aren't absorbing sufficient water or fertilizer. (0:07:24.98)
Mary Hunt : Let's try replanting them somewhere else and see how they do! (0:07:29.47)
Catarina Claes : Okay! (0:07:32.65)
Catarina Claes : Look, Mary! They're doing so much better! (0:07:56.48)
Catarina Claes : And it's all because of you! Thank you! (0:07:59.99)
Mary Hunt : I-I didn't... (0:08:02.02)
Catarina Claes : You certainly have a green thumb! (0:08:03.70)
Mary Hunt : A green thumb? (0:08:06.50)
Catarina Claes : That's what you say about people who have a talent for raising plants! (0:08:07.89)
Catarina Claes : Only a truly amazing girl with a green thumb like you could do this, Mary! (0:08:11.86)
Mary Hunt : Me? Special? (0:08:17.95)
Mary Hunt : Um, Lady Katarina? (0:08:21.50)
Catarina Claes : Yes? (0:08:23.31)
Mary Hunt : Even though the vegetables are
doing much better now,
Mary Hunt : may I still come here again sometime? (0:08:27.34)
Catarina Claes : You're more than welcome! Come visit me anytime! (0:08:30.07)
Mary Hunt : Okay! (0:08:35.80)
Catarina Claes : See you soon! (0:08:39.34)
Keith Claes : Lady Mary seems more cheerful than before. (0:08:42.23)
Catarina Claes : That's right. She must have been afraid of me at first, (0:08:44.97)
Catarina Claes : because of this villainous face of mine! (0:08:49.02)
Keith Claes : Uh, I don't think that's why. (0:08:51.36)
Keith Claes : She acted that way toward everyone. (0:08:54.34)
Catarina Claes : Really? (0:08:57.78)
Keith Claes : Yeah. (0:08:58.89)
Keith Claes : She must be going through something at home (0:08:59.92)
Keith Claes : that has a terrible effect on her self-confidence. (0:09:01.67)
Catarina Claes : Like what? (0:09:04.22)
Keith Claes : I heard at the tea party that Lady Mary's mother was Marquess Hunt's second wife, (0:09:05.56)
Keith Claes : and the rest of the family wasn't happy about the remarriage. (0:09:11.88)
Keith Claes : Lady Mary's older sisters treated her like a nuisance (0:09:15.68)
Keith Claes : and said cruel things about her all her life. (0:09:18.65)
Keith Claes : Then, when her mother passed away, (0:09:21.64)
Keith Claes : I think she felt like she had nowhere to belong. (0:09:23.90)
Catarina Claes : So that's why. (0:09:28.33)
Keith Claes : But I'm sure Lady Mary is going to be all right now. (0:09:30.13)
Catarina Claes : You can tell, Keith? (0:09:33.11)
Keith Claes : I suppose I can. (0:09:34.75)
Keith Claes : Incidentally, Lady Mary's engagement to Prince Alan should be decided soon. (0:09:37.80)
Catarina Claes : Oh, really? (0:09:42.75)
Catarina Claes : Wait. Mary's engagement to whom ? (0:09:46.27)
Keith Claes : Prince Alan. Prince Geordo's twin brother. (0:09:49.82)
Catarina Claes : That's the third doom flag! (0:09:54.09)
Catarina Claes : We will now commence our strategy meeting. (0:09:57.28)
Catarina Claes : Alan is one of the love interest routes in the game! (0:10:00.32)
Catarina Claes : Befriending the girl who's engaged to him would be like charging straight into our doom headfirst! (0:10:02.58)
Catarina Claes : Let's review the information we have. (0:10:08.33)
Catarina Claes : Because Alan was in poor health until the age of five, (0:10:11.58)
Catarina Claes : he was very sheltered,
making him spoiled and egotistical.
Catarina Claes : He has an inferiority complex and feels
a deep sense of rivalry toward his brother Geordo.
Catarina Claes : But when he meets the heroine of the game, (0:10:22.19)
Catarina Claes : she lightens his heart, (0:10:24.96)
Catarina Claes : and his barely-existent relationship with Geordo improves. (0:10:26.79)
Catarina Claes : What a wonderful story! (0:10:31.23)
Catarina Claes : Hey! This is no time for waterworks! (0:10:33.54)
Catarina Claes : Not to worry. (0:10:35.75)
Catarina Claes : Katarina barely appears in Alan's route at all. (0:10:37.13)
Catarina Claes : Taking her place as the rival character is Alan's adoring fiancée, Mary. (0:10:40.16)
Catarina Claes : Th-Then is Mary going to end up exiled or killed? (0:10:45.01)
Catarina Claes : No. (0:10:49.65)
Catarina Claes : In the happy ending, (0:10:50.54)
Catarina Claes : Mary congratulates the couple and withdraws. (0:10:52.15)
Catarina Claes : In the bad end, she ends up with Alan. (0:10:54.46)
Catarina Claes : She's a rival just like us,
but she's such a nice character!
Catarina Claes : How come only Katarina gets treated like a monster?! (0:11:00.76)
Catarina Claes : What were you thinking, production staff?! (0:11:03.07)
Catarina Claes : Try walking a mile in Katarina's shoes and see how you feel! (0:11:05.30)
Catarina Claes : Order! (0:11:10.26)
Catarina Claes : {\fscy50\alpha&HCA&\3a&HEE&\4a&HEE&\xshad-0.6\fry180\fscx50\bord2\shad0.6\pos(952,231.223)}In the bad end, she ends up with Alan. (0:11:11.44)
Catarina Claes : We don't even know if this story will pan out as it did in the game. (0:11:12.13)
Catarina Claes : Take a look. (0:11:16.19)
Alan Stuart : You certainly have a green thumb, Mary. (0:11:18.54)
Mary Hunt : A green thumb? (0:11:21.14)
Alan Stuart : That's what you say about people who have a talent for raising plants. (0:11:22.65)
Alan Stuart : Only a truly amazing girl with
a green thumb like you could do this.
Catarina Claes : Th-That sounds like what Katarina said. (0:11:31.11)
Catarina Claes : It's exactly what Katarina said, in fact. (0:11:34.03)
Catarina Claes : I thought I'd heard that line somewhere before! (0:11:36.17)
Catarina Claes : Wait, does that mean we said it first? (0:11:38.79)
Catarina Claes : A great line like that has only half the impact the second time! (0:11:41.14)
Catarina Claes : Mary won't fall for him now! (0:11:44.36)
Catarina Claes : I fear all we can do is wait and see what happens. (0:11:48.37)
Catarina Claes : Y-You're right. (0:11:50.96)
Catarina Claes : Alan is a beautiful prince in an otome game! (0:11:52.61)
Catarina Claes : Having one line stolen from him isn't a big deal! (0:11:55.10)
Catarina Claes : Mary, I heard your engagement's been decided. (0:12:00.23)
Catarina Claes : Congratulations! (0:12:02.86)
Mary Hunt : Thank you! (0:12:03.91)
Mary Hunt : Now I'm engaged to a prince too. (0:12:06.08)
Mary Hunt : We're even more alike now, Lady Katarina.
It makes me so very happy!
Catarina Claes : Right... (0:12:12.50)
Catarina Claes : So, what was Prince Alan like? (0:12:14.06)
Mary Hunt : He's quite beautiful. (0:12:16.62)
Mary Hunt : And he praised my garden, just like you did. (0:12:18.81)
Catarina Claes : Really? And what happened next? (0:12:23.32)
Mary Hunt : Nothing. That was all. (0:12:25.97)
Catarina Claes : Um, your green thumb didn't come up in the conversation or anything? (0:12:28.20)
Mary Hunt : Why, Lady Katarina! Did you hear about that somehow? (0:12:32.24)
Catarina Claes : So it did, then? It actually came up?! (0:12:36.15)
Mary Hunt : Yes! (0:12:38.90)
Mary Hunt : I told Prince Alan what you told me! (0:12:39.85)
Catarina Claes : What?! You told him ?! (0:12:43.93)
Catarina Claes : And you told him I said it?! (0:12:46.11)
Mary Hunt : Yes! (0:12:47.74)
Mary Hunt : It made me so happy when you said such a nice thing about me, (0:12:48.89)
Mary Hunt : I couldn't help but tell him about it too! (0:12:52.96)
Catarina Claes : No chance could he say it after that. (0:12:55.73)
Catarina Claes : Not when he knew someone else beat him to it. (0:12:57.77)
Catarina Claes : Sorry, Alan. (0:13:00.52)
Catarina Claes : Keep growing and make me some delicious veggies! (0:13:04.74)
Anne Shelley : My lady! (0:13:07.70)
Anne Shelley : The prince is here for a visit! (0:13:08.89)
Catarina Claes : What are you so flustered about, Anne? (0:13:11.02)
Catarina Claes : Prince Geordo can just come right out here, like always. (0:13:13.45)
Anne Shelley : Not him! The fourth-born prince, Alan, is here! (0:13:16.90)
Catarina Claes : What? Why?! (0:13:20.36)
Catarina Claes : S-Sorry to keep you waiting! (0:13:24.11)
Catarina Claes : S-Sorry to keep you waiting! (0:13:24.19)
Catarina Claes : S-Sorry to keep you waiting! (0:13:24.28)
Alan Stuart : Took you long enough. (0:13:32.82)
Catarina Claes : Wh-What kind of attitude is that?
He's the one who showed up unannounced!
Catarina Claes : No, no. This is a child we're dealing with. (0:13:41.01)
Catarina Claes : Mentally, I'm seventeen plus nine years old. (0:13:43.34)
Catarina Claes : I can't get angry at a little kid. (0:13:46.57)
Catarina Claes : I apologize. It took me a bit of time to get ready. (0:13:49.34)
Catarina Claes : My name is Katarina Claes. (0:13:52.24)
Alan Stuart : Alan Stuart. (0:13:54.15)
Alan Stuart : We need to talk. (0:13:55.80)
Catarina Claes : A-About what? (0:13:57.43)
Alan Stuart : About Mary Hunt. (0:13:59.37)
Catarina Claes : Huh? (0:14:01.07)
Alan Stuart : She's my fiancée now. (0:14:02.05)
Alan Stuart : Did you know that? (0:14:04.40)
Catarina Claes : Yes, I'm aware. (0:14:05.77)
Alan Stuart : In that case, quit trying to seduce her! (0:14:08.05)
Catarina Claes : S-Seduce her?! What do you mean?! (0:14:10.55)
Alan Stuart : What, now you're playing dumb? (0:14:12.71)
Alan Stuart : I invite her over, but she refuses, saying she has plans with you! (0:14:14.34)
Mary Hunt : Lady Katarina is— (0:14:17.46)
Alan Stuart : And when we are together,
you're all she ever talks about!
Mary Hunt : Lady Katarina said— (0:14:19.32)
Alan Stuart : You're trying to steal Mary
away from me! I'm onto you!
Mary Hunt : Lady Katarina and I— (0:14:21.08)
Catarina Claes : Excuse me?! That's a blatantly false accusation! (0:14:22.84)
Alan Stuart : No, it's completely true! (0:14:26.05)
Alan Stuart : You're tempting my sweet, pure Mary! (0:14:27.55)
Catarina Claes : Utterly ridiculous! (0:14:29.26)
Catarina Claes : You just pick the wrong times to invite her!
And whatever you talk to her about must be boring!
Alan Stuart : What?! (0:14:35.01)
Anne Shelley : L-Lady Katarina! (0:14:35.82)
Catarina Claes : Any girl would accept the invitation of someone whose company she truly enjoys! (0:14:37.35)
Catarina Claes : You want to know your problem? You have no appeal at all!{TS YELLOW CARD: the echoing is WAY too distracting. Tone it down some. - Sei} (0:14:41.56)
Catarina Claes : You have no appeal at all! (0:14:43.65)
Catarina Claes : You have no appeal at all! (0:14:44.60)
Catarina Claes : You have no appeal at all! (0:14:45.44)
Catarina Claes : You have no appeal at all! (0:14:46.46)
Alan Stuart : What did you say? (0:14:47.78)
Alan Stuart : Nobody has ever dared ridicule me to my face like this before. (0:14:50.17)
Catarina Claes : U-Um, that was just a slip of the tongue. (0:14:54.27)
Alan Stuart : You've got guts, Katarina Claes. (0:14:57.10)
Alan Stuart : I'll take that insulting remark of yours as a personal challenge. (0:15:00.22)
Alan Stuart : I challenge you to a duel! (0:15:03.94)
Anne Shelley : But why a tree-climbing contest? (0:15:07.72)
Catarina Claes : Prince Alan said that since I'm a girl, he'd let me choose how we duel. (0:15:10.28)
Catarina Claes : This was the only thing I could think of that I'm good at. (0:15:14.94)
Anne Shelley : But my lady, I doubt Prince Alan has ever climbed a tree in his life. (0:15:18.43)
Catarina Claes : Don't worry! (0:15:22.24)
EXTRA : Prince Alan, please don't do this! (0:15:22.52)
Catarina Claes : Keith is keeping Mother occupied so she won't find out, so it's for his sake, too— (0:15:23.82)
EXTRA : If you were to get hurt— (0:15:24.75)
Alan Stuart : E-Enough! Be quiet! (0:15:26.76)
Catarina Claes : I'll settle this right now. (0:15:27.04)
Catarina Claes : Shall we begin, then? (0:15:28.80)
Catarina Claes : First one to the highest branch wins. (0:15:30.53)
Alan Stuart : Fine. Bring it on. (0:15:33.30)
Anne Shelley : All right, then. On your marks. (0:15:35.16)
Anne Shelley : Get set! (0:15:38.44)
Anne Shelley : Go! (0:15:39.79)
Catarina Claes : Looks like the duel is concluded, Prince Alan! (0:15:47.31)
Alan Stuart : I-I demand a rematch! (0:15:50.15)
Alan Stuart : I lost because I've never done it before, that's all! (0:15:52.30)
Catarina Claes : As if you could beat me, little rich boy. (0:15:54.60)
Catarina Claes : They didn't call me the wild monkey in my past life for nothing! (0:15:56.98)
Catarina Claes : Fine by me, (0:16:01.15)
Catarina Claes : but you won't beat me that easily! (0:16:02.88)
Alan Stuart : Bring it on! (0:16:06.59)
Catarina Claes : Why, Prince Alan, are you quite all right? (0:16:15.00)
Alan Stuart : I-I'll beat you next time for sure! (0:16:18.24)
Alan Stuart : Just you wait! (0:16:21.06)
Alan Stuart : Just you wait! (0:16:22.46)
Alan Stuart : Just you wait! (0:16:22.54)
Alan Stuart : Just you wait! (0:16:22.62)
Alan Stuart : Just you wait! (0:16:22.71)
Alan Stuart : Just you wait! (0:16:22.79)
Alan Stuart : Just you wait! (0:16:22.87)
Alan Stuart : Katarina Claes! I challenge you to another duel! (0:16:23.17)
Alan Stuart : Another duel! (0:16:28.13)
Alan Stuart : Today I'll beat you for sure! (0:16:31.58)
Alan Stuart : Wh-What are you, a monkey?! (0:16:34.32)
Catarina Claes : These are good, too! (0:16:36.14)
Keith Claes : Prince Alan has been coming to visit every day since then. (0:16:37.87)
Anne Shelley : Indeed. He refuses to give up. (0:16:40.35)
Alan Stuart : Katarina! I'm back to challenge you to another d— (0:16:44.14)
Alan Stuart : Wh-What are you doing here? (0:16:48.54)
Geordo Stuart : This is my fiancée's home. (0:16:50.79)
Geordo Stuart : Why shouldn't I visit whenever I please? (0:16:53.46)
Alan Stuart : Well, she and I have a duel lined up for today, so butt out. (0:16:57.39)
Geordo Stuart : You've dueled her time and time again, and you've yet to win even once. (0:17:01.41)
Geordo Stuart : Don't you think it's time you gave up? (0:17:05.00)
Alan Stuart : N-No. (0:17:08.82)
Alan Stuart : We haven't settled the score yet! (0:17:11.12)
Alan Stuart : I can do it, too! I can! (0:17:13.19)
Catarina Claes : C-Come now, Prince Alan. (0:17:17.68)
Catarina Claes : Why don't we pick something else to compete in? (0:17:20.09)
Catarina Claes : I'm afraid my mother is close to
finding out about my tree-climbing.
Alan Stuart : Fine, if we have to. What kind of duel should we have, then? (0:17:27.12)
Catarina Claes : I know! How about the piano? (0:17:33.26)
Geordo Stuart : This is quite a surprise.
I didn't know you could play the piano!
Catarina Claes : W-Well, yes! (0:17:45.92)
Catarina Claes : Was that supposed to be a compliment? (0:17:47.47)
Catarina Claes : Now it's your turn, Prince Alan. (0:17:49.98)
Catarina Claes : Incredible! You're so good! (0:18:46.14)
Alan Stuart : It's nothing special. (0:18:48.76)
Catarina Claes : Of course it is! (0:18:50.36)
Catarina Claes : We played the same piece,
but it sounded completely different!
Catarina Claes : You have remarkable talent! (0:18:55.31)
Geordo Stuart : Katarina is right. (0:18:58.16)
Geordo Stuart : That was truly splendid. (0:18:59.84)
Alan Stuart : As if you really think that. (0:19:02.25)
Alan Stuart : You can drop the hollow flattery! (0:19:04.53)
Alan Stuart : I know you're mocking me on the inside, calling me a failure! (0:19:06.76)
Geordo Stuart : Alan... (0:19:10.95)
Catarina Claes : Prince Alan! (0:19:13.53)
Catarina Claes : Prince Alan. (0:19:20.20)
Alan Stuart : I don't have anything worthy of being called a talent. (0:19:22.32)
Catarina Claes : Now that's not true. (0:19:24.92)
Alan Stuart : I'm not good for anything. (0:19:26.68)
Alan Stuart : I'm just trash, always in Geordo's shadow. (0:19:28.92)
Catarina Claes : Why do you have so little confidence in yourself? (0:19:30.86)
Alan Stuart : Everyone compares me to Geordo. Ever since the day I was born. (0:19:35.51)
Alan Stuart : No matter what I do, I can't hold a candle to him. (0:19:38.43)
Alan Stuart : I've been told all my life that Geordo took all the good qualities, and I'm just what was left over. (0:19:41.05)
Alan Stuart : Where am I supposed to find confidence? (0:19:45.51)
Catarina Claes : I think it's more an issue of what you're suited for and what you aren't. (0:19:47.62)
Alan Stuart : What do you mean? (0:19:51.08)
Catarina Claes : For example, Prince Geordo has things he's good at and things he's bad at, (0:19:52.25)
Catarina Claes : and I'm sure you're the same too. (0:19:58.34)
Catarina Claes : We all have things we handle well and things we don't. (0:20:01.31)
Alan Stuart : Except I've never heard of there being anything Geordo can't handle. (0:20:05.60)
Catarina Claes : Oh, that's not true either. I just so happen to know something Prince Geordo can't handle. (0:20:10.82)
Alan Stuart : Huh? (0:20:14.91)
Catarina Claes : It happened a week ago. (0:20:16.30)
Catarina Claes : He's normally so composed, (0:20:27.90)
Catarina Claes : but the moment he laid eyes on it, he froze in terror. (0:20:29.62)
Catarina Claes : That's it! The thing he can't handle! (0:20:31.91)
Alan Stuart : What was it, though? (0:20:34.36)
Geordo Stuart : Katarina? Where are you? (0:20:35.53)
Catarina Claes : Here he comes! This way! (0:20:37.52)
Alan Stuart : H-Hey! (0:20:39.06)
Catarina Claes : The thing Prince Geordo can't handle (0:20:42.17)
Catarina Claes : is this! (0:20:45.17)
Catarina Claes : Prince Geordo can't stand snakes! (0:20:53.60)
Alan Stuart : Snakes? (0:20:56.08)
Catarina Claes : Yes! (0:20:56.99)
Catarina Claes : I'd been dying to find out for sure, (0:20:57.89)
Catarina Claes : so I've been keeping a toy snake hidden in my pocket! (0:20:59.66)
Alan Stuart : Uh, that's not what I meant by "something he can't handle". (0:21:02.69)
Catarina Claes : I've finally found the perfect prince's weakness! (0:21:05.90)
Catarina Claes : This is sure to come in handy when the time comes to escape my doom! (0:21:09.32)
Geordo Stuart : Oh, Katarina? (0:21:13.04)
Catarina Claes : P-Prince Geordo? (0:21:14.83)
Geordo Stuart : Just what might this be? (0:21:16.74)
Catarina Claes : Um, th-that's... (0:21:18.76)
Geordo Stuart : Surely you wouldn't throw a thing like this at your fiancé, would you? (0:21:20.64)
Catarina Claes : W-Wait! Am I going to be exiled for throwing a toy at a prince?! (0:21:25.88)
Geordo Stuart : I'll have to tell your mother about your tree-climbing. And this toy. (0:21:31.00)
Catarina Claes : Wait! (0:21:35.14)
Catarina Claes : Anything but that! Please! (0:21:36.12)
Catarina Claes : P-Prince Geordo! (0:21:38.30)
Catarina Claes : I can't believe him. He really did tell Mother everything. (0:23:20.58)
Catarina Claes : Still, this is excellent! (0:23:24.42)
Catarina Claes : I know Geordo's weakness now! (0:23:25.98)
Catarina Claes : If he tries to kill me, I'll just toss a toy snake at him and while he cowers in fear, I run for it! (0:23:29.39)
Catarina Claes : It's the perfect plan, if I do say so myself! (0:23:34.10)
Catarina Claes : Now I can avoid that doom flag for sure! (0:23:36.62)

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