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EXTRA : Two thousand years ago.
The Mythical age.
EXTRA : There was a man who wiped out
the nation of humans,
EXTRA : burned down the forest of the spirits, (0:00:08.52)
EXTRA : and even killed off the gods. (0:00:11.28)
EXTRA : He was feared as the Demon King. (0:00:13.57)
EXTRA : This man took tyranny to its extremes, (0:00:17.66)
EXTRA : and before his gaze,
even reason was obliterated.
EXTRA : His name was... (0:00:25.50)
EXTRA : Delsgade is an educational system for training
the descendants of the Founder,
EXTRA : the Demon King of Tyranny,
to become the new Demon King.
EXTRA : It's been two thousand years
since his demise.
EXTRA : This is the year that the Founder
will awaken, it is said.
EXTRA : This year's incoming class includes
members of the "Generation of Chaos"
EXTRA : among whom may be
the Demon King reincarnated.
EXTRA : When the Founder does indeed make his return, (0:00:50.44)
EXTRA : the Infernal Realm will surely
be enveloped by cries of joy.
EXTRA : Welcome to the Demon King Academy! (0:01:07.54)
Guardian : You've got this, Misha! (0:01:11.00)
Guardian : Hooray, hooray, Misha! (0:01:13.38)
EXTRA : Royals should be exempt from the exam,
but the old man's so old-fashioned.
EXTRA : Exams are such a drag, you know!
I mean, we're royals!
Anos Voldigoad : Misha Necron? (0:01:31.48)
Anos Voldigoad : Is that you? (0:01:34.65)
Misha Necron : Th-Thank you. (0:01:40.07)
Gusta Voldigoad : Give it all you've got! (0:01:41.83)
Izabella Voldigoad : Good luck, okay? (0:01:43.49)
Guardian : Fight! (0:01:45.41)
Guardian : Fight! Fight! Misha! (0:01:47.12)
Izabella Voldigoad : Do your best! (0:01:49.67)
Izabella Voldigoad : - Stay calm!
- I know you'll be fine!
Gusta Voldigoad : - Stay calm!
- I know you'll be fine!
Guardian : - You can handle this, Misha!
- Do your best!
Izabella Voldigoad : - You can handle this, Misha!
- Do your best!
Guardian : - Fight!
- You'll be absolutely fine!
Izabella Voldigoad : - Fight!
- You'll be absolutely fine!
Anos Voldigoad : We're both dealing
with the same thing, huh?
Zepes Indu : You came to the exam with your parents? (0:01:59.26)
Zepes Indu : Since when is the Demon King Academy
a kids' playground?
EXTRA : Look, it's Zepes of the Indu Family! (0:02:06.48)
Zepes Indu : Hey! I'm talking to you! You! (0:02:11.11)
Anos Voldigoad : My bad. (0:02:14.23)
Anos Voldigoad : Your Magic Power was so feeble,
I missed it.
Zepes Indu : I'll let you off the hood
if you beg for your life.
Zepes Indu : You'd better hurry up... (0:02:22.24)
Zepes Indu : or this Flame of Darkness, notorious for burning
even the gods themselves to a crisp,
Zepes Indu : will reduce both you and that girl to skeletons! (0:02:26.95)
Zepes Indu : You bastard!
What the hell did you do?
Anos Voldigoad : I blew out the light
from your match, that's all.
Zepes Indu : Did you just call my flames
"light from a match"?
Zepes Indu : Don't think you're going to live
to tell that tale!
Anos Voldigoad : Hold up. (0:02:47.81)
Zepes Indu : C-Can't move my body! (0:02:49.19)
Anos Voldigoad : That's all it took to make you obey? (0:02:51.10)
Anos Voldigoad : Take a time-out there
until you've learned your lesson.
Zepes Indu : I'm the one getting burned by my flames! (0:02:59.70)
Zepes Indu : I wanna just disappear! (0:03:02.53)
EXTRA : We will now begin the entrance exam
for practical skills.
EXTRA : The practical skills test
is a duel between examinees.
EXTRA : The loser fails. (0:03:18.17)
EXTRA : After taking the Magic Power
assessment test and the aptitude test,
EXTRA : the five winners will be admitted
to the Demon King Academy.
EXTRA : You will be permitted to use
any and all kinds of equipment.
EXTRA : Do you have any questions? (0:03:30.02)
Anos Voldigoad : Not really, no. (0:03:32.52)
Zepes Indu : Hey, so we meet again. (0:03:41.95)
Zepes Indu : Uh-oh, are you that worried
about not being able to escape?
Anos Voldigoad : What? I was just feeling sorry for you
for not being able to escape.
Zepes Indu : After I turn your pompous face into
a blubbering mess, I'll make you puke blood!
Anos Voldigoad : You need to know your place... (0:04:01.92)
Anos Voldigoad : clown. (0:04:03.51)
Zepes Indu : Like I'd fall for that again! (0:04:05.30)
Zepes Indu : This anti-demonic armor can seal
any kind of Magic Power!
Anos Voldigoad : I see. (0:04:10.93)
EXTRA : The match will be decided when one of you
is incapacitated or declares that he's giving up.
EXTRA : Now then, please start the practical skills test! (0:04:18.32)
Zepes Indu : Incapacitated means
I'm also allowed to kill you, right?
Zepes Indu : Magic Sword Zephrid! (0:04:27.41)
Anos Voldigoad : That's a magic sword? (0:04:30.24)
Zepes Indu : That's right! (0:04:32.20)
Zepes Indu : It's a relic from the Mythical age, handed down
to my family, the Indus, members of the royalty.
Zepes Indu : And it will amplify my Magic Power
more than tenfold!
Anos Voldigoad : If it's one, then the increase
would only be ten or so.
Zepes Indu : Die! (0:04:47.55)
Zepes Indu : Don't tell me you extinguished
my flames again!
Anos Voldigoad : That's a fake. (0:04:59.02)
Anos Voldigoad : You and I shouldn't be facing off
against each other in the first place.
Anos Voldigoad : I'll handicap myself. (0:05:07.07)
Anos Voldigoad : I won't move a step from this spot. (0:05:08.82)
Anos Voldigoad : I won't use magic nor will I infuse
any Magic Power into my words or my breath.
Anos Voldigoad : Without batting an eyelash,
never mind my limbs, I'll still defeat you.
Zepes Indu : Enough of your bluffing! (0:05:19.00)
Zepes Indu : I get it. You're making excuses because
you can't get past this anti-demonic armor.
Zepes Indu : Looks like your brand of magic's no good for— (0:05:26.22)
Zepes Indu : What's this? (0:05:33.81)
Anos Voldigoad : Do you feel it now? (0:05:34.98)
Anos Voldigoad : I mean my heartbeat. (0:05:37.77)
Zepes Indu : You get back here. (0:05:53.29)
Anos Voldigoad : You should stop talking.
Do you want to die?
Zepes Indu : Then, make me give up! (0:05:58.00)
Zepes Indu : I bet you're a bottom-feeder who can only use
Compulsion Magic to bend things to your will!
Anos Voldigoad : That was an interesting idea
you brought up. You're on, then.
Anos Voldigoad : If I can make you surrender
without using Compulsion Magic, I win.
Anos Voldigoad : If I can't, then you win. (0:06:13.06)
Zepes Indu : I want a contract! (0:06:15.85)
Anos Voldigoad : Fine. (0:06:17.52)
Anos Voldigoad : Zecht. (0:06:18.94)
Zepes Indu : Idiot! I'll never give up even if I die! (0:06:22.73)
Anos Voldigoad : So, even if I hold back, it kills you? (0:06:29.57)
Anos Voldigoad : I'll end up losing at this rate. (0:06:31.82)
Anos Voldigoad : No way around it. (0:06:34.83)
Anos Voldigoad : Ingall! (0:06:36.75)
Zepes Indu : What am I... (0:06:42.29)
EXTRA : Resurrection Magic? (0:06:43.63)
EXTRA : Is there even such a thing? (0:06:44.80)
Anos Voldigoad : How did it feel to have died once?
Are you ready to give up now?
Zepes Indu : L-Like hell! (0:06:51.30)
Anos Voldigoad : Ingall. (0:06:54.68)
Anos Voldigoad : Don't worry. As long as the root remains,
you'll never die in the true sense.
Anos Voldigoad : You'll be resurrected risk-free
if I use Ingall within three seconds.
Anos Voldigoad : This is the so-called... (0:07:06.07)
Anos Voldigoad : the three second rule. (0:07:07.61)
Anos Voldigoad : Fell flat, huh? Two thousand years ago,
that was a surefire joke.
Anos Voldigoad : You just said you'd never give up
even if you died.
Anos Voldigoad : Surely, you didn't think
you'd only die once in your lifetime, right?
Zepes Indu : Hey, I'm of royal birth! (0:07:25.13)
Anos Voldigoad : By the way, (0:07:28.38)
Anos Voldigoad : there's an intriguing philosophy
behind the Ingall spell.
Anos Voldigoad : Is a human who's been resurrected
the same person as before?
Anos Voldigoad : Or someone with the same exact personality,
memories and body,
Anos Voldigoad : but a completely different person? (0:07:41.02)
Anos Voldigoad : Tell me, which do you think it is? (0:07:43.85)
Anos Voldigoad : Not interested, huh?
Then, I'll just try killing you one more—
Zepes Indu : Wait! (0:07:53.61)
Zepes Indu : I lose. (0:07:56.70)
EXTRA : Zepes, of all people? (0:07:58.37)
EXTRA : He was beyond overwhelming! (0:07:59.45)
EXTRA : Who is that guy? (0:08:00.87)
Leorg Indu : He actually defied a royal? (0:08:05.00)
EXTRA : We will now begin
the Magic Power assessment.
EXTRA : 126. (0:08:15.05)
EXTRA : 98. (0:08:16.76)
EXTRA : 218. (0:08:18.31)
EXTRA : 100,246. (0:08:22.60)
Anos Voldigoad : That's pretty impressive. (0:08:27.23)
Misha Necron : And you're even better? (0:08:28.48)
EXTRA : Zero. (0:08:35.36)
Misha Necron : I've never seen that before. (0:08:37.99)
Misha Necron : A crystal being destroyed
by Magic Power that's too potent.
Anos Voldigoad : Oh? You can tell? (0:08:43.25)
Misha Necron : Demonic Eyes are my thing. (0:08:45.67)
EXTRA : We will now begin the aptitude test. (0:08:51.05)
Misha Necron : Bye. (0:08:53.59)
Anos Voldigoad : Right. See you later. (0:08:54.34)
EXTRA : In this test, we'll evaluate how you stack up
against the Demon King of Tyranny,
EXTRA : and verify your knowledge of him. (0:08:59.64)
EXTRA : Here is the first question. (0:09:02.52)
EXTRA : Most people shrink from even uttering
the name of the Founder,
EXTRA : but please respond with his true name. (0:09:08.61)
Anos Voldigoad : That would be Anos Voldigord. (0:09:10.77)
EXTRA : During the Mythical age, (0:09:12.86)
EXTRA : why did the Founder use Jio Graze
to burn his homeland, Dilhade?
Misha Necron : In order to reincarnate those who couldn't
keep up with the fighting as it raged on.
EXTRA : Let's say you have a daughter with power,
but little in the way of Demon King aptitude,
EXTRA : and a son with little power,
but immense Demon King aptitude.
EXTRA : If both were on the brink of death,
which one should be saved?
EXTRA : Please describe the Founder's thinking
in such a situation.
Anos Voldigoad : All such easy questions... (0:09:40.10)
Anos Voldigoad : What are you doing? (0:09:51.82)
Misha Necron : I've been waiting. (0:09:53.32)
Anos Voldigoad : For me? (0:09:54.69)
Misha Necron : Because you said, "See you later." (0:09:55.95)
Anos Voldigoad : I see. (0:09:58.11)
Anos Voldigoad : - We're done for the day, right?
- Yes.
Misha Necron : - We're done for the day, right?
- Yes.
Anos Voldigoad : Then, why don't you stop by my place
to celebrate getting in?
Anos Voldigoad : Since I'm sure my mom's waiting
with a feast prepared.
Misha Necron : - With me?
- Yes.
Anos Voldigoad : - With me?
- Yes.
Misha Necron : Are you sure? (0:10:13.13)
Anos Voldigoad : I'm the one inviting you. (0:10:14.13)
Misha Necron : I'll go. (0:10:16.84)
Anos Voldigoad : Then, hold on. (0:10:18.43)
Misha Necron : I can use Flight Magic myself. (0:10:19.47)
Anos Voldigoad : This is faster. (0:10:21.72)
Misha Necron : All right. (0:10:24.72)
Anos Voldigoad : Gatom. (0:10:28.89)
Anos Voldigoad : We're here. (0:10:31.65)
Misha Necron : Wind of the Sun? (0:10:34.65)
Anos Voldigoad : That was Teleportation Magic. (0:10:37.07)
Misha Necron : Magic that was lost during the Mythical age. (0:10:39.36)
Izabella Voldigoad : Welcome! Oh! (0:10:43.24)
Izabella Voldigoad : Welcome home! (0:10:45.12)
Anos Voldigoad : I'm home, Mom. (0:10:47.08)
Anos Voldigoad : Where's Dad? (0:10:49.12)
Izabella Voldigoad : Oh, he's in the workshop. (0:10:49.92)
Izabella Voldigoad : Um, h-how did it go? (0:10:51.83)
Anos Voldigoad : I passed. (0:10:55.09)
Izabella Voldigoad : Congratulations! That's amazing! (0:10:57.59)
Izabella Voldigoad : To think that you'd pass
just one month after being born!
Izabella Voldigoad : Honestly, how can you be that smart? (0:11:03.35)
Izabella Voldigoad : I'm going to make you
a feast tonight, all right?
Anos Voldigoad : Right. (0:11:09.06)
Izabella Voldigoad : Tell me, what would you like to have? (0:11:09.85)
Anos Voldigoad : Let's see. (0:11:11.69)
Anos Voldigoad : I want mushroom gratin. (0:11:13.94)
Izabella Voldigoad : I knew you'd say that,
so I've already got it all ready to go!
Izabella Voldigoad : Who's that? (0:11:19.95)
Anos Voldigoad : Oh, right, I still haven't introduced you. (0:11:20.95)
Anos Voldigoad : This is Misha Necron. (0:11:23.70)
Anos Voldigoad : I met her today at the academy. (0:11:25.45)
Misha Necron : Nice to meet you. (0:11:27.87)
Izabella Voldigoad : But you're only a month old! (0:11:30.04)
Izabella Voldigoad : Only a month old! (0:11:32.04)
Izabella Voldigoad : And you've already brought home a wife! (0:11:34.17)
Anos Voldigoad : Sorry. My mom can be quick
to jump to conclusions.
Izabella Voldigoad : Oh my! What should we do? (0:11:37.25)
Gusta Voldigoad : Attaboy! (0:11:41.59)
Gusta Voldigoad : You're my son, all right! (0:11:42.72)
Gusta Voldigoad : This calls for a feast! We're going to celebrate
like there's no tomorrow!
Misha Necron : Does your dad jump to conclusions, too? (0:11:47.85)
Anos Voldigoad : As you can see. (0:11:49.85)
Izabella Voldigoad : All righty, thanks for waiting! (0:11:51.85)
Izabella Voldigoad : Now then, please partake! (0:11:53.90)
Izabella Voldigoad : You, too, Misha! Have a lot! (0:11:55.56)
Anos Voldigoad : Let's eat. (0:11:58.53)
Izabella Voldigoad : You still look like a little boy
when you're eating.
Izabella Voldigoad : There's something I want to ask you. (0:12:09.66)
Izabella Voldigoad : Tell me, Misha, what is it about my boy
that you're so taken with?
Misha Necron : His kindness. (0:12:16.67)
Anos Voldigoad : Really? (0:12:18.09)
Misha Necron : You picked up my letter for me. (0:12:19.71)
Izabella Voldigoad : Yes! (0:12:21.22)
Izabella Voldigoad : You're right about that! (0:12:22.47)
Izabella Voldigoad : I swear, this boy was ready
to come to Dilhade all by himself.
Izabella Voldigoad : But when he found out how much we were going
to miss him, he brought us along with him!
Izabella Voldigoad : By the way, how did you two meet? (0:12:32.69)
Izabella Voldigoad : Which one of you made the first move? (0:12:34.94)
Misha Necron : The one who made the first move was... (0:12:37.44)
Anos Voldigoad : It was me. (0:12:39.57)
Izabella Voldigoad : Dear me, of course it was! (0:12:40.82)
Izabella Voldigoad : Making the first move yourself...
You little Casanova!
Anos Voldigoad : Come on, Mom. (0:12:47.70)
Izabella Voldigoad : Would you like another helping of gratin? (0:12:49.62)
Anos Voldigoad : Why not? (0:12:51.04)
Izabella Voldigoad : All right! (0:12:52.08)
Anos Voldigoad : It tastes great today, too, Mom. (0:12:53.16)
Izabella Voldigoad : Well, the secret ingredient
is love after all!
Izabella Voldigoad : Misha, you have seconds, too, all right? (0:12:58.54)
Misha Necron : Okay. (0:13:00.75)
Misha Necron : That was fun. (0:13:07.26)
Anos Voldigoad : Sorry about my boisterous parents. (0:13:08.85)
Misha Necron : I'm used to it. (0:13:11.14)
Anos Voldigoad : True, your dad seemed pretty noisy, too. (0:13:12.22)
Misha Necron : He's not. (0:13:15.90)
Misha Necron : He's not my dad. He's my guardian. (0:13:17.81)
Anos Voldigoad : What about your real parents? (0:13:21.19)
Misha Necron : They're around, but they're busy. (0:13:23.69)
Misha Necron : My big sister's boisterous. (0:13:26.49)
Anos Voldigoad : Do you get along with her? (0:13:28.70)
Misha Necron : I'm not sure. (0:13:30.95)
Misha Necron : Are you worried? (0:13:34.66)
Anos Voldigoad : Yes, somewhat. (0:13:35.92)
Misha Necron : So, you are kind-hearted. (0:13:37.54)
Anos Voldigoad : Who, me? (0:13:40.17)
Misha Necron : That was funny? (0:13:41.55)
Anos Voldigoad : Well, since no one's ever told me that before... (0:13:43.01)
Misha Necron : Then, what do they say? (0:13:46.22)
Anos Voldigoad : "You're doing this world no favors
by being alive," "Demon, devil, fiend..."
Misha Necron : Were you being bullied? (0:13:54.18)
Anos Voldigoad : Are you kidding? The fact is,
I deserved every word.
Anos Voldigoad : The blame lies with me. (0:13:59.19)
Anos Voldigoad : What's wrong? (0:14:01.77)
Misha Necron : Crouch down a little. (0:14:03.69)
Anos Voldigoad : Like this? (0:14:05.07)
Misha Necron : There, there. (0:14:09.20)
Anos Voldigoad : When I get home, I'm going to tell my mom
and dad that you're actually my comrade.
Misha Necron : Comrade? (0:14:19.21)
Anos Voldigoad : Yes. In this era, you'd say "friend," I guess. (0:14:20.25)
Misha Necron : "Friend"? (0:14:24.09)
Anos Voldigoad : Am I wrong? (0:14:25.76)
Misha Necron : That makes me happy! (0:14:28.63)
Anos Voldigoad : Is that right? (0:14:29.84)
Leorg Indu : Iris! (0:14:30.55)
Misha Necron : Creation Magic? Let's get out of— (0:14:39.35)
Leorg Indu : You can't escape. (0:14:41.56)
Leorg Indu : This area has been sealed
by the guards under my orders.
Leorg Indu : I am Demon Lord Leorg Indu.
You took care of my younger brother.
Zepes Indu : Here in Delsgade, hybrids can't beat royalty
even if they have a little power.
Zepes Indu : Why do you think that is? (0:15:02.04)
Anos Voldigoad : Because if they do win,
they get snuffed out.
Zepes Indu : Brace yourself!
My brother's way more powerful than—
Zepes Indu : B-Brother? (0:15:10.97)
Leorg Indu : Just stop talking, you shameless loser! (0:15:12.43)
Leorg Indu : The Indu Family has no use for weaklings
who put themselves on such pitiful display!
Anos Voldigoad : I thought you were making this move
for your little brother.
Leorg Indu : It doesn't change the fact
that you'll soon cease to exist.
Leorg Indu : We purebloods who've inherited the nobility
of the great Demon King of Tyranny...
Leorg Indu : cannot stand by idly
when we've been insulted by a mongrel.
Anos Voldigoad : Purebloods? Mongrels? So ludicrous. (0:15:41.21)
Anos Voldigoad : A Demon King is someone who uses
his own power to bend everything to his will.
Anos Voldigoad : It doesn't matter how pure your blood is. (0:15:49.72)
Leorg Indu : You just made light of our Founder's great deeds! (0:15:51.68)
Anos Voldigoad : How is talking about myself
making light of my great deeds?
Leorg Indu : What? (0:16:01.31)
Anos Voldigoad : You're pretty dense, aren't you? (0:16:02.39)
Leorg Indu : That's absurd! (0:16:04.27)
Leorg Indu : That disrespectful attitude
calls for certain death!
Leorg Indu : I'm going to torture you to death! (0:16:11.03)
Anos Voldigoad : You still haven't realized? (0:16:14.11)
Anos Voldigoad : Try straining your eyes more
and peer into the abyss.
Misha Necron : His hands... (0:16:20.33)
Leorg Indu : The magic circles are out of control— (0:16:22.37)
EXTRA : Th-They're going berserk! (0:16:23.96)
EXTRA : C-Can't hold them back! (0:16:25.50)
Anos Voldigoad : Get them under control already, or you'll die. (0:16:27.04)
Leorg Indu : You bastard! What did you do? (0:16:40.22)
Anos Voldigoad : Just a little intimidation. (0:16:42.85)
Anos Voldigoad : Magic Power is born from the root
deep inside the body.
Anos Voldigoad : Fearing opponents it's outclassed by, at times,
the root will make one's magical power go berserk.
Leorg Indu : As a member of the royalty,
I can't allow myself to be defeated by a mongrel!
Leorg Indu : As a special treat,
I'm going to show you...
Leorg Indu : the forbidden spell
that can only be used by royalty!
Anos Voldigoad : Oh? Origin Magic, huh? (0:17:08.38)
Leorg Indu : See for yourself
how out of your league I am!
Leorg Indu : Girasd! (0:17:15.47)
Anos Voldigoad : You just borrowed that great Magic Power
from someone closely connected to you,
Anos Voldigoad : and who destroyed the gods themselves
two thousand years ago.
Leorg Indu : What if I did? (0:17:37.07)
Anos Voldigoad : Origin Magic can't affect the origin itself. (0:17:38.37)
Anos Voldigoad : In other words, it has no effect on me. (0:17:43.16)
Anos Voldigoad : I don't know how you can be
so inexperienced,
Anos Voldigoad : but since you did use a spell that put
your very life at risk, I'll give you one chance.
Leorg Indu : A "chance," did you say? (0:17:54.26)
Anos Voldigoad : Igram. (0:17:56.59)
Leorg Indu : What the hell is that? (0:18:00.43)
Anos Voldigoad : You've never seen this before? (0:18:02.10)
Anos Voldigoad : It's a spell for resurrecting the dead into zombies. (0:18:03.72)
Zepes Indu : It hurts! It hurts! (0:18:08.98)
Zepes Indu : It hurts! It hurts! (0:18:10.86)
Zepes Indu : Brother! Why did you kill me? (0:18:13.48)
Zepes Indu : Why did you have to kill me? (0:18:16.20)
Leorg Indu : Stay away, you corpse! (0:18:18.49)
Leorg Indu : What the... (0:18:23.20)
Anos Voldigoad : The zombie acquires devastating Magic Power. (0:18:24.70)
Anos Voldigoad : In exchange, it burns with hatred
for having been killed,
Anos Voldigoad : and it's racked with the pain of wounds
that will never be healed.
Leorg Indu : Are you trying to make me kill Zepes? (0:18:33.92)
Anos Voldigoad : Sorry, but I'm not quite that tasteless. (0:18:36.55)
Anos Voldigoad : I thought I told you, this is your chance. (0:18:40.05)
Anos Voldigoad : A moment ago,
you only had disdain for Zepes,
Anos Voldigoad : and now he's more powerful than you. (0:18:44.43)
Anos Voldigoad : Acknowledge your little brother, join forces
with him, and then take me on together.
Leorg Indu : What did you say? (0:18:50.90)
Leorg Indu : Like I can trust him!
No way can this thing stay in its right mind!
Anos Voldigoad : You may be right. (0:18:56.19)
Anos Voldigoad : But even during times of hellish suffering, (0:18:57.95)
Anos Voldigoad : isn't caring for one another
what families do?
Zepes Indu : I hate you! (0:19:06.20)
Zepes Indu : I hate you! I hate you! (0:19:07.91)
Zepes Indu : I hate you! I hate you! (0:19:10.37)
Zepes Indu : It hurts! It hurts!
I'll kill you! I'll kill you!
Leorg Indu : Dammit, are you out of your mind? (0:19:18.84)
Leorg Indu : If it means having to live on as a zombie, (0:19:20.34)
Leorg Indu : wouldn't it be more merciful
to put him out of his misery?
Anos Voldigoad : That would just be you
trying to take the easy way out.
Anos Voldigoad : Try to believe in your family's bond. (0:19:29.35)
Anos Voldigoad : Forget about your position. (0:19:32.23)
Anos Voldigoad : I'm sure there was a time when even you two
simply lived as older and younger brother!
Leorg Indu : I refuse! (0:19:39.11)
Zepes Indu : Damn you! (0:19:40.53)
Zepes Indu : Die! (0:19:42.74)
Anos Voldigoad : Call out your brother's name! (0:19:45.03)
Anos Voldigoad : I said call his name! (0:19:47.04)
Leorg Indu : Zepes! (0:19:50.87)
Anos Voldigoad : So, the bonds in this era are this flimsy? (0:20:04.51)
Anos Voldigoad : If I kill you, you die. (0:20:11.06)
Anos Voldigoad : If I turn you into a zombie,
you lose your mind.
Anos Voldigoad : I'm telling you,
I've got my hands full with you.
Anos Voldigoad : I can see that my brethren have weakened
significantly in the last two thousand years.
Anos Voldigoad : Come back when you've powered up.
I'll be happy to take you on any time.
Zepes Indu : Never again, you damn monster! (0:20:44.18)
Leorg Indu : You bastard, who the hell are you? (0:20:46.26)
Anos Voldigoad : Listen up. (0:20:51.43)
Anos Voldigoad : My beloved descendants... (0:20:53.98)
Anos Voldigoad : Your Founder has returned! (0:20:56.61)
Anos Voldigoad : I am the true Demon King of Tyranny! (0:21:00.44)
Anos Voldigoad : I am Anos Voldigord! (0:21:04.28)
EXTRA : Oh, is that... (0:22:24.53)
Anos Voldigoad : Everyone, what a fine morning it is! (0:22:30.49)
Anos Voldigoad : Starting today,
I'll be taking over this class!
Anos Voldigoad : I'll massacre all who defy me! (0:22:36.46)
Anos Voldigoad : Hey. (0:22:45.01)
Anos Voldigoad : All right if I sit next to you? (0:22:47.17)
Anos Voldigoad : What did you think of my joke? (0:22:51.10)
Misha Necron : Joke? (0:22:53.01)
Misha Necron : I think everyone misunderstood you. (0:22:54.52)
Anos Voldigoad : I see. (0:22:57.31)
Anos Voldigoad : Two thousand years ago,
that one got a lot of laughs.
Misha Necron : Not happening. (0:23:01.56)
Anos Voldigoad : Also, it feels like everyone's staring at me today.
Do you know anything about that?
Misha Necron : There are rumors going around. (0:23:07.70)
Anos Voldigoad : About those two brothers? (0:23:09.41)
Misha Necron : That symbol. (0:23:12.24)
Misha Necron : It shows the results of the Magic Power
assessment and the aptitude test.
Misha Necron : The more polygons at the top,
the higher you scored.
Misha Necron : That symbol's never been seen before
at the Demon King Academy.
Anos Voldigoad : What does it mean? (0:23:25.75)
Misha Necron : Misfit. (0:23:31.51)

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The Misfit of Demon King Academy

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