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EXTRA : At last, the decennial combat festival known as the (0:00:07.46)
EXTRA : "Grand Fighting Tournament" has
reached its exciting conclusion!
EXTRA : Could a Human bring home the gold
for the first time in 150 years?!
Peter Grill : If I win this thing now... (0:00:25.83)
Peter Grill : We... Luvellia-senpai and I... (0:00:28.46)
EXTRA : Somewhere out there, in a faraway land... (0:00:39.08)
EXTRA : A martial arts competition to decide the strongest
man on the planet was underway.
EXTRA : To the victor of said competition goes fame and glory. (0:00:51.71)
EXTRA : In turn, he will become the object of international intrigue. (0:00:55.67)
EXTRA : Your new champion is... (0:01:09.96)
EXTRA : The representative of the Yakeppachi Warriors Guild: (0:01:11.50)
EXTRA : Peter Grill! (0:01:13.92)
EXTRA : Indeed.
Peter Grill!
EXTRA : Peter Grill knew not of what the future had in store... (0:01:16.54)
EXTRA : Nor the terror that lay ahead... (0:01:21.63)
EXTRA : Episode 1: Peter Grill and the Ogre Sisters (0:02:55.21)
EXTRA : Yo, Peter! (0:02:58.13)
EXTRA : What happened to meetin' up at the bar?! (0:02:59.50)
Peter Grill : Gotta hurry... (0:03:04.54)
Peter Grill : I can't wait to celebrate with her...! (0:03:05.83)
Mimi Alpacas : Senpai... (0:03:08.50)
Mimi Alpacas : Senpai! (0:03:10.17)
Peter Grill : Oh, it's you, Mimi. (0:03:11.13)
Mimi Alpacas : Major congrats on your win! (0:03:12.46)
Mimi Alpacas : As a fellow guild member, I couldn't be more proud! (0:03:14.50)
Mimi Alpacas : Huh, looks like I'm the first one to show up... (0:03:18.17)
Peter Grill : Hm? What do you mean? (0:03:21.79)
Mimi Alpacas : Well, y'see... (0:03:23.75)
Mimi Alpacas : Now that you're officially the strongest man on the planet, (0:03:24.88)
Mimi Alpacas : I've got a favor to ask... (0:03:27.42)
Peter Grill : Not sure what you're gettin' at... (0:03:31.08)
Peter Grill : But since I'm in a good mood, go ahead and lay it on me! (0:03:32.63)
Mimi Alpacas : Aw, thanks! Much appreciation! (0:03:36.04)
Mimi Alpacas : So, I was thinking... (0:03:39.04)
Peter Grill : Hm...? (0:03:40.67)
Mimi Alpacas : Lemme get your junk spunk! (0:03:41.63)
Peter Grill : Are you CRAZY?! What are you talking about?! (0:03:45.88)
Mimi Alpacas : Oopsie... Did I say something I wasn't supposed to...? (0:03:48.58)
Mimi Alpacas : For us Ogres, producing strong
offspring is a pretty big deal...
Mimi Alpacas : And in terms of breeding partners, a champion like you... (0:03:57.29)
Peter Grill : Ogre-based logic isn't gonna fly around here! (0:03:59.88)
Mimi Alpacas : I'm sorry! (0:04:02.92)
Mimi Alpacas : I forgot the Human Realm has rules for this sorta stuff... (0:04:04.25)
Peter Grill : Jeez... (0:04:07.04)
Mimi Alpacas : Y'see, it hasn't been very long since I moved here... (0:04:07.79)
Peter Grill : She's not a bad kid.
Y'see, it hasn't been very long since I moved here...
Peter Grill : She's not a bad kid. (0:04:12.08)
Peter Grill : But the weirdest crap comes flyin'
outta her mouth sometimes...
Mimi Alpacas : 'Kay! I understand now, Senpai! (0:04:15.33)
Mimi Alpacas : Would you... (0:04:18.88)
Mimi Alpacas : Please consider having sex with me?! (0:04:19.75)
Peter Grill : You obviously don't understand a damn thing!
Please consider having sex with me?!
Peter Grill : You obviously don't understand a damn thing! (0:04:22.38)
Lisa Alpacas : Enough of your foolishness! (0:04:23.13)
Mimi Alpacas : B-Big Sis?! (0:04:26.88)
Peter Grill : Oh, Lisa! (0:04:29.21)
Peter Grill : Talk some sense into her, would you?! (0:04:30.83)
Lisa Alpacas : Mimi, I insist you cease this behavior immediately. (0:04:33.25)
Lisa Alpacas : For I shall be the one to partake in this man's loins! (0:04:38.21)
Peter Grill : You, too...?!
For I shall be the one to partake in this man's loins!
Peter Grill : You, too...?! (0:04:41.46)
Lisa Alpacas : A close call, indeed. (0:04:42.71)
Lisa Alpacas : At this precise moment, (0:04:44.46)
Lisa Alpacas : countless nations are beginning
the race to obtain your sperm.
Lisa Alpacas : As an Ogre of the fairer sex,
I cannot allow such a thing to happen!
Lisa Alpacas : History has proven time and again... (0:04:53.92)
Lisa Alpacas : The blood of the most powerful
warriors belongs to OGRES!
Peter Grill : Unbelievable... (0:05:00.29)
Lisa Alpacas : Come along, Peter Grill... (0:05:01.63)
Mimi Alpacas : You get the picture, so no puttin' up a fight! (0:05:03.79)
Peter Grill : Seriously?! (0:05:06.88)
Peter Grill : This can't be happening! (0:05:08.17)
Mimi Alpacas : What...? What is it? (0:05:15.92)
Peter Grill : I refuse to be your studhorse! (0:05:21.75)
Lisa Alpacas : Peter Grill! (0:05:24.42)
Lisa Alpacas : On my pride as an Ogre...
I shall NEVER let you slip through my grasp!
Mimi Alpacas : Yeah! (0:05:29.92)
Peter Grill : Forget them... There's no time to waste, Peter! (0:05:31.83)
Peter Grill : Go... Quickly! (0:05:35.21)
Peter Grill : Take your place by her side...! (0:05:38.17)
Peter Grill : Luvellia-senpai! (0:05:42.33)
Ruveria Sanctus : Hello, Peter-kun. (0:05:44.50)
Ruveria Sanctus : I've been waiting for you. (0:05:46.00)
Peter Grill : I finally did it. (0:05:51.08)
Peter Grill : And now... Now we're home free! (0:05:52.46)
Ruveria Sanctus : Indeed. (0:05:55.04)
Ruveria Sanctus : He may be stubborn, (0:05:56.04)
Ruveria Sanctus : but with such an impressive victory under your belt, (0:05:57.67)
Ruveria Sanctus : my father HAS to give us his blessing. (0:05:59.33)
Ruveria Sanctus : Once we're married... (0:06:03.92)
Ruveria Sanctus : All that's left is to have a child
and carry on the family name.
Peter Grill : Uh... Just checking, but... (0:06:08.75)
Peter Grill : Could you remind me how babies are made? (0:06:11.58)
Ruveria Sanctus : Not this again... (0:06:17.71)
Ruveria Sanctus : Despite what you think, I'm not COMPLETELY oblivious. (0:06:19.46)
Ruveria Sanctus : Pay attention. I won't spare you the details: (0:06:22.58)
Ruveria Sanctus : When two people who love
each other pray to the heavens,
Ruveria Sanctus : the stork carries their child to a cabbage patch. (0:06:28.38)
Ruveria Sanctus : It's the miracle of life! (0:06:31.21)
Peter Grill : So innocent...! (0:06:34.17)
Peter Grill : I can't help but feel that's the REAL miracle... (0:06:36.54)
Peter Grill : It's been two years since Senpai and I started dating. (0:06:41.21)
Peter Grill : Thanks to the Guildmaster's overprotective
personality and brainwashing methods,
Peter Grill : the most we've ever done is hold hands! (0:06:48.96)
Peter Grill : If we get married like this, I'm screwed... (0:06:52.33)
Ruveria Sanctus : Come on! (0:06:56.50)
Ruveria Sanctus : Why don't we say a prayer together, Peter-kun? (0:06:57.38)
Peter Grill : Sure... (0:07:01.42)
Peter Grill : What a day... (0:07:08.54)
Peter Grill : I'm glad I won the tournament,
but now I've got all sorts of problems...
Mimi Alpacas : Goof juice...! (0:07:17.17)
Lisa Alpacas : Goof juice...! (0:07:17.17)
Peter Grill : There's no use dwelling on it... (0:07:21.63)
Mimi Alpacas : Ta-da! Guess who?! (0:07:27.67)
Mimi Alpacas : Make a woman outta me, Senpai! (0:07:31.21)
Peter Grill : Go away! (0:07:35.88)
Mimi Alpacas : Wait, Senpai! Please open the door! C'mon, Senpai! (0:07:37.17)
Peter Grill : Have these Ogres no sense of decency?!
Wait, Senpai! Please open the door! C'mon, Senpai!
Lisa Alpacas : It seems the two of us are finally alone... (0:07:45.50)
Lisa Alpacas : Open up, Peter Grill! (0:07:50.58)
Lisa Alpacas : What EXACTLY are you dissatisfied with?! (0:07:52.38)
Mimi Alpacas : Is this about money?! How much do we gotta pay?! (0:07:54.38)
Peter Grill : Shut up and take a hike! (0:07:57.25)
EXTRA : What's all the ruckus...? (0:08:00.38)
EXTRA : No way... (0:08:02.42)
EXTRA : This dude's kickin' out a couple of naked girls... (0:08:03.46)
EXTRA : Are you serious?! (0:08:05.38)
EXTRA : What an asshole... (0:08:06.63)
Peter Grill : Goddammit! (0:08:09.17)
Peter Grill : Breathe... (0:08:10.71)
Peter Grill : At this rate, you're gonna fall into their trap... (0:08:11.96)
Peter Grill : I'm happily engaged to Luvellia-senpai... (0:08:14.75)
Lisa Alpacas : We are well aware, Peter Grill,
of the fact that your relationship with Luvellia...
Mimi Alpacas : ...has never gone beyond holding hands, for example... (0:08:25.25)
Lisa Alpacas : Us, on the other hand... (0:08:28.83)
Peter Grill : H-hold on... (0:08:33.50)
Lisa Alpacas : We can entertain you in ways she
couldn't even begin to imagine...
Peter Grill : Knock it off! (0:08:40.71)
Peter Grill : What kind of scumbag do you take me for?! (0:08:42.04)
Peter Grill : Senpai and I made a commitment to one another! (0:08:45.83)
Peter Grill : Betraying her trust... (0:08:48.92)
Peter Grill : It's absolutely unforgiveable! (0:08:50.33)
Peter Grill : That's right... (0:08:53.96)
Peter Grill : And no Ogre on this planet can convince me otherwise! (0:08:54.79)
Lisa Alpacas : Did you... say something just now? (0:09:03.75)
Peter Grill : C-crap... This feeling... (0:09:12.21)
Peter Grill : There's someone I care about deeply...! (0:09:15.08)
Peter Grill : And yet... (0:09:25.00)
Peter Grill : I... (0:09:27.79)
Peter Grill : I...! (0:09:29.58)
Peter Grill : WHAT HAVE I DONE?! (0:10:30.71)
Peter Grill : How could I be so weak...?! (0:10:33.54)
Peter Grill : Why... (0:10:37.67)
Peter Grill : Why...?! (0:10:38.71)
Peter Grill : WHY COULDN'T I KEEP IT IN MY PANTS?! (0:10:40.21)
Ruveria Sanctus : Peter-kun, are you awake? (0:10:46.83)
Peter Grill : I know that voice...! (0:10:52.13)
Peter Grill : Oh no... (0:10:58.63)
EXTRA : Dear Sir Peter Grill, (0:12:00.79)
EXTRA : Word on the street is you won the tournament
and got engaged to Luvellia-san.
EXTRA : Episode 2: Peter Grill and the Future Father-in-Law (0:12:06.50)
EXTRA : Betcha feel like the luckiest guy alive right now, eh? (0:12:07.17)

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