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Shinichi Sakurai : Now there's a sight
that makes it feel like spring.
Hana Uzaki : Sakurai-senpai ! (0:00:54.79)
Shinichi Sakurai : Huh? (0:00:57.45)
Shinichi Sakurai : Uzaki... right? (0:01:10.75)
Hana Uzaki : Hana Uzaki! I'll be your junior again here. (0:01:19.29)
Hana Uzaki : Huh? You don't swim here in college? (0:01:34.04)
Shinichi Sakurai : Nope. They don't even have a swim club. (0:01:37.83)
Hana Uzaki : And you worked so hard at it in high school... (0:01:41.70)
Shinichi Sakurai : Ah, there's plenty of stuff to do in college. (0:01:44.20)
Hana Uzaki : Senpai... (0:01:48.50)
Hana Uzaki : Y-Yep, there sure is. (0:01:50.29)
Hana Uzaki : Or so I thought. (0:01:53.45)
Hana Uzaki : "Spring"
Oh, Senpai!
Hana Uzaki : What the... (0:02:01.75)
Hana Uzaki : What in the... (0:02:07.83)
Hana Uzaki : What in the what? (0:02:12.29)
Hana Uzaki : What in the what ?! (0:02:16.91)
Hana Uzaki : I kinda thought this year
would turn out like that...
Hana Uzaki : Senpai! (0:02:40.37)
Hana Uzaki : Whoops! Overshot you! (0:02:41.33)
Shinichi Sakurai : Uzaki... right? (0:02:48.62)
Hana Uzaki : All alone again today, huh?
I guess I'll have to hang out with you!
Hana Uzaki : "Hana Uzaki, 19 - College Sophomore"
All alone again today, huh?
I guess I'll have to hang out with you!
Hana Uzaki : "Hana Uzaki, 19 - College Sophomore"
Your college loner lifestyle ends today!
EXTRA : What's for lunch? (0:04:35.37)
EXTRA : Mmm... the dining hall, I guess. (0:04:36.75)
EXTRA : "Lecture Overview"
"New Location"
Mmm... the dining hall, I guess.
EXTRA : "Lecture Overview"
"New Location"
Hey, can we come, too?
Shinichi Sakurai : Canceled, huh? Now my afternoon is wide open. (0:04:42.66)
Hana Uzaki : Senpai! (0:04:47.58)
Shinichi Sakurai : No work today, either. What to do... (0:04:50.75)
EXTRA : Eek! (0:04:55.08)
EXTRA : That glare ! (0:04:56.54)
EXTRA : S-Scary... (0:04:58.04)
EXTRA : "Super Huge" (0:04:59.50)
Hana Uzaki : "Super Huge"
Shinichi Sakurai : Maybe I'll just bum around on my own for once. (0:05:03.00)
Hana Uzaki : --Can't get any quiet time once she horns on in.
--Senpai, Senpai, Senpai, Senpai!
Shinichi Sakurai : --Can't get any quiet time once she horns on in.
--Senpai, Senpai, Senpai, Senpai!
Shinichi Sakurai : It's like I always tell you:
quit yelling so lou --
Hana Uzaki : I kept calling you,
but you just weren't hearing me!
Hana Uzaki : So! Where ya headed, Senpai? (0:05:22.58)
Shinichi Sakurai : What the hell are you doing, Uzaki, you idiot?! (0:05:24.70)
Hana Uzaki : Oh, going out for lunch today? (0:05:27.45)
Hana Uzaki : Aw, too bad. My friends and I already ate. (0:05:30.08)
Hana Uzaki : But if you insist, I could watch you eat. (0:05:34.16)
Shinichi Sakurai : I've got no classes this afternoon.
I'm just going for a stroll.
Shinichi Sakurai : Later. (0:05:43.00)
Shinichi Sakurai : Uzaki... why are you following me? (0:05:50.87)
Hana Uzaki : Yikes, that face! (0:05:54.33)
Hana Uzaki : As it turns out,
I'm suddenly free this afternoon, too.
Hana Uzaki : Given half the chance,
I know you'll do the old loner thing.
Hana Uzaki : And two has gotta be way more fun than one! (0:06:04.58)
Shinichi Sakurai : Mind your own business. (0:06:07.62)
Shinichi Sakurai : Besides, I've told you a million times
that I find quiet time alone more relaxing.
Hana Uzaki : Here we go again. Being a loner is no fun! (0:06:14.00)
Shinichi Sakurai : Stop calling me that. (0:06:17.04)
Hana Uzaki : That's right: you're not
a loner--'cause I'm with you!
Shinichi Sakurai : Quit tagging along, you damn pest! (0:06:22.58)
Hana Uzaki : Feeling self-conscious? (0:06:26.95)
Shinichi Sakurai : I am not! (0:06:27.87)
Hana Uzaki : So where are we going? (0:06:30.50)
Shinichi Sakurai : Not telling. (0:06:32.54)
Hana Uzaki : Karaoke? Bowling? (0:06:33.41)
Shinichi Sakurai : Not telling. (0:06:34.83)
Hana Uzaki : Aw, tell me! (0:06:35.79)
Shinichi Sakurai : No. (0:06:37.66)
Hana Uzaki : Ugh! Why are you being so cold today? (0:06:38.58)
Shinichi Sakurai : It's my mood. (0:06:42.00)
Hana Uzaki : Your mood ?! (0:06:43.37)
Hana Uzaki : What's the deal? You hung out with me before! (0:06:46.58)
Shinichi Sakurai : Huh? (0:06:50.79)
Hana Uzaki : Treating me according to your moods... (0:06:51.66)
Hana Uzaki : Isn't it sooo convenient that you get
with me only when you feel like it?!
Shinichi Sakurai : Watch your phrasing when there's people around! (0:06:59.29)
EXTRA : Enemy of womankind. (0:07:03.83)
EXTRA : Utter trash. (0:07:04.83)
EXTRA : Scum. (0:07:05.87)
Shinichi Sakurai : Okay, fine! Come along, then! (0:07:10.95)
Hana Uzaki : Hooray! (0:07:13.58)
Hana Uzaki : Hey, once we're done, let's get some food, huh? (0:07:18.87)
Hana Uzaki : I'll gladly go with you to dinner! (0:07:22.62)
Shinichi Sakurai : I'm not paying. (0:07:25.33)
Hana Uzaki : Aw, cheapskate. (0:07:26.91)
Shinichi Sakurai : Are you trying to sponge off me? (0:07:28.58)
Hana Uzaki : Wait, were you going to see
a movie by yourself today?
Shinichi Sakurai : Huh? That's right. (0:07:37.87)
Hana Uzaki : Solo movies! (0:07:42.16)
Shinichi Sakurai : What's so funny? (0:07:44.25)
Hana Uzaki : Solo movies! (0:07:45.41)
Hana Uzaki : That's a prime loner move, right up there
with solo BBQ and solo sushi-go-round!
Shinichi Sakurai : Shut up for once, would you? (0:07:56.29)
Shinichi Sakurai : You're going to make enemies
in all sorts of places.
Shinichi Sakurai : At least talk a little more quietly! (0:08:00.95)
Shinichi Sakurai : Listen, this is the "people are people" era. (0:08:03.87)
Shinichi Sakurai : We all want to find time in our busy days
to see the movies we want the way we want.
Hana Uzaki : Uh-huh, uh-huh. (0:08:11.45)
Shinichi Sakurai : Shouldn't we all spend
our leisure time however we please?
Shinichi Sakurai : Don't laugh at other people's hobbies
judged by your standards.
Hana Uzaki : Uh-huh, uh-huh. (0:08:19.25)
Shinichi Sakurai : Plenty of people watch movies as a hobby.
They don't declare when and with whom.
Shinichi Sakurai : That's how it is. (0:08:27.25)
Hana Uzaki : I see. (0:08:28.62)
Hana Uzaki : Spoken like a true loner! (0:08:31.50)
Shinichi Sakurai : Can I wallop her--just once? (0:08:33.25)
Shinichi Sakurai : Anyone can go to the movies
alone whenever they feel like it.
Shinichi Sakurai : The scheduling alone is a hassle
with more people in the mix.
Hana Uzaki : I see. (0:08:44.25)
Hana Uzaki : But you can't loudly talk spoilers with
your friends afterward when you go alone!
Shinichi Sakurai : That's like one of the worst possible
things you can do as a human being!
Hana Uzaki : It's okay. I get it. (0:08:57.58)
Hana Uzaki : You're determined to soldier
on alone despite your loneliness.
Shinichi Sakurai : Don't give me that affectionate look! (0:09:05.62)
Shinichi Sakurai : Honestly. I knew I shouldn't have brought you. (0:09:08.04)
Hana Uzaki : I was planning to follow you
all sneaky-like anyway.
Shinichi Sakurai : What's your deal? Is that your idea of fun? (0:09:17.16)
Hana Uzaki : Huh? (0:09:21.37)
Hana Uzaki : It'd be funny if I spotted you going
into some weird store or something!
Hana Uzaki : I know I'd laugh myself silly
if I saw you buying dirty DVDs!
Hana Uzaki : Ow! Ow! Ow, ow, ow! (0:09:34.33)
Hana Uzaki : "Pulling the nose upward is fairly painful"
Ow! Ow! Ow, ow, ow!
Hana Uzaki : "Pulling the nose upward is fairly painful"
Senpai, I--Senpai--Senpai! Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!
Shinichi Sakurai : College students are adults ! (0:09:40.95)
Shinichi Sakurai : No mocking people's hobbies
or digging into their private lives!
Hana Uzaki : Sorry! I'm sorry! (0:09:47.12)
Shinichi Sakurai : Sheesh. (0:09:49.75)
Shinichi Sakurai : I haven't even been able to pick
a movie with you all up in my business.
Hana Uzaki : You came without a movie in mind? (0:09:56.54)
Shinichi Sakurai : It was a last-minute thing. (0:09:59.04)
Shinichi Sakurai : Besides, choosing at the theater
is one of the thrills of solo movies.
Hana Uzaki : Oh, is it, now? (0:10:07.75)
Shinichi Sakurai : Uzaki. (0:10:20.20)
Hana Uzaki : Yes? (0:10:21.25)
Shinichi Sakurai : If there's something you want to see, I'll pay. (0:10:22.41)
Hana Uzaki : Huh? Really? What about your solo movie? (0:10:24.54)
Shinichi Sakurai : It's not like I have to go solo. (0:10:27.29)
Shinichi Sakurai : And with you here,
I can watch something different.
Shinichi Sakurai : I figure my points will cover the two of us. (0:10:34.00)
Hana Uzaki : Seriously?! Well, if you say
so--I'll let you treat me! Thanks!
Hana Uzaki : Let's see... (0:10:42.66)
Hana Uzaki : This one! What a bargain:
heroes as far as the eye can see!
Shinichi Sakurai : Ooh, that's a great one. I saw it once,
but I was thinking about seeing it again.
Hana Uzaki : Huh! (0:10:54.75)
Shinichi Sakurai : Two college students, please.
I'll use my points.
EXTRA : Certainly. One moment. (0:11:00.33)
Shinichi Sakurai : She has her moments,
but she's still so smackable.
Shinichi Sakurai : She seems happy.
I guess I can do this much for her.
Hana Uzaki : By the way, Senpai... (0:11:14.16)
Hana Uzaki : You've seen enough solo movies
to pay for someone else's ticket!
Hana Uzaki : That's a turn-off, all right! (0:11:22.16)
Shinichi Sakurai : You would say that after I've paid, dammit! (0:11:26.83)
Hana Uzaki : You're, like, a pro-level loner! (0:11:30.75)
Hana Uzaki : Huh? Uh, wait--Senpai? (0:11:33.08)
Hana Uzaki : --Kidding! Sorry! I'm sorry! Yow! Stop! Stop!
--Will that couple ever shut up?!
Hana Uzaki : That was great! (0:11:44.70)
Shinichi Sakurai : Yeah. A good film's always worth a rewatch. (0:11:46.87)
Hana Uzaki : All those points you banked
by going to the movies alone--gone!
Shinichi Sakurai : That's your standard for "great"?! (0:11:53.41)
Shinichi Sakurai : So much for being nice. (0:11:55.41)
Hana Uzaki : Hey, can we stop by the electronics store?
I need new earbuds.
Shinichi Sakurai : Yeah, sure. (0:12:03.62)
Hana Uzaki : See, it's that kind of thing. (0:12:06.50)
Shinichi Sakurai : Huh? (0:12:08.83)
Shinichi Sakurai : What is it about this shop that makes me think, (0:12:13.00)
Shinichi Sakurai : "Since I'm here, I should buy something"? (0:12:16.45)
Shinichi Sakurai : Hey, nice. (0:12:19.58)
Hana Uzaki : Senpai! (0:12:21.33)
Shinichi Sakurai : Yeah? (0:12:23.41)
Hana Uzaki : Over here! This way! (0:12:24.50)
Shinichi Sakurai : What about your earbuds? (0:12:28.12)
Hana Uzaki : C'mon, the next seat's open! (0:12:29.95)
Shinichi Sakurai : Will you listen ? (0:12:32.91)
Shinichi Sakurai : Ah, might not be so bad after a movie. (0:12:35.12)
Hana Uzaki : That's right! It's great. It works! (0:12:37.45)
Shinichi Sakurai : Oh, this is nice. Real nice. (0:12:42.91)
Hana Uzaki : Right? (0:12:44.75)
Hana Uzaki : Though with me, it's always
my shoulders more than my back.
EXTRA : "LO" (0:12:49.00)
Shinichi Sakurai : "HI"
Shinichi Sakurai : Wha--where did that come from? (0:12:52.66)
Hana Uzaki : "She's just sitting in a massage chair"
Oh, sorry... I can't help
but make noise during a massage...
Hana Uzaki : "She's just sitting in a massage chair"
My, uh, my shoulders have always been tight--
Shinichi Sakurai : Well, um... i-if you keep on doing that... (0:13:04.41)
EXTRA : "She's just sitting in a massage chair" (0:13:08.54)
Hana Uzaki : "She's just sitting in a massage chair"
I would buy this in a second
if I had the money...
Hana Uzaki : It... It just... It feels sooo good... (0:13:13.66)
Hana Uzaki : "Seriously, she's just sitting
in a massage chair"
It... It just... It feels sooo good...
EXTRA : "Look, she really is just
sitting in a massage chair"
Shinichi Sakurai : Let's go, shall we?! (0:13:24.87)
Hana Uzaki : That wasn't even five minutes! (0:13:27.58)
Shinichi Sakurai : Shut up! Save... Save that for home! (0:13:29.95)
Hana Uzaki : Save what? (0:13:34.16)
Shinichi Sakurai : --Jeez, this dummy... making all
those weird noises in a public place...
Hana Uzaki : --Hey, Senpai!
--Jeez, this dummy... making all
those weird noises in a public place...
Shinichi Sakurai : --Hey, Senpai!
--What now?
Hana Uzaki : Ten minutes of standing on this,
and it's like getting a full workout!
Hana Uzaki : Well? You try! (0:13:52.58)
Shinichi Sakurai : Oh, my God! You're such an idiot ! (0:13:59.00)
EXTRA : "Innocent" (0:14:02.95)
Hana Uzaki : Whoa! Check it out! (0:14:05.33)
Shinichi Sakurai : What is it this time? (0:14:08.37)
EXTRA : "VR Experience Booth" (0:14:10.20)
Hana Uzaki : "VR Experience Booth"
Look: it's VR! VR!
Shinichi Sakurai : "VR Experience Booth"
Huh! So this is virtual reality...
EXTRA : "VR Experience Booth"
Would you like to try?
Hana Uzaki : "VR Experience Booth"
Yes! I sure would!
Hana Uzaki : My view goes with me when I turn!
VR is amazing! This is really cool, Senpai!
Shinichi Sakurai : Okay, okay. Just keep your voice down. (0:14:33.25)
Hana Uzaki : My weapon! No! Not this one!
Ammo! I'm outta ammo!
Shinichi Sakurai : Hey, is there anyone behind you? (0:14:40.20)
Hana Uzaki : Huh? Behind me?! (0:14:42.20)
Hana Uzaki : Here they come! Look at 'em all! (0:14:44.16)
Shinichi Sakurai : Your reactions are the best. (0:14:48.33)
Shinichi Sakurai : They should put you in a commer-- (0:14:50.50)
Hana Uzaki : They got me! Wow, VR is awesome! (0:14:57.08)
EXTRA : Er, are you all right? (0:15:00.70)
Shinichi Sakurai : I'm fine. (0:15:02.54)
Hana Uzaki : What is it, Senpai? (0:15:06.58)
EXTRA : Um, would your boyfriend like a turn? (0:15:08.70)
Shinichi Sakurai : I'm not her boyfriend. (0:15:11.29)
Shinichi Sakurai : But... okay. (0:15:13.16)
Shinichi Sakurai : Something not so dangerous. (0:15:17.95)
Shinichi Sakurai : These ocean graphics are something else! (0:15:23.79)
Hana Uzaki : Hey, you look like a regular person with
those goggles. They hide your bad-guy face!
Shinichi Sakurai : Shut it, dimwit. (0:15:31.25)
Shinichi Sakurai : Whoa! That's huge! A giant shark! (0:15:33.50)
Hana Uzaki : Wait, is it coming this way? (0:15:35.66)
Shinichi Sakurai : Huh? Is it?! (0:15:37.33)
Shinichi Sakurai : I-It's biting me! It's totally biting me! Yow! (0:15:39.12)
Hana Uzaki : You're way too scared! (0:15:43.95)
Shinichi Sakurai : You're one to talk! (0:15:45.79)
Shinichi Sakurai : Let me go! Hey! (0:15:48.33)
Hana Uzaki : I'm gonna get this disgraceful display
on video and tease you about it later!
EXTRA : Uh, miss? Don't get too close to the player... (0:15:55.16)
Shinichi Sakurai : Just so huge ! (0:15:58.00)
Shinichi Sakurai : Hmm? What's this? (0:16:00.04)
Shinichi Sakurai : A jellyfish? Octopus? Sunfish?! (0:16:02.70)
Shinichi Sakurai : It's so big. And soft! And kind of frightening! (0:16:04.79)
Shinichi Sakurai : I never thought much of VR, but it's amazing! (0:16:11.04)
Shinichi Sakurai : So powerful--and it even reproduces touch! (0:16:14.20)
EXTRA : Are you all right? (0:16:17.50)
Hana Uzaki : Yeah, it's okay. I'm fine. (0:16:18.79)
Hana Uzaki : You said that VR made you want
to do something physical--
Hana Uzaki : now you're swinging that bat all excited
and racking up a pile of strikes!
Hana Uzaki : Focus! (0:16:39.33)
Shinichi Sakurai : Will you shut up ? (0:16:40.58)
Hana Uzaki : Here comes the next one! You can do it!
Knock it out of the park! Home run!
Shinichi Sakurai : That's enough out of-- (0:16:46.29)
Hana Uzaki : That so didn't fly straight! (0:16:50.33)
Shinichi Sakurai : Dammit. (0:16:54.75)
Hana Uzaki : You said you did this before.
You totally didn't!
Shinichi Sakurai : You really tick me off, dammit. (0:16:59.16)
Shinichi Sakurai : I played for one year in junior high. (0:17:01.87)
Hana Uzaki : Ooh! I wanna try, too! (0:17:04.70)
Shinichi Sakurai : Here's my card. There's still some on there. (0:17:07.04)
Hana Uzaki : Thanks! (0:17:09.20)
Shinichi Sakurai : Don't stand too close or the ball will hit you. (0:17:12.04)
Hana Uzaki : Got it! (0:17:15.08)
Hana Uzaki : If I hit a home run, dinner's on you! (0:17:16.12)
Shinichi Sakurai : Eyes forward! You want to get hurt? (0:17:18.62)
Hana Uzaki : Okay... plant the feet... (0:17:20.75)
Hana Uzaki : Swivel the hips... (0:17:24.33)
Shinichi Sakurai : Like the real deal. (0:17:28.87)
Shinichi Sakurai : Huh? Wait--did-- (0:17:31.91)
Shinichi Sakurai : Did you stretch? (0:17:36.08)
Hana Uzaki : Oh. (0:17:39.91)
Shinichi Sakurai : --It... It hurts...
--Are you nuts ,
whipping out a full swing like that?!
Hana Uzaki : --It... It hurts...
--Are you nuts ,
whipping out a full swing like that?!
Shinichi Sakurai : Lay down this instant! (0:17:51.45)
Hana Uzaki : I heard a pop... (0:17:53.29)
Shinichi Sakurai : Yeah, I'll say! (0:17:54.95)
Hana Uzaki : I copied you... and look where it got me... (0:17:56.45)
Shinichi Sakurai : A novice can't just start
putting their hips into a swing!
Shinichi Sakurai : Of course you're gonna hurt yourself, dummy! (0:18:04.20)
Hana Uzaki : This pain is all your fault... (0:18:06.58)
Shinichi Sakurai : How so?! (0:18:10.12)
Shinichi Sakurai : Just go home and get some sleep.
And see a doctor tomorrow.
Hana Uzaki : A doctor, you say? (0:18:17.62)
Hana Uzaki : Let's get dinner! (0:18:20.95)
Shinichi Sakurai : Do you ever give up?! (0:18:22.41)
EXTRA : "Taneda Ramen" (0:18:25.87)
Hana Uzaki : "Taneda Ramen"
Let's eat!
Shinichi Sakurai : "Taneda Ramen"
Let's eat!
Shinichi Sakurai : You can walk fine on your own,
so it's probably nothing serious.
Shinichi Sakurai : If it still hurts tomorrow, see a doctor. (0:18:35.66)
Shinichi Sakurai : And you really should head
home now and go to sleep.
Hana Uzaki : I'll be fine. (0:18:41.70)
Hana Uzaki : Yummy yum yum. (0:18:44.00)
Shinichi Sakurai : You don't get a lot of exercise, do you? (0:18:45.70)
Shinichi Sakurai : That injury is proof
you haven't been very active.
Hana Uzaki : What did you expect? I'm just starting out! (0:18:52.79)
Shinichi Sakurai : Beginners need to warm up, at least.
Back injuries are a big deal.
Hana Uzaki : Fine. (0:19:02.33)
Shinichi Sakurai : You realize that would never have happened (0:19:04.04)
Shinichi Sakurai : if you hadn't elbowed
your way into tagging alo--
Shinichi Sakurai : Huh? My chicken... (0:19:08.91)
Shinichi Sakurai : Hey. (0:19:12.16)
Shinichi Sakurai : Why are you eating it? (0:19:13.41)
Hana Uzaki : Huh? (0:19:15.16)
Shinichi Sakurai : Did you eat them all ?! (0:19:17.25)
Hana Uzaki : Eh? (0:19:19.20)
Hana Uzaki : W-We're not sharing? (0:19:21.29)
Shinichi Sakurai : We are not , you idiot! And how is
it sharing when you eat them all ?!
Shinichi Sakurai : Keep it! (0:19:31.66)
EXTRA : Temper, temper! Your poor girlfriend! (0:19:35.12)
Shinichi Sakurai : She's not my girlfriend... (0:19:38.70)
Shinichi Sakurai : Another order of chicken, please. (0:19:40.75)
EXTRA : Coming right up! (0:19:43.58)
Hana Uzaki : Your chicken's so good,
my chopsticks just kept going!
EXTRA : Good one, miss! (0:19:50.20)
Shinichi Sakurai : Talk about a sunny personality. (0:19:51.75)
EXTRA : Here you go--on the house. Eat up! (0:19:54.37)
Hana Uzaki : Wow! Are you sure? (0:19:57.12)
Shinichi Sakurai : Oh, no, we couldn't! (0:19:58.54)
EXTRA : Go on--it's fine! (0:20:01.41)
Hana Uzaki : Delish! (0:20:06.41)
Shinichi Sakurai : Honestly. (0:20:07.58)
Hana Uzaki : It's rude not to accept this kindness, Senpai! (0:20:10.87)
Shinichi Sakurai : Oh, uh... I guess you're right. (0:20:14.83)
Shinichi Sakurai : Okay, don't mind if I-- (0:20:17.91)
Shinichi Sakurai : Why do you eat everything ?! (0:20:21.83)
Hana Uzaki : Sorry! I didn't mean to! (0:20:23.95)
EXTRA : Here's your chicken. (0:20:26.33)
Shinichi Sakurai : Again ?! (0:20:32.66)
Hana Uzaki : Senpai! (0:20:44.20)
Hana Uzaki : Good morning! (0:20:46.79)
Shinichi Sakurai : Hey. (0:20:48.41)
Hana Uzaki : I had fun yesterday! (0:20:50.16)
Shinichi Sakurai : What? All you did was hurt your back. (0:20:52.45)
Hana Uzaki : Huh? C'mon, it was fun going for
a whole day without being a loner, right?
Shinichi Sakurai : I made it clear from the very beginning
that I intended to spend the day alone.
Hana Uzaki : Oh, look at you, pretending you're not happy. (0:21:04.95)
Shinichi Sakurai : Watch it. (0:21:07.83)
Hana Uzaki : I've never been to a batting cage with
my girlfriends before, either. That was new!
Hana Uzaki : Teach me how to swing, okay?
Next time I wanna really send it flying!
Hana Uzaki : Hey, how 'bout we go again today? (0:21:20.29)
Shinichi Sakurai : I have work. (0:21:22.79)
Hana Uzaki : Aw. Next time, then! (0:21:24.66)
Shinichi Sakurai : "Next time," huh? (0:21:28.25)
Shinichi Sakurai : This idiot really doesn't let a
little pain get in the way of having fun.
Shinichi Sakurai : I don't know when she got like this... (0:21:37.83)
Hana Uzaki : Like this? Or like this? (0:21:44.58)
Shinichi Sakurai : Well, I won't be bored.
I can put up with her a little, I guess.
Shinichi Sakurai : Yeah, next time. (0:21:52.29)
Hana Uzaki : Uh, Senpai? (0:21:54.83)
Shinichi Sakurai : Hmm? (0:21:56.29)
Hana Uzaki : After that thing we did yesterday?
My back still hurts!
Hana Uzaki : It's all your fault, you know. (0:22:01.50)
Shinichi Sakurai : Phrasing ! (0:22:03.37)
Hana Uzaki : It even hurts to walk!
Carry me! C'mon--it's your fault!
Shinichi Sakurai : Shut up! (0:22:11.00)

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