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EXTRA : We Don't Need the Memories (0:00:22.46)
EXTRA : Could the one to keep our eye on this match (0:00:50.27)
EXTRA : be the one people are calling the
top high school setter,
EXTRA : Inarizaki's Miya Atsumu? (0:00:55.24)
EXTRA : Indeed. But we should keep our
eyes on Karasuno's setter, as well.
EXTRA : Karasuno High School's Kageyama Tobio... (0:01:03.45)
EXTRA : He's another skilled player who was invited
to the All-Japan Youth Camp this year.
EXTRA : We're definitely seeing a setter battle
between the East and the West!
Shouyou Hinata : That jump was really good! (0:01:17.32)
Shouyou Hinata : I forgot to hit! (0:01:29.32)
Shouyou Hinata : How could I waste an opportunity like that?! (0:01:31.78)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : You don't need to be that depressed about it. (0:01:35.28)
Atsumu Miya : You don't need to be that depressed about it. (0:01:35.28)
Koushi Sugawara : Isn't that the first time Hinata's been
distracted by anything other than a toss
Koushi Sugawara : that went up? (0:01:43.15)
Tobio Kageyama : If you ever do that again during a match,
I'm never setting to you again.
Tobio Kageyama : You need to make sure you can do both. (0:01:52.32)
Tobio Kageyama : You absolutely suck! (0:01:55.28)
Shouyou Hinata : Got it! (0:01:56.72)
Tobio Kageyama : Did something click with him (0:02:03.88)
Tobio Kageyama : after he saw the real deal? (0:02:07.78)
Tobio Kageyama : But... (0:02:09.92)
Tobio Kageyama : Even if he's able to make
that boom jump a success,
Tobio Kageyama : I didn't expect Hinata's contact
point to change that drastically.
Tobio Kageyama : This is going to throw us off. (0:02:19.46)
EXTRA : Haikyu!! (0:02:42.01)
EXTRA : We Don't Need the Memories (0:03:59.21)
EXTRA : Episode 14: Rhythm (0:03:59.71)
Rintarou Suna : I could care less if it's loud or quiet. (0:04:04.13)
Daichi Sawamura : That's place is hard to reach... (0:04:11.42)
EXTRA : And the receive is a bit sloppy.
Tanaka goes in for the last shot!
Shouyou Hinata : Got it! Tanaka-san! (0:04:14.36)
EXTRA : One touch! (0:04:17.70)
EXTRA : Free ball! (0:04:18.40)
Rintarou Suna : Got it! (0:04:21.19)
EXTRA : Miya Atsumu sets the ball
on the first touch!
EXTRA : Then Ojiro Aran smashes it over the net! (0:04:34.67)
EXTRA : Karasuno High has completely
stopped in their tracks!
EXTRA : Aran (0:04:42.09)
EXTRA : Nice kill, Aran! (0:04:42.35)
EXTRA : Nice kill, Aran! Jump, jump, Aran! (0:04:45.05)
EXTRA : One more time! (0:04:48.06)
Atsumu Miya : Nice kill! (0:04:48.82)
Aran Ojiro : You scared the crap outta me! (0:04:50.54)
EXTRA : Inarizaki's always breaking the mold. (0:04:53.76)
Ittetsu Takeda : The ultimate challengers... (0:04:57.72)
Koutarou Bokuto : Aran's not bad, though I'm better!
Right, Akaashi?
Keiji Akaashi : Yes. (0:05:05.74)
Keiji Akaashi : Of course that was a very
direct surprise attack,
Keiji Akaashi : but they were also trying to say, (0:05:10.52)
Keiji Akaashi : "We're not going to be overwhelmed by our
first match. This is a piece of cake,"
Keiji Akaashi : and put pressure on them. (0:05:16.64)
Keiji Akaashi : I can keep calm while watching them play,
but it'd suck playing against them.
Kourai Hoshiumi : Wow, they piss me off. (0:05:26.56)
EXTRA : Nice serve! (0:05:33.10)
Daichi Sawamura : Right at the whistle?! (0:05:39.19)
Daichi Sawamura : Sorry! That was a bit long! (0:05:42.32)
Koushi Sugawara : He managed to rebound without turning around! (0:05:45.84)
Koushi Sugawara : That was good! (0:05:47.64)
Yuu Nishinoya : There! (0:05:49.11)
Ittetsu Takeda : We're up against the ultimate challengers. (0:05:50.49)
Ittetsu Takeda : But... (0:05:53.64)
Ittetsu Takeda : We're just as much the challengers (0:05:59.65)
Ittetsu Takeda : when it comes to volleyball. (0:06:03.44)
EXTRA : Hinata Shoyo ran out and got the point! (0:06:15.48)
EXTRA : That's the Karasuno first-year
duo's famous slide attack!
Keishin Ukai : All right! (0:06:21.59)
EXTRA : Yeah! (0:06:23.56)
Kourai Hoshiumi : Huh? (0:06:26.10)
Kourai Hoshiumi : Huh?! (0:06:28.15)
Koutarou Bokuto : Way to go, Hinata! (0:06:30.86)
Keiji Akaashi : Absolutely terrifying. (0:06:34.02)
Keiji Akaashi : Their first attack is always a killer. (0:06:35.59)
Shouyou Hinata : Man, I almost ran into that
guy with the scary face.
Tobio Kageyama : I almost fell for Hinata's feint, too. (0:06:42.80)
EXTRA : Wow... (0:06:45.96)
EXTRA : What the heck was that crazy shot?! (0:06:47.29)
EXTRA : It sure was crazy! (0:06:48.62)
EXTRA : That's called a slide. You don't
see that much in boys' volleyball.
EXTRA : Huh... (0:06:53.55)
Atsumu Miya : So it's fast enough to break through a block... (0:06:55.44)
Atsumu Miya : Yet they didn't sacrifice any height, either. (0:06:58.46)
Atsumu Miya : How frickin' cool is that?! (0:07:02.26)
Atsumu Miya : That thing's even cooler to see in person! (0:07:04.94)
Osamu Miya : What's your deal? (0:07:08.11)
Osamu Miya : You always mentally regress, like,
five years when we're in a match.
Atsumu Miya : Shut yer trap! (0:07:12.16)
EXTRA : We Don't Need the Memories (0:07:13.53)
EXTRA : It doesn't really seem like we're
applying pressure to them...
EXTRA : That four-eyes earlier was
basically smirkin' the whole time.
Kei Tsukishima : I mean, you can try to distract
my serve all you want, but...
EXTRA : Should we switch things up early? (0:07:31.76)
EXTRA : Yeah. (0:07:33.93)
EXTRA : We Don't Need the Memories (0:07:35.85)
Shouyou Hinata : The whole team that placed
second at the Inter-High
Shouyou Hinata : is giving it their all to beat us! (0:07:41.87)
Shouyou Hinata : When it's my turn to serve... (0:07:45.64)
Shouyou Hinata : It'll be hundreds of them versus me! (0:07:49.49)
EXTRA : We Don't Need the Memories (0:08:05.54)
Koushi Sugawara : They're going faster and faster. (0:08:12.00)
Tobio Kageyama : That serve toss wasn't the best. (0:08:22.31)
Tobio Kageyama : His first step was perfect! (0:08:32.52)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : They're going into a quick from there?! (0:08:36.74)
EXTRA : We Don't Need the Memories (0:08:40.16)
Koutarou Bokuto : Holy crap! (0:08:43.12)
Keiji Akaashi : You can tell with one look... (0:08:45.47)
Keiji Akaashi : His first step was as refined as it gets. (0:08:47.31)
Keiji Akaashi : That quick and accurate first step (0:08:49.65)
Keiji Akaashi : gives the setter time to set up and
figure out where his teammates are,
Keiji Akaashi : and gives them time to figure things out. (0:08:55.07)
EXTRA : When the middle blocker scores the point,
the middle scores right back.
EXTRA : Nice. Neither side is letting up. (0:09:01.93)
Makoto Shimada : Are they going to use every last bit
of the eight seconds they have?
Daichi Sawamura : Nishinoya! (0:09:28.13)
Yuu Nishinoya : I was a half-step late! (0:09:30.60)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Hell yeah! (0:09:34.18)
Makoto Shimada : Nice, nice, Ryu! Push it, push it, Ryu! (0:09:35.86)
EXTRA : Cut them right off, Ina High! (0:09:39.61)
EXTRA : Hey, Ryu-chan's not half bad. (0:09:42.18)
Kanoka Amanai : Yeah. Their #10's feint was effective, too, (0:09:45.31)
Kanoka Amanai : but he's got a good eye on
the blockers and the floor.
Kanoka Amanai : He used to just smash the
ball as hard as he could.
EXTRA : S-Sure. (0:09:57.95)
EXTRA : She's staring way harder than I expected. (0:09:59.90)
Yuusuke Takinoue : It's like that one thing... (0:10:13.67)
Yuusuke Takinoue : Where people start syncing up their applause
for, like, a long jump in track and field.
Yuusuke Takinoue : But it's way different
when you start it yourself
Yuusuke Takinoue : than when people just
randomly start it for you.
Yuusuke Takinoue : Even if the crowd means well, it may just
end up provoking Karasuno.
Daichi Sawamura : Don't worry about it! (0:10:35.32)
Keishin Ukai : That's not good. (0:10:36.98)
Ittetsu Takeda : Huh? (0:10:38.06)
Keishin Ukai : That rhythm that keeps getting faster. (0:10:39.01)
Keishin Ukai : That pressure isn't obvious, but before
you know it, they're setting the rhythm.
Keishin Ukai : I thought we'd just have
to worry about the booing,
Keishin Ukai : but this is getting in the way, too. (0:10:51.15)
Keishin Ukai : First, we gotta be on par with our serves,
or we're not gonna get anywhere.
Aran Ojiro : Yeah! (0:11:09.98)
EXTRA : We Don't Need the Memories (0:11:11.44)
EXTRA : Inarizaki Karasuno (0:11:14.40)
EXTRA : Inarizaki High's managed their second
service ace already this match.
EXTRA : Nice serve, Aran! (0:11:14.95)
EXTRA : Go, go, Aran! One more time! (0:11:16.49)
EXTRA : The difference in their
scores just keeps growing.
Makoto Shimada : Inarizaki doesn't seem like
they're established champions.
Makoto Shimada : They still have the feel of a team of
upstarts that are climbing their way up.
Makoto Shimada : Then they've got their support... (0:11:41.13)
Makoto Shimada : Inarizaki's cheering section (0:11:43.41)
Makoto Shimada : seems more like cover fire
than just your usual support.
Yuusuke Takinoue : I see what you mean. (0:11:47.79)
Yuusuke Takinoue : Both on and off the court... (0:11:50.05)
Yuusuke Takinoue : They use sound and time (0:11:52.41)
Yuusuke Takinoue : to expand Inarizaki's territory. (0:11:55.08)
Saeko Tanaka : Well, their team's cheer
squad is hella impressive!
EXTRA : Karasuno (0:12:07.70)
EXTRA : Karasuno Taiko (0:12:08.91)
Saeko Tanaka : Sorry to keep you boys waiting! (0:12:13.57)
EXTRA : Haikyu!! (0:12:16.96)
EXTRA : Haikyu!! (0:12:23.97)
EXTRA : Nice serve, Aran! (0:12:30.97)
EXTRA : Inarizaki High's managed their second
service ace already this match.
EXTRA : Go, go, Aran! One more time! (0:12:34.08)
EXTRA : Inarizaki Karasuno (0:12:37.44)
Koutarou Bokuto : What the heck? Inarizaki's
already taken over the arena.
EXTRA : Atsumu... That first serve
of yours was a bit off.
EXTRA : Did you let the cheering squad distract you? (0:12:50.29)
Mika Yamaka : If only you guys had beaten Nekoma,
you'd be playing here, too, Suguru.
EXTRA : Nohebi Academy Volleyball Team Former Captain
Daisho Suguru
Suguru Daishou : Y-Yup, Mika-chan. (0:13:02.68)
Mika Yamaka : Wow, they're so cool! (0:13:13.77)
Suguru Daishou : Talk about pressure...
Glad I'm not playing against them.
EXTRA : Karasuno Taiko (0:13:22.78)
EXTRA : Hey, Japanese taiko drums. (0:13:28.87)
EXTRA : That's awesome! (0:13:30.19)
EXTRA : Fly (0:13:33.79)
Shouyou Hinata : It's Saeko-neesan! (0:13:37.14)
Shouyou Hinata : Her awesomeness is lethal... (0:13:44.66)
Daichi Sawamura : That's definitely a new way to die. (0:13:46.40)
Ittetsu Takeda : Thank goodness they made it in time. (0:13:48.74)
Keishin Ukai : Yeah... (0:13:50.96)
Makoto Shimada : You're late! (0:13:54.86)
Saeko Tanaka : My bad! We sorta got lost! (0:13:56.43)
Yuusuke Takinoue : I just figured you were
drinking until morning again.
Saeko Tanaka : I mean, I was drinking until 5 AM,
but we still left on time.
EXTRA : Nice serve! (0:14:07.03)
Shouyou Hinata : Yes! (0:14:15.25)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Thanks! (0:14:16.16)
Mika Yamaka : Wow! He's so fast! (0:14:16.96)
Suguru Daishou : The national tournament is scary! (0:14:19.56)
Koushi Sugawara : Nice serve, Hinata! (0:14:21.79)
Makoto Shimada : It's always ideal to have it be
silent when you're about to serve,
Makoto Shimada : but I really want to stop them
from taking over the rhythm!
Yuusuke Takinoue : It doesn't have to be loud
enough to overpower them.
Yuusuke Takinoue : As long as we can get a rhythm besides (0:14:39.12)
Yuusuke Takinoue : what Inarizaki is playing
into the server's ears...
Saeko Tanaka : Let's go! (0:14:45.36)
Saeko Tanaka : That one time really pissed me off. (0:14:50.66)
Saeko Tanaka : But our job here isn't to beat
the opponent's cheer squad.
Saeko Tanaka : We might not even be able to give
our boys the push they need.
Saeko Tanaka : Because they're gonna keep
moving forward on their own.
Saeko Tanaka : So we just need to regain the
balance in here a bit.
Shouyou Hinata : I suddenly feel like...
I can hit the best serve ever!
Kourai Hoshiumi : Despite all of Inarizuki's provocation... (0:15:29.60)
Kourai Hoshiumi : Karasuno's #10 isn't showing
even a bit of panic.
Kourai Hoshiumi : It almost looks like he's smiling a little. (0:15:34.40)
Kourai Hoshiumi : What kind of serve is he gonna do? (0:15:37.54)
Kourai Hoshiumi : A spike serve? A jump floater serve? (0:15:39.08)
Kourai Hoshiumi : Or a completely normal one. (0:15:45.33)
Atsumu Miya : Aran! (0:15:46.42)
Aran Ojiro : Got it! (0:15:47.13)
Kourai Hoshiumi : A double quick... (0:15:49.96)
Shouyou Hinata : A super quick one from the side... (0:15:52.93)
Shouyou Hinata : Tsukishima's gonna close in that cross. (0:15:54.72)
Kiyoko Shimizu : It hasn't touched the ground. It hit his foot. (0:16:11.59)
EXTRA : The hell?! (0:16:14.44)
Mika Yamaka : Is that even allowed? (0:16:15.49)
Suguru Daishou : According to the rules, yeah. It's just... (0:16:17.18)
Suguru Daishou : Super embarrassing, probably. (0:16:20.33)
EXTRA : It's that guy again! (0:16:22.00)
EXTRA : Use your damn hands! (0:16:23.61)
Shouyou Hinata : I totally missed! (0:16:25.00)
Yuu Nishinoya : Great job getting to the ball, Shoyo! (0:16:27.37)
Shouyou Hinata : I've gotta regain my dignity! (0:16:32.77)
Shouyou Hinata : Back tempo! (0:16:38.07)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Daichi-san! (0:16:42.69)
EXTRA : Fly (0:16:45.48)
EXTRA : Sawamura moves in from the right! (0:16:46.07)
Daichi Sawamura : Nice set! (0:16:50.92)
Shouyou Hinata : I totally yelled, "Back tempo!" in my head! (0:16:52.39)
EXTRA : I honestly thought the toss was going
to Hinata Shoyo again!
EXTRA : Maybe Inarizaki is watching
Hinata-kun a little too closely.
EXTRA : I can't say I blame them, though. (0:17:03.98)
EXTRA : Inarizaki Karasuno (0:17:06.92)
EXTRA : Looks like Karasuno's getting
back into a rhythm!
Tobio Kageyama : I thought he was totally going
for Hinata, but he stopped.
EXTRA : He was trying to lure me in. (0:17:15.80)
Kourai Hoshiumi : It totally looked like he was
setting to Hinata just now, huh?!
Keiji Akaashi : Yes, it did. (0:17:22.01)
Keiji Akaashi : Simple decoys won't work on read blockers. (0:17:24.79)
Keiji Akaashi : But the first touch went up
in the center of the court,
Keiji Akaashi : and it looked like he was setting
to Hinata, but it went further right.
Keiji Akaashi : It's not just that Kageyama's got
everything in his field of view.
Keiji Akaashi : He probably knows how his
opponents are viewing him.
Keiji Akaashi : Also... (0:17:42.16)
Koutarou Bokuto : Hinata's so tiny, but he sure
makes himself known on the court!
Keiji Akaashi : Indeed. (0:17:49.06)
Shouyou Hinata : Man... That totally looked
like it was for me.
Shouyou Hinata : You moron! Kageyama, you moron! (0:17:54.94)
Ittetsu Takeda : Not only did they place second
in the Inter-High,
Ittetsu Takeda : they also have that
overpowering cheering squad.
Ittetsu Takeda : But we may have been overestimating
them far more than necessary.
Ittetsu Takeda : It'll be okay. If we approach
each problem one at a time,
Ittetsu Takeda : we'll be able to figure this out. (0:18:11.98)
Kiyoko Shimizu : Yes. (0:18:14.44)
EXTRA : Inarizaki Karasuno (0:18:15.53)
EXTRA : We Don't Need the Memories (0:18:18.45)
EXTRA : Jump, jump, Hitoshi! One more time! (0:18:20.01)
Yuusuke Takinoue : And there's the dual wielder again. (0:18:26.33)
Saeko Tanaka : What's that mean? Is he gonna use two balls? (0:18:28.83)
Makoto Shimada : No! (0:18:31.55)
Makoto Shimada : He can hit a spike serve
or a jump float serve...
Makoto Shimada : Basically, they won't know if they're
gonna get Azumane's serve, Kageyama's serve,
Makoto Shimada : or Tadashi's serve right up
until he actually hits it.
Saeko Tanaka : Ack! (0:18:42.68)
Yuusuke Takinoue : And depending on which one it is,
the positioning for receiving will be different.
Yuusuke Takinoue : If they're even a step off, (0:18:48.09)
Yuusuke Takinoue : that delay can prove fatal when
the serve comes in at over 100 km/h.
Ittetsu Takeda : Miya Atsumu-kun is a dual wielder
when it comes to serving.
Ittetsu Takeda : Does that mean we won't know (0:18:59.82)
Ittetsu Takeda : which serve is coming until
he actually tosses the ball?
Keishin Ukai : No, you can tell them apart. (0:19:04.99)
Keishin Ukai : Count his steps. When he's serving, (0:19:08.77)
Keishin Ukai : he routinely measures his distance
by the number of footsteps.
Keishin Ukai : When he's going for a jump floater,
he's four steps from the end line.
Keishin Ukai : When he's going to do
a spike serve, it'll be six steps.
Keishin Ukai : That's how you'll be able to tell them apart. (0:19:20.13)
Asahi Azumane : It'll make a huge difference if we
can tell which one he's going for.
Ittetsu Takeda : They don't really show all the movements
that go into doing a serve on TV, do they?
Ittetsu Takeda : I'm surprised you were able to figure that out! (0:19:31.44)
Keishin Ukai : I did a lot of research! (0:19:33.33)
Keishin Ukai : I looked at videos online and
videos my buddies took, too.
EXTRA : Thanks! (0:19:39.97)
EXTRA : That's four... (0:19:49.14)
Yuu Nishinoya : A jump floater. (0:19:50.16)
EXTRA : Bring it! (0:19:52.12)
Osamu Miya : You may have figured that out... (0:19:56.12)
Osamu Miya : but that's just the starting line. (0:20:00.57)
Tadashi Yamaguchi : It was only an instant! (0:20:10.76)
EXTRA : And it ended up in his face! (0:20:12.09)
EXTRA : Yet another service ace! (0:20:21.03)
EXTRA : Nice serve, Atsumu! Nice serve, Atsumu!
Go, go, Atsumu! One more time!
EXTRA : Miya Atsumu has two incredibly
powerful serves under his belt!
EXTRA : That was an excellent serve! (0:20:29.67)
EXTRA : Powerful serves can make
the team powerful, too.
EXTRA : If they don't cut this off soon,
Karasuno is going to be in trouble.
EXTRA : Inarizaki Karasuno (0:20:36.88)
EXTRA : Damn, that serve was insane! (0:20:39.29)
EXTRA : Wow... (0:20:41.31)
Daichi Sawamura : All right, guys. (0:20:44.16)
Daichi Sawamura : We've dealt with intense
serves in the past, too.
Daichi Sawamura : Now's not the time to panic. (0:20:49.72)
EXTRA : Right! (0:20:52.26)
Atsumu Miya : Huh... (0:20:54.47)
EXTRA : Inarizaki High School (0:20:57.06)
Atsumu Miya : Say, Samu. (0:20:57.68)
Osamu Miya : Yeah, Tsumu? (0:20:59.56)
Atsumu Miya : We can't miss a chance
to score. Am I right?
EXTRA : Four steps. (0:21:13.84)
Yuu Nishinoya : Another jump floater? (0:21:15.64)
EXTRA : Yes! (0:21:25.22)
Ryunosuke Tanaka : Asahi-san! (0:21:27.72)
EXTRA : Got it! (0:21:30.48)
EXTRA : This position... This timing... (0:21:35.30)
EXTRA : This angle! (0:21:39.03)
EXTRA : It's perfection! (0:21:45.33)
EXTRA : We Don't Need the Memories (0:22:00.04)
EXTRA : Nice kill, Osamu! (0:22:00.35)
EXTRA : Nice kill, Osamu! Jump,
jump, Osamu! One more time!
Osamu Miya : The ball really did just show up. (0:22:04.13)
Atsumu Miya : Hell yeah! (0:22:06.97)
Ittetsu Takeda : Th-That was almost like... (0:22:09.91)
Ittetsu Takeda : Hinata-kun and Kageyama-kun's (0:22:12.73)
Ittetsu Takeda : weirdo quick?! (0:22:15.68)
EXTRA : Episode 15: Found (0:23:51.99)
EXTRA : Next time: "Found." (0:23:53.49)

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