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EXTRA : "FEBRUARY 20, 2096" (0:00:13.91)
Tatsuya Shiba : If you ever want to quit being a soldier, (0:00:36.33)
Tatsuya Shiba : I think I can help. (0:00:39.91)
Angelina Kudou Shields : Why did Tatsuya say such a thing? (0:00:46.25)
Angelina Kudou Shields : Sure, it pained me
to point a gun at my own.
Angelina Kudou Shields : But rather than let them live as demons,
I wanted their souls to rest in peace.
Angelina Kudou Shields : This was a job that only I could do as Sirius, (0:01:24.50)
Angelina Kudou Shields : the most powerful magician. (0:01:28.95)
Angelina Kudou Shields : Only me? (0:01:35.20)
Angelina Kudou Shields : I see. (0:01:44.00)
Angelina Kudou Shields : That was why I was lost and impatient. (0:01:45.87)
Angelina Kudou Shields : I can be something other than Sirius. (0:01:58.29)
EXTRA : "MARCH 15, 2096" (0:03:34.16)
Tatsuya Shiba : The sealed parasites are gone? (0:04:31.29)
Mizuki Shibata : I'm sorry, Tatsuya. (0:04:34.04)
Mizuki Shibata : I didn't mean to take my eyes off them. (0:04:36.08)
Honoka Mitsui : Tatsuya, I'm really sorry. (0:04:39.83)
Mikihiko Yoshida : Tatsuya, please don't blame
Shibata or Mitsui.
Mikihiko Yoshida : Even I didn't notice
the sealed vessels being taken away.
Mikihiko Yoshida : --They were my seals, too.
--All three of you...
Tatsuya Shiba : --They were my seals, too.
--All three of you...
Tatsuya Shiba : Stop blaming yourselves. (0:04:54.54)
Tatsuya Shiba : I don't mind at all. (0:04:56.87)
Honoka Mitsui : Tatsuya... (0:04:59.00)
Tatsuya Shiba : It only means whoever did it
is one step better than us.
Tatsuya Shiba : I actually hadn't thought much about
what to do with them after we caught them,
Tatsuya Shiba : and it's not worth
obsessing over it anyway.
Erika Chiba : That's right. It's not because
you were careless, Miki.
Leonhard Saijo : You're so cruel, you know. (0:05:16.83)
Tatsuya Shiba : Still, though...
Was this what they were after all along?
Miyuki Shiba : Brother, thank you for waiting. (0:05:38.29)
Miyuki Shiba : The party's all finished. (0:05:40.66)
Tatsuya Shiba : I hope you enjoyed it. (0:05:42.79)
Mayumi Saegusa : What were you writing, Tatsuya? (0:05:49.37)
Tatsuya Shiba : Just a few notes about system-level assistance
that could lengthen spell duration.
Mari Watanabe : I don't think that's the sort of topic
you can just brush off like that.
Tatsuya Shiba : Anyway, what are you all here for? (0:06:05.16)
Tatsuya Shiba : I'm sure both of you have gotten
more than a few after-party invitations.
Katsuto Jyumonji : We wanted to bid you farewell. (0:06:15.08)
Tatsuya Shiba : That's very kind of you. (0:06:20.95)
Tatsuya Shiba : You didn't have to come all the way here. (0:06:22.33)
Tatsuya Shiba : I was planning to come by
and say goodbye to you all.
Mayumi Saegusa : Oh, you did? (0:06:27.95)
Mayumi Saegusa : We thought you pretended
not to notice and went home
Mayumi Saegusa : because you were cooped up here
during the party.
Tatsuya Shiba : I can't exactly turn up
at a graduation party
Tatsuya Shiba : when I'm not even on the Student Council. (0:06:39.62)
Tatsuya Shiba : Especially not the Course 1 party. (0:06:42.29)
Angelina Kudou Shields : Why not? (0:06:44.66)
Angelina Kudou Shields : Why did they make me help with the party (0:06:46.29)
Angelina Kudou Shields : when I'm not even an
official Student Council member...
Angelina Kudou Shields : and someone on the Disciplinary Committee
doesn't have to do anything?
Tatsuya Shiba : Disciplinary Committee members
aren't on the Student Council.
Tatsuya Shiba : And you're technically still on the Student Council
even though it's temporary, aren't you?
Angelina Kudou Shields : You'll need more than that to convince me! (0:07:03.20)
Miyuki Shiba : Wait, Lina. (0:07:05.37)
Miyuki Shiba : Don't be rude to my brother. (0:07:06.75)
Miyuki Shiba : We decided before we started
setting up for the graduation party
Miyuki Shiba : that you were a temporary
Student Council member
Miyuki Shiba : and that my brother was
a Disciplinary Committee member.
Miyuki Shiba : Besides, you were so keen
on the idea before.
Tatsuya Shiba : Miyuki, what do you mean? (0:07:23.54)
Miyuki Shiba : Oh, well... (0:07:25.25)
Angelina Kudou Shields : It's nothing, Tatsuya! (0:07:26.29)
Miyuki Shiba : Since Lina is a temporary officer, (0:07:28.08)
Miyuki Shiba : we would've felt bad putting her on a task
that demanded very much work.
Miyuki Shiba : --Miyuki!
--Instead, we put her in charge
of the day's entertainment, but...
Angelina Kudou Shields : --Miyuki!
--Instead, we put her in charge
of the day's entertainment, but...
Angelina Kudou Shields : --Miyuki!
--...when I said "entertainment,"
I didn't mean she had to do something.
Miyuki Shiba : --Miyuki!
--...when I said "entertainment,"
I didn't mean she had to do something.
Miyuki Shiba : --I meant just rounding up students
and graduates who wanted to. But...
Angelina Kudou Shields : --Miyuki, don't say it!
--I meant just rounding up students
and graduates who wanted to. But...
Miyuki Shiba : --Miyuki, don't say it!
--I meant just rounding up students
and graduates who wanted to. But...
Miyuki Shiba : Lina seems to have misunderstood, and... (0:07:47.87)
Angelina Kudou Shields : Miyuki, please! Don't tell him! (0:07:50.16)
Tatsuya Shiba : And? (0:07:52.66)
Miyuki Shiba : Yes, and... (0:07:53.62)
Miyuki Shiba : she got up onstage in front of the band. (0:07:56.00)
Miyuki Shiba : Then, she sung about ten songs in a row.
Everyone was very excited.
Mari Watanabe : Yeah, that was a pretty good
live performance.
Mari Watanabe : Better than some professional ones. (0:08:07.54)
Mayumi Saegusa : It's true. You're very good
at singing, Shields.
Mayumi Saegusa : You have a wonderful voice. (0:08:13.29)
Tatsuya Shiba : I see. (0:08:17.20)
Tatsuya Shiba : You made a good memory today, Lina. (0:08:18.66)
Angelina Kudou Shields : Buzz off! (0:08:25.04)
EXTRA : "MARCH 26, 2096"
Miyuki Shiba : Shizuku should be here soon. (0:08:44.04)
Honoka Mitsui : Yep! (0:08:46.79)
Honoka Mitsui : Welcome home, Shizuku! (0:08:54.08)
Honoka Mitsui : Welcome home! (0:08:56.20)
Shizuku Kitayama : I'm home, Honoka. (0:08:59.37)
Tatsuya Shiba : Welcome back, Shizuku.
I'm happy you had a safe flight.
Shizuku Kitayama : Yep. (0:09:05.08)
Miyuki Shiba : Shizuku, you seem kind of different. (0:09:07.25)
Erika Chiba : Yeah, more mature-like. (0:09:10.20)
Erika Chiba : Have you had any experiences
you weren't supposed to over there?
Mizuki Shibata : Erika! (0:09:16.33)
Shizuku Kitayama : Tatsuya... (0:09:19.12)
Shizuku Kitayama : There's a lot
I want to talk to you about.
Shizuku Kitayama : A lot of messages from Ray, too.
Wanna hear it now?
Tatsuya Shiba : Sure. Let me hear it. (0:09:27.83)
Shizuku Kitayama : Thank you for waiting, everyone. (0:09:34.66)
Shizuku Kitayama : --All aboard.
Tatsuya Shiba : Sorry, Shizuku. Be right back. (0:09:41.16)
Erika Chiba : Honoka, no getting in the way. (0:09:47.25)
Erika Chiba : They need to say goodbye to a rival. (0:09:49.70)
Tatsuya Shiba : Lina! (0:09:58.66)
Angelina Kudou Shields : Tatsuya, Miyuki... (0:10:02.62)
Angelina Kudou Shields : Did you come to see me off? (0:10:05.12)
Tatsuya Shiba : Something like that. Though actually,
running into you was a coincidence.
Angelina Kudou Shields : Wait. Didn't I tell you
what day I was leaving?
Miyuki Shiba : I don't think so. (0:10:14.83)
Tatsuya Shiba : By the way... (0:10:16.83)
EXTRA : "ASAKUSA" (0:10:17.79)
Tatsuya Shiba : You're sure taking home a lot. (0:10:26.20)
Miyuki Shiba : You must've gone on a shopping spree. (0:10:28.45)
Angelina Kudou Shields : Isn't it neat? (0:10:30.41)
Angelina Kudou Shields : Japanese culture is so cool! (0:10:33.50)
Angelina Kudou Shields : I've fallen in love with Japan
while studying here!
Angelina Kudou Shields : Thanks for everything, you two. (0:10:41.54)
Tatsuya Shiba : Don't you mean "sorry for the trouble"? (0:10:44.20)
Angelina Kudou Shields : You're the ones who caused trouble for me. (0:10:47.37)
Angelina Kudou Shields : You really don't have any mercy,
even at the end, Tatsuya.
Tatsuya Shiba : I expect holding back
wouldn't make you any happier.
Tatsuya Shiba : And this isn't the end, right? (0:10:57.58)
Angelina Kudou Shields : Who knows? (0:11:00.70)
Angelina Kudou Shields : I'm pretty sure I wouldn't just leave
my home country on a dime.
Miyuki Shiba : But no, this isn't the end. (0:11:07.12)
Angelina Kudou Shields : Miyuki? (0:11:10.83)
Miyuki Shiba : So, I'm not going to say goodbye, Lina. (0:11:12.66)
Angelina Kudou Shields : You know that sounds
kind of like a confession, right?
Miyuki Shiba : Yes, maybe it's a kind of confession. (0:11:21.91)
Miyuki Shiba : You are my rival, Lina. (0:11:25.25)
Miyuki Shiba : I'm sure you'll take the help
my brother offered you.
Miyuki Shiba : I know you'll join him. (0:11:36.12)
Miyuki Shiba : That will be when our
real competition begins.
Miyuki Shiba : That's why I won't say goodbye. (0:11:45.41)
Miyuki Shiba : We'll see you again, Lina. (0:11:48.54)
Angelina Kudou Shields : I don't really understand
what you're talking about, but...
Angelina Kudou Shields : I have a feeling
that you're going to be right.
Angelina Kudou Shields : In that case, Miyuki, until we meet again... (0:12:04.08)
Angelina Kudou Shields : Tatsuya... (0:12:09.29)
Tatsuya Shiba : Yeah. See you again. (0:12:12.33)
Miyuki Shiba : I'm looking forward to it. (0:12:16.83)
EXTRA : "VISITOR ARC XI" (0:12:22.45)
EXTRA : "APRIL 5, 2096"
Hayama : What are your thoughts, milady? (0:14:47.16)
Maya Yotsuba : Let's go with her. (0:14:52.95)
Hayama : As you wish. (0:14:55.41)
EXTRA : "APRIL 6, 2096" (0:15:00.70)
Tatsuya Shiba : You're in an especially good mood today. (0:15:18.83)
Miyuki Shiba : It suits you so well, Brother. (0:15:22.54)
Tatsuya Shiba : The new uniform? (0:15:25.91)
Miyuki Shiba : It's as if the uniform
was designed for you, Brother.
Miyuki Shiba : In fact, I'll bet it was designed for you! (0:15:32.66)
Tatsuya Shiba : That's an exaggeration. (0:15:37.16)
Miyuki Shiba : It's no exaggeration! (0:15:39.12)
Miyuki Shiba : The new Magic Engineering Course
exists because of you!
Tatsuya Shiba : You call it a new design, (0:15:46.95)
Tatsuya Shiba : but all they did was add an emblem. (0:15:49.54)
Miyuki Shiba : That's what's good about it! (0:15:52.25)
Tatsuya Shiba : Is that so? (0:15:55.50)
Miyuki Shiba : Yes! (0:15:56.70)
EXTRA : Today, the new second
and third-year students officially...
Honoka Mitsui : That reminds me! The chocolate you
gave me as a souvenir was so delicious!
Shizuku Kitayama : Really? Glad to hear it. (0:16:26.00)
Miyuki Shiba : Good morning. (0:16:30.20)
Honoka Mitsui : Good morning, Miyuki! (0:16:32.00)
Shizuku Kitayama : Morning. (0:16:33.66)
Shizuku Kitayama : Are we still on for tomorrow? (0:16:37.16)
Miyuki Shiba : The party? Yes. Just as we planned.
My brother will take part, too.
Shizuku Kitayama : Really? Thank you. (0:16:46.50)
Miyuki Shiba : No, thank you. (0:16:48.50)
Honoka Mitsui : I can't wait! (0:16:50.33)
EXTRA : Last stop. Shinagawa.
This is Shinagawa.
EXTRA : Thank you for riding the train. (0:17:17.37)
Ayako Kuroba : Tokyo is as crowded as ever, huh, Fumiya? (0:17:21.08)
Fumiya : It sure is, Sister. (0:17:24.75)
Fumiya : Should we wait for the crowd to thin out? (0:17:27.50)
Ayako Kuroba : No, let's just get to the hotel. (0:17:29.83)
Fumiya : At any rate... (0:17:37.54)
Fumiya : this came out of nowhere.
All of a sudden, a job in Tokyo...
Fumiya : Does Dad even know the Fourth High
entrance ceremony is the day after tomorrow?
Ayako Kuroba : But you were pleased when you heard
about his job in Tokyo, remember?
Ayako Kuroba : You were like,
"I may be able to see Tatsuya there."
Fumiya : I-I'm not pleased at all! (0:17:57.00)
Ayako Kuroba : Huh? You're not happy
about the prospect of meeting Tatsuya?
Fumiya : No! (0:18:02.75)
Fumiya : I mean, I would love to see Tatsuya,
but that's not my goal especially.
Maya Yotsuba : Enter. (0:18:20.29)
Hayama : Pardon me. I have brought her here. (0:18:23.75)
Hayama : Go to her. (0:18:29.20)
Minami Sakurai : Yes, sir. At once. (0:18:30.62)
Maya Yotsuba : Minami, raise your head. (0:18:37.62)
Minami Sakurai : Yes, ma'am. (0:18:40.79)
Maya Yotsuba : I would like to ask you
to do magician work.
Minami Sakurai : May I inquire about the details? (0:18:52.37)
Maya Yotsuba : Do you know Tokyo Offshore Tower? (0:18:55.83)
Minami Sakurai : Yes, I know of it. (0:19:00.20)
Maya Yotsuba : Tokyo Offshore Tower was erected
in Tokyo Bay and has a height of 2,000 meters.
Maya Yotsuba : With 360 floors aboveground
and 36 floors underground,
Maya Yotsuba : it's Japan's first hyperbuilding. (0:19:14.00)
Maya Yotsuba : Tomorrow night, (0:19:17.25)
Maya Yotsuba : there will be a party on the top floor
to celebrate the completion of its construction,
Maya Yotsuba : but I have obtained information that a radical
magic supremacist group is targeting the event.
Maya Yotsuba : They're called the "New Breed Front."
Perhaps you're familiar with them.
Minami Sakurai : The New Breed Front... (0:19:33.25)
Minami Sakurai : No. I apologize for my ignorance. (0:19:35.75)
Maya Yotsuba : They're a group of radical magicians who formed
in response to the discriminatory boycotts
Maya Yotsuba : against magicians by the humanists. (0:19:44.58)
Maya Yotsuba : They are an extremist group claiming that
magicians are the most evolved form of humans
Maya Yotsuba : who will control the future. (0:19:50.58)
Maya Yotsuba : Apparently, their goal is to free magicians
from being forced to work like slaves
Maya Yotsuba : for the old humanity. (0:19:59.50)
Minami Sakurai : That group is trying to attack
the party tomorrow night?
Maya Yotsuba : I can't say for sure that the New Breed Front's
target is the party venue.
Maya Yotsuba : However, it is certain
that the time of the party
Maya Yotsuba : coincides with their plan
to attack Tokyo Offshore Tower.
Maya Yotsuba : It seems they've been adding Extras
to their ranks, as well, so be careful.
Minami Sakurai : Extras? (0:20:27.37)
Maya Yotsuba : Yes. I take it you don't know
what they are yet.
Maya Yotsuba : It refers to families that have
been stripped of their numbers.
Maya Yotsuba : Reasons for their removal are various (0:20:37.83)
Maya Yotsuba : but include treason and the failure
to demonstrate their abilities.
Minami Sakurai : I understand. (0:20:45.50)
Minami Sakurai : But what would you like me to do? (0:20:46.91)
Maya Yotsuba : I will have someone else
watch the outside of the building.
Maya Yotsuba : Minami, I want you to accompany Hayama
and stand by at the party.
Maya Yotsuba : If the situation demands urgent attention,
follow Hayama's instructions. Understood?
Minami Sakurai : Yes. (0:21:08.00)
Minami Sakurai : Um... (0:21:11.58)
Minami Sakurai : I would like to ask one thing. (0:21:12.87)
Maya Yotsuba : What is it? (0:21:17.16)
Minami Sakurai : What should I actually do at the party? (0:21:18.95)
Minami Sakurai : I don't have any experience
being a party hostess,
Minami Sakurai : so if possible, I'd like to receive a lecture
about my duties beforehand.
Minami Sakurai : Ma'am? (0:21:34.29)
Maya Yotsuba : I apologize for laughing. (0:21:35.41)
Minami Sakurai : Oh, there's no need
for you to apologize, ma'am.
Maya Yotsuba : It seems you have the wrong idea, Minami. (0:21:42.45)
Maya Yotsuba : You will be there as Hayama's bodyguard. (0:21:46.79)
Maya Yotsuba : I already have your invitation. (0:21:51.16)
Minami Sakurai : Certainly. (0:21:55.20)
Maya Yotsuba : I'll have a dress you'll be able to put on yourself
prepared for you at a hotel in the metro area.
Maya Yotsuba : And you can do your own makeup, right? (0:22:02.16)
Minami Sakurai : Yes, that will be no problem. (0:22:04.25)
Maya Yotsuba : Good. (0:22:08.41)
Maya Yotsuba : I'm sorry for springing this job on you
the day before the entrance ceremony.
Minami Sakurai : If it's an order from you, ma'am,
Minami Sakurai shall gladly obey.
EXTRA : "VISITOR ARC XII" (0:23:48.45)

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