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Iska : Astral power, the strange energy
that slumbers within this planet.
Iska : Its power was too strong for humanity. (0:00:16.58)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Those in whom astral power dwells
were feared as witches or mages,
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : and were oppressed... by those in the Empire. (0:00:26.20)
Iska : A place where many people have been harmed
by astral power--the Empire.
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : A paradise left to the innocent witches--
the Nebulis Sovereignty.
Iska : The fate that brought these
two nations to this point...
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : a never-ending road through war. (0:00:50.16)
Iska : I'm going to bring this war to an end. (0:00:52.91)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : I will establish a world without persecution. (0:00:58.66)
Iska : And so, (0:01:02.66)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : And so, (0:01:02.66)
Iska : "Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World"
the crusade that would change
our world had begun.
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : "Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World"
the crusade that would change
our world had begun.
EXTRA : "Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World" (0:01:08.12)
EXTRA : "One year earlier" (0:01:10.29)
Sisbell Lou Nebulis IX : Your armband... You're a Saint Disciple? (0:01:41.75)
Sisbell Lou Nebulis IX : Why would a Saint Disciple...? (0:01:49.54)
Iska : Quickly. We have to run. (0:01:52.79)
Iska : Here. It's not much, but... (0:02:02.75)
Iska : Now, go on. (0:02:06.87)
EXTRA : Raise your head. (0:02:26.12)
EXTRA : Prisoner Iska, age 16. (0:02:29.20)
EXTRA : You were the youngest in history to be
granted the title of the Saint Disciple.
EXTRA : However, a year ago, you were sentenced
for breaking out an imprisoned witch.
EXTRA : This led to your demotion
as the Saint Disciple.
EXTRA : Is this correct? (0:02:45.91)
Iska : Yes. (0:02:47.87)
EXTRA : As of today, you are released. (0:02:48.70)
EXTRA : Considering our nation has been at war
with the witches for 100 years,
EXTRA : your action is of a great crime. (0:02:55.79)
EXTRA : However, we are providing you
with an opportunity to make amends.
EXTRA : You are given a mission. Our longtime enemies
now call themselves astral mages.
EXTRA : You will be taking down a witch. (0:03:09.50)
EXTRA : Not just any witch. (0:03:11.95)
EXTRA : She is "purebred," the direct descendant
of the Grand Witch Nebulis.
EXTRA : In the past, the Grand Witch Nebulis
has turned our Empire into a sea of flames.
EXTRA : Those descendants are called "purebreds," (0:03:22.54)
EXTRA : and as you know, harbor great astral power. (0:03:25.41)
Iska : Yes, I have been in many battles with them. (0:03:28.95)
EXTRA : Your target is one of the most powerful.
The "Ice Calamity Witch."
Iska : The Ice Calamity Witch... (0:03:38.08)
EXTRA : Successor of the Black Steel, Iska. (0:03:43.83)
EXTRA : From this moment forward, you are free. (0:03:46.41)
EXTRA : We will provide you with a transit vehicle
to the frontlines in 17 hours.
EXTRA : Anything you need, we will provide. (0:03:53.50)
Iska : There are three members
I would like on my unit.
EXTRA : "Powder Base" (0:04:05.12)
EXTRA : "Powder Base"
Nene, where should we sit?
EXTRA : Nene, we haven't gotten the food we ordered yet. (0:04:08.70)
EXTRA : Nene! (0:04:12.41)
Nene Alkastone : Okay, okay! (0:04:13.87)
Nene Alkastone : I'm coming! (0:04:17.04)
Nene Alkastone : Come on in! (0:04:23.12)
Nene Alkastone : Jhin?! (0:04:29.04)
Nene Alkastone : I'm glad you're here!
Did you come to see me?
Jhin Syulargun : We just saw each other not long ago. (0:04:34.75)
Jhin Syulargun : He's been discharged. He's back
at the dorm, hurrying to get ready.
Nene Alkastone : Wait, you're not saying...? (0:04:43.33)
Jhin Syulargun : We depart tomorrow morning at zero hour. (0:04:45.37)
Jhin Syulargun : We're heading for the front in a transport. (0:04:47.79)
Nene Alkastone : A transport? The front? (0:04:49.66)
Iska : It was the same as the morning sun, (0:04:59.62)
Iska : but it's been a year since I've seen
the stars in the sky like this, too.
Jhin Syulargun : It's four minutes and 30 seconds to muster. (0:05:06.54)
Iska : Jhin! Thanks for your help contacting
everyone this afternoon.
Jhin Syulargun : I'm used to your short notice. (0:05:14.91)
Nene Alkastone : Iska, congrats on your release! (0:05:24.95)
Nene Alkastone : --Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! (0:05:29.79)
Iska : --Nene, you don't have to jump for joy.
--Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!
Nene Alkastone : Ah, looks like the captain is here! (0:05:35.45)
Nene Alkastone : Hey, Captain! (0:05:37.50)
Mismis Klass : G-G-Guys! (0:05:40.75)
Mismis Klass : I'm sorry I'm late! (0:05:44.70)
Nene Alkastone : Ah, she fell down. (0:05:50.00)
Jhin Syulargun : Same old Captain. (0:05:51.79)
Mismis Klass : Ah, it's Iska! (0:05:56.50)
Mismis Klass : It's been an awfully long time.
You've grown a little taller, haven't you?
Iska : --She's just going to ignore falling down...
--Have I?
Nene Alkastone : --She's just going to ignore falling down...
--Have I?
Mismis Klass : I guess a girl like me is no match
when it comes to growing tall.
Jhin Syulargun : What do you mean, "girl"?
You're well past that age.
Mismis Klass : Wh-What are you talking about, Jhin?!
I'm still 22!
Mismis Klass : Still, I'm delighted. (0:06:20.04)
Mismis Klass : Iska is ever the nice, sweet boy, (0:06:21.87)
Mismis Klass : while Nene has grown
even more cute and pretty.
Mismis Klass : And today, at least, Jhin's sharp tongue
brings back good memories.
Jhin Syulargun : Hey, hold on... (0:06:30.41)
Mismis Klass : Anyhow, Special Defense for Humankind
Third Division, Unit N07,
Mismis Klass : is back together for the first time in a year! (0:06:36.50)
Nene Alkastone : All right, off we go! (0:06:43.87)
Nene Alkastone : Okay then, what kind of mission is this? (0:06:49.83)
Jhin Syulargun : Witch suppression.
That's all our unit ever does, right?
Jhin Syulargun : What's more, our target on this one (0:06:57.45)
Jhin Syulargun : is a direct descendant
of the Grand Witch Nebulis--a purebred.
Nene Alkastone : A purebred?! (0:07:02.95)
Jhin Syulargun : Boss, you've heard of
the Ice Calamity Witch, right?
Mismis Klass : The Ice Calamity Witch?! (0:07:07.50)
Mismis Klass : I-Iska, is this true? (0:07:09.83)
Iska : Yes. Apparently, the reason I was released (0:07:12.08)
Iska : was so we could capture this astral mage. (0:07:15.50)
Mismis Klass : Oh, man. Iska, you've been set up
by the Eight Great Apostles.
Iska : How do you mean? (0:07:23.29)
Mismis Klass : She first appeared on the northern front
in Yubel, I believe.
Mismis Klass : I hear she broke through the line
and made it back all by herself.
Mismis Klass : In light of her military record since then, (0:07:33.70)
Mismis Klass : some people say that she's the most
powerful astral mage in history.
Jhin Syulargun : Yeah. But she doesn't know about
our soldier, Iska, either.
Jhin Syulargun : For better or worse, the Nebulis Sovereignty
has no intel on you either.
Jhin Syulargun : In their view, you are someone
completely unexpected.
Nene Alkastone : That's right! Iska was imprisoned
right after he became a Saint Disciple.
Jhin Syulargun : Right. Which means... (0:07:55.04)
Iska : ...their guard will be down? (0:07:57.00)
Jhin Syulargun : That's what the bigwigs are probably thinking. (0:07:58.50)
Jhin Syulargun : That being said, they're turning to you now
after throwing you in prison,
Jhin Syulargun : so even they must be at
a complete loss as to what to do.
Iska : The Ice Calamity Witch, huh? (0:08:08.79)
Mismis Klass : Iska, are you really going
to carry out this mission?
Iska : Of course. This is my big chance, after all. (0:08:14.58)
Mismis Klass : If you fail this mission, you'll be... (0:08:18.12)
Iska : I'm trying not to think about that. (0:08:20.75)
Iska : I'd like to put a stop to this hopeless war. (0:08:23.95)
Iska : That's all I've thought about, both now... (0:08:27.37)
Iska : ...and a year ago. (0:08:31.45)
Mismis Klass : This weapons reactor is brand new, isn't it? (0:08:40.08)
Iska : I believe so. (0:08:43.08)
Mismis Klass : I wonder why. (0:08:44.70)
Mismis Klass : They have such a large reactor,
but so few troops deployed here.
Iska : --Ah, that's likely--
--I'm back!
Nene Alkastone : --Ah, that's likely--
--I'm back!
Mismis Klass : Whoa, you startled me.
Nene, don't surprise me like that.
Nene Alkastone : I'm all finished checking the transport back in. (0:08:57.62)
Nene Alkastone : I also spotted the commanding officer
in that tent over there.
Nene Alkastone : Word is that this reactor isn't yet finished. (0:09:03.54)
Nene Alkastone : Since there have been a lot of
astral mages strikes lately,
Nene Alkastone : their manpower is busy defending
the front instead of finishing up here.
Iska : I figured. That's the reason why
there are so few people here, too.
Nene Alkastone : I thought it was strange. It's shuddering
too much while it's running,
Nene Alkastone : and there's a lot of rumble
in its operating hum.
Mismis Klass : Wow, that's our Nene for you!
Such a first-rate engineer!
Nene Alkastone : Also, check out the color and smell
of the steam from the exhaust vent!
Nene Alkastone : The pressure unit is running, (0:09:32.25)
Nene Alkastone : --but the control ring is just about
at its threshold--
Jhin Syulargun : --It's a vicious cycle.
--but the control ring is just about
at its threshold--
Jhin Syulargun : The Empire builds a reactor. (0:09:37.41)
Jhin Syulargun : Then the Sovereignty launches
a strike to destroy it.
Jhin Syulargun : So we build more weapons. (0:09:42.79)
Jhin Syulargun : After repeating the cycle for a hundred years,
this is the world we have.
Jhin Syulargun : That's what Master would always regurgitate. (0:09:48.45)
Jhin Syulargun : Whatever triggered this war, (0:09:51.50)
Jhin Syulargun : the reasons that keep dragging it on
now are emotionally charged.
Jhin Syulargun : After coming this far, logic won't stop it. (0:09:57.87)
Jhin Syulargun : Not unless someone forcibly puts an end to it,
even if it means being hated.
Iska : Puts an end to it, huh? (0:10:05.41)
Jhin Syulargun : The peace talks that a certain someone
is thinking is one option--
Jhin Syulargun : whether it would work or not
is a separate matter.
Mismis Klass : Okay, acknowledged. (0:10:19.45)
Jhin Syulargun : What is it? (0:10:22.20)
Mismis Klass : That was a unit at the front. (0:10:23.33)
Mismis Klass : They said they aren't engaging
any astral power forces at the moment.
Mismis Klass : They're expecting our rendezvous. (0:10:28.04)
Mismis Klass : Nene, d-drive more safely! (0:10:33.91)
Nene Alkastone : It's all right, it's all right. (0:10:37.25)
Nene Alkastone : I could drive one of these
with one eye closed, no problem.
Mismis Klass : I'm begging you, please keep your eyes open! (0:10:41.91)
Iska : --Jump!
Jhin Syulargun : --Jump!
Mismis Klass : --H-Huh?
--Captain, hold on to me!
Nene Alkastone : --H-Huh?
--Captain, hold on to me!
Jhin Syulargun : Was that a Nebulis astral power force? (0:10:56.20)
Mismis Klass : No way! This is still Imperial territory! (0:10:58.12)
Iska : They broke through our front-line defenses. (0:11:01.04)
Iska : There's probably a powerful astral mage around. (0:11:03.37)
Nene Alkastone : Incoming message. (0:11:05.62)
Nene Alkastone : It's a general request for backup from
the Nelka force communications team.
Jhin Syulargun : No time to waste, is there?
We still have our sneak attack,
Jhin Syulargun : but there's a battalion of astral mages
closing in at a furious pace.
Iska : Jhin, behind you! (0:11:17.41)
EXTRA : He just cut through astral power flames? (0:11:33.08)
Mismis Klass : T-Two astral mages! Everyone, watch yourselves! (0:11:35.62)
Jhin Syulargun : We know. And don't shout out orders like that. (0:11:38.70)
Jhin Syulargun : They'll know in a second who the boss is. (0:11:41.70)
Jhin Syulargun : Just worry about yourself instead. (0:11:43.41)
Mismis Klass : I don't need your backtalk, either! (0:11:45.04)
Jhin Syulargun : Then stand back. (0:11:47.37)
Jhin Syulargun : Wind astral mages. (0:11:52.04)
Mismis Klass : When did they...?! (0:12:00.79)
Jhin Syulargun : I guess there's no presence to detect
when they burrow underground.
Iska : That's a large-scale spell.
They have a fairly powerful astral mage.
Mismis Klass : How can you two be so calm?! (0:12:10.12)
Jhin Syulargun : Because we anticipated
something like this happening.
Jhin Syulargun : Iska, can you cut through them all? (0:12:14.87)
Iska : Once I get my intuition back.
Right now, it would be a bit difficult.
Iska : Which means, (0:12:20.50)
Iska : I'll need to ask for your help, Nene. (0:12:21.50)
Nene Alkastone : Roger that! (0:12:24.29)
Nene Alkastone : Anti-astral-power flares... deploy! (0:12:26.45)
Iska : You take the right. (0:12:41.12)
EXTRA : Astral power of raging inferno...! (0:12:46.83)
EXTRA : Burst forth! (0:12:52.87)
EXTRA : You jumped out of range? (0:13:03.04)
EXTRA : There's no way you could do that! (0:13:05.83)
Iska : That's what the training I underwent was for. (0:13:09.62)
Iska : Jhin, how are you coming along? (0:13:16.04)
Jhin Syulargun : All done. (0:13:17.70)
Mismis Klass : Amazing. Jhin and Iska,
you never fail to impress.
Jhin Syulargun : A year ago, we might've left everything
to Iska and gone on ahead without him.
Jhin Syulargun : You're an anti-war berserker, was it? (0:13:29.54)
Iska : Earth astral power? (0:13:36.33)
Iska : A golem. And one that can
generate quickly, too.
Rin Vispose : How peculiar. You dealt with that unit
before I even arrived?
Rin Vispose : By all appearances,
you're just an ordinary squad.
Rin Vispose : Come to life. (0:13:51.04)
Iska : Captain, I'll take care of this. (0:14:02.16)
Iska : Please take Jhin and Nene
and go offer some support.
Mismis Klass : Huh? But... (0:14:07.29)
Iska : We'll spend just as much time
with all four of us being here.
Mismis Klass : All right. Be careful! (0:14:12.87)
Iska : It regenerated? (0:14:20.00)
Rin Vispose : You sliced through my astral arts?
Are you a Saint Disciple?!
Iska : I have no intention of answering that. (0:14:31.33)
Iska : But I will if you tell me where the astral
mage called the Ice Calamity Witch is.
Rin Vispose : Silence, you grunt! I will not allow you
to even look upon her!
Iska : I suppose you wouldn't. But I have business
with the Ice Calamity Witch!
Rin Vispose : You can forget it! (0:14:46.54)
Iska : Too slow. (0:14:56.16)
Rin Vispose : Who the hell are you? (0:14:57.70)
Iska : Where is the Ice Calamity Witch? (0:14:59.87)
Rin Vispose : Kill me. We astral mages will
have nothing to do with Imperial dogs.
Rin Vispose : We're prepared to choose death
rather than become your prisoners.
Rin Vispose : Did you think threatening me
with your sword would rattle me?
Rin Vispose : I'm up for close-quarters combat, too. (0:15:16.20)
Rin Vispose : Away with you! (0:15:18.08)
Rin Vispose : I-Impossible... (0:15:21.50)
Rin Vispose : Lady Alice... (0:15:30.91)
Iska : Alice? Don't tell me you're
the Ice Calamity...
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Yes. (0:15:35.20)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : That is my name. (0:15:42.20)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Let me prove it. You can experience it yourself. (0:15:45.75)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Great Ice Calamity. (0:15:50.50)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Rin, are you all right? (0:16:04.25)
Rin Vispose : Lady Alice. (0:16:06.00)
Iska : You're joking... (0:16:11.04)
Rin Vispose : Please be careful. (0:16:13.08)
Rin Vispose : That man's sword can slice through
and block astral arts.
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Thank you, Rin. You did well to stall him. (0:16:18.66)
Iska : Stall? (0:16:22.50)
Iska : The reactor! (0:16:27.45)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Shatter away. (0:16:29.54)
Iska : So this was your plan all along? (0:16:33.58)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Who are you? (0:16:35.91)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : How could someone who's not
a Saint Disciple overpower Rin?
Iska : I'm here to capture you. (0:16:40.41)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Who do you think you're talking to? (0:16:42.62)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : If you don't want to feel an icy pain
that is far worse than death, then...
Iska : Surrender. (0:16:48.95)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Surrender. (0:16:48.95)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Swordsman of the Empire, what is your name? (0:16:51.58)
Iska : Iska. And yours? (0:16:55.00)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX. (0:16:57.25)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : And you already know (0:16:59.91)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : that I am the astral mage you Imperials
call the "Ice Calamity Witch."
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Walls, crush forward! (0:17:12.00)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Ice Calamity: Thousand Thorn Blizzard! (0:17:17.66)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Pierce through! (0:17:23.45)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : That's the best you can do? (0:17:35.41)
Iska : No... (0:17:37.54)
Iska : Awaken. (0:17:39.16)
Rin Vispose : He can use the same astral art
as Lady Alice?! Who are you?!
Iska : This is the astral swords' power, not mine. (0:17:50.29)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Ice Blossom. (0:17:56.08)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : It's an impenetrable shield. You should give up. (0:18:01.25)
Iska : Give up? (0:18:04.50)
Iska : If I give up here,
who'll put a stop to this war?!
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Vines! (0:18:16.83)
Rin Vispose : Lady Alice stepped back? (0:18:27.25)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : So persistent. Surrender or fall! (0:18:29.95)
Iska : Why don't you retreat instead?! (0:18:32.87)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : I will not retreat until I defeat
the Empire and unite the world.
Iska : Unite the world? (0:18:38.87)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : An everlasting peace.
No invasion, no persecution...
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : That is what I,
heir to the Nebulis Sovereignty, Aliceliese--
Iska : Y-You okay? (0:18:58.83)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Y-Yes, thank you. (0:19:01.29)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Wait, wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-what
do you think you're doing?!
Iska : It was reflex... (0:19:12.95)
Nene Alkastone : Iska! (0:19:14.16)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Rin, we shall retreat. (0:19:20.33)
Rin Vispose : B-But Lady Alice?! (0:19:22.12)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Iska, was it? Do not think
you will get so lucky next time.
Mismis Klass : Iska! (0:19:42.54)
Mismis Klass : I'm so glad you're safe! (0:19:45.12)
Mismis Klass : You had me worried! (0:19:47.83)
Mismis Klass : Are you okay? Are you injured? (0:19:50.87)
Iska : Hugging a possibly injured subordinate
might not be a good idea...
Mismis Klass : Oh, sorry! (0:19:56.66)
Nene Alkastone : Hey, Jhin. Is this really from an astral art? (0:19:58.50)
Jhin Syulargun : The rumors were true. Looks like she's
an extraordinary astral mage.
Jhin Syulargun : The ice made it all the way near
our rendezvous point on the frontlines.
Rin Vispose : Lady Alice, have you been
bathing this whole time?
Rin Vispose : Let's get out of the bath. (0:20:30.08)
Iska : If I give up here,
who'll put a stop to this war?!
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Ugh, this isn't doing me any good! (0:20:54.08)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : I need a change of scenery! (0:20:56.41)
Rin Vispose : Lady Alice? (0:20:58.95)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Hey, Rin, look. (0:21:04.37)
Rin Vispose : "Tragic love of female knight Beatrix." (0:21:06.50)
Rin Vispose : You want to go to the opera house
in Neutral City again?
EXTRA : --Good bye, Beatrix. I cannot be with you. (0:21:17.04)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : --Oh, Beatrix! To fall in love
with an enemy knight...
--Good bye, Beatrix. I cannot be with you.
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : --A forbidden love that will never bear fruit,
no matter how strong the love.
--♬ Good bye, Azel. ♬
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : --How can there be such pained love?
--♬ When we meet again, it will not be in
a church like tonight, but on a battlefield. ♬
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Azel, you're such an idiot... How could you... (0:21:29.54)
Rin Vispose : Shhh, please keep it down. (0:21:33.75)
Rin Vispose : Where is your handkerchief? (0:21:35.95)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : It's already soaking wet. (0:21:37.87)
Iska : Um, why don't you take this? (0:21:41.00)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Huh? Thank you so much. (0:21:43.16)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Um, I apologize for getting
your handkerchief wet.
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : I would like to pay for it. (0:22:01.75)
Iska : Oh no, please don't worry. (0:22:03.87)
Iska : It's just a cheap handker-- (0:22:06.00)
Iska : Huh? (0:22:13.54)
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX : Huh? (0:22:13.54)
EXTRA : "The Encounter of the Two Nations'
Ultimate Weapons"

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