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Konomi Kasahara : You solve a wall as
though it were a puzzle.
Konomi Kasahara : That's the sport of climbing. (0:00:13.09)
EXTRA : Japan's Noguchi Akiyo has two minutes left. (0:00:17.74)
Konomi Kasahara : How will you choose to climb? (0:00:21.76)
EXTRA : She takes another look at the wall. (0:00:23.25)
EXTRA : What adjustments will she make? (0:00:25.20)
Konomi Kasahara : You set your mind to the task... (0:00:27.24)
Konomi Kasahara : Clearing one obstacle at a time,
thinking ahead, and doing it your way is fun.
Konomi Kasahara : But the best feeling of all (0:00:41.80)
Konomi Kasahara : is the one you get when you solve
that puzzle and reach the goal.
EXTRA : Noguchi Akiyo sends the route with ease! (0:00:51.52)
EXTRA : Next up is another Japanese entrant, (0:00:55.19)
EXTRA : Kasahara Konomi! (0:00:58.06)
EXTRA : Iwakakeru! (0:01:19.43)
Konomi Kasahara : Hmm... I'd better pick a club
to join soon, but...
Konomi Kasahara : I just don't know what I wanna do. (0:03:00.72)
Konomi Kasahara : Anyone who does has probably
joined one already.
Konomi Kasahara : I'm, uh, probably not cut out
for any of the cultural clubs.
Konomi Kasahara : Which leaves... (0:03:12.54)
Konomi Kasahara : The sports teams? (0:03:13.90)
EXTRA : Let me hear your voice! (0:03:15.29)
EXTRA : Yeah! (0:03:16.68)
EXTRA : One, two! (0:03:18.01)
EXTRA : One, two! (0:03:18.97)
EXTRA : Three, four! (0:03:19.82)
EXTRA : Ten, two! (0:03:20.70)
EXTRA : Five, six! (0:03:21.55)
EXTRA : Three, ten! (0:03:22.35)
EXTRA : Seven, eight! (0:03:23.01)
EXTRA : Nine, ten! (0:03:23.89)
Konomi Kasahara : Yeah... That vibe's not for me. (0:03:24.29)
EXTRA : To the top! (0:03:24.86)
EXTRA : One more time! (0:03:25.50)
Konomi Kasahara : What now? (0:03:28.56)
EXTRA : Wall 1: ky zzle (0:03:32.77)
Konomi Kasahara : This looks fun. (0:03:45.40)
Jun Uehara : Hands off! (0:03:49.06)
Konomi Kasahara : Huh? U-Uh, sorry! (0:03:50.41)
Jun Uehara : Didn't you see the notice?
Only members can touch the wall.
EXTRA : No touching the walls unless
you're a member ♥ - Climbing Team
Konomi Kasahara : O-Oh... Sorry about that. (0:03:56.89)
Konomi Kasahara : I haven't touched anything yet. (0:04:00.40)
Jun Uehara : Interested? (0:04:24.98)
Jun Uehara : Come with me. (0:04:27.81)
Konomi Kasahara : Hey, wait! (0:04:29.44)
Konomi Kasahara : Uh... (0:04:32.05)
Jun Uehara : Do you have any sport climbing experience? (0:04:33.39)
Konomi Kasahara : Huh? Sport... what? (0:04:36.16)
Jun Uehara : I have to start there ? (0:04:38.44)
Jun Uehara : Sport climbing involves scaling
artificial rock faces like these
Jun Uehara : in three schools of competition:
bouldering, lead, and speed.
Jun Uehara : It's a competitive form of rock climbing. (0:04:50.63)
Konomi Kasahara : Boulder in? (0:04:53.72)
Konomi Kasahara : Lead? Speed? (0:04:55.89)
Jun Uehara : Anyway, just try climbing it for now. (0:05:00.82)
Konomi Kasahara : Oh, okay. (0:05:04.04)
Jun Uehara : Uh, feels like I've joined on trial already.
I don't know about this...
Konomi Kasahara : I've never done any climbing before. (0:05:11.65)
Jun Uehara : Not happening, huh? (0:05:18.07)
Konomi Kasahara : Whoa, this is actually pretty fun!
I'm getting higher and higher!
Konomi Kasahara : Okay, which one next? (0:05:30.51)
Konomi Kasahara : I can't reach it! (0:05:35.73)
Konomi Kasahara : Well, then... (0:05:39.81)
Jun Uehara : Did you just try a lunge? (0:05:44.77)
Konomi Kasahara : A lunge? (0:05:48.15)
Jun Uehara : It's a dynamic move where you jump to grab
a hold that's out of your reach.
Jun Uehara : Dynos are advanced techniques that
beginners could never pull off.
Konomi Kasahara : Advanced, huh? (0:05:58.00)
Jun Uehara : So, are you gonna keep going? (0:06:00.23)
Konomi Kasahara : Oh, yeah. Climbing is pretty fun. (0:06:02.00)
Jun Uehara : "Pretty"? (0:06:05.53)
Konomi Kasahara : Also, this might be right up my alley!
Maybe I have a natural gift for this?
Jun Uehara : Okay. This time... (0:06:13.19)
Jun Uehara : Try climbing using only the yellow holds. (0:06:14.92)
Konomi Kasahara : Got it! (0:06:17.39)
Jun Uehara : The different hold colors
indicate a route's difficulty.
Jun Uehara : Yellow is for beginners, by the way. (0:06:24.68)
Konomi Kasahara : Beginners?! (0:06:26.91)
Konomi Kasahara : This rock has lousy grip. (0:06:29.88)
Konomi Kasahara : It's too slippery. (0:06:32.54)
Konomi Kasahara : And the foothold's too tiny! (0:06:34.64)
Jun Uehara : Is it any fun? (0:06:44.42)
Jun Uehara : Plenty of people try
rock climbing out of curiosity.
Jun Uehara : They mistake it for one of those
playthings at a park or something.
Jun Uehara : Sport climbing ain't a game, y'know. (0:06:54.18)
Konomi Kasahara : S-Sorry. (0:06:57.33)
Jun Uehara : Are you satisfied now? (0:06:59.24)
Konomi Kasahara : Let me have another go. (0:07:22.12)
Nonoka Sugiura : Is Jun going to be our only new member? (0:07:26.93)
Sayo Yotsuba : Looks like it. (0:07:30.51)
Nonoka Sugiura : It was just last year that you
and I formed this team, Sayo-chin.
Nonoka Sugiura : We were the only ones in it, too. (0:07:35.40)
Nonoka Sugiura : I was hoping we'd get a whole
bunch of new members this year!
Sayo Yotsuba : Oh, we'll be fine. (0:07:41.45)
Sayo Yotsuba : Jun has experience,
and we have three members now.
Sayo Yotsuba : We can officially compete as a team. (0:07:45.40)
Nonoka Sugiura : Jun's such a hardass. She doesn't let anyone
join for fun 'cause they won't last.
Sayo Yotsuba : Well, you know she's right. (0:07:52.95)
Sayo Yotsuba : What are you doing? (0:07:58.13)
Nonoka Sugiura : But there's still a chance people might join! (0:08:00.47)
Sayo Yotsuba : That's true. (0:08:03.96)
Nonoka Sugiura : I'm trying to look more
dignif-eyed for the newbies.
Sayo Yotsuba : It won't work, Nono.
That facade will slip soon enough.
Nonoka Sugiura : Look, Sayo-chin,
first impressions are everything.
Jun Uehara : Yeah. Use your right hand to grab hold. (0:08:19.75)
Nonoka Sugiura : Who's that girl? (0:08:28.76)
Jun Uehara : Oh, Captain and Nono-senpai. (0:08:30.55)
Nonoka Sugiura : Is that your friend?
Is she an experienced climber?
Jun Uehara : No, she's a total beginner who
just picked it up moments ago.
Jun Uehara : She couldn't even handle a 5.9 at first, (0:08:40.62)
Jun Uehara : but I gave her pointers each
time she fell, and here we are.
Nonoka Sugiura : Wait, isn't that hold she's on now a 5.11?! (0:08:47.05)
Jun Uehara : Yeah. She's actually climbing an
intermediate route with those twigs for arms.
Sayo Yotsuba : That isn't anything to be surprised about. (0:08:56.10)
Sayo Yotsuba : What matters is adjusting
your body to the holds.
Sayo Yotsuba : You only need enough arm and grip strength
to handle your weight with both arms.
Sayo Yotsuba : Your mentality is far more important— (0:09:07.24)
Sayo Yotsuba : whether you find pleasure in
solving routes decides everything.
Konomi Kasahara : Okay, I get it now! (0:09:11.90)
Konomi Kasahara : I just need to use my first knuckles
for the slightly curved rocks,
Konomi Kasahara : and I deal with tiny
footholds with my toes.
Konomi Kasahara : Each hold in climbing has a "right"
way to maneuver your body.
Konomi Kasahara : There is a solution for everything! (0:09:27.96)
Konomi Kasahara : And this is a game where you look for them... (0:09:29.79)
Konomi Kasahara : Yeah, this is a puzzle made up of rocks! (0:09:32.85)
Jun Uehara : Is she thinking of trying another lunge?! (0:09:41.05)
Jun Uehara : No way she can do it at that angle! (0:09:43.13)
Konomi Kasahara : I made it! (0:09:49.44)
Konomi Kasahara : Aw, it didn't work. (0:09:55.54)
Konomi Kasahara : Oh, I wouldn't have needed to jump
if I'd placed my foot there.
Konomi Kasahara : Please let me climb one more time. (0:10:06.64)
Sayo Yotsuba : You should take a break. (0:10:09.48)
Sayo Yotsuba : Your arms need to rest. (0:10:12.18)
Sayo Yotsuba : I'm Yotsuba Sayo, dthe captain. (0:10:15.41)
Nonoka Sugiura : And I'm Sugiura Nonoka. (0:10:18.53)
Nonoka Sugiura : Nice to meetcha. (0:10:21.05)
Nonoka Sugiura : This here is Jun. She's a first-year, like you. (0:10:22.30)
Konomi Kasahara : A first-year?! (0:10:26.48)
Sayo Yotsuba : And you are? (0:10:28.45)
Konomi Kasahara : Oh, uh... I'm Kasahara Konomi, a first-year. (0:10:29.98)
Sayo Yotsuba : All right, Konomi-san.
You want to join, don't you?
Sayo Yotsuba : Welcome to the Hanamiya High
Climbing Team.
Konomi Kasahara : Yes! Thanks for having me! (0:10:40.40)
Nonoka Sugiura : Hooray! Now we have four members! (0:10:44.23)
Nonoka Sugiura : Double last year! Double! (0:10:47.28)
Sayo Yotsuba : You had a wonderful look
on your face, Konomi-san.
Sayo Yotsuba : I trust you enjoyed climbing? (0:10:53.31)
Konomi Kasahara : I did. (0:10:55.44)
Konomi Kasahara : It was super fun trying to figure out all
the different ways to climb this wall.
Konomi Kasahara : I wanted to clear this thing like a game! (0:11:01.42)
Jun Uehara : A game?! (0:11:04.54)
Jun Uehara : So you don't understand a thing! (0:11:05.80)
Jun Uehara : I told you, these aren't playthings! (0:11:08.87)
Konomi Kasahara : I know. I wasn't implying that. (0:11:11.05)
Jun Uehara : If you... (0:11:13.48)
Jun Uehara : If you really wanna take up sport climbing,
if you want to join this team,
Jun Uehara : you'll have to beat me in a race to do it. (0:11:20.24)
Konomi Kasahara : What? Beat you? (0:11:22.72)
Nonoka Sugiura : There she goes again.
And there goes another potential member.
Konomi Kasahara : W-Wait, beat you? I've never
even done this before.
Konomi Kasahara : That was my first time.
I don't even think I'm doing it right.
Konomi Kasahara : There's no way I can just beat you in a race! (0:11:36.62)
Jun Uehara : Duh. That's why I'll give you a handicap. (0:11:40.20)
Jun Uehara : Use your head a little. (0:11:43.95)
Konomi Kasahara : Uh, but... (0:11:45.64)
Jun Uehara : Don't you wanna join the team? (0:11:48.60)
Nonoka Sugiura : Hey, shouldn't we stop them? (0:11:53.71)
Sayo Yotsuba : Hmm... (0:11:56.17)
Konomi Kasahara : Uh, I'm not sure why we're doing this, (0:11:57.60)
Konomi Kasahara : but she seems serious about it. (0:12:01.87)
Konomi Kasahara : She seriously wants to compete with me,
someone she barely even knows.
Konomi Kasahara : I have to respond to her challenge
in kind and take this seriously, too.
Konomi Kasahara : I understand. Let's do this. (0:12:14.56)
Sayo Yotsuba : The race will be tomorrow, then.
We need to get things ready.
Konomi Kasahara : Got it. (0:12:23.51)
Sayo Yotsuba : Since you two will be racing, (0:12:27.88)
Sayo Yotsuba : we set up two identical walls for you to climb. (0:12:30.10)
Sayo Yotsuba : The rules are simple.
Whoever sends the route first wins.
Sayo Yotsuba : However, Jun will have to do it on sight. (0:12:36.96)
Konomi Kasahara : On sight? (0:12:39.82)
Sayo Yotsuba : She won't get any time to observe the route. (0:12:41.48)
Sayo Yotsuba : Also, her start will be
delayed by two minutes.
Jun Uehara : Got it. (0:12:46.16)
Sayo Yotsuba : And, as much as it pains me, Konomi-san,
you can't join if you lose.
Konomi Kasahara : Okay. (0:12:52.30)
Jun Uehara : And if I lose, I'll quit the team. (0:12:53.23)
Konomi Kasahara : Huh? You don't have to! (0:12:56.33)
Jun Uehara : What, do you seriously think you'll win? (0:12:57.79)
Jun Uehara : If you're hesitating, get lost. (0:13:02.29)
Jun Uehara : I'm not about to race a girl
who's not here to win.
Konomi Kasahara : I'll give it my all, so I can join the team. (0:13:07.61)
Sayo Yotsuba : Okay, let's begin. (0:13:10.71)
Nonoka Sugiura : Either way, we're not getting
more than one new member?
Sayo Yotsuba : Begin observation! (0:13:15.39)
Konomi Kasahara : Not many holds, so it's not about
following one color this time.
Konomi Kasahara : But this makes things simpler. (0:13:22.69)
Nonoka Sugiura : Don't you think these terms are just sad? (0:13:25.81)
Nonoka Sugiura : Also, why does Jun's hardass mode
seem even worse than usual?
Sayo Yotsuba : Does it? (0:13:32.86)
Sayo Yotsuba : Konomi-san, begin. (0:13:34.32)
Sayo Yotsuba : A foot swap! (0:13:41.69)
Nonoka Sugiura : A foot swap! (0:13:41.69)
Sayo Yotsuba : For a beginner, she sure
has the basics down pat.
Nonoka Sugiura : Her body must be supple, (0:13:47.01)
Nonoka Sugiura : but I think she's being a bit slow. (0:13:49.14)
Sayo Yotsuba : Two minutes passed. Jun, you may begin. (0:13:52.31)
Nonoka Sugiura : So quick! (0:14:01.19)
Sayo Yotsuba : There's no hesitation in
her moves. That's our Jun.
Sayo Yotsuba : Once she gets a good read on the route,
she's faster than anyone.
Nonoka Sugiura : She's going to be Hanamiya's speedster! (0:14:08.20)
Jun Uehara : Climbing's not just a game. (0:14:15.60)
Jun Uehara : You can't treat it as one. (0:14:18.08)
Jun Uehara : Practice, technique, and experience
make all the difference in this sport.
Jun Uehara : I won't let you take it lightly
just because you aren't useless at it!
Jun Uehara : I've had nothing but climbing on
my mind ever since I was little.
Jun Uehara : I had no interest in anything else. (0:14:33.92)
Jun Uehara : I kept trying to climb higher, climb better, (0:14:36.74)
Jun Uehara : kept pushing myself toward loftier goals, (0:14:41.73)
Jun Uehara : and cleared each new hurdle
in my way one step at a time.
Jun Uehara : I loved doing it, and it gave
me a wealth of experience.
Jun Uehara : I live in a world beginner's
luck can never reach.
Konomi Kasahara : I can't join the team if I lose? (0:14:57.26)
Konomi Kasahara : That's so absurd. I don't
even have any experience.
Konomi Kasahara : But I'd hate to lose this game nonetheless. (0:15:02.01)
Konomi Kasahara : Video games were my life. (0:15:06.79)
Konomi Kasahara : I had no interest in anything else. (0:15:09.63)
Konomi Kasahara : I even won several puzzle game championships. (0:15:11.84)
EXTRA : Evaluation (0:15:16.22)
Konomi Kasahara : But if I'd kept at it, (0:15:16.87)
EXTRA : Ranking (0:15:18.48)
EXTRA : 498th
out of 512
Konomi Kasahara : I'd have ended up as a person who
couldn't do anything but game.
Konomi Kasahara : I thought, "I need to change!
I need to move on from games!"
Konomi Kasahara : I crammed like crazy and
somehow made it into Hanamiya.
Konomi Kasahara : And once I started high school, I wanted
to find something new to immerse myself in.
Konomi Kasahara : I've found it now!
Sport climbing can be my obsession!
Jun Uehara : A girl who tried climbing
out of curiosity and found it "fun"
Jun Uehara : could never understand what
this sport is really about.
Konomi Kasahara : I obviously can't win this race. I only
tried climbing for the first time yesterday.
Konomi Kasahara : But I'm still gonna give this
race everything I've got!
Jun Uehara : My victory is assured. I've given
sport climbing everything I've got.
Jun Uehara : You'll see the difference that makes. (0:16:04.46)
Sayo Yotsuba : What's wrong, Nonoka? (0:16:07.92)
Nonoka Sugiura : You know... (0:16:10.29)
Nonoka Sugiura : Watching them climb all fired up (0:16:11.71)
Nonoka Sugiura : is making me wanna climb so bad! (0:16:15.51)
Nonoka Sugiura : My body's moving on its own! (0:16:18.92)
Sayo Yotsuba : What in the world? (0:16:21.68)
Sayo Yotsuba : We're here to oversee their race. (0:16:23.28)
Sayo Yotsuba : Besides, what happened to acting
like a dignified senior?
Nonoka Sugiura : Urk. Sayo-chin... She's such
perfect captaincy material.
Nonoka Sugiura : A heel hook... At least her
body knows what it wants.
Sayo Yotsuba : Oh? Konomi-san took the left route. (0:16:39.80)
Jun Uehara : She took the left route? (0:16:47.73)
Jun Uehara : I thought she'd be better
than that, but I guess not.
Jun Uehara : This wall splits into two separate
routes at the center hold.
Jun Uehara : The route to the left appears to have
several easy holds but, in the middle,
Jun Uehara : it has a massive gap between two holds. (0:17:04.00)
Jun Uehara : Captain... You sure set one nasty problem. (0:17:07.29)
Nonoka Sugiura : Sayo-chin, is Konomi-chan
gonna be okay on that route?
Konomi Kasahara : Yeah, I knew it. (0:17:18.61)
Konomi Kasahara : This wall is forked, and the route
I picked is easier to climb.
Konomi Kasahara : But... (0:17:25.93)
Konomi Kasahara : That rock up there will be hard to reach. (0:17:27.19)
Jun Uehara : Wha... (0:17:43.72)
Nonoka Sugiura : She's laybacking?! (0:17:44.70)
Sayo Yotsuba : Wow, that girl... (0:17:45.74)
Konomi Kasahara : Almost there... (0:17:50.61)
Konomi Kasahara : Got it! I cleared the most difficult hurdle! (0:17:56.13)
Jun Uehara : She actually managed to
solve that complex crux?
Sayo Yotsuba : That confirms it. (0:18:02.71)
Sayo Yotsuba : Konomi-san's eyes have the ability
to pick out the right moves.
Sayo Yotsuba : Given just how many
permutations are possible,
Sayo Yotsuba : it's highly difficult to zero in
on the correct sequence of moves.
Sayo Yotsuba : Normally, you'd need to scale countless walls (0:18:15.09)
Sayo Yotsuba : and build up experience to develop
that skill, but she has it.
Sayo Yotsuba : Konomi-san... What exactly is your deal? (0:18:21.76)
Konomi Kasahara : It's going well. (0:18:26.00)
Konomi Kasahara : I've been able to climb exactly
as I envisioned at the start.
Jun Uehara : Wait, this hold... (0:18:33.41)
Jun Uehara : Did I mess up my routing? (0:18:34.97)
Nonoka Sugiura : Jun's really slowed down. (0:18:37.52)
Sayo Yotsuba : That route has a bunch of
awkward holds toward the top.
Nonoka Sugiura : Konomi-chan's catching up! (0:18:44.87)
Jun Uehara : Why, that little... (0:18:50.92)
Konomi Kasahara : I can do this! (0:18:51.92)
Sayo Yotsuba : The two routes converge toward the same goal. (0:18:53.49)
Sayo Yotsuba : The holds become identical along the way, too. (0:18:56.15)
Jun Uehara : I won't lose! That can't happen! (0:18:59.25)
Konomi Kasahara : I can climb all the way up to the goal. (0:19:02.91)
Konomi Kasahara : I can 100% this! (0:19:05.79)
Konomi Kasahara : Goal! (0:19:08.91)
Nonoka Sugiura : A-A tie?! (0:19:21.67)
Sayo Yotsuba : No. It was close, (0:19:23.39)
Sayo Yotsuba : but Jun got there first. (0:19:25.62)
Sayo Yotsuba : Jun has won the race. (0:19:34.68)
Konomi Kasahara : Right. (0:19:37.10)
Konomi Kasahara : Aw, I lost. (0:19:39.14)
Konomi Kasahara : Not really surprising, but... (0:19:41.06)
Konomi Kasahara : I can't join the climbing team now. (0:19:45.51)
Jun Uehara : That girl... (0:19:51.68)
Konomi Kasahara : I know a deal's a deal,
but I wanna keep climbing more.
Jun Uehara : Hey! (0:20:00.21)
Jun Uehara : You... (0:20:02.87)
Jun Uehara : You solved a crux that I couldn't solve. (0:20:09.52)
Jun Uehara : Next time! (0:20:13.43)
Jun Uehara : Next time, I'll win by a huge margin! (0:20:15.34)
Jun Uehara : Our battle will continue until then! (0:20:18.11)
Jun Uehara : So, make sure you work on your skills (0:20:20.32)
Jun Uehara : as part of our team! (0:20:23.06)
Konomi Kasahara : You mean I can join? (0:20:26.42)
Jun Uehara : Yeah, if you want to. (0:20:29.09)
Konomi Kasahara : Thanks, Jun-chan! (0:20:31.48)
Jun Uehara : "Jun-chan"?! (0:20:33.20)
Jun Uehara : Look, I don't mind how you talk to
me since we're both first-years,
Jun Uehara : but why call me that? (0:20:36.97)
Konomi Kasahara : I don't know your full name. (0:20:37.82)
Jun Uehara : Uehara Jun! (0:20:39.56)
Konomi Kasahara : Uehara-chan, then. (0:20:40.78)
Jun Uehara : You what?! (0:20:41.93)
Sayo Yotsuba : Hey, you two. (0:20:43.56)
Sayo Yotsuba : Good race. (0:20:44.63)
Nonoka Sugiura : Well done. (0:20:45.88)
Sayo Yotsuba : Sorry you had to deal with Jun's
little hazing ritual, Konomi-san.
Jun Uehara : Hazing?! (0:20:50.75)
Sayo Yotsuba : I also wanted to see what
you were capable of, though.
Sayo Yotsuba : Is it true you've never climbed before? (0:20:55.92)
Konomi Kasahara : It is. (0:20:58.41)
Sayo Yotsuba : Your body seems really flexible.
Did you practice anything before?
Konomi Kasahara : O-Oh, I did ballet when I was little. (0:21:03.13)
Nonoka Sugiura : No wonder! (0:21:06.17)
Sayo Yotsuba : Also, the way you lay out
your moves is very precise.
Sayo Yotsuba : It's almost like you're a veteran. (0:21:12.22)
Sayo Yotsuba : Why is that? (0:21:14.22)
Konomi Kasahara : Huh? Er... (0:21:15.28)
Konomi Kasahara : Probably because I was a
gamer back in middle school.
Nonoka Sugiura : A gamer? (0:21:21.04)
Jun Uehara : A gamer? (0:21:21.04)
Sayo Yotsuba : A gamer? (0:21:21.04)
Konomi Kasahara : Yes. A hardcore one. (0:21:22.36)
Nonoka Sugiura : Hardcore? (0:21:24.09)
Jun Uehara : Hardcore? (0:21:24.09)
Sayo Yotsuba : Hardcore? (0:21:24.09)
Konomi Kasahara : Yeah. (0:21:25.13)
Konomi Kasahara : I don't know if that's why,
but I came to see these walls as a puzzle.
Konomi Kasahara : Working through the different
combinations was really satisfying
Konomi Kasahara : and making steady progress was super fun! (0:21:33.89)
Sayo Yotsuba : Excellent. You'll do perfectly. (0:21:36.89)
Sayo Yotsuba : You'll make a trusty fourth member and help
our bid to win the upcoming competition.
Konomi Kasahara : Sure! I'll do my best... (0:21:44.43)
Konomi Kasahara : Wait, a competition? (0:21:46.01)
Sayo Yotsuba : Correct. (0:21:48.06)
Konomi Kasahara : I have so much to learn, though. (0:21:49.72)
Konomi Kasahara : When is this competition? (0:21:51.88)
Sayo Yotsuba : Tomorrow. (0:21:54.95)
Konomi Kasahara : Tomorrow, eh? (0:21:56.60)
Konomi Kasahara : What?! (0:21:59.33)
Konomi Kasahara : Tomorrow?! (0:22:00.72)
EXTRA : Iwakakeru (0:23:34.97)

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