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EXTRA : Good morning! (0:00:00.27)
EXTRA : Morning. (0:00:01.63)
EXTRA : Oh, my gosh. I am so nervous about it— (0:00:02.66)
EXTRA : It's like I keep telling you, (0:00:12.30)
EXTRA : you're better off just ignoring 'em. (0:00:14.10)
EXTRA : More importantly,
let's go bowling after school.
EXTRA : I was up playing all night again. (0:00:18.74)
EXTRA : Seriously? You kept going
after I logged off?
EXTRA : This dress is so cute,
but it costs so much.
EXTRA : Oh, wow! (0:00:24.90)
EXTRA : Let's take a look. (0:00:26.22)
EXTRA : Oh, yeah, this is super cute. (0:00:27.50)
EXTRA : Right? (0:00:28.91)
EXTRA : It'd look amazing on you. (0:00:28.92)
EXTRA : Okay, everyone, time for class. (0:00:31.32)
Kumoko : Ow! I hit my head. (0:00:51.77)
Kumoko : I'm surrounded by... something hard? (0:00:54.83)
Kumoko : Wait, what's going on right now? (0:00:57.27)
Kumoko : It's so dark! (0:00:59.09)
Kumoko : I thought I was just sitting in class. (0:00:59.87)
Kumoko : Well, whatever! I need to get out of here! (0:01:02.78)
Kumoko : I'm free! (0:01:06.38)
Kumoko : What?! (0:01:10.52)
Kumoko : What is this? (0:01:25.98)
Kumoko : A-And... (0:01:27.40)
Kumoko : What are these legs?! (0:01:29.22)
Kumoko : J-J-J-Just chill out! (0:01:33.01)
Kumoko : Th-This must be that one thing. (0:01:36.21)
Kumoko : Like people love to read online... (0:01:38.58)
Kumoko : No, no, no! Say it ain't so! (0:01:40.52)
Kumoko : It looks like I've reincarnated as a spider. (0:01:46.65)
Kumoko : That is wrong! So wrong! Seriously wrong! (0:01:50.59)
Kumoko : If I had to reincarnate,
why'd it have to be into a spider?!
Kumoko : I guess freaking out won't help. (0:01:59.20)
Kumoko : I'm a spider. Better accept it. (0:02:01.89)
EXTRA : Reincarnation, in Another World? (0:02:05.10)
Kumoko : Spider... Spider... (0:03:36.35)
Kumoko : Spider... (0:03:39.57)
Kumoko : I'm a spider. (0:03:41.11)
Kumoko : Oh, is it time to eat? (0:03:44.96)
Kumoko : You know, I'm really hungry— (0:03:46.95)
Kumoko : Why the cannibalism?! (0:03:53.46)
Kumoko : Isn't there anything else to eat?! (0:03:54.95)
Kumoko : Oh, Jesus! (0:03:57.52)
Kumoko : Well, I'm not staying in
a danger zone like this!
Kumoko : I'm going home! (0:04:02.07)
Kumoko : Oh, are you the father? (0:04:10.86)
Kumoko : You're the mother?! I'm so sorry! (0:04:18.23)
Kumoko : Really, Mother? You, too? (0:04:23.80)
Kumoko : Just scarfing them down like finger food... (0:04:26.26)
Kumoko : I can think later! Right now... (0:04:28.87)
Kumoko : I gotta get outta here! (0:04:31.51)
Kumoko : Whew, I thought I was a goner. (0:04:38.61)
Kumoko : It's been ages since I ran
at full speed like that.
Kumoko : I guess I can do it if I just try. (0:04:45.21)
Kumoko : Wait, how did I die, anyway? (0:04:48.37)
EXTRA : Essays in Idleness
Page 30
Kumoko : The last thing I remember is being
in classical literature class.
Kumoko : The most likely scenario is that I
died and reincarnated as a spider.
Kumoko : Was it a terrorist attack? (0:04:59.64)
Kumoko : A natural disaster? (0:05:01.26)
Kumoko : Yeah, it's a mystery. (0:05:02.77)
Kumoko : Or maybe I didn't actually die, (0:05:04.99)
Kumoko : and only my spirit possessed a spider (0:05:07.73)
Kumoko : while my physical body is
asleep in a hospital bed?
Kumoko : The only other thing I can think of (0:05:13.48)
Kumoko : is that this is just a spider that
happens to have my memories.
Kumoko : Nope! No idea! Time to put it aside! (0:05:21.43)
Kumoko : "I think, therefore I am!"
That'll be my philosophy!
Kumoko : For now, there's a whole
lot I'd like to know.
Kumoko : It seems like I could die here if
I don't have enough information.
Kumoko : Man... If this was a light novel, I could
gain intel with an appraisal skill.
EXTRA : You currently have 100 skill points. (0:05:39.36)
EXTRA : You have the option of spending 100 points
to acquire the Appraisal (Level 1) skill.
EXTRA : Acquire the skill? (0:05:47.50)
Kumoko : Eh? What? Skill? Points? (0:05:48.38)
Kumoko : It's really looking like
I reincarnated in another world!
Kumoko : Acquire the skill? Hell yes, I will! (0:05:55.76)
EXTRA : Appraisal (Level 1) acquired. (0:05:58.52)
EXTRA : You have 0 points remaining. (0:06:01.50)
Kumoko : Appraisal is a super useful, super handy
cheat skill in isekai light novels!
Kumoko : Even if takes all my points,
you'd better believe I'm getting it!
Kumoko : So, first... (0:06:13.70)
Kumoko : This appears to be a
perfectly ordinary rock,
Kumoko : but if I use Appraisal on it... Surprise! (0:06:17.89)
EXTRA : Rock (0:06:20.94)
EXTRA : Rock. (0:06:20.95)
EXTRA : Rock (0:06:21.94)
Kumoko : Oh, come on, Appraisal-san!
You're such a prankster!
Kumoko : Show me what you can do! (0:06:27.01)
Kumoko : Okay, one more time! Appraisal! (0:06:28.67)
EXTRA : Rock (0:06:31.03)
EXTRA : Rock. (0:06:31.05)
Kumoko : Okay, yeah. I guess a rock is just a rock. (0:06:33.12)
Kumoko : But what if I use it on this wall? (0:06:35.28)
Kumoko : It'll tell me that I'm in
Such-and-Such Cave or whatever, right?
Kumoko : It will, right? Appraisal! (0:06:40.15)
EXTRA : ≺Wall≻ (0:06:41.92)
EXTRA : Wall. (0:06:42.08)
Kumoko : Appraisal! (0:06:43.55)
EXTRA : ≺Wall≻ (0:06:43.84)
EXTRA : Wall. (0:06:44.19)
Kumoko : Appraisal! Appraisal! Appraisal! Appraisal! (0:06:44.62)
Kumoko : Appraisal! Appraisal! Appraisal! Appraisal! (0:06:47.49)
EXTRA : Wall. Wall. Wall. Wall.
Wall. Wall. Wall. Wall.
EXTRA : ≺Wall≻ (0:06:48.63)
EXTRA : ≺Wall≻ (0:06:49.13)
EXTRA : ≺Wall≻ (0:06:49.63)
EXTRA : ≺Wall≻ (0:06:50.13)
EXTRA : ≺Wall≻ (0:06:50.63)
EXTRA : ≺Wall≻ (0:06:50.88)
EXTRA : ≺Wall≻ (0:06:51.14)
Kumoko : It's useless! Why did I bother to get this?! (0:06:52.37)
Kumoko : I can tell it's a damn wall, okay?! (0:06:55.59)
Kumoko : There's gotta be more you
can tell me, isn't there?!
Kumoko : Reverse... I need to think in reverse. (0:07:01.37)
Kumoko : It's because it's still only Level 1. (0:07:04.12)
Kumoko : I'll just think of it that way. (0:07:06.35)
Kumoko : Oof... (0:07:08.44)
Kumoko : Might as well appraise
myself while I'm at it.
EXTRA : ≺Spider—Unnamed≻ (0:07:12.36)
EXTRA : Spider—Unnamed. (0:07:12.48)
Kumoko : I expected part of that, but
what does "unnamed" mean?
Kumoko : I guess that this spider that
I am now doesn't have a name?
Kumoko : Or maybe it'll only be
revealed if I level up?
Kumoko : I don't even know how to level up, though. (0:07:26.35)
Kumoko : All this stuff about leveling up and
skills and points is very video gamey.
Kumoko : Well, that's fun in its
own way, so I don't mind!
Kumoko : I was quite a gamer, in my... past life. (0:07:38.24)
Kumoko : Okay... (0:07:42.10)
Kumoko : Sitting around in the same spot's
not gonna get me anywhere.
Kumoko : Might as well look for something to eat. (0:07:46.08)
Kumoko : Can't fight a whatever
on an empty yadda yadda.
Kumoko : Let's-a go! (0:07:50.38)
Kumoko : Okay, that's definitely a cave full
of monstrous-looking critters.
Kumoko : And since they don't look like that on Earth...
this has got to be an isekai world.
Kumoko : Appraisal! (0:08:05.79)
EXTRA : ≺Deer≻ ≺Deer≻ ≺Deer≻ ≺Deer≻ ≺Deer≻ ≺Deer≻
≺Bat≻ ≺Bat≻ ≺Bat≻ ≺Bat≻ ≺Bat≻
≺Wolf≻ ≺Wolf≻ ≺Wolf≻ ≺Wolf≻ ≺Wolf≻ ≺Wolf≻ ≺Wolf≻ ≺Wolf≻
Kumoko : Ow! Ow, ow, ow, too much,
too much info at once! My head!
Kumoko : There's no way a dainty little newborn
spider can get through all that!
Kumoko : What kind of lunatic difficulty is this? (0:08:17.81)
Kumoko : Let's pretend I didn't see anything. (0:08:20.87)
Kumoko : Ugh, I want some chocolate,
or chips, or instant ramen.
Kumoko : I better find something to eat, and soon. (0:08:28.60)
Kumoko : Hey, there are humans, too! What a relief! (0:08:34.02)
Kumoko : Since I'm such a friendly
and courageous baby spider,
Kumoko : we're bound to become friends, right?! (0:08:41.79)
Kumoko : Everyone! I'm harmless! Please help! (0:08:43.64)
Kumoko : To my dear brother, (0:08:49.34)
Kumoko : It seems you've had quite a
makeover since I last saw you.
Kumoko : That's no good. This is one of those
"you die if they find you" situations!
Kumoko : Looks like I'm targeted for execution
after all, so, good night, everybody!
Kumoko : This is bad. Seriously bad. If I keep
wandering around and run into some humans...
Kumoko : Huh? Is that... my webbing? (0:09:11.52)
Kumoko : Oh, right, I'm a spider!
That means I can make webs!
Kumoko : That being the case, welcome to my crib! (0:09:18.69)
Kumoko : Get a load of this secure layout! (0:09:22.07)
Kumoko : I even left ways to escape in case
of an emergency! It's perfect!
Kumoko : Now, as long as some prey gets
stuck in it occasionally,
Kumoko : I can enjoy the shut-in life
for the foreseeable future!
Kumoko : In my past life, I managed to attend school,
but didn't go out for much else.
Kumoko : Nothing but play online
games like a real failure.
Kumoko : So maybe life as a spider is
a good fit for me after all.
Kumoko : As a failure of a human, I declare this:
Nothing beats being a shut-in NEET!
Kumoko : Although I guess I'm not a human anymore. (0:09:54.10)
Kumoko : H-Huh? Can't... move... (0:09:59.15)
Kumoko : Come to think of it, I haven't
eaten anything since I was born.
Kumoko : Making my house and experimenting
with my webs must've worn me out.
Kumoko : I could starve to death at this rate. (0:10:12.33)
Kumoko : The only food I have right now is what
I brought in case of an emergency.
Kumoko : I don't get to be picky right now! (0:10:21.40)
Kumoko : Do I?! (0:10:23.89)
Kumoko : Time to eat... (0:10:25.39)
Kumoko : It tastes so nasty! And bitter! (0:10:35.49)
Kumoko : But I can't stop now! (0:10:38.66)
Kumoko : A girl's gotta have guts! (0:10:41.91)
Kumoko : Seriously nasty... (0:10:47.75)
Kumoko : Whew... That sure was a meal. (0:10:55.67)
Kumoko : I shouldn't have to worry about
starving to death for a while.
EXTRA : The conditions have been met. (0:11:03.30)
EXTRA : You have acquired the title "Kin Eater." (0:11:05.15)
EXTRA : Due to the effects of the Kin Eater title, (0:11:08.47)
EXTRA : you have acquired the skills Taboo (Level 1)
and Heretic Magic (Level 1).
Kumoko : Title? (0:11:16.12)
Kumoko : Like, those things you earn in games
by meeting certain conditions?
EXTRA : ≺Kin Eater≻ (0:11:22.41)
Kumoko : Whoa, even the text looks harsh! (0:11:22.87)
Kumoko : That's obviously a bad title to have! (0:11:24.60)
EXTRA : Heretic Magic Taboo (0:11:25.91)
Kumoko : The skill names are terrible, too. (0:11:26.95)
Kumoko : But finding out that I can gain skills
without spending points is big.
Kumoko : Well, that looks sinister. (0:11:33.95)
Kumoko : What kind of effect would
it even have, anyway?
Kumoko : That's not something I want to have, is it? (0:11:38.21)
Kumoko : I mean, not that I even know
how to level up my skills...
Kumoko : I managed to get it, (0:11:45.85)
Kumoko : but I don't have a clue how to
use this Heretic Magic, either.
Kumoko : Since it's "magic," does it require
an incantation or something?
Kumoko : But I don't know any magic incantations. (0:11:55.28)
Kumoko : Well, then... (0:11:58.28)
Kumoko : Heretic Magic! (0:11:59.37)
Kumoko : Yeah, I expected that. (0:12:06.51)
Kumoko : Now that I think about it, I probably
have tons of siblings with this title,
Kumoko : so it can't be that good, can it? (0:12:12.62)
Kumoko : Titles with conditions that are so easy
to meet usually aren't that useful.
Kumoko : But still, titles come with skills,
so that makes 'em tasty!
Kumoko : I wonder if I can gain a "Dancer"
title by dancing around!
Kumoko : Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey... (0:12:26.90)
Kumoko : Ouch... (0:12:33.84)
Kumoko : Something's caught in my web? (0:12:37.62)
Kumoko : Gulp... (0:12:45.70)
Kumoko : Uh... that's a frog, right? (0:12:53.11)
Kumoko : I think I've heard that frog
meat tastes like chicken,
Kumoko : so maybe it'll go down easy? (0:13:00.62)
Kumoko : My eye! My eye! (0:13:05.41)
Kumoko : Poison?! Is this poison?! (0:13:07.45)
Kumoko : There's smoke coming off of it! (0:13:09.54)
Kumoko : And part of my field of vision is missing! (0:13:11.37)
Kumoko : Oh, wait... I'm a spider,
so I have lots of eyes!
Kumoko : Hey! This is not funny! (0:13:20.65)
Kumoko : Ow... Is my body melting? (0:13:25.63)
EXTRA : Skill proficiency reached. (0:13:29.40)
EXTRA : You have acquired the skill
Acid Resistance (Level 1).
Kumoko : Oh... I think the pain is letting up... (0:13:36.09)
EXTRA : ≺Acid Resistance LV1≻ (0:13:38.79)
Kumoko : Wait, you can acquire skills that way, too? (0:13:39.06)
Kumoko : Why the hell did I spend my
points on Appraisal, then?
Kumoko : For a stupid meal, you've got some
nerve picking a fight with me!
Kumoko : If that's what it comes down to,
I guess I have to eat you now!
Kumoko : As long as I don't get careless, (0:13:57.26)
Kumoko : that thing's just some pitiful
prey that got caught in my web!
Kumoko : Now that I know it's coming,
it's easy to dodge!
Kumoko : Take this! (0:14:05.77)
Kumoko : Ow, ow, ow! (0:14:11.92)
EXTRA : Poison Resistance has risen to Level 2. (0:14:12.99)
Kumoko : Oh, really?! Well, I'm kinda busy, here! (0:14:15.93)
Kumoko : This thing... It keeps barfing
that disgusting stuff on me!
Kumoko : You're gonna pay! No way are
you getting away with this!
Kumoko : Got you! (0:14:53.09)
Kumoko : Finally beat him... (0:15:14.07)
Kumoko : If my first prey put up that much of
a fight, the future's looking grim.
Kumoko : Now that I think about it,
the way that frog was in pain...
Kumoko : Are my fangs venomous? (0:15:25.06)
Kumoko : I did it! (0:15:29.91)
Kumoko : I got him! (0:15:31.35)
Kumoko : I did it, I did it! (0:15:32.81)
Kumoko : The first-ever prey I've
caught with my home!
Kumoko : Just the fact that I've learned my
webs can actually hold monsters,
Kumoko : and that prey will wander into them, (0:15:44.22)
Kumoko : means this frog battle has paid off plenty! (0:15:48.25)
Kumoko : Thanks for that, froggy! (0:15:51.81)
Kumoko : Don't think I'll forget about all
that barfing you did on me, though.
EXTRA : Congratulations on your admittance. (0:16:00.72)
EXTRA : You all will be carrying the
future of this nation.
EXTRA : So you must hone yourselves,
mentally and physically,
EXTRA : showing kindness to strangers,
and deference to your parents...
EXTRA : Fostering friendship with your peers, (0:16:10.68)
EXTRA : as you pursue your studies in the
scholarly and cultural arts.
EXTRA : See that guy? Apparently he's Schlain Zagan
Analeit-sama, a prince of this country.
EXTRA : I heard he was a prodigy, but he
doesn't look all that strong.
EXTRA : I wonder if there's a way
to get close to him.
Karnatia Seri Anabald : You're a hit with the ladies. (0:16:36.78)
Schlain Zagan Analeit : Stop teasing me. (0:16:38.96)
EXTRA : And isn't that lady next to him Karnatia
Seri Anabald-sama, the duke's daughter?
EXTRA : She's a prodigy, too, isn't she? (0:16:47.26)
EXTRA : She's the duke's daughter,
a prodigy, and incredibly cute!
EXTRA : She's definitely pretty. (0:16:53.74)
Schlain Zagan Analeit : "Incredibly cute," she said. (0:16:55.06)
Karnatia Seri Anabald : Oh, give me a break. (0:16:56.71)
Filimøs Harrifenas : Congratulations to you
both on your acceptance!
Karnatia Seri Anabald : Oh, Oka-chan. (0:17:03.95)
Filimøs Harrifenas : Don't address your teacher with a "chan"! (0:17:05.34)
Filimøs Harrifenas : Good to see you again, Fei-chan. (0:17:10.18)
Schlain Zagan Analeit : But you're a new student
here yourself, Sensei.
Filimøs Harrifenas : Yeah, I guess so. (0:17:19.82)
Schlain Zagan Analeit : It's weird thinking of our
teacher as a student.
Filimøs Harrifenas : You think so? (0:17:24.59)
Filimøs Harrifenas : Come on, Shun-kun, sit down! (0:17:26.26)
Schlain Zagan Analeit : Wh-Whoa... (0:17:27.30)
Filimøs Harrifenas : I get to experience things along with
you guys, like studying and falling in love.
Filimøs Harrifenas : It's like getting to relive
my youth! I'm excited!
Filimøs Harrifenas : Uh... what's the matter? (0:17:40.69)
Schlain Zagan Analeit : Hey, Sue! What are you doing?! (0:17:45.91)
Schlain Zagan Analeit : Sorry, Sensei.
This is my younger sister, Sue.
Filimøs Harrifenas : Really?! (0:17:53.42)
Filimøs Harrifenas : Hmm... Not bad at all. (0:17:56.16)
Suelecia : Nii-sama, who is this creepy girl? (0:18:00.42)
Karnatia Seri Anabald : Sue, this is Filimøs-san. (0:18:03.40)
Karnatia Seri Anabald : She's an elf, and she'll be
learning with us at school.
Karnatia Seri Anabald : Shun and I have met her before. (0:18:09.47)
Karnatia Seri Anabald : She looks young, but she just ages
slowly because she's an elf.
Karnatia Seri Anabald : She's actually the same age as us. (0:18:16.24)
Filimøs Harrifenas : Nice to meet you! (0:18:19.16)
Suelecia : Likewise. (0:18:22.66)
Suelecia : Katia, are little girls like
her the type my brother likes?
Karnatia Seri Anabald : No, they're not. Relax. (0:18:30.23)
Karnatia Seri Anabald : She's someone we can rely on. (0:18:32.96)
Karnatia Seri Anabald : Shun is just showing her
the respect she deserves.
Filimøs Harrifenas : You two get along so well! (0:18:39.72)
Filimøs Harrifenas : A little too well, wouldn't you say? (0:18:41.91)
Filimøs Harrifenas : Shun-kun, you haven't done anything
weird to your sister, have you?
Schlain Zagan Analeit : Of course I haven't! (0:18:48.99)
Filimøs Harrifenas : Oh, I know! (0:18:50.84)
Filimøs Harrifenas : Sue-chan, may I borrow
these two for a moment?
Schlain Zagan Analeit : Sensei... Are the people
you wanted us to meet...
Filimøs Harrifenas : Right! (0:19:03.12)
Filimøs Harrifenas : They're exactly who you think. (0:19:03.79)
Filimøs Harrifenas : And there they are! (0:19:07.15)
Filimøs Harrifenas : It's good to see you two again! (0:19:10.03)
Hugo Baint Renxandt : Yo, Oka-chan. You're still tiny, huh? (0:19:14.36)
Yurin Ullen : Don't be rude to our teacher. (0:19:17.55)
Yurin Ullen : It's good to see you again, Sensei. (0:19:20.10)
Filimøs Harrifenas : I'm glad to see you both looking well,
Natsume-kun, Hasebe-san.
Hugo Baint Renxandt : That's the prince of this
place with you, right?
Filimøs Harrifenas : Oh, right, I need to introduce you. (0:19:30.12)
Filimøs Harrifenas : Say hello to the future
Sword-King and a future Saint!
Karnatia Seri Anabald : The crown prince of the Renxandt Empire and
a VIP from the Holy Kingdom of Alleius.
Filimøs Harrifenas : And as you already pointed out, (0:19:43.44)
Filimøs Harrifenas : here we have this country's prince,
and the daughter of one of its dukes.
Hugo Baint Renxandt : Okay, Oka-chan... (0:19:50.54)
Hugo Baint Renxandt : But who are they on the inside? (0:19:52.44)
Filimøs Harrifenas : These two are— (0:19:54.04)
Schlain Zagan Analeit : Shunsuke Yamada. (0:19:55.80)
Karnatia Seri Anabald : Kanata Ooshima. (0:19:57.86)
Karnatia Seri Anabald : Good to see you again. (0:19:59.72)
Yurin Ullen : Ooshima... kun? (0:20:01.98)
Karnatia Seri Anabald : Yeah, that's me. (0:20:03.72)
Karnatia Seri Anabald : Crazy, right? I was reborn as a girl. (0:20:05.83)
Hugo Baint Renxandt : That's you, Ooshima?! (0:20:11.35)
Hugo Baint Renxandt : Damn, look how cute you got! (0:20:13.68)
Hugo Baint Renxandt : Maybe you're better off like that! (0:20:16.18)
Karnatia Seri Anabald : Real nice. It took me a while to
get over the difference, y'know.
Hugo Baint Renxandt : I bet! (0:20:22.81)
Hugo Baint Renxandt : Hell, if it was me, I might've killed myself! (0:20:24.07)
Feirune : Enough, Natsume! Quit laughing! (0:20:28.35)
Yurin Ullen : Is she someone who reincarnated, too? (0:20:31.80)
Feirune : It's been a while, hasn't it?
I'm Mirei Shinohara.
Hugo Baint Renxandt : Shinohara, forget about your sex,
you're a different freaking species now!
Feirune : Give it a rest. (0:20:45.58)
Hugo Baint Renxandt : Guess that means we can reincarnate
as monsters, though.
Hugo Baint Renxandt : Oka-chan, you know anybody
else who ended up like her?
Filimøs Harrifenas : There are 11 of us who
I've taken under my care,
Filimøs Harrifenas : and none of them have turned into monsters. (0:20:58.03)
Hugo Baint Renxandt : Maybe someone who's not
accounted for, then.
Hugo Baint Renxandt : Someone else might have luck as bad as
yours, Shinohara, so don't let it get you down.
Filimøs Harrifenas : Now, now, I'm sure we all have
a lot of catching up to do,
Filimøs Harrifenas : so why don't we grab some
delicious food and have a chat?
Hugo Baint Renxandt : Now that you mention it, I'm damn hungry. (0:21:19.93)
Yurin Ullen : You were already eating non-stop. (0:21:22.29)
Hugo Baint Renxandt : I'm just glad the food here is good. (0:21:24.63)
Feirune : He hasn't become any less irritating. (0:21:27.69)
Karnatia Seri Anabald : Come on, we should eat, too. (0:21:30.77)
Schlain Zagan Analeit : Yeah. (0:21:33.01)
Kumoko : S-So nasty. (0:21:43.55)
EXTRA : Acid Resistance has risen to (Level 2). (0:21:45.54)
Kumoko : It's bitter... and hurts to eat, but... (0:21:48.96)
Kumoko : Who cares if it's nasty?! I have to live! (0:21:52.68)
Kumoko : And to live... (0:21:56.28)
Kumoko : I have to eat! (0:21:57.94)
Kumoko : I'll survive in this world as a spider! (0:21:59.19)
Kumoko : I'm gonna survive, damn it! (0:22:02.80)
EXTRA : Next time on
{\fs23\i1\shad2\c&H8800EB&\4c&HC85B5C&\3c&HC85B5C&\bord1}So I'm a Spider, So What?
EXTRA : My House, On Fire? (0:23:36.39b)

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