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EXTRA : Huh? (0:01:04.25)
Shouma : Lloyd! (0:01:32.50)
Shouma : I'm home. (0:01:39.91)
EXTRA : Shoma! (0:01:45.54)
Shouma : You've gotten bigger again, huh? (0:01:51.25)
Shouma : Let's head back. Gramps is waiting. (0:01:54.04)
EXTRA : Yeah! (0:01:56.58)
EXTRA : Shoma, is it fun out there? (0:02:00.45)
Shouma : Do you want to see the outside, Lloyd? (0:02:03.75)
EXTRA : Yeah! (0:02:06.12)
Shouma : Well then, as your big brother,
I guess I'll have to work even harder!
Shouma : Oh, almost forgot. (0:02:10.83)
Shouma : Here. It's a souvenir. (0:02:13.83)
EXTRA : Thank you so much, Shoma! (0:02:21.16)
EXTRA : Come on, Shoma! Hurry! (0:02:26.33)
Shouma : Fine, enough already! (0:02:29.12)
EXTRA : "Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon
Boonies moved to a starter town?"
Mary : It's open. (0:03:00.75)
Lloyd Belladonna : Excuse me... (0:03:05.33)
Lloyd Belladonna : U-Um, you're Marie,
the Witch of the East Side, right?
Lloyd Belladonna : U-Um...! (0:03:27.83)
Mary : Since ancient times, witches have granted wishes--
but at a price.
Mary : Leave here at once, unless you are
prepared to make a similar sacrifice.
Mary : So you think you are ready? Very well. (0:03:42.41)
Mary : What is it you desire that you
would sacrifice so much for?!
Lloyd Belladonna : I... (0:03:56.87)
Lloyd Belladonna : I've come from the countryside to be a soldier! (0:03:58.20)
Lloyd Belladonna : I'll be staying with you for a short while.
My name is Lloyd Belladonna!
Mary : Since ancient times, witches have-- (0:04:11.29)
Lloyd Belladonna : Ah, you just told me that. (0:04:12.95)
Mary : Go find an inn and check out the bulletin
board in the town square, you fool!
Mary : I swear! I'm a witch ,
not a handyman or an innkeeper!
Mary : How could you possibly get that idea?
What kind of country town are you from?!
Lloyd Belladonna : Um, it's a place called Kunlun. (0:04:27.08)
Mary : Fine. The minute you're back there,
tell them, "From ancient times, witches..."
Mary : Wait, "Kunlun"? (0:04:34.37)
Mary : And, um, what's your village chief's name? (0:04:37.08)
Lloyd Belladonna : It's Alka. (0:04:40.87)
Lloyd Belladonna : Oh, yeah! I almost forgot. (0:04:42.87)
Lloyd Belladonna : I was told to show you this. (0:04:45.95)
Mary : Th-Th-That crystal! It has to be! (0:04:48.45)
Alka : Long time no see, Marie. (0:05:08.12)
Alka : It's your master, Alka. Remember me? (0:05:10.54)
Alka : So that's the story. (0:05:17.04)
Alka : Marie, please take good care of Lloyd,
my precious little village child, yeah?
Mary : I'll get right on it, Ma'am. (0:05:24.75)
Mary : Also, if I might ask you a question-- (0:05:27.33)
Alka : Oh, and by the way, the image
on this crystal is a recording,
Alka : so I can't answer any questions. Sorry, Marie. (0:05:35.08)
Mary : What?! You scared me all for nothing,
you little pint-sized menace!
Alka : Actually, I lied. (0:05:41.58)
Alka : It's still far too easy to get you
to let your guard down, Marie.
Alka : Anyway... (0:05:51.50)
Alka : Lloyd, if you feel lonely, I'll come by
and snuggle with you any time.
Alka : Well, bye! (0:05:57.79)
Mary : Damn you! (0:06:13.54)
Mary : I thought I was finally free of her, then she had to
go making some stupid request?! That loli grandma!
Mary : That damn loli grandma! (0:06:21.91)
Lloyd Belladonna : Um... I'm sorry. (0:06:26.00)
Mary : Well, it's not your fault, I guess. (0:06:31.04)
Mary : Uh, Lloyd, was it? (0:06:35.12)
Lloyd Belladonna : Yes! (0:06:37.62)
Mary : I guess I'll just have to take care of you
until your entrance exam.
Mary : Go ahead and use the back room. (0:06:44.00)
Lloyd Belladonna : Thank you! (0:06:45.75)
Lloyd Belladonna : Um, I look forward to our time together, Miss Marie! (0:06:52.12)
Mary : He seems like a decent enough guy,
for someone close to that loli grandma.
Alka : That said, you'd better
keep your hands off of him.
Alka : I could turn you into a frog
for the rest of your life.
Mary : A-A real one? How?! (0:07:13.95)
Alka : Teleportation. I used this crystal as a gate, and... (0:07:16.20)
Mary : Stop using superhuman magic as if it's normal! (0:07:19.66)
Alka : So, as you saw, Lloyd is cute, nice, and pure...
A real angel.
Alka : Make sure nothing improper happens.
Do you understand, Marie?
Mary : Yes, Ma'am. My pleasure. (0:07:33.45)
Alka : Oh. By the way, you used "Loli grandma"
quite a few times today. So...
Alka : As punishment, I've used ancient rune magic (0:07:41.20)
Alka : to give you the Curse of
Repeated small Misfortunes.
Mary : Why would you do that?! (0:07:47.08)
Mary : That loli grandma! (0:07:53.37)
Mary : Doesn't she get it? Used improperly,
ancient runes can destroy the whole world!
Mary : They're a form of magic from
an incredibly ancient civilization.
Mary : Using them for... (0:08:02.87)
Mary : "Repeated Small Misfortunes"?
Something as petty as that?!
Mary : Dammit! (0:08:11.66)
Mary : Huh? Oh. A blanket...? (0:08:24.95)
Lloyd Belladonna : Good morning. (0:08:28.79)
Mary : Mornin'. (0:08:30.08)
Lloyd Belladonna : I hope you don't mind,
but I borrowed your kitchen.
Mary : No, it's fine. (0:08:37.87)
Lloyd Belladonna : I made some breakfast.
I'm sorry it's nothing special.
Lloyd Belladonna : I hope you like it. Here. (0:08:44.95)
Lloyd Belladonna : Don't you like pancakes? (0:08:48.70)
Mary : No, I love them. (0:08:51.50)
Mary : Well, thanks for the food. (0:08:53.41)
Mary : They're delicious! (0:08:58.16)
Mary : Say, Lloyd, are you really trying to become a soldier? (0:09:01.83)
Lloyd Belladonna : Um, yes. Sorry. (0:09:05.91)
Mary : Well, there's no need to apologize... (0:09:08.54)
Lloyd Belladonna : I know that it's asking too much. (0:09:11.91)
Mary : Huh? No, I just... (0:09:14.50)
Lloyd Belladonna : I'm the weakest in my village. (0:09:16.54)
Lloyd Belladonna : I can't gather firewood or even catch fish. (0:09:19.70)
Lloyd Belladonna : One time, I sparred with my big bro
and I couldn't get up for a whole day.
Lloyd Belladonna : But... (0:09:28.50)
Lloyd Belladonna : There's someone I've looked up to
since I was little.
Lloyd Belladonna : A strong and noble hero,
who shows up in novels too.
Lloyd Belladonna : A soldier who was tough and cool... (0:09:38.20)
Mary : And that's why you want to become a soldier too? (0:09:43.87)
Lloyd Belladonna : I don't want to give up!
I can't know for sure until I try.
Mary : Do you know what the entrance exams for the
military academy at the Kingdom of Azami are like?
Lloyd Belladonna : I heard there's a combat test,
a written exam about magic,
Lloyd Belladonna : and an interview. That's all I know. (0:09:58.79)
Mary : Yes. The most important
of those is the combat test.
Lloyd Belladonna : Ah. I see... (0:10:05.04)
Lloyd Belladonna : Stamina is definitely my weakness. (0:10:08.41)
Lloyd Belladonna : It took me six whole days just to get here. (0:10:12.66)
Mary : Kunlun is quite far from Azami. (0:10:16.70)
Mary : Six days by train isn't so bad.
You must have gotten some good transfers.
Lloyd Belladonna : Trains? No, I ran here. (0:10:25.29)
Mary : Wait, stop. (0:10:27.75)
Mary : You ran?! (0:10:29.41)
Lloyd Belladonna : Yes. I know normally it would
take much less time.
Mary : No way! Lloyd, your stamina is amazing! (0:10:35.45)
Lloyd Belladonna : My grandpa said it would have
only taken him two days.
Mary : So, quick question... (0:10:42.16)
Lloyd Belladonna : Yes? (0:10:44.66)
Mary : Did you run into any monsters on your way here? (0:10:45.66)
Lloyd Belladonna : No, I was lucky. I didn't run into any monsters. (0:10:49.16)
Mary : Is that so? (0:10:54.20)
Lloyd Belladonna : I did come across a lot of wild animals, though. (0:10:55.41)
Lloyd Belladonna : Huge locusts, fire-breathing lizards... (0:10:58.20)
Mary : Those are monsters! And really dangerous ones! (0:11:01.04)
Lloyd Belladonna : Come on, even I can tell the difference
between monsters and animals.
Lloyd Belladonna : Monsters are the ones that go like,
"The world shall be mine!"
Mary : That's a demon lord! (0:11:14.58)
Mary : Hot! (0:11:16.37)
Lloyd Belladonna : Oh, Miss Marie! (0:11:17.45)
Mary : Lloyd, you're plenty strong. (0:11:20.41)
Lloyd Belladonna : You're too kind.
And thank you for your encouragement.
Mary : Just how insecure are you? (0:11:30.29)
Mary : This seems... unnaturally smooth. (0:11:33.79)
Mary : Wait, what? How is my skin suddenly so nice?! (0:11:37.58)
Mary : Those spots and freckles I was
concerned about are all gone!
Lloyd Belladonna : Oh. Or it could be this. (0:11:44.25)
Mary : What's that? Some kind of
top-of-the-line beauty item?
Lloyd Belladonna : Well, it just has one small tweak... (0:11:49.95)
Mary : Like a secret home remedy? (0:11:52.95)
Lloyd Belladonna : Something like that, yes. (0:11:55.04)
Lloyd Belladonna : For example, if you apply this simple
ancient rune before cleaning with a rag,
Lloyd Belladonna : even the worst stains will come right off. (0:12:02.79)
Mary : That's not a home remedy! (0:12:07.25)
Mary : It's the "Disenchant" rune.
I spent three years trying to learn it!
Mary : It's the one that can remove any curse! (0:12:12.16)
Mary : That... That's... (0:12:16.29)
Lloyd Belladonna : I'm sorry to disappoint you.
I know it's not impressive at all. But...
Lloyd Belladonna : The only other thing I can do is...
I can magically summon rain.
Mary : That's not a form of magic just anyone can use! (0:12:29.58)
Lloyd Belladonna : Are you all right, Miss Marie?! (0:12:36.25)
Mary : Lloyd... (0:12:38.50)
Lloyd Belladonna : Yes? (0:12:39.79)
Mary : Starting tomorrow, you should learn
some common sense.
Lloyd Belladonna : Y-Yes! I'd be honored! (0:12:45.37)
Lloyd Belladonna : Wow, awesome! (0:12:52.70)
Lloyd Belladonna : It's the big city... (0:12:57.00)
EXTRA : What a crowd! I guess it's because
the National Foundation Festival is close.
EXTRA : I heard there's also a crowd of people
applying for the military academy.
Lloyd Belladonna : I didn't know there were so many others like me... (0:13:07.41)
EXTRA : Not just that, there are rumors of foreign spies (0:13:11.62)
EXTRA : and some guys trying to bring monsters into the city. (0:13:15.62)
Lloyd Belladonna : Monsters... (0:13:19.54)
Lloyd Belladonna : No, I have to focus. This is my first errand,
and I have to do a good job!
Allan Toin Lidocaine : Huh? (0:13:31.83)
Allan Toin Lidocaine : You're the Belt Princess, aren't you. (0:13:34.66)
Allan Toin Lidocaine : I guess the rumors were true, that the
Belt Princess is applying to the academy.
Allan Toin Lidocaine : Don't ignore me. Do you realize
how much damage you're doing
Allan Toin Lidocaine : to the reputations of the local nobles? (0:13:47.66)
Lloyd Belladonna : I didn't think there'd be so many insects in the city. (0:14:53.20)
Lloyd Belladonna : Are you all right? (0:14:59.33)
Lloyd Belladonna : I know those can be startling. (0:15:05.04)
Lloyd Belladonna : Oh, no. You've got some mud there. (0:15:07.37)
Lloyd Belladonna : One moment... (0:15:10.12)
Lloyd Belladonna : And there's more on your face, too. (0:15:15.12)
Lloyd Belladonna : I'm on an errand, so I have to go. Excuse me. (0:15:20.79)
Selen Hemein : Oh! Um... I'm Selen! (0:15:24.58)
Lloyd Belladonna : And I'm Lloyd. Goodbye. (0:15:29.29)
Selen Hemein : Maybe I should put on some makeup. (0:15:55.08)
Selen Hemein : So that when I see him again, I... (0:15:57.50)
EXTRA : Look at that face! (0:16:09.41)
EXTRA : They say it won't come off no matter what!
How terrifying!
EXTRA : That girl is cursed. (0:16:14.45)
EXTRA : She's the Cursed Belt Princess! (0:16:16.87)
EXTRA : Oh, Pastor! Please give my child a word of salvation. (0:16:20.00)
EXTRA : Cursed child, now is not the time. (0:16:25.25)
EXTRA : But one day... One day, strength will lift your curse. (0:16:29.37)
Selen Hemein : From that day on, I used those words
to push myself harder and harder.
Selen Hemein : But all of it... It was for nothing! (0:16:43.25)
Selen Hemein : If only it weren't for this damned belt! (0:16:48.83)
Selen Hemein : I'll tear it off! I don't care if I rip
my face off while I'm at it!
Selen Hemein : What? But how...? (0:17:05.00)
Selen Hemein : That man. (0:17:09.25)
Selen Hemein : Such strength... (0:17:12.58)
Selen Hemein : He is the person of my destiny! (0:17:19.62)
Mary : I'm impressed. You did well. (0:17:29.08)
Lloyd Belladonna : Oh, and here's a souvenir from
the money I had left over.
Mary : For me? (0:17:40.00)
Lloyd Belladonna : Yeah! (0:17:41.58)
Mary : Um, thanks. (0:17:44.58)
Lloyd Belladonna : I'll cook dinner right away! (0:17:46.54)
Choline : Wow, there're a lot more people this year. (0:17:56.29)
Choline : It looks like there's a lot more
variety in the crowd, too.
Choline : All for the peace of our kingdom. (0:18:06.70)
Merthophan : Relations with our neighboring
nations are only getting worse.
Merthophan : Our princess is still missing... (0:18:11.87)
Merthophan : The stability of our nation rests
on the strength of us, the military.
Choline : Yes, but... That's a bit risky, don't you think? (0:18:18.20)
Choline : Riho Flavin: AKA, the "One-Armed Mercenary." (0:18:23.45)
Choline : A notorious mercenary from the Flavin region,
with numerous warrants
Choline : for assault against clients she doesn't like,
as well as border violation, etc.
Merthophan : She's a mercenary at heart. With the right
contract, she wouldn't cause any problems.
Choline : What kind of contract? (0:18:43.00)
Merthophan : I told her that all her outstanding
warrants would be cancelled if she joined.
Choline : Well, well. That's... (0:18:48.66)
Allan Toin Lidocaine : Hey, are you the Belt Princess?! (0:18:50.29)
Choline : That must be the eldest of the noble Lidocaines, (0:18:52.91)
Choline : that local family that's earned
so many combat honors...
Choline : He's Allan Toin Lidocaine, right? (0:18:57.29)
Merthophan : Yes. (0:18:59.29)
Choline : And he's in an argument with... (0:19:00.50)
Allan Toin Lidocaine : You've got to be kidding! If you could
take that belt off, why didn't you?
Choline : The "Cursed Belt Princess," huh? (0:19:09.41)
Allan Toin Lidocaine : If you could make yourself presentable,
you should've done so from the start.
Allan Toin Lidocaine : You're damaging my chances for a promotion! (0:19:15.20)
Choline : Now there's a man with no secrets. (0:19:17.41)
Merthophan : He's an ambitious one.
When I approached him, he accepted immediately
Merthophan : when he learned he could become
an officer right off the bat.
Choline : Well, it wouldn't hurt to have
him around, if he's useful.
Allan Toin Lidocaine : --Hey! Are you listening?!
--Hmm. I see...
Riho Flavin : --Hey! Are you listening?!
--Hmm. I see...
Riho Flavin : This place looks like it's full
of promising candidates.
Riho Flavin : Well then... (0:19:41.29)
Riho Flavin : Time to face reality. (0:19:43.25)
Riho Flavin : What is this monster?! (0:19:45.62)
Riho Flavin : He looks so ordinary,
but he's definitely no ordinary human!
Riho Flavin : One wrong move, and he could kill me instantly! (0:19:51.95)
Lloyd Belladonna : Wow, I'm getting a bit nervous. (0:19:53.79)
Riho Flavin : I'm in so much trouble...
I totally underestimated the military!
Riho Flavin : These are the types that come to these tests? (0:20:00.20)
Lloyd Belladonna : Um, excuse me. (0:20:01.87)
Lloyd Belladonna : That arm is really cool. (0:20:06.12)
Riho Flavin : Oh, no! I reflexively took a battle stance! (0:20:08.54)
Lloyd Belladonna : Oh. (0:20:11.91)
Riho Flavin : Am I done for? (0:20:13.62)
Lloyd Belladonna : I'm sorry for just talking to you out of the blue. (0:20:15.33)
Lloyd Belladonna : My name is Lloyd Belladonna. (0:20:18.45)
Riho Flavin : Um, I'm Riho Flavin. (0:20:23.29)
Selen Hemein : Sir Lloyd, Sir Lloyd, Sir Lloyd... (0:20:29.58)
Lloyd Belladonna : Oh, are you the person I met the other day? (0:20:32.54)
Selen Hemein : Yes. Selen Hemein, truly and absolutely yours! (0:20:34.91)
Lloyd Belladonna : Are you applying to the military too? (0:20:37.70)
Selen Hemein : Yes! Selen Hemein, truly and absolutely yours! (0:20:39.91)
Selen Hemein : And who are you? (0:20:45.29)
Riho Flavin : Idiot! Crazy girl! (0:20:48.33)
Riho Flavin : Are you blind?! (0:20:50.29)
Riho Flavin : Oh, wow, she is blind. (0:20:52.37)
Lloyd Belladonna : That's Miss Riho. I just met her. (0:20:54.16)
Selen Hemein : Is that right? Oh, I'm so glad. (0:20:58.41)
Riho Flavin : What's going on here?!
A country boy and a noble's daughter?
Riho Flavin : A strange combination, but... (0:21:07.75)
Riho Flavin : Smells like money! (0:21:11.25)
Merthophan : We will begin combat testing now! (0:21:16.25)
Merthophan : All of you, use any weapon to attack the dummy. (0:21:21.04)
EXTRA : That's thick! (0:21:23.95)
EXTRA : How many layers of metal plates are there? (0:21:24.91)
Riho Flavin : Mr. Merthophan! (0:21:34.33)
Merthophan : Hey, One-Arm. What is it?
Don't tell me you're quitting already.
Riho Flavin : Oh, please. Cleaning my name and making
some cash? How can I miss out?
Merthophan : Then what is it? (0:21:51.95)
Riho Flavin : Well, I just had a quick question... (0:21:53.66)
Riho Flavin : What on Earth is that? (0:21:57.20)
Merthophan : Dunno. (0:21:58.62)
Riho Flavin : Didn't you vet him first? (0:21:59.66)
Merthophan : He's a volunteer! I don't know anything about him!
I seriously have zero idea!
Merthophan : Honestly, I've been losing my mind
over this the whole time!
Riho Flavin : Seriously? (0:22:09.54)
Merthophan : Even if all of us, including myself,
attacked him at once,
Merthophan : I'm not sure we could take him down. (0:22:14.12)
EXTRA : Next up: Group C. Get ready in front of Test Area 2. (0:22:17.00)
Riho Flavin : Oh, that's me. (0:22:20.70)
Merthophan : If you screw this up, you're back to being a criminal. (0:22:23.25)
Riho Flavin : That's reassuring, coming from
the very person who invited me.
EXTRA : Next, Lloyd Belladonna! (0:22:30.58)
Choline : Hey, Merthophan! Give me a hand over here! (0:22:36.50)
Merthophan : What? (0:22:39.91)
Choline : What do you mean, "What?" (0:22:41.29)
Merthophan : Right. I shouldn't focus on just one candidate. (0:22:44.50)
Merthophan : I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. (0:22:48.45)
Merthophan : I'll be looking forward to seeing
some stellar performance, boy!
EXTRA : Begin! (0:22:53.91)
Lloyd Belladonna : Yes! (0:22:54.91)
Mary : Lloyd's test results should be released soon. (0:22:59.00)
Alka : Hey, Dummy Marie: One coffee for me! (0:23:03.33)
Mary : You're back again?! (0:23:05.41)
Alka : Today's when the test results get released.
I got a bit worried.
Mary : What could you possibly be worried about? (0:23:12.66)
Mary : Lloyd thinks he's weak and all,
but he's out of this world.
Mary : Why did you bring your own cup
as if that's totally normal?!
Mary : After all, Lloyd is from... (0:23:26.37)
Mary : ...the village where ancient saviors of the world
found rest, away from civilization...
Mary : The legendary village just outside
the ominous "Last Dungeon": Kunlun.
Mary : How could he... (0:23:45.08)
Mary : How could someone like him possibly fail? (0:23:50.83)
EXTRA : It's not here. (0:24:03.20)

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